Reacting to Quadeca's KSI Diss Track (INSECURE)


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  • TrapGodLois
    TrapGodLois 2 timer siden

    “Tay Keith fuck these niggas up”
    If you don’t get that bar you have no right to critique rap music

  • MikeMatt Akins
    MikeMatt Akins 3 timer siden

    Yup it’s that time of year

  • Jamalbmoney J
    Jamalbmoney J 3 timer siden

    Have you seen look alive

  • Xxgolden PhoenixX
    Xxgolden PhoenixX 5 timer siden

    **KSI has girlfriend wait I thought you said** Logan: you hang with guys because you are a girl's nightmare (it is a joke) **LOL he just shout out you out but you do not need a shoutout but good job man** 👏👏👏

  • Lauren Dominguez
    Lauren Dominguez 5 timer siden

    Logan is actually a bit funny.

  • purejellygumdrops XD
    purejellygumdrops XD 5 timer siden

    im here to see how he reacts to the "dead body" line 😂😂

  • TS Gamez
    TS Gamez 5 timer siden

    Is Quad Your son ?

  • Natilie Herrera
    Natilie Herrera 5 timer siden

    Just look at kieths hair

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas 5 timer siden

    Logan u have changed so much I like I now

    NIGGA FUCK 6 timer siden

    go commit stop breathing

  • CrispyBaconYT
    CrispyBaconYT 6 timer siden

    Is Logan Paul and KSI fighting again someone tell me!

  • JG03 Games
    JG03 Games 6 timer siden

    6:00 and 4:30

  • matt knap
    matt knap 7 timer siden

    did anybody else see the huge skip in the song?

  • Tabari Hamilton
    Tabari Hamilton 7 timer siden

    Quad is mini Eminem

  • Ok
    Ok 7 timer siden

    Go film a dead man logen you’re Chanel is dead

  • luc18rasi __
    luc18rasi __ 8 timer siden

    I cringed when they were talking about tay kieth and they don’t even know who he is

  • Bladen25 - Agario MC GD CSGO and More

    Lmao it had to have been awkward af when Quadeca disses Logan while he’s reacting to it 💀

  • Late Night
    Late Night 9 timer siden

    This is the only time I will watch logan paul.

  • RainbowZ
    RainbowZ 9 timer siden

    Wait ur Logan? Shit I didn't know had a beard

  • mexicanweaver
    mexicanweaver 9 timer siden

    Check your dm bud

  • Afeef Iqbal
    Afeef Iqbal 9 timer siden

    What's quadeca age?

  • Carlos Aarón Sandoval :v

    Dick-Y :v

  • Carlos Aarón Sandoval :v


  • Rosie Xxx
    Rosie Xxx 9 timer siden

    Lmao lepricorn lookin ass cries more over a diss than a dead body

  • melmont68
    melmont68 9 timer siden

    Lois sharpe

  • Samiya Muhumed
    Samiya Muhumed 10 timer siden +1

    Now he must be the popular kid in school

  • Ryan Swiedals
    Ryan Swiedals 10 timer siden

    5:55 Mike's laugh??

  • kinsi diriye
    kinsi diriye 11 timer siden +1

    “Logan Paul come and film this, I think I just killed a man” 😂 😂 😂 I only watched this to see his reaction 🤣🤣🤣😝

  • Tyler Fox
    Tyler Fox 11 timer siden

    Why the fuck am I whatching this

  • Cece Nation
    Cece Nation 11 timer siden

    Tay Keith hairline is messed up thats why he said that

  • Pedro Barbosa
    Pedro Barbosa 11 timer siden

    When tf did you get a beard sorry

  • Fucci Gang
    Fucci Gang 11 timer siden

    No, u already reacted to it 0:59

  • Nuno Sant_
    Nuno Sant_ 11 timer siden


  • biju john
    biju john 12 timer siden

    the look on caspers face

    WOLF PACK SNIPEZ 12 timer siden

    4:35 logans face is so inraged and insecure!!!🤣😥

    MEXSLO 12 timer siden

    4:35 I'm daying

  • Tyrone Reggin
    Tyrone Reggin 12 timer siden

    Help pewds

    WOLF PACK SNIPEZ 12 timer siden

    I like logans jump at 00:17 time

  • GoPro Rider
    GoPro Rider 12 timer siden

    I think it’s pretty bad except the fast part

  • Luke hand
    Luke hand 12 timer siden

    She's a hoe

  • Ian Gonzales
    Ian Gonzales 12 timer siden

    2:58 Logan oh my god yes

  • Clorox Bottle
    Clorox Bottle 13 timer siden

    Logan out here fighting cancer by looking like a homie less

  • Hashim Farah
    Hashim Farah 13 timer siden

    You do not know who tay Keith is

  • S.K.C'S Planet
    S.K.C'S Planet 13 timer siden

    her instergram is IS KSI GIR (jk)

  • AFU- -Isa
    AFU- -Isa 13 timer siden

    Bruh the beard I’m sorry...

  • Dylan Arroyo
    Dylan Arroyo 13 timer siden

    What’s ksi’s girlfriend Social Media??

  • _MaD _
    _MaD _ 13 timer siden


  • Bronwyn Everett
    Bronwyn Everett 14 timer siden

    I'm sorry Logan you are actually really nice

  • Gibjedi Gaming
    Gibjedi Gaming 14 timer siden

    Lol ksi didn’t make the woodchuck lyrics Joyner lucas did it before him in one of his covers 😭

  • NOT Toxic
    NOT Toxic 14 timer siden

    4:35 me looking at my grades

  • Trainer Jack
    Trainer Jack 14 timer siden

    Your still at 18 million subs tho

  • David Dastrix
    David Dastrix 14 timer siden

    That OUTRO 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dat's Homie
    Dat's Homie 14 timer siden

    "Logan Paul come and film this I think I just killed a man."💀💀💀💀

  • Connor Day
    Connor Day 14 timer siden

    Tay Keith, fuck that shit up

  • mahruaii
    mahruaii 14 timer siden

    Whatever, logan you matter to me💛

  • Beetie
    Beetie 14 timer siden


  • Josie Ninja
    Josie Ninja 14 timer siden

    i love this song i know it off by heart

  • Mr. King
    Mr. King 15 timer siden


  • Evan Wildasin
    Evan Wildasin 15 timer siden

    Bro you show the video and it has the watched on the bottom off it is

  • Sam Hayes
    Sam Hayes 15 timer siden

    Logan if you don’t help pewds I’m going to report you on roblox

  • BMX BMS West boys
    BMX BMS West boys 15 timer siden

    My bro only mention good

  • Ayyy STFU!
    Ayyy STFU! 15 timer siden

    B*tch lasagna!

  • RMO 41
    RMO 41 16 timer siden

    I love the meme review clap at the start. 👌respect👌no grudges

  • خالد سامر سمير ال سعودي

    Im watching this because you supported pdp

  • Apex HD
    Apex HD 16 timer siden

    He was with lele pons they broke up 3 days ago

  • Kostantinos Ioannou
    Kostantinos Ioannou 17 timer siden

    Message KSI and disstrack on quadeca..Like this if you want to see this happened!that will be dope

    TTV_.GUMBALL 17 timer siden


  • Eliott Arthur Joseph Bailey

    I forgot this guy existed

  • Sandbox Colouring
    Sandbox Colouring 17 timer siden

    4:34 he sounds like deji 😂

  • Dingo ate My baby
    Dingo ate My baby 19 timer siden

    He grown a bear Jesus Christ I don’t recognise him.

  • PyroTheBro OnXbox
    PyroTheBro OnXbox 19 timer siden

    I have to say this but Logan’s comedy has evolved

  • Moheen Khan
    Moheen Khan 19 timer siden


  • Gabriel Fernoughty
    Gabriel Fernoughty 19 timer siden

    THIS IS SO FUNNY!!!😂😂 a where's Logan Paul been??

  • 1 4 0 0
    1 4 0 0 19 timer siden +1

    A Logan Paul video I can actually enjoy (:

  • Dante Jose
    Dante Jose 20 timer siden

    Selective censorship

  • tayla clark
    tayla clark 21 time siden

    hi logan paul I love u so much but what happen to u were are u were have u been are u still with ur girlfriend but I love u so much my name is tayla clark in school I will watch ur video can u say my name in your video plzzz love u
    and people should get over that u show a dead body tell them to shut the fuck up im 11 years old I love u logan paul

  • Jacob
    Jacob 21 time siden

    Who else knew quadeca lemon tree years ago

  • True Mike
    True Mike 22 timer siden

    My man looking like pewdiepie

  • K.G Beast
    K.G Beast 22 timer siden

    Quadeca dissed you and your mercy 😹 , Logan you trash child

  • Israel Ramirez
    Israel Ramirez 23 timer siden

    Slowly turned to a ksi and logan paul dis

    XAMIX 23 timer siden

    "I'm about to react to Quadeca right now"" pause the video and go to 1:00 (The red line on the video).

  • TopHat's Plaza Yo Pokemon
    TopHat's Plaza Yo Pokemon 23 timer siden

    Who was laughing so hard when Logan Paul literally got dissed twice?

  • Clayton Adams
    Clayton Adams Dag siden

    What do u think about Eminem’s diss track against u called Pac-Man

    NONIMaronI SUPERIOR Dag siden +1


  • Bubba Looey
    Bubba Looey Dag siden

    Views are down cuz you never post on logan paul vlogs

  • PrankIt 101
    PrankIt 101 Dag siden

    Pause at 4:44. When he is slenderman and he possesses u

  • PrankIt 101
    PrankIt 101 Dag siden

    4:36 When ur crush walks towards you

  • Poisondart gaming
    Poisondart gaming Dag siden

    when your desperate for views so you clap twice acting like your pewdiepie in meme review as your intro and start reviewing music.


    He Obviously reacted to it already

  • Peeps
    Peeps Dag siden

    He has to react to Deji’s diss track on ksi

  • TPG_ Cloaksy
    TPG_ Cloaksy Dag siden

    U trash Logan

  • HughJass15
    HughJass15 Dag siden

    1:58 - stfu XD

  • legendary gamer321
    legendary gamer321 Dag siden

    Help Pewdiepie!

  • Noobslayah 23
    Noobslayah 23 Dag siden

    Ripping off pewds?

  • Lucas Argandoña
    Lucas Argandoña Dag siden

    Depressed beard

  • 0gKayundelSt1kk
    0gKayundelSt1kk Dag siden

    What a degenerate

  • cusifeltlikeit
    cusifeltlikeit Dag siden

    He didn’t even get the tay Keith line 🤦🏽‍♂️ he’s so white

  • Grace Leban
    Grace Leban Dag siden

    I subscribe u lit

  • Christian Bumidang
    Christian Bumidang Dag siden

    Yowwww.... Those sick lines are Lit🔥🔥bro...
    But what would happen if quadeca disses Eminem 😂😂😂?