Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

  • Publisert 10. mars. 2019
  • After many years using MacBook variants I've made the switch to Windows. I've used every version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have been released. My current laptop of choice is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon / Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.Turns out switching from Mac to Windows isn't as painful as I expected.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 dager siden +5586

    Are you using Mac or Windows?

  • EspHack
    EspHack 11 timer siden

    ive always found lenovo keyboards layout kinda retarded, they feel okey, but thats the thing, theres a brand for everyone, im sure a lot of people cant get away from that macbook keyboard, same as i absolutely love HP keyboards

    so yeah reliability being subpar is the only thing you should take away from this, if confirmed to be fixed, just get your fruity laptop and be happy, its all very subjective

  • Narcissist I
    Narcissist I 12 timer siden

    How much did they pay you to say this?

  • Kevin Monzel
    Kevin Monzel 12 timer siden

    how are you enjoying all the built in ads via the start menu, pop ups, ect?

  • Zhaochen He
    Zhaochen He 12 timer siden

    until PC notebooks can match the mac trackpad, nothing else matters

  • Faisal Adil
    Faisal Adil 12 timer siden

    Over dramatic

  • Korey Willis
    Korey Willis 12 timer siden

    If you claim to know anything about hardware yet still opt for Apple your in denial, a $1,500 Apple has about $600 worth of PC parts, your basically paying $900 for that logo.

  • Gonzalo Benjamin Diaz Uria

    Thinkpad X1 Carbon + Linux mint FTW :)

  • Juan Juanito
    Juan Juanito 13 timer siden

    they done invite me to the keynote so.... all this videos.... 😂😂😂

  • Senjusan
    Senjusan 13 timer siden

    "You need to have good battery life"
    Meanwhile, I am sitting on Asus ROG laptop, that sucks up battery in fucking 45 minutes because of powerful specs XD Fuck battery life, performance is the most important thing in laptop in my opinion.

  • SpektЪR
    SpektЪR 13 timer siden

    It's like a video of someone who's quit drugs and now is bragging about it. :D

  • Matt Cook
    Matt Cook 13 timer siden

    How you can occupy your mind with such useless crap??????????? There are so many more interesting to think about in life!

  • Heinrich Beck
    Heinrich Beck 13 timer siden

    I agree, Lenovo is an awesome brand. I have a Lenovo P72, but I am using Fedora + Gnome, and I love it. The keyboard is phenomenal. I used to be a MacBook Pro user.... not anymore. Windows is too far behind the curve.

  • yamyne
    yamyne 14 timer siden

    This is exactly why people should buy stuff thats actually reliable and good quality , other than buying a typical brand just because a public figure uses it .. which is mostly the case for many

  • The Frog
    The Frog 14 timer siden

    Using my good old MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 : magsafe, ethernet, SD card reader, get rid of the superdrive and have a 2To HD, 16Go of Ram, 250Go SSD for the apps and Mac OS, all in one, no dongle... 👌🏻

  • Jonesy
    Jonesy 14 timer siden

    It was $780 to fix a bloody keyboard - thank fuck I was still under warranty.

    Within the first month the keys had started jamming up - $2000+ for something that wears out in a month of moderate use...
    If your car tyres of your new car wore out after a month - you'd be fuming.

    Now imagine if the tyres were 'considered' to be half the value of the whole car - and there you have Apple products.
    I understand the economy of Apple products - Few people actually buy the newest products - so to benefit from second hand apple products - they just ramp up the repair costs - but it really shafts first-hand-owners when you design a product very poorly.

    Either do a re-call and completely right the wrong - or never see my money again.
    My original Macbook air had a better keyboard than this piece of junk.

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy 14 timer siden

      And the funniest thing;

      I was cleaning the hinge joint with a Q-tip and some cleaner - I wasn't pressing hard and the screen actually broke at the Bezel.
      Now I have a hole in my $2000 laptop from a Q-tip.
      First time I had done it on this PC.
      Did it once a week for 4 years on my MB AiR.

      Apple "Genius" said I might as well buy a new laptop - considering it'd cost more to repair this one.

  • Adolfo Segovia
    Adolfo Segovia 14 timer siden

    I have both a Mac Pro that I bought in 2014 for college and I love it and still works great on the other hand the company I work for gave me a think pad for work just a basic company laptop! Now if I were to buy a new laptop for myself I would probably go for a think pad carbon x1 an I know based on cost/benefits there is no comparison.

  • Visa
    Visa 14 timer siden

    Linux people where you at?

  • CFdeedee
    CFdeedee 15 timer siden

    I just switched to MacBook Pro after over 15 years of using windows .. honestly, I hated windows so much, every month I had to face a new virus and a new stupid update that does nothing but slowing down my computer. I guess I'm the only one who loves Mac still ! so fast and smooth using .. I don't have to wait till the system knows that I actually opened the computer and the desktop is showing now !

  • mofo888
    mofo888 15 timer siden

    Can I get one of your old ones? My macbook pro is from 2008 :(...

  • Chezare Da Silva
    Chezare Da Silva 15 timer siden

    Thinkpad: productivity, MacBook: creation. It's that simple.
    The "weird" button placement you mentioned obey this principle, since it's there to help you easily transition from typing to moving your mouse, which you do not do with the track pad but with that big red button on the middle of your keyboard; again for productivity purposes.

  • Jack Hemsworth
    Jack Hemsworth 16 timer siden

    Welcome back to the land of Windows. Where things make sense. Also you can do far more with it without making apple mad at you. MSI do some laptops with fully mechanical keyboards on them. Its like serious kryptonite.

  • Sherry Zee
    Sherry Zee 16 timer siden

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5570 i5. Don't think I need anything else. Does everything perfectly. The design, speakers, backlit keyboard and 15.6" Display. It's perfect for daily usage

  • Tomas Romero
    Tomas Romero 16 timer siden

    Guys im a changer. Should I go with x1 carbon or x1 extreme ? the price is more or less the same.

  • pew2007
    pew2007 16 timer siden

    "Hi, I'm Cortana"

  • Aleksa Alaica
    Aleksa Alaica 17 timer siden

    Expensive to fix if you are Apple's sucker. Got to Rossman, be different.

  • Dominic Alvin
    Dominic Alvin 17 timer siden

    do u know what u r missing from switching to windows?
    spending so much more money from outdated hardware!

  • Shinu Badirudeen
    Shinu Badirudeen 18 timer siden

    What you want now is a Matebook and not macbook.

  • Sci Anderson
    Sci Anderson 18 timer siden

    You need to "BREAK" in the keyboard. Mine suffered from sticky keyboard in the beginning but has since broken in and is working well. "Dongle hell" is the main reason to switch.

  • Zaps Hags
    Zaps Hags 18 timer siden

    😂😂 wait till it starts blue screening

  • Lukáš Mačí
    Lukáš Mačí 18 timer siden

    Hi there! And what about the fan noise? I have Lenovo T480s and it’s terribly loud when the CPU usage is higher than 20% and hot air is blowing on my hand which is holding the mouse. What about the X1 Carbon model comparing to MacBook please?

  • Sajgoniarz
    Sajgoniarz 18 timer siden

    Well i had few encounters with macs also their AIO and its keyboard, i really dont know how people can type on this, because they makes me rage. Wrong spacing, not consistence pressure etc. :|

  • Psyprus
    Psyprus 18 timer siden

    GUYS ! GUYS !!!!! You neeeeed to check out this OS called Mojave from Apple. Honest to god, it does a great job at not reading hard drives - heading up and making you, sorry forcing you to pay 3 times the amount of the device it that is running to get fixed because the company that makes this software cares nothing about there clients anymore :D

  • No name
    No name 19 timer siden

    Windows is deal breaker period. Right, the new mac keyboard sucks, but one can work with external keyboard if he/she hates it so much. But with Windows... man, done, no more...

  • ChrisLeePiano
    ChrisLeePiano 19 timer siden

    Should have mentioned more reasons to switch to pc laptop other than just the keyboard

  • Mateusz Kusnierz
    Mateusz Kusnierz 19 timer siden

    Windows is trash. I wish that i could afford iMac

  • psimac
    psimac 19 timer siden

    If you’re just using Chrome, why not just get a

  • Jefferson Martin
    Jefferson Martin 19 timer siden

    I spent ten years trying to use Macs and switched back to ThinkPad when Windows 10 was released. And, I haven't looked back. Apple doesn't seem interested in the computer hardware segment of their business anymore.

  • Shane Bunting
    Shane Bunting 19 timer siden

    He’ll be back.

  • BearPigs
    BearPigs 19 timer siden

    LOUIS ROSSMAN has been exposing Apples shenannigans in his channels, he repairs Apples mistakes !!!!!!!!!

  • DailyGenre
    DailyGenre 19 timer siden

    MacBook key is flat which is not comfortable for me when i use it

  • Julio Montoya
    Julio Montoya 19 timer siden

    so all this macbook rage and windows promotion started for a keyboard?

  • Mr B
    Mr B 20 timer siden

    After being a lifetime Mac user I switched to a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Linux last year after my fourth keyboard replacement

  • G-fan
    G-fan 20 timer siden

    Month ago I sold my MacBook Pro '15 2016 and bought Lenovo LEGION Y740! Very happy!

  • R Coyote
    R Coyote 20 timer siden

    What's so special about Apple anyway? Asking because I've never own an Apple product..

  • The Noble American
    The Noble American 20 timer siden

    Until you have a project open nd your OS crashes. I use both and hate when I use the Windows based laptop each time. Still not there yet. This guy must use WORD or EXCEL but when you do some heavy lifting, you dont buy a MacBook air and judge a whole brand by it. It like some douche who buys a mercedes C class and talks crap about the entire lineup. Sorry, but this is fake news

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 20 timer siden

    My X1 has best keyboard

  • Elm N
    Elm N 20 timer siden

    You really should look at the new HP Spectre x360. The keyboard is not nearly as good as the X1 (I don't think any other slim laptop can beat it), but the Spectre is one of the sexiest slim laptops right now.

  • barkingbandicoot
    barkingbandicoot 20 timer siden

    You do not have to go back to Windows!! Choose a new direction - get a Linux laptop!
    I went from Mac to a Dell Linux laptop - and glad I did!
    If you want an Apple like look but something new then get a Huawei Matbook perhaps and install a beautiful Linux distro!

  • SkankBlocBologna
    SkankBlocBologna 20 timer siden

    X1 is way cooler than old and overexposed Apple...

  • Cacun
    Cacun 21 time siden

    Gotta admit they have been trying hard for years and got to a point that hardware is way better than the past, other brands have achieved thickness battery and power (thx intel), plus windows have come way better, BUT and there’s a huge BUT, u sure as hell spent HOURS getting rid of games ads and stupid default programs that comes with win 10 (even pro) can’t stand how they call win pro a OS full of games and crappy soft that can’t be deleted. You gotta be a company and pay big bucks for a real enterprise win10 vers.
    Sys admin here so I was glad about improvements with w7 and also with w10 but can’t stand so much crap and don’t get me started with “new releases” and pushing out of support Older versions... my god this was long. Fuck w10 games and shit still using MacBook as personal device but gotta put their shit together with keyboard and overheating issues like.... YESTERDAY

  • MrElitesense
    MrElitesense 21 time siden

    Still prefer mac or linux for developer environment. My home computer is windows.

    • Visa
      Visa 14 timer siden

      I'm Windows 10 for gaming, Ubuntu with KDE Plasma for everything else

  • Roccobruno Mauriello-Engels

    You are so sexy without glasses, but this olive coloured shirt, doesn’t fits you. By the way what kind of Smartwatch do you wearing.

  • drumtravelfun
    drumtravelfun 21 time siden

    Damn, my "E" key is fucked as well. Interesting.

  • Phillip Leman
    Phillip Leman 21 time siden

    Been using mac all my life and have been thinking about making the switch to windows myself. Carbon looks like high potential candidate.

  • Gi Adar
    Gi Adar 21 time siden

    When in doubt with apple go for Louis Rossmann

  • The Fifth Freedom
    The Fifth Freedom 21 time siden

    this faget is blocked due to so much fickle for product shilling

  • Bad at Gaming
    Bad at Gaming 22 timer siden

    I gave up trying to understand why anyone has purchased an Apple product since the Ipod era. Those were the days when I thought Apple had good overall products. Great vid, as usual. Cheers,

  • puds boi
    puds boi 22 timer siden

    I actually love apple laptops BUT they are pricing theirselves out of the market. I haven’t got 5k for a new one. If only I could use fcpx on windows

  • Watchandjewelryloft
    Watchandjewelryloft 22 timer siden

    Been using Windows since my first windows 3.1 PC in the 90's when I was like 12 years old. Heard all the, "Apple is better," arguments. Used apple in school. Never liked them. Then ended up fixing friends Apple's products, or if I couldn't recommend a windows option. But now, they will still choose to be a blind fanboy. And now, I do watch repair. And I have all these zombies trying to impress me with their Apple watch. /FACEPALM. make it stop.

  • THEDDTinc. NEW
    THEDDTinc. NEW 22 timer siden

    Wow, I have the new Macbook pro, and the windows surface laptop, I rarely use my macbook, I use the iMacs for music production/video production, they are good for that, but on the go, I'm always using my windows laptop, doing little stuff, Im even using Adobe Premiere now on the windows laptop, smh, I see now a lot of people switching to the think pad. Windows have switch their game up, but still can't get with the freezing, you still can't do a lot of things at the same time without something freezing, it's better, but not all the way great yet, (in my opinion)

  • BlackEyepatch
    BlackEyepatch 22 timer siden +1

    So just the Keyboard issue (One key), led you to move to Windows based lap. UNREAL

  • Samuel Stevenson
    Samuel Stevenson 22 timer siden

    this is such a stupid video. mac laps have sucked for(ever?) years

  • eddiekoski
    eddiekoski 22 timer siden

    Do a collab with louis rossman please please please

  • Loris Palazzo
    Loris Palazzo 22 timer siden

    8k magic dislike, like a magic pen, magic mouse, magic phone... dont worry, u Will pay with real Money, not with magic

  • gc68
    gc68 23 timer siden

    long overdue, but glad you do now. hopefully you're serious about it.
    it simply isn't worth it anymore. i suggest you go with Dell XPS line if you're looking for a Thinkpad alternative.

  • Jack Kielsmeier
    Jack Kielsmeier 23 timer siden +1

    Almost sounds like all he needs is a chromebook.

    • The Dude Abides
      The Dude Abides 22 timer siden

      Exactly. He's not doing anything hardcore that requires the horsepower of a full blown laptop. It's really just a waste to spend all that money on a windows/apple laptop when all you're going to do is email and surf the internet.

  • hengineer
    hengineer 23 timer siden

    The button placement is because of the trackpoint

  • Karl Scheel
    Karl Scheel 23 timer siden

    Once upon a time, the MBP had a beautiful, solid, metal keyboard, back when Apple cared about the quality of their products. But now, they are *crap!* I witnessed one of my classmates, who purchased a brand new MBP the day before for $2400 Canadian brake a key; he wasn't being abusive, just typing normally. So he brought it back to its place of purchase, and exchanged it for an MSI gaming laptop, that had *twice* the power at *half* the cost! Furthermore, when his infant son managed to push it off the kitchen table, and onto the floor, it managed to survive the crash with full functionality and nary a scratch! A _very_ tough machine indeed!

  • Dominic Galante
    Dominic Galante 23 timer siden

    Get rainmeter and you can make windows even more clean

  • Dominic Galante
    Dominic Galante 23 timer siden

    Did this guy really just say that typing on a keyboard gave him a sense of euphoria?

  • Brandon Scott Humphrey
    Brandon Scott Humphrey 23 timer siden

    Apple will fix the keyboard on the new one. GD that thinkpad is ugly.

  • Kevin Haynes
    Kevin Haynes 23 timer siden

    Welcome home...

  • H4kyn
    H4kyn 23 timer siden

    HP Spectre x360

  • Alex Schwartz
    Alex Schwartz 23 timer siden

    I just switched recently specifically because of windows 10 lol. That OS is a mess, felt like I was using a half assed software. I do agree the keyboard is unreliable and could be way better on the MacBooks though.

  • hannu -
    hannu - 23 timer siden

    I bought a 2 year old apple keyboard for my windows pc. I lived happily with it for 6 months and same problem started.
    Now I bought Thinkpad keyboard for half the price, works much better, is more adjustable and arguably better to write on, and it probably lasts me for next 10 years

  • Ivan Rosa
    Ivan Rosa Dag siden

    Nice! Welcome to the team, I did the same switch back in 2014 and I'm not looking back. I wish the youtube developer would it created two thumb up funcions(), I woul give you two thumbs up! :) spread the word

  • Le Cri
    Le Cri Dag siden

    Thinkpads are my favorite. I want one so badly ;-;

  • Robert Parham
    Robert Parham Dag siden +1

    switching to linux would have been a more natural choice. mac and linux are cousins.
    btw I use arch

  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin Dag siden +2

    I use a System 76 Ubuntu Linux laptop and I LOVE it.

    • Visa
      Visa 14 timer siden

      KDE Plasma > Gnome

  • cornel robinson
    cornel robinson Dag siden

    Apple best for consistency as they are the same, plus security features are tighter. Main market, media and creatives yet no touch screen computers :-).PC companies have to push boundaries to keep ahead of the competition. Apple just release overpriced designer products.

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    I have no plans of switching to Windows, but these keyboards are really bad. I’ve been sticking with my 5 year old MacBook partially because the keyboard is so great.
    Does your team edit in Premiere? If not, I’d be interested in hearing more about the switch from Final Cut.

  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Dag siden

    Will Apple fix no? No... it's a feature, not a bug.

  • sdemosi
    sdemosi Dag siden

    I have both and I prefer the MBP. But I agree that apple are starting to have some serious problems with reliability of basic stuff like their keyboards. It's a shame because I used to buy Apple for the longevity. If they lose that & the prices keep going up I'll have to move to PC's for all my work. I think Apple are losing the plot with very iterative releases, little true innovation and an absolutely obsession with the visuals over the function. Also the sheer meanness of making every decision to force users to buy expensive addons to do the most basic shit. I have too many dongles now. It's a waste of space and money.

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG Dag siden

    UGH!! you just CAN'T beat a good keyboard!!! it's an EXPERIENCE!! it's potential EUPHORIA !!!!

  • Tim Fountain
    Tim Fountain Dag siden

    Totally agree. I love my X1 Carbon 3rd gen. It is solid, has all the I/O ports you could ever need (including a dedicated dock connector), the battery life is superb and the keyboard is sublime. I only have the 2K screen, but the matt finish makes it very usable under any conditions. Did I mention that most of the machine is modular, so I can actually upgrade the WIFI, BT, etc, or, wow, change the battery when the time cones? Or the fingerprint reader? Or the fact that it runs Windows 10 Pro? Oh, and before you say I am a PC fanboi and don't know jack about Macs, I also have a MacBook pro 2016 and a Mac pro 4,1 8-core within 6 feet of me right now (and yes, they are mine!).
    Additionally, I have to say that the aluminum design of the MBP is just tired and not all that good.... it dents and scratches very easily. Every 3+ year old mac I see looks awful. But I guess Apple want that, it's an opportunity for the loyal base to upgrade, right? I
    Finally I personally totally reject Apples' design philosophy of minimal ports, whether it is an iPhone or a MBP. Every single MBP owner I know carries a little bag of dongles, converters and connectivity devices. Yes the Laptop might be small, but you have to carry a crap-load of junk that is expensive and easy to lose. No. Thank. You.

  • Joe Crescenzi - Voice Junkie From CouponPages

    It's funny how important fundamentals like a reliable keyboard can be such a game changer. Apple dropped the ball on that one.

  • The Lifeworld
    The Lifeworld Dag siden +1

    Do not think dichotomously! LOL
    I use both!

    • a a
      a a 21 time siden

      And what about linux?

  • Dylon
    Dylon Dag siden

    This is cute haha

  • Master of the Macabre

    Jim Cramer

  • Ian Struble
    Ian Struble Dag siden

    The point of the trackpad buttons being above is because of the red "nipple" for the mouse. It's placed there so you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard.

  • Chen Chen
    Chen Chen Dag siden

    Gone were the days when Apple makes awesome laptops. My 15 Macbook Pro is still solid now, absolutely no issues. But when my wife was picking a laptop for her freelance work recently, we chose the Surface Pro 6 over the new Macbook Air. Its just more versatile and better build-quality, some of the things which Apple used to reign supreme in.

  • 40 Is fab
    40 Is fab Dag siden

    I have both a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and an HP Spectre 360. I need both operating systems for work vs. school use. Also, Apple makes some programs only for Apple that I need that aren’t available on Windows.

  • Fernan
    Fernan Dag siden

    I've just warranty my iPad Pro for a single burn out issue. They've replace it no question ask... that's if you still have warranty although I have to agree with this the quality has fallen compare to previous generation. I too still using MBP but probably my last. I simply cant justify buying accessories at the top of buying expensive laptop

  • ChesireCat
    ChesireCat Dag siden

    Windows update is bad.

  • pomegranat2000
    pomegranat2000 Dag siden

    The Thinkpad doesn't need to brag, welcome to the good side of computing.

  • Clodd1
    Clodd1 Dag siden

    We all know that the MBP has this kinda issues since 2016, so how much did you get to say it?

  • Benito Estrada
    Benito Estrada Dag siden

    Ok, newer MacBooks sucks. But come on, Windows? Really? makes no sense. Is a NO thanks for me. Windows? never again.

  • S'DAS
    S'DAS Dag siden

    I am still waiting for the “This is why I use clickbait” video

  • Shane F
    Shane F Dag siden

    Just the fact that MacOS can be installed in a PC should definitely kill any apple addict's argument. Even if I don't understand why anyone would use IOS when he can use Windows.