The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model


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  • Bald Brad
    Bald Brad 9 timer siden

    As lovely as it looks, I prefer the new V8 Vantage.

  • Queen Rogue
    Queen Rogue 9 timer siden

    Love all ur reviews... please review the Aston Martin Rapide-s

  • Jarrod Ottinger
    Jarrod Ottinger 13 timer siden

    THOSE TURBOS 20:19

  • Ignace Helsen
    Ignace Helsen 15 timer siden

    Don't forget your key though.

  • Zachary
    Zachary Dag siden

    Give me an LC500, LX570 and Tundra Trd Pro instead. And I’ll still have roughly $100k plus to enjoy. Nice car but just saying

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström Dag siden

    Also - soft close hood - when you need to open the hood as much as the doors ;)

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström Dag siden

    Those front fenders... That price... That predicted quality... Nope :P

  • TheZombieSpork
    TheZombieSpork Dag siden

    review the exorcist

  • Andre Morton
    Andre Morton Dag siden

    "The seatbelts with Alcantara will cost you $1,543"

  • JJ Right
    JJ Right Dag siden

    I love the design of the car

  • miguel mexa
    miguel mexa Dag siden

    Umbrella $295 usd

  • Alecte
    Alecte Dag siden

    I love watching car videos and having the subtitles on auto and when the car is revving it says its music. lol damn right its music

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 2 dager siden

    Still not as good as a Corvette ZR-1.

  • jacob suarez
    jacob suarez 2 dager siden

    WHATS IN THE BOX!?!?!!??!!!?!

  • sawfeat
    sawfeat 2 dager siden

    So the most important question is....did you ride the shotover jet boats in Queenstown? Spotted the t-shirt ;)

  • chrisjamesr77
    chrisjamesr77 2 dager siden

    OK, that has to be one of the best sounding exhaust notes I've ever heard.

  • Oh Teck Xuan
    Oh Teck Xuan 2 dager siden

    Start ups and revs should be in every review !!!

  • Justin
    Justin 2 dager siden

    Amazing review as always. But in my opinion, Astons are starting to look less like Astons with every next generation. They look like a melting pot of a few other cars rather than being unique. The DBS from about 8 or so years ago is way more elegant and beautiful than this.

  • Aitor Navarro
    Aitor Navarro 2 dager siden

    Idk why they build 2+2 seats on a sportscar smh....

  • Owl Tin
    Owl Tin 2 dager siden

    17:12 left hand

  • Jonathan Acosta
    Jonathan Acosta 2 dager siden

    I’m just here to read the “Doug the type of guy” comments.

  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann 2 dager siden

    9:20 This is going to be the next best thing. DBs is just showing what Phaeton, RS8, RR and Bentley can do. Bunch of losers.
    12:34 It amazes me that in you didn't check this since audio is next best thing in cars.

  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann 2 dager siden

    7:57 Just like the Corvette.

  • OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh

    my moms 2007 sienna has soft close rear doors

  • Mike Kenna
    Mike Kenna 3 dager siden

    Doug the reason there are thos wierd un-rounded numbers is a result of the difference between the British pound (where Aston's based) and the dollar.

  • Billy P
    Billy P 3 dager siden

    Saw this car today at Penske auto N Scottsdale private f'ing credible!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabrielius Zenkovas
    Gabrielius Zenkovas 3 dager siden

    Doug the type of guy to do a video while stuck in the back seats

  • Nate
    Nate 3 dager siden

    you said the name of the car like 7 times in the first 2 minutes ... oof

  • TuLokotron2010
    TuLokotron2010 3 dager siden

    Those side vents are goi kn g to get destroyed by rock chips ect on the interior from the tire. Cool looking but prob costly in the future.

  • AitchKa U
    AitchKa U 3 dager siden

    The intro is amazing

  • Ferrari Jake
    Ferrari Jake 3 dager siden

    Hey Doug. If you get the chance to review the new 2020 Ram 3500 Cummins then please do. It looks amazing and has 1000 lb-ft of torque!

  • Allen Stanford
    Allen Stanford 3 dager siden

    Amazing seats 😍

    SMN BOYO 3 dager siden

    Sounds like bmw's M40i engines lol no manufacturers can top off Lamborghini, Ferrari ,pagani when it comes to v12 sound

  • Leon Eisen
    Leon Eisen 4 dager siden

    looks like a dodge charger

  • Marin Toussaint
    Marin Toussaint 4 dager siden

    Europe loves you Doug! But PLEASE if you could convert your number in the metric system you'll be my personal god :)

  • Isaac Cohen
    Isaac Cohen 4 dager siden

    10 of these or a Chiron

  • Leigh Garfield
    Leigh Garfield 5 dager siden

    When Doug opened the Aston Martin bonnet, revealing Aston Martin, Made in England. Nice touch

  • Gerardo Torres
    Gerardo Torres 5 dager siden

    Hey Doug I love your videos but why not do a camera facing the dashboard and the road when you’re driving the cars? We know how your face looks and we want to see how the car features look while driving it. Also if you ever need a partner to do a version of your videos in Spanish please let me know

  • Brandon Luna
    Brandon Luna 5 dager siden

    Better than any Ferrari out right now . Totally worth it 🤤👍🏾

  • RabM1990
    RabM1990 5 dager siden

    Why does this dick always play on auto play as soon as my playlist is done!

  • Jordan Hewlett
    Jordan Hewlett 5 dager siden

    Sorry that infotainment screen looks like a 5 year old Samsung tablet wrapped in a lifeproof case....

    D4NNCHY 5 dager siden

    That is the worst interior I've ever seen on a $350k car. Period.

  • j jones
    j jones 5 dager siden +1

    The overall design similar to an American car that costs around $50k. No Thanks

    • Alex Edmon
      Alex Edmon 5 dager siden

      j jones you have brain damage

    • Velvet Walrus
      Velvet Walrus 5 dager siden

      I lost some brain cells reading this... first of all saying you are completely wrong is a massive understatement. It's an Aston... you're telling me you would rather look at a toy car looking camaro or mustang than a modern James Bond car...

  • Scott Warmbier
    Scott Warmbier 5 dager siden

    Interesting - my 2011 Ford Edge Sport had silver metallic leather too - I don't recall that I had to spend $5,000 for that option - I think it came with that trim level standard ;-) But then again it was no Aston Martin Superleggera neither....

  • 5 dager siden

    Doug, it seems like you score down every supercar's QUALITY based on "potential" long term reliability problems. Which car -with comparable performance- has no "potential" long term reliability problems?

    MICHGO1 5 dager siden


  • Manuel Munoz
    Manuel Munoz 5 dager siden

    Doug, witch is you favorite 812 or dbs?

  • Chadwicked B
    Chadwicked B 6 dager siden

    Doug the type of guy that has DOUGLAS on his license!.

  • mbill
    mbill 6 dager siden

    I used to work in the factory that made the centre console for this car.

  • Newbombed Turk
    Newbombed Turk 6 dager siden

    Doug’s the type of guy to tell you something is secret, then give away that secret.

  • Anthony Brancato
    Anthony Brancato 6 dager siden

    That interior...for an almost $400k hideous.

  • Thomas Oyarzun
    Thomas Oyarzun 6 dager siden

    The rims thooo😍😍😍😍

  • goodersxx
    goodersxx 6 dager siden

    In UK virtually every bonnet release is on the passenger side, I don’t think it’s worth complaining about

    AHMAD BIN MAHMOOD 6 dager siden

    V12 and exterior desing… this car doesnt worth 350k. Overpriced

  • morv 134
    morv 134 6 dager siden

    Umbrella 300$

    NFS2SE3HP4HS8U2 6 dager siden +15

    The glovebox would cost another extra $5380.

  • UR Gaming Assistant
    UR Gaming Assistant 6 dager siden


  • CsykKrit
    CsykKrit 6 dager siden

    To me these Aston's are a 100 year old man's idea of modern aesthetics.

  • Wallace McDonut
    Wallace McDonut 6 dager siden

    Love Doug but this Aston is a rip off. No Aston is worth that price. Waste of money. Front engined, no thanks. I prefer my supercars with the engine in the back, where it should be! Ugly too. DB11 is a much nicer looking car. Hand built in England by "Than Magena." Good old-fashioned English name....not.

  • Matt Wulster
    Matt Wulster 6 dager siden

    The leather on the passenger seat is starting to wear out already?? Or were the folds in the leather a $3000 option?

  • xxstaggerxx
    xxstaggerxx 6 dager siden

    Hi Doug, could you review a Lexus IS-F with the weird exhaust? Thanks!

  • Cardichon Christloudjy
    Cardichon Christloudjy 6 dager siden

    Review Bmw M340i 2019

  • Barry 5150
    Barry 5150 6 dager siden

    Doug probably gives the owners of the cars he reviews a certificate of authenticity that it has been reviewed by Doug DeMuro and also has the official Doug score certifying it for authenticity.

  • Barry 5150
    Barry 5150 6 dager siden

    You know a car is expensive when it is too expensive for Doug to buy.

  • *MC LICK*
    *MC LICK* 6 dager siden +1

    *You could by a faster Lamborghini with that money.*

    • *MC LICK*
      *MC LICK* 3 dager siden +1

      Pyro Z Since when did grade school teach about cars? *If you wanna be a smart ass be smart, otherwise your just ass.*

    • Pyro Z
      Pyro Z 3 dager siden

      *MC LICK* by? You’re saying near? Thanks for your attention to detail. Go back to grade school.

  • Ricardo Ortega
    Ricardo Ortega 7 dager siden

    Too late to the party but it sounds almost like my 330ci e46.

  • Tanner Merrill
    Tanner Merrill 7 dager siden

    Come on Doug, spend some more time editing.

  • wafflesnfalafel1
    wafflesnfalafel1 7 dager siden

    ok, those front flank vents are really cool...

  • Richard Hobo
    Richard Hobo 7 dager siden

    Cool T-shirt.

  • Ed Bowe Jr
    Ed Bowe Jr 7 dager siden

    Since when is Aston Martin an Italian company? Superleggera, really Aston Martin?!?

  • Jake Robitaille
    Jake Robitaille 7 dager siden

    Hey Doug, you should briefly review the quality of the sound systems on the cars you film.

  • The Chimera
    The Chimera 7 dager siden

    The Bentley has by far the better interior with decent performance at 250k, why does this thing cost 350k when the interior is the left overs of Mercedes?

  • Dan Druft
    Dan Druft 7 dager siden

    I wonder why the car cleaners put those horrible lines in the carpets with a vacuum cleaner, it looks shit.

  • AR_YoNk
    AR_YoNk 7 dager siden

    $150k too much.

  • Sander Zetterholm
    Sander Zetterholm 7 dager siden

    8 ON STYLING????

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 7 dager siden

    Whoever pays 350k for a car with a Mercedes motor and last gen Mercedes tech is an idiot. Aston Martin is junk. They make nothing exclusive or nothing extraordinary, they just are mediocre and using their brand from back in the day to put a price on things, same thing with Maserati.

  • Carlos P
    Carlos P 7 dager siden

    Well, at least after $350,000, Bond will no longer have to scroll down his window with a Volvo push button.

  • Silent But Dudley
    Silent But Dudley 7 dager siden

    Honestly you are better off getting the 2019 Vantage or the DB11. The interior doesn’t suit the exterior.

  • Silent But Dudley
    Silent But Dudley 7 dager siden

    Honestly why is the interior so dull? Also why doesn’t Mercedes give them the brand new electronic systems in the car? It’s supposed to be high quality luxury yet it gets hand me downs from Mercedes. Love the exterior but come on Aston Martin.

  • Neighborhood Car Reviews
    Neighborhood Car Reviews 7 dager siden

    I LOVE the Q-Bert seats!

  • KaiserVonKrieg
    KaiserVonKrieg 7 dager siden

    jesus new cars are hideous

  • wafflecougar
    wafflecougar 7 dager siden

    I actually like the rear bumper horns

  • Dommshock
    Dommshock 7 dager siden

    Hey Doug! Hello, how are you?
    Please take off the review on the new Ford Explorer!

  • DucksDeLucks
    DucksDeLucks 7 dager siden

    Disappointed: when he takes the car out on the road all we see is his talking face. As Leno realized people want to see that car at speed, the view of the road, etc. Who wants to watch the guy's mouth as he yacks away?

  • yurpaderp
    yurpaderp 7 dager siden

    Doug definitely cries after sex

  • bigc208
    bigc208 7 dager siden

    “Bumperettes” Only American safety regulations could force these ugly warts on the back of the car. Philistines!

  • Tahsin Nayeem
    Tahsin Nayeem 7 dager siden

    Waiting for new supra review

  • TaffPlays
    TaffPlays 7 dager siden

    That spec is perfect! Looks like a panda

  • Lycid Dreams
    Lycid Dreams 7 dager siden

    You should review the bmw m4 cs edition

  • HermanatorPC
    HermanatorPC 7 dager siden

    Whos excited for the BMW M8

  • HermanatorPC
    HermanatorPC 7 dager siden

    Is it rwd?

  • Oula Aikio
    Oula Aikio 7 dager siden

    Peugeot 508

  • onraj9mm
    onraj9mm 7 dager siden +1

    Doug the type of guy to say "bumperette"

  • Fresh Plus
    Fresh Plus 7 dager siden

    Two shirts Doug

  • timothy chung
    timothy chung 7 dager siden

    it looks very plain brand name or not.

  • Tyler Dunbar
    Tyler Dunbar 7 dager siden

    “715 horsepower. This puts it in the league of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari 812 Superfast” and the hellcat.

  • Mihajlo Mitrović
    Mihajlo Mitrović 7 dager siden

    A very nice and comprehensive review. The only thing, I have noticed the Doug score favors top of the line cars which is too subjective for such an evaluation. Practicality in this car is terrible yet it scores higher than the Subaru BRZ. I mean objectively, the V12 consumes much more fuel than a 4 cilinder engine, you never managed to access the back seats of the Superleggera and there is no glovebox, yet it still wins over the BRZ in that. Very very weird.

  • delo493
    delo493 7 dager siden

    Rather get the Wraith

  • Raven
    Raven 7 dager siden

    Umbrella - $295 usd..

    • Raven
      Raven 7 dager siden

      more dollars than sense.

  • Samson
    Samson 7 dager siden

    doug be like "bumperettes"