30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

  • Publisert 18. nov.. 2018
  • What would it look like to bring dating apps to real life?
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Kommentarer • 29 845

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  19 dager siden +3431

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    • Ainsleigh I.
      Ainsleigh I. 2 dager siden


    • KoI3slAw FORTNITE
      KoI3slAw FORTNITE 3 dager siden

      My name is anasol and i thought it said mine lol

    • Kostas g. Minatsis
      Kostas g. Minatsis 3 dager siden

      What is catherine's last name....this girl is so beautiful....

    • Ayaan Lamba
      Ayaan Lamba 3 dager siden

      Priyanka s’ Sangeeta day wedding pics

    • surur mifta
      surur mifta 5 dager siden

      so want to follow

  • Valentina Romero
    Valentina Romero 16 timer siden

    I always thought the girl that he chose at the end would be the chosen haha the look to each other was the secret. 😊

  • momen sa3
    momen sa3 16 timer siden

    Can i partispate thats look intresting

  • Shikhar Bhardwaj
    Shikhar Bhardwaj 16 timer siden

    @2:12 i knew she is the one

  • Thundercuck
    Thundercuck 16 timer siden


  • Vie Geo
    Vie Geo 17 timer siden

    He is super cute. I found his instagram. Anshulabula

  • rahul adap
    rahul adap 17 timer siden

    I predicted its going to be her. Its something about her smile.

    DIVYANSHU BABBAR 17 timer siden

    i already knew in the beginning that he will choose her finally ...

  • PTR G
    PTR G 17 timer siden

    I knew it

  • Scott Hampton Jr
    Scott Hampton Jr 18 timer siden

    4am NO-clip is the best

  • Mr Rohit Jadhav
    Mr Rohit Jadhav 18 timer siden

    I my predictions is absolutely correct cz she have a smile which I loved

  • Зёма †
    Зёма † 19 timer siden +1

    I would like to see gay version of this video!

  • Dean Productions
    Dean Productions 19 timer siden

    Hey Emily hit me up

  • andrea arriaga
    andrea arriaga 19 timer siden

    I knew it

  • Ryan Cruz
    Ryan Cruz 20 timer siden

    Why are they in their barefeet?

  • Jan
    Jan 20 timer siden

    hey my name is anchel, nice to meet you.
    (pervertly asking) how was you weekend going?
    have a nice time. let me get your number real quick. it's definitly weird.

  • Giancarlo Sammito Coll
    Giancarlo Sammito Coll 20 timer siden

    if he can, we can

  • Chikondi Mbuzi
    Chikondi Mbuzi 20 timer siden

    I’m finding there’s are mostly Asian in these videos. Why?

  • slvrangel22
    slvrangel22 21 time siden

    This is not accurate.
    Three girls should have real low cut tops...
    2 with a goofy party-goer face with a beer or glass of wine.
    Another two puckering their lips.
    1 with a group of people so you have to guess who you are supposed to be swiping left or right for

    4 girls looking adventurous or sporty.. maybe one walking up with a baseball bat, one with a kayak...
    Another 2 in dresses..
    A few holding a mirror...

  • christopher stimpson
    christopher stimpson 21 time siden

    They should do this in a bar on a Saturday night.

  • Kunal Mane
    Kunal Mane 21 time siden

    Anshul has a good choice😜

  • Denelli 123
    Denelli 123 21 time siden +1

    Real TINDER lol

  • Ratu Dwi
    Ratu Dwi 22 timer siden

    the way he looked at catherine for the first time❤️

  • lGold lGold
    lGold lGold 22 timer siden

    Soft spoken lady.. I like her

  • Xiao暖
    Xiao暖 22 timer siden

    She’s stunning by the very first appearance omg she’s so gorgeous

  • luisrodriguez 198
    luisrodriguez 198 22 timer siden

    At 1:21, My question is how do you find that Albanian ape attractive 🤣

  • Kowzyh
    Kowzyh 22 timer siden +1

    2:00 wait this girl is beautiful omg how does he kicks her out

    NOCHILLALLI 23 timer siden

    i'm pretty sure she felt like the CHOSEN one bc i would feel like that too

  • Lily Greene
    Lily Greene 23 timer siden +1

    Catherine is really gorgeous, like if you think so too.

  • karil1004
    karil1004 23 timer siden

    How can he decide so fast haha not reading profiles

  • S. Diaz
    S. Diaz 23 timer siden

    All them girls got there feelings hurt. Also this man got some really bad taste in women.

  • apope06
    apope06 23 timer siden

    Real life tinder

  • posity
    posity 23 timer siden

    3:20 wtf?! Anshul Hates Europe ?

  • Matthew
    Matthew 23 timer siden

    Why are they all asian?

  • Rita Gutierrez
    Rita Gutierrez 23 timer siden

    This dude likes his Asian girls lol

  • FuegosTheKid
    FuegosTheKid 23 timer siden

    Imagine everyone you swiped right on left, that would be AKWARD

  • Luke Horner
    Luke Horner Dag siden

    this dude has a clear thing for asian people jeez

  • Bibek Pandey
    Bibek Pandey Dag siden +1

    1 like= 1 prayers for their ego 😂

  • ariana Grande fan
    ariana Grande fan Dag siden

    I knew it! Of course he will choose the white girl duh but he is not that cute tho .-. Just sayin (no offence)

  • Aditya Gaikwad
    Aditya Gaikwad Dag siden

    @2:12 he knew she was the one and vice versa.

  • Michael Ssali
    Michael Ssali Dag siden

    LAME! Should have picked the blonde one.

  • MsNaomiCool
    MsNaomiCool Dag siden

    Well he definitely likes Asians lol

  • Bmw M3 e46
    Bmw M3 e46 Dag siden +1

    I would have smashed everyone except the black ones lol

  • Albert Chang
    Albert Chang Dag siden

    He sort of looks like the actor from the Indian movie lol

  • Swarali Gadgil
    Swarali Gadgil Dag siden

    I knida knew what his final choice was from the beginning 😅

  • Nicola Schärer
    Nicola Schärer Dag siden

    Why are there just chinese girls?

  • JM C
    JM C Dag siden

    I hope he also know how to swipe ass

  • Will Senechal
    Will Senechal Dag siden

    Knew it was gonna be that girl from the moment she looked at him haha

  • jrowzey
    jrowzey Dag siden +1

    But why he swiped left on the girl at 1:59 smh, she fine like wine.

  • Kaitlin Howard
    Kaitlin Howard Dag siden

    Am I the only person who finds him absolutely ADORABLE?! And so charming!
    I just kept smiling the whole time I was watching this

  • Lps Productions.
    Lps Productions. Dag siden +1

    Katherine is ment to be with him!!

  • Meko
    Meko Dag siden

    Slay ever thot there is

  • Jacob Mull
    Jacob Mull Dag siden

    This nibba gay

    EKSFITNESS Dag siden

    Holy damn that final choice was CUTE

  • relentless kst
    relentless kst Dag siden

    Katherine can GET IT!

  • Mr. Vibes
    Mr. Vibes Dag siden

    I would have swiped right at 2:00

  • moon's girl
    moon's girl Dag siden


  • ww387gr
    ww387gr Dag siden

    the girl he chose had the biggest feet - proof at 2:20

  • ww387gr
    ww387gr Dag siden

    I wondered what that room smelled like with all that feet

  • Commander Plays AJ
    Commander Plays AJ Dag siden

    What if the person he asked out didn't actually like him?

  • Dakota Thompson
    Dakota Thompson Dag siden

    East Indian gets a choice who he wants lol here I am no one single girl messaging me ☺ makes no sense

  • jax191
    jax191 Dag siden +1

    They would make beautiful babies

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green Dag siden

    Let’s get more?

  • Tavnik City
    Tavnik City Dag siden

    I would just put on a sign “left turn Only!”🤣

  • THe One WOH haS thE MoneY

    Plot Twist

    They brake up a week later

  • SugaIsmyBiasDontAskHe's Hot

    All the Smiling ladies is what he took,I think

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng Dag siden

    Bachelor Tinder style

  • vazarus paytonas
    vazarus paytonas Dag siden

    Swipe left in real life is the worst rejection. People walking away if they would swipe left after you swiped right in person...ultimate rejection.

  • Sarah Khaled
    Sarah Khaled Dag siden

    This is my new favorite series! Keep it up!! 💕

  • DIDI _ultra
    DIDI _ultra Dag siden

    Im the only one that his voice remembers me of Noah Centineo xD

  • Yoongimoongimoo
    Yoongimoongimoo Dag siden

    I predicted that girl lmaoo

  • J10L12K11
    J10L12K11 Dag siden +1

    Bro how do you swipe right for the blue haired girl but swipe left at the blonde at 2:00??

    • Gabe P
      Gabe P Dag siden +1

      this guy has zero taste... he's got asian fever

    CLARE OSBORNE Dag siden +1

    That is the exact same girl that I would choose if I was a guy! LOL! :) (If I was a guy!)

  • Tim
    Tim Dag siden

    this guy has the weirdest taste

  • Jaiden the King!
    Jaiden the King! Dag siden +1

    Not being racist but there should be more black girls in this

  • jorge salazar
    jorge salazar Dag siden

    I think his type is black girls and asian,chinese,japenese decent. My opinion don't at me

  • Yadira Alvarez
    Yadira Alvarez Dag siden +1

    I knew it was going to be her

  • carolyn torres
    carolyn torres Dag siden +1

    Omg I knew it would be her from the moment he swiped right, you could just tell

  • Snazzy
    Snazzy Dag siden +1

    In the thumbnail all the girls are smaller

  • Leo Voto
    Leo Voto Dag siden

    Dude wtf

  • Vincent Bryan
    Vincent Bryan Dag siden

    He’s got a weird taste in girls

  • pbkayakyer
    pbkayakyer Dag siden

    Dumbest idea ever...

  • Alpha Adeeb
    Alpha Adeeb Dag siden

    I would swipe left on all of them tbh

  • Raul Garrido
    Raul Garrido Dag siden

    Bruh has terrible taste in women

  • Blackwolverine 31
    Blackwolverine 31 Dag siden

    I want to do this

  • Kamrul Islam
    Kamrul Islam Dag siden +1

    I felt that Catherine(last one) will be the one as she kinda Go with Anshul

  • Davidgamer 777
    Davidgamer 777 Dag siden

    0:51 his reaction 😂

  • Andrew LeForce
    Andrew LeForce Dag siden

    I'd have swiped yes on everyone and watched them all leave when he said "if you'd swipe no on him then leave"

  • monobg antonina
    monobg antonina Dag siden

    Come on he choose completely random

  • Josh Vinasco
    Josh Vinasco Dag siden +1

    Imagine if all of them left 😂

  • Sam Sin
    Sam Sin Dag siden +1

    Lol most of the asians left ... He actually denied many good looking girls

  • Ece Uğurlu
    Ece Uğurlu Dag siden

    Her foundation is too light for her.

  • Mukesh G
    Mukesh G Dag siden

    I knew that this man will choose that girl

  • Genesiscoupe3000
    Genesiscoupe3000 Dag siden +1

    He made the right choice.

  • Juan Buniva
    Juan Buniva Dag siden

    He finally got the hottest one. Can i please participate? 😂

  • haley d
    haley d Dag siden

    she was at the end and she kinda like... glowed you could tell she would be picked. her eyes were really widened tho it made me uncomfortable lol

  • dazhibernian
    dazhibernian Dag siden +1

    Catherine 😍

  • Мой господин,

    Catherine is beautiful

  • Seldon Deemer
    Seldon Deemer Dag siden

    Damn he gave up all the hot ones

  • Vicky Li
    Vicky Li Dag siden

    I knew it was gonna be her lol it’s just the way they looked at each other