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  • 圧倒的不審者の極み!
    圧倒的不審者の極み!  22 dager siden +11043


  • ELIE E
    ELIE E 9 minutter siden

    Deliver us from millennials!!!

  • sydneysmh
    sydneysmh 18 minutter siden

    maybe this guy just really likes cooking

  • Koya
    Koya 23 minutter siden

    I respect your hard work.

  • MAR
    MAR 24 minutter siden

    Jajajajajaaja me dio mucha risa cuando no pudo sacar el cuchillo del molde😂😂

  • Carol Santana
    Carol Santana 25 minutter siden +1


    LJ GÁMÍNG 26 minutter siden

    Con esto mato a mi suegra xd

  • high off my ego
    high off my ego 26 minutter siden

    If jotaro used a knife instead of a stand

  • Челябинск ЧМЗ-Пидарас


  • NxrutoDxnkel 16
    NxrutoDxnkel 16 43 minutter siden

    ASMR ?

  • Zimba Rush
    Zimba Rush 44 minutter siden

    Love your humor with the videos like the wait time is a water pop-out horse, your slow motion steps ( Clicking power switch, etc...).Cool video thanks.

  • sad but true
    sad but true Time siden

    man... this is not okay

  • Форум
    Форум Time siden

    Fantastic execution of a knife! Nothing like this has yet. Master just super! With ultraviolet light can be different miracles to do. On my channel I plan to make a survey about the ultraviolet. Good luck!

  • Blues Man
    Blues Man Time siden

    la resina è tossica ed usarla per tagliare alimenti non mi sembra molto intelligente

  • John C
    John C Time siden

    What is resin??

  • حموشي حمندش
    حموشي حمندش 2 timer siden


  • AlphaOP
    AlphaOP 2 timer siden

    Is it me or is this ASMR

  • W0p _43
    W0p _43 2 timer siden

    Eehhhhh amigo, vc eh fissurado por coisas cortantes **medo** thats scary

  • Mr. Venom
    Mr. Venom 2 timer siden


  • かほ N
    かほ N 3 timer siden


  • Galaktionova Kate
    Galaktionova Kate 3 timer siden

    Как я вообще до этого дошла?

  • alex almazan
    alex almazan 3 timer siden +1

    This video was a asmr diy and life hacks video love it

  • YuvaRaj S
    YuvaRaj S 3 timer siden

    Started watching this video 2018 jan and now almost 2018 dec 20 still running. Damn slow

  • alexandrea e.
    alexandrea e. 3 timer siden

    can i have it?

  • CannedCow
    CannedCow 3 timer siden

    What the fuck

  • SimoneTheVocalist
    SimoneTheVocalist 4 timer siden

    Why did I watch this.....

  • faill
    faill 4 timer siden

    И нахуя?

  • Butz bang
    Butz bang 4 timer siden


  • -有咲愛してるの民-


  • Francisca Viveiros
    Francisca Viveiros 4 timer siden

    Alguém brasileiro ??

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse 4 timer siden

    Y are u moving soooooooo slow

  • Pedroow
    Pedroow 4 timer siden


  • Noor Zua
    Noor Zua 4 timer siden

    U just crossed the line of creativity 😍😍

  • Layane Souza
    Layane Souza 4 timer siden

    Gente oq q eu tô fazendo da minha vida kskskdjfkdh esse vídeo é estranho mas ok

  • Amp
    Amp 4 timer siden

    How would u sharpen it?

  • Aragami oni
    Aragami oni 4 timer siden

    This was real freaky 🤣🤣🤣but nice Job!!

  • Jhon Sebas Méndez
    Jhon Sebas Méndez 5 timer siden

    Sos raro😐🙃

  • xLESNOYx
    xLESNOYx 5 timer siden


  • KiRoMiX
    KiRoMiX 5 timer siden


  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 5 timer siden

    You have weird hands and youre weird

  • Katrina Rodriguez
    Katrina Rodriguez 5 timer siden

    Imagine if he cut his finger during this

  • shadowff71
    shadowff71 5 timer siden

    See this is why I love Asian people. You bring back a style of comedy that has been dead for years. Your videos are kinda like silent films in a way. You blend the tutorial and educational part with the humour so well, all without saying a word or even using words. Excellently performed. I will subscribe to your channel just because you've impressed me with your style of brilliant humour. All while making this video watchable for anyone almost. That's the best thing about.... uhh what would you call it... I guess body humour? Or just humour that is done with actions without the use of words or vocal set up.

  • Edimilson Ferreira
    Edimilson Ferreira 5 timer siden

    Muito bom grande talento obra prima 👏👏👏👏👏

  • だいふく雪見
    だいふく雪見 5 timer siden


  • Juliano Alves
    Juliano Alves 5 timer siden

    kkkkkkk (22:48)

  • Valentina Abad
    Valentina Abad 6 timer siden

    This is dedication, this is art, this is realizing nothing is perfect, this is making it work anyway, this man is our God.

  • Valentina Abad
    Valentina Abad 6 timer siden


  • Valentina Abad
    Valentina Abad 6 timer siden

    Man, I'll never be the same person as who I was before I watched this video, I don't know what that means, but it's a fact

  • Valentina Abad
    Valentina Abad 6 timer siden

    Well that was a rollercoaster

  • lol l
    lol l 6 timer siden

    When you have too much time on your hands

  • hina chibi
    hina chibi 6 timer siden


    • hina chibi
      hina chibi 6 timer siden


  • 鉱山作品
    鉱山作品 6 timer siden

    この人なら フラタニティ造れるかも?

  • frank gonzalez
    frank gonzalez 6 timer siden

    What a great thing is to have been born in the first world. If would you have been born in here, you only be looking how to got food to eat.

  • DelaCremeDela
    DelaCremeDela 6 timer siden

    wtf am I watching?

  • やまだ
    やまだ 6 timer siden


  • Борчик Троцкий

    Самый идеальный человек)

  • szm!gluu
    szm!gluu 6 timer siden

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    the video is japan
    so comments should be too

  • Chairdolf Sitler
    Chairdolf Sitler 6 timer siden

    this is the start of a how to basic video

    ARTHUR OLIVER 6 timer siden

    Tinha que ser do japao kk tudo inteligente

  • いおりんご
    いおりんご 6 timer siden


  • [СтукоЧелюсть]

    Как будто мне выебали мозг

  • Koobish lady
    Koobish lady 7 timer siden

    Poor guy got frustrated at the end

  • Елизавета Сазонова

    Асмр какой то прям 😅

  • Fredra Junior
    Fredra Junior 7 timer siden

    Do you sell your knives, I would love to purchase one or a few!

  • Siera (The Chosen One)
    Siera (The Chosen One) 7 timer siden


  • たわらふーか
    たわらふーか 7 timer siden


  • Владимир Кумсков

    Таким ножом только тёплое говно можно резать

  • Владимир Кумсков

    Что за ебанутое начало?

  • Egg_Runner
    Egg_Runner 7 timer siden

    23:07 that moment when you realise that the plastic knife made by some guy on NO-clip is better than your metal one made by people who make knives for a living (probably made by machine though)

  • 伊達政宗
    伊達政宗 7 timer siden


  • nick roy
    nick roy 7 timer siden

    Give me dat knife plzzz😇

    DJ MBOI 8 timer siden

    This thing looks killer.

  • Zack Fawley
    Zack Fawley 8 timer siden

    Jesus Christ this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen...and this is the internet...where dumbness rules.

  • dos -Jgeee
    dos -Jgeee 8 timer siden


  • Laercio Lobo
    Laercio Lobo 8 timer siden

    Uma de mola de caminhão seria melhor😂

  • Галицков Сергей

    пиздабол где видео про нож сука, где острый нож наебал нас, падла, нахуй я это смотрел сучара

  • Артем Климко
    Артем Климко 8 timer siden

    офигеть нож

  • yassino oran
    yassino oran 8 timer siden

    I wish I had not seen stupid video,I felt that I was mentally ill or a marijuana smoker

  • venkat kumar
    venkat kumar 8 timer siden

    What are you doing

  • K K
    K K 8 timer siden


  • Denis Chadima
    Denis Chadima 8 timer siden

    Why do some English speakers rush the Japanese comments thumbed up a lot and say "I don't know what you are saying", "I don't speak anime" or something in English?
    Are they idiot attention seekers, Weeaboos or kids?

  • 黒虎
    黒虎 8 timer siden


  • Nikolay Kravetz
    Nikolay Kravetz 9 timer siden

    ножик из эпоксидки... удивили... можно из линейки ученической сделать...

  • Stockholm Syndrome
    Stockholm Syndrome 9 timer siden


  • Просто забей на всё

    Пролайкайте этот комент чтобы иностранцы думали что я здесь что то умное написала😄🤣😁😜

  • Mpx Dias
    Mpx Dias 9 timer siden

    so cute that i'm certainly might cut me with this knife ^^

  • Odosai mares
    Odosai mares 9 timer siden

    The best part of this video is that one dont have a generic track

  • Percata Gamer
    Percata Gamer 10 timer siden

    o nome ta em portugues e nos comentário so tem gringo oxi q porra é essa

  • 秋
     10 timer siden



  • jawed hussain khan
    jawed hussain khan 10 timer siden

    W t f is going on here

  • naki ko
    naki ko 10 timer siden


  • ゆきニャ
    ゆきニャ 10 timer siden


  • 마로즈UR P
    마로즈UR P 10 timer siden

    부엌 칼 멋잇다(가지고싶음..)

  • Amelia Art
    Amelia Art 11 timer siden

    you should sell these and make a business

  • 鈴木真由美
    鈴木真由美 11 timer siden


  • lee young pyo
    lee young pyo 11 timer siden


  • いな
    いな 11 timer siden

    …ちょっと何言ってるかわかんない((( ´_ゝ`

  • Huck Arnold
    Huck Arnold 11 timer siden

    Silence please 🤫

  • Carolyn S.
    Carolyn S. 11 timer siden

    27+ hours!!! 😭😭😭👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️

  • Angelina Jerome
    Angelina Jerome 12 timer siden

    learning by doing