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  • TinTin 89
    TinTin 89 6 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • TinTin 89
    TinTin 89 6 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Monkey9128
    Monkey9128 8 timer siden

    From the JJ army STOP

  • Jalani Dante Jairo Limon
    Jalani Dante Jairo Limon 10 timer siden

    Talia i love you baby

  • Cearrah V.
    Cearrah V. 16 timer siden

    Went from MODEL TO MOM

  • your mom
    your mom 19 timer siden

    Why dont you make him wear your clothes lol

  • Rap Destroyer
    Rap Destroyer 20 timer siden

    Get ready you two for my diss track

  • overcooked doggo
    overcooked doggo Dag siden

    shes the most pessimistic person on youtube, she doesnt deserve simon at all hands down

  • Rasmus Peluffo Johansen

    Simon have a boner

  • MrBreadhead
    MrBreadhead 2 dager siden

    There high heels not shoes!!!!!!

  • Team Forest 2
    Team Forest 2 2 dager siden

    Minimineter is best.

  • Saeed Ahmed
    Saeed Ahmed 2 dager siden

    Simon can't compliment his girl 😂

  • Harry Mitchell
    Harry Mitchell 3 dager siden

    Why was she holding a biscuit tin in the last one?

  • sanchi
    sanchi 4 dager siden

    Why are you guys so awkward around each other?

  • Matthew patton 08vlogs
    Matthew patton 08vlogs 5 dager siden +1

    Do a sex tape with Simon

  • kingbreezy
    kingbreezy 5 dager siden +1

    Heyy talia we forgot to tell you our names today when we met at Westfield(Ruben And kharmal)😂and I hope we didn't scare you or anything😅but if you can check out my NO-clip channel and give feed back that will be great thank you☺ for got to say that part I was in the spot😂😂 Yt: driptv

  • Viraaj Darbar
    Viraaj Darbar 5 dager siden

    Yo i wanna see a lil' bit of romance in these vids man.......u guys are bare cute

  • Hawk
    Hawk 5 dager siden

    46k i guess you gotta do this to him now

  • Brendan Walker
    Brendan Walker 6 dager siden

    Bruh she’s so Peng

  • Amiry
    Amiry 6 dager siden

    8:11 he said “ you kind of look like a prostitute” 😂😂

  • Beastie Bear
    Beastie Bear 6 dager siden

    Is anyone else having issues with the ofra discount code? Mine isn't accepting it :'(

  • Jack Fearey
    Jack Fearey 6 dager siden +1

    0:57 he said "wow" before he even looked

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 7 dager siden +1

    'DDAAYYUMM GURL!!' lmao😂

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 7 dager siden +1

    Obviously she is gonna get more than 15k likes...!!

  • Billy Bevans
    Billy Bevans 7 dager siden

    You should do a sing off with Conner Maynard

  • Farid Muem
    Farid Muem 7 dager siden

    I'm sorry, but wtf was the intro?

  • M
    M 7 dager siden

    He said stripper i feel it😂

  • Siddharth S
    Siddharth S 8 dager siden +1

    8/10 is a B

  • galactic aashir 234
    galactic aashir 234 8 dager siden


  • The Best
    The Best 8 dager siden

    Talia you are the best 👍❤👍

  • Paul Pogba
    Paul Pogba 8 dager siden

    Well done, a million views for getting your tits out and having a boyfriend with 8mil subscribers

    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 7 dager siden

      Where did she get her tits out lmao

  • skrr skrr Gucci Fam
    skrr skrr Gucci Fam 8 dager siden

    the colorful hair

  • Mason Sharpe
    Mason Sharpe 8 dager siden +1

    Big up Talia for hitting a mill views!💛

  • Rajveerhrl Lilloo
    Rajveerhrl Lilloo 8 dager siden +1

    Well.. When is the video coming?

  • Zackplayz
    Zackplayz 8 dager siden

    At first I thought she was naked in the thumbnail 😏😏😏😏

    ANTI TROLL 9 dager siden +1

    Are u looking for likes ?! Easy, show us some boobs 😉

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal 9 dager siden

    lmaoo 46k likes

  • d347b2
    d347b2 9 dager siden

    the definition of punching above your weight.

  • HeyyyIt'sMal
    HeyyyIt'sMal 9 dager siden

    The first one looks so fire and you don't wear stuff like that Im honestly so jealous😂

  • Oggy Oggy
    Oggy Oggy 9 dager siden

    Gives Simon an 8.
    Simon is now complete

  • Salena Xx
    Salena Xx 9 dager siden

    Simon clean ur room b

  • supershrimp1
    supershrimp1 9 dager siden

    daaaamnnnn you r killn it

  • Tom Hutchcraft
    Tom Hutchcraft 9 dager siden

    Simon so excited 😂 his eyes are everywhere, so cute 😂

  • Unstoppable Gamerz
    Unstoppable Gamerz 9 dager siden

    5:16 she has such long legs lol XD!!

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 9 dager siden

    Make her wear and push up bra and a thong

    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 9 dager siden

      Sebastian you're a weird boy

  • Matthew Raynor
    Matthew Raynor 9 dager siden

    8 out of ten isn’t an A you fucking idiot

  • McNasty
    McNasty 9 dager siden

    DAMN talia lookin good

  • james newman
    james newman 9 dager siden

    simon gets 8 out of 10 and says it's an A

  • Cringe Station
    Cringe Station 10 dager siden +4

    4:14 thought he had a boner

  • imJaylyn
    imJaylyn 10 dager siden

    4:06 i see you simon boy is balling out here

  • gill_cc
    gill_cc 10 dager siden

    10:00 simons knee looks like a peeled potato

  • Kai Sutton
    Kai Sutton 10 dager siden

    First one like licra

  • Kid Kayor
    Kid Kayor 10 dager siden +1

    Damn talia's gotta six pack

  • Laila
    Laila 10 dager siden

    do more of these i love this

  • Mihael Simčič
    Mihael Simčič 10 dager siden

    Final outfit

  • Blobbery Muffin
    Blobbery Muffin 10 dager siden

    She holding a bin in the last one

  • Will D
    Will D 10 dager siden

    7:50 why she got a bucket

  • Mminiminer_LITE
    Mminiminer_LITE 10 dager siden

    hold up, this went trending !!!

  • Romet Eesmaa
    Romet Eesmaa 10 dager siden

    last outfit looks like what a hoe would wear

  • grim reaper karting
    grim reaper karting 10 dager siden

    Shes a tramp

  • grim reaper karting
    grim reaper karting 10 dager siden

    Wtf is wrong with her ears???

  • Josh S
    Josh S 10 dager siden

    Mad, look at her 😍

  • Lee Ashton
    Lee Ashton 10 dager siden

    No tits DOG, throw her a bone

  • Huw Syrett
    Huw Syrett 10 dager siden

    Road man, boxer, clubbing, formal, casual

  • Leojo3l Gaming
    Leojo3l Gaming 10 dager siden

    aS0s btw

  • tom
    tom 10 dager siden

    i feel like they don't love each other

    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 9 dager siden

      Simon said in a live stream that he would die for her if that's not a sign that they love each other

  • Manroze Purewal
    Manroze Purewal 10 dager siden

    😂😂 I’m dying

  • Skye & Sylvia Forever
    Skye & Sylvia Forever 10 dager siden +1

    *2019 enyone??????????*

  • Heyyitzsydney
    Heyyitzsydney 10 dager siden

    Yay you’re on the trending page!!! Xx

    CLASSIC GUNNER 10 dager siden

    I can't turn water into wine but I can turn your girl into mine 😂

  • MomoYT
    MomoYT 10 dager siden

    We need Simon and talia to kiss pls like so she can see it

    RAGNAZERO 10 dager siden +1


    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 10 dager siden +1

      Oh fuck off with the gold digger comments they were left behind in June 2018

  • gilmour Keirs
    gilmour Keirs 10 dager siden +1

    Why the fuck is this on my recommendations

  • Mk Farooq
    Mk Farooq 10 dager siden

    you are sexy

  • jayson clark the king
    jayson clark the king 10 dager siden

    simon how are you men

  • tamanna 1221
    tamanna 1221 10 dager siden +1

    I wanna see Simon in a suit

  • Angel J
    Angel J 10 dager siden

    The orange jumpsuit looks nice.mabye try white I think they would look nice x

  • Arthur Caldwell
    Arthur Caldwell 10 dager siden +1

    Soooooooooooooo spoild

  • Success 7
    Success 7 10 dager siden

    Porn hub jumper or t shirt

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof 10 dager siden +2

    I cannot tell how many boners simon had during this video.

  • InterestinG GlobuS
    InterestinG GlobuS 10 dager siden


  • Elie's Icons
    Elie's Icons 10 dager siden +1

    We all know why we are here...

    Just to see simon

  • Getoffofmycloud
    Getoffofmycloud 10 dager siden

    THat is Kara Tointon right there>>>>>>> 8:20

  • kaylouise
    kaylouise 10 dager siden +2

    There’s literally no connection between you too at all

    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 9 dager siden

      +Amber Minshull I think he needs to go to Specsavers tbh

    • Amber Minshull
      Amber Minshull 9 dager siden

      Your blind af mate

    • Yorak Hunt
      Yorak Hunt 10 dager siden +2

      You're blind fam

  • [MS] [BG] MrDionne211
    [MS] [BG] MrDionne211 10 dager siden +1

    He made you wear a blur? That’s sooo cool!

  • Lewis RH13
    Lewis RH13 10 dager siden

    Make Simon wear Shrek Crocks in the next video 😂

  • WKB200HD
    WKB200HD 10 dager siden

    This is dreadful

  • Luke Greig
    Luke Greig 10 dager siden

    Simons like whatever as long as I get to fuck her later

  • abdul bari
    abdul bari 10 dager siden +1

    theres gonna be break up vid
    i can sense it

  • Ottoman
    Ottoman 10 dager siden

    This looks like one those cuckold vids 😂😂

  • Jack Reilly
    Jack Reilly 10 dager siden

    TGIF bro hoodie for simon

  • George Rice
    George Rice 10 dager siden +3

    so how many clothes were wasted in this video that will end up in the bin

  • Mr GoGs
    Mr GoGs 10 dager siden +1

    Fuck off is this his girlfriend, no fucking way.

  • Helena
    Helena 10 dager siden

    okay but i love them boots

  • Will Bamford
    Will Bamford 10 dager siden

    6:40 NEXT MEME!

  • DragonTube
    DragonTube 10 dager siden

    Copied Freya btw

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 10 dager siden

    get a pimp outfit for simon

  • Manish Deo
    Manish Deo 10 dager siden

    To the 1% who read this I hope you all have a bright and great future. Stay positive and never give up in life. Keep fighting for your dreams. I would love to get 50 subs

  • Karen Mitchell
    Karen Mitchell 10 dager siden

    The reason that he did ok is because he's gay no just joking love you really Simon

  • advocate sumaira saghir
    advocate sumaira saghir 10 dager siden

    You are looking great in last outfit