Fulham vs Manchester United 0-3 Post Match Discussion & Pogba interview

  • Publisert 9. feb.. 2019
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    PRINCE DOH FONCHAM 5 dager siden

    As a untd fan I hope this ole ole festival is tactical and long term and he is getting the right guys sign in for the future blc I don't want the Sarri situation happening here when everyone was saying. Sarrri sarri and now we see a disaster.

  • Simon Željko
    Simon Željko 5 dager siden

    It's remarkable to see just how much of an obstacle Mourinho was for this team. People always say: "No player is bigger than the club." But that goes at least twice for the manager. That these pundits are so protective of managers it's pathetic. Just look at how deluded these people are. Apparently, they believe the players played badly on purpose to sabotage the manager. Conspiracy theory level nonsense.

  • davy alves
    davy alves 5 dager siden

    Since Pogba stops with his fucking stupid Haircuts he's way better... Coincidence?

  • henriktre
    henriktre 6 dager siden

    you hear constant ole chants in the background of the interview

  • Alan Turnbull
    Alan Turnbull 6 dager siden

    Hey wanna be if only we could glory hunters yer still shite

  • Me
    Me 6 dager siden

    Schmeichel looks good for 55

  • Randy Carver
    Randy Carver 6 dager siden

    Schmeichel should be Manchester United’s Director of Football

  • p 28
    p 28 6 dager siden

    If Paul pogba wanted to pay the price and had a heart like Vieira or Keane he could be one of the greatest ever!
    His passing his ability to score. His skill.
    At times it's breathtaking.

    • p 28
      p 28 4 dager siden

      +ROLLING STONE totally agree.
      I'd take Roy Keane over Pogba.
      If I could have been a footballer....number 16.

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden

      Pogba could only dream of having Keanes football brain . Pogba's decision making is still very lacking at times . He still gives the ball away quite a lot . Even as good as Pogba has been . I would take him over Pogba every day of the weak. Unlike Pogba .Keanes defensive ability was near pefection and his attacking side of his game wasn't far off.
      Add to that Pogba can be neutralised . Keane was unstoppable. He was the complete midfielder.

  • Q S
    Q S 6 dager siden

    Have to get Vardy in for lukkaku
    Vardy would settle to be back up for Rashford. And also that would give greenwood to room to get into the team without over reliance on him if Rashford got injured.
    Plus Vardy doesn’t play internationally football , so would be crucial for those 12:30 games that take place just after a international football week

  • Newton Munene Kaibiria
    Newton Munene Kaibiria 6 dager siden +2

    Ole's decision to hand over the deputy captaincy to King Dave is great news for the club's massive fan base all over the world. He deserves it, owing to his recent performances that have shocked the world of football.

  • Newton Munene Kaibiria
    Newton Munene Kaibiria 6 dager siden +1

    Paul Pogba is playing the game of his life now, playing an integral part in our current top form. He will undoubtedly be a great great catalyst to our title challenge next season, in fact we are coming for no less than that then.

  • Newton Munene Kaibiria
    Newton Munene Kaibiria 6 dager siden +1

    Looking forward to the PSG game, no complacency at all. We have to keep working harder and harder. Hopefully we can get the business done in the first leg, a 2-0 victory will be good for us.

  • Abdinasir Mohamed
    Abdinasir Mohamed 6 dager siden +2

    Pogba is just out of this planet.

  • Olan Kenny
    Olan Kenny 6 dager siden

    De Gea squaring up to your man to ask why he didn't give him some shots to block

  • Terab Ali
    Terab Ali 6 dager siden

    Schmeichael hasnt aged!

  • Ivaylo Iontchev
    Ivaylo Iontchev 6 dager siden

    Is Mourinho watching? This is how it's done. No excuses, no drama. Now players are enjoying themselves. Good job Ole.

  • Abcdefghij 123456789
    Abcdefghij 123456789 6 dager siden

    One loss. Then fan start ole out. Hahahahaha. Seriously.

  • swan chatterjee
    swan chatterjee 6 dager siden

    One good cb and rb replacing young and a versatile midfielder next season and we will win the title

  • athay naga
    athay naga 6 dager siden

    he looks dangerous every time he is on the ball

  • Jammy Vlogs
    Jammy Vlogs 6 dager siden +1

    Anyone see abit of Thiery Henry in martials goal guys? Seriously stunning play!!

  • Smudger
    Smudger 6 dager siden

    Ole is at the wheel

  • Nathan Junior
    Nathan Junior 6 dager siden

    Ole’s at the wheel how good does it feel

  • Max Farah
    Max Farah 6 dager siden

    Peter Schimichael is aging backwards

  • Manchester United
    Manchester United 7 dager siden

    Sometimes I feel these Jose SUckboys FC are gooners in sheepcloth

  • dantelo88
    dantelo88 7 dager siden

    Dang Richard keys looks fat... Damn those Saudi's are paying him really good..

  • Kristin Buchanan
    Kristin Buchanan 7 dager siden

    "Has she been smashed yet" - if you know you know....

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 7 dager siden +1

    Anyone else feel like they have just been suddenly and unexpectedly rescued from a hostage situation. Special Maureen should be on trial for crimes against football.

  • taffelost
    taffelost 7 dager siden +1

    Schmeichel looking good. He's obviously taking care of himself. Good man.

  • abdi1983
    abdi1983 7 dager siden

    Imagine if we had ole from the start of season

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense 7 dager siden

    Uniterd's victories are about luck and not merit. Get a grip you fools !

  • Alexio El Guapo
    Alexio El Guapo 7 dager siden

    Your pic of Pogba os flattering but do you. Where is Makelele now lol?YNWA

  • Chuon Nath
    Chuon Nath 7 dager siden

    Hopefully United will stop Liverpool next match to open the tittfight wider

  • Hamidi MOHD LAJIS
    Hamidi MOHD LAJIS 7 dager siden +1

    10games 28 points..too good to be true

  • Sammy Conteh
    Sammy Conteh 7 dager siden +2

    United is back baby. Why didn’t he come in early, we could had been top by now

  • The Irish Romeo
    The Irish Romeo 7 dager siden

    Liverpool are gonna Win the Premiership ;)

  • Darryl Grannberry
    Darryl Grannberry 7 dager siden +2

    Can we just comment on how Pogba's English has improved!!!

  • Slap-u-silly
    Slap-u-silly 7 dager siden

    Ole is part of the DNA at united give him the job

  • Founeya Pogba
    Founeya Pogba 7 dager siden +1

    Pogba 🇬🇳🇬🇳🇫🇷🙌🙌🙌🙌🤝🤝🤜🤛🏽

  • Hamse Omar
    Hamse Omar 7 dager siden

    Arsenal the real banter club

  • Privy Gazide
    Privy Gazide 7 dager siden +2

    Ole gunnar Fegie......

  • juan altredo
    juan altredo 7 dager siden +10

    Pogba = best midfielder in the world, has the whole package to be the greatest midfielder ever, no midfielder Ive seen that can do so many things, technically superb, with endless creativity, power, stamina, passing range, long shots, insane that the portuguese fraud convinced some that it'd be the best for the club to sell him, imagine united with Mourinho in charge and without pogba!

    • juan altredo
      juan altredo Dag siden

      +ROLLING STONE Look, you mentioned a lot of great midfielders but none as complete as pogba. The defensive side of his game isnt on vieira or keane or busquets level, obviously, but hes quite competent and occasionally pretty good at that too, though his strongest point is attacking, galloping forward, shooting, passing, and scoring, hes the whole package. You pick any midfielder from that list and they'd have a couple of weak aspects in their game, no Pogba. Yes, defensively he could do better, but he can do quite well.

      BTW all of this is potential. I dont think hes quite reached that level yet, but he has more strings to his bow than anyone Ive ever watched. To me his potential is endless, and thats somehting Ive never felt of any midfielder, not even zidane or scholes, or pirlo or xavi or platini. The only one that comes close is juan sebastian veron who could do anything, but still would be a downgrade on the best Pogba.

      ROLLING STONE 4 dager siden

      Pogba's performance tonight makes a mockery of your claim . He was utterly raped by veratti in midfield. Veratti is the complete midfielder not Pogba you fool.
      Pogba was awful tonight . I told you when the game is going against him he disappears. He is Man Uniteds ozil . He looks a world beater against cannon fodder in the premier league but when he comes against a top team who knows how to deal with him his game falls aparts .
      I dare you to respond to me coward. Come on tell me again that Pogba is the most complete midfielder ever.

      ROLLING STONE 4 dager siden

      Your the simpleton .You called him the complete midfielder yet he needs to midfielders to cover his ass . Please explain how Pogba is the complete midifelder when he needs two midfielders to do his donkey work instead of resorting to petty insults.

    • juan altredo
      juan altredo 4 dager siden

      +ROLLING STONE it's "you're" you utter simpleton.

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden

      The best midfielder of all time who need two minders beside him because he is such a liability when his team don't have the ball . Your an absolute idiot.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 7 dager siden +3

    How good does Schmeichael look for 55? Looks like he could still be playing....

    • JiKayBreezy
      JiKayBreezy 6 dager siden

      Jim Bob need to sign his son as a backup to de gea

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 7 dager siden

    Hate to say this but Man United are in well form and Unstoppable lately...

    • Hi Hello
      Hi Hello 4 dager siden

      ROLLING STONE Yeap finally 😂

      ROLLING STONE 4 dager siden

      Well they were stopped tonight.

      ROLLING STONE 4 dager siden

      +Lance Salmon Carragher was right we saw the real Pogba tonight . PSG got tight and he couldn't handle it . Got himself set off . He is man united's ozil. Disappears in big games

    • Lance Salmon
      Lance Salmon 4 dager siden

      ROLLING STONE Jamie Carragher is an ex player and thought we wouldn’t see a different pogba even if Jose was sacked. Paul Ince legitimately thinks he could’ve done what Ole has done. Clearly these pundits aren’t the brightest lol

    • Lance Salmon
      Lance Salmon 4 dager siden

      ROLLING STONE remember last time he played city when he scored two goals. Also do u remember when Kanté came off after like 55 minutes in the wc final and pogba still scored and won motm ? What did he do against Tottenham that made him a liability ? Bar one chance every thing they created was off created was off crosses. Was he a liability when we allowed arsenal to have possession the whole game in the FA cup and still scored 3 goals as he ran the midfield ?

  • Michael Onyeka
    Michael Onyeka 7 dager siden +3

    Ole is doing credibly Ole. Well done coach

  • shaolinWOLF36
    shaolinWOLF36 7 dager siden +7

    The PL is lucky we started so bad this season. You guys better be ready next year

  • Glenn
    Glenn 7 dager siden +5

    Best signing of the season OLE.. PERIOD ;-)

  • Finza Soebiakto
    Finza Soebiakto 7 dager siden

    Fuck top 4, we want our top spot back !

  • Ryan
    Ryan 7 dager siden +3

    Haha can hear the potato tongue of Schmeichel coming out when saying Ole Gunnar

  • shaun young
    shaun young 7 dager siden

    Lukaku is so shit. I have watched the match twice now and my son and I laugh at how shit he is. Hopefully Ole gets the job and we get a DOF and ship Lucrapoo out. Another massive loss in transfer money again but massive point advance difference without him. Sorry Rom but you should play in a wheel chair you would move quicker and more purposeful

  • Graham Allen
    Graham Allen 7 dager siden +5

    Lukaku , sorry it’s time for you to go. Today you just did not try and we were only playing with 10 men for the whole match. Looks like he is working his ticket to get moved out of the club.

    • TRAV IZ
      TRAV IZ 7 dager siden +1

      Hope he does but doubt it if we're offering even Phil Jones another contract its ever no goals with lukaku or own goals with Jones

  • John Davies
    John Davies 7 dager siden +10

    Mourinho said top four was possible and everybody laughed. He was right. still a great manager.

    • John Davies
      John Davies 6 dager siden +1

      +Horse Racing adviser he had the vision. can you not understand that? only top 5 in the world would have seen that.

    • Horse Racing adviser
      Horse Racing adviser 6 dager siden +1

      +John Davies so what saying we would be there now with him lpl

    • John Davies
      John Davies 6 dager siden +1

      +Horse Racing adviser he's still the best. how many others would have had that foresight?

    • Horse Racing adviser
      Horse Racing adviser 6 dager siden

      With mourino be still in 6th or 7th what on about

    • Sean Wilkie
      Sean Wilkie 6 dager siden


  • Pro Instincts
    Pro Instincts 7 dager siden +6

    We're winning the champions league lads!

  • Aftab Bashir
    Aftab Bashir 7 dager siden +8

    Imagine if Ed listened to Mourinho and sold both Martial and Pogba, and he bought in Willian and Perisic. Gets me more and more angry.
    ALOT of the United fanbase got duped by Mourinho and were questioning wether to keep Pogba! Think they owe the man a apology

  • Stourport tropics
    Stourport tropics 7 dager siden +6

    Lukaku is not good enough

    • Manny 97
      Manny 97 7 dager siden +1

      Sadly. We need a new back up striker. He doesn't fit the system.

  • Robi Parvez
    Robi Parvez 7 dager siden +3

    where's scholes now?

    • Baron Death
      Baron Death 6 dager siden

      Scholes praised him like 2 weeks ago actually. And that he hated critising him but did it because he knew what Pogba was capable of. But he didn't like it that Pogba lost respect for Mourinho (according to Scholes)

  • Omogiate Ruth
    Omogiate Ruth 7 dager siden +1

    United we stand

  • Three lions on our shirt
    Three lions on our shirt 7 dager siden +4

    And the red keep marching on...See where we are at the end of season Im sure we will be top 3

  • Kili Fischkopp
    Kili Fischkopp 7 dager siden +7

    Why does Peter Schmeichel about the age of his son? He looks like he's in his 20s or early 30s :o

  • Abdalla Rashid
    Abdalla Rashid 7 dager siden +2

    Good job Ole

  • Bo_Hazem
    Bo_Hazem 7 dager siden +3

    Time to try to push as high as possible, with a miracle for the title!

  • Graham Chindah
    Graham Chindah 7 dager siden +3

    United! Man united! We are on our to Wembley!! 💪

  • joe Boner
    joe Boner 7 dager siden

    Utd still suck people

  • Zounnouraine BAH
    Zounnouraine BAH 7 dager siden +68

    Pogba is The Most Productive Midfielder in Europe

    • Zounnouraine BAH
      Zounnouraine BAH 4 dager siden +1

      +ROLLING STONE Hey Rolling i can see u really hate Pogba & Man United😂
      Please can u tell me which Country u're from?

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden +1

      +Zounnouraine BAH Because he has played well for the past ten games against cannon fodder in the premier league.

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden

      +Zounnouraine BAH He still has big defensive defficienes in his game . Its interesting that all of his man of the match awards have come against piss poor teams such Fulham and Bournemouth instead of Tottenham and Arsenal . I don't think he was great in those 2 games .
      He is talented alright . But idiots who say he is a black zidane are way overrating . He doesn't have the intelligence or know how to piss on the really great teams like Zidane does .

    • Zounnouraine BAH
      Zounnouraine BAH 5 dager siden +1

      +ROLLING STONE Bro maybe it's only u that didn't confirm him yet but Pogba has confirmed his talent & world class Player since he was playing for Juventus....Talking about him in ManU so he just needed the right coach to bring all his best out...
      Once again Pogba is one of the top 3 Players in Europe.

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden +1

      +Zounnouraine BAH Have you not seen enough of Pogba to realise that if you get really tight on him you can force him in to doing some stupid shit .The flaws that Pogba had in his game haven't gone away its only that they aren't as evident because United have only been playing piss poor teams that they haven't been show up .
      Pogba disappered aganst Tottenham in the second half and allowed his team to be overrun . He was largely anonymous against Arsenal aswell . He looks like a world beater against Bournemouth and Fulham but he has yet to do it in the big games.

  • Shane Broderick
    Shane Broderick 7 dager siden +64

    Dickhead pundits think it's all down to Ole smiling all the time.... He's tactically spot on.... Wankers

  • Lebohang Makgetha
    Lebohang Makgetha 7 dager siden +16

    "Left foot, it's not my best foot"
    He scored a goal in the world cup final with it.

  • Razzaa Shand
    Razzaa Shand 7 dager siden +7

    Put him on the pitch an hes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, you put him on the bench an he's Ole Gunnar StillScore.

  • Ian From Liverpool
    Ian From Liverpool 7 dager siden

    Shite team. Stopped playing for Jose, gang of cunts

  • Shalto Loki
    Shalto Loki 7 dager siden +6

    Give the man the job.... #olegunnar

  • refi rafee
    refi rafee 7 dager siden +8

    mourinho did not believed in pogba that was the problem of manutd.... that's proved now ....

    • refi rafee
      refi rafee 7 dager siden +1

      i don't like mourinho as a manager because of his ego n bus tactics..

  • Goerge Mhalla
    Goerge Mhalla 7 dager siden +2

    I won't believe !!!! Top four!!!??? Man u!!, two mouths ago I was an happy due to man u, BT now, I can breathe.

  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott 7 dager siden +1

    Andy Grey is a twat!

  • Lil Snoop
    Lil Snoop 7 dager siden +1

    These motherfuckers always hating

  • nicholas99ful
    nicholas99ful 7 dager siden +7

    All i have to say is give him the manger job OLE is the man..

  • shaju fernandez
    shaju fernandez 7 dager siden +1

    Still the boss.....hahaha

  • Craig
    Craig 7 dager siden +20

    bloody hell, Peter Schmeichel looks younger now than he did when he played. The big dane's supposed to be in his 50's, I think he's gone back over :)

    • Craig
      Craig 5 dager siden

      @Badge Man, it's Schmeichel senior knobhead.

    • Stephen Mooney
      Stephen Mooney 6 dager siden

      Craig Great keeper - Awful pundit

    • Badge Man
      Badge Man 6 dager siden

      Because that's Casper Schmeichel idiot.

    • Matt hew
      Matt hew 7 dager siden +2

      Craig he’s like a fine wine 😂

    • Thabane Ntshangase
      Thabane Ntshangase 7 dager siden

      Benjamin Button

  • Justmangojuice
    Justmangojuice 7 dager siden +105

    Where is Graeme sourness? He usually loves talking about Pogba

      ROLLING STONE 5 dager siden

      Don't worry I am sure Souness will come out of the woodwork once Pogba's form nosedives against Liverpool and City .
      Pogba is not the black Zidane that idiot United fans claim him to be . If an experienced player like Milner or Fernadinho gets really tight on him they force in to doing some really stupid shit

    • Tootzy Toot
      Tootzy Toot 7 dager siden +2

      He has nothing to say, I think he shouldn't be here.

    • official ManOfHisDreams
      official ManOfHisDreams 7 dager siden +4

      Justmangojuice he's been sacked along side MOURINHO 😂😂😂😂

    • Sambhu Singh
      Sambhu Singh 7 dager siden +5

      He is eating sour dough

    • 57uff 57uff
      57uff 57uff 7 dager siden +7

      Justmangojuice not seen him around lately. Rather odd!

  • iChiefx 10
    iChiefx 10 7 dager siden +126

    If u a real man United fan, lemme see u hit the like.👍

  • TakerKaneanite619
    TakerKaneanite619 7 dager siden +6

    7:00-7:20 Really tells quite the story

  • Man U Pastor
    Man U Pastor 7 dager siden +10


  • Nemanja Djordjevic
    Nemanja Djordjevic 7 dager siden +3

    When Fulham is relegated we should get Mitrovic to be sub for Rashford, for around 30mil, sell Lukaku. Greenwood also there.
    Get a RW like Griezmann or Mbappe, sell Alexis, invest whole summer budget, 150-200mil.
    Considering we are keeping Jones, Young, Valencia, Dalot getting game time, Fosu-Mensah coming in, Tuanzebe maybe, we will not sign a CB or WB. Or we might get Alderweireld for 25mil only that's it.
    We might sell Rojo Darmian, I think Fred must move on get something for him while we can, and get a proper midfielder like Eriksen. I think we are set to go to next season.
    Young Alderweireld Lindelof Shaw
    Eriksen Matic Pogba
    Griezmann Rashford Martial
    Valencia Smalling Bailly Dalot
    Fosu-Mensah Pereira Herrera
    Lingard Mitrovic Mata
    +Chong Gomes Greenwood McTominay Tuanzebe

    • Nemanja Djordjevic
      Nemanja Djordjevic 6 dager siden

      +A Lonely Potato it seems that only you are thinking too much here and not really enjoying. Or really not interested in the club it seems. Because of such mental lazy pot-smoking people lost in their mind this club was almost destroyed.

    • A Lonely Potato
      A Lonely Potato 6 dager siden

      +Nemanja Djordjevic its not wrong to think about what is good for the club but just don't think too hard my friend....people like us just keep supporting our club and enjoy the beautiful game.. if we think too hard on how to improve our club and when things doesn't go our way like we wanted... it will create hatred towards our club... this is how plastic fans comes to be...

    • Nemanja Djordjevic
      Nemanja Djordjevic 6 dager siden

      +A Lonely Potato well i enjoy seeing our club improving. That is why I think about how we can do it

    • A Lonely Potato
      A Lonely Potato 7 dager siden

      +Nemanja Djordjevic the way u talk is like u understand everything thats going on in the management of united... thats why you're not a manager my friend... just leave the job to pro's.. people like us just sit back and enjoy

    • Nemanja Djordjevic
      Nemanja Djordjevic 7 dager siden

      I've seen it being done in past. We should do business like before. Bring a star player in like Mbappe or Griezmann, proper CM maybe Milivojevic from Palace? Mitrovic from relegated Fulham. And a CB De Ligt or Alderweireld. I think this is doable.
      Sanchez must go must go, don't care where or how, we should terminate his contract.
      Lukaku can stay one more season no issue. Rojo Darmian I think are set to leave anyhow. Pereira also sadly will be free. Fred could be as well sold, because there were a lot of interest for him, no problem.
      I think it's realistic. Bring in 3 easy signings and 1 star signing, start working on it now. And sell Sanchez Fred and 2 deadwood players.
      I am happy with that.
      If we need to wait for next winter to sell Fred and bring in CM so be it. Herrera is pretty good at the moment.
      We will still play Young Valencia FosuMensah Dalot so no need for more WBs now. 3-4 players are a must!

  • Kevel Patel
    Kevel Patel 7 dager siden +7

    Good performance from the boys United till I die😝

  • Emmy Co5000
    Emmy Co5000 7 dager siden +3

    Go go boys united we stand

  • Samuel Mpaka
    Samuel Mpaka 7 dager siden +10

    Loose or win Man United is loved all over the than any other club in the world!😍😍 thank you Ole for ruining JM career...

    • Punzi
      Punzi 7 dager siden

      Loose or lose?

  • kalunda
    kalunda 7 dager siden +24

    Souness where u at.

      ROLLING STONE 4 dager siden

      He is watching Pogba getting raped in midfield by Veratti.

  • Werner Telivuo
    Werner Telivuo 7 dager siden +24

    "I just focus on trying to put the goal inside the goal" - Paul Pogba

    • Melvin de gret
      Melvin de gret 7 dager siden

      he said ball

    • Mr 5
      Mr 5 7 dager siden +10

      Actually he did say ball. I suggest cleaning your ears out.

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant 7 dager siden


  • Siam
    Siam 7 dager siden +35

    11 goals!!! Pogba is the boss!

  • Tomas Vaicius
    Tomas Vaicius 7 dager siden +52

    you can hear fans singing ole's at wheal in the background. great

  • adamaze
    adamaze 7 dager siden +10

    andy gray please be the English commentator for PES 2020

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 7 dager siden +69

    The frustrating thing is ...imagine where we'd be if we'd have started the season with ole...instead of wasting half the season, hanging on to a manager that was plainly never going to work...and should have gone after the Seville disaster of last season.

    • Your nalgas are Mine
      Your nalgas are Mine 3 dager siden

      Firdaus Sani you’re an idiot I hope that PSG game made you realize I was right

    • Your nalgas are Mine
      Your nalgas are Mine 3 dager siden

      Neem Noa idiot I told you so

    • Your nalgas are Mine
      Your nalgas are Mine 3 dager siden

      Dizzyzs hey retard I just came back to say I told you so we got embarrassed by PSG what do you have to say now idiot keep listening to the bias analysis of these pundits

    • isou
      isou 4 dager siden

      Will that is thanks to ed woodward

    • Vincent Vries
      Vincent Vries 6 dager siden

      @Chris Evans. WTF do u mean Sevilla disaster? I still don't understand how people are acting like Sevilla is a weak little team that Man Utd should have easily taken care of. Sevilla have beaten Real Madrid Barca and Atletico Madrid many times and none of their fans called it a disaster.

  • Big D
    Big D 7 dager siden +8

    And Oles men go marching on on on!!!😆💪😈⚫⚪🔴

  • Hitesh Gaur
    Hitesh Gaur 7 dager siden +4

    Pogba is still unprofessional player, no matter what he wins or have won.

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 7 dager siden +69

    Counting on united to beat Liverpool at Old Trafford 🙌🙌

    • Jacob Black
      Jacob Black 6 dager siden

      +Sous Chef I don't mind Tottenham wining but not Liverpool 😡😡

    • Sous Chef
      Sous Chef 6 dager siden

      You can count on us. I'll rather City win the title.

    • Smudger
      Smudger 6 dager siden +1

      Makaveli The Don bottlejob FC are faltering

    • TRAV IZ
      TRAV IZ 7 dager siden

      +Makaveli The Don stfu we lost 3-1 and all of your goals were shitty deflections. Well see anyways m8 calling it 4-0 to unitef

    • Scott Pepper
      Scott Pepper 7 dager siden

      +Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully fucking love this comment, like you say smashing the skip rat cunt's will be fucking class,I couldn't give a toss about psg.

  • Jeho Yu
    Jeho Yu 7 dager siden +5


  • DingaPotamuss 1
    DingaPotamuss 1 7 dager siden +96

    The way theses pundits go on you’d think Ole has to spin straw into Gold to get the job. The first game he loses everyone will be like “there you go, he’s not good enough he lost a game”.

    • DingaPotamuss 1
      DingaPotamuss 1 5 dager siden

      Vincent Vries he took a club and broke the deadlock on titles by winning with Molde like SAF did with Aberdeen. Molde has never won the title until then. It’s not the premier league but it’s relative to what Leicester did. He had over a decade of watching SAF control a dressing room and he managed Pogba in the reserves. Don’t underestimate his ruthless streak, many clubs did and they paid for it.

    • Vincent Vries
      Vincent Vries 6 dager siden

      It's not that he's good enough. Now they are winning and all is good but what happens when they are not winning consecutive games or when players morale is low or if/when Pogba influences the locker room against the manager, how would he handle it? It's not like he's that much experienced and can handle all the pressure that comes with managing a big club.

    • Varun Gurjar
      Varun Gurjar 6 dager siden +3

      Exactly...everyone is waiting for ole to loose just one match.

    • olebarca99
      olebarca99 7 dager siden +14

      Yeah you can see the narrative if we lose to psg or Chelsea , but I couldn't give a shit, the most important thing is he has given back the clubs identity, he gets the club, I have had enough of outsiders with their relentless negativity, give him the job, he deserves it

    • The Busby Babes
      The Busby Babes 7 dager siden

      DingaPotamuss 1 ole is unbeaten for 22 games now

  • Arjun Saha
    Arjun Saha 7 dager siden +84

    United go to top 3
    Thanks ole 👏👏👍✌️💱

    • Arjun Saha
      Arjun Saha 5 dager siden +1

      +JiKayBreezy 👍👍👏💱

    • JiKayBreezy
      JiKayBreezy 6 dager siden +1

      Moody Ali Liverpool are not beating united 😂😂🤦‍♀️ not with the form there in and the fact that lukaku and Sanchez coming off the bench in games like that ....martial....rashford and pogba are all inform

    • Arjun Saha
      Arjun Saha 6 dager siden +1

      +Moody Ali Liverpool 2
      PSG 8 👍👏👏👏👏

    • Arjun Saha
      Arjun Saha 6 dager siden +1

      +Red Sleyz😁😁 you are
      Arsenal 🤹👏👏😁

    • Red Sleyz
      Red Sleyz 6 dager siden +1

      I am Juventus and I say don't underestimate United they will beat both Liverpool and Psg

  • Hipster B
    Hipster B 7 dager siden +32

    This analysis is awful. Compare it with Sky Sports PL and there's no competition.

  • vincent mwahu
    vincent mwahu 7 dager siden

    Hate it when they blurr some parts it's fucking irritating better now post it

  • Billy Wright
    Billy Wright 7 dager siden +9

    Oles at the wheel

  • C Bourke
    C Bourke 7 dager siden +5

    My screen blanks at 11:53 wtf 😤