$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1


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  • chikitanumber1
    chikitanumber1 3 timer siden

    How can I tell that this taste good through the camera??!

  • Aaron Varghese
    Aaron Varghese 5 timer siden


  • Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen 6 timer siden

    Kiano reminds me of Jamie Grace

  • Milly Soils
    Milly Soils 8 timer siden

    Worth it is the best

  • Mobile clash Gamer
    Mobile clash Gamer 8 timer siden +1

    Samosas are Indian dish though

  • The Fomads
    The Fomads 11 timer siden +1

    As a fellow lactose intolerant Asian, I feel you Steven

  • TheRealPOTE
    TheRealPOTE 14 timer siden

    I came here just to say....


  • Keshav Viswanathan
    Keshav Viswanathan 20 timer siden

    Haha I am having veg samosa right now!

  • Joseph liao
    Joseph liao 21 time siden

    Worth it Teppanyaki Episode?

  • Ben Han
    Ben Han 2 dager siden

    Thanks google

  • Pazzaratti
    Pazzaratti 2 dager siden

    I want the full recipie for that samosa

  • Titron Feed
    Titron Feed 2 dager siden

    White power

  • Piece By Piece Amv
    Piece By Piece Amv 2 dager siden

    that pan came from Pakistan all the way to the middle east

    TV HOME 2 dager siden

    go back to comparing 3 different dishes at 3 different price points

  • Naiara Chiste
    Naiara Chiste 2 dager siden

    Sonhei muito com esse momento, agora só falta eles virem pro BR gravar

  • Christian Mendes
    Christian Mendes 3 dager siden

    Ouvir gringo falar pão de queijo é a melhor coisa do mundo

  • Asad Faizi
    Asad Faizi 3 dager siden

    You should do a chip video

  • Eve ill Anderson
    Eve ill Anderson 3 dager siden

    why don't you put the camera on someone who actually doesn't matter all ye faithless

  • Noah Niehoff
    Noah Niehoff 3 dager siden

    I love samosas so much! I need some right now 🤤

  • Poala Lorena Andres
    Poala Lorena Andres 3 dager siden

    Two husbands host a dinner for their friends. Plus the brother.

  • Zivan _
    Zivan _ 3 dager siden

    4:10 BRAZILIAN??

  • Christa Shaw
    Christa Shaw 3 dager siden

    Hey google- please direct me to ex buzzfeeders who don’t blatantly throw your ad in my face.

  • anthony6871
    anthony6871 3 dager siden +1

    Of course she's black

    • RichardPlayz
      RichardPlayz 3 dager siden

      Yes police, this comment right here

  • theoffranco
    theoffranco 3 dager siden


  • Kattie
    Kattie 4 dager siden +17

    Where's my potluck fact??

  • Linda Apple
    Linda Apple 4 dager siden +1

    the kenyan girl is so pretty
    also r these to guys a couple ? cz they should be

  • Jay Sempaii
    Jay Sempaii 4 dager siden

    Seesh i had no idea that people in Kenya are familiar with samosa. That's so great. The same process and everthing.

  • REZz's
    REZz's 4 dager siden

    I eat samosa every Ramadan,,, i miss Ramadan already ;(

  • Isolophillia
    Isolophillia 4 dager siden +1

    I love how we all have Somosa traditionally, but they have different fillings. In Pakistan it's Potato or Chicken or BOTH. I'm Hungry.

  • Nisha Gangwani
    Nisha Gangwani 4 dager siden

    Samosa is Indian.. Just Indian 😂🤣🙏🏻👌

    • Joanne Lawrence
      Joanne Lawrence 4 dager siden +3

      Untrue! Samosas are a shared food tradition of many cultures in the region. It's so cool how far a great recipe goes!

  • Russell Brooks
    Russell Brooks 4 dager siden

    Are you sponsored by Google now?

  • Débora Lascari
    Débora Lascari 4 dager siden

    Pão de queijo is the best!

  • L Korth
    L Korth 4 dager siden +1

    I love my girlfriend but I just fell in love with Kiano.... idk what's happening

  • unaanguila
    unaanguila 4 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rafael Barizon
    Rafael Barizon 4 dager siden

    AAAAAAA! You guys liked the Pao de Queijo 😍😍😍 finally a Brazilian fooood

  • LazyTuber YT
    LazyTuber YT 4 dager siden

    *Gurl i love your rainbow bands but please remove it when you're cooking especially kneading next time.*

  • Ignatius oh yee hong
    Ignatius oh yee hong 4 dager siden

    Feature an episode of lagsana at three diff price points for pewdiepie pls

  • Mochin H
    Mochin H 4 dager siden +2

    KIano's voice is so seductive! she's so pretty too! 😍

  • raydrann
    raydrann 4 dager siden

    supersayan hair

  • Daisy Summerskill
    Daisy Summerskill 4 dager siden

    Watch dominion or earthlings before you watch this video

  • Claresta Chew
    Claresta Chew 4 dager siden


  • Angeline Jesudasan
    Angeline Jesudasan 4 dager siden

    Andrew's White moment of shame

  • Daniel Mendiola
    Daniel Mendiola 4 dager siden

    That thing they are cooking the samosas is a Comal

  • - Lils -
    - Lils - 4 dager siden

    Honestly I’m just amazed they’ve never has samosas... There’s a lot of Indian people around where I live so they’re pretty common

  • Meni capital 5627
    Meni capital 5627 4 dager siden +1

    Chinese guy look like he was interested in that black girl more than the food :0 who agreed or it’s just me? Lol

  • Mai Howell
    Mai Howell 4 dager siden

    Dang samosas are like empanadas were all the same from the Americas 😂 well except the US.

  • Joshua Tang
    Joshua Tang 4 dager siden

    Is it just me or did I stop seeing Justin Y

  • Joshua Tang
    Joshua Tang 4 dager siden

    Fun fact you can the cheese ball at Costco and there frozen

  • Aleks Murillo
    Aleks Murillo 5 dager siden

    Lebron plays for LA Steven

  • K Hoffman
    K Hoffman 5 dager siden

    God need more of you two lol season 6 pleassssse

  • anthonyfranco88
    anthonyfranco88 5 dager siden

    I think the pan from Kenya is called a Chapati pan.

  • Jae
    Jae 5 dager siden

    Kiano is a different type of gorgeous.

  • Thiago Watanabe
    Thiago Watanabe 5 dager siden

    polvilho is called yuca wtf... try putting nutella inside the pao de queijo, you're not going to regret it.

  • Jesse K
    Jesse K 5 dager siden

    How can Steven not know how to pronounce it? It is literally the same pronunciation in Malay - pau de keju. Seriously, don't forget your Malaysian root.

  • Lane Machuca
    Lane Machuca 5 dager siden

    This is literally night in night out

  • Pramod Krishnan
    Pramod Krishnan 5 dager siden +1

    Turns out Michelle Obama's a great chef

  • AlexJ4F
    AlexJ4F 5 dager siden

    Home girl in the Brazilian shop looks like gianna Michaels, had to do a double take.

  • Kenneth Torres II
    Kenneth Torres II 5 dager siden


  • gabby tjk
    gabby tjk 5 dager siden +1


  • gabby tjk
    gabby tjk 5 dager siden


  • Matheus Silva
    Matheus Silva 5 dager siden

    Brazilian food is amazing, thanks for that guys, i love it! ( I'm Brazilian, hahahaha)

  • CON10 FE
    CON10 FE 5 dager siden

    Samosa is Indian not Kenyan right?

  • yuki gackt
    yuki gackt 5 dager siden

    Whenever I go to a Brazilian restaurant, i go where's the paos? Lol

  • chinki singhal
    chinki singhal 5 dager siden

    Thats definitely not how we make samosa in india

  • Paulina Korol
    Paulina Korol 5 dager siden

    Episode is good as always, but music in the background is too loud, i can"t hear voices.

  • Ali Haider Ahmed
    Ali Haider Ahmed 5 dager siden +1

    Worth it are the best part of BuzzFeed

  • Prinne Ali
    Prinne Ali 5 dager siden

    Hope one day I can also taste that expensive appetizer

  • Daniel Feldman
    Daniel Feldman 5 dager siden

    Potluck? More like buffet.

  • Tiago Sakai
    Tiago Sakai 5 dager siden

    Pão de queijo it's truly everywhere here in Brazil and it's consistently good.

  • Catalina Reveco
    Catalina Reveco 5 dager siden

    Andrew is looking really ill, no one noticed ?

  • Alex Laney
    Alex Laney 5 dager siden

    I’m soo glad they did something form Kenya! They really need to do a “Worth It: Africa” they’re soo much great food from all over the continent, well not as much from Zim, but so few people know about it!

  • Brendachacha
    Brendachacha 5 dager siden

    lolll the samosas are always the first thing gone at any kenyan party

  • Kwasi Nuamah
    Kwasi Nuamah 5 dager siden

    Maira a straight baddie

  • array s
    array s 5 dager siden

    Wow Kiano is so beautiful.

  • Glitter Bubbles
    Glitter Bubbles 5 dager siden

    Why do I love this so much??

  • hobidihobidoo
    hobidihobidoo 5 dager siden

    I really want to date Kiano! 😆😆😆💜🌻

  • King Grizzly
    King Grizzly 5 dager siden

    Kiano is just so damn fine and that smile....😍😍😍

  • Fernando Zucchelli
    Fernando Zucchelli 6 dager siden

    Pão de Queijo is traditionally from the state where I was born, Minas Gerais, in Brazil. It always feels like home eating Pão de Queijo. But there's a saying that says that there's nothing like eating Pão de Queijo IN Minas Gerais.

  • Ryu Galactic
    Ryu Galactic 6 dager siden


  • DAVID Almeida
    DAVID Almeida 6 dager siden

    you guys have to come to portugal !! I can show you guys all the great portuguese food...
    You won´t believe how delicius food my little country can make ! ;) David

  • royal3880
    royal3880 6 dager siden

    Kiano is flipping beautiful, fine, etc, etc!!!!

  • Brett 120
    Brett 120 6 dager siden


  • serendipity
    serendipity 6 dager siden

    Kiano’s voice is so soothing

  • Fifi R
    Fifi R 6 dager siden

    As a Brazilian American, they pronounced pão de queso SOO wrong

  • snooki nany
    snooki nany 6 dager siden

    How is it possible that they love everything they have ever tried on worth it? Something smells fishy 😑

  • JoytheQueen
    JoytheQueen 6 dager siden

    the background music is too loud

  • Planet Lord
    Planet Lord 6 dager siden

    How is that 710 dollar clickbait

  • Ed Farage
    Ed Farage 6 dager siden

    *Pau de Quejo*

  • vivian
    vivian 6 dager siden

    kiano is so gorg omg

  • Julia Barreto
    Julia Barreto 6 dager siden

    We speak portuguese not "brazilian". Obrigada, de nada.

  • sneaky pete
    sneaky pete 6 dager siden

    so basically africa culturally appropriated samosas

  • rhea gandhi
    rhea gandhi 6 dager siden


  • Catiplier
    Catiplier 6 dager siden

    I'm never fully convinced that something is good until they let the camera guy try it and he gives his nod of approval.

  • Steve Newman
    Steve Newman 6 dager siden

    I didn't know Americans don't really eat samosas! They are common in South Africa!

  • well that's swell l
    well that's swell l 6 dager siden

    The girl at the end made suobusa

  • Kesani Akash
    Kesani Akash 6 dager siden

    Adam please take off that bracelet 🙏

  • Eshan Banerjee
    Eshan Banerjee 6 dager siden

    Samosas is only Indian and Pakistani. Samosas aren't Middle Eastern or African authentic cusine. Samosa culture was probably adopted by the Kenyans when the British posted British Indian workers in British Kenya.Therefore Samosas is only South-Asian cuisine NOT KENYAN

  • airplainchild
    airplainchild 6 dager siden

    0:12 I slowly discovered today that Andrew does that thing some people do where he mouths the words of whatever someone else is saying.

  • Galiley Kwong
    Galiley Kwong 6 dager siden

    Anyone notice the words: HOLIDAYS ROCK! backwards the back window only on 1:06

  • The k’s family
    The k’s family 6 dager siden

    My name is also kenya!! ❤️