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  • 圧倒的不審者の極み!
    圧倒的不審者の極み!  2 måneder siden +13161


  • Ryeo 서연 Dallantines
    Ryeo 서연 Dallantines 15 minutter siden

    That's mind blowing, but so much work x

  • El Mataviejitas
    El Mataviejitas 20 minutter siden

    Is a nice looking knife it seems like this guy has a lot of free time .nerdy stuff .. painting admirer and stuff.. atom talking and all and since the knife is done hes back to the video game

  • 菅原有里
    菅原有里 2 timer siden +1


  • istand straight
    istand straight 2 timer siden +1

    Why is no one weirded out by the fact that this guy stores his cucumber under his sink.

  • ella I guess
    ella I guess 4 timer siden

    still have no idea what the beginning and the animal sponge things had to do with anything, cool knife but some random shit thrown in here

  • Fleetwood Dragon
    Fleetwood Dragon 5 timer siden

    I don’t speak your language

  • Sincerely Kaze
    Sincerely Kaze 5 timer siden

    don’t know why this is on my suggestions & what this has to do with me but the universe didn’t do it for no reason. so here i am. learned a lot of new stuff. uber thumbz up.

  • Thug Ninja
    Thug Ninja 6 timer siden

    That is bueyifely

  • Алик Альбертов

    Это что за материал товарищи пролетарии 🤔.

  • ethan nicks
    ethan nicks 8 timer siden

    So what do you do on your spare time?
    I make knifes

  • Littlemisspiey - The random channel

    I love that it’s silent and calm instead of playing loud annoying music in the background.

  • ShüshuuX X
    ShüshuuX X 9 timer siden

    When you were tracing that I got so scared

  • Mely Carrillo
    Mely Carrillo 10 timer siden

    Like si no sabes cómo llegaste aquí y si es el vídeo más raro que has visto en tu vida😨😨😨😨😨

  • Bella Ray
    Bella Ray 10 timer siden

    this is some arms stuff

  • KaWaiiDami
    KaWaiiDami 10 timer siden

    Jao sieht schön aus😊

  • Satan
    Satan 10 timer siden

    I've never seen a 30000 wetstone

  • jenn jayemcee
    jenn jayemcee 11 timer siden

    The slicing action was satisfying. Such a pretty knife! Also I was stupid enough to think there was some fire beats for bg music at 22:40 😷😷

  • JT G
    JT G 11 timer siden

    Why does it look like you’re having sex with everything? Sensual weirdo!!

    EATMEIMACOOKIE Da beast 11 timer siden

    Where did you get the donkey thing???

  • KaeDynce Hawvermale
    KaeDynce Hawvermale 11 timer siden

    I actually really like it

  • Galaxy gaming51
    Galaxy gaming51 13 timer siden

    You know what i find funny.
    You need a knife to get the knife.
    Just like scissors to get scissors

  • smilesall dayandnight
    smilesall dayandnight 13 timer siden +1

    17:09 what I do to my work when schools over

  • Letycia Gomes
    Letycia Gomes 13 timer siden

    Parece Asmr. 😂

  • Alyx L.
    Alyx L. 14 timer siden

    There's something slightly off about this video

  • Juno
    Juno 14 timer siden

    it hurts me knowing that there is an actual sticky surface supposed to rip off of itself and leave a bit of unremovable tape behind

  • Пирогов Сергей

    Вот это мужик заморочился, сильно захотел огурец съесть! Это был последний огурец на планете? Чего он его хранил на трубе, иак и не понял, что это за шкаф такой, специально для огурцов видимо... у него чего только нет, только ножика не было, теперь всё есть!

  • Carrie Smith
    Carrie Smith 14 timer siden

    What a beautiful gift to give to someone.

  • Ivy Kens
    Ivy Kens 14 timer siden

    Asmr ?

  • exclusive .a
    exclusive .a 14 timer siden

    I wanna eat that knife! 😭

  • Mrs.Franklyn Miller
    Mrs.Franklyn Miller 14 timer siden

    Watashi ga toire ni haitta toki, watashi wa omotta. `Shanpū wa doko?' Watashi wa watashi no migigawa o mita toki, watashi wa akachan o mimashita. Futsū no akachande wa naku, jaakuna akachan. Watashi no hidarigawa de, watashi wa betsu no akachan o mimashita, kono akachan wa shira rete imasendeshita. Dono akachan o erabimasu ka? Hinto: Karera no akachan, karera wa anata ni nanika o katamukeru koto wa dekimasen

  • exclusive .a
    exclusive .a 15 timer siden

    Who has time 4 this ?🤔

  • StormRider2
    StormRider2 15 timer siden

    The art of sharpening a blade

  • Mackenzie Sullins
    Mackenzie Sullins 15 timer siden

    noel miller hands

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia 15 timer siden

    Hey COMPA!!! cuanto por el cuchillo....

  • dee welsh
    dee welsh 15 timer siden

    Really cool video! Very skillful

  • geovane safado
    geovane safado 15 timer siden

    Kiwami seus videos são muito legais e quando falha é muito engraçado haha continue assim

  • A_thebest .T
    A_thebest .T 16 timer siden


  • SasuuKirito XD
    SasuuKirito XD 16 timer siden

    Sea cucumber

  • Tom Tam
    Tom Tam 17 timer siden

    5:35 my phone screen protector needs that

  • Sk2 Gaming
    Sk2 Gaming 17 timer siden +1

    Using a knife to open a knife xD

  • Mr Mus
    Mr Mus 17 timer siden

    lol, you can bring that to the airport

  • Lulu R
    Lulu R 17 timer siden

    Yo quiero uno 😍😍😍

  • Kitten Meow
    Kitten Meow 18 timer siden

    This dude is insane!

  • Мария Позднякова

    Вот человеку заняться нечем...

  • 武者小路実篤
    武者小路実篤 19 timer siden +1

    I'm japanese so I can't understand why this video getting many 👎
    Plz tell me why???
    This video is bad for foreigner???

    追記、My English skill is very bad!!

  • Ainos R. S
    Ainos R. S 19 timer siden

    Nossa q descoberta...Só q não! Até uma régua se bater em um papel segurando assim rasga da mesma forma pois o papel não esta cortado e sim rasgado.

  • #
    # 20 timer siden

    Cute 💕❤🤩

  • Katherine Valdez
    Katherine Valdez 21 time siden

    I have so many questions

  • Nysel Jimenez
    Nysel Jimenez 21 time siden

    This video is so weird/random but I couldn’t stop watching. lol

  • Drain Lo
    Drain Lo 21 time siden

    Made in China

  • NateEp, the dank dude. No

    weird flex but okay

  • 하이 하이
    하이 하이 22 timer siden

    kor 넘버원 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Jk Imnida
    Jk Imnida 22 timer siden

    i came here to watch the sharpest knife in the world... watched asmr instead. ngl it's good tho

  • mrmax raider
    mrmax raider 22 timer siden

    Je me suis perdu sur NO-clip 🤦‍♂️

  • Sienna Patti
    Sienna Patti 22 timer siden

    20:36 mah nose oh yea i CAN jUsT Squirt it on this thing oooo spicy

  • Sienna Patti
    Sienna Patti 22 timer siden

    20:13 Dog kisses metal** You have been blesses with holy water now sharpen your knives MuAh

  • Sienna Patti
    Sienna Patti 22 timer siden

    9:34 ThAtS A lOt Of RuBbEr BaNdS

  • Татар Татарин
    Татар Татарин 23 timer siden

    какооой классныйй ножжжжжжжжж

  • Hollie Schaefer
    Hollie Schaefer 23 timer siden

    Wow ! How impressive

  • Commander Dritz
    Commander Dritz 23 timer siden +2

    Michael Myers has entered the chat

  • 某、ひさぴ
    某、ひさぴ 23 timer siden


  • Реваз Дзебисов

    Говно они нож

  • -닉넴-
    -닉넴- Dag siden

    우왕 이쀼리하다٩( ๑•ω•๑)۶

  • Sea N.Christopher
    Sea N.Christopher Dag siden


  • Александр Свердлов

    Какой-то АСМР


  • Selena Nee!!
    Selena Nee!! Dag siden

    Sweet :))) I like ASMR

  • Ann Harley
    Ann Harley Dag siden

    Gotta love the dubstep stove

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai Dag siden

    50% Murder
    20% Different languages
    10% Puns

  • 3001 GAMING
    3001 GAMING Dag siden +1

    this is how long my peen is


  • Александр
    Александр Dag siden

    че этот чувак курит?

  • ・K
    ・K Dag siden +1


  • jimin still got no jams

    I’m really confused as to why I am watching this

  • CaliFriends4eva
    CaliFriends4eva Dag siden

    At first i thought this was some clickbate but it was a process of making it 😭

  • Bryan Scooters
    Bryan Scooters Dag siden

    Does anyone else really just want to punch this guy square in the face?

  • Sister Squad 2.0
    Sister Squad 2.0 Dag siden

    That’s not the sharpest knife kitchen knife the sharpest one is my moms chancla

  • The Cheek Clapper
    The Cheek Clapper Dag siden +1

    I would kill myself before getting killed by that

  • Eden Krause
    Eden Krause Dag siden

    Howtobasic: Japan

  • ユエ
    ユエ Dag siden


  • Brad 1
    Brad 1 Dag siden

    Why does this dude touch everything like if he breaks it the universe is gonna pop

  • broken heart
    broken heart Dag siden

    Is there like a kit to make that knife?

  • Giulia Soufia
    Giulia Soufia Dag siden

    ok so first of all a hot air machine isnt that like a hairdryer?????

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings Dag siden

    Looks like something made in China and sold at a dollar store lol

  • c and baby
    c and baby Dag siden

    Why I just spent 23 minutes of my life watching someone make a knife out of things I've never heard of, I will never know.

  • sattam ab
    sattam ab Dag siden +1

    20:00 me trying to quit being extra

  • wheaty yeety
    wheaty yeety Dag siden

    friend: hey wanna go out
    me: nah i’m busy

  • Natalee myers
    Natalee myers Dag siden

    Randomly pops up in my recommended

  • M Love
    M Love Dag siden


  • ñoño beliko
    ñoño beliko Dag siden

    El cuchillo de cagada de vaca mas afilado del mundo

  • 구독해됴
    구독해됴 Dag siden

    진짜 이쁘다.. 사고 싶어라..

  • Jasmine Torres
    Jasmine Torres Dag siden

    Is that u in ur pic u look cute

  • syaiful ramadhani
    syaiful ramadhani Dag siden

    Essentially good content, but boring

  • destiny saucedo
    destiny saucedo Dag siden


  • Roma Mago
    Roma Mago Dag siden

    Muy bonito ..pero muy laborioso

  • 장승
    장승 Dag siden

    와.. 이쁘다..😍

    VØDKA Dag siden

    im high af, how did i end up here?