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  • ViruZ
    ViruZ 13 timer siden

    The reason we are so rich is the beer tax

  • Jeff Doe
    Jeff Doe 18 timer siden

    Let's all move to Norway!!!

  • Jatin Goel
    Jatin Goel 20 timer siden

    Money is the weapon for need wants demand desire requirement
    Your goal decides the kind nature type way form of money form for money for by money

  • Ben Kauffman
    Ben Kauffman Dag siden

    I'm an old fart American so nobody will probably read this but I feel like I gotta write it anyway. Those of you concerned with the music- really?? You actually feel that's worth commenting about? Get a life. Also.. I don't know anyone stands watching this guy- he takes forever to make a point and his style is terrible. Comparing the U.S. to Norway is about as logical as comparing New York City to Farmtown, Iowa. They have 5 million people, guys... FIVE MILLION! AND it is a homogeneous population. AND they have a fat income stream from oil. AND they have incredibly high taxes. Yes- they are smart to invest in the global economy but what happens when that collapses? What happens when the oil dries up? They can't go back to cod fishing- the cod are gone. Everyone uses Scandinavia to push their social justice agendas. Yes- their free college and free health care are just peachy but my God- do you guys have any idea what they pay for that stuff? In case nobody ever told you this - there is NO free lunch- ever, anywhere, of any kind (unless you're homeless and at a shelter- is that where you want to be?). The problem is most of you think as long as somebody ELSE is paying for it- then, as far as you are concerned, it is free. There are none so blind as those who will not see and many of you people are proof of that. Let's see where Scandinavia is in 30 years. The U.S. is still the best model in the world because it creates the most wealth for the most people- by FAR! I guess you folks think the fact that more people want to come here than anywhere else in the world - again by FAR- is because all those people are stupid and blind. The social justice and the equality of outcome nonsense will kill the Western world and I have no doubt most of you think that is just fine. Every one will have nothing but at least we'll be equal. You can sit around all day looking at your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I'm glad I will be dead.

    • Claystead
      Claystead Dag siden

      The US model creates the most wealth for the most people? Spare us. American wage growth has been stagnant since 1981 and almost half the time since Reagan left office, it has been below inflation replacement levels, meaning average Americans have been getting poorer. Add to that the ballooning cost of college and healthcare, and the American middle class is being slowly eradicated. America as you know it is dying, choked under the crushing grip of monopolistic corporations keeping wages depressed in order to make money for their shareholders. And your grumpy old lot sit around complaining about the youth listening to socialists, when your generation’s stupid policies is the source of this. For many young Americans, a radical restructuring of American capitalism to break the back of the corporations is their only hope of escaping lifelong poverty for themselves and their children. While I am no leftwinger myself, even I can see the corporate cancer sucking life out of America. It will decades, probably several generations, to undo the damage caused by the postwar baby boom generation to American economy, politics, environment, and global respect. If you have any love for your country, keep yourself alive so you can help rebuild what your generation has destroyed.

  • Freedom Philosophy
    Freedom Philosophy Dag siden

    Capitalism is based on private property and free trade. “State capitalism” is therefore impossible. When the government owns much of a societies productive wealth, that is called nationalisation.

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave 2 dager siden

    China is communist. Lol

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave 2 dager siden

    This guy hates Christ... How can you promote a satanic rock band for monney.
    You are such a big traitor

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave 2 dager siden

    Ok... You have no clue about the democratic party and what a hero is Alex Jones.... Dislike

    • Claystead
      Claystead Dag siden

      Alex Jones is a moron and a fraud.

  • Jann Lee
    Jann Lee 2 dager siden

    A lot of Norwegians do complain in the comment section about how shit their life is!
    I live in Norway and life is super good if you compare to the rest of the world.

    Not everyone is a millionaire the majority here are not, but decent salary for most families.

    Til dere Nordmenn som klager klager og klager!
    Flytt til et tredje verden land og bo der i et par og da garanterer jeg at du ALDRI vil klage på Norge mer.
    Dere naive Nordmenn vet ikke hvor godt dere har det her i Norge forhold til resten av verden!

  • Tommy Olsen
    Tommy Olsen 2 dager siden

    I think US should start paying back the money the owe us... so we can buy more of you

  • Salvatore Giuseppe
    Salvatore Giuseppe 2 dager siden

    Norway system is simple, you cant be rich, you must be supper intelectual to be rich, Norwegians r fully controled by theyr goverment, pll r powerless, we heard even systematicaly child care thy kidnàping kids kind of modern kidnaping.
    The worst country to live is Norway they live in fear seance they get money fr oil

  • Salvatore Giuseppe
    Salvatore Giuseppe 2 dager siden

    U talk too much than u come to point its bouring, i cant see all your video

  • Proj3ct Truth
    Proj3ct Truth 2 dager siden

    Shell (and Norway) became enormously rich in the late 1950's not because of north sea oil, but because it is the main oil company in Nigeria, a country listed as a top 10 oil producer with one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Shell runs and manipulates everything oil in Nigeria and controls most of the politics in the country to maintain it's dominance. This is where their obscene wealth comes from. The average Nigerian get poorer (a few corrupt ones get rich) but the Norwegian govt and Shell get immensely rich.
    I'm not judging them, i just want the facts to be clear. Business is business after all, The Nigerians cannot be trusted to effectively manage themselves, and to be honest most Nigerians would prefer a neutral country like Norway to benefit from their oil, than say a hostile country like China, Australia or USA.

    • Claystead
      Claystead Dag siden

      Shell is Dutch. Statoil is the Norwegian one, and as far as I know they only operate in Europe and Asia.

  • nothing1099
    nothing1099 2 dager siden

    All this may sound like Norway is better than the UK, but the UK has 15 times more people, so Norway could invest while the UK couldn't. Alberta, Canada, has a oil fund even though the Canadian government takes most of the royalties and taxes.

  • Sasha Da Masta
    Sasha Da Masta 3 dager siden +1

    So norway is basically that nomad dessert tribe from endless Legends and the families from endless space 2

  • mwtrolle
    mwtrolle 3 dager siden

    A big part of the Norwegian oil fields should have been Danish, but the danish politicians give most of it away just before it were found out that it were worth more then fishing rights.

  • mwtrolle
    mwtrolle 3 dager siden

    Comparing Norway to China, you have lost your pacifier!
    Yes they have state owned companies, but they are different in the way the do it an almost every single way. Also many of the big CCP Chinese companies are not state owned, but state supported, the CCP gives them an favorable advantage over all other nations companies by unfair rule of law and rules, and by helping them steal technology and reverse engineer it.

  • Megnanus
    Megnanus 3 dager siden

    The person in the thumbnail is not Norweigan. He is Mortuus, from the Swedish band Marduk.

  • dakota conners
    dakota conners 3 dager siden

    if Norway is so rich why don't they take in all those refugee's and mix up your culture with diversity like so many European countries have. then lets see how your lifestyle is changed

    • dakota conners
      dakota conners Dag siden

      +Claystead well that's a start. however; I am talking about the millions taken in by the France, Germany, England and various other European countries including Sweden.

    • Claystead
      Claystead Dag siden

      Oh, we do already. Two thousand a year.

  • Brad Lee
    Brad Lee 3 dager siden

    dude, its simple... they are fucking vikings

  • grassweed soul
    grassweed soul 3 dager siden

    Its only 6000 miliarder kroner

  • 孫子明
    孫子明 4 dager siden

    Why chinese people always have bad luck...

  • grassweed soul
    grassweed soul 4 dager siden

    Satyricon - dawn of a new age a must listen to song...with headset:)

  • Eto Rarawa
    Eto Rarawa 4 dager siden

    We should have agreed to Bush's bill to allow for people paying social security to invest at least half of their portion into the stock market. I was in college when Bush made that proposal and like many leftist at the time I believed everything the people were arguing against it, now I'm older and wiser I realize that the gains from the stock market in taxes would've boost Govt spending and helped decrease the deficit. I'm honestly pissed off at myself and my leftist professors for preying on my young and uninformed mind, the left should sometimes just shut up and let people decide their own futures.

  • CaliC4
    CaliC4 4 dager siden

    best reporting on this topic i've ever seen.

  • gnome of Bendixen
    gnome of Bendixen 4 dager siden

    All you need to worry about is to not insult the famous brown cheese

  • kume1985
    kume1985 5 dager siden

    In other words, Norwegians are smarter than other oil countires.

  • Freeman319
    Freeman319 5 dager siden

    Oil... when will America hear about the oil and invade it?

  • Elisha
    Elisha 5 dager siden

    So much wealth, so small a population - they don't have to be geniuses to make it work. They use that power to further secular humanist nonsense. "Ethical" investments? It is probably a good idea to understand the basics of life first ...
    This, from the grand poobah of atheistic buffoonery:

    "The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good. Nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows, nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music". - Richard Dawkins [River Out Of Eden,133]

    If the essence of our physicality "neither knows, nor cares", how does his worldview account for morality and reason?

    • jahudini
      jahudini 4 dager siden

      What are you yapping about?

  • MorderElg
    MorderElg 5 dager siden

    Simon shows up everywhere!

  • T René
    T René 5 dager siden +1

    We are badass vikings, bend over and pretend to enjoy it! Don't worry, we'll oil you up first 😘
    And we are 5,5 million, I would have you know!

  • Joe King
    Joe King 5 dager siden

    So what is your problem with Alex Jones???

  • lexzbuddy
    lexzbuddy 5 dager siden

    I really like Norway. I've worked there and loved it. The people are great and it is just a great place.

  • OhMyToast
    OhMyToast 5 dager siden

    Take on me was a really good Norwegian song
    eller hva synes dere?

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice 5 dager siden

    So when Norway’s 🇳🇴 economy collapse, Norwegian people will be competing with their neighbors on who gives the best BJ’s.

  • Mike-Smoke
    Mike-Smoke 6 dager siden +2

    The problem with the USA is our politicians. We do pay a lot of taxes already. Our government brings in over 4 Trillion dollars a year for the benefit of 350 million citizens. Its about spending. Nancy Pelosi for example makes $220,000 a year and is worth $120 Million? USA already pays enough in taxes its our politicians that cant manage the money that is the problem. Its SPENDING STUPID!!

    • jahudini
      jahudini 4 dager siden

      Tell me about it. Just filed taxes, payed 30k and am told am still owing $1200. And here we are. It's not funny the least.

  • protest protestes
    protest protestes 6 dager siden

    how come they put pressure on other countries andthey themselves pollute the oceans with virus from the fishfarms firing scientists reasechses this global destruction of wild salmon. feed the farmfish with poison from the baltic sea and sell the shit to people as food. STOP NORWAY FROM POISONING US ALL

  • Adrian Moroianu
    Adrian Moroianu 6 dager siden

    i hear black metal i hit like

  • RK S
    RK S 6 dager siden +1

    NORWAY IS NOT RICH !! ITS 4 million USELESS people..who no one knows or cares about.....
    so their GDP SEEMS HIGH, NORWAY IS not that rich..
    tehy took in 10.000 migrants and went bankrrupt...
    I LIVE IN NORWAY I WAS RAISED IN NORWAY..., these people think to much of themselves........
    WE ARE CHAMPIONS IN SKII, how many nations ski... 20
    well who gives a fuck then

  • georgiana georgiana
    georgiana georgiana 6 dager siden

    so the norway banksters are the supermen of the day fighting the bad coroporations ...lucky us

  • georgiana georgiana
    georgiana georgiana 6 dager siden

    venezuela has oil guess the us makes its own "regulations "

  • Christopher Scheer
    Christopher Scheer 6 dager siden

    entitled spoiled new generation saying that they arent rich, shame on you!

  • AndrewKendall71
    AndrewKendall71 6 dager siden +2

    In other words, the Norways of the world may only exist because of America.

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams 6 dager siden +1

    Pbftg...this silly flick almost made we spill my coffee. Norway "in the same league as Switzerland, and Ireland". Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….government hedge fund....hahahahahahahahaha….Is this vid a joke?

  • Francisco Leonardo
    Francisco Leonardo 7 dager siden +1

    Norway only took 2000 refugees last year and their minister said that even that was too many. Norway is prosperous thanks to limited migration, but they want to impose their liberal policies in other countries, hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Axel Stabursvik
      Axel Stabursvik 4 dager siden

      Limited immigration, 34% of the population of Oslo has an immigrant background - officially (probably 36-37% or so in reality) and around 60 childrens schools in the city has more than 50% students/kids with immigrant background...

    • The Arctic Fox
      The Arctic Fox 6 dager siden

      Our minister at the time was a racist wackjob tho so I wouldn't take her word for what the population feels

  • drgreengood
    drgreengood 7 dager siden

    @SimonWhistler The Norwegian state only get approximately 17% of it's annual total income from oil. Fish is nearly as profitable and soon greater source of income than oil.

  • Freyas slain
    Freyas slain 7 dager siden

    black metal bands .

  • Sprengstoff
    Sprengstoff 7 dager siden

    Our luck has not been in finding the oil, but in the decisions that were made after we found it.

  • Ferguson 20 diesel
    Ferguson 20 diesel 7 dager siden

    I’m half Norwegian and I hate the place. Visit lots of times to visit family. But there very dry boring people. I could never ever live there. There too tight and exact.

  • mudpuddlestruck bylightning

    I am happy for Norway and for the particular circumstances which created the Norwegian model - just as I am happy for the Danes. Both nations show that nation states are not something that has to be overcome - in the way many EU fruitcakes seem to think. However, Norway is a squalid nuisance with its activism. It is high time they stopped their moral imperialism and international do-gooding.
    In UK, the money was squandered on things like Thatcher's pointless battles with local govt. On balance, Thatcher, as bad and statist as she was, at least kept her nannying and interfering for domestic purposes.
    Norway, you need to grow up and get over your inferiority complex. You reached the Pole 1st and a century later, you're a big player. You have nothing to prove now! Lay off the moral imperialism before the world runs out of sickbags.

  • joe A
    joe A 7 dager siden

    As the world is ruled by a corporatocracy, Norway's is definitely a winning model. Influence is power so have it where it counts. The rest of the west 'elects' corrupt politicians funded by the giant corporates to push/pressure/lobby for policies and regulation that benefit their agendas and profits, Norway gets to dictate how the giant corporates get to behave directly.

  • ramos kone
    ramos kone 8 dager siden

    Africa, how about you my dear?

  • Hanne Britt
    Hanne Britt 8 dager siden

    gud video

  • Wisdom Tooth
    Wisdom Tooth 8 dager siden

    because only ten people live there.

    ARTHURCBR 8 dager siden

    Ireland Isn't a rich country, we're 200 Billion in debt, homelessness is unfortunately rife, our health system is third world standard, and our harmful consumption of alcohol means we're not gonna get richer any sooner.

  • Captain Tomato
    Captain Tomato 8 dager siden +1

    The beginning of the video is like. We like bragging we are in control. PATHETIC.

  • Captain Tomato
    Captain Tomato 8 dager siden +1

    They found oil that's it. That's the only reason. They are not specially smarter or work harder. Some times it's better be born in a isolated place where it's cold most of the year and it's difficult to get there because in case you haven't noticed it's the north pole. And sit on top of massive oil reserves then you buy electric cars to look green and buy any youtube upvote and make videos like these to make you look relevant.
    Then from time to time you travel to Spain to brag how superior you are compared to these southerns because.... you found oil and your wallet is bigger.
    What amazes me is how scandinavians can have so much hype and be connected with institutions. Maybe aliens live there?.
    From personal experience... They are just people, with a lot of ego and they measure others by the money they have and where they come from..... So nobody will convince me they are better culture than others. Because they are not.
    I hope youtube doesn't shadowban this comment. I am sick and tired of their hype. That's all it is.

    • Captain Tomato
      Captain Tomato 2 dager siden

      You are a lunatic +Jötunnomachy

    • The Arctic Fox
      The Arctic Fox 6 dager siden

      Just finding oil doesn't measure up to much, spending it poorly would leave us poor in the matter of half a decade at most. Now, having access to the money that gives us has made things a lot easier in life, like education and healthcare. And while we do have the people you talk about that's not all of us, it's like saying every US citizen is a "merica fuck yea" type of person when that simply isn't the case. I'd take a gander and guess that the people you met are middle aged white people that has a wage slightly above average and think they're rich bc they can take a vacation. However the ridiculous statement that we pay people off to look good in the media astounds me because I would absolutely love to see where you get that from

    • Jötunnomachy
      Jötunnomachy 6 dager siden

      It's a fact that blonds are more intelligent, it's a fact that blue eyed people are more intelligent, so it doesn't take a genius to deduce that people who have both are even more intelligent. Do you think that people in Spain are more intelligent than Africans or the Australian aborigines?(you might not be able to answer that question) It's obvious that you had some sort of negative emotion when you said this 'to make you look relevant'; let's make a poll and ask people what they think the underlying emotion is, and I'd bet that either most them or the largest minority of them would say that it's jealousy. Who are the people that you think, are more likely to make functional institutions? Smart and hard working people, plain and simple. Though you likely already knew that, when you said 'aliens'. Culture is unique to a specific ethnic group, so it doesn't matter whether it's 'better' or not, what matters is that it is THEIR own culture. If youtube was going to ban a comment, this ones the more likely... by a lot.

  • Eliah Haaland
    Eliah Haaland 8 dager siden +10

    (Trykk likker vis du også er norsk! 😂)

    • Coolbread Rye
      Coolbread Rye 7 timer siden

      ​+RK S if its so racist why to brown people want to go there? Stay in the third world where you don't have to deal with white people :)

    • RK S
      RK S 2 dager siden +1

      norway is a shithole filled with scared white little people...
      who are hatefull and racist in all their ways...
      WHO voted for a racist party, who fucked most of the norwergians over and sold out the country..
      A country built on thievery and rapes

    • Justin E
      Justin E 2 dager siden

      Nah, I own guns and carry them around with me concealed. Also I don’t get hosed on taxes and here in America have the best available medical technologies, if I can afford them of course. ‘Merica!

    BREADCRUMBS 8 dager siden

    fy faen norge e OP

  • Aaron Marquees
    Aaron Marquees 9 dager siden

    Less jokes and more straight to the point and objective would be best...

  • iSanctuary
    iSanctuary 9 dager siden

    Guess we do not only swear with diseases but are a disease :P

  • SavageHobbit
    SavageHobbit 9 dager siden

    NIGGA STFU, the government been torturing me for over 18 years, give me a fucking break while I try save my country and it's retarded sheeplings in denial that we are the most self destructive people on earth. No other government is behind the death of so many of it's own children and hides it this well. we got the heroin capital of the world, and the laws around addictions state that "if a man wants to overdose, it's his right, but he ain't allowed to kill himself"
    like wtf law is that? Overdose is suicide and in one context it's legal to kill yourself and in another it's illegal.
    This government the past 20 years have killed 28 of the kids I grew up with using heroin, and another 15 in other "accidents"...
    I was beat and abused at a orphanage in early 2000's without any real reason to be there, my parents are awesome, nice, kind and highly educated, earn a lot to(my mom is a pharmacist and dad is a scientist at Ullevål hospital, Norway's biggest hospital), still they took me from my parents without a reason, abused me for a long time. In 2017 I got a huge amount of money from the government as an apology, about 100K us dollars in apology, with inn 6 months another government department stole the money claiming "it's work being abused in an orphanage".
    I been the spear tip at building and securing internet, cellphone connection for everybody and emergency alarms for old people for the past 8 or so years without getting paid.
    I probably saved about 13-15K retired old people that had to use their emergency alarms since 2012. They don't even know the alarm work because of me...
    I'm about to go kill myself, I'v done more for this shit country and it's retarded people then anybody ever lived, alive or not yet to start their lives.
    You need to stop posting shit about Norway that's unreal. All the government people, police and lawyers I had to deal with the past 15 years are useless, worthless fuckers, this country be better with all of them dead, Anders Breivik actually was right in his action to kill all those people. In fact, today I think he did not do enough to make the point clear for the retarded sheeplings on "stand by mode" this country inhabits. At best I notice that other people start realizing I'm right about 3 years after I start to inform them... some take longer, but in the end they all realize I was right all along. Still at best 3 years after me... so knowing my ideas is not only the best option for the people in the area, but are the only ideas out to help the people not take advantage of them... it's sad my brain is working on such'a different frequency. from cellphone connection, to fiber internet, to emergency alarm, to placing of train tracks, to the number of lanes on the highway... it's all me.
    for the past 3 years I'v done the work for 2 different government provinces without pay, taking up my spare time... to make sure the kids can have a safer walk to and from school... still nobody helps in, the road department is working against me while I try to save the children in this country... nah nigga you dumb. you need to educate yourself some more on who actually runs this country. I'm out, I need a cold swim in Mjøsa and kill myself now. Your words make me sick, tip me over wanting to end my life. and if I do decide tonight is the night I die, know your uneducated talk made me do it.
    If Norway is a great country, it's because of some random people through ages like myself pushed against the main stream and changed shit for the better not the worst like most would have done.

  • Alex PWT
    Alex PWT 9 dager siden

    "wage gap" really ? In how many more ways do you need it debunked ?

  • Kristian Bodbacka
    Kristian Bodbacka 9 dager siden

    they hawe turnd in to racists and the bully they som strongly objekt. whit haitred. well tanx.

  • Poncho Dog
    Poncho Dog 9 dager siden

    The Canada Pension Plan Board (CPPIB) is a Canadian sovereign wealth fund and invests heavily in publicly traded equities and fix income securities. It doesn't cover all of the CPP liability for pensions, but it was only established in 1997 and it is getting better and better at funding more and more of the Canada Pension Plan. State owned corporations seem to work very well in certain economic spheres.

    • Poncho Dog
      Poncho Dog 9 dager siden

      Sorry, I forgot to add that Alberta's Heritage Trust Fund was one of the inspirations for Norway to establish it's state owned fund. The Alberta fund was 14 years old and doing very well when Norway looked at it (1970's). After the Trust Fund's founder Premier Peter Lougheed retired, the Alberta fund was gutted by subsequent idiotic/dogmatic Conservative governments until, today, it is practically worthless. Meanwhile, in Norway ... ah, well.

  • LightningWolf
    LightningWolf 10 dager siden

    didn't know vsauce Micheal had a brother

  • huisheks zuijdam
    huisheks zuijdam 10 dager siden

    The Dutch taxes are way higher

  • Gamer Hansen
    Gamer Hansen 10 dager siden

    Norge er best! You not understand me so in English it is “Norway are best”!

  • African man
    African man 10 dager siden

    When the US threatens Venezuela, look what Norway is doing

  • Andreas Kristiansen
    Andreas Kristiansen 10 dager siden

    you have NO idea of what music norwegians listen to.. you could not be more wrong..

  • EvenFjo
    EvenFjo 10 dager siden

    Lik vist du er Norsk🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • J. Ngonono
    J. Ngonono 10 dager siden

    So Norway is the iron bank? huh... who knew!

  • J. Ngonono
    J. Ngonono 10 dager siden +2

    uhm...WROOOOOOOONG!!! Wherever there is gas.... there is beans!

    CHOPPY 10 dager siden

    Shave you ever watched the video and when he says, “well you must be thinking, simon”. And your like “no I’m not thinking anything, just watching the video

  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion 10 dager siden

    basert og rødpillet

  • Haga13x3
    Haga13x3 10 dager siden

    0:55 is a lie

  • Antonio Sentic
    Antonio Sentic 11 dager siden

    Great video

  • Masud Chowdhury
    Masud Chowdhury 11 dager siden

    Way too much filler in this video, get to the damn point. Fifteen minutes to explain 7 minutes worth of information.

  • Micheal Scofield
    Micheal Scofield 11 dager siden +2


  • Eric Miessner
    Eric Miessner 12 dager siden

    It's the Norwegian personality more than anything. They don't want to be show-offs and don't spend their money like drunk gamblers. I hope they don't lose this sense of pride and austerity. Probably the only country that is not corrupted by their oil wealth.

  • Jack Speedicut
    Jack Speedicut 12 dager siden

    I have been to Norway Sweden and Denmark i would have to say that people, outwardly, don't seem very happy

  • Harry Denny
    Harry Denny 12 dager siden

    Then you have a place like the USA where the government takes as much money as it can squeeze out of it's population by not having a minimum wage and forcing families to buy private health insurance or making the business they work for pay for it while minimizing the tax on the ultra rich so that the multi billionaires get far greater wealth very quickly while the working families of America inherit massive debt while their corrupt government lies to them and creates a false attitude to socialist policies effectively telling their people that if they had universal healthcare they would be paying massively high tax etc.....when the truth is that in countries where healthcare is of extremely high quality, government run and free, the cost to the citizen is approximately 1/3 of what Americans pay for private health care that has a multitude of exclusions! America is a joke on many fronts and not just because they have a very fat criminal who works for Putin as a president.

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage 12 dager siden

    so what will norway do if someone decides to go to war with them?

    • Johan Alstad
      Johan Alstad 11 dager siden

      pay them off, make them attack the swedes instead

  • Spiritwolfgirl 1
    Spiritwolfgirl 1 13 dager siden

    Does norway have skillets songs?

  • No Bozos
    No Bozos 13 dager siden

    Rich? Right up until the moment the world stops using oil as fuel.

  • CrazyKZ
    CrazyKZ 14 dager siden

    norway doesn't need an army if threatened the citizens unleash ancient viking rage

  • Green Arrow
    Green Arrow 14 dager siden +9

    Wait Norway has oil ?Dont tell America about this.

    • Ryan James
      Ryan James 2 dager siden

      Haha true, but America and Norway are already trade partners sooo, I doubt we'll be invading them any time soon

    • Sasha Da Masta
      Sasha Da Masta 3 dager siden

      US invades itself
      Creates paradox
      Creates black hole
      US thinks the black hole is somehow more oil coming out of midair
      Sends more forces
      Reinforces paradox
      Planet implodes

  • Basier khan
    Basier khan 14 dager siden

    I understand pretty much everything but what is murduk doing in Norwegian video?

  • Razar Campbell
    Razar Campbell 14 dager siden

    Does this mean we have to learn a new word? "Sociapitalism?"
    Or does it mean that Socialists are running the world? AHAhahaha. Watch as every american who hears this, shits their pants (then has to buy new ones, because their state doesn't provide them with quality underwear)...

  • john taylor
    john taylor 15 dager siden +5

    Brilliant reporting !!!! Well done, you shld be really proud of your real journalism!!! Just the facts and no bias. This is what journalism is supposed to be.. Thank you..

  • Jeroen Jager
    Jeroen Jager 15 dager siden

    So many bad financial things are named after the dutch, poor us.

  • Johan Tréguier Aune
    Johan Tréguier Aune 16 dager siden

    im from norway and that about the radio is wrong

  • amar ek
    amar ek 16 dager siden

    I hope Norway doesn't invest in China.

  • Robbert Koppenol
    Robbert Koppenol 16 dager siden

    The government should invest in supermarkets (or at least control them). Those are currently in the hands of a cartel charging 3-4 times mainland Europe prices_ No cost excuse can justify that if some other markets do manage to charge equally.

  • Mr A
    Mr A 17 dager siden

    "state capitalism"... You know like oil-water... or military intelligence... of fucking your way to virginity.... the state and capitalism are enemies.

  • Bamber Banbury
    Bamber Banbury 17 dager siden

    People in the uk are richer. The median asset in dollars is less in Norway.france is even richer. And Switzerland has a median asset balance three time that of Norway. The wealthy countries are in the south of the nordics who even with oil can not match them

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man 17 dager siden

    And I thought Allah/God gave the oil to the Arabs😮

  • Lucas Peng
    Lucas Peng 18 dager siden +1

    A lot of brazilian would call Norway a socialist country

    • Dagfinn Andersen
      Dagfinn Andersen 6 dager siden

      A lot of Norwegians would not care what the brazilians call Norway. Brazil however is a country of the future - and it llways will be.

    • D S
      D S 10 dager siden

      Who cares about 'isms? If it works it works!

  • Michael anthony
    Michael anthony 19 dager siden

    oh i know what you're thinking! oh i know what you're thinking! can you stop saying that? it makes your videos low

  • Odd Eleven
    Odd Eleven 19 dager siden +9

    Norway is rich. Norwegians are poor.
    Can't complain tho. Life is calm and relaxing here.

    • Mosern1977
      Mosern1977 4 dager siden

      +Hitler was Vegan - naah its not so bad really.
      West coast seldom below 0C.
      Oslo seldom below -10C in winter.
      Summer is 20C+, some times 30C+.

    • Hitler was Vegan
      Hitler was Vegan 10 dager siden +1

      And cold as fuck