Grandayy's Meme Awards 2018


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  • VoiceoverPete
    VoiceoverPete 18 dager siden +98062

    Well worth the wait! I’m so excited! This marks a historic event by a history maker.

  • M JJ
    M JJ 2 timer siden

    This is awesome

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie 3 timer siden

    Very epic

  • Daniel McNeary
    Daniel McNeary 3 timer siden

    this video is boring as hell

  • beanboyo
    beanboyo 4 timer siden

    Big Chungus was ROBBED

  • Vortex Sniping
    Vortex Sniping 4 timer siden +1

    0:33 yeah, "talent"

  • Killin
    Killin 4 timer siden

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that doesn't wear pants

  • AnidiotonYT
    AnidiotonYT 6 timer siden

    I enjoyed 2018 the year of memes

  • Thanos
    Thanos 7 timer siden +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Zote the mighty
    Zote the mighty 8 timer siden

    This is better than oscars.

  • Nacho
    Nacho 11 timer siden

    Big Chungus is one of the worst memes of 2018, yes i said it.

  • biygas
    biygas 12 timer siden

    How did steamed hams not win

  • Jonatan Kleven
    Jonatan Kleven 12 timer siden +1

    Im infected oh yeah yeah

  • 偉陳
    偉陳 13 timer siden


  • KGB
    KGB 14 timer siden

    Probably better than the oscars.

  • Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

    There is an easter egg here 5:46

  • Miles Lacki
    Miles Lacki 16 timer siden +1

    The last one wasn't so epic.

  • Jmoney 1000
    Jmoney 1000 19 timer siden

    Big chungus is a 2019 meme

  • Stephen Sanchez
    Stephen Sanchez 21 time siden

    I had spaghetti and lasagna for lunch and dinner

  • GTA V Missions
    GTA V Missions 22 timer siden


  • a random internet guy

    screw oscars
    this is better

  • Aidan Cavosie
    Aidan Cavosie Dag siden

    Undertale is for the kids with the scooter syndrome

  • ZackShark
    ZackShark Dag siden

    All it took was a journey through the witch savanna and a little t-series to to flex seal the victory....

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Dag siden

    Fake dolan is the best memer

  • Santiago Laveihle
    Santiago Laveihle Dag siden

    Nice meme

  • KamonXV
    KamonXV Dag siden

    RIP Stefan Karl

  • dragonball slayer326

    Okay this is epic

  • The Annoying Silver

    I havent used my tv for about 5 months no joke

  • I'm not creative with names

    You know the music category is tough when you see crab rave in 4th

  • lugia laku
    lugia laku Dag siden

    No despacito 2???

  • I avoid seafood
    I avoid seafood Dag siden +1

    Hey grande
    Not grand yay yay yay

  • Eli Gauntt
    Eli Gauntt Dag siden

    stolen from pewdiepie

    ALFA BOY Dag siden

    11:10 THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE!!!!

  • KTM Trooper
    KTM Trooper Dag siden +2

    Ugandan Knuckles didnt win im so done
    Ugandan Knuckles for 2019

  • peggymae1
    peggymae1 Dag siden +1

    Were is trump?

  • peggymae1
    peggymae1 Dag siden +1

    Justin Y. Is a monkey

  • John Zack
    John Zack Dag siden

    That guy is Remainings channel trailer host

  • Tanner Compton
    Tanner Compton Dag siden

    Sony. *Ping* ("Xbox")

  • Justin100
    Justin100 Dag siden +1


    Oh yeah yeah!

  • DJdanteMusic
    DJdanteMusic Dag siden

    Ugandan knuckles shouldve won...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noisestorm
    Noisestorm Dag siden +122

    When the first award you win in your musical career is best meme animal 🦀

  • Slew
    Slew Dag siden

    it was actually very fucking hard to choose

  • Ventana Oculta
    Ventana Oculta Dag siden

    bro this guy is a genius HAHAHAHA

  • Smallie Biggs
    Smallie Biggs Dag siden

    And them Oscar committee still lookin' for a good host....

  • Angel Woodings
    Angel Woodings Dag siden

    13:37 seconds long

  • mauzzy
    mauzzy Dag siden


  • DawnBreaker
    DawnBreaker Dag siden

    Grandayy is PJ CONFIRMED

  • Matt McCree
    Matt McCree 2 dager siden

    8:03 you’re*

  • Salty Fries 47
    Salty Fries 47 2 dager siden


  • Salty Fries 47
    Salty Fries 47 2 dager siden

    5:11 I was wearing AirPods lel

  • Weird Gamer
    Weird Gamer 2 dager siden


  • Ian McCrafty
    Ian McCrafty 2 dager siden

    Sorry know how you fell about singing hit or miss😔

    Back off article 13

    SANS THE SKELETON SANS 2 dager siden

    Yeah i know im awesome im best nigga okay this is epic

    PLVS VLTRA 2 dager siden

    why megalovania is there ?

  • ThatDogGamer 437
    ThatDogGamer 437 2 dager siden

    I was drinking water as mark zucc popped up...

    JENNA THOMAS 2 dager siden

    my boy sans just won!!! im so proud ❤❤❤

  • Vincent Dumont
    Vincent Dumont 2 dager siden

    sad ali-a didn't made it

  • ZingerFlame
    ZingerFlame 2 dager siden

    this is 13:37 long...

  • Film
    Film 2 dager siden


  • Khushi Thakkar
    Khushi Thakkar 2 dager siden

    Guess Dolan is better

  • menkiboj
    menkiboj 2 dager siden

    7:16 the reaction when you win the meme awards

  • Franzbrot
    Franzbrot 2 dager siden

    i could watch this 3 hours long

  • Sparky
    Sparky 2 dager siden

    I gawt a forknife ad

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 2 dager siden

    This election was rigged crab race was best song

  • Crispy
    Crispy 2 dager siden

    Oof to Savage Patrick meme

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 dager siden


  • Chocat X Stencchi
    Chocat X Stencchi 3 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Just Another Commenter
    Just Another Commenter 3 dager siden

    Now we just gotta wait for the memeys

  • MightyTreze
    MightyTreze 3 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah!

  • Ture H
    Ture H 3 dager siden

    13:37 1337 lol

  • AnTus44
    AnTus44 3 dager siden +1

    the video is exactly 13:37

  • 100,000 subs no videos?
    100,000 subs no videos? 3 dager siden +1


  • Bone Saw
    Bone Saw 3 dager siden

    Chungus was 2019 this is an outrage

  • Galactic Octopus
    Galactic Octopus 3 dager siden

    VoiceoverPete might not have won the gold, but he won are hearts. For he was the hero we never knew we needed

  • Weegee _Became_A_Noodle
    Weegee _Became_A_Noodle 3 dager siden

    5:25 i vote this for all nomines

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • gideon nelson
    gideon nelson 3 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sam Zheng
    Sam Zheng 3 dager siden

    RIP Stefan. Forever Number One.

  • YourDunkleSans
    YourDunkleSans 3 dager siden

    where's the letter memes
    where's the animemes (for all you weebs out there)
    idk if there's more...

  • UltraCalebFTW // TheGreatCG

    My votes:
    Most Epic Gamer Meme: Sans Undertale
    Best Meme Animal: Crab Rave
    Best Text Meme: "This is so sad, Alexa play despacito."
    Best Meme Song (not on Top 5 list): This Is America
    Best Cartoon/Animation Meme: Suprised Pikachu
    Best Thanos Meme: Disintegration
    Best NO-clipr Meme: PewDiePie VS T-Series
    Best Meme Personality: Phil Swift
    Dankest Meme Lord: FlyingKitty

  • Rachel Tempalski
    Rachel Tempalski 3 dager siden +1

    Ahhh that’s hot
    That’s hot

  • тσкуσ gнσυl
    тσкуσ gнσυl 3 dager siden +3

    *_that's how Mafia Works_*

  • ZRC
    ZRC 4 dager siden

    Rise up, Big Chungus

  • Bob dabiuld
    Bob dabiuld 4 dager siden

    Every subscriber watched this video

  • _Dieter
    _Dieter 4 dager siden

    This is some good stuffs

  • Phailox
    Phailox 4 dager siden

    why wouldnt thanos just be in the animated meme section?
    I mean hes animated, and a meme on his own more than anything.
    either way thanks for this years meme awards, see ya next year grandaddy

  • Ozybeastias
    Ozybeastias 4 dager siden

    How is Bongo Cat NOT nominated for Best Cartoon Meme?!

  • Chief Puff Daddy
    Chief Puff Daddy 4 dager siden

    Ok, this was epic

  • Danger - RobloxYT
    Danger - RobloxYT 4 dager siden


  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 4 dager siden

    I'm so glad Voice over Pete joined for this

  • Jose ROSTON
    Jose ROSTON 4 dager siden

    Were is flying kitty?!! Were is his comment??

  • jinx k_14
    jinx k_14 4 dager siden

    Ngl but we all know that the so guys we did it meme is number one NO-clip meme in everyone's hearts 😂

  • Kai The lizard
    Kai The lizard 4 dager siden

    They should put this on live tv

  • Triple Gamer
    Triple Gamer 4 dager siden +21

    Lets all be quiet for a minute and realise Ugandan Knuckles didn't win anything
    You are always victorious in our eyes Ugandan Knuckles

  • AiNoMijo XD
    AiNoMijo XD 4 dager siden

    If i remember well, obama was watching the nominees right?
    3:02 maybe obama will not like this

  • isaac Fitzplayz
    isaac Fitzplayz 4 dager siden

    there better be a best meme template award in the next one!

  • _Derpo_
    _Derpo_ 4 dager siden

    uganda knuckles :c

  • 2by4 productions
    2by4 productions 4 dager siden

    Where is the glubglogabulab?

  • Bird the Bear
    Bird the Bear 4 dager siden

    Voice over Pete is amazing in this