30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

  • Publisert 18. nov.. 2018
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Kommentarer • 36 276

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  3 måneder siden +4916

    Hey everyone - thanks for watching this episode of Versus 1 where we explore modern dating culture and bring dating apps to real life. The girl's version is coming soon! Be sure to subscribe for more from us, and follow us on Instagram for video announcements and for a callout to be in our videos! Our Instagram: 👉instagram.com/jubileemedia/ 👈

    • ahsrav0
      ahsrav0 6 dager siden

      Can we get an update on this video

    • Chaitali Darode Darode
      Chaitali Darode Darode 6 dager siden

      Can u guyz give me anshul's contact info...😉

    • Cathye Snell
      Cathye Snell 15 dager siden

      please do one for someone who isnt interested in gender specifically, pansexual or bisexual. would be interesting to see how different people react to the same person

    • Bloop Toop
      Bloop Toop 15 dager siden

      Jubilee can you do this with teens?? If so hit me uppp😂😂

    • Violet Murra
      Violet Murra 20 dager siden

      Jubilee and

  • shadow studios
    shadow studios 16 timer siden

    It is the nightmare if my Life to spend even a min looking at women in real life... (I got bullied by girls :[. )

  • Sajid TEG
    Sajid TEG 16 timer siden

    That one brown haired white girl looked so thirsty lmao

  • Fouzia Khan
    Fouzia Khan 20 timer siden

    I knew it he'll choose her......because she looks innocent,sweet and cute

  • Potato
    Potato 21 time siden

    chicken pie

  • Ana Lua
    Ana Lua 21 time siden

    Is it gay that i'd swipe them all right

  • Nick Swierczewski
    Nick Swierczewski 21 time siden

    This is how people are made the factory of god



  • Tom M. Faye
    Tom M. Faye Dag siden

    honestly I would've only swiped the last girl to the right

  • adi Adii
    adi Adii Dag siden

    it should be like 100 vs 1 coz like 50% r like naaaa..n 50 % ok so it should be 100 vs 1 cut the two Zero's n u get what u want...gg sweet :)

  • Kene'Ja Davis
    Kene'Ja Davis Dag siden

    1:29 she already knew 😂

  • Leii Martinez
    Leii Martinez Dag siden

    He’s just wow in every single way

  • Love YouTube1
    Love YouTube1 Dag siden +1

    I know y’all saw him “look back at it” at 4:14.😂

  • o violet
    o violet Dag siden

    Hahaa. Cause she is pretty

  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl Dag siden

    She was my fave too 😊

  • Ghazaleh Irani
    Ghazaleh Irani Dag siden

    I would like to know what happened after their date 😂 they would be such a great couple!

  • Gracynn Magolia
    Gracynn Magolia Dag siden

    Imagine how awkward this is without the music..

  • Ela Em
    Ela Em Dag siden

    I totally understand why he picked her like, she’s so sweet and she seem to genuinely have a crush on him!!

  • THE G.
    THE G. Dag siden

    Many fatsos

  • TheSluttyPanda 1
    TheSluttyPanda 1 Dag siden

    Who else texts right away just to make sure that person didn't give you the wrong #?

  • Chianti McCoy
    Chianti McCoy 2 dager siden

    Where did they find these girls?

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman 2 dager siden

    i didnt liked this experiment. although it was just a fun game but still some of the girls had to experience rejection. which is kinda sad.

  • Jim Hamberg
    Jim Hamberg 2 dager siden


  • Diane Diane
    Diane Diane 2 dager siden

    Good choice! Good luck guys! 💪

  • TrulyAaliyah
    TrulyAaliyah 2 dager siden

    Aww what’s Catherine’s insta ?So pretty ;(such a great video

  • Briana Pereira
    Briana Pereira 2 dager siden

    He ended up choosing the one who he was slightly iffy about 😭😂

  • Segendary
    Segendary 2 dager siden

    I would have picked her too!

  • Little Rose
    Little Rose 2 dager siden

    The girl at 2:29 with the glasses is gorgeous my bi ass can’t handle that lmao

  • Ava Reed
    Ava Reed 2 dager siden

    i laughed so had when all the girls who would swipe left, left.

  • SxturnRingz
    SxturnRingz 2 dager siden

    Ashul- **swipes right on 16 girls**
    Producer to 16 girls - if you would swipe left meaning no on ashul please leave.
    **10 girls leave**
    My dude got beasted

    STEJTHEGREATEST 2 dager siden


  • melancholy
    melancholy 2 dager siden

    the girl at 2:12 is so pretty omg

  • Abdikadir Hussein
    Abdikadir Hussein 2 dager siden

    I would never do something like this🙄

  • Carlyisonline
    Carlyisonline 2 dager siden

    He didn't even get a bio? LMAO I always read the bio

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis 3 dager siden

    I legit thought that Catherine girl was Emma Roberts 😂

  • lalalalala
    lalalalala 3 dager siden


  • zolandi E
    zolandi E 3 dager siden

    the girl he picked i was staring at the whole time, she has such a unique beauty

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 3 dager siden

    It would be like 3 potential matches

  • Talib W. v. Goethe
    Talib W. v. Goethe 3 dager siden

    These are all lovely young woman's ! I like swipe my palm over his face

  • Neyssa RIVIERE
    Neyssa RIVIERE 3 dager siden

    I was already cringing so hard when he was swiping left on these girls, but when they had to leave If they’d swipe left on him my soul left my body💀💀💀

  • Lil U
    Lil U 3 dager siden

    1:36 she’s cute wtf

  • Xavier H
    Xavier H 3 dager siden

    Caitlyn is really good looking...

  • r33b the hypnotoad
    r33b the hypnotoad 3 dager siden


  • Samuel M.E
    Samuel M.E 3 dager siden

    I knew he was gonna pick the last girl the moment they saw each other in the beginning, she was the prettiest one tho

  • Matija Klaric
    Matija Klaric 3 dager siden

    Cringe fest, love it!

  • Archana Choudhary
    Archana Choudhary 3 dager siden

    Knew it she was the one for him

  • James Russell
    James Russell 3 dager siden

    The winning chick creeps me out! She looks like a clown with that thick as make up. Blonde chick pokes holes in condoms

  • Steve Bennett
    Steve Bennett 3 dager siden +1

    1:28 she looked like......ummmmmm......happy!😅😅😅😅

  • LOtotheL
    LOtotheL 3 dager siden

    He doesn't like baggy eyes I can tell

  • nibbest nibbas whomstdve jamal

    Hes shitskin

  • OverFlow Beats
    OverFlow Beats 3 dager siden

    It's just one experiment, but it's interesting to see that less than half the girls he thought had potential didn't see it in him.

  • Roblox&MinecraftPokemonMaster777

    My boy be liking them asians chicks. I can't blame him.

  • My Channels
    My Channels 4 dager siden +1

    Cringe but cool experiment 🙂

  • Gaou Love
    Gaou Love 4 dager siden

    I don't think we should judge people by looks but if you yourself feel uncomfortable with the person (because of the physic) then just don't do it. That's why I'd feel really uneasy to swipe people that I don't want because it means that I don't like them to a point that I don't even want to meat them😅

  • High Night
    High Night 4 dager siden

    Idk I’m choosed this girl for him from the start 😂

  • Alli B.
    Alli B. 4 dager siden +8

    I knew he’d pick her in the end from the time he swiped right on her.

  • Im Human
    Im Human 4 dager siden +2

    gettin curved by 10 girls at once..dam that even hurt my confidence. they was in such a hurry to leave a couple of them ran into each other.

  • niktis
    niktis 4 dager siden +1

    me 0:50

  • TrixSir
    TrixSir 4 dager siden

    he doesn't like white people

  • Jesús Diaz
    Jesús Diaz 4 dager siden

    lmao i knew it was going to be katherine

  • Alex Messa
    Alex Messa 4 dager siden

    He only chose her because she was the prettiest. She had nothing interesting to say. She was the only one not talking

  • Eric Gil ツ
    Eric Gil ツ 4 dager siden +2

    And this is on my recommended tf😂

  • Trisha Das
    Trisha Das 4 dager siden +1

    He like the ones with big boobs

  • AnshuL Negi
    AnshuL Negi 4 dager siden

    Lol 😂

  • eyewars
    eyewars 4 dager siden +1

    1:59 HE SWIPED LEFT?!

  • akash mandavkar
    akash mandavkar 4 dager siden +1

    All girl's is gold digger 😂 🤣 💯

    • nobody
      nobody 2 dager siden

      akash mandavkar huh?

  • Ajaya Kumar
    Ajaya Kumar 5 dager siden +1

    Its like choosing items in market😂😂😂

  • Cellest
    Cellest 5 dager siden +1


    GAMEBOYDC 5 dager siden

    I cracked up at 1:54 because the music just stops and its sow awkward lmao

  • Kanela
    Kanela 5 dager siden

    This made me smile. That girl was so sweet. I knew he would end up with her.

  • alex aldea
    alex aldea 5 dager siden

    Bro , he chose the cuttest

  • Drug Addict
    Drug Addict 5 dager siden

    I knew he was gonna pick her the moment I saw her

  • Devon Alexander
    Devon Alexander 5 dager siden

    She loves Indian food lol... hmm. lol

  • Jake Snakes
    Jake Snakes 5 dager siden

    This dude has horrible taste on some of these girls

  • 7 EPS 7
    7 EPS 7 5 dager siden

    My man only liking the asiand

  • The Photon
    The Photon 5 dager siden

    Lmao he really picked the chick that said "I really like Indian food"

  • Joshua Stafford
    Joshua Stafford 5 dager siden

    He chose every single Chinese girl

  • Ana Montana
    Ana Montana 5 dager siden

    Dating is f*cked up. Officially giving up

  • Sone
    Sone 5 dager siden

    why i get psychopath energy from him...

  • Jerome Cortes
    Jerome Cortes 6 dager siden

    Oh, not me I'd take charge. Do it again, but next time not with a beta.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 6 dager siden

    Why does this guy remind me of the dude who really awkwardly kissed that girl and walked away on that show?

  • Simone Scarpa
    Simone Scarpa 6 dager siden

    I would have swiped right on like only 5 of them, I hope I'm not the only one too picky here lol

  • Govind Sharma
    Govind Sharma 6 dager siden

    The girl he ended up with was actually the best looking of the lot .

  • kunal Sharma
    kunal Sharma 6 dager siden +4

    If I was the guy! I would've asked the girls to make a line but standing the other way around.
    Would have made selection way easier 😂😂
    Matter of fact, All black girls woulda qualified tho 😅

    • sourav sharma
      sourav sharma 2 dager siden

      i love black girls too and there big butts

  • Ethan D.
    Ethan D. 6 dager siden

    Dudes got a weird taste in chicks

  • indigo la end DTRWHo
    indigo la end DTRWHo 6 dager siden

    He went with the most attractive

  • Aghilas
    Aghilas 6 dager siden

    i cant tell wtf is this guy's preference, its like random

  • Natalie Elise
    Natalie Elise 6 dager siden

    why aren’t they wearing shoes

  • Abdul Ali
    Abdul Ali 6 dager siden

    Tf is up with his standards?

  • Mass Thiven
    Mass Thiven 6 dager siden +1

    Good choice😉

  • Atomic Knight
    Atomic Knight 6 dager siden

    ok but like all them are cute

  • Bevin Ashly
    Bevin Ashly 6 dager siden

    0:50 what the heck?

  • Hugo Sundelin
    Hugo Sundelin 6 dager siden

    0:50 🤣

  • M1Garandstudios
    M1Garandstudios 6 dager siden

    I kept thinking about that GTA IV show America's Next Top Hooker because in the commercial the dude goes *"It's time to judge women again"* lmfao

  • Khagur Boy
    Khagur Boy 6 dager siden

    Indians are the most nice ppl I've ever met.
    I don't know why ppl hate them

    • Wololo
      Wololo 5 dager siden

      I've never heard of anyone hating Indian people

  • Chaitali Darode Darode
    Chaitali Darode Darode 6 dager siden

    Anshul are you single?

  • Chaitali Darode Darode
    Chaitali Darode Darode 7 dager siden

    Anshul , soni kudi pai h.... She has good vibes....

  • Jordan Samuel Dougherty
    Jordan Samuel Dougherty 7 dager siden

    He's Definitely got a thing for Asians

  • WeatherForecast
    WeatherForecast 7 dager siden

    dude,,, 10 left

  • Davey J
    Davey J 7 dager siden +1

    How have you been 🤔wtf