Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

  • Publisert 2. nov.. 2018
  • Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon try to guess Justin Timberlake's responses to a series of random questions in a competition to see who really knows him best.
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    Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
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Kommentarer • 6 167

  • Aomori Teachers
    Aomori Teachers Dag siden

    Can anyone smell marker fumes from the screen?

  • Emily Weirdnez
    Emily Weirdnez Dag siden

    Jessica's body..

  • Josh Jackzone
    Josh Jackzone 4 dager siden +1

    I'm not that into fashion... but what Jessica is wearing looks really bad in my opinion lol

  • D&E Studios
    D&E Studios 4 dager siden

    I wasn’t listening why is Justin not speaking

  • Abhishek  Shajith
    Abhishek Shajith 7 dager siden

    Jimmy is dressed so formal bu he is rocking his nike air... lol

  • Quita Clark
    Quita Clark 7 dager siden

    I knew the safeword too lol

  • Parth Gupte
    Parth Gupte 7 dager siden

    That last question has to be rigged

  • Bella S.
    Bella S. 7 dager siden

    Aw they’re so cute

  • Mu-eena Reid
    Mu-eena Reid 7 dager siden

    Really that’s so rigged....

  • Nena Uy
    Nena Uy 8 dager siden

    Jimmy Fallon Sey Jessica Biel come back

    • Nena Uy
      Nena Uy 8 dager siden

      Jimmy Fallon Sey Jessica Biel come back

  • Author GCP
    Author GCP 8 dager siden

    Fallon u sneaky lil prick, you had that all planned. Jess is cool though. Just another gal who went to Tuffts. She's very down to Earth

  • Cubefarmer Hkc
    Cubefarmer Hkc 8 dager siden

    Gun show is in town.

  • J & J
    J & J 8 dager siden

    Scripted, period. (not that this not already known lol )

  • Riman Chowdhury
    Riman Chowdhury 8 dager siden

    Jimmy is wearing a suit and some Nike’s?

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 8 dager siden

    The weirdest part was when jimmy walked out behind the desk wearing basketball shoes with his suit.
    And Jessica is definitely in the friendzone.

  • kirk patty
    kirk patty 9 dager siden


  • quaking capillaries
    quaking capillaries 9 dager siden

    4:36 *is what we all came here for*

  • Surplicious
    Surplicious 9 dager siden

    Four true letters to describe this video

    F. A. K. E.

    • The Cat Queen
      The Cat Queen 7 dager siden

      Fricking Awesome {Koala?} Entertainment

  • Micaela Vlogs
    Micaela Vlogs 9 dager siden +1

    My question is why wasn’t Justin talking??

  • Brenner Baxter
    Brenner Baxter 9 dager siden

    Those shoes don't match his suit tho

  • Tedean Hobday jr
    Tedean Hobday jr 9 dager siden


  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 9 dager siden +1

    4297 my ass

  • Simprine Ricardo
    Simprine Ricardo 9 dager siden

    Film porno

  • Bioshock5811
    Bioshock5811 9 dager siden

    Lets take a moment and question why jimmy has nikes on

  • Jose Piñeiro
    Jose Piñeiro 9 dager siden

    Soy yo

  • Dr JuiceBox 27
    Dr JuiceBox 27 9 dager siden +7

    jessica biel should name her kid batmo biel

  • Charlotte May-Peeples
    Charlotte May-Peeples 9 dager siden

    Justin said “you’re both pretty”

  • Tenor Sax
    Tenor Sax 9 dager siden

    Romper Room material.

  • Consuela Evans
    Consuela Evans 10 dager siden

    I always thought that Jessica Beil is so beautiful when I first saw her on 7 Heaven. She has proven since then that my thought has become a fact.

  • Anushka Patel
    Anushka Patel 10 dager siden +7

    Justin is looking like Hugh Jackman..

  • Ann Anderson
    Ann Anderson 10 dager siden

    Nice job wearing charcoal cause you sparkle like diamonds as you bring it on like donkey cong. Holla. Give my love to Jess. You guys are so very blessed to have each other and happy St. Patrick day.

  • Amily Zhang
    Amily Zhang 10 dager siden

    How is pineapple a safeword?

  • King Chong
    King Chong 11 dager siden

    Dude that's a man next to jt. Wtf

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 dager siden

    Andre 3000 is litty

  • Iri Miri
    Iri Miri 11 dager siden

    Staged shit and Jimmy laughing nonstop.... meh

  • Jennifer Carroll
    Jennifer Carroll 11 dager siden

    OMG.... I said pineapple too

  • Mason S
    Mason S 11 dager siden

    Bro gonna lie I thought pineapple for the safeword also so... 🍍

  • You Tube
    You Tube 11 dager siden


  • 509_ Dabbin
    509_ Dabbin 11 dager siden +2

    Lol Jimmy in a suit with sneakers 😂😂😂

  • LawrenceSSJG
    LawrenceSSJG 12 dager siden


  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 13 dager siden

    Bruh I thought pineapple too😂😂

  • Hannah Guerrero
    Hannah Guerrero 13 dager siden +1


  • Hannah Guerrero
    Hannah Guerrero 13 dager siden +8

    Why is Justin Timberlake not talking

  • Erza Uchiha frm Hogwarts
    Erza Uchiha frm Hogwarts 14 dager siden

    Was this scripted?

  • Shweta
    Shweta 14 dager siden

    2:42 😂😂

  • Sumisum Sumsum
    Sumisum Sumsum 14 dager siden

    Jessica u are a man

  • anji22
    anji22 16 dager siden +1

    Anybody else think it was Pineapple?

    Nope... Just me. Okay then

  • TheGeeSpot
    TheGeeSpot 17 dager siden

    PINEAPPLE BITCH! ( Kevin Hart)

  • Stephen Samuel
    Stephen Samuel 17 dager siden

    Why does Justin not talk at all?
    Is it against the rules or what

  • mary
    mary 17 dager siden

    2:42 SNAP

  • Howard Miley
    Howard Miley 17 dager siden

    I'm a homeless vet living in my car and I need some help I started a GoFundMe and I'm on facebook.if you can help I'd be grateful. Ty Howard Miley

  • Mahek Chotalia
    Mahek Chotalia 18 dager siden

    Whi isn't justin talking?

  • Ashley Bradshaw
    Ashley Bradshaw 19 dager siden

    They must be a fan of Kevin Hart's comedy #pineapples

  • Bubblesoda
    Bubblesoda 20 dager siden

    Justin looks like a young Hugh Jackman

  • Logai74
    Logai74 20 dager siden

    Why is Jimmy wearing Shaquile O’Neils shoes?

  • Cool Sunny
    Cool Sunny 21 dag siden +1

    Last number one..... I was thinking about the same exact number! 😵

  • Chriswinter
    Chriswinter 23 dager siden

    Of course it's scripted. The show needs to go on.

    *is it scripted?*

  • Mash Kat07
    Mash Kat07 23 dager siden

    JT is so fun guy

  • Shaq Daddy
    Shaq Daddy 25 dager siden

    Justins shirt collar is messed up

  • One of Five
    One of Five 25 dager siden

    jessica is not even a half woman she used to be since she married justin.

  • Ellen Reza
    Ellen Reza 25 dager siden

    Ouch. ... Its not fun ..

  • This girl Ծ ̮ Ծ
    This girl Ծ ̮ Ծ 25 dager siden

    *My safe word is P I N E A P P L E J U I C E*

    PLUR LOGIC 26 dager siden

    Is it me or does J.T., look like Hugh Jackman??? Like omgeeeee, they could totally b related!! 😅😅😅💯💯💯👏👏👏👏😘😘😘😘😘

  • Aditi Kulkarni
    Aditi Kulkarni 26 dager siden

    Why don't Justin Timberlake speak?..sry

  • Gamze
    Gamze 26 dager siden

    Super stupid!

  • Justin Oiler
    Justin Oiler 27 dager siden +1

    Girlfriend Jessica massey
    Justin pullin
    Mother Melissa oiler
    Sister Danielle pullin
    Sister Misty brown
    Sister Megan Ellis
    Sister Michelle oiler

  • ximena Revolle
    ximena Revolle 27 dager siden

    Random question: why JT is on "mute"

  • Yazzziie
    Yazzziie 27 dager siden

    I was thinking of 4297

  • Sharon Maes
    Sharon Maes 28 dager siden

    Justin are my funny and relaxed and real.

  • Rajat Satashiya
    Rajat Satashiya 28 dager siden +2

    When they said safe word I thought of " Pen pineapple apple pen "

  • Katie Doyle
    Katie Doyle 28 dager siden

    Totally guessed pineapple too. Thanks Kevin Hart

  • Emmie Underwood
    Emmie Underwood 28 dager siden

    Is it weird that I thought of pineapple too?! Like the second he showed the sign I was like “pineapple” in my head😦😦 I’m a psychic!!

  • Chinnachy .P
    Chinnachy .P 28 dager siden

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo snap!

  • Deepak Babu
    Deepak Babu 28 dager siden

    Last one is scripted i think.. Or may be jimmy got that no by the hint given by justin..

  • Gianna Bundrick
    Gianna Bundrick 29 dager siden +1

    Jimmies suit and sneakers 😂 oh no one else noticed well enjoy your day

    ALEX VILENO 29 dager siden

    why isn't justin talking?

  • Heaven Rivas
    Heaven Rivas Måned siden

    Everyone knows pineapples the safe word. Everyone who watches Kevin hart

  • Lucas Marquez
    Lucas Marquez Måned siden

    jimmy....what the fuck are on your feet....

  • Sondos Maaly
    Sondos Maaly Måned siden

    OMG when Justin said Ooh Snap that was so funny 😂✌

  • Vishal Pandey
    Vishal Pandey Måned siden

    Is that justin is gay 🤔

  • Jay Parikh
    Jay Parikh Måned siden

    Silas is gone end up being the most beautiful human to ever walk the planet with these genetics.

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation Måned siden

    She looks like a drag queen with them guns.yuck.🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Argentlite lo
    Argentlite lo Måned siden

    DAFAQ? Are they bros? Like is it a public brohood? This is so out of place...

  • Aaqib Rawat
    Aaqib Rawat Måned siden

    Justin and andre 3000 need to collab

  • Satvika Kedia
    Satvika Kedia Måned siden +1

    I think the last ques was planned..😕

  • sohbetler sohbetler
    sohbetler sohbetler Måned siden

    I love you justiiiin

  • Jasmina Tokio
    Jasmina Tokio Måned siden

    soooo now we know it is all scriptes

  • Jaesen Evangelista
    Jaesen Evangelista Måned siden

    Whoa. Dem arms.

  • LisaRogersMusic
    LisaRogersMusic Måned siden


  • Rosella 71
    Rosella 71 Måned siden

    Una delle donne più belle del mondo e loro due una coppia meravigliosamente perfetta (almeno in apparenza 😏)

  • CodGod champ
    CodGod champ Måned siden

    He’s not talking because of bruised vocal cords right?

  • Joseph Fedoronko
    Joseph Fedoronko Måned siden +1

    Why didn’t Justin say anything the whole time?

    • Alli Smith
      Alli Smith Måned siden

      Joseph Fedoronko at the beginning of the whole interview- jimmy explains that Justin was on vocal rest for his tour. So no talking for like 3 days or something

  • No Life Soccer Fan
    No Life Soccer Fan Måned siden

    Well obviously She sould know

  • JeylinRocksOut
    JeylinRocksOut Måned siden

    I thought pineapple too!!! What!?

  • Onfroi
    Onfroi Måned siden

    well this game doesn't seem balanced

  • revasai
    revasai Måned siden

    JT is super charming jesus how and why

  • Curious George
    Curious George Måned siden

    Pineapple is a PIZZA reference. They know exactly what it means. It's a sick inside joke

  • Juliette Kadi
    Juliette Kadi Måned siden

    Why isn’t justin Timberlake not talking

  • Shadows
    Shadows Måned siden

    Negative people again with yelling scripted.. their not so good actors at the "Pineapple safeword" that they could pull reaction off when they all got it.. Was Not scripted .. The Number could easy been a number in a Topic they resent had...

  • damien Smith
    damien Smith Måned siden

    What a nice couple.