Turning the GT350 into a GRIP MONSTER

  • Publisert 10. mars. 2019
  • Hyped to finally throw this thing up on the lift and get it better suited for some more track thrashing!
    PS: Yes I plan on tracking the GT3RS, but it's way more fun abusing a car I don't really care much about that currently has a plummeting resale value :)
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  • ADabADay ThatWillKeepLigmaAway

    I still with nicole

  • Ryan Griffith
    Ryan Griffith 2 dager siden

    It’s 18.25 hours a year you’re saving. Dude just sit at the traffic light!

  • Christian Pratt
    Christian Pratt 2 dager siden

    I like how you “don’t really care” about the GT350, brother that’s my dream car 😂

  • Jon Hollister
    Jon Hollister 3 dager siden

    in the old days that mustache would get you bumped off.

  • Jeff Mielke
    Jeff Mielke 4 dager siden

    You save your self 36 hours a year by doing that. That's going there and back . So that's a whole day and a half of extra drifting for ya lol

  • Aaron MacQuesten
    Aaron MacQuesten 5 dager siden

    Dude I’d love to hit the FIRM with you. I too have a GT350 and live in Orlando

  • Nick Erlanger vlogs
    Nick Erlanger vlogs 5 dager siden

    18.25 hours saved in one year

  • Skrillock
    Skrillock 5 dager siden


  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang 5 dager siden

    You should get lighter wheels. They really help the car feel lighter when turning.

  • Blake Shrader
    Blake Shrader 6 dager siden

    18.5 hours

  • Nateolater
    Nateolater 6 dager siden

    you save 3 hours and 15 minutes

  • GT 370
    GT 370 6 dager siden

    Hey Adam what springs are on the mustang drop looks sick!

  • Mark Fritscher
    Mark Fritscher 6 dager siden

    The Chaser is my favorite of all Adam’s cars 🚙

  • Wesley Daemen
    Wesley Daemen 6 dager siden

    Adam is more street now

  • cameron zahand
    cameron zahand 6 dager siden

    more grip content

  • tanis nedic
    tanis nedic 6 dager siden

    Wait for the shitty comments about nicols/Adams car

  • Marist Old Boys
    Marist Old Boys 6 dager siden

    Kudos for driving a RHD at 6:20

  • Wolfemancola
    Wolfemancola 6 dager siden

    an S13 is definitely not twice as fast as that shelby. Stock S13's are slow

  • RwdSkyrine
    RwdSkyrine 6 dager siden

    Whats on the lift at home? hmmmm....

  • 49ics
    49ics 6 dager siden

    You might get a few hated peoples in Australia apparently your a snitch

  • Landry Houston
    Landry Houston 6 dager siden


  • Cisco Films
    Cisco Films 6 dager siden

    Adam lz should get a 2015 f150 because of the Gen 2 5.0 and mod it with the vmp kit and he can have a 10 sec truck with the right tune

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage 6 dager siden +1

    Hell yeah bro been waiting for this video!

  • brooklynblack
    brooklynblack 6 dager siden

    Sounds like a Gemini to me lol.

  • Nick Eisermann
    Nick Eisermann 6 dager siden

    18 hrs 25 minutes

  • Francisco Herreros
    Francisco Herreros 7 dager siden

    What brand are the Mustang’s suspension mods?

    AC GARAGE 7 dager siden

    More of GT350 videos!! Plz

  • Keemborghini
    Keemborghini 7 dager siden

    I love Cressida’s 7:54

  • AlexSerban
    AlexSerban 7 dager siden

    your math sucks you should stay in school Adam ! LOL

  • Jake Segel
    Jake Segel 7 dager siden

    whats the plan for Nicoles car

  • Corey Hojewski
    Corey Hojewski 7 dager siden

    Technically they are anti-sway bars but we just always say sway bar

  • jared rivera
    jared rivera 7 dager siden

    make more videos with Alberto learn about the amazing rotary engine 😃

  • Mr Chunk
    Mr Chunk 7 dager siden

    Is Adam still with Nicole ?

  • Faizan H
    Faizan H 7 dager siden

    Ye ye mobile 😂😂😂

  • Fire Ant
    Fire Ant 7 dager siden

    What's happening to Gabby needs finishing so bad

  • Gavin Garwood
    Gavin Garwood 7 dager siden

    Adam you and tanner fox should have a race your porsche vs tanner fox porsche

  • Oscar Pecanins
    Oscar Pecanins 7 dager siden

    18 hours and 15 minutes

  • Kevin Burton
    Kevin Burton 7 dager siden

    Shave the mustache off bro

  • Essvd 沈黙
    Essvd 沈黙 7 dager siden

    Did he just just a gt350 is twice as slow as his s13?😓

  • Essvd 沈黙
    Essvd 沈黙 7 dager siden

    18 hours

    BEAST GAMER HUSS 7 dager siden

    Lol the Australian news made a segment on ur Australia trip

    BEAST GAMER HUSS 7 dager siden


  • Cameron Skinner
    Cameron Skinner 7 dager siden

    Adam - "I had to use a 18mm socket to remove the end link*
    Me - *laughs in peterbilt* as I grab my 32mm 1 inch drive impact socket

  • Joona Paavilainen
    Joona Paavilainen 7 dager siden

    11:58 Evo 5 plans😏

  • Nicholas Mcnamee
    Nicholas Mcnamee 7 dager siden

    I want that cressida in the background

  • Hunter Moore
    Hunter Moore 7 dager siden

    Mexican hoon cartel v2??

  • Skyslimit86
    Skyslimit86 7 dager siden

    I don't even care about the value of investment portion of the car. I daily drive my gt350 and it's the most fun I've had in a car. It's hard to describe really. I've driven all the comparable cars. A 1le camero, m3 ect. Also driven dozens of other performance cars. But nothing feels like the gt350, it's just such a nice drivers car. Satisfying evey time.

  • Matteo Vigilante
    Matteo Vigilante 7 dager siden

    What’s happening with Nicole’s s13?

  • Ghassan Radwan
    Ghassan Radwan 7 dager siden

    2:59 alberto looks like a character from halo

  • junior3815
    junior3815 7 dager siden

    Of all things you didn't already have, a GREASE GUN wasn't one of them. I'm shook

  • Shadrach Sandi
    Shadrach Sandi 7 dager siden

    Wide monster?!!!!!!!

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams 7 dager siden

    Jimmy already leaked thew guest is him on his channel.

  • Daniel Wotton
    Daniel Wotton 7 dager siden

    Mr el-Zed, I am glad you are back in Mexico because if you kept up these shenanigans in Australia we would have set Tracey on you.

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green 7 dager siden

    Turn the gt350 into a drag car

  • kandcproductions1000
    kandcproductions1000 7 dager siden

    I love the mustang!

  • Humble Pie Garage
    Humble Pie Garage 7 dager siden

    like the grip vids. Doing the mods and then testing and seeing lap times is something actually measurable.

  • ThatRedGTR
    ThatRedGTR 7 dager siden

    special guest Jimmy inbound!

  • Sirmellowman
    Sirmellowman 7 dager siden +1

    dude you tripn bro that turn down one sounds fucking gnarly

  • Sirmellowman
    Sirmellowman 7 dager siden +1

    damn tommys car does sound good

  • João Tiago
    João Tiago 7 dager siden

    Do the best lap time that you can in the mustang then take the porsche to see the difference in the time and the drive

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill 7 dager siden

    That spool down and n Tommy's chaser sounds sick

  • George Dunkley
    George Dunkley 7 dager siden

    No way are you commuting every single day of the year

  • joel wallace
    joel wallace 7 dager siden

    Tommys 1jz sound fast and furious as

  • Davo Dinkum
    Davo Dinkum 7 dager siden

    Get yourself a set of Yokohama A050 unbelievable grip.

  • Emanuel Luna
    Emanuel Luna 7 dager siden


  • Stephen Buckley
    Stephen Buckley 7 dager siden

    Am I the only one that misses Nicole 😫😫

  • Brodie Rowe
    Brodie Rowe 7 dager siden


  • Marcus Svendsen
    Marcus Svendsen 7 dager siden

    Out of curiosity. Where’s Nicole?

  • cooper ashley
    cooper ashley 7 dager siden +1

    we need adam to watch this video, he made it on A Current Affair in australia and they stole his video without permission

  • 900Valtra
    900Valtra 7 dager siden

    If only Ford had ditched the Mustang and kept the Falcon and the Barra.

    BOATS N SHIT 7 dager siden

    Canberra for the wheels

  • Billy Blackout420
    Billy Blackout420 7 dager siden


  • nickdubsmoto
    nickdubsmoto 7 dager siden

    Anyone else see him running that stop sign. Lol

  • Marc
    Marc 7 dager siden

    Alberto with the Junkblockers lol

  • SweetPotato PH
    SweetPotato PH 7 dager siden

    Give me that 1j s13

  • J R
    J R 7 dager siden

    Can never go wrong with a turn down 🔥

  • King
    King 7 dager siden

    sorry nutsack, but more stoked on how tommys car pulled for a bit

  • F6 310
    F6 310 7 dager siden +2

    Imagine the hardest part of your life was traffic lights

  • Mr Bloom
    Mr Bloom 7 dager siden +2

    @11:48 American/German/Japanese all under one roof 👌 Now that’s a garage 💯

    • B.Roa 23
      B.Roa 23 7 dager siden

      Only thing missing is an italian car

  • JERALD vlogs
    JERALD vlogs 7 dager siden

    Yoww adam why do I often see your wife?

  • SS James polito
    SS James polito 7 dager siden

    Your a idiot in Australia

  • Miles Lewis
    Miles Lewis 7 dager siden

    killing the environment one cat delete at a time

  • Jeremy koste
    Jeremy koste 7 dager siden

    You should turn that purple car back to the front end it had, loved it Nicolas old car. Good vid.

  • pittbullife132
    pittbullife132 7 dager siden

    Hay adam how do u like being on the news in Australia lol you crazy

  • Bryan Roupe
    Bryan Roupe 7 dager siden

    Best car you own

  • The Motivation Family Review


  • CHESTRbeast
    CHESTRbeast 7 dager siden

    18.25 Hours , still a lot of time to waste at a light

  • Daniel Hubbard
    Daniel Hubbard 7 dager siden

    Gt350 question, I just bought one and its tramlining pretty tough. Is that common ? Any remedies?

    • Daniel Hubbard
      Daniel Hubbard 7 dager siden

      +Adam LZ I assume it's because the weather was cold/road was horribly uneven where I live/ I never drove a car with wide front tires so my spaghetti arms have to get used to it. Just making sure it isn't a defect because I bought it brand new with 38 miles

    • Daniel Hubbard
      Daniel Hubbard 7 dager siden

      +Adam LZ no remedies, or no it's not common?

    • Adam LZ
      Adam LZ  7 dager siden +1

      Unfortunately no :(

  • chris kary
    chris kary 7 dager siden

    I knew I saw a RX7 FC yesterday in the jx100 video but I sort of just ignored it because you’re Adam and only god knows what you do 😂

  • Otaku In Training
    Otaku In Training 7 dager siden

    Is it me or is something wrong with camera mic?? It sounds so muffled

  • Carter Bubp
    Carter Bubp 7 dager siden


  • Micheal Caboose
    Micheal Caboose 7 dager siden

    18.25 hours saved a every 365 days or one year

  • mos
    mos 7 dager siden

    you have to pay for more fuel though, since you're not sitting at idle.

  • Steven Z
    Steven Z 7 dager siden

    Special guest coming in is it Nichole ?

  • Alejandro Valdez
    Alejandro Valdez 7 dager siden

    What shoft knob is on that chaser??

  • Santiago Reynaldo
    Santiago Reynaldo 7 dager siden

    A BIGBOOST makes really nice cars 👌

  • WTF Weekly
    WTF Weekly 7 dager siden

    1:20 It's 18.25 hours adam

  • Bradyn Frontz
    Bradyn Frontz 7 dager siden

    It is 45.625 days

  • Kenny Man
    Kenny Man 7 dager siden

    Jimmy oaks issa coming 😉

  • Master T 655
    Master T 655 7 dager siden

    Don’t sell the mustang cause you sometimes need a little stang in you life with a little horse back riding