Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Publisert 10. jan.. 2019
  • Back on the job. Back in the fight.
    Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on Netflix January 18.
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    Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Kommentarer • 12 392

  • phearmetoo
    phearmetoo 2 timer siden

    alice in chains! nice!

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Dag siden

    Season 2 will make you say damn that was brutally awesome but it will also make you roll your eyes by the stupidity and cheesiness of some scenes. the very last scene of Castle just massacring dem bad actors was cringely laughable. Still it sucks that it got cancelled but nothing to get upset about.

  • Ryan Berki
    Ryan Berki 2 dager siden

    You goin renew the punisher tf netflix that's the only reason I got netflix is to watch the punisher

  • Haithem Fadhlaoui
    Haithem Fadhlaoui 3 dager siden

    This actor deserves more movies as a main character,he s done a nice work in fury grudge match and the wolf of wall street

  • Ozthewizard 1
    Ozthewizard 1 4 dager siden

    Wait... THATS WOULD? AIC

  • A G
    A G 4 dager siden

    Rick killed you Shane!

  • Chris Vaccaro
    Chris Vaccaro 4 dager siden

    1:34 'im not the one who dies... im the one who does the killing'... are you seriously going to put that cheap, second-rate Breaking Bad line in you show? not wathing it just for that.

  • Charlie lopez
    Charlie lopez 4 dager siden

    I don't give a Dam what people say the real punisher is dolph lundgren not this guy.............

  • sammy
    sammy 4 dager siden

    walking dead traitor

  • Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης

    I was here for the TWD comments.

  • Serra Sea
    Serra Sea 5 dager siden

    The greatest of all . Wish netflix hadn't canceled it. And John... He is something else.

  • Jordan Cruse
    Jordan Cruse 6 dager siden

    Very misleading trailer. A team up with John Pilgrim aka The Mennonite and Jigsaw, to go after Castle, would have been icing on the cake and a bit more satisfying.

  • zkxnkj
    zkxnkj 7 dager siden

    bangin song

  • Head sh0t
    Head sh0t 8 dager siden +3

    We need punisher season 3

    4K SUA BIXA 8 dager siden

    back , the punisher is the best of NetFlix ! BACK PLEASE! I LOVE THE PUNISHER BRO!!!

  • Fame Z
    Fame Z 8 dager siden


  • Renz star
    Renz star 9 dager siden +1

    I hear alice in chains, ill give this show a shot

  • KnightofDuroch
    KnightofDuroch 9 dager siden +1

    0:17 Anyone else's ears perk up when the "Would?" baseline starts creeping in?

  • Lepar
    Lepar 9 dager siden


  • The Goat
    The Goat 9 dager siden

    Can they just release this season already, FUCK!

  • Brothers of Azeroth
    Brothers of Azeroth 9 dager siden

    Disney really shot themselves in the foot for doing what they did, an angry fan base makes things hard to cope with.

  • Andre Martänz
    Andre Martänz 9 dager siden

    for the trailers alone it's already enough to hate that there's no season 3

  • Артур Родионов

    Первый сезон был брутальным и кровавым.Было интересно. Второй сезон сопливая драма, испортили персонажа и сюжет. Плакса каратель, не то ради чего этот сериал смотрят. Давайте третий сезон, но чтобы море крови, горы мяса, стрельба и убийства с особой жестокостью.Нужен настоящий Каратель!

  • Donnavin Zepeda
    Donnavin Zepeda 10 dager siden +1


  • eberbanega
    eberbanega 10 dager siden

    Alice in Chains me trajo aquí.

  • Kurt Barlow
    Kurt Barlow 10 dager siden +2

    Season 2 was fuckin garbage.... these people get shot cut up beat the fuck out of choked to death .... and never die 🤣... fuckin terminators

  • ThrowMyShoe Kek
    ThrowMyShoe Kek 11 dager siden

    Rip season 3

  • Rain Crow
    Rain Crow 11 dager siden

    i came here from the would video to see what this punisher thing is

  • Josh Plaia
    Josh Plaia 11 dager siden

    RIP 💀

  • Josh Plaia
    Josh Plaia 11 dager siden +1

    It would have been more awesome if jigsaw and pilgrim did work together like in the trailer. But no they had to keep those two separate 😒

  • Surya Matahari
    Surya Matahari 12 dager siden

    The punisher is the best hero i ever known in the world 😀😁😀😁

  • Pratik Hazari
    Pratik Hazari 13 dager siden +3

    S2 wasn't as good as I hoped. There were two plots that kept switching back and forth... Frank/Curt against Billy and Frank/Amy against Pilgrim. One kept getting put on hold while the other would play out for a while, and then it would switch.

  • Emjays Cat
    Emjays Cat 13 dager siden +4

    why does Netflix cancel all the great shows..Punisher, Daredevil....they must really hate their audience.

  • ZEN
    ZEN 13 dager siden

    Why’d y’all remove the first trailer

  • Alcimar Monteiro
    Alcimar Monteiro 14 dager siden

    The best Netflix’s series! The second is the Shooter with Ryan Phillippe!

  • califas rugerio
    califas rugerio 14 dager siden

    se mamaron con el tema de would de: alice in chains muy bien intro y aparte muy buena rola

  • Hezron mwaura
    Hezron mwaura 16 dager siden

    Shiiiiiet.....this is the best action show ever

  • David Brunner
    David Brunner 16 dager siden

    Frank Castle to get the Super Soldier Serum!

  • sk8andguitars
    sk8andguitars 16 dager siden

    THE best series in netflix

  • Kaustubh Gurnani
    Kaustubh Gurnani 16 dager siden

    Don't cancel season 3 .... We will riot if it is cancelled

  • Kaustubh Gurnani
    Kaustubh Gurnani 16 dager siden

    We want season 3 now

  • Bdeye Bdeye
    Bdeye Bdeye 16 dager siden +2

    Best punisher period. The writers fucked the show with to much characters and back stories. Just let the punisher punish how hard was it. Maybe read the comics, he's a beast. Way to tank a show that should of been great. And FUCK DISNEY

  • SnowIT
    SnowIT 17 dager siden +1

    "The punisher 2 spoiler trailer".......

  • B W
    B W 17 dager siden +1

    Spoiler for the future

    Season 3 that’s all I can say rn

  • Megan Shirley
    Megan Shirley 17 dager siden

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  • alex
    alex 18 dager siden +1

    Anybody know where to find this version of “would” alice in chains? Used in the trailer

  • siwavong yodnoo
    siwavong yodnoo 18 dager siden


  • ghost town
    ghost town 18 dager siden

    Who else miss Lieberman

  • wsbob
    wsbob 18 dager siden

    I found that people sitting around talking about their feelings isn't very interesting. The first season was amazing, shame they ruined the second.

  • George Duran Letelier
    George Duran Letelier 18 dager siden


  • Lavender Juice
    Lavender Juice 18 dager siden

    I’m so sad 😭 Frank!!!!

  • Good boi
    Good boi 18 dager siden

    Hands down best Punisher ever.

  • Timothy Pickles
    Timothy Pickles 18 dager siden

    One of the best trailers imo

  • Andrew Palma
    Andrew Palma 19 dager siden

    Punisher make punisher entrapped to their every possible fear leading to victory for a serene purity which gains the punished as the victim a notch higher in the real battle, invincibility?

  • Rachel Gloria
    Rachel Gloria 19 dager siden

    The same old cliches!

  • Clorox milkshake
    Clorox milkshake 19 dager siden +2

    Season 2 was great. But Amy was annoying as fuck

    • Good boi
      Good boi 18 dager siden

      Basically every kid lmao

  • Infomonkey
    Infomonkey 20 dager siden

    Don't blame Netflix for cancelling these marvel series, blame Disney for being greedy for wanting a slice of the streaming business pie. Thanks to their family friendly go to market strategy on how they want to promote their service. Daredevil/Luke Cage/Iron Fist/Jessica Jones/Punisher fans get screwed over by Disney+. Fingers crossed for Hulu reviving these shows.

  • Dark Truth
    Dark Truth 20 dager siden +3

    Waiting for season 3

  • Jack Badger
    Jack Badger 20 dager siden

    I am just tired to see awesome series (like the Punisher or Daredaevil), get very into them and then heared that Netflix has canceled it !! Not cool, not cool at all !

  • Zen Garage
    Zen Garage 21 dag siden


  • Lj Ellsworth
    Lj Ellsworth 21 dag siden +1

    Alice in Chains!

  • Edwin Apriansyah
    Edwin Apriansyah 21 dag siden +1

    alice in chain song ?

  • Shar
    Shar 21 dag siden

    Cancelling a show like this is like shooting yourself in an artery

  • viorel maxim crăciunescu

    I came him because of RAP GOD EMINEM!!!!

  • West Coast
    West Coast 21 dag siden +2

    Hell yeah AIC

  • A_ 003
    A_ 003 22 dager siden

    What an amazing follow up to the first season. It’s so fucking good.

  • Filip Miljevic
    Filip Miljevic 23 dager siden

    There is a petition to save The Punisher. Not sure if it can do anything about it, but it takes a minute to vote:

  • Artemisia
    Artemisia 23 dager siden

    Addio Frank 😭❤

  • Kokodeah Kokodeah
    Kokodeah Kokodeah 23 dager siden

    I hope to make format on my brain to watch again punisher 1 and 2

  • Anthony Davila
    Anthony Davila 23 dager siden +2

    First trailer was with Metallica now the second trailer is with Alice in Chain, this is awesome, can't wait for the third trailer, and I definitely know they going to make a third one just a matter of time lol

  • MrXantrias
    MrXantrias 23 dager siden


    Compared to Season 1, Season 2 was quite disappointing. There are just too many scenes that are just not believable. While I think that Ben Barnes portrayed a great and disturbing Billy Russo, especially while he was "in rehab", he shouldn't have even appeared in Season 2. His entire plot is laughable at best, the writers should be ashamed. Everything that sorrounded BIlly Russo was utter trash: the ridiculous security measures while he is in "rehab", the unnecessary love story with his psychiatrist who of course risks everything by falling in love with her patient, his weak ass rise to power through the help of other army veterans who, just easy as that switch from protecting motherland and its people to just killing citizens for money. Sure. Madani who apparently comes to visit Russo almost every week, maybe even almost every day and somehow misses how strong Russo has become. And Frank Castle who not only has incredible skill, which I don't mind, but who can pretty much take any random number of blows to the head without losing conscience or, what would be more realistic, without dying. I get it, we are talking about The Punisher, but why not writing a plot where he doesn't have to parry every blow with his face?
    Not good and I am happy it's over after Season 2. I had high hopes. I'd rather the didn't make a Season 2 and instead kept Daredevil alive. Oh well.

    • Ana Lucia Silva
      Ana Lucia Silva 22 dager siden

      Better than cringe and corny cliché LGBT agenda CW-DC shows

  • benja favre
    benja favre 23 dager siden

    RIP punisher

  • Lucho R.
    Lucho R. 23 dager siden

    Season 3 please!!!!!! Now now!!

  • noman messi
    noman messi 24 dager siden

    Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2

  • Ms.Poindexter選手
    Ms.Poindexter選手 24 dager siden

    Jigsaw still looks much more handsome than me ...

  • khaled elbaba
    khaled elbaba 24 dager siden

    Anyone know what the instrumental in the first half of the trailer?

  • MULTIplayerRK Media
    MULTIplayerRK Media 24 dager siden

    Top 3 Favorite Seasons
    Punisher S1 + S2
    Daredevil S3
    Luke Cage S2

  • TheFinnBalorDude
    TheFinnBalorDude 25 dager siden +1

    It was an honor, thank you for an amazing show and experience, thank you for everything, the punisher, daredevil, iron fist, Jessica Jones, Luke cage, and the defenders

  • Ana Lucia Silva
    Ana Lucia Silva 25 dager siden

    The money always speak higher than quality

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 25 dager siden

    Here after season 3 got cancelled.

  • PoH
    PoH 25 dager siden +1

    Anyone know the exact version of would with the acoustic beginning?

  • Steven Fahim
    Steven Fahim 25 dager siden

    Who else loves Billy Russo ?
    I was very sad when he died 😭

  • datgyy 62
    datgyy 62 25 dager siden

    Alice in chains

  • j Mc
    j Mc 25 dager siden +1

    Fuck you utter wankstains for cancelling this ma subscription is cancelled

  • All About Bodybuilding
    All About Bodybuilding 26 dager siden

    It's cancelled 😂😂

  • Daanish Arif
    Daanish Arif 26 dager siden +1


  • okavipra
    okavipra 26 dager siden

    if i would could you

  • Hector Zeroni
    Hector Zeroni 26 dager siden +1

    Aaaaand it’s cancelled!!

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats 26 dager siden

    Dumont had to die

  • Bobby
    Bobby 26 dager siden +1

    Season 2 started off slow for me. The last 6 episodes really showed me this season was better than season 1. I’m gonna indeed miss this show as well as the other marvel shows.

  • Mokemoke Scaggz
    Mokemoke Scaggz 26 dager siden

    Jon Bernthal is the best Punisher ever...I agree with IzzyGoneCrazy "We Riot!!!"

  • silver350z94
    silver350z94 26 dager siden +1

    Second season would have been a solid 10. However Billy Russo brought the season down to a 5. It was like half awesome and half half assed.

  • Manigoldodecancer Decancer

    Netflix ilumine

  • Alex Mathews
    Alex Mathews 26 dager siden

    Could not have thought of any better song to put on this trailer

  • Matias
    Matias 27 dager siden

    This season is overrated. Just about as bad as season 2 of Daredevil.

    • Matias
      Matias 24 dager siden +1

      +Ana Lucia Silva I already know those shows are horrible. Don't get me wrong, I still liked this season, there were some great moments. But, people are putting this season up on a pedestal. I just don't think this season was great, but highly overrated.

    • Ana Lucia Silva
      Ana Lucia Silva 25 dager siden

      Season 2 of Daredevil is million times better than average CW-DC shows top cinematography and fight scenes just Elektra and Hand arc was a little mediocre but the actress of Elektra fits the character and the Hand of Daredevil still more menacing than the one in Iron First and Defenders so if you think that is bad watch Supergirl, Inhumans,Flash (season 3 and beyond),Arrow and come here again

  • Suleyman Demirci
    Suleyman Demirci 27 dager siden

    Nasıl biter lan punisher , amk gevurları .

  • taylor baughman
    taylor baughman 27 dager siden

    I’m not even a fan of marvel shows and I’ve never seen the punisher but I want to watch it so bad now just because they used this Alice In Chains song. Well done 👍🏻

  • Saif Rahman
    Saif Rahman 27 dager siden

    Too bad now they cancelled it 😒

  • Ford Guy
    Ford Guy 27 dager siden

    Looks like I’m done with Netflix since they canceled all the good marvel shows, adios