Spooky DIY Science Experiment w/ Slime Food & How To Make Mystery Liquid Glow Challenge


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  • Shantelle Fleming
    Shantelle Fleming 7 timer siden

    Inten circle

  • Joe Stephens
    Joe Stephens 7 timer siden

    Colin's key won

  • Joe Stephens
    Joe Stephens 7 timer siden

    Denis was the coolest

  • Cristopher Molina
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  • Joe Stephens
    Joe Stephens 7 timer siden

    Devin won

  • Ina
    Ina 8 timer siden

    Your brother deven key cool

  • Ina
    Ina 8 timer siden

    :-) :-)

  • Ina
    Ina 8 timer siden

    Colie key ples may vidio like

  • Joyce grace Selma
    Joyce grace Selma 8 timer siden

    Keyper Squad

  • Tyler Jeffrey
    Tyler Jeffrey 9 timer siden

    Are you really marshmallow

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  • Vimala suvarna
    Vimala suvarna 10 timer siden

    Ohhhh my goodness you are going to hit 15 million

  • Josie Prem
    Josie Prem 10 timer siden

    Green & Yellow

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  • ET monster
    ET monster 11 timer siden

    7:34poor deven

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  • ET monster
    ET monster 11 timer siden

    Keeper squad

  • Mary-Mateka Cox
    Mary-Mateka Cox 11 timer siden

    green was the best

  • ET monster
    ET monster 11 timer siden

    0:46 poor jellyfish

  • Isabel Fortuna
    Isabel Fortuna 11 timer siden

    Collins is the most babyish out of all teens/adults he is just so babyish 👶🤣😂

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    aaban mirza 12 timer siden

    Keyper Squad

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    Gunja Sahu 12 timer siden

    Trick 81800

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  • Hasan Hussain
    Hasan Hussain 13 timer siden

    The pink and blue was the best couler

  • yuet yuen
    yuet yuen 13 timer siden

    When you said don’t try this at home, why are you trying it at home?

  • Cheeto the Cat replied:
    Cheeto the Cat replied: 13 timer siden

    " αи∂ иσω ι'м вα¢к тσ иσямαℓ" ιѕ нє єνєя иσємαℓ....

  • Hana Safia
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  • Hana Safia
    Hana Safia 13 timer siden

    devin devin devin

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  • Jade luppino
    Jade luppino 13 timer siden

    Trick to 81800

  • Lonnise Long
    Lonnise Long 14 timer siden

    So DRAMATIC🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Braeden Miceli
    Braeden Miceli 14 timer siden

    You should make CHALKBOARD SLIME

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  • Thsysg Bdhdbd
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  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 15 timer siden

    Deven stop being so DRAMATIC you don’t need to gosh your role playing please stop

  • Aila
    Aila 15 timer siden

    1. Collins🎃
    2. Devan🎉
    3. Devan👁
    4. Devan 🦷
    5. Collin 🌫
    6. Devan 💦💡

  • Andrew Carino
    Andrew Carino 16 timer siden

    collins won the pumpkin chalenge

  • Trey Dubuc
    Trey Dubuc 16 timer siden

    that was my dingus!

  • Denise Rodenburg
    Denise Rodenburg 16 timer siden

    I bet I can trick you if I don’t you’ll get 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬jk you’ll get it anyway

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    • Denise Rodenburg
      Denise Rodenburg 16 timer siden

      Only take one

  • Jennifer Skystar
    Jennifer Skystar 16 timer siden

    “Oh no my dingus!” 😂

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    Unicorn Kittys 16 timer siden


  • Harley Florencio
    Harley Florencio 16 timer siden

    Keyper squad

  • Jenna Cruz
    Jenna Cruz 16 timer siden

    Now we all know that Collins likes his jellyfish

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  • KaLani Daniels
    KaLani Daniels 16 timer siden

    collins pumpkin was the crazy

  • Rowena Dominic
    Rowena Dominic 16 timer siden

    Make crazy pumkin is Devan

  • Cool dude Fortnite
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  • Aylet Garcia
    Aylet Garcia 17 timer siden

    Deven and collin you are cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Aylet Garcia
      Aylet Garcia 17 timer siden

      Hi my name is Daniela lopes I love your vids can you please mace goldin slime😆😆😆😆😆😆😆omg

  • Sweet Cookie Pie
    Sweet Cookie Pie 17 timer siden

    Trick 81008

  • Nagster Garvey
    Nagster Garvey 17 timer siden

    Wow 😮 victor

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    FabGaming _YT 17 timer siden

    I think that Denin won

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    Brody Thackerson 18 timer siden

    Keeper squad

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    Tony keller 18 timer siden

    Keeper squad!!!!!!

  • Shiyanne Grier
    Shiyanne Grier 18 timer siden

    Deven won all of them

  • Beatriz Salgado
    Beatriz Salgado 18 timer siden

    my favorite color is sea green

  • Amy Palomo
    Amy Palomo 19 timer siden

    How is that Spooky

  • Jeannie Kambeitz
    Jeannie Kambeitz 19 timer siden

    1 Collins

  • Jeannie Kambeitz
    Jeannie Kambeitz 19 timer siden

    Make edible slime

  • Jane Cutie
    Jane Cutie 19 timer siden

    Is it just me or the video got cut at the end?

  • Gloria Murray
    Gloria Murray 19 timer siden

    keyper squad

  • Katherine Dogger
    Katherine Dogger 19 timer siden

    Deaven said dry ice wrong he said dry rice :3

  • Ryleigh Willis
    Ryleigh Willis 19 timer siden

    Light up eyeballs plz

  • Ryleigh Willis
    Ryleigh Willis 19 timer siden

    I want you to make more pancake challenges.

  • Wanda Heard
    Wanda Heard 20 timer siden

    TRICK TO 81800

  • Yoona Hahn
    Yoona Hahn 20 timer siden

    I think you set victor the liserd pony to moltiplyer

    BONNIE GRAFTON 20 timer siden


  • Casey Sanders
    Casey Sanders 20 timer siden +2

    If you touch this button it will turn blue👇

  • Casey Sanders
    Casey Sanders 20 timer siden

    I broke my dingus

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    The one in the black one the pumpkin slime challenge

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    Alika Lathan jr. 20 timer siden

    Keeper squad

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    Keyper squad

  • Jarinette Cruz
    Jarinette Cruz 20 timer siden

    Like and comment doun below
    Sike i like your videos Collins key

  • Gaming With Zoe
    Gaming With Zoe 21 time siden


  • Gaming With Zoe
    Gaming With Zoe 21 time siden


  • Ayana Williams
    Ayana Williams 21 time siden

    Keyper spuad

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  • Hina Ram
    Hina Ram 21 time siden

    Collin you have weird noise 😂but you have big heart 😍

  • Jenn Hamilton
    Jenn Hamilton 21 time siden

    the green was the coolest colour

  • Maria Rangel true
    Maria Rangel true 21 time siden +1

    Its not ots sry

  • Maria Rangel true
    Maria Rangel true 21 time siden +1

    Holdnon ots smoking somebody arrest that dry ice and hurry🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • Zachary McKnight
    Zachary McKnight 21 time siden

    Deven made a better pumpkin 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • Shufan Xuanyuan
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  • Beautiful’s World
    Beautiful’s World 21 time siden

    Collin=me Devan=my friends. Lol they just play along to my weirdness

  • Emily Gonsalez
    Emily Gonsalez 22 timer siden

    Inner circle

  • Alyssa Roblox
    Alyssa Roblox 22 timer siden

    Whoever edited this was having wayyyyy too much fun

  • Ketty Casanova
    Ketty Casanova 22 timer siden

    what is the thing with Collens and jellyfishes? Aperently everything looks like jellyfishes to him.

  • Isabela Perry
    Isabela Perry 22 timer siden

    keeper squad

  • Eve O'Donnell
    Eve O'Donnell 22 timer siden

    hi Collins love ur vids

  • Minions Ar cool
    Minions Ar cool 22 timer siden +1

    Charlie Charlie
    Is Collins key
    A real magic
    Yes. No.
    No. Yes.

    He’s wasn’t

    .love📝 Elyaquim

  • Quacky Chan
    Quacky Chan 22 timer siden

    Colins "I broke my dingus"
    Me "Dingus XD"

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  • Liam Bateson
    Liam Bateson 23 timer siden

    is a jelly fish collins's fav animal or sommet

  • gaming pros
    gaming pros 23 timer siden

    Inner Circle Inner Circle Inner Circle Inner Circle Inner Circle

  • gaming pros
    gaming pros 23 timer siden

    Inner Circle

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    Emoni Hines Dag siden

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