Jake Paul & Erika Costell ( BREAKUP! ) 100% PROOF! #DramaAlert Marina Joyce Case SOLVED!


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  • DramaAlert
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    Over 50,000 of you tuned in to watch this video LIVE! Thank you so much! I need feedback from you guys & girls. Should i do this more in the future?

    • Xavier Rodriguez
      Xavier Rodriguez 2 måneder siden


    • Elayne Bejarano
      Elayne Bejarano 2 måneder siden

      DramaAlert “LIKE I SAID BEFORE ...SHE WAS ON DRUGSSSS!!!!!!!” 😂 lmao

    • 3Valeria Plays
      3Valeria Plays 2 måneder siden

      Marina Joyce as well in her video said she takes medication to forget the bad comment and people

    • Cash McClurg
      Cash McClurg 2 måneder siden +1

      DramaAlert I’m not getting notifications for all your videos so I haven’t seen a drama alert in a month. :/

    • Yehimi Contrereras
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  • Cody Leonard
    Cody Leonard 6 dager siden

    Apparently NO-clip unsubbed me from you and took off the bell I didn't think about it till someone mentioned your name and I was like wonder why I have not got any notifications for keem in a while came to the channel and it had me unsubbed

  • Aisha 12453
    Aisha 12453 7 dager siden +1

    I CANTTTT😂😂 the marina Joyce shit got me cracking up🤣🤣🤣

  • Aisha 12453
    Aisha 12453 7 dager siden +1

    This should be on live television and you should have your own news channel

  • Mɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ Kɪʟʟᴇʏ

    I reached out to jay scar for proof asking whether or not Marina Joyce has taken drugs. His response? True! MARINA JOYCE IS ON DRUGS!

  • Jonathan Lemon Show
    Jonathan Lemon Show 13 dager siden

    I feel so bad for Erika 😭😭Jake Fucking cunt Paul brainwashed her it was awful and Jake Cunt Paul is a hypocrite and treated her like shit 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    ILOVEFRIDAY2 14 dager siden


  • abod alarfaj
    abod alarfaj 17 dager siden

    I wish jerica came back
    Because they was so cute together x

  • • XxAshie HeartxX •
    • XxAshie HeartxX • 19 dager siden

    *L* A big *L*

  • N and B squad
    N and B squad 19 dager siden

    You dum ass that was from 2017 cuz Erika asked him for clickbait but they are broke up cuz there relationship was toxic

  • Irene Lopez
    Irene Lopez 20 dager siden

    In one vido it was like jake paul was in a bed haveing sex

  • Irene Lopez
    Irene Lopez 20 dager siden

    I hate the girl that was in bes lie haveing sex in a bed

  • iRoberto
    iRoberto 20 dager siden

    The lean hit that nigga to hard. lmao

  • Siddhant Saraf
    Siddhant Saraf 22 dager siden

    you psycho

  • Nameless
    Nameless 22 dager siden

    I'm surprised that people are surprised. Glad I didn't bother wasting 8h on Shane's series.

  • Catherine Strickland
    Catherine Strickland 23 dager siden

    Ur a hater keen go get a motherfucking life 😂😂😂

  • Al M
    Al M 26 dager siden

    Once a snake bitch, always a snake bitch - Erika
    But lmao Marina was loving all the attention - if it was something as simple as medication she could have easily debunked it straight away years ago. But she let it linger for this long and let everyone speculate so she was clearly getting a kick out of being the hot topic
    Who know the real reason though, even to this day.

  • Sonya Yoffe
    Sonya Yoffe 27 dager siden

    Nooooooooo Jerika is over 😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • Lucian Nica
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  • Lexie Trejo-Aguilar
    Lexie Trejo-Aguilar 27 dager siden

    actually smh means so much hate 😂

  • AV3R3ST
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  • Nexus MOCs
    Nexus MOCs Måned siden

    "I feel really bad for Erika Costell"
    I don't. How do you feel sorry for someone who fakes abuse?

  • roxanne Fitchett
    roxanne Fitchett Måned siden

    I love 💖 you have to come home to get your stuff ready we can do try tomorrow renight was your a week for Christmas advent fun for me to go to Roxanne for dinner and then you ready and you could have dinner and then you can from Taylor Fitchett

  • Annetta Garcia
    Annetta Garcia Måned siden

    poor erika i feel bad

  • Diex Moreno
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  • Kill Switch
    Kill Switch Måned siden

    K no its fake

  • Murendeni Makhesha
    Murendeni Makhesha Måned siden

    do not be rood Morning F*ck

  • Erica Lin
    Erica Lin Måned siden +1

    I’ve officially lost track of who’s in team 10 now

  • Molly O'Brien
    Molly O'Brien Måned siden

    So my theory is that Jake can't be in a committed relationship

  • Raja Ridho
    Raja Ridho Måned siden

    The next boxing match is keemstar vs matpat the theory battle

  • Brayden Plays
    Brayden Plays Måned siden

    Damn Nikki already looks like Erika so there no difference...

  • Alexis’ shame death's destuction

    Marina Joyce flipping a table somewhere lmao

  • Squishy girl 253
    Squishy girl 253 Måned siden

    😪😪 hope to get back together

  • Haley Brown
    Haley Brown Måned siden

    Wat they really broke up

  • iiCookiezTV
    iiCookiezTV Måned siden

    If Erika Costell is watching this, Jake sucks. You could do so much better without him.

  • 1000 Subscribers no videos challenge lol

    Die in a fire

  • Michael Finnerty
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  • Mr Firebot
    Mr Firebot Måned siden

    You remind me of Jonah J Jameson when your mad.

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  • Drippy
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  • Drippy
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  • om Mandhane
    om Mandhane Måned siden +1

    Qudeca's lyrics

  • Rio Giancarlo
    Rio Giancarlo Måned siden

    Lmao nickis highkey gross makes Erica look hot

  • Crystal R.
    Crystal R. Måned siden

    So I guess Jake Paul really hasn't changed. I bet yall a million that he used Erika as a front to make him look like he was a changed man...He makes me sick. The little respect I had for him from the Shane Dawson series is gone. He hasn't changed ONE BIT. Disgusting.

  • Shaiiko B.Genius
    Shaiiko B.Genius Måned siden

    I’m half blind lol

  • loriparker666
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  • - miss
    - miss Måned siden

    wouldn’t be surprised if i saw tessa, alissa & erika film a vid together in 2019

  • MrSawyer15
    MrSawyer15 Måned siden

    What a surpirse, fat ass Keem taking Cloutdouches side


  • Jezus
    Jezus Måned siden

    Erika 💩💩💩

  • official gabby
    official gabby Måned siden

    He such a fricking a hypocrit beacues he did a video saying boy shouldn't cheat bla bla and I'd y'all want to so it was a video in, Sherlock Paul

  • Israel Perez
    Israel Perez Måned siden

    Bruh ur annoying as shit

  • tyler mora
    tyler mora Måned siden

    they were a cute couple

  • Justin X1
    Justin X1 Måned siden

    She is a loser

  • 9 L
    9 L Måned siden

    Shawn causes all this drama

  • The Gaming Legend 6.0
    The Gaming Legend 6.0 Måned siden

    When was this?

  • Rexeilyn Javier
    Rexeilyn Javier Måned siden

    Like how?why?why jerika is over why!!!!!

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  • Uhm No
    Uhm No Måned siden

    Ok y’all I’m confused, I don’t keep up with the whole Jerika thing cause idc but weren’t they married? Like…I swear they where

  • TakenFuzzball 22
    TakenFuzzball 22 Måned siden

    Wow keem you get a lot of dislikes idk why

  • lil beaner42
    lil beaner42 Måned siden

    Jake and Erika are martyred

  • Amie Koster
    Amie Koster Måned siden

    Jake is such a disgusting whore.. 🙄

  • Luna Vasquez
    Luna Vasquez Måned siden

    I think Erika will never join clout gang

  • emani chantel
    emani chantel Måned siden

    You’re too old for this shit

  • Fabiola Leon
    Fabiola Leon Måned siden +2

    I feel so bad for Erika.

  • nickz
    nickz Måned siden

    Erika is a hoe.

  • Lan Seavping
    Lan Seavping Måned siden

    Jake Paul be emotion to not let fan knows fuck Jake paul

  • Ice Wallow
    Ice Wallow Måned siden

    keemstar is the biggest cancer on NO-clip, he is an old ass man who makes money off gossiping like a middle schooler... pls respond to this keemstar, you child

  • Lynn Asi
    Lynn Asi Måned siden

    Wow! The intro killed me 😂

  • beat it
    beat it Måned siden

    Oh God you had me howling when you read her tweet!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Andrew Washington
    Andrew Washington Måned siden +2

    Take your banana for

  • Chimaya morgan
    Chimaya morgan Måned siden

    Didn't Ailssa violet and Jake Paul break up for the same reason

    Like if you agree

  • Alexandra Indseth
    Alexandra Indseth Måned siden

    I mean I feel like it’s extremely obvious that marina Joyce was on drugs. Almost everyone she was known to hang out with were people who openly do acid/LSD and similar drugs all the time and love it a lot. I mean I’m sure she takes medicine for her mental health too but that’s not the only thing going on there lmao

  • Mateo Calvillo
    Mateo Calvillo Måned siden

    I miss 3rika

  • Monkeeni 2
    Monkeeni 2 2 måneder siden

    Erika took her subs and ran

  • stalker2993
    stalker2993 2 måneder siden

    Druuuuuuuuuuuuugs comment

  • Josh Haddix vlogs
    Josh Haddix vlogs 2 måneder siden

    Get to the f-ING point why did jameand erika breakup

    -AILEEN LEDEZMA- 2 måneder siden

    Wow what a shocker that Erika and Jake broke up!

  • GoldenKing Matthew
    GoldenKing Matthew 2 måneder siden

    Their relationship was horrible anyways

  • Ivy Vlogs
    Ivy Vlogs 2 måneder siden

    I only disliked this because jake is now not my fav

  • Jackie is happy yolo
    Jackie is happy yolo 2 måneder siden

    Erika is gonna be a new clout gang member

  • brynne myers
    brynne myers 2 måneder siden


  • brynne myers
    brynne myers 2 måneder siden

    niki is a jerk i am almost crying in my closet thats how much i liked jerika 😢😥😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • シLiz
    シLiz 2 måneder siden

  • Skyrim Savage
    Skyrim Savage 2 måneder siden

    All y'all saying how sad you are for erica/erika idek. Well you shouldn't because think of alissa, erika knew what was going on and said she was a liar even though she has seen it with her own eyes so for it to happen to erika I think it's what she deserves right???

  • Learn with Ahmad
    Learn with Ahmad 2 måneder siden

    That letter was so fake.
    If that was GENUINELY by Jake, it would be like:

    Dear Jakepaulers

    Um... yeah so shit happens.
    Me and Erika broke up.
    It's like...so sad.
    But I'll keep posting videos, peace.

  • ᄂᄋᄂ
    ᄂᄋᄂ 2 måneder siden +2

    Marina Joyce is mental😂😂😂

  • rylee bohanon
    rylee bohanon 2 måneder siden

    It’s a damn lie

  • Robin Trelles
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  • AAA
    AAA 2 måneder siden

    What is behind the laptop.
    I think u googled the news
    And made it private behind that pc

  • Yousef Habib
    Yousef Habib 2 måneder siden

    Gj exposing this stupid girl been weird using drugs just come and be honest abt it U let alot pol worries n dont explain nothing thats realy bad stupid move I wont care anymore even if she dose herwien. Fk that btch

  • stu jones
    stu jones 2 måneder siden

    Get back together

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 måneder siden

    Erika snatched her fame and all her vid ideas from Jake so now she’s famous, if Alissa and Jake kept dating Erika wouldn’t be so famous.

  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 2 måneder siden

    Shit dude. Dom was fucking leaninnnnn

  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 2 måneder siden

    So the docu-series wasn't completely true and there was misinformation? Huh. Sounds familiar.

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia 2 måneder siden

    If she doesn't want us to make conspiracy's she could just explain lol.

  • Kuya_ Josh
    Kuya_ Josh 2 måneder siden

    hey whats up keem fuck you gay petifile

  • Liz Williams
    Liz Williams 2 måneder siden

    Tana Mongoose!?

  • F Lash
    F Lash 2 måneder siden

    This is the first video I see, fuck man if you're popular I should rule this earth. Starting world domination project immediately

    CREAMY GAMING 2 måneder siden

    11:03 had me dead😂😂😂

  • jimin has jams
    jimin has jams 2 måneder siden

    wow, what a surprise.