19 Simple Psychological Tricks That Actually Work

  • Publisert 1. nov.. 2018
  • Have you ever had to use psychological tricks to get what you want? There are a lot of psychological tricks and neuro-linguistic programming tips and there are millions of books and articles written about them. Many of these tricks really help professionals manipulate people and avoid being tricked by others. But are there tips that non-professionals can use on a daily basis?
    Psychology is a science with certain laws one cannot ignore. Modern marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, and even swindlers realize that. Bright Side offers a few psychological tricks you can use in everyday life to make it much easier and more exciting for you to reach your goals.
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    - Never start your request with the words "Could you..." It can cause the other person to subconsciously assume that this is a theoretical question
    - If you ever want someone to feel uncomfortable, look at the middle of their forehead during the conversation.
    - If someone you're talking to is trying to avoid answering a question, just make a pause in the conversation while still keeping eye contact.
    - When asking a question that you want an affirmative answer to, try to nod subtly as you make your request. This trick is often used by restaurants employees to make guests buy more food, and it’s pretty effective!
    - If a person is really concentrated on a task (let's say they're in the middle of a serious phone conversation), you can extend your hand to them and get anything they’re holding at the moment.
    - If you want somebody to do something for you, casually say how they probably wouldn’t even be able to do it. Most people will try really hard to prove someone wrong when it comes to doubting their capabilities.
    - Here’s a good one for negotiations. If you like a person's offer in general but would like to get better conditions, pretend to be a little bit disappointed.
    - As soon as your alarm clock goes off, sit up, make two fists, and yell "Yeah!" as if you’re a soccer player who's just scored a goal. It sounds bizarre, but it really does help you easily get out of bed feeling refreshed.
    - If a person tries to pull you into an argument or some drama, say something nice to them. The ol’ “kill ‘em with kindness” trick really does stop them in their tracks.
    - If you have that one lazy person on your team that slows the whole work process down, don't give them tasks by saying "Do this." It’s better to say "Start with this."
    - If someone is staring at you in the subway (happens all-too often, right?), just look at their shoes. Don't give up, keep gazing! It’ll drive them crazy!
    - If someone has done something wrong, but you don’t wanna sound too accusing, change the way you construct your sentences.
    - If you didn't get a good night's sleep, tell yourself that you did. I know, it sounds like nonsense, but it does work 100% if you say it with meaning!
    - People are better at remembering what happened at the beginning and end of the day. As for anything that went on in between, it gets blurry.
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