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  • Exclizit YT
    Exclizit YT Time siden

    For the dog you should have put hears johnny

  • Austin Hardin
    Austin Hardin 5 timer siden

    You win photoshop competitions and fortnite match’s

  • sheena cubolan
    sheena cubolan 8 timer siden

    Its 2019

  • Leonard Skåland
    Leonard Skåland 9 timer siden

    if u r smoking i fucking hate u

  • WBF gaming
    WBF gaming 10 timer siden

    I found the dog booty

  • Honey Bunches Of Emma Fortnite

    remember when he said he had 2 channel strikes and if you get 3 your channel gets deleted
    yea i wonder what video that will be

  • Corbin Marentette
    Corbin Marentette Dag siden

    Do more photoshop battles

  • Dis is AJ
    Dis is AJ Dag siden

    Suck what

  • RandomCat666 Person

    James Fridman would win every time.

  • Tyler Leu
    Tyler Leu Dag siden

    I love my balls I miss my balls!!!

  • Raze _Dislikedaxe
    Raze _Dislikedaxe 2 dager siden

    Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaa

  • bronny nuku
    bronny nuku 2 dager siden +1

    I hate Barney!!

  • Za Man
    Za Man 2 dager siden

    TRIGGERED 7:28

  • MasterEvan
    MasterEvan 2 dager siden

    Anyone else think the kid mid fall should have been “this is SPARTA!”

  • Eddie Harshbarger
    Eddie Harshbarger 2 dager siden

    Not to be rude or anything or being mean by trying to correct him, but brain size is not a symbol of a high I.Q. Turns out, that even Albert Einstein had about the same size brain as an average person. Also dinosaurs have a lower I.Q. Anyway because they are less evolved than we are and lack “ simple” functions like the ability to talk to each others well enough to do other things than hunt or breed.

  • Eddie Harshbarger
    Eddie Harshbarger 2 dager siden

    With the dinosaurs he should of put “literal Jurassic World”

  • Chris D
    Chris D 2 dager siden

    portal dog

  • Alex Jamieson
    Alex Jamieson 3 dager siden

    That’s how I feel daily (I make memes)

  • Amanda Hemingbrough
    Amanda Hemingbrough 3 dager siden

    love your vidios

  • Latvian crusher
    Latvian crusher 3 dager siden

    3:18 You could put snoop dog sitting on the tree

  • SMASHER Youmans
    SMASHER Youmans 3 dager siden

    I play fortnite kids are watching

  • Crystal Owens
    Crystal Owens 3 dager siden

    I fell asleep at the beginning of your reaction playlist at 99% on my battery and it played until my phone died. You're welcome lol

  • Foley Fortnite
    Foley Fortnite 3 dager siden

    I love it when he says 'there's children watching' and then there's me just like 'am I not supposed to be here?'

  • Ben Fulton’s music
    Ben Fulton’s music 3 dager siden

    They’re gay

  • Gavin Zhu
    Gavin Zhu 3 dager siden


  • Gil Flores
    Gil Flores 3 dager siden

    IS it just me or the dinosaur pic looks messes up (1:48)

  • jessica crider
    jessica crider 3 dager siden

    Lazar u won all of them in my book and that is y every1 should sub to u(also i expect my pay Sunday 4 o’clock if u arent being Australian)

  • Harlem Werahiko
    Harlem Werahiko 4 dager siden

    Any one watch 2020 no me either

  • GamingDeath111
    GamingDeath111 4 dager siden

    What’s the song at 7:57

  • Tony Flamngo
    Tony Flamngo 4 dager siden


  • LaneMesserPlaysFortnite 123456789

    1:40 ummm 😐 boi wut wrong witchu

  • Minifodda Gaming
    Minifodda Gaming 4 dager siden

    haa-the ballsack d'they manage that?

  • DOGE !!!!
    DOGE !!!! 4 dager siden

    3:06 i was expecting bob Marley 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • QuinnTTV Minecraft
    QuinnTTV Minecraft 4 dager siden


  • Benjamin Bradford
    Benjamin Bradford 4 dager siden

    A raptors brain is said to be smaller than a babies brain

  • brodyn oliver
    brodyn oliver 4 dager siden

    It’s 2019 retard

  • ECHO
    ECHO 4 dager siden

    At 6:35 I was crying of laughter

  • Axelle Gorter
    Axelle Gorter 4 dager siden


  • Lacey Anderson
    Lacey Anderson 4 dager siden

    Hey lazarbeam Do you want to pickaxe fight

  • Carol Xu
    Carol Xu 4 dager siden

    i remember it was like yesterday they chop my balls off

  • Kleoxx Gaming
    Kleoxx Gaming 4 dager siden

    When he does the ocean man “why do i suddenly want to stab Lannan?”

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 4 dager siden


  • Kaelee Ritland
    Kaelee Ritland 4 dager siden

    dick up the ass

  • Fairy Tail 727
    Fairy Tail 727 4 dager siden

    Was your fight against one punch man

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 4 dager siden

    any bloody legends know a good photoshop app plz

  • Jose Eduardo Gonzalez
    Jose Eduardo Gonzalez 4 dager siden

    2023 anyone

  • Harry Robinson
    Harry Robinson 5 dager siden

    The ocean thing made me cry it triggered me that much

  • Popsickle
    Popsickle 5 dager siden

    look thru the window and what do i see? a meteorite coming directly at me?

  • T0X1K D3M0N B01
    T0X1K D3M0N B01 5 dager siden

    You Made me throw my donut At my tablet when I saw Barney

  • Fallen Angel gaming
    Fallen Angel gaming 5 dager siden

    6:34 MY BALLS

    TXC PJRHAMSTER 5 dager siden +1

    Its Funny how at the end he says buy my merch yet he is wearing lachlans merch...

  • Kade 06
    Kade 06 5 dager siden

    8:11 somebody photoshop hotline bling meme on her now

    KUSLEK 5 dager siden

    7:25 I have OCD

    HAYDEN BOULARD 5 dager siden

    3:46 whoa buddy

  • Foley Fortnite
    Foley Fortnite 5 dager siden

    5:50 Lazarbeam when he sees a thicc Fortnite character. 😂

    • Foley Fortnite
      Foley Fortnite 5 dager siden

      To be honest, I'd do the same thing if I saw Calamity 🤣

  • Smileodon Playz
    Smileodon Playz 5 dager siden +1

    5:16 Star Paws !

  • Johannes Rødseth
    Johannes Rødseth 6 dager siden

    you are a legend lannan use code lazarbeam btw

  • John koji
    John koji 6 dager siden

    Kool-Aid hairstyle I said hamster

  • John koji
    John koji 6 dager siden

    What the fuc artifact

  • John koji
    John koji 6 dager siden

    Go go go go go go. You know how many Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Must Die

  • Nick Mock
    Nick Mock 6 dager siden

    Wtf is this?

  • Craig Dunphy
    Craig Dunphy 6 dager siden

    you won

  • Brenda Swiger
    Brenda Swiger 6 dager siden

    another freind for me played back wards is another lazerbeam

  • Mike C
    Mike C 6 dager siden

    I have a youtube channel my name is my profile

  • Random Songz
    Random Songz 6 dager siden

    what website do you use?

  • H
    H 6 dager siden

    3:45 that voice sounds like riftys impression of 'far out man' or hippies

  • Glenda Cassar
    Glenda Cassar 6 dager siden +1

    Lannan , you are bloody good at PHOTOSHOP you bloody legend

  • Alolan Boys
    Alolan Boys 6 dager siden

    One pppppppppppppppppppuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • KingShieldpotion 365
    KingShieldpotion 365 6 dager siden

    1:41 B A R N E Y T H E P E D O

  • KingShieldpotion 365
    KingShieldpotion 365 6 dager siden

    1:04 S P O O P

  • Seyhan Ibraimovic
    Seyhan Ibraimovic 7 dager siden

    6:40 why the hell does he sound like Eric Cartman

  • J C
    J C 7 dager siden


  • Connor Plays
    Connor Plays 7 dager siden

    Barny error

  • Sjoerd Gaming
    Sjoerd Gaming 7 dager siden +1

    5:53 xd

  • ChazzaD123
    ChazzaD123 7 dager siden

    You did good

    NICHOLAS_J_O_F 7 dager siden

    Called it

  • Second Chaxy plays
    Second Chaxy plays 7 dager siden +4

    5:52 +18 😱 and like this comment if your watching this video in 2019 again or watching it now 👍

  • UnknownFortnite
    UnknownFortnite 7 dager siden

    1:45 the pedafile is here run barny run

  • TheHotTubZombie Gaming
    TheHotTubZombie Gaming 7 dager siden

    9:26 what did the water bottle ever do to you

  • Zachery Steinbrook
    Zachery Steinbrook 7 dager siden

    1:43 that just made me laugh

  • Saray Sandoval
    Saray Sandoval 7 dager siden

    Fuck boring

  • Liam Plunkett
    Liam Plunkett 7 dager siden


  • itsmetyphoon 999
    itsmetyphoon 999 8 dager siden

    Knew you were gonna do the smoke

  • Cheezy Wunder
    Cheezy Wunder 8 dager siden +1


  • Cheezy Wunder
    Cheezy Wunder 8 dager siden +1

    PS battle with a stupid person .
    Your welcome.

  • Nesma Abdo
    Nesma Abdo 8 dager siden

    you fukin G mother of fukr you deserv to diy

  • Doge_ Ollie
    Doge_ Ollie 8 dager siden

    Nice vide love it

  • Squid-chan OWO
    Squid-chan OWO 8 dager siden

    Donald trump or Donald duck?

  • ItsYoDogeBro XD
    ItsYoDogeBro XD 8 dager siden

    Sub if Lazarbeam is the type of person that just yells “REEEEEEE” at Walmart

  • WILDAK88 _
    WILDAK88 _ 8 dager siden

    It’s that time of the month 😉

  • Ps4 Gamer
    Ps4 Gamer 8 dager siden +1

    And who do I see a wild flipping beam crickey

  • Liam W
    Liam W 8 dager siden

    You know that Lazarbeam messed up when you get ads on your video

  • GRaF BBALLgames
    GRaF BBALLgames 8 dager siden

    Cracked the case the dogs but am I right

  • Chase Hanger
    Chase Hanger 8 dager siden

    You are the real legend

  • Shawn Russelll
    Shawn Russelll 8 dager siden

    You're my favorite NO-clipr

  • Nathan Garcia
    Nathan Garcia 8 dager siden

    I didn’t know LazarBeam can do a Californian accent😂

  • The Gamers Rise
    The Gamers Rise 8 dager siden

    How’s the guy of center

  • Daniel Yu
    Daniel Yu 8 dager siden

    What program do you use for photoshop?

  • Owen Gray
    Owen Gray 9 dager siden

    We're all weird it's good to be wierd

  • miller Grindrod
    miller Grindrod 9 dager siden

    red and blue cattle dogs