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  • Wisgarus
    Wisgarus 12 timer siden

    I'm not afraid of being forgotten
    Because I can just upload my brain to a computer in a few decades and become immortal.

    Or because I succ and its better that way.

  • Kame Kame Goku
    Kame Kame Goku 12 timer siden

    My phobia is Phasmophobia A.K.A Spectrophobia which is a fear of ghost that I feel someone is inside my house but there is no-one, also, I have Katsaridaphobia which is a fear of cockroaches, when I saw a cockroaches around my house, I shock and feel a bit of panic while also, I have Catoptrophobia which I would sometimes afraid of mirrors/reflection. My last phobia are

  • Anvesh Awasthi
    Anvesh Awasthi 12 timer siden

    I fear from ghosts and Zombie apocalypse only

  • Jennie G
    Jennie G 12 timer siden

    I AGREeeeee train to Busan does not need a remake it's already bomb and can't be beat the original will always be better so just read the subtitles it's all worth it

  • Seattle Boy
    Seattle Boy 13 timer siden +1

    Acting for that screaming was great

  • Elizabeth Landicho
    Elizabeth Landicho 13 timer siden

    Chihcaron is actualy a food

  • yawniaR
    yawniaR 13 timer siden +1

    *want to hear MY biggest fear?*


  • Oddjob007
    Oddjob007 13 timer siden

    My occasional fear is really long, quite, blank spaces in videos because I dunno if y'all's tryna spook me...

  • Speedy Therus Hedgehog
    Speedy Therus Hedgehog 13 timer siden

    The entire ending with the white screen, yeah I was expecting a jump-scare I’m kind of sad that there wasn’t one but great video, I also share the fear of being forgotten

  • Lord fartamor
    Lord fartamor 14 timer siden

    uploaded on a spoopy day

  • Megan Sarin
    Megan Sarin 14 timer siden

    I saw you at Up The Bloc today ( November 10th) too shy to say hello though. Kinda regret not saying hi. But I was soooo happy to have saw you in person!

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 14 timer siden +1

    the last 20 seconds of nothingness spooked a lot of people
    a fear of changing?
    a fear of nothingness?
    a fear of silence?

    i am scared of all those

  • A baby Named Mia
    A baby Named Mia 14 timer siden

    I'm from their!

    THE WOLF_GAMING01 14 timer siden

    My fear his drains, I HATE drains

  • chocmilkshake24
    chocmilkshake24 14 timer siden

    You’re on the internet. You’re never really going away. Just ask nudes.

  • Hayden Playz
    Hayden Playz 14 timer siden

    im from ausstralia and snakes can get that big from your bug vid

  • HigureKyofu
    HigureKyofu 15 timer siden

    one of my fears is putting out both of my feet out of the blanket for “someone” will grab it. 😭

  • Chrysaor Glamdring
    Chrysaor Glamdring 15 timer siden

    im not gonna lie bro i just saw youre instagram you are one ugly dude. videos still fire tho

  • Maren with an M
    Maren with an M 15 timer siden

    You should really do a collab with JK studios. They could really use it and you'd probably enjoy it

  • Isaac Salazar
    Isaac Salazar 15 timer siden

    I got over my fears of imagining spirits watching me when I'm not looking (like closing eyes in shower or the darkness behind me while going down stairs) by thinking, "Stare at me all you want. I'm no special. I don't care."

  • me trash
    me trash 15 timer siden

    Was the ending to, like, capitalize anxiety as a fear...or like..

  • the big cheese
    the big cheese 15 timer siden

    That black widow scared me


  • Sniper Snake
    Sniper Snake 15 timer siden

    I’ve been to the er once. For flossing.

  • Noah Cove
    Noah Cove 15 timer siden

    I really hope that scythe was actually a soul eater reference

  • TheStickyNoteCollector
    TheStickyNoteCollector 16 timer siden

    At the ending I was waiting for a jump scare and it never came and I think the suspense is what scared me... in other word... THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN lol

  • Ghouls Gallery
    Ghouls Gallery 16 timer siden

    Pause it at 5:25

  • jaxson tinker
    jaxson tinker 16 timer siden


  • Ellite Charizard101
    Ellite Charizard101 16 timer siden

    In Impact like xxx did rip always remembered

  • Dominic James Sebastian Krone

    Yes my dude

  • Teytey Jr
    Teytey Jr 16 timer siden


  • Ellite Charizard101
    Ellite Charizard101 16 timer siden +1

    Mine is needle fobia

    OVERVATCH 16 timer siden


  • nahjee blake
    nahjee blake 16 timer siden

    best outro 10/10

  • Jin
    Jin 16 timer siden


  • Crazy Kat
    Crazy Kat 17 timer siden

    After this I had a nightmare that night it was about a a small building and I had friend and oh it was red with blood on it and there was a skin color hole at the top and I was on the top with a friend and be for I saw a vid about it were some one fell in and 2 hours later well the body came put but no let's arms or head and they had no dirt and their ribs were showing bit the tab skin on the back and they flew out the hole and I saw what he went thru and when I saw that building I thought CLOWNS so I when I fell in I got stuck and had a small void and I said "tell my mom I'm dead and my dad tell them I'm dead" then I heard ok so I finally fall in and I see a stick so I go and get the stick be for the room was demo and two tall rectangles in the wall in front of me not sides and the left one got skinnier and eventually stoped and the other one led to a room then I heard a clown laugh.......help me............then I go to the wall then put the stick over it then wait I finally get that part done the I go thru the other hole and it led to a room with a blue blanket of some sort and a clown be hind how do I know a shadow and I have to guess which one he's not in go through it or I die so then my dream ends there with me crying sitting in my bed if u want my next one check my channel out comment and I'll see u guys next time. Oww my finger hurts

  • Golden Hearted
    Golden Hearted 17 timer siden

    I’m scared of the movie beware of the blob you know the one

  • Emily Yelanjian
    Emily Yelanjian 17 timer siden


  • Owen Meschter
    Owen Meschter 17 timer siden

    I feel like the end was an intentional little gimmick Dom put in there to test/mess with us. We were all expecting something scary to happen, and you can probably figure out the rest because I'm tried of typing stuff today

  • doomguy124
    doomguy124 17 timer siden


  • Jpsgames 123
    Jpsgames 123 17 timer siden

    coco= the book of life how did i not see that?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Twin Kittens
    Twin Kittens 17 timer siden

    All of you are awesome

  • Kylorenbestsaber - Roblox & More!

    I have the fear of fear.

  • Pinkkk with 3 ks
    Pinkkk with 3 ks 17 timer siden +1

    Yo bathrooms are scary. Im scared being alone in public bathrooms. I scared of being attacked while im using the bathroom.

  • rroussel3
    rroussel3 17 timer siden

    I believe that we fear the unknown and deem it dangerous automatically because it is better and safer to think something is dangerous and expect an attack then not

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 17 timer siden

    I live in canada too! 0:59

  • Alpha Wolfie
    Alpha Wolfie 17 timer siden


  • rerudo96
    rerudo96 17 timer siden

    You're afraid of closing your eyes in the shower?
    When I shower i don't even remember closing mine only opening them and realizing the lights are actually on.

  • ParkersaurousRex
    ParkersaurousRex 18 timer siden

    My fear is monday

  • Hassan Hashi
    Hassan Hashi 18 timer siden

    shit the best ending ever

  • The Super Siblings
    The Super Siblings 18 timer siden

    Dom, I feel you. Im scared of bathrooms too. Im just scared that someone is stalking me while im showering.

  • Manolo Tusca
    Manolo Tusca 18 timer siden

    My fear is this vidio and the soy boy who made it.

  • Jadenlamar
    Jadenlamar 18 timer siden

    Bro dom is sooo relatable I do that same corner looking thing at movies

  • Mr. Message
    Mr. Message 18 timer siden

    To all the people who didn’t understand the joke, it was supposed to be scary because of the fear of the unknown, because you didn’t know what was going to happen. (Pretty self explanatory)

  • Tisha Madhok
    Tisha Madhok 18 timer siden

    Non omnis moriar.
    I just found my new Instagram bio

  • somebody
    somebody 19 timer siden

    “I don’t want to be forgotten” oh god don’t go on to be the next hitler.

  • AWGamer ///allworldgamer
    AWGamer ///allworldgamer 19 timer siden

    It Would Be Appreciated If Anyone Would S.U.B.S.C.R.I.B.E To Me. Thank You

  • Gubbleguard
    Gubbleguard 19 timer siden

    I was irrationally scared of Dry Bones from Mario Party 7. I got over my fear by continuously playing as Dry Bones.

  • JJ_Bear11
    JJ_Bear11 20 timer siden

    My fear is windows aka... ancraophobia

  • the GTA nerd
    the GTA nerd 20 timer siden

    I'm afraid of sharks

  • Carlos Domenech
    Carlos Domenech 20 timer siden

    why am i getting recommended vids from garbage day?

  • Danks
    Danks 20 timer siden +1

    I am scared of the people who are scared of people who are scared of scared people that are scared of death.

  • BDD
    BDD 20 timer siden +1

    Death is literally the only thing I'm not scared off 😂

    • BDD
      BDD 20 timer siden

      And by that I mean is the act of not living, the proces of dying is a different thing

  • Bangtan thicc Bootae
    Bangtan thicc Bootae 20 timer siden

    I'm scared of bts disbanding

  • littleasian fangirl
    littleasian fangirl 20 timer siden

    please do awkward moments, eg, on the bus, your eyes wander somewhere else when the bus is pack.

  • Benjimations
    Benjimations 20 timer siden

    I have an irrational fear of shadows.

  • Lea Russell
    Lea Russell 20 timer siden

    The white was for suspense

  • Benjimations
    Benjimations 20 timer siden

    Who else expected a jump scare?

  • pixel_lord 666
    pixel_lord 666 20 timer siden


  • Elizabeth Gillis
    Elizabeth Gillis 20 timer siden

    Am I the only person afraid of butterflies...

  • Valentina Mazkiaran
    Valentina Mazkiaran 21 time siden

    Hi dom great video

  • asshole
    asshole 21 time siden

    Im scared of life movin on fast

  • JustSpaghettiz
    JustSpaghettiz 21 time siden

    "I can't just assume that every single one is a Black Widow, DAS RACIST!"

    - Dom 2018

  • Monster high Collectors
    Monster high Collectors 21 time siden

    I broke my foot and 3 of my toes because I stubbed it on a door that’s a pretty dumb story but I didn’t do anything on purpose

  • Johnson Diana
    Johnson Diana 21 time siden

    okay so you don't fear anything?

  • Pepsi is good
    Pepsi is good 21 time siden +1

    1:17 Rest In Peace (Animated) Spider-man
    His last words; Mr. Stark i don't feel so good

  • MusicalJoy
    MusicalJoy 21 time siden

    I’m scared of life
    put me in your videos daddy

  • Hannah Starks
    Hannah Starks 22 timer siden +1

    I have an irrational fear of NO-cliprs ending their videos on a blank screen for 40 seconds.

  • Mellifluous
    Mellifluous 22 timer siden


  • SuP Sucka
    SuP Sucka 22 timer siden

    I have a fear of cringy tiktok gamer girls

  • Bad Intentions
    Bad Intentions 22 timer siden

    A one time lesson:

    If you were in a horror game, would you feel safer hiding in a corner and keeping your eyes closed or finding a way out and searching for some sort of clue more vulnerable?
    Although hiding in a corner and keeping your eyes closed may be a safer option since the monster or whatever will have a harder time finding you, or, you could actually put effort into escaping and having a 50% chance of actually making your way to safety which is better than 100% chance of being found?

  • Ennis Thompson III
    Ennis Thompson III 22 timer siden

    I swear....
    I look at the corner of the screen in a horror movie
    I'll still see it

    *Why can't I just have terrible vision?*

  • Ree flaws
    Ree flaws 22 timer siden

    same! im also scared of being forgotten, but not dying

  • Endo NINJAW
    Endo NINJAW 22 timer siden


  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer 22 timer siden


  • Diego Padró
    Diego Padró 22 timer siden

    I watched the end again and it did not make me fear the thought of it having a jumpscare because i know what is about to happen i think thats what this video is about because if i don’t know what’s going to happen then im gonna be scared of it
    Example:If I don’t see a monster that wants to eat me,a monster is probably. gonna eat me

  • Melissa Roman
    Melissa Roman 23 timer siden

    Black widows aren’t that dangerous unless you’re a baby sooooooooo

  • red ravin
    red ravin 23 timer siden

    Why was there a long pause

  • Bluefur0525
    Bluefur0525 23 timer siden

    I'm scared of the mirror changing.
    What was this video about again though?

  • FireBird
    FireBird Dag siden

    Soul is that you?!

  • Tea Strange
    Tea Strange Dag siden

    Dude we got exactly the same fear BATHROOMS

  • J.R. Lizarraga
    J.R. Lizarraga Dag siden

    hahahaha credit card bill

  • Jessie Sniper
    Jessie Sniper Dag siden

    I felt so fulfilled when he was saying his irrational fears in the bathrooms cause in my mind I was like. ‘*sniff* oh my gosh... IM NOT ALONE!’

  • Lauryn Strom
    Lauryn Strom Dag siden +1

    It's okay Dom. You got more than 6 million peeps that will remember you when you're gone.

  • Priyasa Pisu
    Priyasa Pisu Dag siden

    Love you u r truly good

  • Ayy Boi
    Ayy Boi Dag siden

    Omg you like hollow night yuuuush someone else

  • IamWill
    IamWill Dag siden

    Poor t-rex and his tiny arms.

  • The waffle Doggo
    The waffle Doggo Dag siden

    Domics: my credit card bills

  • MsweetML
    MsweetML Dag siden

    the book of life

  • Hannah Cichon
    Hannah Cichon Dag siden

    I have identical fears

  • Milad Rizai
    Milad Rizai Dag siden

    Dom, just live with your parents because they make the good moni and they pay for the good bills so the lights dont come out and since your parents love you why not have your mom near u :3