Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep1 - the light is coming

  • Publisert 29. nov.. 2018
  • Ariana gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her work on her newest album, Sweetener, which is largely an artistic reaction to her experiences on the Dangerous Woman Tour.
    Were you at the Dangerous Woman Tour? Share your experience in the comments below.
    Featuring the making of:
    the light is coming
    God is a woman
    And showcasing Ariana’s VMA’s performance rehearsals.
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  • Anashia Lloyd
    Anashia Lloyd 4 timer siden

    "i need to impersonate JHud and just nail it." i love when sangaz give props to otr sangaz. yeah i said "props" i'm old af.

  • Joseph Carroll
    Joseph Carroll 4 timer siden +1

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  • Amirah.
    Amirah. 4 timer siden

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  • Not Bothered
    Not Bothered 4 timer siden

    If they would stop taking down movies and content worth watching....I would drop some change for YT...like this is not worth my money. A needs to stop wearing those freakin' mouse ears.

  • Mansi Sharma
    Mansi Sharma 4 timer siden

    Can someone please explain how those kids got so lucky as to be able to go meet her and listen to her music early😩😭

  • sheriden unicorn boumah
    sheriden unicorn boumah 4 timer siden

    Cool and ariana ur cute I hope we can be friends

  • NarcolepticUnicorn
    NarcolepticUnicorn 5 timer siden

    Why does a celebrity have a NO-clip show

  • Giga Shakarashvili
    Giga Shakarashvili 5 timer siden

    Ariana grande = commercial shit

  • essaiyd mohammed
    essaiyd mohammed 5 timer siden

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  • valentino rossi 46
    valentino rossi 46 5 timer siden


  • Edwin Flores
    Edwin Flores 6 timer siden

    Dangerous women. Get outta here. What have you done to be considered as dangerous?

  • Thomasina Collins
    Thomasina Collins 6 timer siden

    Mk ultra mind control

  • No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky 6 timer siden

    Why’s she so dangerous? Is it because she was the perfect person with the perfect opportunity to publicly denounce Islamist terrorism but said fuck all about it? Just carried on regardless then put on another fluffy concert preaching forgiveness and tolerance. Don’t look back in anger? Fucking bollocks mate. Meanwhile, survivors of the bombing still have nightmares about washing chunks of human flesh out of their hair as their parents struggle to unblock the plug hole in the bath? She had a platform, she didn’t have to spread hatred, she wouldn’t have been claiming that all muslims are terrorists, just that it might be time to review some of the passages that are coming directly from the Quran that aren’t getting lost in translation or being misinterpreted, but are just full on hatred.

  • Ru
    Ru 6 timer siden


  • My Rainbow
    My Rainbow 6 timer siden +1

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  • Victoria’s makeup box
    Victoria’s makeup box 7 timer siden


  • J t
    J t 7 timer siden

    Fuck. Off. My. Timeline. Thanks.

  • MARTINS willian
    MARTINS willian 7 timer siden

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  • Aleia Watson
    Aleia Watson 7 timer siden

    Love it girl

  • M T
    M T 7 timer siden

    fawk how the fawk did this get recommended... this bitch hates america don't forget the doughnut licking incident...

  • Nerdvana
    Nerdvana 7 timer siden

    Can someone please explain to me why like a third of the comments are about her literally being Satan? Like... are y’all okay

  • Natural Gamer IOS
    Natural Gamer IOS 7 timer siden +1


  • Darren
    Darren 7 timer siden

    She's so cute. ..you just want to eat her up😊

  • FullMetalKaliber X
    FullMetalKaliber X 8 timer siden

    She's literally wearing a gimp suit

  • Besties Forev
    Besties Forev 8 timer siden

    Who else is going to her concert in North Carolina???

  • ibnome
    ibnome 8 timer siden

    hope she dies

  • Walter Hartmann
    Walter Hartmann 8 timer siden

    Que RiiiiCA. Esta está bebé.

  • I Love you BTS
    I Love you BTS 8 timer siden

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  • Funny White Girl
    Funny White Girl 9 timer siden +1

    If this ‘little girl’ is such a dangerous woman (yeah right!) why does she look like a teenage victim of a European sex trafficking ring????

  • Mia Vendetti
    Mia Vendetti 9 timer siden

    She looks so pretty

    KURONEKOにゃ 9 timer siden


  • Ana Júlya Monteiro
    Ana Júlya Monteiro 9 timer siden


  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 9 timer siden

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  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 9 timer siden

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  • LockedInMotion
    LockedInMotion 9 timer siden

    Someone gonna tell her she's wearing a gimp mask? No okay.

  • la Pandina dolce
    la Pandina dolce 9 timer siden +1

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  • S Walker
    S Walker 9 timer siden

    Dont like her

  • Elliot Alderson
    Elliot Alderson 9 timer siden

    Diablos Señorita. Ariana le gusta rodearse de negros y sin ninguna mujer a su lado. :V

  • IYE life
    IYE life 10 timer siden


  • Puddi Panda
    Puddi Panda 10 timer siden +1

    Coool :)

  • CheeseRitz420 0000
    CheeseRitz420 0000 10 timer siden

    Lmao yt prime

  • Маша Не друг
    Маша Не друг 10 timer siden

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  • Вячеслав Анастасов

    ЕБТЕ она тупая овечка

  • Melodyelainee
    Melodyelainee 10 timer siden

    I love this but I’m sad that I got to pay to see the rest :/

  • Brittney R
    Brittney R 10 timer siden

    Idk how anyone doesn’t like Ariana grande lol

  • Indicaally
    Indicaally 10 timer siden

    Next time please record it on a fucking smart phone .

  • Ivan Varnavsky
    Ivan Varnavsky 11 timer siden

    Какого лешего эта ебала у меня в рекомендациях??? Але Ютуб, вы там совсем?

  • Angel Cuate
    Angel Cuate 11 timer siden

    why is the quality so bad, that shit ain’t cute. you should be able to afford high quality video IN COLOR. thank you, next.

  • Mya Duron
    Mya Duron 11 timer siden

    Ari should have a NO-clip Channel

  • No Name
    No Name 11 timer siden


  • Les Williams
    Les Williams 11 timer siden

    One micron deep

  • Бабка Санчеса
    Бабка Санчеса 11 timer siden

    I like these twins❤️

  • Jazz Vechayiem
    Jazz Vechayiem 11 timer siden +2

    Still hoeing it up lmaoo

    • Jazz Vechayiem
      Jazz Vechayiem 7 timer siden

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    • Aspen Leigh
      Aspen Leigh 10 timer siden

      Jazz Vechayiem you’re an older man sending hate to a younger woman. childish.

  • TheSwitcheur 55
    TheSwitcheur 55 12 timer siden


  • Martha Y Angel Flores
    Martha Y Angel Flores 12 timer siden +2

    I love your song

  • Arcot Ramathorn1
    Arcot Ramathorn1 12 timer siden


  • Bernie Martinez
    Bernie Martinez 12 timer siden

    She's around a bombing in England right she drove her ex to the grave why the f*** is she still in business she's no good

  • TeeHee Mincraft
    TeeHee Mincraft 12 timer siden

    What’s with the VHS filter?

  • khiddin newblog
    khiddin newblog 13 timer siden


  • Gabriel Locatelli
    Gabriel Locatelli 13 timer siden

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  • Low Key
    Low Key 13 timer siden

    Her hair covers her body 😂😂😂

  • Kid Samurai
    Kid Samurai 13 timer siden


  • Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez 13 timer siden

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  • Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez 13 timer siden +1

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  • 13r4nd0
    13r4nd0 14 timer siden

    Why hasn't Arriana been voted for sexist woman alive??? 😘

  • TheJoU50
    TheJoU50 14 timer siden


  • Best Friends Forever
    Best Friends Forever 14 timer siden


  • Андрюха USA
    Андрюха USA 14 timer siden

    what to hell is this? And why people are watching it?

  • Everett Elderberry
    Everett Elderberry 14 timer siden

    These people are fucking evil. Burn Hollywood Burn.

  • santiago salazar
    santiago salazar 14 timer siden

    O firma pacto iluminati...o se arrepiente y entra a obedecer a Jesús de Nazareth... Y !!!deja de inventar!!

  • santiago salazar
    santiago salazar 14 timer siden +1

    Babosa.... Te toca ofrendar a satanás...mientras tanto! Que horror.....

  • Dered Fred
    Dered Fred 14 timer siden


  • Dave Coleman Jr
    Dave Coleman Jr 14 timer siden

    How uncontrollably adorable you are!

  • Simone Baptistela
    Simone Baptistela 14 timer siden

    Hiiiii omg its ariana grande!!!! Y Love Sam and cat 😂😂😂Y Love you!!!! My speek portugueses

  • MilitaryChanel
    MilitaryChanel 14 timer siden

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  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler 15 timer siden


  • DR/AR Fix
    DR/AR Fix 15 timer siden

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  • Nicholas Hardy
    Nicholas Hardy 15 timer siden


  • 이제이슨
    이제이슨 15 timer siden

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  • Mr Wings
    Mr Wings 15 timer siden

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  • Jessica
    Jessica 15 timer siden


  • Celeste Mendez
    Celeste Mendez 15 timer siden

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    marko bra 15 timer siden


  • Scott Maddrox Juggalo gamer

    She should try horrorcore music that would be the shit

  • Tyler Wise
    Tyler Wise 15 timer siden

    How are they dangerous?

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz 15 timer siden


  • Tradeon
    Tradeon 15 timer siden

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  • Cameron Hamilton
    Cameron Hamilton 15 timer siden

    Dangerous women diaries😂😂 I see a bunch of feminine women and men that can catch the ones. Fuck your “movement”

  • H M S A _JD
    H M S A _JD 15 timer siden

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  • Vanessa Salinas
    Vanessa Salinas 15 timer siden


  • s law
    s law 16 timer siden

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  • Diark Lusts
    Diark Lusts 16 timer siden

    Lame as hell

  • Jean Aniel Pierre Louis
    Jean Aniel Pierre Louis 16 timer siden

    I love you Areana

  • Nia Massey
    Nia Massey 16 timer siden

    I love this, but not enough to buy it 😂 sorry

  • bia santos
    bia santos 16 timer siden

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  • モナ王国
    モナ王国 16 timer siden


  • Loser Central
    Loser Central 17 timer siden

    She’s nowhere near as hot as I thought she was. Old snaggle tooth