Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  • Publisert 6. nov.. 2018
  • Troye Sivan visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a chicken under a brick with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
    Try the recipe for yourself here:
    Troye Sivan's latest album, Bloom, is out now. Troye also stars in 'Boy Erased', now in theaters.
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    Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  3 måneder siden +56

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    • J. Seth D
      J. Seth D 15 dager siden

      How about a "Don't touch your hair while cooking" shirt? Lol

    • Husnul Hotimah
      Husnul Hotimah 20 dager siden

      Thank you for having him ^^

    • Husnul Hotimah
      Husnul Hotimah 20 dager siden

      Troye Sivan love it ^^

  • Jinae106
    Jinae106 Time siden

    how didnt i know about this??

  • Engraver Arnold
    Engraver Arnold 10 timer siden

    did he put the whole clove of garlic right in the mortar instead of taking the skin part off???

  • Atika Maharani
    Atika Maharani 12 timer siden

    harry styles next

  • Athena Wolf
    Athena Wolf Dag siden

    Why are all the cute guys gay??

  • Willow Mellet
    Willow Mellet Dag siden

    Troye is so cute❤️

  • black paw
    black paw 2 dager siden

    1:54 when you're having sex for the first time

    • black paw
      black paw 2 dager siden

      2:05 when you try a new position

    • black paw
      black paw 2 dager siden

      2:03 when you're with a woman and you realize you're gay

  • Linda evangelista
    Linda evangelista 3 dager siden

    Us gays really can’t stop touching our hair

  • Bren Mc
    Bren Mc 3 dager siden

    HE did not just touch his hair

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park 3 dager siden

    He just might give himself salmonella poisoning via hair or skin contact and become a medical marvel.

  • Jessica Chattergoon
    Jessica Chattergoon 3 dager siden

    May I ask how this guy is getting famous cuz he’s been on my recommendation for a while and I was just wondering?

    • Naomi Lawson
      Naomi Lawson 3 dager siden +1

      He was a vlogger and then he started making music! It's really good.

  • cam the dog
    cam the dog 3 dager siden +4

    Carla: pick up the chicken by its legs
    troye: *nnnNEeEEyhH*

  • astroboi86
    astroboi86 3 dager siden

    right after troye watched this video he screamed and ran to the washroom to wash his hair lol.....probably....i think....hope

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 3 dager siden +5

    "Why is it so big?"
    "I get that a lot."

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 3 dager siden


  • Ali Baker
    Ali Baker 4 dager siden

    Aaaaaand Troy has salmonella living in his hair .... oh lord 🧐😅

  • xMrs Pandix
    xMrs Pandix 4 dager siden

    3:56 that looks....

  • xMrs Pandix
    xMrs Pandix 4 dager siden

    After all this time I found the guy from my WhatsApp stickers :p

  • Hazardless
    Hazardless 4 dager siden

    Such a cute video I’d love to see other celebs do this :)

  • jaeboy19
    jaeboy19 4 dager siden

    Watch out INA we have a new Hag in town !!!! She's bringing all the gays yaaaasss CARLA !!!!!!

  • N Valleria
    N Valleria 4 dager siden

    I thought Troye was wearing lipstick in the thumbnail

  • James Stark: Ben Edition
    James Stark: Ben Edition 4 dager siden +3

    Salt+ abrasive pounding = paste and I feel like this applies to more than food and Troye feels the same way from the way he smiled lol

  • Jaimee
    Jaimee 5 dager siden

    no one:
    troye: yes

  • Mehnaz Noori
    Mehnaz Noori 5 dager siden

    Chef : pounding ...
    Troye: confused eyes and thinks about other sort of pounding
    Chef : grinding
    Troye : 😳

  • rayofsunshine
    rayofsunshine 6 dager siden

    LMAO his facial expressions are precious

  • moisauce
    moisauce 7 dager siden

    carla was so shook that troye gagged

  • Sakura Kinomoto
    Sakura Kinomoto 8 dager siden

    cooks have such strong arms though... cooking can be one heck of a workout

  • Kenzie Kennedy
    Kenzie Kennedy 9 dager siden

    He fingered the chicken! Get it? He was rubbing the chicken

  • LoveofVelvet
    LoveofVelvet 11 dager siden

    Anyone else noticing how HOT PINK their lips are looking??? Say whaaa???

  • LoveofVelvet
    LoveofVelvet 11 dager siden

    Oh no he didn't!!!! Did he just touch his hair after touching raw chicken??

  • Kelly
    Kelly 11 dager siden

    I want Cardi B to do this so bad!

  • Evie Mariposa
    Evie Mariposa 11 dager siden

    So all it takes for a vegeterian to watch a raw chicken getting sliced all down is Troye Sivan doing it

  • Konfetti girl
    Konfetti girl 12 dager siden +1

    Is no one talking about 4:48? Like what is going on with the dude in the background?

  • Zenab Naaz
    Zenab Naaz 12 dager siden +3

    when he was so ready to separate the other leg out of socket without even cutting the skin lol 😂 😂

  • robert10197
    robert10197 13 dager siden

    Carla made hella gay jokes lmao

  • i r i d o c y c l i t i s
    i r i d o c y c l i t i s 13 dager siden

    i think ill never be able to cook a chicken.

  • Aleena Patrick
    Aleena Patrick 14 dager siden +2

    1:54 his expression😂

  • Nate Barnes
    Nate Barnes 15 dager siden

    You should do this with Cole or Dylan

  • Richard Mendoza
    Richard Mendoza 20 dager siden +1

    He's learning give him a break I give him props for trying great job..

  • Nikko Tan
    Nikko Tan 21 dag siden

    love how troye still looks straight into the camera sometimes...the youtuber in him is still there!!

  • Endie
    Endie 21 dag siden +1

    Non fangirl comment coming through

  • Jake Domanski
    Jake Domanski 21 dag siden +2

    4:48 the guy in the back is me when i see BA upload a new video

  • carol bourgouin
    carol bourgouin 22 dager siden +1

    I swear Carla could walk a kindergartener through brain surgery. She is an incredible instructor.

  • kinetic sand ASMR SATISFYING

    Count how many times Troye said yup,or yeah,yes

  • Samuel Lawson
    Samuel Lawson 23 dager siden

    I'm getting Simple Jack vibes from this dude.

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen 23 dager siden

    His confusion looks like me in all my classes 😂😂

  • slow burn
    slow burn 23 dager siden

    Troye is so adorable my heart

  • Kaytlin Gul
    Kaytlin Gul 24 dager siden

    i watched this with my mum and it got her fuming how you kept touching your hair😭😭

  • Cassandra Douglas
    Cassandra Douglas 25 dager siden

    Troye Sivan being adorable for 15 minutes straight😂❤️

  • Cyra Strong
    Cyra Strong 25 dager siden


  • Taerrific pjms
    Taerrific pjms 26 dager siden

    I was silently praying Troye would leave his chicken to cook for some more time but oh well😂😂

  • Roselyn Rodriguez
    Roselyn Rodriguez 26 dager siden +2

    He’s pretty

  • Marina Saurus
    Marina Saurus 27 dager siden


  • Maggie Stevens
    Maggie Stevens 27 dager siden

    rewatching vids because i’ve watched all of troye

  • DaGoat Yt
    DaGoat Yt 28 dager siden +1

    I might be going crazy, but I think I saw Carla at my local mall. In Bellevue, Washington. She was with a little kid, idk if a boy or a girl. But when I saw her I was like, no way!! I didn’t stop and say hi because I was with a friend. But I was shook.

  • Queen B
    Queen B 29 dager siden

    Love that I'm not the only one who screamed oh no troye when he touched his hair after touchin the chicken 😂

  • Becca
    Becca 29 dager siden

    " yes "

  • Vansh Aggarwal
    Vansh Aggarwal Måned siden +1

    Carla - "Oh yeah, we wait for none"

  • Vansh Aggarwal
    Vansh Aggarwal Måned siden

    OMG ! There is ANDY in the background !
    Lots of love !

  • Charlye'Charleston
    Charlye'Charleston Måned siden

    God, this is sexy.

  • isabel& August
    isabel& August Måned siden

    At 1:09 troye tuched his hair after he touched the chicken that's not sanetary

  • Bleh Zoe
    Bleh Zoe Måned siden

    My thigh started aching when I watched the part where the chicken thigh was ripped out of its socket😖

  • Julia Wiener
    Julia Wiener Måned siden

    the noise of horror I made when Troye first touched the chicken and then immediately touched his hair

  • Say Pink
    Say Pink Måned siden

    6:45 now I hate her

  • Craig Athonian
    Craig Athonian Måned siden

    Troye starts a new hair styling craze ... Salmonella wipes !

  • Funny Human
    Funny Human Måned siden +1

    Thing is... I am a vegetarian and watched this ENTIRE THING just because of Troye.

  • Min
    Min Måned siden


  • Roni! At The Disco
    Roni! At The Disco Måned siden

    1:08 Troye bby
    you seriously touched your hair JUST after you touched the chicken?

  • Trent Ousley
    Trent Ousley Måned siden

    Troye: YES

  • Daphne
    Daphne Måned siden

    imagine being this lovable

  • Daphne
    Daphne Måned siden

    oh my i luv this

  • Melanie Sykora
    Melanie Sykora Måned siden

    Troye is me cooking

  • ninjarevv
    ninjarevv Måned siden

    Omg the moment he touched his hair ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Emma Larson
    Emma Larson Måned siden

    Oh God I died when he immediately touched his hair after touching the kitchen

  • Manvi Hooja
    Manvi Hooja Måned siden

    She's so humble😲😲😲😲😲

  • Legand Morrissey
    Legand Morrissey Måned siden

    He was doing pretty good

  • The Violet Sunrise
    The Violet Sunrise Måned siden

    he looks like an angel *combusts*

  • Sakira Del Rosario
    Sakira Del Rosario Måned siden

    Why didn't anyone tell him not to touch his hair after touching the raw chicken

  • Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen

    Petition for Mads Mikkelsen to do this, please.

  • 張泰銘
    張泰銘 Måned siden

    Troye Sivan is so cute and talented and everything else.
    And he’s so incredibly smart. I’m so dumb compared to him.

  • 張泰銘
    張泰銘 Måned siden

    Troye Sivan is so cute.

  • Woggle 123
    Woggle 123 Måned siden +1

    Great experiment, poorly designed kitchen

  • viktorija
    viktorija Måned siden

    troye looks like an angel

  • Yuu 304
    Yuu 304 Måned siden

    Cook: says anything
    Troye: "Yes."

  • Pein Pein
    Pein Pein Måned siden

    "yep, yep... Yep! Yepp Yepp. Yeeeppp. Yep. Yeah yeah yeah... Yep. Yepp. K. Hmm k. Yepp. Yep yep. Yeah yeah. Yes. Yep" oh troyeee😍

  • The Winteria
    The Winteria Måned siden

    Half of these comments are about his hair, half are about him saying yes. I'm here for his lipssss

  • void spirit
    void spirit Måned siden

    omg troye touched the chicken and then touched his hair aojskxj

  • Elise Castro
    Elise Castro Måned siden

    _i love Troye more than life itself..._

  • t h i n k .
    t h i n k . Måned siden

    Lmaoo 4:10 is a mood

  • Audrey
    Audrey Måned siden

    he's soooooo cute

  • María José Gómez
    María José Gómez Måned siden

    Troye is so gorgeous 😍

  • Help Jimin Find His Jams
    Help Jimin Find His Jams Måned siden +1

    Take a shot everytime he says either "yes" or "yup"

  • meandmySTARS
    meandmySTARS Måned siden

    Pounding and grind!!!!! Oh yeah troye

  • l lll
    l lll Måned siden

    he touched his hair after the chicken

  • Jen Scarpaci
    Jen Scarpaci Måned siden

    He did very well. Seems like he's already a foodie. Asked good questions, stayed calm, respectful, nice. I have no idea who he is but it's obvious that he learns by listening (when Carla gives directions his body feezes and I can 'see' him listening.) Great job young lad.

  • J S
    J S Måned siden

    “Are you a great cook?”
    “Are you good at anything?”

  • Kat Beb
    Kat Beb Måned siden

    Nooo don’t touch the hair

  • JayDaHaa
    JayDaHaa Måned siden

    the cHicken/. The HAIR// - comments. WOW. ☁💕

  • vY vIONDA
    vY vIONDA Måned siden

    If youre hispanic this ainy gon be hard at all

  • NI NI
    NI NI Måned siden

    I've been binge watching Troye Sivan vids for idk how long😩