Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  29 dager siden +38260

    MERRY XMAS EVE, friends! have a holly jolly weird video for christmas! i don't know why, but this happened. i think i'm going to stick to bad makeup science after this, lol. xoxo, SAF

    • Rupa Dutta
      Rupa Dutta 28 dager siden +1

      Merry cristmas

    • Kate Wesolowski
      Kate Wesolowski 29 dager siden +1


    • Minnie Marie
      Minnie Marie 29 dager siden

      Merry Christmas and I think you should name it Dumbledores Christmas Robe (I meant Robe not robert. Oops 😂)

    • salam
      salam 29 dager siden

      Safiya Nygaard can you do mixing all bath and body work hand sanitizer FRANKIN HAND SANITIZER

    • Gacha Life Potato
      Gacha Life Potato 29 dager siden

      Lmao, Vanilla Bean Noel is a hand sanitizer I got from bath and body works xD

  • Bella The Awesome
    Bella The Awesome 4 timer siden

    don't eat candles at home kids

  • Avonne Waddell
    Avonne Waddell 4 timer siden

    Saf, you need KonMarie. She'll love your mess of candles with scoops out of them.

  • Ella Monteith
    Ella Monteith 4 timer siden

    I just realized that one of the things I really like about Saf is that she doesn't really mention the cost of making videos like this and when she does she usually only alludes to it. Normally videos like these would be called something like I SPENT $1000 ON CANDLES?!?! but she doesn't do that at all and doesn't use videos as an excuse to flex her money.

  • Audrey Cooper
    Audrey Cooper 4 timer siden

    I've never wanted a Bath and Body Works candle more! Even if my nose runs and my eyes water just walking by the store...

  • shutupblake
    shutupblake 4 timer siden

    Can you mix all of your fake makeup and all of your real makeup separately and compare them?

  • Caitlyn Voet
    Caitlyn Voet 5 timer siden +1


  • Caitlyn Voet
    Caitlyn Voet 5 timer siden

    YAS franken perfume!!!!!!!!

  • Nightcore_Dubz
    Nightcore_Dubz 5 timer siden

    Call it Christmas chestnut

  • Ava Beckman
    Ava Beckman 5 timer siden


  • anna Gilbert
    anna Gilbert 5 timer siden +1

    i miss youuuu

  • maddy Goold
    maddy Goold 5 timer siden

    wondering what you've done with all these candles cause i call for a give away

  • Mi Ni
    Mi Ni 5 timer siden +1

    No posts in 4 weeks is killing me saf!

  • NadiaQuinn Delphine
    NadiaQuinn Delphine 6 timer siden

    Sadly, yes, there are quite a few old ladies in Georgia that still sound like they were an extra in Gone with the Wind. They sound like the slutty old lady from The Golden Girls (Blanche) had a love child with Val Kilmer’s character (Doc Holiday) from Tombstone and then that lovechild was raised by Paula Dean. I live in the mountains of North Carolina and the Georgia state line is not even half an hour from my house so we went to Georgia quite a bit growing up. Mostly it’s just the old people who talk like that though (thank God). 😂😂😂😂😂

  • RXMXB227
    RXMXB227 6 timer siden

    Would like to see you make your own solid perfume. :)

  • shawna douglas
    shawna douglas 6 timer siden

    Have you seen or tired this yet

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 timer siden

    Hello SAF! Can you do the Patronus quiz?

  • Susan Murphy
    Susan Murphy 6 timer siden

    I feel saf is my "cool" aunt. Love you❤

  • Emily Smialkowska
    Emily Smialkowska 6 timer siden +1

    I’ve watched this so many times I love it but I have a suggestion!!! Mix every Bath and Body Works lotions! Pause at 23:21

  • Rachael O Loughlin
    Rachael O Loughlin 6 timer siden

    Congratulations safiya on your engagement,I’m so happy for you and I hope you’re also happy!

  • Em Regs
    Em Regs 6 timer siden

    I just did the math and she spent almost $3,000 on these candles

  • Zoie Howell
    Zoie Howell 7 timer siden

    having all of those candles is my dream

  • WavyCookie
    WavyCookie 7 timer siden

    I love how Safiya says "alright"

  • Sims for life
    Sims for life 7 timer siden

    Post are you alive or not

  • Rosé Williams
    Rosé Williams 8 timer siden

    By Safiya's comments about the candle, the name should be - Caramel Sugar Berry

  • Kaylah/Rose Lima
    Kaylah/Rose Lima 8 timer siden

    when are you posting again!!????

  • Nene Johnson
    Nene Johnson 8 timer siden


  • Phil Shultz
    Phil Shultz 9 timer siden

    Will you try different DNA companies to see if the results compare?

  • purvanshi singh
    purvanshi singh 9 timer siden

    It's been a month. You should try to be more regular. Your page says new video every week. Literally been watching the old videos to get more of your weirdness. It's a long wait for your videos Safiya.

  • Justine Glickman
    Justine Glickman 9 timer siden

    Seeing these 2 together honestly makes me reconsider my own 5 year relationship. Like, maybe everything doesn't have to be such a struggle and a fight. Perhaps you can be together and genuinely enjoy eachother. Sigh.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 10 timer siden

    You should try on bikini jeans I would like to see that

  • Sascha Hanlon
    Sascha Hanlon 10 timer siden

    What did you do with the rest of the candles once used?

  • Kelly McCloskey
    Kelly McCloskey 10 timer siden

    Why do you like make up so much yeah her thinking

  • Nikkita Caldwell
    Nikkita Caldwell 10 timer siden

    Cmon SAFIA where are you come back😫

  • Yatharth Agarwal
    Yatharth Agarwal 10 timer siden

    Why aren’t you uploading any video Saf!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you gone! We miss you😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Art By Abby
    Art By Abby 11 timer siden

    I have one that I didn’t see

  • Cortney Olson
    Cortney Olson 11 timer siden

    Where are you guuuuuuys??? I need my Saf fix!!! 🥰♥️

  • Ananya Shetty
    Ananya Shetty 12 timer siden

    Safiya Safiya Safiya! Can you bring back "the internet made me do it" series?? I started watching your videos once I discovered that series( I binge watched it then. Still do it now) so can you do like one more episode cause for some reason I have been missing them lately.
    Pretty please??
    Thanks for being the amazing person that you are, for making the high quality content you make and for just being you with us! We shall support you always and may you ( and Tyler and Crusty, and your families) be forever happy!

  • Jocelyn Moreno
    Jocelyn Moreno 12 timer siden

    is it just me or does she look more adultly or mature now that she's engaged

  • Ava Azzano
    Ava Azzano 13 timer siden +1

    Can you film with Freddie from LadyLike? You guys are so funny together.

  • Tara Armstrong
    Tara Armstrong 13 timer siden

    Can you do a live eco-friendly/no waste for a week? showing us eco fashions and makeup options?

  • Ava Hausken
    Ava Hausken 14 timer siden

    You should name it the evil blue Barry

  • DeltaruneRalsei123
    DeltaruneRalsei123 15 timer siden

    I think it would be called Suger Berry

  • aimee
    aimee 15 timer siden

    saf watches gibi asmr!!!

  • Ella Lynch
    Ella Lynch 15 timer siden +1

    You should do using every lush bath bomb?!

  • Kawaii fam
    Kawaii fam 15 timer siden

    Next video:*melting every dead body I could find*

  • Chinouk D
    Chinouk D 17 timer siden

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the way she says ‘smash’? No it’s only me? Okay then

  • Mizchowla
    Mizchowla 19 timer siden +1

    Props to all the work put into this video ^_^

  • taylor nunn
    taylor nunn 19 timer siden

    What did you do with all the candles? 10/10 would buy them off you😂

  • JNAJHNYvideosbut Notmuchvideos

    Giant toothpick?

    Saf, you mean a skewer?

  • JNAJHNYvideosbut Notmuchvideos

    I felt like it smelled like purple

  • Kaylynn _0549
    Kaylynn _0549 20 timer siden

    You can just see me in the corner sniffing all of the candles. I'm totally not gonna steal any from you Hehehehehehehe😇

  • •Brie •
    •Brie • 20 timer siden

    my mom has the blackberry tea leaf one

  • Lady lollipop
    Lady lollipop 21 time siden +1

    You should name it warm winter breakfast

  • kenzie Fisher
    kenzie Fisher 21 time siden

    can you do an review? :)

  • Marshmeow Cactus
    Marshmeow Cactus 21 time siden

    legend says you can still smell the blueberry

  • Manaal Siddiqui
    Manaal Siddiqui 21 time siden

    I wish I could sniff through the video! 😌 When will science advance into the ability to smell through screens! 🧪🧬

  • Lights camera K on stage!
    Lights camera K on stage! 22 timer siden

    Just so you know I don't have any social media other than a NO-clip so what are you going to post your next video

    • EMOJI Lyrics
      EMOJI Lyrics 22 timer siden

      hello I make emotional music video about dog 🐶 by Marshmello in my channel plz give me some comment Big thanks 😘

  • Lights camera K on stage!
    Lights camera K on stage! 22 timer siden

    Seriously when will your next post the

  • Shook
    Shook 22 timer siden

    Love these videoosss. Who else is binge watching? Btw if you headed up the scooper it was had been easier to scoop the wax out ❤️🥰

  • Kitty Katz Count
    Kitty Katz Count 22 timer siden

    How was the blueberry so strong?

  • Aniyah Rudolph
    Aniyah Rudolph 22 timer siden

    20:52-20:55 I thought the camera was inside the pot!!!!🤣😂

  • Allaboutwesley ellis
    Allaboutwesley ellis 23 timer siden

    I hate how inconsistent this channel is. I’ve been following her since buzzfeed and she says new videos every week but it’s been literally weeks and weeks. I’m unsubscribing.

  • Kimberly Ibarra
    Kimberly Ibarra 23 timer siden

    My only concern is w/ r u going to do w/ those left over candles ?

  • Meg Addams
    Meg Addams Dag siden

    You should mix perfumes! :)

  • avery ramsey
    avery ramsey Dag siden

    Mix together all of the hand sanitizers a bath and body works! Much live saf❤️❤️

  • Anishka Jeeva
    Anishka Jeeva Dag siden

    You should make a video about "I dressed like a snapchat bitmoji for a week" 😂❤

  • Meme-a- Saurus
    Meme-a- Saurus Dag siden


  • Lisey Loves drums
    Lisey Loves drums Dag siden

    In the end, it still smells like blueberry

  • Josh D
    Josh D Dag siden

    This was so cool! I never thought it would be a light purple though as the color

  • Sage Campbell
    Sage Campbell Dag siden

    I kind of immediately thought 'Black Magic' just based on how it looked as it solidified, but that's not really how it smells, so.

  • *Abigail_Dominick *
    *Abigail_Dominick * Dag siden +1

    17:59 I gUeSs ThEy NeVeR mIsS HuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuU?????????

    • LPS Sofia
      LPS Sofia Dag siden

      *Abigail_Dominick * got a bf I bet he doesn't kiss yaaaaaaaaaa

  • ItsSpengey
    ItsSpengey Dag siden

    they probs got married

  • Jessie Fryman
    Jessie Fryman Dag siden

    make more videos damit

  • Nayeli Alvarez
    Nayeli Alvarez Dag siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Katrina C
    Katrina C Dag siden +1

    Where my girl Saf at? It’s been 4 weeks! Where is she?

  • Nikola Rasic
    Nikola Rasic Dag siden

    can we make this happen? ://

  • fireheart productions

    18:00 i gueess they never miss huh you gotta boyfriend i bet he dosent kiss ya muah gonna find another girl and he won't miss ya

  • After all this time? Always

    Mixing every b&b works body cream together.

  • Thundercloud 160
    Thundercloud 160 Dag siden

    I'm from Georgia 😳

  • QT101
    QT101 Dag siden

    Hit or miss :)

  • La_ MME
    La_ MME Dag siden +3

    When are you going to upload again?

  • hannah 1
    hannah 1 Dag siden

    and she was never seen agaaaaiiiinnn

  • kevin deaton
    kevin deaton Dag siden

    You should be a model! What is your current height and weight? You are beautiful!

  • Lizzi Vin
    Lizzi Vin Dag siden

    12:18-12:22 I got high off a sharpie when I was 10 then for the rest of the day everything smelled like sharpie

  • Roo’s World
    Roo’s World Dag siden


  • Harley Johnson
    Harley Johnson Dag siden

    Instead of struggling to scoop out wax, she should of lit each one, wait for them to burn a little, then measure out the hot wax and then put it in the mixing bowl. Would of been less arm work. Js. Fun video and love her!

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop Dag siden

    Someone sent me a scam messaging pretending to be you

  • Caroline Cortis
    Caroline Cortis Dag siden

    You should do yankee candles

  • Xochitl CJ
    Xochitl CJ Dag siden +2

    Whatever happened to Saf's upload schedule?

  • Kellie Bean
    Kellie Bean Dag siden

    Mannn I love that waffle pecan one

  • Sarah Faraci
    Sarah Faraci Dag siden

    You should mix every perfume from bath and body works

  • Mochaa Chip!
    Mochaa Chip! Dag siden

    The blueberry overload

    • Mochaa Chip!
      Mochaa Chip! Dag siden

      Also you should mix the categorys together

  • Ashe
    Ashe Dag siden

    im scared to say your last name

  • Isbel Thomas
    Isbel Thomas Dag siden

    Plz like if u think she should crush all the bathbombs from lush and make on big one or she should mix all the hand sanitizers from bath and body works

  • Alyssa Hunt
    Alyssa Hunt Dag siden

    Make the first meals that Instagram suggest to you

  • Kiera O'Shea
    Kiera O'Shea Dag siden

    You should name the candle "Cinnamon with Fruitcake"

  • A Very Majestic Bird

    Sugar baked berry?

  • Magdaluna Garcia
    Magdaluna Garcia Dag siden

    Can you try Curology. It’s a custom face product

  • Gigi Martinez
    Gigi Martinez Dag siden

    I love candles can I have one plz😢 with blueberry pancake on top