• Publisert 3. nov.. 2018
  • I'M FINALLY TELLING THIS STORY! Yeah so I basically almost died & it was definitely the scariest night of my life! Tell me what happened on the scariest night of you life! & subscribe if you are new to join the fam!
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  • Cailyn Block
    Cailyn Block 36 minutter siden

    The scariest night of my life was when I was at my friends house and her neighbor was like spying on us threw the window and this was last year and we were home alone.

  • Katie The were wolf unicorn

    The scariest moment of my life was when...

    I got grounded for a week with no Tv,Tablet,phone or anything

  • Princess29 Girl
    Princess29 Girl Time siden

    I got lost at a camp sight and my parents were at my camper van!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marissa Sembrano
    Marissa Sembrano 9 timer siden

    I love you ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!😫😫😫

  • Marissa Sembrano
    Marissa Sembrano 9 timer siden

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !!!!!!!!!!!😫

  • Jasmine Shilliday
    Jasmine Shilliday 21 time siden

    brianna was there a guy named andrew with you because im might know him he was the one saying put put the light on the wall

  • Kayla Cordero
    Kayla Cordero 22 timer siden

    the scariest moment was when i woke up at 3:00 am and i saw a shadow of a man 💀💀🙏

  • Sarah Addison
    Sarah Addison Dag siden

    My scary time was when I went the beat club and then I took an Uber home.
    And then I saw blood on my door.
    And then I heard AHHHHHH!!!
    So I read inside my house then there was blood everywhere.
    And this is not a lie

  • Maddie Knight
    Maddie Knight Dag siden

    I waited two years for this fuck this I’m done

  • Loredana Badea
    Loredana Badea Dag siden

    The scariest night of my life was when a women came up to me and my familly whit a knife!!!

  • Poké at Freddys
    Poké at Freddys Dag siden

    OH NO ALMOST DIED BY A PRANK not almost died if there was no murderer or real blood

  • Kiley D.
    Kiley D. Dag siden

    Scariest day of mah life is when there was a drunk driver behind us 😓 and also when baby shark came out

  • Kiley D.
    Kiley D. Dag siden

    I love how theres bitmojis

  • Michael Palacios
    Michael Palacios Dag siden


  • Janice Reyes
    Janice Reyes Dag siden

    My sister ended up seeing demons and was crying bout it but ended up being a prank!😱

  • Izz GamesAwesome
    Izz GamesAwesome Dag siden

    How did you make the bitmoji stickers??

  • Vjollca Zhuniqi
    Vjollca Zhuniqi 2 dager siden


  • Bribri Lazenby
    Bribri Lazenby 2 dager siden

    heyyyy my name is also Brianna!

  • Jenny Poole
    Jenny Poole 2 dager siden

    It was rubbish

  • Gacha kimberly REAL ME Ash

    The story started on my brithday MDMFNDNFN

  • Amberly Chucher
    Amberly Chucher 3 dager siden

    The scaryist night of my life was when I was walking home from school then I got lost so I cryd a little bit and after i stopped crying i saw a man who was covered in blood the man came up to me and said "see me at 3am i got a little scared so I ran and I went to my Nana's (because I now where she lives )and I slept on the couch and at morning i woken up and at the window i saw the SAME MAN!!!!😱😱😱😱when it was lunch i watched some TV and my mom arived when nana was with her friends i told mom about it and we called the police now I'm scared if shows up at my window at 3am......

  • Kelsey Tullgren
    Kelsey Tullgren 3 dager siden

    6:46 look at where the hands are on the blonde man!

    ᏉᎥᏁᏖᏗ ᎶᏋ 3 dager siden

    *runs into wall “guys I almost died!”*

  • E S
    E S 3 dager siden

    Is this real? My scariest night was when i had an awful nightmare!

  • Juanfelipe Flores
    Juanfelipe Flores 3 dager siden

    Here's my story about my cousin jefferry
    About 5 years ago we were having a party at 20:30 soon it was getting late it was 03:00 i got scared (beacuse of movies shown what would happen at that time) so we staid and soon i guy shouted guys the door won't open we all panicked and my cousin screamed :heeeeeeelp no answer bu then we heard a little voice saing :hello ovwr there and started singing my cousin cried beacuse of the music after the music stopped one of the guys were gone we looked and we looked no sign and it was jefferry

  • Clayash Gutshall
    Clayash Gutshall 3 dager siden


  • unicornpiex gacha
    unicornpiex gacha 3 dager siden

    is it fake or real???

  • Isabella Zhang
    Isabella Zhang 3 dager siden +1

    my story is kind of like yours but it wasent a prank.

  • Ellissa_ playz
    Ellissa_ playz 3 dager siden

    Your a good drawer! 😇🙂🤩🤯

  • Jayla Giles
    Jayla Giles 3 dager siden

    Omg my Scariest moment of my life is when I liked this vid

  • Guisela Llontop
    Guisela Llontop 3 dager siden


  • Nyny Yt
    Nyny Yt 4 dager siden

    ok I don't know what to say but that was s s s s scary like very scary well I'm hung yt make a part 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  • Simon Plays LOL
    Simon Plays LOL 4 dager siden

    *The Scariest Thing That Ever Happend To Me Is When I Lost My Wi-Fi And MEETING A TRACER*

  • Darko Krstov
    Darko Krstov 4 dager siden

    The scariest night of my life was

    When i droped my eraisure and it fell on the other side but when i looked it was on the opposite side like if you thing this is scary

    BLAINE LANTZ 4 dager siden

    Do the weirdest night of your life

  • Lucy Faye
    Lucy Faye 4 dager siden

    I love scary stuff

  • PinkiePandaGaming :3
    PinkiePandaGaming :3 4 dager siden


  • PinkiePandaGaming :3
    PinkiePandaGaming :3 4 dager siden

    Me seeing the blood* OK...WE ARE GOING...OUT..NOW! Me pulling them out from the start*

  • fading infinity
    fading infinity 4 dager siden

    the scariest moment of my life happened when I was 4. I was stupid and got my head stuck in a chair. I couldn't breathe. I thought I was gonna die. luckily my dad saw and untangled me from the chair.

  • Kełsea Kełwood
    Kełsea Kełwood 4 dager siden

    That was mean of them, they shouldn’t have done that it’s
    Read more

  • Kełsea Kełwood
    Kełsea Kełwood 4 dager siden

    The scariest night of my life... I woke up to go to the bathroom, I did my business, and climb back into bed. I fall asleep, till I notice I have lost oxygen, so I try to scream, but nothing comes out! I was so scared I thought someone broke into our house but I couldn’t see anything or anyone! So I ran to my parents room! They took me to the hospital, and it turns out I had a stage 5 panic attack... 😑 that’s where ur body shuts down all systems because you either witnessed ur worst nightmare or had a bad thought that you were positive was in real life. Those are the third worst panic attacks, stage 7 is the worst one, that’s a heart attack!😬

  • Korabunny426 animations
    Korabunny426 animations 4 dager siden


  • lucy kim
    lucy kim 4 dager siden


  • panda days
    panda days 4 dager siden

    The scariest moment of my life is when I always fart

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson 4 dager siden

    uhmmmm soo

  • Nikki Gulayan
    Nikki Gulayan 5 dager siden

    With that thumbnail I thought it was a period story XD

  • Mitch Gamboa
    Mitch Gamboa 5 dager siden


  • frankieyoung30
    frankieyoung30 5 dager siden

    project zorgo is watching...

  • Thai Thai
    Thai Thai 5 dager siden

    Omg 😲 ok🤭

  • Wolfydog 123311
    Wolfydog 123311 5 dager siden

    The scariest day of my life is when

    When my dog was eating

    MY LUCH! :oooooooooooo

  • Adrian Murillo perez prudoctons

    The night I almost died more like the night I almost had a heart attack because random teenagers scared the he’ll out of me

  • Kelly Booth
    Kelly Booth 5 dager siden

    It’s so scary

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 5 dager siden

    I heard a voice call for me

  • Kateandkellyrocks
    Kateandkellyrocks 5 dager siden

    I love your draw my life’s

  • Raegan Gamboa
    Raegan Gamboa 5 dager siden +1

    My Scary story:
    So one day It was like December 22 2018, And I was about to go to bed so I went to bed and like 20 mins later and I heard footsteps and I was like " Oh it's probably my cat." But then It goes on for hours and then I thought it was my elf so I faced my window while I was closing my eyes so like a 1 min later I heard a door open so I turn around and nothing.

    Scary Right?

    It's True :p

  • Chris Owens
    Chris Owens 6 dager siden

    I subscribed to u

  • Ellamae Rose Floria
    Ellamae Rose Floria 6 dager siden +1

    The scariest night of my life was I had a lot stuffed animals and they moved so I put them in my brother's room and what if I moved out of his room you know when was up there at all. I was I was freaking out I wanted to bring them in one time also so my cousin gave me a doll I stepped on it and when I unstepped it its head and its legs moved up I was freaking out that day too

  • Christy Animates
    Christy Animates 6 dager siden

    DRAW MY LIFE : the night begins to shine

  • The Ghost 666 Dltds
    The Ghost 666 Dltds 6 dager siden

    First time i see it in scared in it was just a PRANK ARE YOU PRANKING YOUR FRIEND?!!! In i gonna tell you something make me angry it's HOW CAN YOU GET THESE STICKERS!!!!!>:(

  • Dalia Morales
    Dalia Morales 6 dager siden +2

    One time me and my friends went to a place where there was this abandoned house and people say that a family of ghosts live there and we didn’t believe them but when we took pictures outside of it one of the pictures had a little boy with a shirt covered in blood and next to him was a bloody body

  • Haley Uhl
    Haley Uhl 6 dager siden

    Omg my name is Haley two:):)

  • RainbowStarLight Girl
    RainbowStarLight Girl 7 dager siden


  • Euphie Manalastas mika
    Euphie Manalastas mika 7 dager siden

    O my god god no...so..spoky......god pls no...

  • Dazzle Dolls
    Dazzle Dolls 7 dager siden

    I sometimes wonder. Why more people are scared of ONE serial Killer?!?! like wtf?

  • Clair Tart
    Clair Tart 7 dager siden

    The pictures just give me the real pictures and the real life pictures they just creep me

  • Jasmine Molina
    Jasmine Molina 7 dager siden

    Im New To You're Channel!

  • Thomas Taravella
    Thomas Taravella 7 dager siden

    I love
    I love your
    I love your videos
    I love your videos,
    I love your videos, please
    I love your videos, please make
    I love your videos, please make more
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    I love your videos, please make more because I wasted
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    I love your videos, please make more because I wasted all my time all I love your videos, please make more because I wasted all my time all for
    I love your videos, please make more because I wasted all my time all for you! ( not deleting the words took me like 1 hour.)

  • Thomas Taravella
    Thomas Taravella 7 dager siden

    I love your videos Brianna!!! Please make more videos you have the most incredible uploads!! You are the best youtuber ever!!! XD love the part when you got pranked!! you deserve to have money from youtube!!

  • Gabe Dabber
    Gabe Dabber 7 dager siden


  • Angela Cooper
    Angela Cooper 7 dager siden

    U are a good I mean really good colorer

  • Emily Willoughby
    Emily Willoughby 8 dager siden +1

    The scariest moment I ever had was at Halloween at my old house so
    Somebody knocked on the door and I was giving out the sweets and I opened it and they was a killer clown holding a chainsaw... Terns out my big bro pranked me and the chainsaw was fake lol but I was horrified this happened when I was eight.😂

  • Rainbow kAkE
    Rainbow kAkE 8 dager siden


    • Rainbow kAkE
      Rainbow kAkE 8 dager siden

      And I love you you're the bestest ever ever ever ever ever ever NO-clip I love your Channel and I'm scared if I die in my night I'm in my pajamas right now and I'm watching your videos right now

  • Angela Pretty love heart
    Angela Pretty love heart 8 dager siden

    My scary dream was.....I woke UP to play roblox at 3:00 a.m

  • 사랑해안녕
    사랑해안녕 8 dager siden

    This was a bit boring😂

  • Oofdooficarebare 1234
    Oofdooficarebare 1234 8 dager siden

    My cats b day is on the 24 of October

  • Shakira Hilton
    Shakira Hilton 8 dager siden

    The scariest moment of my life was when me and my sister went to a destroyed theem Park and seen a shadow but no one was there

  • Lil Alex
    Lil Alex 8 dager siden +1

    Wanna hear a scary story I made up????👽👽👽👽

    It was 2:00 in the morning
    I remember waking up from my sister crying cause she had a nightmare
    But then something dint feel right...
    I felt like someone was watching me from behind my bed
    I looked
    *no one there*
    All the sudden I heard a "*BAM BAM BAM*" from the front door
    My sister stopped crying and we just looked at each other..
    our parents were still sleeping
    and again another *BAM BAM BAM*
    we both freaked out
    Tears rolling down to me and my sister
    *Door opened*
    *Someone is in the house...*
    We called the police
    But then..
    *he found us..*
    We were screaming
    But then.....
    *The end*
    Like your story
    Tried really hard on this!!👍

  • AslanBoy 12308
    AslanBoy 12308 9 dager siden +1

    My story is basically i was with my girlfriend and my friends with there girlfriends. So we went to an abandoned house in England. I was biggest in the whole group and everyone knew i did Karate ,Boxing, Kung fu , and i was a Bruce Lee specialist. When we entered the place on the walls it said help me (with blood). Then we all heard a scream on the 2nd floor I pulled out my Nun chucks and then we cautiously went upstairs to the 2nd floor. I thought my eyes were deceiving me i saw a clown with a knife. I swang my nun chucks around my body like bruce lee does then he came charging at me. I wacked him once then he fell to his knees. Then I wacked him in the head very very hard despite his head was bleeding then I kicked him in the head he flew backwards. I jumped on the floor onto him then stated punching him with my heathty punches. Now thats my story. Then everyone was impressed in my group for one last time i wacked him in the head with my nun chucks. (I took his knife and threw it in the bin at my house.

  • sandrusia12
    sandrusia12 9 dager siden

    the tittle says the night i almost died!?? like helloo??

  • Carol Robson
    Carol Robson 9 dager siden


  • Sophie Mccormack
    Sophie Mccormack 9 dager siden

    Knock a sister out. Do u watch James? 😹

  • Qiara Love
    Qiara Love 9 dager siden +1

    My scariest night of my life is me and my cousin and my friend thier name are ian and zarra when z and i was i woke up in the middle of the night I somebody knocking on the door

  • Giana Vazquez
    Giana Vazquez 9 dager siden

    The scary time of my life is when i found BTS

  • Phocer
    Phocer 9 dager siden


  • ABVB2018 PewDiePie is gona win

    Draw my life but like uses stickers

  • Yareli Martinez
    Yareli Martinez 10 dager siden +1

    Im scared ahhhh my fav song is on whaaaaaa im scared of meh fav song

  • garry griffiths griffiths
    garry griffiths griffiths 10 dager siden

    2019 anyone

  • night cat star
    night cat star 10 dager siden

    That ant scary so u new it so ur stupid bitch

  • night cat star
    night cat star 10 dager siden

    Ur going to jell!

  • night cat star
    night cat star 10 dager siden

    Uh shut up u deserv to go to prison so fuck up laws wene a piecle see u will take u to jelll or prison cuz they will think u did it and u proble did

  • night cat star
    night cat star 10 dager siden

    Ummm u lied so i know its fake so shut it ok? Ok!

  • Keira
    Keira 10 dager siden

    My younger brother and my friend we're asleep and my brother took a knife and tried to kill me

  • Parrot Gaming
    Parrot Gaming 10 dager siden

    I almost died 2 times and I'm still a kid
    1:almost run over trying to get to school when a driver was driving right behind me dose not stop at the stop sign just drives
    2:almost falling off a roller coaster at CNE

    WOlFENSTEIN NEW ORDER 10 dager siden

    I thought it was worth the two years

  • Cute Bunny Donut
    Cute Bunny Donut 10 dager siden

    I was watching this in the dark and I was alone at home and I heard my neighbors foot steps

  • john kirkham
    john kirkham 10 dager siden +1

    The scariest night of my night was when i heard my dog barking and crying i went down and he was dying and then he was not breathing i was so scared he survived but whenever i see him now i think of that it was so creepy how the same night after i got back from the vets from dropping him of there was a man knock at about 2 or 3 am it was so creepy i heard something smash but i thought i was losing my mind of worrying about my dog so i started thinking to look around i did and heard something i again thought that it was my mind no lie i love my dog that was about 2 yrs ago i miss him 😭❤😭❤😭😭

  • Johan Rios
    Johan Rios 11 dager siden +1

    So my scary night is real so I was recording a video for youtube it was a 24 hour challenge but when it turned 3:00Am everything turned off lucky of me I had 50 other people with me I'm 20 anyways so but we heard a scream like another person was with us but no there was only us I thought, when we got to the place we heard the scream we saw a person hanged to the roof, we all freaked out but I was smart enough to have bombs and guns we all grabbed one but we saw another thing it was all dark and a bit bloody we had a flash light we used it and it was the flippin 😈! We all shoot our weapons but they didn't work they weren't jammed and they had ammo then everyone froze I was the only one who could move but then the devil knocked us all out we we're in a room with dead bloody people, after I got so damn scared I somehow had a red eye and changed then a name popped above me it said hi pyscho boy defeat him I'm like ok, we battled I almost died barely died, I got so damn mad both of my eyes turned red, I fought and fought and there I killed him but he said this I'll be back, I became rich and now I live in a floating Castle on a island I have a gang they are the 50 people and I found 2 others that are like new but named Alex, and Logan, they joined one day there was only us me, Alex, Logan, we found a portal we went in, and there were zombies skeletons and killers, we fought and got used to it, we started being psychos, and went in there when we we're bored I also have a girlfriend named psycho girl, we all all of us go in that portal, even tword this day

  • Madison Dempsay
    Madison Dempsay 11 dager siden

    Me and my friend were playing and we heard my friend scream We were in an old abandon house and we saw blood it was fresh we found my friend but she had a huge cut and she was to scared to talk and a lot of my were scared so they went to here house to clean her up so it was just me my cousin and her friend she called the cops and around the time we found some one the cops asked her what is happening she screamed and the guy found us we ran and the cops came and found us dead bodies and a murder he was arrested and the bodies were reported and returned To the family’s my friend went to the hospital she lived but we all agreed to never talk about it again

  • sandra mills
    sandra mills 11 dager siden

    The scariest night of my life is when I was down stairs with my parents and I heard banging on my back door and I went to check out what it was thinking it was my dogs(like the dumb child I am). And get this we live by a creek with 3 gators in the creek so we have to go out side so our dogs don't get eaten or run away from us. Back to the story. I saw a 8 foot gator!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO SCARED!!!!!!!!! I thought it would break our glass door!!!!!!!!!! I went back to my parents and told em'. The gator was gone the next morning...

  • The Weirdest Ones
    The Weirdest Ones 11 dager siden

    So you didn't almost die? Why did you clickbait?