Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  2 dager siden +20

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  • Garrett Barth
    Garrett Barth 18 timer siden +1

    Okay NO-clip, I watched the video.

  • BlackRoseAssassin
    BlackRoseAssassin 19 timer siden

    3:13 we love a good ramen ASMR

  • Megan Mardis
    Megan Mardis 19 timer siden

    Please make the creme de priouline hazelny wafers next!!!😋

  • KoltoCarp
    KoltoCarp 19 timer siden

    4:18 the patrician chef beverage
    Canada Dry Club Soda

  • MrFibonacci
    MrFibonacci 20 timer siden

    Label makers are sneaky Claire! Autolyzed yeast extract is essentially MSG.

  • Dino Unicorn
    Dino Unicorn 20 timer siden

    Please please please...moon pies 🙂

  • Madeleine Massey
    Madeleine Massey 20 timer siden

    i ate ramen right after this

    DOOMZEDAY 20 timer siden

    She seems frustrated with this job lmao

  • Jess Renee
    Jess Renee 21 time siden

    You should try to make Jelly Beans

  • Khloe Churko
    Khloe Churko 22 timer siden

    Gourmet hamburger helper!!

  • Sarah Andrews
    Sarah Andrews 22 timer siden

    You should make pop tarts

  • camilizer 4life
    camilizer 4life 23 timer siden

    Who else lives off ramen noodles?

  • vega
    vega 23 timer siden

    Why is she wearing a dirty shirt?

  • Angelo Vushaj
    Angelo Vushaj 23 timer siden

    She could have watch alex french guy cooking's videos and accomplished this a lot quicker

  • BriAnn Davis
    BriAnn Davis 23 timer siden

    What about gourmet tootsie rolls?

  • MiyaMiya
    MiyaMiya Dag siden

    I'm not going to lie... I like cup ramen more than the brick.

  • David Trevizo
    David Trevizo Dag siden

    Just seening that gray hair on the front of her hair makes me think that she's older but her looks make me think she's on her because she's actually pretty hot 😂😂

  • Yoongi Nugget
    Yoongi Nugget Dag siden

    at first she put WAYYYYYYY toooooo much water and not any chicken thingy

  • Evelyn Deen
    Evelyn Deen Dag siden

    Who is the guy in the glasses? He is so supportive in this video

  • Tess Van Laanen
    Tess Van Laanen Dag siden

    Pop tarts!

  • Gabby Sowards
    Gabby Sowards Dag siden

    You should make pop tarts

  • Pixel By pixel
    Pixel By pixel Dag siden

    When I herd she was using MSG I yelled”HELL YEAH MSG!”

  • Clare B
    Clare B Dag siden

    You should do fruit snacks/welches next! 😄

  • Rida Aslam
    Rida Aslam Dag siden

    Can you make maltesers please

  • Dina Leibling-Blitz

    *Better than tasty*

  • Vanessa's Vlogs
    Vanessa's Vlogs Dag siden

    Can you try Chips Ahoy??? Please!

  • Hayden Schwab
    Hayden Schwab Dag siden

    They should've just watched French Guy Cooking

  • Angga Aditama
    Angga Aditama Dag siden

    50 bucks? Wow that's defeat the purpose of being an instant ramen.
    "..'Gourmet' Instant Ramen'.."
    Oh, okay.... nevermind

  • Edward Prado
    Edward Prado Dag siden

    "The most important thing is the noodles" I like this attitude.

  • soominie Lee
    soominie Lee Dag siden

    can you make chocopie? ( korean snack?)

  • colleen vincent
    colleen vincent Dag siden

    Gourmet big mac

  • Israeli Stone
    Israeli Stone Dag siden

    Just binge-watched the playlist, OMEYGARSH I love Claire she is amazing, My new Fav!

  • Jenny Laguan
    Jenny Laguan Dag siden

    Omg you should try making trix cereal but with the shapes since they have brought them back!!???!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEE THATS MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Light
    Gabriel Light Dag siden

    I think with this one instead of reading out how to make it you should just say "DON'T" you should draw the line at power tools.

  • Robert Swain
    Robert Swain Dag siden much money did you spend to try to recreate the 75cent pack of ramon?

  • Jordan Ashby
    Jordan Ashby Dag siden

    Is the bulk of the salt in the flavor packet? If so, I leave quite a bit of water when I make it. I definitely don't slurp down the broth that's left. I'm thinking that a lot of that sodium is left in the bowel

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown Dag siden +1

    Isn't the reason you would make them to not eat msg?😕

  • Sso Llama
    Sso Llama Dag siden

    Claire should try and make those chocolate covered marshmallow Santa's for Christmas

  • Mara Lannan
    Mara Lannan Dag siden

    The yeast extract was hiding the msg lol. Yeast extract and tomato paste( I think that's the other one?) are ingredients used to add msg without putting msg on the actual label

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez Dag siden


  • pirate chimp 21
    pirate chimp 21 Dag siden

    dont point wit ur chopsticks my dude

  • Thanh Le
    Thanh Le Dag siden

    Why didn’t you dehydrate the noodles...?

  • Carly Fisher
    Carly Fisher Dag siden

    Can you make Swedish fish or sour patch kids

  • Ivette Moreno
    Ivette Moreno Dag siden

    Gourmet Candy Canes or something christmassy

  • Goobster
    Goobster Dag siden

    Disodium *SUCC* inate

  • JunkFoodCuisine
    JunkFoodCuisine Dag siden

    Claire is so underrated!! More people should appreciate her culinary skills

  • Angus menegon
    Angus menegon Dag siden

    I miss brad😭😭😭😭😭

  • rahajeng dyah
    rahajeng dyah Dag siden

    just watch ms yeah

  • Kaity Roberts
    Kaity Roberts Dag siden

    cheez its would be fun

  • Carl
    Carl Dag siden

    Now try making _spicy_ instant ramen!

  • Tyra Banks
    Tyra Banks Dag siden

    Claire should make gourmet pop tarts next!

  • sɪᴇᴍᴏᴡɪᴛ

    ah yes.

  • Chris Handrick
    Chris Handrick Dag siden

    You should make some zebra cakes.

  • Rakist Network
    Rakist Network Dag siden

    This is a lolcow cook

  • Christine Montero
    Christine Montero Dag siden


  • andy collado
    andy collado Dag siden

    Make gourmet peanut butter cups

  • Chantal Elizabeth
    Chantal Elizabeth Dag siden

    This is my first look at this channel... after 10 minutes my craving for ramen killed me and I made some while watching the rest.

  • Mr. Un-nice_Guy
    Mr. Un-nice_Guy Dag siden

    4:30 top left corner of her lap top. Enemy spotted suspect is identified as code name Wikipedia. Assassination will be tomorrow at aprox. 2:00 pm Dec 14 2018.

  • Sara Quintero
    Sara Quintero Dag siden

    how can one look 17 and 53 at the same time?

  • EatingInFillory
    EatingInFillory Dag siden

    This was too long, slow and boring. Seemed unstructured and not entertaining.

  • Emanuel Arteaga-Alvarez
    Emanuel Arteaga-Alvarez 2 dager siden

    This series is when I first discovered Bon appetit

  • Jennifer Steele
    Jennifer Steele 2 dager siden

    Love these videos!! I show my high school food science classes!! :)

  • Dylan Addis
    Dylan Addis 2 dager siden

    The yeast extract is the msg.

  • Lil Cheerio
    Lil Cheerio 2 dager siden

    Bone apple tea 😋

  • Rodrigo Poulson
    Rodrigo Poulson 2 dager siden

    Poor camera-man holding that camera for hours on end..

  • Carmen Keung
    Carmen Keung 2 dager siden

    Can you make gourmet Tortino's pizza roll? This used to be my favorite childhood snack.

  • Joe Chapa
    Joe Chapa 2 dager siden

    How about trying to make gourmet Cheese-Itz?

  • ava magnanti
    ava magnanti 2 dager siden

    do you think you could try and recreate a chips ahoy cookie? obviously it is a simple chocolate chip cookie but its super nostalgic and it doesnt taste the same as a homemade cookie, so i'd LOVE to see Clair's recreation of it

    KATIE AVILA 2 dager siden

    Was she crying

  • Love Sick
    Love Sick 2 dager siden +1

    I’m never had the white pack of ramen

  • Mary Feeks
    Mary Feeks 2 dager siden

    You should make gourmet M&Ms

  • n9nebraker
    n9nebraker 2 dager siden +1

    Instant ramen is cancerous, have fun with your cancer noodles fools.

  • A.J. Youtube
    A.J. Youtube 2 dager siden

    Candy cane

  • A.J. Youtube
    A.J. Youtube 2 dager siden +1


  • A.J. Youtube
    A.J. Youtube 2 dager siden +1


  • Haedyn Black
    Haedyn Black 2 dager siden

    aaaa she didn't make it right, you pour out some of the water and then add the packet so that it cooks into the noodles x-x

  • James McGiffin
    James McGiffin 2 dager siden


  • MrDixie12
    MrDixie12 2 dager siden

    @BonAppetit - can you do videos attempting: Pringles, Snickers, m&ms, dunkin donuts, Nacho cheez Doritos, Starburst???

  • Treshell McCarver
    Treshell McCarver 2 dager siden

    You Should Try To Recreate Hot Pockets

  • OrigamiSoldier
    OrigamiSoldier 2 dager siden

    I feel like Alex French Guy Cooking did it best.

  • Tim-Tim Hawkins
    Tim-Tim Hawkins 2 dager siden

    such an awesome workplace, really cool people..I dig the vibes in there

  • James Elswick
    James Elswick 2 dager siden

    Use a small amount of glutinous rice flour in the dough mixture

  • Steph Li
    Steph Li 2 dager siden

    Can you recreate the sweet Hi-Chew?

  • Meg Paulino
    Meg Paulino 2 dager siden

    Make ferrero next

  • SarahBear795
    SarahBear795 2 dager siden

    I ship Amiel and Claire.

  • Joseph Yang
    Joseph Yang 2 dager siden

    Does anyone ever actually try to replicate Claire's work at home?

  • D. C.
    D. C. 2 dager siden

    wind the noodles on dowells to dry, it would look more gourmet and be faster than what you were doing

  • ryandoesmusic
    ryandoesmusic 2 dager siden

    That folding the ramen on a wire rack part of the video is what my anxiety attacks look like

  • Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker 2 dager siden

    5M views in a few weeks, mad.

  • Poopy Balls
    Poopy Balls 2 dager siden

    "Brad's not here"
    *Leaves video*

  • Terrence Moore
    Terrence Moore 2 dager siden

    Just watching her go through her process makes me want to smoke a cigarette. 😭

  • Difference Engine (DE)
    Difference Engine (DE) 2 dager siden

    For all that effort, I would rather get the best instant ramen on the market and make it in 2 minutes.

  • Marc Malloch
    Marc Malloch 2 dager siden

    Wow Yum! Gourmey tuna casserole next please!

  • Corey Bedell
    Corey Bedell 2 dager siden

    Pls make gourmet pizza rolls

  • DeltaWolf524
    DeltaWolf524 2 dager siden

    Uhm, that noodle is definitely not instant

  • Calista Hazelip
    Calista Hazelip 2 dager siden

    You should try to make gourmet nutter butter cookies!

  • Brooks Ellis
    Brooks Ellis 2 dager siden

    Bake baking soda. hah!

  • Sabrina Thomas
    Sabrina Thomas 2 dager siden

    Pastry chef? Do you mean CLAIRE!!?!

  • Maxwell Monroe
    Maxwell Monroe 2 dager siden

    Can you do gourmet Moon Pies?! 😋