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  • SuperAye
    SuperAye 3 timer siden

    And Unionists in Scotland have the nerve to say being in the UK is a good thing :D

  • TurboAalgaEntertainment
    TurboAalgaEntertainment 9 timer siden

    Not weird Donald Trump thinks Norway is a communistic, and the Nordic countries in general..

  • Leander Antonsen
    Leander Antonsen 10 timer siden

    Norway has less femenists then the uk and the us. thats real power!!!

  • Uber Mick
    Uber Mick 12 timer siden

    I came here for the tunes :D Well done sir, well done...

  • Steffen Kalbskopf
    Steffen Kalbskopf 13 timer siden

    I think it's easy to criticize the UK for hyper-boosting their oil production in the 1970's and 1980's but to compare the economies of countries with just 5 million and >60 million people is not quite fair! However, British politicians try to please too many people and with few exceptions lack the ability to be as decisive as leaders such as in Norway that have far less people to deal with. "A politician usually only thinks as far as the next election while a statesmen ponders on how to leave a legacy for the next generation". Perhaps Norway has some bigger thinking statesmen???

  • harald madsen
    harald madsen 13 timer siden

    Never heard any deathmetal on the top charts

  • zisis kapws
    zisis kapws 14 timer siden

    well it could be worse!you could be like greece! :)(im greek btw)...Anyway....if only 50% of what i saw here is true...WELL DONE NORWAY!

  • audience2
    audience2 17 timer siden

    Ireland is not rich. Its GDP figures are hugely inflated by foreign owned money which is held but not invested there. Unlike Norway it doesn't have oil revenue.

  • Blasphemaster
    Blasphemaster 21 time siden

    First off, thanks for that link to Columbian Black Metal. I always love hearing the approaches taken by people from other nations. I'd say 'other cultures', but if you're into black metal, you're rejecting popular culture.
    Now to my point, I Hate to correct you Simon, but you will almost never hear proper Black Metal on popular radio, even in Norway. Black Metal is noteworthy, but no as popular as you might imagine, even in its home. It's too divisive, and that is rather the point. It was created as part of a rebellious subculture against state religion(since rescinded) and overproduction in popular music. Infamous Black Metal artist Varg Vikernes specifically purchased the worst recording equipment he could so that his music would be as low fidelity as possible, yet it was all the better for it. I would absolutely recommend looking up the documentaries "Until the Light Takes Us" and "True Norwegian Black Metal" for an outside look inward with some of the greats. It is absolutely the most passionate metal on the planet, but it is in turn absolutely not for everyone. Of course, that is the entire point. It might be a good subject for you to do a video on, actually. I'd like to see what your take on it is once you've had time to acclimate to it, as it is intentionally inaccessible to people used to the normal overproduced wide-appeal music that dominates modern culture. Songs like "Sargeist", "Det Som Engang Var", "Satanic Black Devotion", "Mother North", "Profetens Apenbaring", "Withstand the Fall of Time" and others were initially difficult for my poorly trained American ears to hear but given some time to adjust, I grew to love them greatly. Take a few hours, find a comfy chair and some headphones, put a small playlist on repeat, listen CLOSELY and you will find artistry, passion and energy that is sadly, sorely lacking in other, more popular genres.
    If you already have, I suggest visiting Bandcamp.com and looking up stuff that interests you. Do that even if you haven't. Good stuff on that site.

  • Dylan Finch
    Dylan Finch 22 timer siden

    The Politically Correct push in companies is something that I find completely ignorant, and if it's the Norwegian government doing it, then it is about time for them to stop. The PC culture may work in Norway, but it's bad for America. It contradicts itself, it makes talking to people harder, and it's what made Trump so hard to compete against in 2016.

  • Tom Tucson
    Tom Tucson 22 timer siden

    Jeg er dansk ikke norge.

  • Mcgriddle
    Mcgriddle Dag siden

    so norway spreading PC garbage in the US. got it.

  • Dngentwiseman
    Dngentwiseman Dag siden

    Does Norway permits half a million immigrants a year into Norway that are legal, and keep tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that slip across its boarder?

  • Digi tal
    Digi tal Dag siden

    Any idea how US is able to sell Norwegian salmon farmed in Thailand?

  • geoffrey calligan
    geoffrey calligan Dag siden

    I gotta find out what norwegian polotics are . they did a serious power move SMART PEOPLE

  • Jaime Alonzo
    Jaime Alonzo Dag siden

    Imagine that! Rich satanic worshippers!

  • Rampranth Anthikad Venugopalan

    Good people and Good ethics followed otherwise this model might have failed. In China, this type of state capitalism is leading to a dictatorship.

  • Duke Morax
    Duke Morax Dag siden

    The person in your video is Swedish, Morgan from Marduk.

  • Prometheus All
    Prometheus All Dag siden

    NorWAy here I cOme. . . .

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran Dag siden

    What about the killing spree of the vilkings across Europe. Surley they amassed a hord which went on to infulance certaint familes.

  • Some One
    Some One Dag siden

    Satanic music, or not, point was, Norway is a country of atheists.

  • Some One
    Some One Dag siden

    Yes, but after your free college, you get to pack up and head to any country you want with your new career. This is exactly what my friends are doing.
    Doctors heading to the U.S.
    for the big bucks...

  • Roger Dale
    Roger Dale Dag siden

    My father was Norwegian and the fiscal dna is in my blood too,love Norway

  • hanlille 13
    hanlille 13 2 dager siden

    Wtf kinde of music is this???😂😂🤢🤮 gooo Norway🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Le Lu Yan
    Le Lu Yan 2 dager siden

    4 min into the video and still beating around the bushes

  • Larry F
    Larry F 2 dager siden

    I like the values Norway is promoting with businesses, but what if Saudi Arabia or China gained this much influence on Facebook or Google or any large company.

  • 11pakegmail.com
    11pakegmail.com 2 dager siden


  • TheBruces56
    TheBruces56 2 dager siden

    I think all nations should act as a private company with the citizens as shareholders

  • phennec
    phennec 3 dager siden

    In the grand scheme of things when natural disasters occur, money means nothing. One day humankind will realize this.

  • thegigadykid1
    thegigadykid1 3 dager siden

    Norway has a pretty good system but way too much tax

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      Tax levels are great? You see the welfare levels they are producing?

  • thegigadykid1
    thegigadykid1 3 dager siden +1

    I love state capitalism its great

  • Vez Legit
    Vez Legit 3 dager siden

    Someone havent done their research

  • Peter MacNeil
    Peter MacNeil 3 dager siden

    This is yet again indisputable affirmation that socialism in itself in the end cannot work

  • max xander
    max xander 3 dager siden

    that music is a tad out of date..but AM /terrestrial radio is dead/retired now and all gone to DAB/digital .and they play regular American pop for the most part on the mainstream stations at least

  • Munyaradzi Josiah Njagu
    Munyaradzi Josiah Njagu 3 dager siden

    Fuck you.

  • Even Skagen
    Even Skagen 3 dager siden

    very,very smart country

  • Braxton Nibley
    Braxton Nibley 3 dager siden

    I have faith Vikings will rise to ensure, by force if necessary, that leftists don't destroy this gem of a nation.
    don't let us down, Vikings. earn your ancestry.

    • Robert M. Johnson
      Robert M. Johnson Dag siden

      +IntoTheRing You're great b/c you all take a capitalist approach to managing the finances of the nation, and thank god for all that oil. You also have these brilliant investment funds that invest in private corporations from which Norwegians benefit. Hardly leftist. In addition, you operate under the aegis of the military might of the United States. no one would ever attack Norway else the US would destroy them. Uncle Sam, as much as a motherfucker as he is, exists to protect the West, so countries like Norway don't have to spend much on military might. The US is in the business of war whilst beautiful European countries reap the benefits of all that technology and personnel and empire building around the globe. Although not responsible for the atrocities of the US, you all benefit from them. Hardly leftist. More like hypocritical from your point of view. Or, you could accept this fact and not be a hypocrite.
      Norway is amazing, but your country is smaller than Chicago metro. It's a little harder managing a continent spanning nation with 310,000,000+ with invaders from the south in numbers that dwarf your entire region.

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      We are great because of leftist movements in the past and actually listening to the people and finding some middle ground. There is no need to worry about "destruction" due to leftism

  • plexusranger
    plexusranger 4 dager siden

    Don't think for a moment that Norway backs anything without the tacit approval of the United States.

    BRIONITY 4 dager siden

    We travel from New York to Norway to see incredible bands/artists like Bel Canto, Anja Garbarek, Hanne Hukkelberg and Bertine Zetlitz. None of it metal and none of the people who actually live in Norway know who they are.

  • NJ reviews
    NJ reviews 4 dager siden

    *_hey vsauce! Miachel here_*

  • Anmordal-Swe
    Anmordal-Swe 4 dager siden

    Hey you Norwegians might have a lot of oil money, but we the Swedes have a lot of refugees that brings in a lot of wealth. Watch out we gonna run past you soon!!! ;)

  • Johan Hofman
    Johan Hofman 4 dager siden

    All europe is gonna suffer just because we’re so PC.......we are just to nice for this world, hope we don’t lose our heads ;)

  • stallkom
    stallkom 4 dager siden

    Denmark also owns 1/3 of the north pole

  • Sakthi Kumaran
    Sakthi Kumaran 4 dager siden

    when socialism fails, yo socialism is evil !! its a failure!!!
    but when socialism is a success, yo!! its called "StAtE cApItAlIsM"!! just capitalist things!!

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden +1

      Because Norway isn't socialism? Dumb fuck

  • Alex Bretvik
    Alex Bretvik 4 dager siden


  • Simone Schultz
    Simone Schultz 4 dager siden

    I d say after considering how Norway has been smart
    They’re like the tortoise and the rest of the world is the hare, hurried and wasteful ( but much shorter lifespan too) like your content and your production quality.

  • Simone Schultz
    Simone Schultz 4 dager siden

    Big oil they have the largest offshore oil reserves and they are pumping it as fast as they can

  • Mira Belle
    Mira Belle 4 dager siden

    Ethinically homogeneous nations being rich 😶😶😶

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden +1

      Norway isn't ethnically homogenous, shit for brains

  • S.A
    S.A 4 dager siden

    We simply outdid the Jews at their own game... leaving them no space to chase a Shekel and ruin us

  • S.A
    S.A 4 dager siden

    Will Hasbra bots stop pretending to be Norwegian to pretend we’re some far right narcissistic nation of crusaders please?

  • PH Ooper
    PH Ooper 5 dager siden

    Three ads DURING this short video !! Painful.

  • pvno
    pvno 5 dager siden

    20 totally irelevant sentences to 1 half useful

  • fuc zuc
    fuc zuc 5 dager siden

    stolen wealth from the nazis

  • Alvar Finseth
    Alvar Finseth 5 dager siden

    I'm from Norway!

  • canada painter
    canada painter 5 dager siden

    a very fucked up video calling a country rich but its inhabitant live paycheck to paycheck.

  • taipan185
    taipan185 5 dager siden

    Im an Aussie that lives in the US and if I could help Norway do what they do I would in a blink.

  • Rosen Petkov
    Rosen Petkov 5 dager siden

    No body cares about black metal

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 6 dager siden

    I see what Simon is getting at here. The subtext is that The United States should invade Norway. Message received loud and clear... consider it done.

  • Not in Use
    Not in Use 6 dager siden

    where did you find this information or sources

  • G3 mint
    G3 mint 6 dager siden

    I rarely meet anyone who likes metal here in Norway.. I perceive most people here to like artists such as drake, post malone and lil pump. Most of the US top hits is also that in Norway. We do not have a weird taste in music, it's pretty damn original lol

  • mikecar52
    mikecar52 6 dager siden

    Good influence. Go Norway.

  • Bob Star
    Bob Star 6 dager siden

    Norway, I think I love you.....

  • charles baggett
    charles baggett 7 dager siden +2

    Go Norway !! Maybe just maybe we can learn something from them (?) Chuck N. Florida

  • Bruno Vieira
    Bruno Vieira 7 dager siden

    One of these days the money disappears and its like oh i did not see that coming.

  • gamejaw
    gamejaw 7 dager siden

    didnt watch 1 second of the video but 1 reason is because they dont have to worry about having a military

  • Banjoman
    Banjoman 7 dager siden

    i have never heard of My ass ever and I listen to radio every day

  • Alenn G'Kar
    Alenn G'Kar 7 dager siden

    Capitalism is the way how to fund lazy socialism after.

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      Going to school certainly isn't I see

  • Ryne Agheilim
    Ryne Agheilim 7 dager siden

    You didnt mention Immortal in one of those BM bands? Wtf man? XD

  • Veiran X
    Veiran X 7 dager siden

    I could be mistaken, but this 'hedge fund' stuff sounds an awful lot like the Norwegian government is dependent on foreign success and would not necessarily be emulatable elsewhere.

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      Then don't? It's working pretty great for Norway and would like to see my country engage in those activities. Every country is dependant on outside forces Norway is just one of the best at taking advantage of it

  • Andrew Sheldon
    Andrew Sheldon 8 dager siden

    The power of Norway's sovereign fund is a myth. Does anyone imagine that their competitors care about Facebook's employment policies. What are they going to do? Dump shares? More money for indifferent buyers. Missing story- when will the oil run out? Norway has a trillion- ok, but it's only 5mil people. I thought 12 million, but it just shows, it doesn't go very far at $200,000 per capita. Moreover, a nation like Australia or Greenland (Denmark) has so much more. Australia has oil & gas, coal, iron ore, gold, solar, lithium, uranium (6800 years worth). Australia has a wealth fund and low taxes. Happier people. I would sooner have the money in my own account lest I trust Norway's Bernie Madoff.

    • Andrew Sheldon
      Andrew Sheldon 6 dager siden

      +ollierkul Well, I appreciate that Norwegians sitting on property are well-positioned, but I get the sense that, if you aren't tapping rents on existing property, then there isn't much 'upward mobility' for the poor. So, given Norway has $1 trillion in fund, which poor people will never get their hands on, might low taxes be a little more tangible? aka Australia.
      Tax Table Tax on this Income (New Rates)
      0 to $18,200 Nil
      $18,201 to $37,000 19c for each $1 over $18,200
      $37,001 to $87,000 $3,572 plus 32.5c for each $1 over $37,000
      $87,001 to $180,000 $19,822 plus 37c for each $1 over $87,000
      Now, with 6800 years of uranium in-situ, without ever looking for it, then you have to think, as a poor person, the prospects of Australia look better. Not that I'm reaching out for poor people looking for a free ride. It does beg a question - what ought to be the measure, and clearly, there is some debate there. Interesting question though.

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 7 dager siden +1

      +Andrew Sheldon Norway is rich in other natural resources too, not just oil. And we produce a decent amount of renewable energy as our landscape makes it quite easy to do so, and that's one of numerous industries that will be bet on more and more in the future as more sustainable industries. As said in the video, even today Norway doesn't rely nearly as much on oil as the other countries that produce similar amounts compared to population. The oil and gas industry stands for less than 1/5 of our GDP. Then you have oil fund which brings in a nice amount of revenue to be used in the state budget every year, while remaining pretty much sustainable as that revenue is only from the annual gains, and not the meat of the fund itself. This again leads to Norwegians being able to afford to run a big welfare state model like neighbouring countries, but still paying less taxes than the likes of Denmark and Sweden. So really, where is this need of yours coming from to speak on our behalf and say we aren't as happy as we are, and coming with objectively wrong statements like Greenland having "so much more"? You are talking about hypothetical situations, but reality is as it is, and Norway remains ranked by the UN as the best place to live in the world. Don't confuse this with me hating on those other countries, Australia consistently ranks extremely well on many things as well, and Denmark, but why the need to push Norway down?

    • Andrew Sheldon
      Andrew Sheldon 7 dager siden

      +ollierkul Read it again. Norway has oil. Australia has so much gas. The gulf of Mexico has been drilled 100x more than Australia''s coast. Southern coast untouched. NE coast untouched. That's just the oil & gas potential. The energy value of 6800yrs of uranium far exceeds Norway's oil, and Australia doesn't even look for it because export prohibition, no nuclear plants yet. Three mine policy. Iron ore? Rare earth? Gold? Nickel? Vanadium? Australia has more potential than Canada, but half the population. What can you garner from a happiness index. Australia is called the 'lucky country'. The reason it has high suicide rate is because people expect happiness. Tragic Europeans do not. The ones committing suicide in Australia are small minority. Dashes expectations. No problem solving skills.

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 8 dager siden +1

      Hmm, strange how Norway ranks above Australia in happiness, HDI, democracy, freedom of press... idk, seems to me like you are downplaying it's success because of own political alignment. And really? Greenland of all things and places to bring up?

  • Gun Show 'n Tell
    Gun Show 'n Tell 8 dager siden

    I want to visit norway because black metal.

  • Fred Yngvar Olsen
    Fred Yngvar Olsen 8 dager siden

    Yep, Boosting the nationalism through youtube. Did learn something though. Didn't know that Norway was impacting board meetings to that degree.

  • danny del
    danny del 8 dager siden

    I love your channel so much . I get excited when new video comes

  • Shineon Foreme
    Shineon Foreme 8 dager siden

    oh simon...you have such a elegant voice ...so why must we look at you ? spend more time with the pictures please

  • kevin willerson
    kevin willerson 8 dager siden

    thought norway had a monarchy are is that sweden?

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 8 dager siden

      Both, constitutional monarchies

  • Samuel Gessesse
    Samuel Gessesse 8 dager siden

    Smart folks.

  • Huster
    Huster 9 dager siden

    My ass?? A-ha take on me is the most poupolar song by norwegians

  • Nj Osborne
    Nj Osborne 9 dager siden

    ❌‼️‼️ Fuck judicial watch ‼️‼️❌

  • Ola Vestbø
    Ola Vestbø 9 dager siden

    Norwegians dont listen to hard rock, i am an norwegian by the way🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Germain Philip Braaten
    Germain Philip Braaten 9 dager siden

    Being a Norwegian, I like the video, however being an American of the United States, I do not like censorship and believe completely in FREEDOM of SPEECH, something to protect that. Hate speech to one person is not hate speech to another. Therefore I am opposed to Norway pushing to remove Freedom of Speech in Social Media.

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      There is a much higher degree of censorship in the US it just isn't at a legislative levels and is pushed through the disguise of "national security" and corporate controlled media backed by state players that do it for later favors
      Rather have a few laws and more free expression

    • HappyLand
      HappyLand 9 dager siden

      Let me tell you a little anecdote. Prime Minister Erna Solberg released a photo from the Vietnam War. In 2016. There is a picture of a nude girl. Erna released that image as a protest of American censorship. www.nrk.no/kultur/facebook-slettet-solbergs-vietnam-bilde-1.13127580
      This is the reason for the protest against FAKE NEWS and censorship in Norway. Not to censor more but to avoid censorship.

  • Bjørn Karlsen
    Bjørn Karlsen 9 dager siden

    I'll have you know; Norway has produced some of the best musicians/ bands ever. Don't let a few people who should have never quit their dayjobs/ never had a job ruin our fine reputation :)

  • Be An
    Be An 9 dager siden

    Oil is not everything. They collect the money from taxes from norwegian workers and everyhing purchased have 1/4 tax. One may also employ sick and disabled people to work for free through an institution called Nav.

    • Be An
      Be An 6 dager siden

      +ollierkul Opinion on nav isn't mentioned in the previous text. Mentioned is that this happens. Anyway yes nav does indeed help the citizens in many ways.
      Taxes are one neccesary way of collecting financial security for the kingdom, though taxes are starting to get too high and is also increasing due to the national budget 2020. This may imply that the oil is not everything.

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 8 dager siden

      So what? It's not a secret that Norway has generally high taxes, I mean, we get what we vote for. And that last part is just false. I'm guessing you are giving some kind of fucked up reference to a thing they have where they give disabled people work that they can do, NAV helps people, not enslaves them.

  • StruGGle
    StruGGle 9 dager siden

    you're forgetting about the maerican comapny Phillips Petroleum, they were more significant in the finding of oil in the north sea

  • Utav Takt
    Utav Takt 9 dager siden +1

    We are about 5,2 million inhabitants and Black Metal is way more popular outside of Norway and is almost never played on the radio.

  • Jens Marius Gillebokarlsen

    Ehmmmmm Heavy Metal er ikke så kjent i Norge :/

  • Antonio Costa
    Antonio Costa 9 dager siden +2

    Norway is successful because it is populated by Norwegians

    • IntoTheRing
      IntoTheRing Dag siden

      And situated in the west, with trade agreements with much of Europe avoiding any conflict for many years allowing the to steadily build up wealth which is helped by public actions around the oil wealth as presented in this video
      Unless Norwegians are any more Norwegian today than they were 100 years ago when the country was not as successful not to mention even further back, you are just wrong. Dumbass

  • Stian Edvardsen
    Stian Edvardsen 10 dager siden

    Norway 🍾🥂🍻🥇🥇🥇💶💶💶

  • Stian Edvardsen
    Stian Edvardsen 10 dager siden


  • Cingardian Neverfrostian
    Cingardian Neverfrostian 10 dager siden

    Saw my first AD for the first time in months. Used chrome by mistake. Seeing 4 ads up ahead, switching lol using opera mini ad block is a dream :)

  • Ludde Plays
    Ludde Plays 10 dager siden

    Ok ok quick answer we have oil.

  • Carsten Thanke
    Carsten Thanke 10 dager siden

    Norway rules

  • John Remie Evensen
    John Remie Evensen 10 dager siden +1

    Bud, check you fact before you try to put out goverment in a bad light, we are actually 5.258 million and that was in 2017 ;) funny watching you, BUT GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT
    /Norwegian Viking

  • CEOB
    CEOB 10 dager siden

    ... USE bluetoth from your phone to listen to taylor swift plus i have never heard that song u told and u dont know shit...

  • Udo Padrik
    Udo Padrik 10 dager siden

    People here commenting that there is no black metal on Norwegian radio stations are seriously hurting Norway's image here. You mean it's just shitty pop music like everywhere else?

  • Tokyo Arrow
    Tokyo Arrow 10 dager siden

    I’m all for free markets, so for me it’s no problem what Norway does from a political standpoint. But ethically, fuuuuck. That’s messed up!

  • Art Dehls
    Art Dehls 11 dager siden

    Well, obviously Dethklok is a huge boost to their economy.

  • Shan Hussain
    Shan Hussain 11 dager siden

    Black Metal!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • gperk20
    gperk20 11 dager siden

    It also has something to do with there being little corruption in Norway. Nigeria, for example, produces a lot of oil and could also be a rich country but politicians have siphoned off billions of the the country's oil money into their own pockets and into Swiss and other offshore banks.
    By the way, does anyone else think this video would have been a lot better with far less video of the talking man? I'd had more than enough of seeing him after about 20 seconds.

  • Be An
    Be An 11 dager siden

    Norway is more of a protectionism country, now they the goverment(yes the people can't do ANYTHING, because they act in their own favour) from next year January, have decided to put duty tax on EVERY purchase from other countries. They tax every move we make and they don't want us to communicate properly and doing trade with other countries. The cost of the immigrants are nothing compared to the cost of the goverments heavy taxing of citizens to travel around the world both buisness and private on tax payers bills and doing things behind the curtans. Isolation.

    • Be An
      Be An 9 dager siden +1

      +ollierkul ollierkul -Takk og i like måte!

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 9 dager siden +1

      +Be An Proteksjonisme er jeg helt enig med at er riktig begrep. Og jeg ser både positive og negative sider ved det. Bra vi kunne være enig om noe da. Og så det er sagt: Har møtt på alt for mange folk som ikke klarer å ha en sivilisert diskusjon, men bare synker rett ned til å kalle de dem er uenig med for dumme, hjernevasket og mye annet verre. Sånne folk er umulig å diskutere med og ha respekt for. Men du er ikke en av dem, selv om du ligger på et helt annet sted enn meg på det politiske spektrumet, så takk for det, deg kan jeg ha full respekt for selv om vi er uenige.

    • Be An
      Be An 9 dager siden +1

      +ollierkul Proteksjonisme. Da har jeg endret min påstand om kommunisme til proteksjonisme. Jeg står for at folk flest skal få drive småhandel fra utlandet siden norske butikker har dårlig og kjempe dyrt utvalg. Og verre blir det ettersom ALT skal ha toll og moms. Da må vel importere varer som selges i Norge måtte bli enda dyrere. Det vil ikke bli konkurranse mellom norske bedrifter siden det blir for dyrt til å selges billig, derav samme priser og utvalg over alt. Netthandel i Norge vil også ødelegge butikkene, dermed ingen flere arbeidsplasser,men tap av mange butikkmedarbeideres jobber, større arbeidsledighet,men mer penger til finans folka ettersom en ikke lenger trenger å ansette folk i vanlig butikk. Derfor jubler finans og handelsdepartementet, men ikke resten av befolkningen. Uansett, takk for at du sier din mening og at du kan se saken fra begge sider!

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 9 dager siden

      +Be An Som en forbruker er det kjipt, men samtidig som det rammer noen av oss negativt, så er det andre det rammer positivt. Det øker jo konkurransedyktigheten til lokale butikker, som kanskje ellers ikke klarer å konkurrere med giganter som Amazon. Så dette er ikke akkurat et anti-kapitalistisk trekk, men mer anti-utenlands handel og pro-innenlands.

    • Be An
      Be An 9 dager siden

      +ollierkul Takk for svar, la oss bare være uenige om akkurat dette, kanskje jeg ser det anderledes om utviklingen ikke forsette i denne retningen.kapitalisme krever også konkurranse noe det vil bli mindre av med fjerning av 350 kr regelen noe som fører til mindre konkurransedyktighet og dyrere og dårligere utvalg for forbrukerne. Hva synes du om fjerning av 350 kr grensen for toll og moms for kjøp i utenlandske nettbutikker?

  • Abdalle Elmi
    Abdalle Elmi 11 dager siden +1

    Its all about fish and oil DONE!🤦🏽‍♂️