The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis S3 (Ep 1)


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  • joe poti
    joe poti 12 timer siden

    Oh I thought this was about Obama

  • cc cc
    cc cc 12 timer siden

    This was interesting

  • Deisson Aranda
    Deisson Aranda 12 timer siden

    Woooou, beautiful video !
    I like !

  • Gary Burke
    Gary Burke 12 timer siden

    This is a decent hypothesis. However, im positive many humans are capable of training themselves to do this. There is another hypothesis. Masses og Humans in modern time are becoming very dumb. Lile in the movie idiocracy.

  • Nick Wagner
    Nick Wagner 13 timer siden

    They kind of ripped off the intro from Stranger Things

  • Dino Man
    Dino Man 13 timer siden

    You should have put this on Netflix instead of NO-clip premium

  • magna116
    magna116 13 timer siden

    Stranger Things graphics and music. Do an episode on stealing ideas from others when you can't think of anything original yourself.

  • Rocio Rupay
    Rocio Rupay 13 timer siden

    me fascino!!!!!

  • L00Phol3 69
    L00Phol3 69 13 timer siden

    Haha this is claiming we came from chimps. Lmfao. I’d never pay for this disinformation. I thought this was going to be interesting. Boy was I wrong

  • SK 101
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  • satyamfifa
    satyamfifa 13 timer siden

    I don't understand why should I get entire NO-clip premium just to watch Mind Field???!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • First Last
    First Last 13 timer siden

    1:37 id rather be able to talk

  • Rommy soeli
    Rommy soeli 13 timer siden +1

    I think if we give human chance to learn for an entire day for that challenge, I'm sure we will able to make cognitive shortcut to nail it.
    The younger the participant the better (but not too young, 4-8 years old is best) as they have so much more brain plasticity which translates to quicker learning process compared to adult .
    Near photographic memory is something trainable given enough time to learn ( I don't know what people with near photographic memory does sacrifice for their rare skill as they doesn't seem to be antisocial)

  • x Awesomechowser
    x Awesomechowser 13 timer siden

    How'd they teach numerical order? That's fascinating!

  • themurdo21
    themurdo21 13 timer siden +1

    I will never pay for NO-clip.

  • hailey andra
    hailey andra 13 timer siden

    I thought my NO-clip was trippin trippin and that i was able to watch Mind Field for free....but this is episode one😿

  • Manav Nayak
    Manav Nayak 13 timer siden

    Sharing....... I need to Mar(x)k that

  • Frances Venezia
    Frances Venezia 13 timer siden

    Psalm 121:2
    2 My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

  • Zach McClure
    Zach McClure 13 timer siden

    Sell out niggas be like

  • Brian Jacobson
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  • Tanner Denny
    Tanner Denny 13 timer siden

    I don't understand how anyone can deny evolution as a fact.

  • Denzel Dickenson
    Denzel Dickenson 13 timer siden

    Best show on NO-clip red

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 13 timer siden

    Some good Sauce!

  • Andrés Presciado
    Andrés Presciado 13 timer siden

    bla,bla,bla...fake...not evolución....

  • Jennifer Grove
    Jennifer Grove 13 timer siden

    I think this video is really valuable because they figured out how to experiment with animals without hurting them. Their lives are still severely altered, but they've figured out how to prevent trauma. BRAVO!
    But there is still something else inneresting going on here...
    I wish V-Sauce would have shown us the expeiment and results then asked his YT Audience to think about why it is so in an Episode #1, Then return after 2 weeks with the Dr.'s theory. I think this would utilize human collective intelligence better.
    Here's my thot:
    The Dr. had them memorize an "ordered set". This is a very different thing than a non-ordered set. He could just as easily have had the chimp pick all the bananas out of a mixed field of fruits and nuts. His theory - idealistic as it is - doesn't explain why the chimp remembers things IN ORDER.
    My guess is that remembering social hierarchy is super important when you are forced by circumstances to live in a group. Humans eventually found ways to survive as individuals. When we come into a space where there are multiple individuals, it takes quite a while for us to map out the pecking order. I think this may be why we have to construct such explicit social environments with labels and "positions" for individuals to occupy to make it easier for us to remember who we do or don't" have to" obey. I think this also explains why we have a vestgial memory of not needing this.
    Isolation is an option for some of us. Not an option for most animals.

  • Michael B
    Michael B 14 timer siden

    Finally proof ADHD people have evolved further!

  • Albert Tremblay
    Albert Tremblay 14 timer siden

    If you can count to nine in half a second you might stand a chance of visualizing where each number is.
    I connect words with mental images images if I want to remember something.
    we have to use our language to make memory work imo.

  • stephen madl
    stephen madl 14 timer siden

    I'd bet that with the proper training a human could easily succeed at this.

  • Satchin Joseph
    Satchin Joseph 14 timer siden

    Nice (sorry for my English)

  • bent540
    bent540 14 timer siden

    negros are the link between man and ape

  • Don'tPlayOverwatch
    Don'tPlayOverwatch 14 timer siden +1

    I'm not your child though. Or am I?

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 14 timer siden

    Not this premium shit again

  • Euan Macdonald
    Euan Macdonald 14 timer siden

    That intro always reminds me of Stranger Things

  • thersten
    thersten 14 timer siden

    I want to be friends with a chimpanzee just like the Japanese scientist....

    But I guess I'll have to settle for you apes.

  • Braydon King
    Braydon King 14 timer siden

    You need to learn to memorize your letting us humans down my little nephew could probably do it he got what they call a photographic memory

  • VellianoRosso
    VellianoRosso 14 timer siden

    Have these test ever been done on bonobos?

  • Space goat Anus
    Space goat Anus 14 timer siden

    I miss the old V-Sauce

  • Alex Thorpe
    Alex Thorpe 14 timer siden

    Ohhh lawwwwd. How far can you stretch the same idea by repeating the same points over and over again?

  • Harishwar
    Harishwar 14 timer siden

    I did the task, I paused the video and memorised the numbers, and successfully completed it.

  • Just1Mohr
    Just1Mohr 14 timer siden

    OG Vsauce would have presented this in a much more delectable format in under 6 minutes without all the drama and fluff - and then probably another 10-20 minutes of wonderfully tangential topics.

  • Alex Cayer
    Alex Cayer 14 timer siden

    Wait how the chimp know that 7 is bigger than 6 ?

  • timkbir chico
    timkbir chico 14 timer siden

    cruelty to animals, how awful.

    • dflanny12
      dflanny12 14 timer siden

      This is more ethical than most zoos. Eating meat and owning pets is cruel too.

  • scuffed TriHard
    scuffed TriHard 14 timer siden

    It’s ebz in the thumbnail!

  • Bhavya Vashishtha
    Bhavya Vashishtha 15 timer siden

    Missed you Miachel, a lot.!

  • Xitlalic Faraday
    Xitlalic Faraday 15 timer siden

    If you sell this on blu-Ray I will totally buy it but I’m not subscribing to NO-clip Red. NO-clip was just too late to the subscription game.

  • Odins Spear
    Odins Spear 15 timer siden

    Here’s a theory: GOD

  • James W
    James W 15 timer siden

    NO-clip Red, the only service you pay for so you can close your phone

  • waluigi the prophet
    waluigi the prophet 15 timer siden

    You know Michael will beat a chimp in everything.

  • Diego Juarez
    Diego Juarez 15 timer siden

    U are not howtobasic

  • meme studio
    meme studio 15 timer siden

    I failed my math

  • Matt Austin
    Matt Austin 15 timer siden

    Best bit of the episode was watching a cute Japanese professor bond with his monkey friend

  • Gekkegozer
    Gekkegozer 15 timer siden

    Serious, youtube is dying with this premium shit. Vsauce is money hungry now

  • can i have 1k subs without any content?

    vause scares me

  • Andrei A.
    Andrei A. 15 timer siden

    I got premium haha!

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia 15 timer siden

    He'll be cool if they teach him sign language

  • Harry Flashman
    Harry Flashman 15 timer siden

    Going from asexual to sexual reproduction does not fit the idea that it's about efficient DNA reproduction. That and the Death Switch in cells contradict TOE.

  • David Harry
    David Harry 15 timer siden

    That scientist is amazing, great video Michael. Cheers, Dave.

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez 15 timer siden

    4:08 Its bugging me that Belt is not lined up with zipper.

  • Michael Pilz
    Michael Pilz 15 timer siden

    Close your eyes tight right before those numbers disappear and memorize them from imprint? Maybe?

  • Dragos Gabriel
    Dragos Gabriel 15 timer siden


  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing 15 timer siden +1

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    Have an excellent day :)

  • Abdalha Bacha
    Abdalha Bacha 16 timer siden

    I am not from a family of monkeys but from Adam, peace be upon him.

  • Abdalha Bacha
    Abdalha Bacha 16 timer siden

    Yes, this is really you are from the family monkeys 🐵😂

  • CircleNoob101
    CircleNoob101 16 timer siden

    Reading dreams? I won't believe until I see it. And about that message from outer space, I hope it's an experiment.

  • Karla Scherer
    Karla Scherer 16 timer siden

    Essa abertura parece ter vindo dos anos 80

  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes 16 timer siden

    Wonder how long it’s been since Michael got laid

  • BlogManiac64
    BlogManiac64 16 timer siden +1

    10:25 so i might be a chimpanzee...

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews 16 timer siden

    I was staring in between the numbers and they remained in the white squares as blue numbers for a brief second, kind of like that white dot illusion.

  • It's Not A Phase, Mom
    It's Not A Phase, Mom 16 timer siden

    I'll never pay for NO-clip Red, but it's wrong that people are calling Michael a shill or a sellout.

  • hispanic paul blart
    hispanic paul blart 16 timer siden

    Omg it says cognitive like the funny undertale game with aliens!!!!

  • Kitty Strike NC
    Kitty Strike NC 16 timer siden

    We can continue evolution if we kill off anyone below a certain intelligence and only keep the very smartest, it would become survival of the fittest again, the same conditions to building humans and maybe something above.
    The only issue is, it would be highly immoral

  • Hello
    Hello 16 timer siden

    20:00 i would like to see a horde of high / middle schoolers do nothing but train this test for i dunno riot points or v-bucks and see how well they do
    i wanna see weaponized autism before i write something off as impossible since ayumu had quite a lot of training time compared to michael

  • xiobus
    xiobus 16 timer siden

    I wonder if using biohacking and neuro imaging if a human could do similar if we practiced achieving similar brain activation. Maybe quiet our communication thought processes or focused on visual processes?

  • D. Squiqqles
    D. Squiqqles 16 timer siden

    this is great!

  • Naweek Music
    Naweek Music 16 timer siden

    Since Ayumu is a young chimp, they should’ve done the test with a young human instead of an adult human!

  • Gypsi Minion
    Gypsi Minion 16 timer siden

    Would like to see it but I can't afford a crippled crab a crutch right now. No Christmas either so don't think paying to watch is on my list of dire needs right now.

  • Anel Salcinovic
    Anel Salcinovic 16 timer siden

    I could watch the Monkey touching that screen all day. It's so amazing.

  • animovie1
    animovie1 16 timer siden

    only good youtube red show

  • Michele Matthias Lunghini
    Michele Matthias Lunghini 16 timer siden

    The reason some primates were forced to abandon their safe homes on the trees was a big geological phenomenon which also gave birth to the Rift Valley in east Africa. This separation of the continent caused nominal climate difference in both sides of The Valley. On one side the forest kept sheltering chimps, one the other the climate couldn’t sustain the growth of trees anymore so the forest disappeared and our ancestors were forced to come down and start walking. This theory is supported by the fact that the oldest archeological funds of animals wich we believe be our ancestors, were discovered in this region. So we can thank plate shift i guess :D

  • Ade Rama
    Ade Rama 16 timer siden

    Long time no see..

  • D R
    D R 16 timer siden

    What happen to, it’s so easy a monkey can do it😂😂

  • PapaPierogi
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  • PapaPierogi
    PapaPierogi 17 timer siden

    vsauce is hot

  • Cindy Atkinson
    Cindy Atkinson 17 timer siden

    The earth is only 6,000 years old and Hod created us to be the ones that run everything. You can know this by space, and stars exploding about 250 have exploded that proves 6,000 years of our planet was older we would have had thousands not hundreds explode

  • DaKermitFrog
    DaKermitFrog 17 timer siden

    4:00 "Stoned Ape Theory"

  • The Last ESCOBAR
    The Last ESCOBAR 17 timer siden

    Evolution of Darwin’s Idiotic Dumb Theories. I wonder how confident you present this..🤦🏻‍♂️

    • dflanny12
      dflanny12 14 timer siden

      Just because something doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean it's not true. There's tons of evidence to support evolution and absolutely no evidence of God. Grow up, stop being superstitious.

  • SuggahBear
    SuggahBear 17 timer siden

    Awesome. He went all Monkeyian at the end^_^

  • ScUzamaki 3
    ScUzamaki 3 17 timer siden +1

    Lol I bet the bad memory is from psychedelics. I mean this is a good time to introduce the stoned ape theory right? It may be a simple correlation, but anyone that’s ever taken psychedelics knows about the feeling of being much smarter and able to speculate everything much more than before but yea the trade off is not being able to remember most of the crazy speculative things that you think about. It all because of us not being able to consciously do multiple tasks. However being on psychelics allows multi tasking (for me atleast) although I do have adhd. Psychedelics (psilocybin, psylocin or DMT, and lsd have also been shown to promote neurogenesis.) Perhaps it was apes trying to understand the things that they experience through psychedelic use which is what slowly started to develop they’re prefrontal cortex (which is one of the major physiological differences between humans and use). The psychedelics themselves promote neurogenesis in the temporal lobe area I believe but the prefrontal loves are what are unaffected most times. Maybe it’s the neurogenesis in the temporal that lead the apes to use their prefrontal lobes (which are said to be associated with conscious thought and analysis) and developed them through extra use alone by just trying to understand what they have experienced. I don’t believe psychedelics alone changed apes, however I do believe psychedelic use shows lots of continuity with evolution of ape-human. I wish it was introduced as a POSSIBLE variable in this show as it may be one of the missing links... pun intended
    Edit: I looked it up and I guess psychedelics do stimulate the prefrontal cortex most of all (its been a while since I did the initial research) so take that into consideration NO-clip scrollers. Btw, thanks to anyone who read all of this.

    • dflanny12
      dflanny12 14 timer siden

      So an ape ate some mushrooms, tripped balls, and became self-aware? Thank the interdimensional psychedelic beings 🙌

  • jhim dotnet
    jhim dotnet 17 timer siden

    even if i wanted to pay YT premium... it’s not available in my country and i think it will never be

  • Claytone Leone
    Claytone Leone 17 timer siden

    I have a game on my phone that is exactly that memory exercise. I'm going to stop doing it because I don't want to lose my ability to speak lol

  • RogerAckroid
    RogerAckroid 17 timer siden +1

    How to make a 24 min video on a concept that we understand in 1 minute. Boring episode even more if we compare it with the previous free episode (the trolley moral dilemna).
    And what is the proof of this hypothesis?
    The episode was just there to show us that the chimps were better than us on short term memory (which was proven by the first 30 seconds), the episode was not even trying to prove us why it is.

  • Marty Ax Drago
    Marty Ax Drago 17 timer siden

    I like free stuff

  • William Peng
    William Peng 17 timer siden

    Why Michael didn’t get treats when he finished the test 😭😭😭

  • oscaretti
    oscaretti 17 timer siden

    I have one issue with this hypothesis. I'm no place to completely disprove it, however I think the possibility that the test performed on the chimpanzees is simply an acquired skill has to be explored. There are people that can for example solve the Rubik's cube blazingly so fast it seems superhuman. That is for the most part just a skill anyone can learn if they have the time and motivation to do so. If someone asked you to solve a Rubik's cube in 10s, most people would say it's impossible. And maybe it's the same with the professor's Matsuzawa test. And so maybe it's worth trying to have a bunch of humans try to learn how to do this test and see if they can get as good as the chimpanzees are at it.

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  • P.E.L.E Planar Earth Lovers Everywhere

    They want you to believe you come from beasts. It is a lie.

    • dflanny12
      dflanny12 14 timer siden

      Cool, do you believe we came from an old man in the sky who hates gay people? Do you believe that there's a heaven and a hell? There's actually evidence to support evolution, there's none for god.

  • Stefan Hensel
    Stefan Hensel 18 timer siden

    Ai isn't memorizing number series. She's sending messages to her mothership.

  • Stefan Hensel
    Stefan Hensel 18 timer siden

    If this theory is right, our short-time memory should be placed near the Broca and Wernicke areas in our brains.

  • Callum McKie
    Callum McKie 18 timer siden

    I'd love to see how someone with a strong photographic memory would do.