What bae got me for Valentine's Day

  • Publisert 10. feb.. 2019
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Kommentarer • 3 503

  • Liz He
    Liz He 7 minutter siden

    Cristine I think your foundation is a little too dark for you. Just a tad

  • SlothBoBo
    SlothBoBo 26 minutter siden

    “Packed” “like it suitcase for vacation “ LOL

  • Christine Djavaheri
    Christine Djavaheri 39 minutter siden


  • the turtle randomizer
    the turtle randomizer 54 minutter siden

    What did my bae got me for valentines day? A breakup the week before because he lied to me

  • Britney Conover
    Britney Conover Time siden +1

    I absolutely adore this relationship. It's so refreshing to see a relationship like Ben and Cristine on NO-clip that is so pure and real instead of some of the others that are shown only for views. You guys are great. We love you

  • Emma Kaiser
    Emma Kaiser Time siden

    So Kraft Dinner is like instant pasta or something?

  • Kathryn Martin
    Kathryn Martin 2 timer siden

    *i always spank my dough*

  • Aydan Sivley
    Aydan Sivley 3 timer siden

    tHaTs wHaT gOod pUsSy sOuNdS LiKe
    lmao I’m sorry

    I’m JUNGSHOOK 4 timer siden

    6:21 your welcome ;)

  • Valerie Arellano
    Valerie Arellano 6 timer siden

    5:27 Cristine u ok bc u don’t seem very happy

  • Ambika Bhardwaj
    Ambika Bhardwaj 7 timer siden


  • Seren Adams
    Seren Adams 7 timer siden

    i ate all the cheese packets too lol

  • Michelleiscul
    Michelleiscul 8 timer siden

    I'm here to see who turned that kissing footage into a gif. 👀😂😂

  • Cherie Makes
    Cherie Makes 8 timer siden

    Ben: "everybody loves Ray-men" 😂
    I like what you did there

  • Madison Lue
    Madison Lue 9 timer siden

    Omg, my mom and dad kissed!😯

  • Noname rachel6
    Noname rachel6 9 timer siden

    Will you be my drink slave?????????

  • Gacha Linda
    Gacha Linda 10 timer siden


  • Tiffany Ramos
    Tiffany Ramos 14 timer siden

    Lmfao! The cute little celebratory pancake flip at the end! 🤣😊

  • Lisaaam5
    Lisaaam5 14 timer siden

    Cristine: "Don't turn that into a gif!" Me (immediately dropping my phone): "oh ffs... but I almost had it finished..."

  • Vinn ._
    Vinn ._ 15 timer siden

    My parents kissed hshshs

  • Heidi Lobsinger
    Heidi Lobsinger 15 timer siden

    It’s called easy Mac and cheese

  • Linsey van Kuijk
    Linsey van Kuijk 16 timer siden

    okay probably no one got the joke but ive been laughing about 'everybody loves ramen!' for days i fucking love everybody loves raymond

  • Carolina Rodriguez
    Carolina Rodriguez 20 timer siden

    when they Kissed i trew my phone and cried of joy like this if you feel the same

  • Riley Benns
    Riley Benns 21 time siden

    Can someone send me the gif of mom and dad kissing?

  • Subscribbles
    Subscribbles 21 time siden

    Ok who has the link to a gif they made of that part?

  • Kairi Paige
    Kairi Paige 23 timer siden

    Please tell me someone turned that into a gif

  • Makup Sings
    Makup Sings Dag siden

    You got your poop something for Valentine's. Day? Bae is poop in another language

  • Fara
    Fara Dag siden


  • Julia Goldenberg
    Julia Goldenberg Dag siden

    5 minute Krafts

  • Kayci West
    Kayci West Dag siden

    I hope he got you tea!!!!!! Haha

  • brookiie.youtube
    brookiie.youtube Dag siden +1

    Is it just me or does her outro song sound like max and ruby also I don’t still watch it I just remember it

  • LG Brown
    LG Brown Dag siden

    But like.
    Who doesn't have butter in their house?

  • Julie Imse Christensen

    And who turned it into a gif? I wanna see it 😂

  • Celina Lange :3
    Celina Lange :3 Dag siden

    Ohhh dis is sooo gonna become a gif😉😂

  • Kiera Chia
    Kiera Chia Dag siden

    turns that into a gif

  • April VanOrman
    April VanOrman Dag siden

    I used to work at a very fancy restaurant and we would do table-side Banana's Foster. The trick to a good flame is to not let the alcohol cook down, so: (1) pour alcohol (2) stir enough but not too long (3) light. Also, once you have a good flame sprinkle some cinnamon because it makes little fireworks!

  • Leah Alex
    Leah Alex Dag siden

    I love you so much! However...Theres a visible line of demarcation in your foundation and aghhh I hate how much it bothers me, and its not even that noticable. Always blend down the neck ladies

  • Aisyah Azmi
    Aisyah Azmi Dag siden

    The most important thing is to do what u love n love ur beloved

  • Lola Wolf
    Lola Wolf Dag siden

    As soon as I saw the title I thought, "tea"

  • Edanaz Kimyacı
    Edanaz Kimyacı Dag siden

    Real Master Chef right here

  • LilyShy
    LilyShy Dag siden

    Cristine a burner is a individual spot on the stove that you are using.

  • Janelly Nieves
    Janelly Nieves Dag siden

    the only time you will see cristine and ben kiss

    • Janelly Nieves
      Janelly Nieves Dag siden

      +Mehlsuppe well oops IDK that

    • Mehlsuppe
      Mehlsuppe Dag siden

      Nope. They also kissed in one of her instagram stories after Ben saw her new drink slave video.

  • Katie Silv
    Katie Silv Dag siden

    This video made me howl ahhahaha

  • Michal Ostrovsky
    Michal Ostrovsky Dag siden

    Can you both adopt me please

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet Dag siden

    "Don't turn that into a gif!"
    me: WELL... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo Dag siden

    that's the first time they've kissed on camera right?

  • Sophia Kennett
    Sophia Kennett Dag siden

    Get yourself a man who looks at you the way cristine looks at ben bringing her tea

  • Rae Anna Riggs
    Rae Anna Riggs Dag siden

    I see everyone talking about how sweet his gift was to her and how cute he was telling her that her gift was good too because she worked so hard to literally make it and all, but are we not gonna talk about how cute her little face was when she opened his gifts and when she got all sad thinking his were better. Like her eyes were total puppy dog eyes. I literally re watched that little part 3 times because you could literally see the cute but sad af look in her eyes and then a couple seconds later when he reassures her how awesome her gift to him is, then that sadness instantly goes away and turns into joy. An amazing moment of true love at it's finest :D

  • Skylinn
    Skylinn Dag siden

    This video made me genuinely happy

  • Anne Marie Tidemansen Thøgersen

    Only watched this for the kiss at the end, you are the coolest sweetest couple 💖💖💖💖

  • Maggie Holthaus
    Maggie Holthaus Dag siden

    Everybody loves ramen

  • Christina Cowles
    Christina Cowles Dag siden

    At 4:57 it’s not “a valentines monkey” it’

    It’s a sexy monkey

    🐒 🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙉🐵

  • Nina St.
    Nina St. Dag siden

    Bæ means shit in Dänemark

  • Charlene Chen
    Charlene Chen Dag siden

    I love the thumbnail lol, ben looks adorable but cristine's face is like eugh no

  • kaileya quwindoy
    kaileya quwindoy Dag siden

    for a vid you should do will it water marble but in your toilet

  • Lahlem
    Lahlem Dag siden

    Everybody Loves Ramen

  • Stars Against The Moon YT


  • Stars Against The Moon YT

    Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  • Ashley Shepherd
    Ashley Shepherd Dag siden

    More simply bake logical. Yes!

  • Bayleigh Pugh
    Bayleigh Pugh Dag siden

    "Don't turn that into a gif"
    She says and she adds fancy music and puts it in slowmo

  • Sarah Ready
    Sarah Ready Dag siden

    Sooo am I the only one that caught ben’s “5-minute crafts” dinner joke? 😅

  • Esther Moon Johnson

    *turns it into a gif*

  • LivingDeadGirl
    LivingDeadGirl Dag siden

    Everybody loves Ray-men. Lmao- oh Ben

  • otaku.assassin
    otaku.assassin Dag siden

    Oh my god, the way Ben said "wooow" like cristine

  • LittleBlu Sofia
    LittleBlu Sofia Dag siden

    Just realized that they’ve never kissed on camera xD

  • Audreanna Smith
    Audreanna Smith Dag siden

    I’ve been attacked
    I say ramen like the first way she said ramen
    But I have since I was little idk

  • Abbie Miner
    Abbie Miner 2 dager siden


  • yellow wolf GACHA yellow wolf

    all i ever wanted mom and dad kiss must be what your cat childgren must be thinking

  • pastel_natti
    pastel_natti 2 dager siden

    “Don’t turn this into a gif”
    Hehe opps

  • Awaria Zycie
    Awaria Zycie 2 dager siden


  • Mayu K
    Mayu K 2 dager siden

    its ramen

  • Tadpoli
    Tadpoli 2 dager siden


  • Rebecca Sanchez
    Rebecca Sanchez 2 dager siden


  • kira_lampel_covers
    kira_lampel_covers 2 dager siden

    I have only seen u guys kiss on camera once ever before lol

  • Alexa LaHue
    Alexa LaHue 2 dager siden

    Simplynotlogical, more like SimplynotSAFE

  • Kelly Hazelton
    Kelly Hazelton 2 dager siden

    We do a mac n' cheese Monday at our church for the high school kids. We do it in theslow cookerr and also add extra cheese.

  • MysticMelodies
    MysticMelodies 2 dager siden

    Mom and dad kissed hell yeah!!!

  • Baby RosePink
    Baby RosePink 2 dager siden

    Welp it’s now demonitized Mom and Dad kissed

  • littlepet creations
    littlepet creations 2 dager siden

    Where is that gif of them kissing??

  • Hailey Langley
    Hailey Langley 2 dager siden

    the ending made me soooo happy!!!! they are so cute but i want to know there stands on marriage


    I stan

  • Claire Rhiannon
    Claire Rhiannon 2 dager siden

    Not gonna lie, that Kraft dinner looks so damn good

    RIDA SHAHAD 2 dager siden

    if anyone came here for da thumb nail then 6:20 but I recommend that you should watch the entire video it's cute

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards 2 dager siden +1

    That's how my mom always did it growing up I box of Noddles 2 packs of cheese (the extra box of Noddles she'd make beeforino with)

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 dager siden

    BEN AND CRISTINE ARE COUPLE GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon Brown
    Shannon Brown 2 dager siden

    What my family does is they don’t use two boxes of Mac and cheese they buy containers of extra cheese that’s basically what’s in those packets but in a giant container. I love being healthy.

  • xX CH4RLI3 Xx
    xX CH4RLI3 Xx 2 dager siden +1

    Watching this on valentines after rejecting five people

    I trust no one

  • Cheyenne Bocock
    Cheyenne Bocock 2 dager siden

    6:27 oh no, incest has taken over this channel. He is her father. He is known as dad not daddy. (This is a joke, don't get triggered.)

  • Gabriella Springer
    Gabriella Springer 2 dager siden


  • Ruby Limon
    Ruby Limon 2 dager siden

    So fAr iTS SimPLy COokLoGicAl. (Bad pUn)

  • Noor Hamdi
    Noor Hamdi 2 dager siden

    That is super sweet😻😻😻😻😻

  • Jinger Yeoh
    Jinger Yeoh 2 dager siden


  • Lina Ahmed tayeb
    Lina Ahmed tayeb 2 dager siden +1

    *The thumbnail tho xD*

  • Samantha Dewey
    Samantha Dewey 2 dager siden

    When they kissed my heart broke. I want a man like that 😭😂

  • Ronald Arthur Suarez
    Ronald Arthur Suarez 2 dager siden

    *"Your My Valentine's Cristine 😉😇😘"*

  • Ali Dorn
    Ali Dorn 2 dager siden

    “and get this you light them on fire”😄 i love you cristine

  • 大猫研究聯合
    大猫研究聯合 2 dager siden

    Simply kiss Logical💋💋💋💋🤣

  • Striped Kitty
    Striped Kitty 2 dager siden

    I've been spending the last couple hours rewatching you videos while waiting for my tea package to arrive

    It didn't come 😭

  • jack dawson
    jack dawson 2 dager siden

    Omg literally OTP you guys are so cute together ❤️❤️❤️