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  • Nathaniel Berry
    Nathaniel Berry Dag siden

    Come to Missouri guys. I’d love to meet y’all

  • Befall -_-
    Befall -_- Dag siden

    Come to Cincinnati oh please

  • nas rapadas
    nas rapadas Dag siden

    Come to Minnesota

  • ulisses morales
    ulisses morales Dag siden

    Hahaha I live in Arizona they never issue warning for anything over 20 mph 😂👌🏾

  • Daniel Mihalache
    Daniel Mihalache Dag siden

    coolest cop 👮‍♀️

  • Gospel_Playz
    Gospel_Playz Dag siden

    Come to Mississippi 🔥

  • Andrei Cusnir
    Andrei Cusnir Dag siden

    There is no such thing as NEWTON the meajuring unit: NEWTON, per METER...not fucking METERS...

  • forkandknife
    forkandknife Dag siden

    AZ pd are fuckheads 20 years of living there I can say they are some of the worst.

  • claud rapoza
    claud rapoza Dag siden

    Def need to come down to South Florida

  • Cool B
    Cool B Dag siden


  • Jeremy Rancharan
    Jeremy Rancharan Dag siden

    come back to texas for tx2k19

  • Zay Miller
    Zay Miller Dag siden

    Go to DesMoines, Iowa we got our car community

  • Samuel Foster
    Samuel Foster Dag siden

    Come to Sebring Florida March 16 for the 12 hours of Sebring. The oldest sports car race in America

  • koss6666
    koss6666 Dag siden

    Prince George B.C Canada!!

  • Matías Espinoza
    Matías Espinoza Dag siden

    such a cool cop

  • Green gaming and more

    Can you come to canada british columbia detla area or vancouver area

  • Koenigsegg_Kidd
    Koenigsegg_Kidd Dag siden

    Hey Bro, ORLANDO FL is my city, come meet me there July 25th to August 2 if u want bro, we gonna do a massive car rally for my Bday on July 30

  • Chill Jaron
    Chill Jaron Dag siden

    go to reaford nc

  • metalrock1212
    metalrock1212 Dag siden

    Tampa FL 😎😎

  • Edmon Jovial
    Edmon Jovial Dag siden

    Watchuuu gonna do if they come for you

  • Fletcher Mckee
    Fletcher Mckee Dag siden

    Drive to Mississippi in June

  • David Harmer
    David Harmer Dag siden

    Come to slc Utah!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson Dag siden

    Come to new Hampshire 🤙

  • Cody Edmonds
    Cody Edmonds Dag siden

    Come to Cleveland Ohio

  • Bob4467
    Bob4467 Dag siden

    Arizona drivers are the worst so be careful there.

  • Houston M
    Houston M Dag siden


  • Scrapgamer
    Scrapgamer Dag siden


  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen 2 dager siden

    Come to NORTH DAKOTA

  • Austin Flowers
    Austin Flowers 2 dager siden

    Come to Daytona or Orlando!!!

  • Clayton Cheever
    Clayton Cheever 2 dager siden

    Grand Rapids MICHIGAN!!!!

  • yeet gang
    yeet gang 2 dager siden

    Aztec New Mexico Vista Neuva High School

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 2 dager siden

    Come to Houston

  • Ramale Frazier
    Ramale Frazier 2 dager siden

    Columbus ohio

  • FrankieBFilms
    FrankieBFilms 2 dager siden

    Just livin the DREAM!

  • Sebastain Pikulik
    Sebastain Pikulik 2 dager siden

    Come to Milwaukee wi

  • ThαţOηεGuy
    ThαţOηεGuy 2 dager siden

    I love how he calls the m4 just a regular bmw big rip

  • Karlo Huzjak
    Karlo Huzjak 2 dager siden

    Persuasion: 100

  • BoVawterVAPER #kar98Killer

    Come to CDA Idaho

  • BoVawterVAPER #kar98Killer

    Come to court a lane Idaho we are crazy over here

  • Zach E
    Zach E 2 dager siden

    Can get arrested in Arizona for 10mph over? That is outrageous

  • thebrianmccannofficial
    thebrianmccannofficial 2 dager siden

    Damon.. I live right between lamborghini north Scottsdale and the big ass blue spike light tower thing, can't miss it 😂.. I'll have to meet up with you guys next time you head this way. 👌

  • Brady Ericson
    Brady Ericson 2 dager siden

    you should come to chicago

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez 2 dager siden

    My dad's machining company is like 3 buildings down from that complex. Always wanted to know what goes down in there. Lambos doing donuts at night 💪 awesome.

  • Phillip Lackey
    Phillip Lackey 2 dager siden

    you gotta come to North Dakota!! youll love the snow

  • Wes B
    Wes B 2 dager siden

    Come to reno, Jeremy Clarkson described it as being like Vegas, only smaller, and worse.

  • Justin
    Justin 2 dager siden

    Come to Vancouver!!

  • king_jose 561
    king_jose 561 2 dager siden

    Florida at lake Worth

  • Team Shiitake Racing
    Team Shiitake Racing 2 dager siden

    How many horseshoes do you have up your ass?

  • Hunter Smoak
    Hunter Smoak 2 dager siden

    North Carolina!

  • Brady Lorenz
    Brady Lorenz 2 dager siden

    Cop sounds drunk lmao

  • NothingButNeti
    NothingButNeti 2 dager siden

    seattle washington

  • Matt Axtell
    Matt Axtell 2 dager siden

    I want to find out the name of that hot wheel its driving me NUTS I want to know where I can buy it please anyone help!!!

  • Matt Axtell
    Matt Axtell 2 dager siden

    What color is that 720s I'm trying to find the hotwheel for it

  • Martin Zvarík
    Martin Zvarík 2 dager siden

    know why I stopped you? because i let you xD

  • Matt Axtell
    Matt Axtell 2 dager siden

    Where do I find the hotwheel ay 3:15... where do I buy it?

  • Matt Axtell
    Matt Axtell 2 dager siden

    That hotwheel is so sick I want it!!!!

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 2 dager siden

    Saint louis

  • Josh Rojas
    Josh Rojas 2 dager siden

    You should go to New York, Miami Beach on your next video.

  • Arthur Sperotto
    Arthur Sperotto 2 dager siden

    I like that officer.

  • jon c
    jon c 2 dager siden

    Come visit us in Chicago this summer! We have awesome events like cars and helicopters as well as racetracks right outside downtown!

  • Kyle Heron
    Kyle Heron 2 dager siden

    Come to Indianapolis! But, make it late March so it can hopefully warm up a bit!

  • Dennis Campbell
    Dennis Campbell 2 dager siden

    Come to Montana. Theres a nice huracan in Great Falls and the same owner has a 2015 GTR but theres always a pile of exotics in the Kalispell area. Not to down play the classic muscle around this state

  • Car Lover
    Car Lover 2 dager siden

    Pls come to Singapore

  • ct vlogs
    ct vlogs 2 dager siden

    Does burnouts and illegal shit but blurs the speedo😂 um, burnouts ate illegal, speeding is illegal, why cover the speedo

  • carlos castillo
    carlos castillo 2 dager siden

    how come they got a tire sponsor but cant find tires for the mercy

  • Adam Fun
    Adam Fun 2 dager siden

    He should of give your ass a ticket! You deserve it

  • Nick Calla
    Nick Calla 2 dager siden

    Come to sydney

  • ahvlog
    ahvlog 2 dager siden

    That cop sounded hammered.

  • Alagorth
    Alagorth 2 dager siden +1

    15:30 Dave said his friend is 6'12" Dave it's 7' not 6'12" lol

  • Nunya business
    Nunya business 2 dager siden

    You guys should come to Minnesota

  • Israel Diaz Loredo
    Israel Diaz Loredo 2 dager siden

    What happen with royalty and dde ??

  • gr3y kat
    gr3y kat 2 dager siden

    i saw your Lamborghini in Scottsdale the other day!

  • Nicolas Papitto
    Nicolas Papitto 2 dager siden

    New York

  • Dj D.E.D. Radio
    Dj D.E.D. Radio 2 dager siden

    I wasn't doing 125,I was doing like 105.😂😂😂

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 2 dager siden

    North Carolina

  • D Mur
    D Mur 2 dager siden

    I would send that cop his own lambo.

  • Gavin Mattingly
    Gavin Mattingly 2 dager siden

    Come to Louisville, KY no one ever comes here

  • bboy Freestyler
    bboy Freestyler 2 dager siden

    That Cop is Mad cool.
    U Gived him attitude first and u changed Mad quick.
    Officer I was going 75 MPH
    REAL LIFE 105MPH 😂😂😂

  • Blumpkin Pumpkin
    Blumpkin Pumpkin 2 dager siden

    That car is so SEXY

  • Tomas Jaimez
    Tomas Jaimez 2 dager siden

    next you should got to warden Washington

  • Raven
    Raven 2 dager siden

    Arizona is pretty cool man, just fyi though. don't fuck around with speeds on the res. you will get fucked. hard. no lube.

  • Justin Doss
    Justin Doss 2 dager siden

    La grande Oregon haha

  • Stephen Williston
    Stephen Williston 2 dager siden

    I'd love to see you guys in Detroit, MI during Woodward Dream Cruise

  • Najimadin Al Bashir
    Najimadin Al Bashir 2 dager siden

    YYC in the summer

  • bennny6988
    bennny6988 3 dager siden

    Clearwater Beach, Florida

  • Brendon Stimpfle
    Brendon Stimpfle 3 dager siden

    Are you guys still in Scottsdale Arizona I live there and I’ll be working at bmw of Scottsdale

  • Kyle Hubick
    Kyle Hubick 3 dager siden

    I can’t even believe the content I’m seeing and how much I’m enjoying it, and Damon and Dave and their hilarious dialogue and remarks. Best channel on the Tube.

  • scott hogaboom
    scott hogaboom 3 dager siden

    You guys should do a meet and greet car show in saranac lake ny

  • Kyle Hubick
    Kyle Hubick 3 dager siden

    Ya’ll ever think about coming to Canada’s east coast eh?!!!!

  • samuel g
    samuel g 3 dager siden

    125 mph is not that fast i stole my dads bmw when i was 16 and did 120 mph and that is around 190 kmh btw in sweden you need to be 18 to drive! not trying to flex

  • Luca Candelaria
    Luca Candelaria 3 dager siden

    Come to the Chi

  • Shadow and Renee
    Shadow and Renee 3 dager siden

    Come out to Manhattan KS or import faceoff in Topeka KS 4-7-19. A dream come true would be to ride in the dde lambo with Damon or even just see y'all in person.

  • JK F1
    JK F1 3 dager siden

    That GT3 RS... 😍😍

  • Thavath Meaz
    Thavath Meaz 3 dager siden

    If anything all y’all should be from Atalanta 😂😂😂

  • Dustinnicholas
    Dustinnicholas 3 dager siden

    Welcome to AZ lol

  • aj pleau
    aj pleau 3 dager siden

    Come to rhode island

  • Live Laugh Speed life
    Live Laugh Speed life 3 dager siden

    Bruh how are we suppose to believe anybody if you show zero context going up to the stop.... can’t believe what we didn’t see

  • Carter Cyr
    Carter Cyr 3 dager siden

    you should come to maine it is awesome

  • Robert G
    Robert G 3 dager siden

    That cop was COOOL - Well handled, from both you, and the officer's perspective. Classy.