Reacting to Quadeca's KSI Diss Track (INSECURE)


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  • fire flow
    fire flow 23 minutter siden

    This dudes better than enimen

  • Opmt
    Opmt 37 minutter siden

    Logan a bitch

  • Suresh Ahongshangbam

    Logan paul please make a music video with Quadeca


    Logan looks like BAZZI

  • Matthew Bancks
    Matthew Bancks 2 timer siden

    4:52 the feeling of you taking an L

  • Niti Demaj
    Niti Demaj 3 timer siden


  • A gamers Life
    A gamers Life 4 timer siden

    He said tay kieth because he has a big for head

  • Ria Purewal
    Ria Purewal 7 timer siden

    Cough copying ksi reactions now just my opinion

  • Bradley209bakerb Lol
    Bradley209bakerb Lol 7 timer siden


  • Eli Peña
    Eli Peña 10 timer siden

    Ksi girlfriend that he is hiding is lele pons

  • SoccerBoost 7
    SoccerBoost 7 20 timer siden

    Logan your still frickin laughing the dead thing

    TDUBBS8 20 timer siden


  • J C
    J C Dag siden

    I know about the crazy drama in January 2017, but I feel like Logan Paul matured more and moved past that, just saying.

  • Perception
    Perception Dag siden

    Hate Logan Paul, okay video

  • Esira's channel Everything


  • Arkham
    Arkham Dag siden

    bro he looks like lesbian virgin viking

  • Love The ACE FAMILY

    He reminds me of pewdiepie

  • jasontheboss 954
    jasontheboss 954 Dag siden

    It sounds like he kept on saying people from SpongeBob first he said Sandy then Squidward

  • TheBiggestChungus07


  • Lucario
    Lucario Dag siden +2

    Quadecca intentionally destroyed Logan Paul too😂😂😂

  • Lonnie Posey
    Lonnie Posey Dag siden

    Cut yo ugly ass beard

  • Anything Vids
    Anything Vids 2 dager siden

    4:30 Logan’s triggered what he gonna do 😂😂

  • Aiden Cudmore
    Aiden Cudmore 2 dager siden

    You missed the rest of the song

  • Princess Sarah Productions
    Princess Sarah Productions 2 dager siden +3

    When I watched this video, I thought I was watching Pewdiepie...

  • Nad Plays
    Nad Plays 2 dager siden

    The reason why you reacted to this because you want to see KSI dissed and you get views, likes , money, and more fans

  • Uri Greenberg
    Uri Greenberg 2 dager siden

    What is there problem?

  • bench lasagna
    bench lasagna 2 dager siden


  • Wolf King
    Wolf King 3 dager siden

    4:33 why I came here

    Ksi should have won, had to say it

  • Max Treglown
    Max Treglown 3 dager siden

    Damn u look like a pedo now

  • Morttik
    Morttik 3 dager siden

    Came to see his reaction on "Logan Paul come and film this..."

  • TSM_SAVAGE_2 sh
    TSM_SAVAGE_2 sh 3 dager siden

    His freind acts mad at 4:33 and

  • Tyrone Shilone
    Tyrone Shilone 4 dager siden

    Logan Paul didn’t show when Quadeca said “ Logan Paul come and film this I think I just killed a guy”

  • Ibrahim Yari
    Ibrahim Yari 4 dager siden

    Who else thinks Logan looks like Pewdiepie like if u agree

  • Exile Hax
    Exile Hax 4 dager siden

    *TSKKKKKKKKKK* just like pewds *CLAP* *CLAP* He had to shave deh beard later on *HUHHHHHHHH*

  • TOMRAS24
    TOMRAS24 5 dager siden

    Tay keith fuck these n**gas up

  • The GodGamer
    The GodGamer 5 dager siden

    4:30 omg I just click on the video for that

  • Rashad reed
    Rashad reed 6 dager siden

    Quad: Logan Paul come film this, I think that I just killed a man.
    Logan: That was on time!

  • kenedie
    kenedie 6 dager siden

    niggah has to wait for logans aproval, fucking moron xD

  • Kris Õmblus
    Kris Õmblus 6 dager siden


  • Mike SG
    Mike SG 6 dager siden +1

    Logan look like the USA version of pewdiepie in his video

  • Enan Rahman
    Enan Rahman 6 dager siden

    And also logan Paul is a retard

  • Enan Rahman
    Enan Rahman 6 dager siden

    Yo I don't care about logan like I only watched this video to see how he feels about the part where he said I think I just killed man that's why I watched it and still noooo one likes logan paul

  • Jarrett Duncan
    Jarrett Duncan 6 dager siden

    He can't even watch the full video and actually review it just plugs his merch and talks about himself dude should just delete the channel it's over

  • JT -Shooter
    JT -Shooter 6 dager siden

    Ima explore her pu**y had me dead 5:42

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    FBI MAKER / GAME BRO 6 dager siden

    Subscribe to me

    FBI MAKER / GAME BRO 6 dager siden

    Subscribe to me

    FBI MAKER / GAME BRO 6 dager siden


  • CoynePanda
    CoynePanda 7 dager siden +41

    im not here because im a fan of logan. im here because im a fan of quadeca.

  • Kevin Mascarenhas
    Kevin Mascarenhas 7 dager siden


  • Kevin Mascarenhas
    Kevin Mascarenhas 7 dager siden


  • Wiwuquj Auahajzhshahha
    Wiwuquj Auahajzhshahha 7 dager siden

    He wasn’t wrong about the views

  • LiL C
    LiL C 7 dager siden

    tay keith in the songs they say tay keith fuck these niggas up. so he say hairline so fucked up

  • ImAPotatoHi
    ImAPotatoHi 7 dager siden +3

    0:16 man, I never thought I would laugh at a Logan Paul joke

  • 100c/o Sandbag
    100c/o Sandbag 8 dager siden

    Good dis track but sooooooo much cringe

  • Chungus My Dungus
    Chungus My Dungus 8 dager siden +76

    Nah dudes, he's just playing Minecraft

    • Justa Rock
      Justa Rock 12 timer siden

      +Josue Olano r/woooooshhh

    • YouNick Gamer
      YouNick Gamer 4 dager siden

      +Josue Olano *Says the one who can't understand the sarcasm*

    • Josue Olano
      Josue Olano 5 dager siden

      YouNick Gamer u stupid

    • Chungus My Dungus
      Chungus My Dungus 6 dager siden +1

      +YouNick Gamer Not fortnite because he would need a pickaxe

    • YouNick Gamer
      YouNick Gamer 7 dager siden


  • Mohammed Nezar Al Jalahma

    You say he is a moron with bad lyrics while you needed, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 GHOST RIGHTERS for a diss track on your OWN BROTHER, no more words but a K.O. With a comment.

  • mohammad adili
    mohammad adili 8 dager siden

    Tay Keith is a music producer and his slogan is Tay Keith f*ck these n*gg*s up so he said hairline so f*fucked up your barber is Tay Keith

  • TheAmberGryphon
    TheAmberGryphon 8 dager siden

    I knew who tay Keith was. "Tay Keith fuck these niggas up" Reply if you know that lyric lmao.

  • Ozzy vansell
    Ozzy vansell 8 dager siden

    React to ksi's reaction

  • Maduwa Sinera
    Maduwa Sinera 9 dager siden

    I don’t know why you guys unsubscribring to his channel

  • Osher 37
    Osher 37 9 dager siden +39

    I haven’t seen Logan since the forest and I didn’t recognize him

  • Bailey Fletcher
    Bailey Fletcher 9 dager siden

    Oh people actually watch Logan, that’s weird

  • Brenda Rosales
    Brenda Rosales 9 dager siden +3

    He played choose by why don't we 😭😭omggaaaddd

  • Chase Walters
    Chase Walters 10 dager siden

    Love u logan

  • G & M Cleaning and Painting

    He ment his ford head from tay keaith

  • All Sports
    All Sports 10 dager siden

    Who hates KSI change man there better than you even deji

  • mr fortnite pro
    mr fortnite pro 10 dager siden +1

    Yo sick vid broooo

  • Haleybee_
    Haleybee_ 10 dager siden

    4:49 choose!!! ( limelights?) 🙌😛

  • Unstoppable animations and gaming

    Logan paul look like pewdiepie

  • Tiger Doultree
    Tiger Doultree 10 dager siden

    I feel like logan has turned into mike

  • Jahongir Abdurafikov
    Jahongir Abdurafikov 11 dager siden +1

    Wait at 1:00 there is a red line under the quadeca's diss track video. That red line means Logan already have watched or listened the dis track.
    If you don't believe this, find a video on NO-clip that you haven't watch before and before you clicked you'll see grey color line under the video. After you watch part or whole video go on history then you'll see red line under that video.

    • Lil_ Mono
      Lil_ Mono 5 dager siden

      No he added that after he recorded the video because of course editing come last

    • LT
      LT 8 dager siden

      Jahongir Abdurafikov he would’ve got the screenshot after he watched the video

  • Adelina Martinez
    Adelina Martinez 11 dager siden

    Here Dax dis track

  • The City of Fire Flies
    The City of Fire Flies 11 dager siden

    Ksi had some great fight not only with you Logan but another youtuber tbh and the poor dude he wasn't allowed to see his own kid to the point the kid doesn't know the father at all and the girl or divorced wife she got together with ksi the youtuber was net nobody

  • Jacob Vlogs.Havefun
    Jacob Vlogs.Havefun 11 dager siden

    1:50 it’s cause of Tay Keith’s big forehead

  • KingSparrowTV
    KingSparrowTV 11 dager siden

    Quadeca did something Logan didn’t make a good diss and LOGAN YOUR FAN BASE ARE KIDS AND WHO EVER IS IN THE GROUP OF LOGAN FUCK YOU CUNTS

  • Thomas Barry
    Thomas Barry 11 dager siden

    Why does no one know the tay kieth bar, “tay kieth fuck these niggas up”

  • Myron Cabali
    Myron Cabali 11 dager siden

    He copied ksi's thumbnail

  • Damon Upston
    Damon Upston 11 dager siden

    G'day 7 year olds

  • Metazoin QB3RT
    Metazoin QB3RT 11 dager siden

    Gosh, he has come so far from the color blind days.

  • Ïćøñîç. Sailor
    Ïćøñîç. Sailor 12 dager siden


  • Sonkoly Bence
    Sonkoly Bence 12 dager siden

    4:32 funniest moment in the video.

  • Maryssa 3964
    Maryssa 3964 12 dager siden

    Wat the hell geez

  • kuk272
    kuk272 12 dager siden +1

    I think so that he said Tay Keith because he also has the worst hair cut

    • Desmen Stevenson
      Desmen Stevenson 7 dager siden

      kuk272 it’s cause in some rap songs they say tay Keith fuck these niggas up and oh yea yea

  • the gachagirl
    the gachagirl 12 dager siden

    I can't believe he also roasted Logan but the roasts are real (the KSI roasts)

  • the gachagirl
    the gachagirl 12 dager siden

    "Logan Paul, come and film this I think I just killed a man!!" *eyes slowly gets bigger* EXPLOSION!!

  • the gachagirl
    the gachagirl 12 dager siden

    "Logan Paul, come and film this I think I just killed a man!!" *eyes slowly gets bigger* EXPLOSION!!

  • ShaggyisBUFF
    ShaggyisBUFF 12 dager siden +1

    Logan looks like his rapist dad now

  • Mahib Hossain
    Mahib Hossain 12 dager siden

    Quadeca rap is faster than my internet

  • Me Me
    Me Me 13 dager siden

    1:48 look at his hairline

  • Abdelsalam Mohamed
    Abdelsalam Mohamed 13 dager siden

    that's his car idiot love u

  • Ezan Yasir
    Ezan Yasir 13 dager siden

    Sup to eshgamer 786 please

  • Little Ninja
    Little Ninja 13 dager siden


  • Little Ninja
    Little Ninja 13 dager siden

    When is the fight with ksi

  • Noble Mabbitt
    Noble Mabbitt 13 dager siden

    He is cool do not mack fun of him

  • Daniel Qambary
    Daniel Qambary 13 dager siden

    You suck logan

  • LekayserX67 GT
    LekayserX67 GT 13 dager siden

    If you see the thumbnail logan and ksi is same whaaa...

  • walker Upton
    walker Upton 13 dager siden

    You know KSI watched this

  • StevenLikesPizza
    StevenLikesPizza 13 dager siden

    0:00 Proof Logan Paul is PewDiePie 👏👏

    MADISON GALLE 13 dager siden

    who noticed for the “outro” at 4:48 it was choose by Why Don’t We? where da limelight’s at?? 🍋💡