Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)


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  • SamDAawesomest
    SamDAawesomest Dag siden

    im so fucking hyped

  • Taylor Swift Forever

    Who will win the battle?
    Jon snow : like
    Whitewalkers : comments

  • Zabdy Mena
    Zabdy Mena Dag siden

    everybody we love will die! we will need therapy as soon as GOT ends..

  • Red 004
    Red 004 Dag siden

    Winter Is Here

  • Sanju Bhagat
    Sanju Bhagat Dag siden

    Winter is here!

  • Fantasy Lover
    Fantasy Lover Dag siden

    Valar Morghulis

  • league of bard
    league of bard Dag siden

    i was here

  • Саня Прохоровский

    this is gonna be legen... Wait for it...

  • lachezar marinov
    lachezar marinov Dag siden

    1:04 who is in the trone room with Cercei. My guess is that would be Sansa. Smells like betrayal. Or it might be Melisandre who's there to beg her join the great war

  • EsseCara Velho
    EsseCara Velho Dag siden

    What if Arya's "faces" starts to move like they are alive when the deads get closer? And why the beginning of this trailer reminds me of the red weadding?

  • Youss
    Youss Dag siden

    Hands down best series

  • Fayaz Zarif
    Fayaz Zarif Dag siden

    Can't wait

  • Tyrone Lannister
    Tyrone Lannister Dag siden +1

    Can't wait to give Daenerys the *long dick style*

  • JuanJhon
    JuanJhon Dag siden

    1:06 I thought she was pregnant

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B Dag siden

    They are going to make valerian swords cause I seen the blacksmith for his name

  • Larsson Cruze
    Larsson Cruze Dag siden

    Wanna show this comment to my kid..

  • Suman Chatterjee
    Suman Chatterjee Dag siden

    Arya is Running from Lord Baelish AKA the Faceless Man

  • JillC2
    JillC2 Dag siden

    Cleganebowl is coming!

  • Khaled Refaat
    Khaled Refaat Dag siden

    خش لشترك

  • Chris Atherton
    Chris Atherton Dag siden

    The war is coming.......

  • Nayab Murad
    Nayab Murad Dag siden

    Finally Winter came in Spring (April)... 😂😂

  • Vivek -
    Vivek - Dag siden +2

    What do you guys think will happen if, while fighting white walkers Jon sees hodor(as a walker) , gots emotional and lets his guard down and hodor kills him?

    ARMANI X WINTERS Dag siden

    Winter Came,With Winter Eye's.

  • Paul Stark
    Paul Stark Dag siden

    1:03 is Jaime yelling "Brooonn!"? Cuz I want to see him in Winterfell fighting beside Jaime and others

  • Lucy Vatore
    Lucy Vatore Dag siden

    Bruh you KNOW at 1:24 Jon is about to hop on Rhaegal and ride side by side w Dany and that shit is gonna be LIT

  • Derpthulu Fhtagan
    Derpthulu Fhtagan Dag siden

    also commenting to show my future kids i was here.

  • MiB Agent T
    MiB Agent T Dag siden

    Don't rush it and make sure its 110% good to go. I'm hoping for a great season 8.

  • Lazarus Banks
    Lazarus Banks Dag siden

    I love when great shows PLAN for an ending instead of letting ratings kill it.

  • Ky
    Ky Dag siden

    Now watch The Last Kingdom on netflix while you wait for this... thank me later

  • ARPAN SARKAR 1803106

    Finally hbo showed something that is worth of showing

  • Abel Muchena
    Abel Muchena Dag siden

    Cnt wait..

  • Nahid Haq
    Nahid Haq Dag siden

    Arya is scared!!!!!!! Not a good sign.

  • Abdul Rahman Imtiaz
    Abdul Rahman Imtiaz Dag siden +1


  • Fuad Ashraf
    Fuad Ashraf Dag siden +1

    Where is our little hero????

  • Alex Alves
    Alex Alves Dag siden

    We all want a happy ending for good characters and bad ending for the bad ones; but it's not real life, it's not Game of Thrones. Life is full of light and shadows

  • Anna Jade Sing&Dance
    Anna Jade Sing&Dance Dag siden +1

    Come here to see if the Avenger Trailer has more views :D

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David Dag siden +1

    I can't wait any longer. I'm going to rewatch this show from season 1 to 7.

  • Oanh Sally
    Oanh Sally Dag siden +1

    Choáng ngợp 😲😲😲

  • shakera golding
    shakera golding Dag siden

    april where are you?

  • angella max
    angella max Dag siden

    Jamie will become the queen slayer.

  • Osirois Music
    Osirois Music Dag siden

    They sure know how to use music to set the mood!

  • am
    am Dag siden

    Má hay à

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac Dag siden +1

    I have never watched GOT from beginning !! What should I do ?

    • Dr. Héróé
      Dr. Héróé Dag siden

      Hurry up and watch all seasons before 8 season premier

  • Nishi Gomz
    Nishi Gomz Dag siden

    Oh that's wonderful season 8 gonna come bcoz today i just finished watching all seasons .
    I'm on time .

  • Hemangini Mandaliya
    Hemangini Mandaliya Dag siden +2

    Some people fight either for Game of thrones or Endgame.
    But not us. Not us.
    A girl likes both. A girl is smart

  • قناة ٱلغاز روعة قناة الغاز روعة

    اللى عاوز مقالب تقليد اصوات يدخل على القناة

  • Frank Hartfield Jr.

    I would bend the knee for the Mother of Dragons

  • Frank Hartfield Jr.

    Hold the door

  • Shankar Paswan
    Shankar Paswan Dag siden

    It is the Game of Throne who has the potential to teach you every aspect of life...

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams Dag siden

    Winter is coming! This April on HBO

  • Man Kumari Shrestha


  • alan soto
    alan soto Dag siden +1

    I started watching got on march 9 and now march 17 im done. Just waiting on season 8

  • Nikhil Mohan
    Nikhil Mohan Dag siden

    so the winter is here

  • Seal Fantamide
    Seal Fantamide Dag siden

    Lol are we just gonna pretend that Doornish plot line just never happened? Like, is the queen just still rotting in a jail cell with her daughters corpse or what?

  • X1419LOL
    X1419LOL Dag siden


  • Andinga Tacho
    Andinga Tacho Dag siden +1

    Game of Thrones without nudity will be Game of Thongs. Been there, done that. 😰🙏🏻🥳🤯

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee Dag siden

    THE HYPE!!!

  • Ocean Of Games
    Ocean Of Games Dag siden +1


  • Rohit Srivastava
    Rohit Srivastava Dag siden

    Fuck I can't wait .

  • AnthonyBark HaddadSimon

    I just wanna leave a comment to show my future kids that I was there when winter came!

  • Erick Sanchez
    Erick Sanchez Dag siden

    0:29 it’s gonna be a good battle

  • Luka Fröhlich
    Luka Fröhlich Dag siden

    Lioe if you are among the 0,73% who haven't watched the first 7 episodes

  • fastdraw30
    fastdraw30 Dag siden

    Mother of dragons is coming home...get the castle clean!!

  • sid assassin
    sid assassin Dag siden

    Night king is coming to winter fell to warn that winter ia coming

  • Frank Kevyn
    Frank Kevyn Dag siden

    The summer is cumming

  • Sohaib Ali
    Sohaib Ali Dag siden

    Who is more hyped for got than endgame?

  • Ghur Khan
    Ghur Khan Dag siden

    Has anyone heard this NEW Got soundtrack/song?

  • Tyler Matthews
    Tyler Matthews Dag siden

    Please, lord of light, show me what podrick did to those girls

  • Daksh Verma
    Daksh Verma Dag siden

    Third eye said to bran stark you can't run but you can fly.. Means third dead dragon with dead Walker will be control by bran stark..

  • Tri Indah Puspitasari

    Kapan tayang cok

  • You Can
    You Can Dag siden

  • Sangharganesh Palanivelloo

    If you are expecting a happy ending, you are not paying attention.

  • Popat Lal
    Popat Lal Dag siden

    Kids are being burnt ,betrayel,incest,all kinds of evil things in this TV series and PEOPLE are mad for watching this sick TV series shows us all how evil humans have become .shame on y'all who watch this evil the show

  • Fresh
    Fresh Dag siden +1

    Kurde teraz to jest.

  • Markie Winters
    Markie Winters Dag siden


  • Bpn Tamang
    Bpn Tamang Dag siden

    sarsy poisoned herself

  • kingston maluleke
    kingston maluleke Dag siden +1

    Question : Top 5 tv shows of all time

    me :
    1.Game of Thrones
    2.Game of Thrones
    3.Game of Thrones
    4.Game of Thrones
    5.Game of Thrones
    6.Game of Thrones
    7.Game of Thrones
    8.Game of Thrones
    9.Game of Thrones
    10.Game of Thrones
    11.Game of Thrones
    12.Game of Thrones
    1000.Game of Thrones
    1001. Other tv shows assuming Game of thrones is not in the picture

  • hulagan808
    hulagan808 Dag siden

    So Winter is finally here?

  • Filex Dualazi
    Filex Dualazi Dag siden

    With GoT, learn without effort spanish, latin, french:

  • kingston maluleke
    kingston maluleke Dag siden +1

    will be out there 30 years later telling my children WHATEVER their watching on TV is shit , and that the best show on TV ended in 2019 and that there will never be anything like it no matter how hard they gonna try to produce something better

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon Dag siden

    I'm gonna be here when winter came.

  • kingston maluleke
    kingston maluleke Dag siden +1

    GAME OF THRONES playing TODAY and writing exam TOMORROW
    me : ⌚️ 🍿 🥩 🍗 📴 🎬 ..............exam 🚮

  • Andrew Cary
    Andrew Cary Dag siden


  • Tawseef reshi
    Tawseef reshi Dag siden +1

    i swear game of thrones complete my life and i love GOT more than my wife..

  • Uğur Kalyoncu
    Uğur Kalyoncu Dag siden

    Some people watch this trailer once.
    But not us.

  • Akarshit Gupta
    Akarshit Gupta Dag siden

    I was here before the winter. ❄️

  • Israel David
    Israel David Dag siden

    Just finished the 7 season..So excited 😬😨

  • حلمي لي الكوميديا

    اشترك في قناة الكوميديا

  • Arya Fernanda
    Arya Fernanda Dag siden


  • Football Legend
    Football Legend Dag siden

    The last Season . The last passion . The last Excitement . The last Waiting .
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God when I remember it's the last season I cry

  • Queen Visenya
    Queen Visenya Dag siden

    1:24 Get ready cold ones the Targaryens are bringing fire and blood

  • Painted Blue
    Painted Blue Dag siden

    Game of thrones in endgame style

  • Samuel Florez
    Samuel Florez Dag siden +1

    At 1:04 you can hear Jaime screaming Bronn, what will happen?

    • Lexi Kol
      Lexi Kol Dag siden

      I actually missed this until you pointed it out. Chills!!!

  • Mr MT Reviews
    Mr MT Reviews Dag siden

    Start the damn season before I piss myself

  • Sam Zaky
    Sam Zaky Dag siden

    Looking forward for the end of this overhyped TV show!!!

  • Floopy5426
    Floopy5426 Dag siden

    I legit want Ghost to be in every scene with or without Jon Snow

  • TheMagical Munchkin

    I just wanna leave a comment to show everyone we found a REAL dragon egg and HATCHED it

  • Silv3r
    Silv3r Dag siden


  • Shielyn Tiballa
    Shielyn Tiballa Dag siden

    Finally!!! Winter is here... 😍😍😍

  • EL FOU
    EL FOU Dag siden