• Publisert 3. nov.. 2018
  • I'M FINALLY TELLING THIS STORY! Yeah so I basically almost died & it was definitely the scariest night of my life! Tell me what happened on the scariest night of you life! & subscribe if you are new to join the fam!
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Kommentarer • 15 138

  • Joshua Scurlock
    Joshua Scurlock 3 timer siden

    Your channel is shit

  • CristyAdam Threadgill
    CristyAdam Threadgill 3 timer siden

    I my story

  • Sara Taba
    Sara Taba 3 timer siden

    You are a good artist

  • CristyAdam Threadgill
    CristyAdam Threadgill 3 timer siden

    Click bait buygvbjggg

  • Evelyn 0583
    Evelyn 0583 3 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life is when i was with my sisters and my mom was at worl and my dad so we invited friends over so we went to the basement with our friends we were making a scary movie unitl my big sister friends screams and she ran up stairs so did we she said there was somebody staring at us we went to our big sister s room and locked it my sister called our mom but our mom didnt answer.My sister left a voice mail to our mom that said COME HOME NOW!!!

    • Evelyn 0583
      Evelyn 0583 3 timer siden

      But im not going to tell the rest maybe part 2 might come out if u give me 4 likes just for

  • Akleem Imtiaz
    Akleem Imtiaz 3 timer siden

    I’m watching in nite

  • Rose Diamond
    Rose Diamond 3 timer siden


  • WoA_StormWaver
    WoA_StormWaver 3 timer siden

    The scariest moment in my life is being Tracer.

  • Faith Major
    Faith Major 3 timer siden


  • Gacha Iris
    Gacha Iris 3 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life is sneezing with wet makeup in front of my crush

  • smithshakorah
    smithshakorah 3 timer siden

    Oh no

  • caroline Horton
    caroline Horton 3 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life was when I was in lockdown my sister killed my teacher

  • sylvain valinyrgtrttrz?Asa
    sylvain valinyrgtrttrz?Asa 3 timer siden +1

    The scariest thing that happen in the night was hearing a ghost
    Actually This Is Real I am Not A Liar I Tell My Dad

  • Khari Mayeux
    Khari Mayeux 4 timer siden

    I like how you use your bitmoji

  • Debra Malin
    Debra Malin 4 timer siden

    I felt like it was FAKE!

  • Laura Welch
    Laura Welch 4 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life is when i was at my cousins house first my friendes brother said do you guys want to the chanpleen to jump and then i got scared i herd a sound like eeee then i asked my cousin to take my down to the house and thats the scarest night of my life!!

  • XxKawaiiCroissant xX
    XxKawaiiCroissant xX 4 timer siden

    Your, just, using, bitmoji, T-T not what i camr here for

  • Sips
    Sips 4 timer siden

    Scariest night of ma life someone spilled the tea when i was not there shook 😌🤠

  • Ulvven
    Ulvven 4 timer siden +1

    the reason i have adblock is for clickbait like this

  • pomeranian lover gonzalez

    My scaryest night was when we went to a house and we saw dead people and blood and nifes wait that was a dream...

  • Esha Mookhram
    Esha Mookhram 5 timer siden +1

    Omgg u got me soooo gooooodd

  • Brownie Playz
    Brownie Playz 5 timer siden

    Why... just why...why do everyone draw better than me?

  • BlueAlien Dinis
    BlueAlien Dinis 5 timer siden

    oH mY gOsH!!!
    yOu AlMoSt DiEd?!?!?!?!?! HaNg In ThErE gIrL
    wE gAhT yOu

  • LolWithGames
    LolWithGames 5 timer siden

    wtf she didn't almost die

  • Clay Counts
    Clay Counts 5 timer siden

    When I was traps in my little sisters room and when she was tearing her dolls heir out 😱

  • Michell Jimenez
    Michell Jimenez 5 timer siden

    Is this freaking real?!?!?!?!

  • The Furby Crew
    The Furby Crew 5 timer siden

    aren't you part of troom troom...

  • Megan Izzy
    Megan Izzy 5 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life was when I got followed by a man and they said I was their daughter joshiner when I told my sister

  • Annie Lopez
    Annie Lopez 5 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life is when....


  • kerren saunders
    kerren saunders 5 timer siden

    Omg where did u get the stickers of urself

  • jungnut
    jungnut 6 timer siden

    dry blood aint bright red tho

  • Mariam Al Fahal
    Mariam Al Fahal 6 timer siden

    I think it’s fake because if you think that this is a true that means that you don’t believen god

  • Marina paunoska
    Marina paunoska 6 timer siden

    i have an doll thats the same doll like the vid and it comes with😰 a bathtub too im scard now😭😭

  • Sophia Poole
    Sophia Poole 6 timer siden

    How did you almost die?

  • King Pin 2010
    King Pin 2010 6 timer siden

    Click bait you said you almost died clickbait

  • GachaWatermelon39 - I don’t do gacha stories

    The scariest night of my life was when I had no internet connection

  • Andreas Mastrup
    Andreas Mastrup 6 timer siden

    The Night i almost died. U didnt even get close to die

  • Sayin Bear
    Sayin Bear 6 timer siden

    Click bait

  • Sayin Bear
    Sayin Bear 6 timer siden

    Clock bait

  • Todo se lo debo a el Asi nomas.


  • Lyna Neri
    Lyna Neri 6 timer siden

    How do u get the snapchat pictures

  • Shannon McElroy
    Shannon McElroy 7 timer siden

    When the WiFi went out 😣😤😱

  • DRAMOND Music
    DRAMOND Music 7 timer siden

    My scariest night:
    I was moving to Colorado. My mom drove me there because the drive was long. (It’s 4 hour drive!) I went in the new house and my mom said that I should get the haunted room. (She didn’t said that but she said that I should get this room) my room is the biggest in the whole house. I slept on the ground and a few hours later, I saw blood. There’s not a lot of blood so I think that’s good? I told my sister and my sister told my step dad. I was having a talk with him and he laughed. I was so angry, I wanted to punch him in the face! He said “your just seeing things! He laughed. I’ve slept in the room and it was terrible! The next day I slept in my sisters room for a month. My step dad got mad so I gotta move back!!!!
    And that’s me in my haunted room *fake chuckle*

  • Mitä Kuuluu
    Mitä Kuuluu 7 timer siden


  • Gizmo Memez
    Gizmo Memez 7 timer siden

    my scariest night was in 2016 when the clowns were arund one was in the bushes we got a teacher and they came over and all was left was a clown mask

    LPSOPHIE GARCIA 7 timer siden

    Almost died huh nothing happened to you. CLICKBAIT

  • Raquel Wright
    Raquel Wright 7 timer siden +1

    I was scars yestdrrday because in my house I heard a short he he he in my ear I was freaked out and I told my mom

    • Raquel Wright
      Raquel Wright 7 timer siden +1

      Iove you and hit like you don't need too

  • Getachew Mequanent
    Getachew Mequanent 7 timer siden

    Who else is reading comments while watching

  • Party Mode
    Party Mode 7 timer siden

    then how you almost died?

  • R O B L O X
    R O B L O X 7 timer siden

    The scariest moment of my whole life is everything, EVEN I LOVE IT 2

    • R O B L O X
      R O B L O X 7 timer siden

      yep, flyingkitty did a i love it pt. 2

  • waffle with avocado
    waffle with avocado 8 timer siden

    ...but you didn't "almost die" since it was just a prank...

  • Sierra Gros
    Sierra Gros 8 timer siden

    I went to the hospital because a dog scratched me and got 3 surgeries and 10 stiches under my eye went to 2 different hospitals by ambulance that was the scariest night of my life

  • Seba xd gamer Aka jailbreaker

    The scariest Night of my life i was playing fortnite to late Night and my grandma and granddad was Asleep and i died in the game i turned araund in the chair and loked out a window and there was a scary lokking person with a mask so i did not see his nose and mouth he was just standing there and loking at me and when the person Saw me loking at him/she the person Got mad it loked like and he put up a knife outside the window and i screamed and that was of some reason anough to scare him/she ran away and i whent to play one more game in fortnite and after that game i whent to sleep upstairs

  • Shataw Moezi
    Shataw Moezi 8 timer siden


  • Istoleyourbaconwhileyourreadingmyname

    The scariest thing in my life is when my internet died

  • CoolGirl ToysAndMusically

    The scariest thing I've ever experienced is when I got my phone taken away

  • Colleen McFarland
    Colleen McFarland 9 timer siden


  • Mochiverse
    Mochiverse 9 timer siden

    Dry blood is brown .______

  • Kxxwii Msp
    Kxxwii Msp 9 timer siden

    The scariest moment in my life.........

    Was when my internet was cut off

  • Khloe Mathis
    Khloe Mathis 9 timer siden

    The scarcest night is well actually it was the day this was posted and so wait one mor thing my baby sis was with me so now I was out with my mom and dad at a restrant and I needed to use the restroom and when I went in there was blood every where I really needed to use the restroom so I went anyway but when I came back to the table only my siblings Kali Coralie and baby Karie so I told the oldest to take us home but then my baby sis dropped my phone so I picked it up and it had blood on it then my oldest sister was gone and then I turned my phone off then back on and right behind me was a"killer" and I through I would die and then it was my parents

  • Drea rubio
    Drea rubio 9 timer siden

    Are they sill your friends

  • Ashley Nicole :3
    Ashley Nicole :3 9 timer siden +1

    the scariest thing of my life is When i Was in the car And my Brother Scream like a girl

  • Bernard Michael Baluyut
    Bernard Michael Baluyut 10 timer siden +1

    Scariest of my Life is Getting Trap in An Elevator With my Classmates Num 1 Classmate: Lancer Num 2 Classmate: Saila Num 3 Classmate: Julse Num 4 Classmate: Joshua Num 5 Classmate: Ninki Me: Bernard

  • Leylah TV
    Leylah TV 10 timer siden

    I almost died

  • Jaden WANG
    Jaden WANG 10 timer siden

    Mine is a curse of baldi because he is bald

  • Principle of the thing
    Principle of the thing 11 timer siden +2

    I have a scary night

    I peed on my bed

  • Achilles Diokno
    Achilles Diokno 11 timer siden +1

    The scariest moment in my life when i got an accident in school

  • deathpacito 2
    deathpacito 2 11 timer siden

    The scariest moment in my life is when i tried to go to sleep in 12 pm and my water bottle just started moving off the table slowly and eventuallly fell to the ground

  • Hai Anh XNK
    Hai Anh XNK 11 timer siden

    tried youuuu i have olny 1

  • Padmini Prakash
    Padmini Prakash 11 timer siden

    My scariest moment was when a cockroach came near my foot

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith 12 timer siden +1

    I don’t remember my scary moment

  • Dang Cats
    Dang Cats 12 timer siden


  • Nichole Gaila
    Nichole Gaila 12 timer siden +2

    This isn't scary but a little bit

  • Patricia Mason
    Patricia Mason 12 timer siden

    Say when the the car fishtailed I saw my life flash before my eyes but I am alive and we have moved here and you know the rest of the story cuz I put it in there😅😅😅😅😅

  • Patricia Mason
    Patricia Mason 12 timer siden

    Most scariest day of my life was when we were moving here to Las Vegas my dad's car fishtailed because you had a trailer behind us I wanted fish to a legit saw my life flash before my eyes but I am alive and the car fishtailed like three times so yeah I hated it I had the entire trip I got barely any sleep😅😔😋

  • S9nta
    S9nta 12 timer siden +1

    My scariest night was when I released i have a small d*ck

  • TheSwordCraft XD456
    TheSwordCraft XD456 12 timer siden

    So it was just a prank XD Where did they get the building XD

  • rosana alicaway
    rosana alicaway 13 timer siden +1

    I like your draw my life

  • Angie Chng
    Angie Chng 13 timer siden +1

    Lol period

  • Carrie Geist
    Carrie Geist 13 timer siden

    Some time maybe there is penny rise or Jason the Friday 13 it will be scarier then I thought

  • Samantha Prieto
    Samantha Prieto 13 timer siden

    Hi I'm new here and I want you to be happy

  • Cute pie
    Cute pie 13 timer siden

    The scariest VIDEO EVER GIRL!

  • Thien Bui
    Thien Bui 13 timer siden

    XD bitmoji

  • sarah and sally gacha
    sarah and sally gacha 13 timer siden


  • Beatrice Kavini
    Beatrice Kavini 14 timer siden

    Sorry you have to be careful about the process

  • Golden Child
    Golden Child 14 timer siden

    27 is my birthday

  • Neftali Elijah Zerachiel Ekander Schwepman-Whiting

    If that is the scariest night of your life, you haven't seen anything.

  • Akirie TV
    Akirie TV 14 timer siden

    The night you almost died of laughter from watching TNTL’s

  • Sarah Mott
    Sarah Mott 14 timer siden

    the scariest time of my life was when my mum was bleeding so much and went pal

  • Michelle Hartley
    Michelle Hartley 14 timer siden

    Is that bitmogi from snapchat ???

  • gotya girls
    gotya girls 15 timer siden

    Om not scary but ok i do know one il post it later

  • Milda Amsiejute
    Milda Amsiejute 15 timer siden


  • 83Kickan
    83Kickan 15 timer siden

    I heard slendarman out side my bed room door😰😱

  • Dyl547 YT
    Dyl547 YT 15 timer siden

    I was walking along a footpath with my friends and stare into a factory building with its lights off. A man emerged from the dark and glared directly towards us. We walk further down to an empty car park and decide to tie a red balloon out of the drain. At this moment we thought it was funny until we herd a scream. I turned my flashlight on and pointed it toward the drain. We saw something with orange hair down there and start to run to a reception because it was our Soccer Presentation. Then a man just peeked around the corner and we screamed.

  • Marchander the Great
    Marchander the Great 15 timer siden

    Sorry... but... how did you almost die?

  • Noura Al
    Noura Al 15 timer siden


  • /H/a/p/p/i/n/e/s/s/M/P/4
    /H/a/p/p/i/n/e/s/s/M/P/4 15 timer siden

    The scariest moment of my life is seeing Logan Paul tie with KSI. KSI should have won.

  • Edzer Mikko
    Edzer Mikko 16 timer siden

    You know it’s scary there’s a flashlight

  • Hawkstorm17
    Hawkstorm17 16 timer siden

    The scariest night of my life
    I had a bad dream
    when i woke up,
    i looked out of my bedroom door from under my blankets

    mum pooped her head to check on me....
    scariest. thing. ever.

  • skypie 700
    skypie 700 16 timer siden

    Roses are red
    Blood is too
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you