• Publisert 8. feb.. 2019
  • We finally did it! Words can't explain how huge of a moment this is for me and I'm unbelievably stoked to share it with all of you. Couldn't do any of this without all of your support - here's to another great year!
    LKQ Orlando -
    Cinematography/edit by Ravi -
    Music by Ryan Little -
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  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZ  Dag siden +59

    Regarding some of the comments I've been seeing.....
    Totally get how if you haven't seen any of my videos before this can come across as a bit rude - I have a terrible sense of humor and maybe pushed it a bit too far... HOWEVER, the sales guy and I were very cool. He literally started the jokes when we were talking about the wing - saying the old cliche about how its a table for eating food etc. I didn't include some of his jokes to do him a solid because they were corny, but in retrospect I should have seeing how it looks like I'm just messing with him the whole time. Since no one will probably even believe me about this I'm going to shoot him a message so I can screen shot him explaining this a put it on social media.
    I don't care about the finger prints. It was just a joke, then watching the video while editing I thought it was funny to put a counter on. People that watch my videos know that I don't care about this stuff... Especially the jokes about the car not having mechanical seats or push to start.... I literally drive around bare bones drift cars every day - I'm just doing a terrible job at making dad-jokes literally trying to make-fun of the snobs that buy race cars and whine about features. This car is getting beat on a track..... Sub if you want to see that instead of the typical BS videos people make with their exotic cars at car shows and other lame stuff. LOL!

    • Feel Soul
      Feel Soul 5 timer siden

      I completely understand what are saying, BUT, Did The salesman know you were going to make him look unprofessional, uncaring, and basically rubbish at his job. I doubt it.
      Stay clear of dad jokes 😂🤣

    • Richard Denson
      Richard Denson 7 timer siden

      It's the mustache..

    • Jay Wilson
      Jay Wilson 7 timer siden

      Yeah it's pretty weird that people are getting mad an calling you disrespectful and thinking your serious. I saw no harm in it

    • The HiTech Guy
      The HiTech Guy 8 timer siden


    • DOT
      DOT 11 timer siden +1


  • Jorge Vlogs
    Jorge Vlogs 2 timer siden

    Put clear broth on the Porsche

  • BigAsh W
    BigAsh W 2 timer siden

    Guys giving Adam a hard time, if I had the means to buy a car like this I’d be a dick, especially if I’d waited a year to even get it! Plus, Adam and the guy clearly had a rapport and I imagine there was a lot of back and forth off camera. Congrats Adam! Flex that shit! Looking forward to see you skid it 😉

  • SF_ leppzi
    SF_ leppzi 2 timer siden


  • mattatbat96
    mattatbat96 3 timer siden

    This whole time i thought the car was orange.

  • zack honse
    zack honse 3 timer siden

    If anyone knows Adam, you should know this is his sense of humor

  • Alex Bird
    Alex Bird 4 timer siden

    Wow how you have changed man congrats on the car but this new money and lifestyle I guess you could say has changed you I guess that's how Nicole used to keep you in line, all I can say is respect has been lost😪

  • sickaholic
    sickaholic 5 timer siden

    What a beauty! Great piece of german engineering!

  • Christian Araujo
    Christian Araujo 5 timer siden

    The fact that you put a salesman finger print count on your video says a lot about how big of a douche bag you are. Sometimes the fine things in life happen to the wrong people...

  • Diljot Singh
    Diljot Singh 5 timer siden

    U should call n apologize for ur small penis

  • D Rock 75
    D Rock 75 6 timer siden

    What was he supposed to do, use telekinesis to ensure he didn't muddle up your new ride with his fingerprints?

  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez 7 timer siden

    Race with Tenner Fox he has a Porsche to.

  • rfriesphoto
    rfriesphoto 8 timer siden

    congrats brotha!!!!

  • S K
    S K 8 timer siden

    Maybe it's the mustache but you turned into a serious a$$hole. Not the kind of KARMA you want to build when purchasing a brand new Porsche. Congrats but you should things right with that sales dude fast. Do it in a respectful way, don't give him an autographed Adam LZ photo... Good luck

  • Gustavo Adolfo Barrios
    Gustavo Adolfo Barrios 8 timer siden

    Congratulations Adam, I like the color.
    My dream is a Porsche too, but I want the 964 turbo. It sounds awesome!

  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner 8 timer siden

    Adam, please if you even happen to read this or someone close. Put white rims on and get the hood painted matching the car since you loved that Miami blue painted hood. Congratulations and hope to one day be in your experience.
    Ofc you’re choice if you think about my ideas. And these people are funny hating on your “Attitude” with that guy, they most have not watched all 44 min, but can’t wait to see what happens

  • SHawn Leuchtmann
    SHawn Leuchtmann 8 timer siden

    Such a dick move with the fingerprint counter use to like your vids now I hate them bring back bmx

  • DontDoGarage
    DontDoGarage 8 timer siden

    Porsches have taken to many of the great ones from us way to early please sell it

  • Billy Gaffin
    Billy Gaffin 8 timer siden

    Love you Adam ❤️ keep pushing through man.

  • The HiTech Guy
    The HiTech Guy 9 timer siden


  • Ian Beato
    Ian Beato 9 timer siden

    Congrats man!

  • RidePittsburgh247
    RidePittsburgh247 10 timer siden

    I unsubbed a while ago and this just solidifies my decision in doing so. You’re not a good person and it’s showing more and more...

  • NgOs Insanity
    NgOs Insanity 10 timer siden

    people saying hes a douch bag yall wrong yes he was rude to the guy but thats how people are he made his money and thats his car he should be able to be a little sarcastic but yall trippin to much bout all this yall can judge when u make his money ...

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 10 timer siden

    Complete bellend, remember where you came from... nothing 🤣 lose ur ego

  • Mason Taylor
    Mason Taylor 11 timer siden

    Adam shave the porn stash already 😒

  • barn i min källare
    barn i min källare 11 timer siden +1


  • Dámaso Esteve
    Dámaso Esteve 11 timer siden

    Stupid attitude

  • Jeremy DH
    Jeremy DH 13 timer siden

    37:00 insert supra jokes here

  • truck2224
    truck2224 14 timer siden

    I feel clickbaited

    • truck2224
      truck2224 14 timer siden

      but it does looks badass in a junkyard

  • Xman Chrome
    Xman Chrome 14 timer siden

    I not reale like the gril but this is the best car I know that ever exist

  • 1 1
    1 1 14 timer siden

    12:00 when the salesman mentioned that, adam just looked up at the camera and thought, drift porsche

  • Kal Willis
    Kal Willis 14 timer siden

    Porsche water 😂

  • Typicalobserver
    Typicalobserver 15 timer siden +1

    Isn't a subscriber, but what a way to treat the sales guy. #rude

  • Noah Lowery
    Noah Lowery 15 timer siden

    Why do you do the 6 hand symbol every 15 seconds..

  • Emmanuel Rubio
    Emmanuel Rubio 16 timer siden

    FaZe Banks???????

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 16 timer siden

    In 3 years you gonna hv about 20k miles

  • Niila Gillberg
    Niila Gillberg 17 timer siden

    it would look even more amazing if it was baby blue

  • Connor Robinson
    Connor Robinson 17 timer siden +1

    God damn lol, all these comments hating on Adam for his "attitude". It's definitely all sarcasm lmao, people are so sensitive now days

  • Dontaye Holmes Barber
    Dontaye Holmes Barber 20 timer siden

    You should lower your mom's car

  • Mario Mukaj
    Mario Mukaj 20 timer siden

    Everyone who is whining: 39:35

  • Eltern10
    Eltern10 21 time siden

    Dude how can you afford this car?

  • David Griffiths
    David Griffiths 22 timer siden

    at $416,500 Jesus

  • Powersproductions130
    Powersproductions130 22 timer siden

    What do Adam LZ and the new Toyota Supra have in common? Half Japanese and half German. lol

  • josh palacios
    josh palacios 23 timer siden

    You don’t deserve that car.

  • Kelvin Kisusi
    Kelvin Kisusi 23 timer siden

    I'm starting to understand why Nicole left this douche bag. He's still a LITTLE BOY

  • 1_ Zaddy_1
    1_ Zaddy_1 Dag siden

    Wow this sucks

  • Braeden Pettus
    Braeden Pettus Dag siden

    If your dreams don't scare you, there're not big enough. Crazy inspiration here.

  • 1OAK406 yep
    1OAK406 yep Dag siden

    Your subscribers got u that car and you didn't even give them a thank u dang glad I didn't subscribe

  • 1BoiledCabbage
    1BoiledCabbage Dag siden

    If i lost my wife too i’d be over compensating for everything as well 😂

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Dag siden

    It's Porsche not porsh

  • Sid Hansen
    Sid Hansen Dag siden

    you acted like quite a douche... obviously your ego has gotten the best of you. Also, I laughed at the fact that you think people will laugh at your mechanical seats when you go to fancy restaurants... thats what happens when you buy a racecar. if you want a comfy lux car then get a mercedes or something you snob

  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray Dag siden

    Wow it was a failed attempt at being funny, but for a car vlogger he should have been more respectful of the billions of dollars Porsche went into developing this awesome car, which we thought he truly loved, alot of vloggers only purchase these car for increased views, which increases there subscribers before becoming more of a douche. But in the end they will still get more view and followers what to do.

  • Nicholas Henriques
    Nicholas Henriques Dag siden

    Real genuine reaction. Lit Congratulations 🎉

  • Antonio chavez
    Antonio chavez Dag siden

    Honestly lost respect for u so much by just watching how u treated the salesman he was just trying to do his job and show u the car

  • Steven James
    Steven James Dag siden


  • daniel almonte
    daniel almonte Dag siden

    Your a whole bitch. Humble yourself a little more

  • Kaide Bullock
    Kaide Bullock Dag siden

    Straight pipe it!

  • Dash Eames
    Dash Eames Dag siden


  • Petar P
    Petar P Dag siden +2

    Apparently nobody watched til the end. It was all jokes with the salesman. Y’all need to chill.

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Dag siden

    Adam changes so much... he’s horrible

  • gohdz
    gohdz Dag siden

    The fact that you were being a douche to the guy doing his job isn’t cool. And just because you apologized for being a douche doesn’t make it acceptable, you can tell on the guys facial expressions that he was uncomfortable. Happy you got your dream car, but honestly for acting like that, it’s not that big of a deal to anyone that you bought an GTRS3

  • xX_MEMEmeister_Xx
    xX_MEMEmeister_Xx Dag siden

    I’ve been watching you for years, but the finger print thing is way too much.
    You my friend just got an unsub :)

  • alice wen
    alice wen Dag siden

    *Friggin automatic*

  • Krimzy
    Krimzy Dag siden

    How many of y'all actually got to the end

  • Haye
    Haye Dag siden

    Lol Adam beving a Dick this episode

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade Dag siden

    u need black wheels

  • Fvck forza
    Fvck forza Dag siden

    He explains why he was “rude” and yet some of y’all didn’t watch that far..

  • Anthonio Nesbitt
    Anthonio Nesbitt Dag siden

    Twin turbo that!!!!

  • bigpuff714
    bigpuff714 Dag siden

    Dude you guys were behaving like dicks and its usually the people that can barely afford cars like this act like total duchebags. I worked at a highend dealership so i know folks stop being dicks to the sales guy, buy the car online and have it delivered if you know so damn much. There is a process on how to use that special adapter to remove center locks you cant just impact it moron.

  • Wade Grossman
    Wade Grossman Dag siden

    Was going to subscribe... until I saw this.

  • Blake Lindquist
    Blake Lindquist Dag siden

    You need to stop being a dink. Take a break from NO-clip if you have to until you can respect the people around you.

  • Finan 7
    Finan 7 Dag siden

    Reminds me why I unsubscribed to you. I first unsubbed when you went through that Douggie rap phase, and went all jokey and douchey

  • MTB SA
    MTB SA Dag siden

    i miss Nicole :(

  • Bradley Parten
    Bradley Parten Dag siden

    Until you pay for it & drive it off the lot. He can touch it all day long. He's the sale's person. They fucking wipe off quit winning like a little bitch.

  • Byronic Hero
    Byronic Hero Dag siden

    stick to JDM or buy an old 911 and modify a mid eighties..that would be worth watching

  • Moon Lau
    Moon Lau Dag siden

    Dude drift the car with chrisfix

  • T Mugen
    T Mugen Dag siden

    It was actually 73 fingerprints....

  • Sin Sabath
    Sin Sabath Dag siden

    I just unsubscribe just because the way you been acting lately

  • Jayden Piper
    Jayden Piper Dag siden

    omg you are so cool dude

  • A Shevy T.P.C
    A Shevy T.P.C 2 dager siden +3

    Am I the only one who just unsubscribed?🤔🤔

  • earl loh
    earl loh 2 dager siden

    39:30 yall he talks about the dealer pls watch before trashing that hard

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski 2 dager siden

    U have to put a bike rack on it just for ur old bmx subs

  • J Smith
    J Smith 2 dager siden

    Now I know how not to act when I pick up my Porsche

  • bigben1986
    bigben1986 2 dager siden

    who cares about the finger prints!!!

  • Joshua Hittinger
    Joshua Hittinger 2 dager siden

    The sales dude absolutely needs to wear gloves when someone is spending that amount 💀😂

  • Lance Danley
    Lance Danley 2 dager siden

    He really just compared a 20 year old Mitsubishi to a brand new Porsche.

  • Sapphiremass Gaming
    Sapphiremass Gaming 2 dager siden

    All the people I'm the comments section who is saying Adam is being a douche needs to rewatch the video again then shut their damn mouthes bunch of damn idiots

  • BanditsAtZero
    BanditsAtZero 2 dager siden

    @Adam LZ I've been watching your videos almost since the beginning, since you were still doing BMX and I've unsubbed a few months ago. Just randomly found this video and after watching it I now remember why I unsubbed. You're an asshole Adam! Honestly you deserve none of this! It's like people in the comments below are saying. The more money you get the cockier you are becoming. Seriously who buys a $200,000 car and starts bitching right away over "fingerprints". The drive home probably dusted your car so much you needed to wash it the next day. Anyways just by reading the below comments I see you broke up with Nicole, I'm sorry to hear that. It wouldn't surprise me if your attitude had something to do with it.

  • Raul Alcayaga
    Raul Alcayaga 2 dager siden

    Adam acts like a douche alot now and covers it up by saying hes joking and justvplaying around but low key his ego flares up lol. I know everyone has noticed it no matter how much you love the guy

  • Noah Castleberry
    Noah Castleberry 2 dager siden


  • Brydon Rodgers
    Brydon Rodgers 2 dager siden

    Congratulations 🎊

  • Dapearlcoupe
    Dapearlcoupe 2 dager siden

    Damn you’re such douche

  • Chris Vazquez
    Chris Vazquez 2 dager siden

    Adam doesn't deserve that car, the way he be acting. little bitch!

  • mac mcmullin
    mac mcmullin 2 dager siden

    LZ = Dbag unsubcsribe by by........

  • MinorityProductions
    MinorityProductions 2 dager siden

    Didn’t even know about Porsche’s clutch kick with pdk. Lol what a scrub. TJ Cunt 2.0 right here.

  • Cxlturez
    Cxlturez 2 dager siden +3


  • Paul Harsh
    Paul Harsh 2 dager siden

    The rest of youtube spends millions on cars no one bats an eye. Adam buys one new car, everyone freaks out!

  • Feku13
    Feku13 2 dager siden

    Hi Adam, why didnt you get the blue one? :) Just a question Adam, im not hating. Its still a cool car

  • Javon Johnson
    Javon Johnson 2 dager siden

    Porsche of Beachwood?? I used to live down the street from there

  • dfhdfgd wannemacher
    dfhdfgd wannemacher 2 dager siden

    The mustache doesn't help that your a flaming D bag now. No wounder why your alone :/