Try Not To Eat Challenge - Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food

  • Publisert 7. mars. 2019
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food
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    REACT  11 dager siden +807

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  • Lil Gravy
    Lil Gravy Dag siden

    Is that udy

  • Brooklynn O
    Brooklynn O Dag siden +1

    For the first one, they literally sell those and they really turn your tongue green I've had one

  • Gage Clark
    Gage Clark Dag siden

    #try not to feel old challenge

  • Kaye Irendale
    Kaye Irendale Dag siden +7

    Why do I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like rugrats

  • QuickSilver43
    QuickSilver43 Dag siden +1

    "Never had sauerkraut
    And I guess I never will" 😂

  • QuickSilver43
    QuickSilver43 Dag siden +2

    I thought that the food from the Plankton's restaurants would be the punishment lol

    • Blue fire Gamer
      Blue fire Gamer Dag siden

      that would be raw fish so... wouldn't it be sushi

  • Anarchi- GT
    Anarchi- GT Dag siden +1


  • Anarchi- GT
    Anarchi- GT Dag siden +1


  • Anarchi- GT
    Anarchi- GT Dag siden +1


  • Madeline gaming Mich
    Madeline gaming Mich Dag siden +2


  • Winter Duhlphin
    Winter Duhlphin Dag siden +26

    A hotdog as the prize? The literal most common food you can find in the US...

  • Kaito Shiro
    Kaito Shiro Dag siden +8

    More like eat or miss

    • QueenBacidera
      QueenBacidera Dag siden

      Rachel Curbelo u don’t understand the reference

    • Rachel Curbelo
      Rachel Curbelo Dag siden

      QueenBacidera I guess they always lose 😂😂😂😂😂

    • QueenBacidera
      QueenBacidera Dag siden

      I guess they never miss HUH

    • Rachel Curbelo
      Rachel Curbelo Dag siden +1

      Kaito Shiro more like eat or loss 😂😂😂😂

  • Eduard
    Eduard Dag siden +3

    Make an episode with romanian food=))))))))))

  • Zero775
    Zero775 Dag siden +3

    if luffy was here he lose at this challenge

  • my name is not your business

    *Plankton has entered the chat*

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B Dag siden +22

    Why tf would they just eat 1 bite out of everything? If it was me, I would eat the whole thing

    • QueenBacidera
      QueenBacidera Dag siden

      Daniel B they need to save their stomach space for other foods lol

  • DBO 23
    DBO 23 Dag siden +16

    Its a sin to not eat a krabby patty

  • Jessie Productions
    Jessie Productions Dag siden +5

    I would just eat away

  • Fftin Adrla
    Fftin Adrla Dag siden +1


  • Tasha Beech
    Tasha Beech Dag siden +4

    U should do sanji's food from one piece I think it would be interesting to see in real life

  • Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso Dag siden +7

    Is it just me or does Jaxon look like number Five from Umbrella Academy?

  • Rana Adit
    Rana Adit Dag siden +4

    Seriously how hard could it be to pass up that appetizers

  • C Sing
    C Sing Dag siden +13

    The Krabby Patty should've been the reward food, tbh.

    GΣMIПI Dag siden +3

    I swear I would've eaten all of those and then crave for more.

  • remi tentacle dead cat with tentacles

    Try to eat Disneyland treat!!!

  • Ørangey
    Ørangey Dag siden +17

    Krabby Dog looked more like a punishment tbh...


    Is gorgie a girl or a boy?

  • 20H _Delirium
    20H _Delirium Dag siden +1

    I had just started eating a peanut and butter sandwich right as they brought out the punishment for the people who failed. 😂😖

  • Alex Feyereisen
    Alex Feyereisen Dag siden +2

    i wish i could have these XD

  • sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh

    Anyone gonna talk about that this is 1 week ago and all comments are like a hour ago.

    • sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh
      sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh Dag siden

      +WIIB its like something for a pirate or a friend ;)))) come on *_LADDY_*

    • WIIB
      WIIB Dag siden

      +sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh What is a laddy? wtf XD

    • sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh
      sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh Dag siden

      +WIIB I'm a laddy now i want you to be one.

    • WIIB
      WIIB Dag siden

      +sjgdbfjfbdnf hey fhenhfbffh laddy?

  • Nathalie Jorquera
    Nathalie Jorquera Dag siden +4

    It will be good to see an episode, with food from the Cooking Mama game.
    Try not to eat Cooking Mama 👍🏼

    • Bluntbanana
      Bluntbanana Dag siden

      I LOVED that game when I got my first DS when I was like 13😂

  • Life O’ Luke
    Life O’ Luke Dag siden +1

    In-n-out sucks no cap

  • Emadplayz // Emad
    Emadplayz // Emad Dag siden +1

    My mouth is watering

  • ifroad33
    ifroad33 Dag siden +6

    9:30 ”stench of my n_____”?!?!

  • ريان 2015
    ريان 2015 Dag siden +6

    00:30 so aliens do exist....................

    you learn a new thing everyday

  • Liftedbari
    Liftedbari Dag siden +5

    Really the picked a burger to eat come on it’s just a burger

  • ǝɐqʇɥƃıןuooɯ
    ǝɐqʇɥƃıןuooɯ Dag siden +14

    why're some of them who already failed since they ate, skipping other food items, they'd lose either way, so why don't they just eat everything??

    POPINCONEJO88 Dag siden +20

    y'all missed the perfect change to feed them the Nasty Patty as punishment lol

  • Alena Salcido
    Alena Salcido Dag siden +15

    They should have tried fatcakes from icarly 🤤

  • Jendeuki
    Jendeuki Dag siden +9

    If I were there I would eat it not here to win. Im here to eat a *ONCE IN A LIFETIME* DISH

  • Taco bell
    Taco bell Dag siden +3

    More of jayka

  • LL Gripsep
    LL Gripsep Dag siden +3

    I'm hungry en and get so mad when they don't finish the food

  • Ab Dan
    Ab Dan Dag siden +1

    Krabby patties are made out of crab so that's why I don't need them

    • lex
      lex Dag siden

      oh that ruins my childhood, im allergic to seafood

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Dag siden +1

    I hatedeeeeeedd it 🤣

  • Lilbuxx 29
    Lilbuxx 29 Dag siden +7

    *plankton has joined the chat*

  • Hoe Hoe
    Hoe Hoe Dag siden

    Where's Jordan?

  • Greyy
    Greyy Dag siden +3

    5:01 her voice and her laugh sounds just like my aunt 😂

  • sophia loren
    sophia loren Dag siden +10

    that krusty dog looked so gross omg- the krabby patty would have been better as the winner food

  •  Dag siden +4

    They act like not eating the food is hard. Just make the shit yourself.

    • ifroad33
      ifroad33 Dag siden

      Yea well trying going to your work place that literally only involves trying new stuff and doing special shit and then not getting to do it.

    AKUPLAYS33 Dag siden +7

    why yall got shemales now man...

    • Liftedbari
      Liftedbari Dag siden

      Bro I was so confused swell

    • AKUPLAYS33
      AKUPLAYS33 Dag siden

      +andrxmeda it is peculiar and un-normal for the react channel...

    • andrxmeda
      andrxmeda Dag siden

      AKUPLAYS33 why is it a problem

    • Rhett Cowan
      Rhett Cowan Dag siden +1

      AKUPLAYS33 they scare me man

  • Pete P
    Pete P Dag siden +15

    If you taste the first food, u basically just lost so you might as well eat the rest of the show no point of skipping lol 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Michael Johnson II
    Michael Johnson II Dag siden +2

    like these make me actually glad to have Celiacs disease lol

  • Nathan Place
    Nathan Place Dag siden +4

    I'm jealous I want to try a krabby pattie

  • Misha's lil bae
    Misha's lil bae Dag siden +6

    0:36 Thought she was Victoria Justice

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Dag siden +11

    How did they get the secret formula!!

  • Lil Uzi
    Lil Uzi Dag siden

    Subscribe To Kevii

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner Dag siden +1

    I made spaghetti tacos when I was a kid it was good

  • Madyson DeWitt
    Madyson DeWitt Dag siden +1

    You should do another one with Lincoln's Mac and cheese bites from the loud house

  • shaheryar alvi
    shaheryar alvi Dag siden +5

    since when did dykes start showing up on this?

  • alexis Flowers
    alexis Flowers Dag siden +3

    I've always wanted a reptar bar!😆🔥🐉

  • Olivia K
    Olivia K 2 dager siden +6

    Maybe I’m psychotic but the sauerkraut and peanut butter sandwich sounds kinda tasty

    • Jonathan Champagne
      Jonathan Champagne Dag siden

      Wow, you're disgusting. You must be one of my future girlfriends.

  • Gracie Davis
    Gracie Davis 2 dager siden +22

    The winning food should’ve been the krabby patty
    They all would’ve been piiiiissed

  • Renjithebaboonking
    Renjithebaboonking 2 dager siden +2

    Please let on this show!!!!! Please.

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker 2 dager siden +8

    You can playback speed in 0.75x at 6:40 thru 7:25. Sounds better.

  • Kristina Beste
    Kristina Beste 2 dager siden +2

    they probaly went to there local mcdonalds for the crabby patty

  • King Tyler H
    King Tyler H 2 dager siden +2

    I would have lost at both The Dumpling and the Krabby Patty

  • Rockin Dino
    Rockin Dino 2 dager siden +8

    I would give up on the krabby patty 😂

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker 2 dager siden +1

    Teens and College Kids REACT to Drake & Josh Revival?

  • Kari Dominguez
    Kari Dominguez 2 dager siden +2

    C c c c c crabpatty

  • Snowball Lover
    Snowball Lover 2 dager siden +2

    Me : ok I will do the challenge too
    Me : *first round is dinosaurs * I have to eat it
    Person : you lost...
    Me : .......r.i.p me

  • Select MarshMALLOWZ
    Select MarshMALLOWZ 2 dager siden +1

    Weren’t the dumplings in Kung fu panda jelly filled?

  • Yelly Samara
    Yelly Samara 2 dager siden +1

    Almost everyone gave up on the Krabby patty ik I probably would’ve 😫

  • Dolly Armendariz
    Dolly Armendariz 2 dager siden +3

    Is it weird that I’m eating Popeyes??

  • Angelica .A
    Angelica .A 2 dager siden +2

    1:40 lmao my names angelica

  • Bobby Bransford
    Bobby Bransford 2 dager siden +4


    actually is legit just a normal burger, but we will go along with it. ITS A CRABBY PATTY OMG!!!!!

  • Lasho Australika
    Lasho Australika 2 dager siden +6

    Crunchy tacos...come on, that's not a real taco...

  • Ruth Prado
    Ruth Prado 2 dager siden +4

    Can u guys do with azzyland

    • Isabella Kendall
      Isabella Kendall 2 dager siden

      Ruth Prado she lives in Canada and this channel takes place in the United States

  • Hellen Garciatello
    Hellen Garciatello 2 dager siden +13

    Just gonna say it......

    The secret formula/ingredient......

    Is crab..... 😐

  • J C
    J C 2 dager siden +2

    Come on Mikaela what’s up with the sweater? You need to show off your best assets

  • J C
    J C 2 dager siden +5

    That was the prize for winning? I would have just been okay eating all 4 other things if I knew that. But the punishment is gross

  • J C
    J C 2 dager siden +1

    Sorry Jayka but you’re second place when Mikaela is on the vid

  • J C
    J C 2 dager siden +1

    Mikaela is the hottest woman to appear in these react videos and I would marry her tomorrow

  • Sugar creations!!!!!!!
    Sugar creations!!!!!!! 2 dager siden +9

    Who else thought the punishment might have been chum

  • daniel arroyo
    daniel arroyo 2 dager siden +1

    All those who took ingredients off of the Krabby Patty did not experience a true Krabby patty

  • Imari Redmon
    Imari Redmon 2 dager siden +8

    i hate that they took the tomatoes, onions, and pickles off of the krabby patty

  • Sarah Laventure
    Sarah Laventure 2 dager siden +4

    Do more of these videos, they are amazing

  • Prabi Toor
    Prabi Toor 2 dager siden +13

    Jaxon: I’ve never had sauerkraut, **AND I GUESS I NEVER WILL**
    This man evil low key lmao

  • Qorm135
    Qorm135 2 dager siden +1

    Heh, I can get a reptar bar at FYE.

  • shrekbang
    shrekbang 2 dager siden +6

    bruh all of them be taking the tiniest bites, if i were them i would have eaten the whole burger in one bite or shove two dumpling in my mouth at once

  • James T
    James T 2 dager siden +2

    The blond dude looked like Cynthia from the rug rats

  • ExHappyFace
    ExHappyFace 2 dager siden +16

    The Krabby Patty should have been the victory food.

  • jetnut89
    jetnut89 2 dager siden +18

    The punishment should have been to eat the Nasty Patty.

  • Its Renkii
    Its Renkii 2 dager siden +6

    “I never had sour crouts...

    *”And I never will”*

  • Soccer Tv
    Soccer Tv 2 dager siden +1

    This one is hard

  • digo8my sans
    digo8my sans 2 dager siden +5

    every one the secret formula is crab god dammit

  • Roman Warrior
    Roman Warrior 2 dager siden +5

    Living in the sunlight by Tiny Tim totally fits with when the Krabby Patties were being made!
    Am I right?

  • Sedeka Zulme
    Sedeka Zulme 2 dager siden +4

    My internet was not working good do when it paused I just saw the food and omg I cant

  • Winky Time
    Winky Time 2 dager siden +14

    I think the prize dish at thd end should be all of the foods you had on the episode