I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

  • Publisert 2. mars. 2019
  • Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from Wish.com and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
    Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  17 dager siden +26150

    HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf

    • David Marin
      David Marin 13 dager siden

      Safiya Nygaard You should get a wedding dress that is similar to the one catwoman wore in the comics.

    • Alex Aoba
      Alex Aoba 13 dager siden

      Safiya Nygaard hey you should try a Kawaii clothes challenge but you can only buy online, If your try check out kawaii nation! Also I love you clothes challenges! 😆

    • sabrina islam
      sabrina islam 13 dager siden

      You became fat

    • Katerilager007
      Katerilager007 13 dager siden

      Safiya Nygaard working in retail we use to get shipment in that randomly smelled like what it describing... it’s like a wet, mildew, fish smell it’s weird

    • Raina jones
      Raina jones 14 dager siden

      You should go to Kleinfeld to get a wedding dress

  • AbigayilNeshama
    AbigayilNeshama Dag siden

    These are horrible knockoffs. The vendors should be reported to the authorities.

  • the muumi
    the muumi Dag siden +1

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Safiya in white

  • seren vlogs
    seren vlogs Dag siden

    Oof I got a wish ad

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Dag siden

    You should wear the Franken makeup on your wedding

  • Hana
    Hana Dag siden

    try wearing Shein outfits for a week❤️love u

  • patricia gilligan
    patricia gilligan Dag siden

    Black Wedding dress?

  • Madelaine Critchley

    Next vid idea. Mix multiple similar coloured eyeshadows together (all you’re reds, blues etc) and make a fit palette

  • Mrslori2106
    Mrslori2106 Dag siden

    Did you return them all? Or donate?

  • Kathryn Poole
    Kathryn Poole Dag siden

    I actually loved the style of the medieval and the mermaid on you ! The white ball gown you were twirling in, looks like a 50s dress which isn't bad at all but just not fitting your style

  • Chloe Byrne
    Chloe Byrne Dag siden

    Is anyone else hearing squeaking near the end of the video?

  • pixelscanon
    pixelscanon Dag siden

    I rewinded her running on the beach or gallivanting I should say. Hilarious!!!!! Laughter is good for soul!! This definitely took a lot of effort abc time!! Awesome vid

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M Dag siden

    The stinky fish odor is a sulfanilamide or urea resin that they use to keep the fabric disinfected by the nasty crap they are exposed to. Go and shower that shit off your skin! This is why I wash EVERYTHING when I buy it!

  • 08Super Girl24
    08Super Girl24 Dag siden

    Aw Saf your so gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for the big day🤗

  • Crafty Marmara
    Crafty Marmara Dag siden

    Well not only the dresses are as good as shown in photos but also your body it totally different

  • sarah
    sarah Dag siden

    I always wonder what you do with the stuff you order in the end😄

  • licyourface
    licyourface Dag siden

    I’d love to see what you get if you spend several hundred. Like would u get something you’d normally pay 1500 for if u spent 500?
    I’m amazed you can just waste all this money and not send those back. Ad revenue is off the chain

  • Lisa Haydon
    Lisa Haydon Dag siden +1

    I think you should also do indian wedding.
    It will really be fun .

  • Hassan Atman
    Hassan Atman Dag siden

    الحيه كلم سفي زي ميه الدفي الله يعتكم العفي

  • Hassan Atman
    Hassan Atman Dag siden

    كلم من لوغت جديد مع الحيه فكر نزيف. ولكن ا بعض النس يتخيرون من نوع واءنوع ولكن الحيه فكر مش حرب وخدع الحيه حوب وتموح مش مهجم وجوروح الحيه فكر وحوب ومعلمت ومونقشت عن وقع لوغت الحيه حسن محمد عتمنان في ورد ومونقشت عن القلب الاءنسن من قلب رمن وعنب وسمك وموضع مونقش مع الكرون وحلويت من قلب رمن وعنب اءحل قلب رمن وعنب وسمك حسن محمد عتمنان في علم وتموح وحوب ومعلمت عن وقع لوغت الحيه

  • Yaniran Angel
    Yaniran Angel Dag siden +2

    Remember when you worked at buzzfeed

  • Fortnite funny moments and bests plays

    السلام عليك

  • rainbowapplesparkelpie

    For a dress to be poofy it needs a poofy skirt under which most times is sold seperate which is why people think wish fails at these dresses

  • RizzyGaGirl
    RizzyGaGirl Dag siden

    Lol!! She made me laugh!!! They are so funny!!!! Wish dresses suck!!! Lol

  • Chloe Gibson
    Chloe Gibson Dag siden +2

    asmr 9:50

  • SongLifeDream
    SongLifeDream Dag siden +1

    Hey Safiya, how about the money you spent in this shit? Whould they accept returns? I've just subscribed to your channel in case they would not return you the money. ;) Just generating some ROI. By the way your wedding dancing was super hahaha

    CAROLINE SHOBE Dag siden

    Safiya: Congratulations, it's a lump

    Me with everything I see that is wrapped like that

  • Leafury
    Leafury Dag siden

    You should do a product review of the “Happy Skin Co” handset for at home laser hair removal!

  • Brandon Cornwell
    Brandon Cornwell Dag siden +1

    Girl. Review that trendy, trendy Instagram toothbrush.

  • Seren elsie
    Seren elsie Dag siden +1

    I actually love the black dress! Think you should go for it

  • Maria Irini
    Maria Irini Dag siden

    Can you try pretty little things Plssss

  • Alberte Jensen
    Alberte Jensen Dag siden

    Is it just me or do you guys wanna eat a boiled 🍐

  • Ellie
    Ellie Dag siden

    when's your next video coming???

  • Jessica Russian Sifontes

    I freaking LOVE Safiya's voice and pronunciation, it's so articulate and cultured!

  • Ary Bella
    Ary Bella Dag siden

    Loved the montage at the end!

  • Blakely Faulkner
    Blakely Faulkner Dag siden

    Well at least she has a lot of back ups

  • Tabytha T
    Tabytha T Dag siden

    I sat through the whole 25 minutes of this video with no reason to as I am already married and my dress came from a local shop. But in true NO-clip fashion I was looking for something completely unrelated to this video. After watching a few of post surgical strech videos I stumbled upon this little gem! I'm not Wish shopper (out of pure scepticism 😂) and I would not have thought to buy my wedding dress from Wish, I think your reviews were exactly what people need to see if they are considering purchasing from wish.

  • SomeMusic
    SomeMusic Dag siden

    FYI "one word" is a direct translation of the Chinese phrase used to describe the off shoulder style.

  • Judy Saez
    Judy Saez Dag siden

    The last dress was prettier

  • Judy Saez
    Judy Saez Dag siden

    Stop talking

  • Lucy Glad
    Lucy Glad Dag siden

    I know I'm super late and stuff and I don't really know if you're even gonna see it, but watching this reminded me of Catwoman's wedding dress from the comics which was white with black lacing so maybe that's the midpoint to all of this LOL

  • Scarlett Kaur
    Scarlett Kaur Dag siden

    video idea: like your blindfolded makeup video, you should have tyler choose all your makeup for you blindfolded! it would be more challenging since you were super good at the challenge!

  • Charley Ayres
    Charley Ayres Dag siden

    I would love to see you take one of these to a tailor and see what they can do

  • Мотивационная Аудио - Библиотека

    !!!! LOFI HIP-HOP

  • Niki Prattley
    Niki Prattley Dag siden

    Some of them were better than l was expecting. I would have liked to see them with the petticoat. I think that would have helped. God only knows what nightmare chemicals were usd to create the 'fabric '.

  • Lexi Land
    Lexi Land Dag siden

    Try doing this again but on Aliexpress

  • Dolly's Wild Waffling

    Yes! Can't wait for more wedding related videos. So excited!

  • Meghan Oshea
    Meghan Oshea Dag siden

    I can’t stand this girl. I’m sorry

  • moviemakerwannabe
    moviemakerwannabe Dag siden

    I realize they may have listed those sleeves as bat wing sleeves but they aren't. Bat wing sleeves are usually banded at the wrist or elbow and waist, so that , like a bat, the material of the wing on side stretched arms does resemble a bat wing. Those sleeves look more like poet style sleeves or trumpet style sleeves sort of. In a medieval dress they should be quite a bit longer, like the pictured dress not like what you received.

  • Hang Kieu
    Hang Kieu Dag siden

    You should be on Say Yes To The Dress! :D

  • Miguel Jr Marasigan

    This earned a subscription from me. Not because of the content but for the humor.. Im starting to like your videos.. 👌Congrats in advance to your wedding, you two are cute couple

  • Lorauna Hendrix
    Lorauna Hendrix Dag siden

    This girl is beautiful! The dresses were not good but she made me laugh and it was great.

  • Flower of Life
    Flower of Life Dag siden

    Well your are clearly not the size as the models how shall the dresses look the same on you xd

  • Fridskans
    Fridskans Dag siden

    The renaissance dress looks the best on you.

  • Emma Weygoldt
    Emma Weygoldt Dag siden

    anyone get that reference to he's just not that into you?

  • Geraldine295
    Geraldine295 Dag siden

    It's cheap because it's tatt. False economy buying cheap.

  • Farkas Henrietta
    Farkas Henrietta Dag siden

    I adore your makeup! Pleease do a makeup routine video! ly

  • Flutter Flut
    Flutter Flut Dag siden

    Loved this video Safiya! What do you think about those dresses being altered? Could we perhaps Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink it? Some structure and perhaps a bit of tailoring here and there?

    • Flutter Flut
      Flutter Flut Dag siden

      PS I buy and trade in rocks crystals and minerals and I frequently get stones from China that are wrapped up in the smell that you describe on the wish dresses

  • squished mxscha
    squished mxscha Dag siden

    Sorry if this is weird but on wish they sell butt plugs uhhhh okay lol 0:25

  • Ashley Mysliwczyk
    Ashley Mysliwczyk Dag siden

    I got my wedding dress on wish, was a last minute wedding, was just gonna go to courthouse but my mother planned differently, I payed $25 was a short above the knee strapless dress, it came on time, but didn't fit, paid $65 to go to a seamstress to get it altered, turned out amazing after it was finished, $90 all together was not bad for a last minute wedding dress

  • Melanie Curtis
    Melanie Curtis Dag siden

    So don’t buy cheap wedding dresses online.

  • Michelle Ketterling
    Michelle Ketterling Dag siden +1

    Probably because that stuff is most likely made in sweat shops.

  • The Procrastination Artist

    You know what's funny with all the makeup she has, I've never seen her do her own makeup guru tutorial or explore the makeup world as a makeup guru or she can get a makeup artist youtuber do her own makeup on her wedding or something.

  • Maegan Byerley
    Maegan Byerley Dag siden

    Love the Zazu reference when you mentioned you were engaged.

  • Shenae Foster
    Shenae Foster Dag siden

    Does she ever breathe 😭

  • Envy Alakye
    Envy Alakye Dag siden

    I have to say one thing nice about wish, is that if its a mess up they will refund ;)

  • Bee
    Bee Dag siden

    lol bazongas

  • Jenny Mal
    Jenny Mal Dag siden +1

    I love how positive you are and not making weird faces like you just play it off I love it !!!!

  • Creepy Kate
    Creepy Kate Dag siden

    I swear, the indian model Neerja Bhanot looks like an indian version of Safiya

  • Jamison YT
    Jamison YT Dag siden

    you should make a video of tyler trying to do make-up and look like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Quero
    Andrea Quero Dag siden

    You should try out VOVA app :D

  • PrincessMatRat Productions

    The expensive one looks purple! AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THAT????

  • Tony Nourse
    Tony Nourse Dag siden

    Sofia, me and my wife love your video's, but they have gotten too far and few between. Their inconsistent and im sure were not the only ones who would like more content than what seems to be only a video once or twice a month. take care

  • Professional anime watcher

    I love your channel too much!!! 😮😮😮😮😮

  • EpicLovelyRogue
    EpicLovelyRogue Dag siden

    Safiya needs an extra length gown, mermaid or sheath would flatter her figure best, and putting the dresses on over head first would go on much easier.

  • Beanbag
    Beanbag Dag siden

    You look....different to say the least

  • Blakely Faulkner
    Blakely Faulkner 2 dager siden

    3:40 *mother ginger has entered the chat*

  • Christine Whittaker
    Christine Whittaker 2 dager siden

    Thanks for the video. I've ordered things on Wish and, like you, some I've liked and some, not so much. I've wondered about some of the clothing and I'm not small by any stretch of the imagination. I usually wear a 4 or 5xl and will sometimes get a 6x depending on the type of material. I know the sizes are made small and finally tried a summery top with thin straps and a flowy shape that seemed as though it may run a little bigger. Omg! It was so small, it looked like maybe a large and that would be pushing it. I did like the medieval looking dress. I think it just needed the straps adjusted a little shorter. Could you say what size you'd usually buy? You definitely don't look like a 2x or 3xl. You look smaller than that.

  • Harmony Claira
    Harmony Claira 2 dager siden

    The dirt and stains are so nasty. Makes me wonder where it’s been 👀

  • Aliha Shyanne
    Aliha Shyanne 2 dager siden +1

    I’m getting married in June and bought my dress from wish just to try it out. I was actually very impressed and the only thing that had to be done was an alteration at the hip area. Turned out beautiful

  • Terry Mehan
    Terry Mehan 2 dager siden

    Hi Safiya and Tyler. I love your videos. You guy’s are so entertaining and informative. Keep hoping I’ll spot you at Disneyland, but no luck yet. But, anyways, you guy’s are a cute couple, and was wondering if possible if you could send me an autographed picture of the 2 of you. If not, it’s cool, just thought I’d give it a try. Thanks, Terry.

  • LolaInTheDesert
    LolaInTheDesert 2 dager siden +1

    Romping around outside, the ball gown reminded me of a 50’s wedding dress, which was kinda cute! 😊

  • Two Three Two
    Two Three Two 2 dager siden

    Saaaaaaf please make a Bat Bitch hoodie without the asterisk! I need to rep my bats.

    MIXED FICTION 2 dager siden

    Do the black reception dress! I had a flowy lacy sleeved gown for the "business" portion of the event, but party time a short black velvet dress that I already owned and is one of my favs. It felt freeing and made the partying that much more fun. While the white gown feels beautiful and is perfect for the to do, a little too stuffy after food and drinks.

      MIXED FICTION 2 dager siden

      But that was also our family gathering wedding party thing. Full disclosure, 6 months prior we eloped to a state park with 4 dearest friends and I wore a black dress in the canyon for our official ceremony.

  • Chicken_nugget wing
    Chicken_nugget wing 2 dager siden

    15:03 she looks like shes a old days princess wearing a nightgown😅😅

  • lucasfausakandeve
    lucasfausakandeve 2 dager siden

    the second one looks like a costume


    Safiya, I miss you! 😂 please post again soon!

  • Emily Gleaton
    Emily Gleaton 2 dager siden

    LOTR lord of the rings had my geeking XD

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 2 dager siden

    Wish sucks.

  • Maja Szul
    Maja Szul 2 dager siden

    Can you go on the extreme body makeover with Michelle Khare?

  • Maria Alexandra
    Maria Alexandra 2 dager siden

    2 weeks, we need a vid :'d

  • Annika Lunsford
    Annika Lunsford 2 dager siden

    Safiya! Could you and Tyler do a video trying out proving wether suggested self defense tips on NO-clip. I think they are from the same channel as the one you used for beauty hack video.
    Here’s the link! no-clip.com/video/CxTNLR1_umc/video.html

  • Tayler Williams
    Tayler Williams 2 dager siden

    I think that the Medival style dress looks best in the montage but when you where trying the dresses on the over $100 dress looked best you should also do a montage of your actual wedding.

  • Debora Rispoli
    Debora Rispoli 2 dager siden

    The picture from the $100 dress category is from Isabella Narchi instagram. 🙃

  • Conveniently Shaped Lamp
    Conveniently Shaped Lamp 2 dager siden +1

    Bird? Butterfly? Snake? I’m think Fawkes the Phoenix

  • Asami Kuragane
    Asami Kuragane 2 dager siden

    No I'm thinking bird

  • CR spring17
    CR spring17 2 dager siden

    This woman has no idea how to tell the difference between hobby store tulle and actual tulle fabric used in good quality dresses.

  • Rose Casimir
    Rose Casimir 2 dager siden

    Hair extensions next 😂😍

  • Brissia Quezadas
    Brissia Quezadas 2 dager siden

    I love the video

  • Blu Angel
    Blu Angel 2 dager siden

    night gown -the renaissance wedding dress, it could be used for to go to sleep he he he ..... the expencive one - it s cute , finaly enough long dress .. i d never order online nope .. when i got married - i went to a private tailor -sewer of wedding dresses.. i choosed from 5 dresses from the magazines, the stylist united into one! It was- It is sublime!! Magical! Came out just like i desiered it ,amaizing. (my dream dress) Payed , half of the amount if i would go buy it in the store. Try the gipsy dresses he he . Would be interesting, their style is soooo rich of glitters,roses... ctr... Had nice time watching your video experiment of dresses. Thank you. shumash -lololol -- never heared this word before!