My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front Frame Support!


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  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan 8 timer siden

    Dude! Great build but waterfall is NOT a verb!

  • Sigmundy Freud
    Sigmundy Freud 14 timer siden

    i would like to know what is the value of a ferrari which was car crash ????????? if you want to buy a Ferrari you buy one without accident in history ! Doing this, is just good if you want a cheap FERARI for you OR if you want scam SOMEBODY by selling it without saying the car crash ...

  • Fevri Prasetya
    Fevri Prasetya Dag siden

    Im hope be rich as you tj

  • Roberto Masiya
    Roberto Masiya Dag siden

    Rich Gang

  • Viktor Gud
    Viktor Gud 2 dager siden

    The man put a beautiful work for you on the frame but you are lacking on giving him credit in your video.

  • Poppy Puppy
    Poppy Puppy 2 dager siden

    That welding looks amateurish

  • bobbyhosweden
    bobbyhosweden 2 dager siden

    The chinese guy is my favorite !

  • Dr4g0nW00d
    Dr4g0nW00d 2 dager siden

    This is a licensed welder so if he is this is Ferrari spec welding meaning only certified welders can do this

  • Edwin Kubena
    Edwin Kubena 3 dager siden

    Rotors are expensive on this beast!!!

  • KevinPlayz
    KevinPlayz 3 dager siden


  • Guillaume Thibaudeau
    Guillaume Thibaudeau 3 dager siden

    hmmm that yellow front part is welded u guys wasn’t supposed... anyway this rebuild is very interesting. gj

  • Mohamed Addlali
    Mohamed Addlali 3 dager siden

    Fuckkkkkkk you guys talk too fucking much more then fix it

  • dethmaul
    dethmaul 3 dager siden

    omg just say cascade ONCE lmao

  • Jonathan Hipolito
    Jonathan Hipolito 4 dager siden


  • Enrico Tartaglia
    Enrico Tartaglia 4 dager siden

    The reason the previous owner didn't fix it was because it was too expensive.. You probably will spend less buying a used ones.. Believe me but good luck with it

  • Warren Fortuin
    Warren Fortuin 4 dager siden

    how many times did you say waterfall throughout this built?

  • Gible 117
    Gible 117 4 dager siden

    You were in Sacramento?

    PUBG LEGENDS MVP 5 dager siden
    Must watch ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Ingress Wizard
    Ingress Wizard 5 dager siden

    On Royality Exotic Car channel the have an entire front clip from a white 458 where the rear of the car burned. Everything you need to finish you car is there in one piece. You need to watch the video where they are at the exotic junkyard.

  • turboearl
    turboearl 5 dager siden

    welds look like shit... lol

  • Bradley Higgins
    Bradley Higgins 5 dager siden

    Who shipped the car to your shop originally?

  • Sofronio
    Sofronio 5 dager siden

    Your content is really, really good, i love it but the cam shake is too much for me, so i have to just listen to your voice and just see the screen a few seconds to just catch up.

  • DeeAK47man jessM16babe
    DeeAK47man jessM16babe 6 dager siden

    Haller at me next time you're in Sacramento. Names david . im well connected in the Sacramento area .

  • wezzla
    wezzla 6 dager siden

    6:47 four slavs squatting

    LCN_YVNGLAVA 6 dager siden

    I’ve been binge watching cars getting restored all day. Classic cars and modern

  • PAPA9928
    PAPA9928 6 dager siden

    At least he's smart enough to know his limitations and pay the right people to do the work

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 7 dager siden

    Only a Ukrainian will put that beauty back up ;)

  • JReckless_15
    JReckless_15 7 dager siden

    Where my Sacramento folks at?!?!?! I pass J street everyday aha

  • Cars Unfiltered
    Cars Unfiltered 7 dager siden

    @tjhunt how much did it cost to ship the 458 around?

  • paulvanderzaal
    paulvanderzaal 7 dager siden

    please stop the shaking. getting sea sick

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper 7 dager siden

    Have you heard the song " Don't go chasing waterfalls "? Great video compilation impressed by the work

  • Tarman The Champion
    Tarman The Champion 7 dager siden

    Слава Україні! Theres definitely a big difference between Ukrainians & Russians. Language wise its similar other than the pronunciation, spelling and accent. It's like comparing Hispanic Spanish to Spanish in Spain. Food is probably the closest matching, although Ukrainians do have different regions of influence for their recipes. For example I was born in Lviv Ukraine and my great great grandmother being Polish, so there was alot of Polish influence in her cooking both in our household and in the region! It's all exceptionally delicious tho! Especially the WOMEN LOL!!

  • Tarman The Champion
    Tarman The Champion 7 dager siden

    Mann those replacement parts are SOO expensive!! With the cost of labor isn't the total going to come out to the price of the car brand new?? If not you would think the previous owner would have fixed it himself? Regardless, power to you guys! Good luck & God bless!

  • idh82bu21
    idh82bu21 8 dager siden

    How do you know the rotor is bad? Most likely a hub as that rotor would crack before it bends.

  • cowboy 8
    cowboy 8 8 dager siden

    Too much bla bla bla notnimg interesting,except that girl look hot

  • Sandeep SRS Tuning
    Sandeep SRS Tuning 8 dager siden

    I heard London Heathrow?!

  • 前田日明
    前田日明 8 dager siden

    Fix the camera shake like shit or you die like shit.

  • Nat KingCole
    Nat KingCole 8 dager siden

    Teeg has said waterfall 37 times in the last 3 vids. is he easter egging us a trip to somewhere exotic?

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. 8 dager siden

    It's funny that my phone takes longer to get repaired lol

  • Mathieu Lancelle
    Mathieu Lancelle 8 dager siden

    Music at the end ? Feeling good remix but don't know the artist :/ ??? Thanks a lot :-)

  • Martin PK
    Martin PK 8 dager siden

    tj's favourite word is "Waterfall" I swear

  • Dave-Jill Nelson
    Dave-Jill Nelson 8 dager siden

    Waterfall ??? It’s called Progressive error not waterfall

  • Ted Colter
    Ted Colter 9 dager siden

    watch the bad lip readings of game of thrones its the fucking best!

  • saan5
    saan5 9 dager siden

    Hope your project goes well, will be watching your progress 👍🏽

  • flappy1y1
    flappy1y1 9 dager siden

    2:20 you cranium

  • alex 1
    alex 1 9 dager siden

    How can this thing still be clean title

  • robert densmore
    robert densmore 9 dager siden

    Awesome show you have, love the build. Enough with the word waterfall

  • Tsvetan Dimitrov
    Tsvetan Dimitrov 9 dager siden

    this is how ferrari for poor people looks like XD

  • Eat Sleep Shift
    Eat Sleep Shift 9 dager siden


  • Frank D'Amelio
    Frank D'Amelio 9 dager siden

    Let me know when my 458 is ready.

  • Giovanni Zamora
    Giovanni Zamora 9 dager siden

    Always entertained by your videos bro
    That address to send you stuff is close too me !! Haha JS!
    Im in Ramona just up the hill! Hope too see that Ferrari driving through Main st once it’s finished 😎

  • Ammar Amir
    Ammar Amir 9 dager siden +1

    paint the car black.

  • absurd207
    absurd207 9 dager siden

    what's this waterfall you keep talking about?

  • Christopher Salmon
    Christopher Salmon 9 dager siden

    That vertical up weld LMFAO..... The exact reason why Ferrari have them on robots so all the welds are done horizontally.

  • MrDominic152
    MrDominic152 9 dager siden

    Welcome to this flight to London Heathrow 🤔

  • busted knuckle garage
    busted knuckle garage 10 dager siden

    amazing, a russian shop in sacramento that actually had the car on the frame machine and did the work they said they did when you came to see it.... u better start believing in miracles, cause thats pretty rare.

  • Ben Pasceri
    Ben Pasceri 10 dager siden

    I have been watching your 458 rebuild and seams to be going well, I work in a collision repair shop and use a program call All Data, it will tell you everything you need to know to fix a car to OEM specs. if you can not find what you are looking for you can contact them and within an hour they will e-mail you what you need. With the tech. in these cars now you don't want to repair something wrong and hurt someone. It will help by tell you what you can repair and what you need to replace for every car. very useful. good luck

  • Snilsson
    Snilsson 10 dager siden

    ok. this is cool and all, but how does it effect the leafs?

  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 10 dager siden

    My birthday is Feb. 10th and I’d love to see the 458 done as a birthday present 😍😍

  • Ron whittaker
    Ron whittaker 10 dager siden +1

    Eating Mexican food and getting on a plane.. great idea boyz

  • MrHour
    MrHour 10 dager siden

    Lmao I thought that airport looked familiar, smf is my hometown airport

  • G-BAN
    G-BAN 10 dager siden

    This video is going to either increase the resale value or depreciate it exponentially

  • Justin Newman
    Justin Newman 10 dager siden

    Its so weird to see you guys in Sacramento lol i live in paradise California and when ever i fly out im always leaving out of Sac. So this is kinda cool to me, i know you guys are in San Diego but it still seems like you are alot further away lol. Love that channel and content keep up the work thank you guys🙏🏼

  • Armani Mcleod
    Armani Mcleod 10 dager siden

    Broski what was the name of the intro song?

    YAHBOIDEV ! 10 dager siden

    He said a radiator support for the front 😂😂 boy the motors in the back

  • Thomas McGillivray
    Thomas McGillivray 10 dager siden

    I really know nothing mechanically about cars, but nevertheless really enjoy these Ferrari restoration videos & the talk surrounding it etc.

  • Nultic
    Nultic 10 dager siden

    What im noticing, from this video specifically, is that a car is just a car at the end. I've dreamed of a 2008 Gallardo Superleggera, but looking at these parts on a 6 figure car... it's all the same. my 2010 VW GTI headlights look about as valuable as the new 458 headlights just chillin' in that box midway through the video. Really puts into perspective, they're just parts. Ultimately just seeing how repairable something is. It's nice seeing something come back together that was damaged and in some minds, totaled. Kudos for spending the time and money to get something back on the road instead of letting it go to the grave.

  • AssViol8er
    AssViol8er 11 dager siden

    35k for rotors?!

    JAY DAVID 11 dager siden

    Anyone know the song at 0:03 ?

  • DANIEL James
    DANIEL James 11 dager siden

    Why am I unsubbed :/ so strange

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 11 dager siden

    Good luck guys, hope for you don't run into too many hidden thousand dollar debits..

  • Jan Soto
    Jan Soto 11 dager siden

    If u could put an Rb swap or a rotary swap in a Ferrari that would be crazy asf

  • Bruce's Buzz
    Bruce's Buzz 11 dager siden

    Not sure if you saw this video, a 458 with the back half burned up, front looks good...…

  • tunko 454
    tunko 454 11 dager siden

    Aint never seen anyone brake a chip in half to dip it😂

  • JJ-Soowa
    JJ-Soowa 11 dager siden

    My dream car is probably a Mosler Landshark

  • young mac32
    young mac32 11 dager siden +1

    I am from sacramento but live in the northside

  • Bag Puss
    Bag Puss 11 dager siden

    Is this a Ferrari recommend repair? With junk yard parts? Just asking.

  • Alejandro M.
    Alejandro M. 11 dager siden

    Calvin’s hair looks on point 👏

  • xJayGT
    xJayGT 11 dager siden

    You should make a playlist with dedicated video for each build

  • Fynn Isenhart
    Fynn Isenhart 11 dager siden

    Why not one video that the car gets completed?

  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L. 11 dager siden

    1 like = 1 waterfall

  • Kevin Nderitu
    Kevin Nderitu 11 dager siden

    ooooooh sorry i asked

  • Kevin Nderitu
    Kevin Nderitu 11 dager siden

    where the hell is sabrina teeg

  • carguy 101
    carguy 101 11 dager siden

    please paint the FERRARI 'RED' !!! .

  • Servy
    Servy 11 dager siden +1

    After rebuilding the 458 to stock, how far will you be going with modifications?

  • HitmanLAPD
    HitmanLAPD 11 dager siden +1

    kids grew up with rich parents, 1.2M poor kids make rich kids money off of youtube adds. its like how dumb people make the Kardashians rich by finding them entertaining.

  • TroubleL0rdRS
    TroubleL0rdRS 11 dager siden

    What was the song name @40 seconds??

  • Ryan Mcqueen
    Ryan Mcqueen 11 dager siden

    Those welds are just bad by anyone’s standards. Being a Ferrari I’d have expected more care to have been taken. Please don’t try and defend those welds. TJ must realise surely.

  • Anthony Lundberg
    Anthony Lundberg 11 dager siden

    Sac town🤩

  • NZbmxboyo
    NZbmxboyo 11 dager siden


  • Cray Neri
    Cray Neri 11 dager siden

    Waterfalls or cascades?

  • Greg Martin
    Greg Martin 11 dager siden

    First 458 owner to fly coach. What a world!

  • Greg Martin
    Greg Martin 11 dager siden

    Not even in the playlist yet...

  • bradyn miller
    bradyn miller 11 dager siden +1

    The quality of the vids are steak sauce

  • ed S
    ed S 11 dager siden

    Your camera is bouncing around to much getting sick

  • Steroids Freak
    Steroids Freak 11 dager siden

    *$340 for that dash cam? Rip off. Got one 4k resolution for less than $100 on amazon, smaller than the one you have an easy to install* 🤦 the location of the car is cool though

  • Ralph Marino
    Ralph Marino 11 dager siden +1

    I’m so happy you finally got a proper haircut 👍🏽

  • Caleb j
    Caleb j 11 dager siden +1

    Please do more cinematic shots 🤤

  • Troopz 9699
    Troopz 9699 11 dager siden

    sweet as bro!!very kiwi slang