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  • Bon Appétit
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    • Kim Pham - USA
      Kim Pham - USA 26 dager siden

      Bon Appétit yummy my tummy 😋😋😋

    • Maac FLX
      Maac FLX Måned siden

      The deep yellow color that the noodles are getting is not from the air fryer, it's because the baked baking soda being more alkaline produces a deeper yellow in the flour. It's just a chemical reaction. As far as the "wave" in the noodles, you can achieve the same result by taking you portion of noodles and basically squeeze them tightly in your hands. When they are properly floured they will "crinkle" into waves without sticking. I will say that aside from those observations, you did an incredible job as always!

    • Jacqueline James Photography
      Jacqueline James Photography Måned siden

      Make mugs!

    • Paulo Castro
      Paulo Castro Måned siden +1

      noodles curl from when you cut them, try boiling a flat dough then cut them.

    • Amaya19 Gymnast
      Amaya19 Gymnast Måned siden +2

      Hey Clair Badar has a HUGE crush on you❤️

  • SeraphCircle
    SeraphCircle 14 timer siden

    alex is pure eye candy lol

  • kfighter00
    kfighter00 14 timer siden

    that ramen looks like utter crap.

  • Jordan Gipson
    Jordan Gipson 16 timer siden

    How is it that Binging with Babbish can get what he needs to make the noodles properly, but BA Test Kitchen can’t...? 🤔

  • RiverJane
    RiverJane 18 timer siden

    Claire and Brad are team. If one of them is missing than another one is struggling. :)

  • Tim Cummings
    Tim Cummings 20 timer siden

    You need a kitchen aid.

  • Shelbs
    Shelbs 21 time siden

    my teachers in school always told us not to use Wikipedia when doing research.. They say its unreliable for true facts.

  • Saba Iqbal
    Saba Iqbal Dag siden

    I love how supportive everyone is like makes me wanna aww and that ameil guy defo has a crush on her 😂♥️

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  • raquel
    raquel Dag siden

    Homemade Hawaiian rolls plz

  • Anya Winkelman V
    Anya Winkelman V Dag siden

    I really like that orange/salmon shirt she's wearing- I want one lol

  • Bear hunter
    Bear hunter Dag siden

    I’ll say what everyone is thinking, Claire is so pretty!

  • EZboyrocks
    EZboyrocks Dag siden

    Ew top ramen is gross. Also wouldn’t gourmet instant ramen just be ramen

  • Catherine Talarico
    Catherine Talarico Dag siden

    how in the hell is making your own ramen noodles the same as making gourmet instant noodles? There is nothing instant about it. Stupid video, just make the food and quit with all the annoying BS.

  • Kiki Steph
    Kiki Steph Dag siden +1

    She said turmeric incorrectly it’s tur-mare-ic

  • Shane Walta
    Shane Walta Dag siden

    Alex French Guy Cooking did a great series on homemade instant ramen

  • Guardian
    Guardian Dag siden

    The rest of the salt content in the homemade noodles is from the tears.

  • Juliana Rumple
    Juliana Rumple Dag siden

    i´m so addicted to these videossss

  • alisha Brown
    alisha Brown 2 dager siden

    I have been curious since u started plz try gourmet frazzles them bacon crisps

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 dager siden

    where is brad and what happened to all the little edits that made these videos about 2000% better

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 dager siden

    half the episode you were trying to put waves in the noodles and you had a vaccuum sealer?? you should have used that in conjuntion with the small spaced cooling rack to for the noodles into the void....

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza 2 dager siden

    I don’t mess with top ramen

  • Natalia B
    Natalia B 2 dager siden

    Gourmet spaghettios!!

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly 2 dager siden

    I’m glad Steven Toast managed to become an accomplished chef!

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 2 dager siden

    “ that’s really long...” that’s what she said

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 2 dager siden

    What do they do with all the ramen they buy

  • Crazy 8s Drums
    Crazy 8s Drums 2 dager siden

    Gwyneth Paltrow at 1:15

  • FlowiiAssistentOfficial
    FlowiiAssistentOfficial 2 dager siden

    When i see people who aren't asian eating with chipsticks, i dont feel special anymore :(

  • Mohamed FAOUZ
    Mohamed FAOUZ 2 dager siden +1

    Everyone is gay besides brad

  • Jaden Parrish
    Jaden Parrish 3 dager siden

    What I would do is make a big pot of Ramon, then mix all the different flavors together. MMMMMMmmmmm... I can taste it now. LOL

  • Gail P
    Gail P 3 dager siden

    I remember, while I was growing up there's this snack named nooda where it is like instant noodles then there is powder in it. You crack the noodles then put the powder and you can eat it. It is actually made to be eaten like that but the company says that you can cook it like instant noodles but I don't know if there's anyone out there who tried to cook it like instant noodles

  • Jjj Vol
    Jjj Vol 3 dager siden

    She shoulda dehydrated the noodles

  • Viking2Go
    Viking2Go 3 dager siden

    How many bags of the dried stock came out of this recipe?! Need to know! :O

  • Nathan Sinnott
    Nathan Sinnott 3 dager siden

    i have such huge friend crushes on emil and christina

  • Mitesh_Kapruwan
    Mitesh_Kapruwan 3 dager siden

    Rouge X men

  • Andreas
    Andreas 3 dager siden

    And I would really love to try the $50 a pop noodle flavouring

  • Andreas
    Andreas 3 dager siden

    Love your videos,

  • Albert Mendez
    Albert Mendez 3 dager siden


  • Sam Slammer
    Sam Slammer 3 dager siden

    She's so in love with Brad :-(

  • ando1135
    ando1135 3 dager siden

    does anyone actually attempt the recipes? lol

  • The Rice Cake King
    The Rice Cake King 3 dager siden +2

    You can’t improve on perfection

    *Delete This*

  • P. Wingert
    P. Wingert 3 dager siden

    you need some sesame oil in here somewhere. Its definitely part of the frying process that gives some of the flavor to the dried noodles. I also think a few drops of chili oil from tahi chilis would be a nice complement.

  • Alyssa Adams
    Alyssa Adams 3 dager siden

    2:28 I eat it that way too!

  • Chantal Barragan
    Chantal Barragan 3 dager siden

    Can you make warheads candy ?

  • Chantal Barragan
    Chantal Barragan 3 dager siden

    Can you make lays next?

  • Chantal Barragan
    Chantal Barragan 3 dager siden

    Can you make Doritos next?

  • Chantal Barragan
    Chantal Barragan 3 dager siden

    Can you make Air heads next

  • Katie Lay
    Katie Lay 3 dager siden

    Gourmet Takis ???

  • ertyderty7
    ertyderty7 3 dager siden

    Used to love "ramen crackers" haha

  • mousescorp
    mousescorp 3 dager siden

    Wait? Did she really say, "I dont understand what is an airfryer. Is it like a big microwave?" These things are definitely not new to the kitchen. Shocking that Chef wouldn't know what a convection oven is considering that is what an airfryer is essentially.

  • God of Beans
    God of Beans 3 dager siden

    10:23 claires distress when she needed to fold them is an emotion that I relate to on a deep level

  • sandra dearing
    sandra dearing 3 dager siden

    love this chick

  • TrinityHostile
    TrinityHostile 3 dager siden

    Do people not realize that sodium bicarbonate IS baking soda??

  • caitlyn
    caitlyn 3 dager siden

    in germany a lot of people it it as "chips" like the guy in the beginning described. duck flavoring is the best haha

  • GamleErik100
    GamleErik100 4 dager siden

    Ramen noodles were never big around here when I was a kid/teen. (in fact, pretty much non-existent). So I can't really relate to them, but I'd like to go to Japan have have an authentic bowl of ramen in a restaurant.

  • rochelle lee
    rochelle lee 4 dager siden

    pocky sticks!

  • nathanael just
    nathanael just 4 dager siden

    All You need for perfect waves on the noodle is a durag

  • Name Name
    Name Name 4 dager siden

    1:14 This is the illusion of order to capitalist democracy. The governing authoritative body has dictated writ of healthy sodium intake. This package is twice that amount. The company expects you to eat at least one whole brick and pouch. This is a loophole. View your hypocrisy, america. Long live your enemies until goodness overtakes your deception whereby your enemies become friends. (A)(///)

  • Vic Diesel
    Vic Diesel 4 dager siden

    5.5K dislikers are loyal to Maruchan and Top Ramen 😂

  • Işıl İdrisoğlu
    Işıl İdrisoğlu 4 dager siden

    You guys have THE BEST working environment, I would love to work in a place like that

  • greatorix
    greatorix 4 dager siden

    Adult baby food could be reframed as food for adults who can't eat solids because of disability, that's actually a pretty big, underutilized market. I'm thinking those can't regularly ingest by mouth but still want to experience delicious food.

  • JoshieMike
    JoshieMike 4 dager siden

    pot noodles are better

  • Rhiannon Rhea
    Rhiannon Rhea 4 dager siden

    2:29 YES! Many a noodle packet fell victim to me that way as a child.

  • Erin Humphrey
    Erin Humphrey 4 dager siden

    Can you make gourmet gummy worms?


    You can tell they really try and make these gormet videos as long as possible

  • Maria Auxiliadora
    Maria Auxiliadora 4 dager siden

    You should recreate indomie fried noodle 😍

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B 4 dager siden

    Great video but the slurping noises are the worst!

  • Gia Vincent
    Gia Vincent 4 dager siden

    Who else immediately thought of Food Wars when she said "umami" lol?

  • Vince Basada
    Vince Basada 4 dager siden

    “The most important thing is the noodles...”
    (In danger of cutting into skin)

  • ronald mallette
    ronald mallette 4 dager siden

    I have totally fallen in love with this channel! I need to work there!

  • SakuraChanGT
    SakuraChanGT 4 dager siden

    "Clean plate club" yis

  • Pacx xD
    Pacx xD 4 dager siden

    I never knew american have ajinamoto

  • Skyler Harrison
    Skyler Harrison 4 dager siden

    3:05 thats what she said literally lol im not 7 okay (:

  • Skyler Harrison
    Skyler Harrison 4 dager siden

    Instant ramen was the best thing to eat quickly in college it was my bestfriend

  • MC KN
    MC KN 5 dager siden

    she's not only a pastry chef but a chemist

  • Allan Haywood
    Allan Haywood 5 dager siden

    Someone had a date night 18:00

  • Era Aion
    Era Aion 5 dager siden

    Chinese hand pulled noodles use the salt to let the dough absorb the water more efficiently so you can roll denser dough... the trick is to let the dough rest for 10 minutes and then rolling it again once it softens... You have a dough hook why are trying to strongman it?

  • Mr. Prettyalright
    Mr. Prettyalright 5 dager siden

    Goes without saying but there are probably proprietary chemicals in the real thing that makes the process easier.

  • Sophia Noel
    Sophia Noel 5 dager siden

    bro u gotta do like gummy bears or laggy taffy

  • Sarin Highwind
    Sarin Highwind 5 dager siden

    And brad is in italy for this video. hahaha.

  • Jimena Rizkavia
    Jimena Rizkavia 5 dager siden

    lose the people in the background.

  • RachelLea
    RachelLea 5 dager siden

    I always drain mine completely drain them, add the flavor packet, add cajun spice, and then add sriracha! Sooo goood

  • Yeola Park
    Yeola Park 5 dager siden

    how come no one comments about Chris, he's amazing

  • Roger X
    Roger X 5 dager siden

    Crazy hot red head... no one? I am losing hope in humanity.

  • Krushna Thakkar
    Krushna Thakkar 5 dager siden

    They look like maggi

  • Lina Jemil
    Lina Jemil 5 dager siden

    Ramen > caviar

  • gymdancerschannel
    gymdancerschannel 5 dager siden

    I know gourmet doritos

  • Katie Green
    Katie Green 5 dager siden

    I srsly can't tell if Claire's a 40 year old mom or a late 20s woman

  • Yaf Harry
    Yaf Harry 5 dager siden

    ooooohh maggi??

  • Claire Cedeno
    Claire Cedeno 5 dager siden

    Ok, so who’s brad?

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 5 dager siden

    I prefer to pour the flavoring packet over the noodles and then pour boiling water into the bowl, that way the noodle cook with the broth and absorb the flavor.

  • Arm Collector
    Arm Collector 5 dager siden +1

    cant BELIEVE I just found this wonderful lady 👦, I can't stop watching now had to subscribe, I love how she destroys something every episode to make sonething, this lady is making my day she is AWESOME!!!

  • BABYand US
    BABYand US 6 dager siden

    This girl is absolutely amazing.. check out her gourmet snickers video!!!! Her hands are gold !

  • Hacker Intimidating
    Hacker Intimidating 6 dager siden

    Your hair looks cool

  • Courtney S
    Courtney S 6 dager siden

    Wish you would sell the powder soup!

  • Brook Woods
    Brook Woods 6 dager siden +3

    Anyone else got a sudden ramen craving?

  • Adri hearts
    Adri hearts 6 dager siden

    "That's really long" pause🤣

  • Vince B
    Vince B 6 dager siden

    Claire, I'd be the Jeffrey to your Ina. :)

  • Almarely Gomez
    Almarely Gomez 6 dager siden +2


  • Kevin Byrne
    Kevin Byrne 6 dager siden

    Ramen noodles? Noodles served in a bland and extremely salty broth.