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Kommentarer • 27 868

  • Jane Garcia
    Jane Garcia Dag siden

    Chicharrón 💀😂 😂 love you Dom !!

  • Dax 101
    Dax 101 Dag siden

    I waited for a jump scare

  • Noah Jebb
    Noah Jebb Dag siden

    Thumbs up if your watching in the year 2560

  • FOZ AQ
    FOZ AQ Dag siden

    Is anyone else afraid of blinking once and seeing something then blinking again and its gone

  • Kirrily Blythe
    Kirrily Blythe Dag siden

    ok, before this video, i thought my only BIG fear was spiders, hence the reason I skipped that part, but now that u put that thought in my head and gave it shape, I realize that I AM scared of being forgotten, I work hard in school and hate getting bad, or even average grades, because that doesn't stand out, and its easier to be forgotten if I don't stand out, so, maybe that's why for the longest time I tried to be friends with all the popular kids. It never happened, not properly, they didn't openly shun me, but I obviously was never going to be one of them.

  • Sunfiish
    Sunfiish Dag siden

    The reason there’s a white screen at the end is because he wanted to make a point that we’re scared of the unknown

  • Deku Anime Gods
    Deku Anime Gods Dag siden

    Clowns needles my credit card bill

  • Gummykingdom
    Gummykingdom Dag siden


  • Gummykingdom
    Gummykingdom Dag siden


  • Gummykingdom
    Gummykingdom Dag siden


  • Gummykingdom
    Gummykingdom Dag siden


  • Keeeff_VLD
    Keeeff_VLD Dag siden

    “I’m not scared of spiders, I scared of spiders that wanna kill me!”

    I’m just scared of spiders in general..

    I have arachnophobia

  • games inc
    games inc Dag siden

    My biggest fear is being buried alive

  • Huntkiller98
    Huntkiller98 Dag siden

    4:58 i have that to

  • I'm a fortnite GAMRE boi


  • John Mata
    John Mata Dag siden

    i have the same bathroom fears as him.

    goodness : (

  • ToastyMarshie
    ToastyMarshie Dag siden

    Wow devil man

  • Vi Thai
    Vi Thai Dag siden

    Boi you live in Canada, healthcare is free.

  • Jaffar Al kaabi
    Jaffar Al kaabi 2 dager siden

    i was expecting a jump scare at the end of the video

  • Can we reach 5001 subscribers with no videos


  • Leah Johnston
    Leah Johnston 2 dager siden

    Everyone who is subscribed will remember you, Dom.
    Don’t worry

  • K1MV
    K1MV 2 dager siden


  • chicken squid! 24
    chicken squid! 24 2 dager siden

    5:29 R. I. P pork rinds (chicharon)

  • RobloxHero060
    RobloxHero060 2 dager siden

    does anyone get hurt and
    not go to the clinic in school?
    is it just me my fear is the clinic

  • cappuchino cappuchino
    cappuchino cappuchino 2 dager siden

    but that black widow tho

    XXX MANIKIN 2 dager siden

    True fact is. You don't even need to leave a mark on the planet before you die. We all die in the end. But that's ok. We are here and we are given life in order to EXPERIENCE. That's all there is to it. We are not destined for anything great. We weren't made on purpose nor accident. There is no one to guide us. But this is ok. Let us live and enjoy the life we are all given

  • Haylee leo
    Haylee leo 2 dager siden

    6:51 moriarty is that you

  • The Kraken
    The Kraken 2 dager siden

    I have no fears because I'm the essence of fear.

  • Avaixus
    Avaixus 2 dager siden

    LOL, When I actually do go in abandon hospitals alone

  • Chase Campbell
    Chase Campbell 2 dager siden

    That's funny I thought there was going to be a jump scare at the end

  • Daniel The Derpy Potato
    Daniel The Derpy Potato 2 dager siden


  • Jackson Bobick
    Jackson Bobick 2 dager siden

    Yeah I’m not scared of heights...

    I’m scared of falling from heights.

  • Rage Faces
    Rage Faces 2 dager siden

    fun fact chicaron means Chips or Crumby bread in english.

  • JS Deadpool
    JS Deadpool 2 dager siden

    It my fear to I don’t like to close my eyes to long to drive the monster face an I don’t like bataroom

  • Caleb Campbell
    Caleb Campbell 2 dager siden

    we have 26

  • Tommaso Fogli
    Tommaso Fogli 3 dager siden

    6:14 it's non ómnis móriar

  • Giorgi Kupatadze
    Giorgi Kupatadze 3 dager siden

    i am not scared of death... i am scared of what happens after death

  • Joby Fluorine
    Joby Fluorine 3 dager siden

    You don't have bugs in Canada? You're kidding me! Most of Canada is swamp and wetlands in the summer. That place is riddles with mosquitoes! Billions of them!!!

  • XxXR3DCaLiperXxX
    XxXR3DCaLiperXxX 3 dager siden

    I’m afraid of zombies ...... I know I’m stupid.

  • jøhń šľąť3
    jøhń šľąť3 3 dager siden

    Who gotta the devil man crybaby reference

  • Imnotsure
    Imnotsure 3 dager siden

    *C H I C H A R O N*

  • Zesteey
    Zesteey 3 dager siden

    You Just Said Blood Mary!!!!
    Pls ReMeMbER mE!!1!!!1

  • odd burger 10th fry
    odd burger 10th fry 3 dager siden +1

    chicaron yummy

  • Adrian Parsons
    Adrian Parsons 3 dager siden

    I have pediophobia the fear of dolls

  • omg soy bro
    omg soy bro 3 dager siden

    4:13 bird box

  • D4rkness
    D4rkness 3 dager siden

    You have a fear of being forgotten.
    Look at your subscriber count.
    Now relax

  • JESTER playez
    JESTER playez 3 dager siden

    mee to on the shower thing so when i wash my hair i just look up and wash it up

  • SticksNStuffs
    SticksNStuffs 3 dager siden

    Anyone saw the fear of food? I was thinking anorexia like Jaiden but if you read the thing I kinda get it..

    DATONEGAMER 88 3 dager siden

    4:56 so me

  • 10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge! XD

    7:12 You were talking about fear and I thought you were gonna jump scare us. I turned down the volume and looked at the corner of the screen XD

  • Iris Villatoro
    Iris Villatoro 3 dager siden

    Your videos are really awesome, congrats! And thanks for your content

  • 525DeeB
    525DeeB 3 dager siden

    That horror film scared me do

  • 525DeeB
    525DeeB 3 dager siden


  • Twister games
    Twister games 3 dager siden

    I’ve seen this video so many times...

  • Yoshian
    Yoshian 3 dager siden

    5:28 SAAAAAAANSSSSSS?????????????

  • THESHREDER987 Gamer
    THESHREDER987 Gamer 3 dager siden +1

    Was that soul from souleater?

  • The Methuen Clefable
    The Methuen Clefable 3 dager siden

    Book of life is so much better than coco. I’m so tired of people slandering and pushing aside the book of life for coco. It Needs 2 Stop!!

  • Kermit frog
    Kermit frog 3 dager siden

    All his fear are my fears

  • Troxy
    Troxy 4 dager siden

    Domics i will never forgive you!!!

  • Koolcarz016 cars
    Koolcarz016 cars 4 dager siden

    IF you want to live forever trust in god for his son died for us

  • Cognito Renairo
    Cognito Renairo 4 dager siden

    If you're in a horror movie you are obviously not going through the scary door because it's scary so...plus my bedroom is outside its not connected to my house so...🙁

  • FaZe Mystix
    FaZe Mystix 4 dager siden


  • GatchaGaming Furry
    GatchaGaming Furry 4 dager siden

    I think.... My friend has *bannanaphopia*

  • Random Bijay
    Random Bijay 4 dager siden

    2:37 name of that ringtone please

  • Declan Chang
    Declan Chang 4 dager siden

    That's deep.......................................................

  • King Of Lee
    King Of Lee 4 dager siden

    Me too!
    I'm scared if i close my eyes and then open them again there will be a monster at my back.

  • King Of Lee
    King Of Lee 4 dager siden

    Me too!
    I'm scared that if I close my eyes in the shower something gross or spiders will come out of the shower

  • Ari Rose04
    Ari Rose04 4 dager siden

    FACTS BOI❤❤❤ luvv you Dom

  • Ethan Stankowski
    Ethan Stankowski 4 dager siden

    The problem with horror films is that the people are stupid

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 4 dager siden

    Did you know that there was a person who missed some rare space thing and the next time it would happen was 8 years and after that it was 100 so he decided to go to a good viewing spot, build a telescope, and wait the 8 years and he was declared legally dead, his wife had moved on, he lost his possesions, and worst of all he missed the rare accourance

  • Boyan TheSomething
    Boyan TheSomething 4 dager siden

    No i

  • Boyan TheSomething
    Boyan TheSomething 4 dager siden

    Train to Busan is such a good film man I want to watch it again even tho I am 10

  • TheDataScribble
    TheDataScribble 4 dager siden +1

    5:05 that happens to me

  • Juan Zamudio
    Juan Zamudio 4 dager siden


  • Has Anyone Seen Owen Grady?

    1:05 XD its Black Widow the Avenger on a spiders body ;-; what have you done to my favorite Avenger?

  • cOOkie m o n s t e r
    cOOkie m o n s t e r 4 dager siden +1

    i been forgotten and I won’t stop saying that I’m planning my death

  • funny guy Jokes lol
    funny guy Jokes lol 4 dager siden

    I live in that area to of the Canada is a great place were attached to amarica Canada and amarica should date each other 🇨🇦🍷❤️🍷🇺🇸

  • SilentSlasher796
    SilentSlasher796 4 dager siden

    Dont worry Dom, I will remember you

  • Leah Brown
    Leah Brown 4 dager siden

    I'm not afraid of death, but I AM afraid of the pain that leads to it, aswel.

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 4 dager siden

    Don’t worry Dom, I’ll be here forever because I’m immortal

  • James Jamka
    James Jamka 4 dager siden

    My fear is death

  • WackJack 16
    WackJack 16 5 dager siden

    You will be remembered for the great animator of youtube

  • triplex3 doublex2
    triplex3 doublex2 5 dager siden

    I think that part where a demon was gonna eat domics, it was a reference to devilman. I mean there's 3 demons and one was buff like the one behind him, am I right?

  • #MagycChan
    #MagycChan 5 dager siden

    Okay u told in horror movies you'd look at the corner. Once i watched a horror roblox movie i saw someone at the door and i was like NOPE and looked at the corner KNOWING THAT THAT PERSON WOULD TELEPORT IN FRONT OF ME

  • Unlikely AssassiN
    Unlikely AssassiN 5 dager siden

    No sponser thats scary

  • Master of wind 35
    Master of wind 35 5 dager siden

    I Have bad eyesight

  • michael elmore
    michael elmore 5 dager siden

    I'm nine years old and I don't get scared easily at all

  • Tough Nut
    Tough Nut 5 dager siden

    I have spectrophobia

  • muhammad mclorrain
    muhammad mclorrain 5 dager siden

    that was some deep shit i had to think about waht he was saying for like half an hour
    domics ur awsome and down to earth ur a great guy

    TA TINN 5 dager siden

    some of it was filmed about half a mile from my house. The cabin scene is what scene it was. at camp firwood.

  • TheTruGamer732
    TheTruGamer732 5 dager siden

    2:35 that Ringtone XD

  • Sebastian Davis
    Sebastian Davis 5 dager siden

    I'm afraid of MIRRORS because......well just when he brought up the "Bloody Mary" part I just didn't go to the bathroom for a while INSTEAD I use my mum's bathroom because she doesn't have a MIRROR.Tell me your fears in the comments it should make u feel better😊

  • Altay Akdemir
    Altay Akdemir 5 dager siden

    I love train to busan!

  • Joseph Heron
    Joseph Heron 5 dager siden

    Not 5 senses. 11.

  • Sky Porras
    Sky Porras 5 dager siden

    it totally makes sense

  • Imane Alawi
    Imane Alawi 5 dager siden

    You will be remembered for ever and ever lol but who gonna take care of your channel whene youill die !?😣🤔😐😐

  • Cleebo
    Cleebo 5 dager siden


  • Lee Soeun Lee
    Lee Soeun Lee 5 dager siden

    i was so ready for a jumpscare at last ;-;

  • kent Diaz
    kent Diaz 5 dager siden

    2:38 when a funny ringtone ruin the horror scene.

  • Gatis Gudermanis
    Gatis Gudermanis 5 dager siden

    Im scared of hornets