Russia Probe Clouds Trump's G20 Summit: A Closer Look


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  • Danielle Wilson
    Danielle Wilson 11 dager siden

    What happened with taxis?

  • Heather Mefford
    Heather Mefford 17 dager siden

    He scares me SO much!

  • Jerome FitzRoy
    Jerome FitzRoy 19 dager siden

    Lock them up!

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 23 dager siden

    "First of all, we're trying..."😆😆

  • ehssan ghandehari
    ehssan ghandehari 26 dager siden +1

    Trudeau had the best reaction lol

  • SCNcz
    SCNcz Måned siden

    ... and to think Trump controls the football button for the nukes. Scary.

  • Ashley Churchill
    Ashley Churchill Måned siden

    Canadian here. 🖕.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Måned siden


  • Matthew Zumbo
    Matthew Zumbo Måned siden

    lol trump is such a fucking loser X'D and conservatives are even bigger losers

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood Måned siden

    Ya gotta admit that Democrats shameless propaganda is way more entertaining than shameless Republican propaganda.

  • Jessi
    Jessi Måned siden

    Trump reminds me of my grandfather when he had dementia -- he couldn't stay still for even a minute.

  • Ahmid Mhdi
    Ahmid Mhdi 2 måneder siden

    Fak trump

  • andrew macedo
    andrew macedo 2 måneder siden

    He’s going to be in a cage for life and he’s committing treason and so has Michael Flynn & his son and- a few other people I’d like to let it rip and spill the entire thing but it’s not my thing or not right! But the fact of the matter is people need to help me figure out how to get to Selena and give them the evidence and get this entire situation done with once and for all! Stop making excuses and playing dumb it’s not going anywhere unless you all want to go to jail and then get dragged through the mud and go testify one by one in front of mr mueller said that he cannot has been done for years and years ago I know it’s been 19 years total but only 13 years for the drug and guns charges so it’s over and not worth arguing but Russia and four or five other countries are ready to drop a bomb and use the remote control to reach the United States and the Black Jack planes are ready to bomb the hell out of America and we’re talking about DIY projects and cereals on NO-clip- when is it enough to wake up and do the right things and help people get out of this situation and move forward? Perfect you cannot keep pretending that it’s not happening and making excuses and fake names fake numbers it’s doing anything for anyone so unless you’re with Donny trumpets then you’re as guilty as they are and it’s unacceptable and pathetic that someone so important to this situation is getting worse and worse and ignored for no reason and that is unforgivable!

  • murderoustendencies
    murderoustendencies 2 måneder siden +1

    Pretty sure Justin was trying not to collapse with laughter.

  • Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
    Gunsandrosalina Padtwo 2 måneder siden +1

    The real wound to Trump will come with the passing of time. No matter what happens to him this ends in embarrassment for him. That's a reality show I'll pass a glance at.

  • Michael Connor
    Michael Connor 2 måneder siden

    Watch (Trump/Russia part 1)

  • crimp creep
    crimp creep 2 måneder siden +1

    What Russian Probe? The one Hillary paid for? Did you know Congress has a Tax Payer Slush fund to pay off sexual harassment claims made against their members? So it's ok to pay off women with taxpayers money all hush hush, but Trump can't do the Same thing with his own $? Winning! 😎

  • T Slap
    T Slap 2 måneder siden

    Trumps a Pendejo!

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 måneder siden

    Lmao let’s not talk about Seth Myers pedo tendencies

  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy 2 måneder siden

    7:41 The partisans called others partisans. Hypocrite.

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth 2 måneder siden

    The reason Cohen wants to get his wife and father-in-law off Scott Free is that Mr. Free ("Scott" to those who know him) is a good friend of Cohen, and Cohen's wife and father-in-law have been on Scott, just absolutely all over him, ever since this story broke. But leave it to Fake News to say that this is President Trump being too stupid to know how to type "scot free".

    • Topher TheTenth
      Topher TheTenth 2 måneder siden

      Replying to own comment, a prostitute to whom Scott Free makes regular payments for sexual acts has told Mueller everything she knows, and so faces no charges. There may be other prostitutes who get off Scott Free.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 2 måneder siden

    Narcissists have very limited social skills. They are worried people will judge them. They will find a way to make themselves the focus of attention and everyone will try to find a way to avoid them. It’s a no win situation.

  • Derek Hieb
    Derek Hieb 2 måneder siden

    I keep wanting for trump to defect to avoid prosecution in a country where the US has no extradition treaty.

  • Riaan Nobbs
    Riaan Nobbs 2 måneder siden

    I hope Americans realise by now that Trump is a fucking idiot!!??
    Trump is like that senile grandpa that no one wants to go visit. But everyone knows where he lives. The kind of grandpa you threaten your kids with.

  • sergio montes
    sergio montes 2 måneder siden

    Don't vote dumb no more Trump

  • David Hazen
    David Hazen 2 måneder siden

    Ink. I jinn I in i I i. Ok I i I i iini I i. I iini iini

  • Clothilde
    Clothilde 2 måneder siden

    The only thing more embarrassing to America than Trump is the fact his lobotomised fan-base still supports him. _Still._ Despite everything he has said and done. _STILL._
    What a damning indictment of the US education system.

  • Bernadette Brickley
    Bernadette Brickley 2 måneder siden

    Who would ever listen to the president. People who listen to Trump are idiots.

  • hottpoker
    hottpoker 2 måneder siden

    Finally we can see the day this traitor is ran out of office by Mueller or SDNY, so this creep Putin puppet will not inflict any more damage on this country, even on his suckers although they can't see it.

  • darrel cranston
    darrel cranston 2 måneder siden

    Gee that dumpster fire is quite the site.

  • Daniel Rodgers
    Daniel Rodgers 2 måneder siden

    If you watch the beginning of nazism - you will recognize trump - if you eversee anything about stallin you will recognize trump because "nothing is his fault"

  • Michael Mara
    Michael Mara 2 måneder siden

    Robert Mueller.......making America great again!

  • Sebbley
    Sebbley 2 måneder siden

    i thougt that trump gets president was just a secret operation that shows that every idiot can be US president......

    I was wrong :(

  • Diamond Di
    Diamond Di 2 måneder siden

    Trump is a bad president

  • peter sgouros
    peter sgouros 2 måneder siden

    Scott Free is Miracle Man from Apokalips!
    (For the uninitiated, see DC comics...)

  • Renard Leblanc
    Renard Leblanc 2 måneder siden

    "Trump always looks like he got kicked in the nuts..." Accurate, but the truth is: Donalds nuts are currently hanging in Putins office, being used as Vlad's personal speed-bag.

  • Tamel Fernandez
    Tamel Fernandez 2 måneder siden

    Love Trump! Hate Pocs!

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 2 måneder siden

    Trump is the worst decision America has made since deciding to enslave people..... and I'm black.

  • Sijan Bhandari
    Sijan Bhandari 2 måneder siden

    Here's the similarity between president Trump and vladimir putin. Both of them remember the same person after saying,' if u mess with me i'll blow up the whole planet'. i meant 'Jesus'.

  • jjbeerj
    jjbeerj 2 måneder siden

    When you capitalize "Scott Free" you are talking about Ridley Scott's production company.

  • Connie Dastrup
    Connie Dastrup 2 måneder siden

    Thank God for crtv

  • john k.
    john k. 2 måneder siden

    Russia probe is a 40 million dollar democrat colonoscopy for the American tax payer. when alphabet agencies are used to hide the crimes of the opposing political party, thats real Russia, or 1940's Germany or even Mao's China........Stalin's old guard tactics. shame half the country is delusional & dreaming of Russians in their soup while illegitimate & baseless (heavily redacted) Democrat FISA warrants were used to spy on apolitical candidate that was not supposed to win.Mueller can only threaten witness' with perjury for having bad memories, or drag them thru the mud till they are broke.......but it's ok for a former Secretary of State. thats two sided justice. one version for Dems & one for everyone else. The Dems stole the election from Sanders and they used every illegal, dead person & crooked Broward county election official to try & fix 2016. But it all fell apart. shouldn't have killed SETH RICH...thats where they fucked up. But by all means keep spending our money...still got another two years to find a better candidate than 'Oprah" or someone from The View. LOL

  • Made in America
    Made in America 2 måneder siden

    That Scott free gag would make a good bit. Nuggets of wisdom with Donald Trump, he could be sitting by a fireplace in a robe. Nothing underneath of course

  • William Ridge
    William Ridge 2 måneder siden

    If trump has any balls, they are in position of his ex wifes's.

  • Snuffy Smif
    Snuffy Smif 2 måneder siden

    Trump is so awkward because up until now, everyone just always kissed his butt, and never challenged him. Including women. The only social order he knows is- "Get me X,Y,Z!" "take off your clothes" or, "get down on your knees!"

  • Leonard Weisfeld
    Leonard Weisfeld 2 måneder siden

    Re: "Get me out of here."
    It just occured to me what poetic justice it mite be for true mentally-ill narcissist Trump to have to deal with the confused paranoid delusions of a person with early Alzheimers or dementia, traveling the world in constant new situations, surrounded by people who literally hate him and are laughing next to him and behind his back.

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 2 måneder siden

    Seth - you are irresponsibly passing of comedy as real news....distorting the truth and fucking with the heads of young people that are largely clueless to begin with. You’re an ass.

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave 2 måneder siden

    Scott Free, a.k.a. Mister Miracle!

  • Molar Bear
    Molar Bear 2 måneder siden

    he's an old man, he probably had to use the bathroom.

  • Vish M
    Vish M 2 måneder siden

    RUDY GUILIANI :- ~ Enough said

  • Matthew Bay
    Matthew Bay 2 måneder siden

    Wonder what seth Meyers’ job’s going to be when trump is out of white house lol

  • momana
    momana 2 måneder siden


  • Who B'stank
    Who B'stank 2 måneder siden

    Someone end this Trump POS NOW

  • bob komisar
    bob komisar 2 måneder siden

    Liberals are so fucking stupid

  • A B
    A B 2 måneder siden

    The fake laughing in the background is much needed for this not funny guy....

  • WormholeJim
    WormholeJim 2 måneder siden Say no more

  • Tracy Lynn
    Tracy Lynn 2 måneder siden

    Do you think Trump has any idea why everyone hates him?

  • janette hughes
    janette hughes 2 måneder siden

    Buffoon !!!!

  • Rene Dominguez
    Rene Dominguez 2 måneder siden

    Trump is cornered. The scary thing is that he's going to try and get the focus off himself. Don't be surprised if in the coming months he gets us into a war with Iran, N Korea, or even Russia just to make himself look good and avoid these domestic issues.

  • nil bogg
    nil bogg 2 måneder siden

    Keith Olberman called the EXACT trajectory of "the changing story" by Donald around two years ago!

  • Chris Snyder
    Chris Snyder 2 måneder siden

    I didn't know Trump said "Get me out of here".. his action showed something was wrong, but that could have just been a mental lapse (dementia). Something REALLY rattled him... and no doubt, still is.

  • Traktakaffe
    Traktakaffe 2 måneder siden

    what would happen if evryone just stopped saying his name, Trump - much like Voldemort? im voting we try

  • B S
    B S 2 måneder siden

    President Trump is by far the best President in U.S. history.

  • spyder1906
    spyder1906 2 måneder siden

    Crooked Treasonous trump is using the office of the president to make money. He does care about the public, cheap con man.

  • Zapper CD
    Zapper CD 2 måneder siden +1

    Probe was to cover Muellers butt and that of many other deep state anti-American traitors who sold uranium to an enemy state for profit. Gitmo, military trials for treason. NWO is getting desparate.

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 2 måneder siden

    Trump didn't even pronounce Justin Trudeau last name right. He left out the r when saying Trudeau pronouncing it Tudeau.
    Yeah, their tight. How did Seth not nail that moronic freeloading grifter for that?

  • DeadTownManifesto1985
    DeadTownManifesto1985 2 måneder siden +1

    Fox is just disgusting. It's so blatantly propaganda. You'd have to be a complete moron to believe any that crap.

  • Amethyst Samia
    Amethyst Samia 2 måneder siden

    Mueller is the most beautiful man in the world right now. When this is all over, I’m going to wallpaper my house with his image. Our saviour. Long live mueller!

  • Dean Dwyer
    Dean Dwyer 2 måneder siden

    You can tell Drumph is nervous, upset and worried about his upcoming legal problems, he never once tried to rip anyone’s arm off with any of his handshakes! (Not that there was anyone who wanted to shake his hand?).

  • glenda harris
    glenda harris 2 måneder siden

    Trump is anti-social and a misfit he also reeks of creepiness.

  • Debbie Foster
    Debbie Foster 2 måneder siden

    Never in my 63 years did it ever occur to me that the United States would ever have a President who could be totally disrespected and openly laughed at.

  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 måneder siden

    We came, we saw, he died that is what she said about saddam,a world leader,who gave the order to kill ,saddam ,kennedy,malcolm x, garvey,martin, seth rich?

  • justmemadison
    justmemadison 2 måneder siden

    OK, I'm going to do something I never thought I would do...defend Trump. I just think he didn't know he was suppose to take a picture. When he said can you get me out of here -- he was probably just asking which way does he go. He seems to be generally confused about those types of things. He always screws up the handshake and he's walked past his own car on the tarmac before. I don't think he was trying to be disrespectful to that guy. ick...that last sentence just kills me to write. The man is no respectful to anyone for the most part. But, he is stupid.

  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 måneder siden

    Trump lied, prove it with facts,Hillary ,what happened to her e mails?

  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 måneder siden

    Jesus will,will be done on earth as in Heaven

  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 måneder siden

    If clinton had won, same thing would be happening in america

  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 måneder siden

    All against Trump, look at France riots

  • Nytephyre
    Nytephyre 2 måneder siden

    Orange man bad.

  • Jordan Riley
    Jordan Riley 2 måneder siden

    Yo Seth, Trump did make a stealth Mr. Miracle reference though.

  • Michael Rupp
    Michael Rupp 2 måneder siden

    Maybe Trump was filling his diaper when he said, "Get me out of here."

  • Henry Coy
    Henry Coy 2 måneder siden

    Testimony alone, no matter who it comes from is of little value, Cohen's testimony without doubt is backed up by irrefutable facts, i.e recordings, notes taken at the time, time and Dates that match his testimony etc, it is not just he said,she said......same with all the witnesses, they can't just make stuff up to get a lighter one would ever go to Jail if that happened....

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts 2 måneder siden

    Ahhh the minister of propaganda

  • Manama Maaan
    Manama Maaan 2 måneder siden

    I miss the days when the American president was boring.

  • Daemoncles RatHeir
    Daemoncles RatHeir 2 måneder siden

    On Conspiracies and War:
    War strategies use the art of deception to play on enemies psychological weaknesses. MK-ULTRA and MONARCH, the supposed mind control programs of the Illuminati and The New Order do also. If the elite families wanted a mass population of mind-controlled slaves, assassins, and psychologically fatigued and deceived soldiers, what would stop them, and how do we know that they haven't already started? The ultimate goal of any battle or war is to win with minimal bloodshed and loss of resources for one's side. The term "disinformation" was coined by German intelligence in WWI for techniques that deliberately but falsely leaked information about troop and weapons strengths and weaknesses in order to mislead opposition. What would stop them from using the mass media over a long period? When a person or nation prepares for battle they must identify the enemy and develop a strategy. How can a person or nation do this with a faceless and relentless enemy? I would recommend a proper time away from electronic media in order to properly gauge its effect and affect on a person before jumping headlong into an indefinite future of it leading into virtual reality and "The Matrix." In times of a limited war, the troops were frowned upon by civilians and consisted mainly of peasants and foreigners. The aristocracy had few enlisted and they served mainly as Marshalls or ran cannons. Are they pushing a mass enlistment strategy? Are deception and disinformation a "real sword" possibility? Napoleon was among the first warmongers to embrace mathematics. Have you been influenced?
    From, "New World Order," "The 33 Strategies of War," "The Book of Five Rings," "Tha Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon," "The Music of the Primes," and "Project Beta".

  • Doily613
    Doily613 2 måneder siden

    Thank you for helping me laugh at this awful time in our history.

  • Jennifer Denis
    Jennifer Denis 2 måneder siden

    Wow! I usually don’t comment, but this has been the best Closer Look I hace seen in a while. Congrats to the writers! This episode was AWESOME. 👏 👏 👏

  • chaosawaits
    chaosawaits 2 måneder siden

    1:53 did it bother anyone else that the Words with Friends doesn't start on the spinner?

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy 2 måneder siden

    looks like we will be importing cars from Russia now that trump is screwing GM and American car makers

  • Cherry Gorilla
    Cherry Gorilla 2 måneder siden

    I lol'd when Trump raised his hands for a handshake, realized it wasn't happening and patted his leg

  • Whoopashigitt
    Whoopashigitt 2 måneder siden

    Too many people do Trump impressions

  • Zenic1
    Zenic1 2 måneder siden

    in stereotypical nerd voice "actually scott free is a person in DC comics

  • PirateGhost
    PirateGhost 2 måneder siden

    Really? Seth and his writing staff don't have one Jack Kirby/New Gods fan? Scott Free is Mister Miracle! Son of Highfather, traded as an infant to Darkseid in exchange for Darkseid's own son, Orion, to secure peace between New Genesis and Apokalypse. Despite a childhood of torture and mistreatment in one of Granny Goodness's terror orphanages, he stayed a good, if troubled person, and eventually escaped Apokalypse to fight for that good.

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese 2 måneder siden

    Here we go back to piling the bullshit from these sorry ass comedians that have no new material. Ok if you laugh the first 500 times but it gets really old and boring after a while!!!

    • Copy Bloc
      Copy Bloc 2 måneder siden

      Political corruption and undermining the rule of law does get old quick.

  • jon j
    jon j 2 måneder siden

    'Get me out of here!' 😂😂😂 We're going to enjoy watching you squirm you pathological liar.

  • mark caddell
    mark caddell 2 måneder siden

    Get off Trump's nuts grow up

  • David Dolezal
    David Dolezal 2 måneder siden

    I'd like to see Trump write a full and complete sentence.

  • Toxodos
    Toxodos 2 måneder siden

    wow, that crowd was *pumped* for that first cheer

  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick 2 måneder siden

    Would you fucking morons really prefer Mike Pence as POTUS?

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 2 måneder siden


  • mr.mayor md
    mr.mayor md 2 måneder siden

    Don't like Trump, but the whole walking off the stage thing is pretty bad. The way the video is cut is messed up. He DID stand up there for a while and they took pictures. I watched it live and it seemed he was up there just as long as any of the other world leaders. That guy chasing him across stage was a poor job on the part of whoever organized the event. Hate the guy, just don't want to start making stuff up.