Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining

  • Publisert 12. mars. 2019
  • I show how to build an EDM drilling machine, describe how it works, and where to buy parts.
    Source for the arc generator: baxedm.com/
    BaxEDM NO-clip channel: no-clip.com/channel/UCy4kgsAYxcraee8w5SfqXPAvideos
    I used the Kflop, Kanalog, and Kstep from dynomotion.com/
    OpenBuilds CNC machine: openbuildspartstore.com/openbuilds-sphinx-55-20-x-20/
    EDM hollow drill rods: www.ebay.com/itm/EDM-WIRE-MACHINE-DRILL-0-60mm-1-CERAMIC-GUIDE-30-SINGLE-HOLE-BRASS-TUBES-EDM/161395647605
    EDM drill head: www.aliexpress.com/item/EDM-Rotated-Head-for-Small-Hole-EDM-Drilling-Machine/32353532977.html
    EDM drill head seals: www.aliexpress.com/item/Rubber-Seal-for-EDM-Small-Hole-Drilling-Machines/789294397.html
    Airless paint sprayer: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004Z2090U
    Water filter: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CFOFZ08
    Cartridges are cheap, similar to this: www.amazon.com/dp/B01FKNK69G/

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  • Gus Mcgussy
    Gus Mcgussy 59 minutter siden

    Lmao there are millions of edm "drills" out there in the world...lmao
    .. they are called plunger edms...

  • roslan mat nor
    roslan mat nor Time siden

    Super Awesome

  • Joe Swaaz
    Joe Swaaz Time siden

    i was following you until you said kilohertz

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 2 timer siden

    A crude form of Plasma is created with an arc

  • Neotarlax
    Neotarlax 2 timer siden

    drill through a pencil (yeah graphite is conductive)

  • The General
    The General 2 timer siden

    maybe i missed it, but who created this technology???

  • Pica Delphon
    Pica Delphon 2 timer siden

    Can you Drill a Diamond, they are Conductive..

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill 4 timer siden


  • Maddy Foxmom
    Maddy Foxmom 4 timer siden

    next time, on SUPREME SKILLS

  • The Kaiser
    The Kaiser 5 timer siden

    Try Dilithium or Kryptonite.

  • Hasbo TwoFourSix
    Hasbo TwoFourSix 5 timer siden

    drill through things like a bank vault?

  • steve lowry
    steve lowry 6 timer siden

    Professor hole, that’s impressive

  • Jack Fagg
    Jack Fagg 7 timer siden

    try a non ceramic coated tip for a tipped lathe tool

  • lizard
    lizard 8 timer siden

    You could make really efficient heat sinks with this I think.

  • mrbigheart
    mrbigheart 9 timer siden

    this is awesome!!

  • androsboy2006
    androsboy2006 10 timer siden

    Respectfully, you said dump the used water on your plants. It looks like you burned through Stainless Steel here. (nickel and chromium.)and other metals. What oxides or gases are left behind in the water that you told us to just dump on our plants? Ni is carcinogenic. As are other metals. This water/ waste water is contaminated and may be a biological hazard if consumed. A good example~ Gadolinium, burn through it, then dump the water on your veggies, or just down the sewer. Gadolinium is used in MRI as a contrast agent, through urination, it goes to the sewage disposal plants, then to the lakes and streams where it is redistributed to the population as drinking water. Gadolinium passes the Blood_brain barrier and is retained there all eternity. Gadolinium, once ingested by the body forms crystals, similar to sea urchins. I am wondering if nickel and chromium cross that blood-brain barrier as well? What about other metals? It is well known heavy metals cause lung, kidney, skin, bone and reproductive cancer. This tech is great, but the waste water (toxic waste) needs to be addressed and disposed of properly. I love your video, but please, rethink the disposal process, or show us where it is safe.

  • Shalmaneser
    Shalmaneser 10 timer siden

    Total price tag?

  • Emil Sørensen
    Emil Sørensen 10 timer siden

    Magicians are toying with the fabric of reality. Tsk.

  • Dreamboat MacGillicutty
    Dreamboat MacGillicutty 11 timer siden +1

    Skookum as frig. Electrochoochin'!
    You know a guy goes by the handle "AvE?"
    5:39 Holy Chineseium!

  • Phil Cogan
    Phil Cogan 11 timer siden

    Are your plans available? I want to do wire EDM for small injection mold making. I always wanted my own wire.

    • BAXEDM
      BAXEDM 6 timer siden

      Plans for a wire EDM are available on baxedm.com

  • Bill Wheaton
    Bill Wheaton 12 timer siden

    Can you cut internal threads and other internal reliefs?

  • Luftbubblan
    Luftbubblan 16 timer siden

    Never seen this before, very cool :D

  • willie dobbs
    willie dobbs 18 timer siden

    No idea what the fuck you're saying, but its 3 am so cool

  • scott carr
    scott carr 19 timer siden


  • AgressiveRimJobs
    AgressiveRimJobs 20 timer siden

    I'm just here looking for the DJ's that are confused with the EDM machine

  • Ryan MacEwen
    Ryan MacEwen 22 timer siden

    Wow, new life for my Shapeoko 2 !? Awesome video!

  • That_Guy
    That_Guy 23 timer siden

    Did you test for achievable dimensional accuracy with your setup?

  • NotVeryWeevil
    NotVeryWeevil 23 timer siden

    In terms of practical application: how about rescuing a work piece from a broken drill or tap stuck in the work that wasn't successfully dislodged by other means?

  • movingforward
    movingforward Dag siden

    want car grill

  • Leo Gonzalez
    Leo Gonzalez Dag siden

    Try a magnet

  • Alexandra Marberry
    Alexandra Marberry Dag siden

    Get together with Colin Furze to build a portable backpack version to drill through locks with the Lockpick Lawyer!

  • Michael
    Michael Dag siden +2

    six tenths of a millimeter is hard to listen to, combining the metric system with ye old timey imperial is like fingernails on a chalk board to an engineer. its just pronounced "Point six of a millimeter"

    • Michael
      Michael 16 timer siden +1

      +r mcalpine whats up? do you have issues with accurate technical lingo?

    • r mcalpine
      r mcalpine 18 timer siden

      Michael wow dude u so smart oh yeah

  • halcofdrops
    halcofdrops Dag siden

    So when is the collab with AVE's CNC machine?

  • srussert28
    srussert28 Dag siden

    This looks custom made for the jet pack. Tiny holes in a silver puck designed to ablate at a very specific rate. This would allow a thicker puck and raise the safety factor. Or if 3D drilled, make the holes expel in a very specific pattern that allows the bottom to be thicker to start turning the thrust to allow more area to ablate, more controlled flow and still raise the safety factor. If 300 micron holes are not that uncommon I think this looks like a perfect fit. This is not my field but if cost was somewhat reasonable someone should be at least running the numbers to see if this is would work

  • /\'Cypheir
    /\'Cypheir Dag siden

    You should use concentrated hydrochloric acid to extract the copper and zinc from the water.

  • cpu64
    cpu64 Dag siden

    It's like a UHD plasma cutter.

  • Benjamin Castillo
    Benjamin Castillo Dag siden

    Science bitch.

  • Tony Herson
    Tony Herson Dag siden

    So this is how Deadmau5 makes his music. Interesting

  • Nic
    Nic Dag siden

    Drill through a superconductor

  • Daniel Mueller
    Daniel Mueller Dag siden

    have you tried carbon fibre? its conductive, so might work

    SHOCKWAVE Dag siden

    look at our moons surface now look at a surface through a microscope that has been electrically machined to remove the surface to a certain point,,,, u will find they look identical almost,,, our moon was electrically machined to look the way it does creators on the edge of bigger craters bumps in the middle of them a raised rim also how does a comet or asteroid make a crater that is square octagonal or even hexagonal u will find them on the moon and on the micro surface of something that's been machined electrically our universe is electric not gravitationally predominant,,,, electricity is the predominant entity in the universe and when I say entity it may be correct as we are starting to talk in the scientific community about consciousness being separate from our selves but we just tap into that conscious field that is all around us,,,,, here is some good science to make the point about the moon being electrically machined,,,,,,,,,,,, no-clip.com/video/CU9WOucaz-0/video.html,,,,,,,, no-clip.com/video/5ThZZPCMXNU/video.html,,,,,,, isn't ELECTRICTY AMAZING ??????? and its EVERYWHERE IN THE DEPTHS OF SPACE because why ????? NASA sees magnetic fields everywhere in space and they tell us there's no electricity causing these magnetic fields,,,,,, well we have electricity all figured out well mostly and if u don't have a flow of electrons or charged particles there is no way to have a magnetic field in space,,,, oh yes we see magnetism by it self with no flow of electrons here on the earth but that's what's referred to as residual magnetism and is only produced when ELECTRICTY MASSIVE AMMOUNTS OF IT flow through a METAL there is no huge deposits of magnesite well enough to make these massive magnetic fields that stretch thousands of light years,,,,, we would see a piece of metal that big through our telescopes for sure !!!!!! it would have to be big enough to block out light from the area that's thousands of light years big to produce magnetic fields and we just don't see that in our telescopes

  • I'll figure it out
    I'll figure it out Dag siden

    Hands down one of my favorite channels, God damn man.

  • Johnson Le
    Johnson Le Dag siden

    This is like fusing mig welding and plasma arc cutting

  • Gurken's Gaming Channel

    anything is a conductor if you add enough voltage

  • MrDehicka
    MrDehicka Dag siden

    Sadly, for the price of the Baxedm generator alone, in China you can buy complete EDM drill with the same arc current, CNC, filter system, bath and everything. They even have super entry level EDM drills for $300.

  • CCROSS5882
    CCROSS5882 Dag siden

    Would it be good to have a small pressure tank to hold a volume of pressure?, less on and off of the pump more steady pressure.

  • Eljakim De Clerck
    Eljakim De Clerck Dag siden

    Allright youtube, I’m watching it

  • Ev3rM0r3
    Ev3rM0r3 Dag siden +2

    Don't even know what I'd use it for but I want to build one.

  • Brian Wind Grøndahl

    You say backlash is small on the cnc frame, but im thinking under pressure it will be way worse :-/

    • S H
      S H Dag siden

      Under what pressure? The pressure is internal water pressure. There is no added pressure when cutting. That's why the piece being machined needs minimal clamping. There are no mechanical cutting forces that need to be resisted or that would contribute to greater backlash.

  • Finger Blaster Studios

    What about using this to do subtractive modeling of conductive materials?

  • Rusty YouDon'tNeedHisLastName

    Wondering if the process with lead would result in contaminated water. Not interested enough to test though.

  • Zomby Woof
    Zomby Woof Dag siden

    Would a longer ceramic 'collar' around the drill that extends closer to the drill hole minimize the distortion?

  • Ben Hollis
    Ben Hollis Dag siden

    This is super interesting, thanks for sharing!!

  • Manuel Branco
    Manuel Branco Dag siden

    Freaking amazing 🤖

  • Quality Inn Suites
    Quality Inn Suites Dag siden

    There is a Japanese game show called insane skill that used this. They were tasked to drill through pencil lead, one using a lave (I don't remember how that's spelled) the other using EDM. surprisingly the man with the lave won. The tiny electrical discharges were to strong for the pencil lead. Very interesting show by the way. It defiantly lives up to the name.

  • Bigwingrider1800
    Bigwingrider1800 Dag siden


  • MrChriskep1
    MrChriskep1 Dag siden

    This guy is smart. I thought I was smart and then I watched this.

  • Zakk Gardner
    Zakk Gardner Dag siden

    But which came first? The drill rod electrode or the EDM drilling machine? Earthbound souls will forever ponder.

  • John
    John Dag siden +1

    Drill through a car

  • Mark Rich
    Mark Rich Dag siden

    I would assume the size of your electrode gives your hole dimension? Reminds me of Mach 3 well I think there on 4 now but its a home cnc system.

  • 0z0z
    0z0z Dag siden

    I’m usually dancing when I’m doing edm.

  • Maria Yosefa
    Maria Yosefa Dag siden

    can you do dye ink version?

  • Ciprian Nicuta
    Ciprian Nicuta Dag siden

    Does this mean that using a good CNC we will be able to drill not strength lines ?!

  • Deathborn 00
    Deathborn 00 Dag siden

    Well I thought that this was some kind of clickbait at first but turns out is something very interesting... The fact that you can use this as a mill is also extremely interesting and I have never really heard of this process before.

  • Grze9898
    Grze9898 Dag siden +1

    I couldn't figure out where water goes. Through the rod?

  • Prerit Bhageria
    Prerit Bhageria Dag siden

    Do it with mercury 😉😆

  • Osiris
    Osiris Dag siden

    Holy smokes!

  • Ariel Valenzuela
    Ariel Valenzuela Dag siden

    Thanks NO-clip for the recommendation this is so cool.

  • Larz
    Larz Dag siden

    Awesome video! Thanks for explaining all this. I had never heard of EDM, in this context. Many thanks!

  • Knaeckebrotsaege
    Knaeckebrotsaege Dag siden

    Not knowing anything about this stuff (this just showed up in my suggestions for a couple days in a row so I gave in), but couldn't you mitigate the bent electrodes creating larger-than-wanted holes problem by simply moving the bottom part the electrode goes through noticeably lower down...? Then the center part of the bent electrode could wobble around as much as it wants to, and the end close to whatever you're drilling into would be for the most part stable/centered... or am I missing something here?

  • Omega man
    Omega man 2 dager siden

    I found this incredibly interesting,thank you. I am curious what a machine like this one would cost. You are gifted .

  • Eniklis Nihm
    Eniklis Nihm 2 dager siden

    300 micron, how do they make the drill rod? that's one freaking tiny hole!

  • Wolfdog370
    Wolfdog370 2 dager siden

    I just wanted to see the process in action .. not the endless blah blah blah

  • dalia farjoun
    dalia farjoun 2 dager siden

    Amazing , would you contact us ? I like to order few machines

  • Joseph Nichols
    Joseph Nichols 2 dager siden +2

    How large of a precision hole can be created? For instance, rifle barrel for high precision long range competition in .338, .375,
    .50 caliber.

    • Hallabalogee
      Hallabalogee 23 timer siden

      You could make a pipe at whatever dimension you want. Would be a musket. Rifles have rotation grooves to spin the bullet - this would not be effective, might as well use a drill and reamer and save hours of machine time for crap gun.

  • Tracy Rosellini
    Tracy Rosellini 2 dager siden


  • beautifulsmall
    beautifulsmall 2 dager siden

    Great, a bit out of hobby hands due to the switcher and software but a fast DC SolidStateRelay can do 20KHz and a bit of inventive python. For EMC problems I built my own CNC plasma. Oh did I have fun with ferrites and shielding. Love it.

  • N. Suthers
    N. Suthers 2 dager siden


  • Mark Hancock
    Mark Hancock 2 dager siden

    How much voltage does/can the arc generator produce?

  • MrZeyami
    MrZeyami 2 dager siden

    Are there any FCC concerns with this kind of machining?

  • Rafael Soldan
    Rafael Soldan 2 dager siden

    Hi Ben. Wondering if the issue of implement negative feedrate could be solved with a tiny drill peck cycle on a CNC? Maybe something conservative?

  • cody hedges
    cody hedges 2 dager siden

    Holy shit... Why is the shipping so high if it's gonna take a month to get there?

  • Engin sci
    Engin sci 2 dager siden

    i suggest it will be cheaper to use graphite rods for drill
    also how about using oil instead of water maybe with higher voltage

  • Milton Alvis
    Milton Alvis 2 dager siden

    Excellent Video and Explanations.
    Familiar with EDM form rapid prototyping (3DSystems, etc.) working form the mid-1990s but not at a practica DIY level.

    If helpful, these are links to a little of my public domain engineering work about our primary vehicle: goo.gl/r0cVC4 goo.gl/io43i7 & how I think: goo.gl/uuWK7o

  • Brent Hass
    Brent Hass 2 dager siden

    looks a bit cleaner operation than me cutting steel with a 6011 welding rod

  • LeicaM11
    LeicaM11 2 dager siden

    Is that Electrophoresis? (Elektrophorese)

  • Dragon800
    Dragon800 2 dager siden +2

    would you be willing to say the approx. cost of this entire build? I would so love a setup like this but I don't know if I could afford it. Thanks...

  • Ed Wilson
    Ed Wilson 2 dager siden

    16:17 420

  • Ed Wilson
    Ed Wilson 2 dager siden

    just mix in a pinch of salt with the distilled water when you start

  • Alexander Hartdegen
    Alexander Hartdegen 2 dager siden

    This is the most sturdy brass rod I've never seen in my life !

  • Bill McGuire
    Bill McGuire 2 dager siden

    What an awesome video - thanks.

  • Patrick Perry
    Patrick Perry 2 dager siden

    Don't think I'll ever need this. That's a lot of stuff just to drill a hole. The only time I might have used it was on a riding mower front axle. I went a different route and managed to accomplish the end goal.

  • Steve F
    Steve F 2 dager siden

    I saw this video earlier, very nice how described almost the entire device. Great job.
    @Applied Science Isn't "pecking" or "peck drilling" an example of opposite feed rate in cutting machine operation? Lots of controllers do that these days (not sure of open source ones though, so maybe you're right).

    • Jaakko Fagerlund
      Jaakko Fagerlund Dag siden

      Pecking isn't runnin ghe actual prgram backwards, it just jumps between two defined points. And it is not process driven like EDM has to be. If it would be, it would peck only when needed and only enough without any supervision from the user. Oh I would love that...
      Sometimes in a wire EDM you have to reverse lots and lots to get out of the short circuit condition, as materials tend flex and move from internal stresses when they are cut and can narrow the kerd to a point that it short circuits or breaks the wire. Or there is a perfect kerf but something in the part geometry makes the water swirl the cut particles and short it that way.

  • hinokikuaimu
    hinokikuaimu 2 dager siden +5

    more than 1.1e6 views here, less than 1e3 for the excellent too BAXEDM intro video. Hey guys and gals, have a look at this one too!

  • RoboBlox TM
    RoboBlox TM 2 dager siden

    Is this a mini payday 2 drill?

  • Xavier Bernard
    Xavier Bernard 2 dager siden

    Can you do that in silicon? For MEMS machining applications or TSV? Please try that out!

  • Rin _
    Rin _ 2 dager siden

    Can you try wood? It’s a conductive material!

    • Otto Lehmann
      Otto Lehmann 2 dager siden

      Wood is not conductive.. you ever taken science class before

  • Polly
    Polly 2 dager siden

    very cool video but i dont understamd why were you talking about electronic dance music all the time