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    He is the most savage hedgehog

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    Find the mistakes in 20seconds




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    There are 32

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    Grace Maple 46 minutter siden

    you would spy on me!? you are not!!!!

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    Afredo told me to leave a thumbs down and so i did

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    Minnesota Girl 9 timer siden

    I’ve done that to my crush

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    Tal is a whole snacccc

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    I watch these videos for Alfredo ♥

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    7:57 I think his fake glasses are the movie theater ones with popped out lenses

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    RONAN DEPREY Dag siden

    Damn I never knew you could spell

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    Ruby Singer Dag siden

    Can someone just get with Tal already😂

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    • Josiah Bailey
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    When you have your glasses on do you forget that they are on and then when your 👀 are Itching and then you poke your glasses lens because that be me

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    Yes we love a tall daddy

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    I have that poop emoji

  • chocolate and friends 123

    4:17 lol hhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa so funny

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    Dani Doty Dag siden

    Honestly I put my all into my relationship 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Karen Dalirian Dag siden

    I wanted to put a thumbs up for your video. But apparently, I have to put a thumbs down. 10:40

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    jillian logsdon Dag siden

    Tal is 🔥🔥🔥 frfr.🤤🤤

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    Geez guys, keep it kid friendly!

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    Well just imagen my bf moved across the country to be with me left his friend and family

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    My name is adam but the sad thing is i have no girlfriend 😭

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    Lol raj is too lonely

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    10:15 when you realize you need new friends

  • ɱơơŋƖıɠɧɬ ʂɬąཞ

    ῳɧąɬ ıʂ ɬɧɛ ą℘℘

  • Jimins mysteriously Stolen Jams.

    10:26 Tal: wHy’D yOu MoAn LiKe ThAt?!

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    Ok alfredo I will😂😂

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    Crap song at 4:00

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    Qweenie MSP xox 2 dager siden

    mt friends always leave me out ;(

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    Marilyn Lucio 2 dager siden

    omg lmao when they did a size comparison i was shooken to the core

    PANDAMAN 25 2 dager siden

    Thx for saying my name tal my name is Alejandro Terrazas

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    Sauske Uchiha 2 dager siden

    What was the apps namr

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    Shareena Brett 2 dager siden

    5:18 was the best part of this video lol

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    Gabriella Garcia 2 dager siden

    Alfredo can speak Spanish mi tambien

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    Sla v 2 dager siden

    I has a really good friendship with a boy😀😀😀

  • Sla v
    Sla v 2 dager siden

    I hang out with the boys for fun and it is fun very fun

  • Equestrian Center
    Equestrian Center 2 dager siden

    That’s what’s my cousin doing

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    Gwendoline Gonzalez 2 dager siden

    I LOVE YOU TAL 💗💗💗

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    Ap C 3 dager siden +1

    Alejandro is my brorthers name

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    Fralex 99 3 dager siden

    You should look into buying a chair so your legs don’t hurt during the vids

  • Angie Perez
    Angie Perez 3 dager siden

    5:17 is so funny

  • Mario and Luigi and Yoshi FNAF

    Mate my name is Alejandro

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    Plz sub

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    Dont judge me but i ship you and anthony😂😂

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    That Kid Ikoris 3 dager siden

    I’ll be your friend

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    FuiWun Lim 3 dager siden

    The song.... !!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆 ❤️ you all

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    Tayla collins 3 dager siden

    omg i have a frind that moved away group wise to be with her boyfriend and then when they broke up came running back

  • Kawaii Potato Wolf
    Kawaii Potato Wolf 3 dager siden

    *I ship it*

  • 힐끔 보다blackpink
    힐끔 보다blackpink 3 dager siden


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    Brooke Graham 3 dager siden

    Tal get a chair

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    GENO chara 3 dager siden


  • Alejandro Vela
    Alejandro Vela 3 dager siden

    Dang when he said Alfredo wrong he said my actual name and it felt weird

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    Nyah Ward 3 dager siden

    The first one is always me 😢

  • Brianna West
    Brianna West 3 dager siden

    damn anthony ur short

  • Samantha Roman
    Samantha Roman 4 dager siden

    Tal is so cute also Alfredo

  • shAdow CoDeZ
    shAdow CoDeZ 4 dager siden

    I think you have gone crazy........

  • Emrial HORTON
    Emrial HORTON 4 dager siden

    HAHA that part when Anthony come in

  • StoryShift Chara
    StoryShift Chara 4 dager siden

    i am the girl that shifts to the guys (i hang out with em')

  • Kieran Bracken
    Kieran Bracken 4 dager siden

    Tall is tall

  • Zodiac K
    Zodiac K 4 dager siden

    My friends and I tell each other we love each other by showing each other a middle finger

  • Itz KyKy
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    *Tal sticks up pinky (Chinese middle finger)

  • Diane Garcia
    Diane Garcia 4 dager siden

    Alfredo is cool as hell bro he is the bomb

  • Diego Productions
    Diego Productions 4 dager siden


    ...Never heard of ‘em.

  • Musical Hufflepuff
    Musical Hufflepuff 4 dager siden

    🎶 I'm just looking for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down. Everytime I let somebody in, then I find out what they're all about.🎶

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    Haris Hussain 4 dager siden

    Can someone tell me what that apps called😂

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    にやあ¡Notashi_Yui¡ 4 dager siden

    I have a girlfriend... *complete scilence* I’m serious I do and I’m not kidding

  • Betina. H
    Betina. H 4 dager siden

    My BFF have’s a boyfriend she spensts TWO days + a sleepover whit him ignoring us+ TALKING about all the fun they had when i weren’t there🙃

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    My name is Alejandro

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    A fake animal has more followers then me . Like if so 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Tal you getting hit on by boys.. I didn't know you was g.. About that life

  • Hailie
    Hailie 4 dager siden

    I love how Anthony slapped Tal then with his phone😂😂

  • Thetruedirty Thirties
    Thetruedirty Thirties 4 dager siden

    I def need my space in a relationship. When my girls get in relationships they are MIA for 5 months and then wonder why we don’t invite them out... oh... now u guys are use to each other. Codependency is the worst

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    If you don't want T-series to out Sub Pewdiepie click right here:


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    Plz go to TalPlayz Fortnite If u support talfishman

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    If u don’t plan on marrying ur girl she’s a thot

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  • Haters Are Not Welcome Here
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  • Mavi Avila
    Mavi Avila 5 dager siden

    Lets stop talking to inanimated objects
    *talking to camera*

  • Puggy Power
    Puggy Power 5 dager siden

    Loved The Vid!

  • Jay bird
    Jay bird 5 dager siden

    what was the he was using to make song it looks cool

  • LS24 B1U3 HURR1CAN3
    LS24 B1U3 HURR1CAN3 5 dager siden +1

    "Maybe I should stop talking to inanimate objects" talks to camera

  • Susan
    Susan 5 dager siden

    Bro, how many costumes do you have??!😂😂😂

  • Murad Corchado
    Murad Corchado 5 dager siden

    Dat song tho so funny 🤣

  • sweet stranger
    sweet stranger 5 dager siden +1

    5:53 its spells strenght...

  • Hannah Leftwich
    Hannah Leftwich 5 dager siden

    Anyone else think he is just soo damn 🔥.

  • Evelyn Rosen
    Evelyn Rosen 5 dager siden

    Poo poo got a haircut!

  • Rose C
    Rose C 5 dager siden

    No no no no no no nooooo I need my friends you are not going to take my attention away from my friends

  • Mikayla Hanley
    Mikayla Hanley 5 dager siden

    Alfredo is delivering the Alfredo sauce 🤠🤠🤠

  • Duo Doge
    Duo Doge 5 dager siden

    6:00 thats my name and a lot of people spell my name as "Angle" and I dont get how you miss spell "Angel" 🤔

  • Lorissa Johnson
    Lorissa Johnson 5 dager siden

    That freez spray does hurt!!! It froze my hands so many times!!😂😂

  • Lupe Dolmuz
    Lupe Dolmuz 5 dager siden

    4:01 iam laughing soo hard😂😂😂😂😂

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    What's the app's name

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    I have a girlfriend and i hang with my friends equally as my girl

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    Friends???? Questionable!!!!

  • Valeria Alfaro
    Valeria Alfaro 6 dager siden

    "Demasiado malo el tuyo es pequeño" I think the translator wanted to say "Que mal que el tuyo es pequeño" 😂😂😂😂