Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together

  • Publisert 24. des.. 2018
  • Merry Christmas Eve, y'all! Here is a weird video we made where I melt every candle from Bath & Body Works together. I figured - it's worked for a myriad of makeup products like lipsticks and eyeshadows and highlighters - so why not try melting every single candle scent from one store together to see what kind of scent we get? It's not bad makeup science - it's bad holiday science! Or maybe bad wax science. Hmm.
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 måneder siden +39430

    MERRY XMAS EVE, friends! have a holly jolly weird video for christmas! i don't know why, but this happened. i think i'm going to stick to bad makeup science after this, lol. xoxo, SAF

    • Dagny Juuhl
      Dagny Juuhl Måned siden

      I am just commenting because IT was 499 comments On this comment. Now IT is 500.

    • Swiftie Forever
      Swiftie Forever Måned siden

      Love you ❤️

    • Rupa Dutta
      Rupa Dutta 2 måneder siden +1

      Merry cristmas

    • Kate Wesolowski
      Kate Wesolowski 2 måneder siden +1


    • Minnie Marie
      Minnie Marie 2 måneder siden

      Merry Christmas and I think you should name it Dumbledores Christmas Robe (I meant Robe not robert. Oops 😂)

  • Kelly Eatwell
    Kelly Eatwell Dag siden

    How ever do you afford all these 😮😮

  • Heba Al Barri
    Heba Al Barri Dag siden +1

    Next time you should mix perfumes

  • Supercat28 art
    Supercat28 art Dag siden

    You should have bought your recipts to the shop

  • Tayelor Pristas
    Tayelor Pristas Dag siden

    You should call is “reflective” or “dancing smells “ or “blue breakfast”

  • Zoffee
    Zoffee Dag siden

    as someone who live in cw when she mentioned how it smelled like the giftshop was freaky as hell

  • Alexa Gomez
    Alexa Gomez Dag siden

    My murkin was definetly shook during this video

  • Rylee Stull Turner
    Rylee Stull Turner Dag siden

    It smelles like IHOP got snaked in the face by a blueberry

  • Rylee Stull Turner
    Rylee Stull Turner Dag siden

    And now u have 117 candles

  • Tim Golladay
    Tim Golladay Dag siden +1

    Instead of, “he needs some milk,” it’s,”Saf needs some coffee beans!”

  • Shanna Rohrbaugh
    Shanna Rohrbaugh Dag siden

    you should have definitely smelled coffee beans in between some of the candles to save your scent of smell

  • Scout Barney
    Scout Barney Dag siden

    i am from gorga

  • Scout Barney
    Scout Barney Dag siden


  • Lily Hamel
    Lily Hamel Dag siden

    That's almost 2000 dollars worth of candles

  • L.BEANØøf P
    L.BEANØøf P Dag siden

    Just happy they referenced tøp. Where all my banditøs?💜💜🙃🙃💙💙

  • Amelia Chavez
    Amelia Chavez Dag siden

    You:.....”hit or miss”
    In my head: “I guess they never miss huh”

  • Aimee Robinson
    Aimee Robinson Dag siden

    You should mix together all the perfumes they sell at bath and body works

  • Kitten Catlov4life
    Kitten Catlov4life Dag siden

    8:00 *candlllle*

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin Dag siden

    Mix foodstuffs like spices or CAKE MIX

  • S J
    S J Dag siden

    Voodoo mama joojoo

  • MsLemonhead09
    MsLemonhead09 Dag siden

    You shoulda name it dust suger berrie

  • Anaheim Videos
    Anaheim Videos Dag siden

    I love how they reference twenty one pilots

  • Ashley Nichole
    Ashley Nichole Dag siden

    Happy HalloThanksmas

  • pokecake00
    pokecake00 Dag siden

    Hmm.. what about you mix every icecream you can find?

  • Taehyungs Kookie
    Taehyungs Kookie Dag siden

    *Safiya never buys a candle again*

  • Ellie
    Ellie Dag siden +2

    saf: picks up a candle chip.
    Tyler: No, no, don't eat it, no
    saf: eats it
    saf: hm, this tastes pretty good

  • NoFrofro's Randomness

    Idea: mix all eyeshadows from sephora

  • Celli Schnurrrbert
    Celli Schnurrrbert Dag siden

    As a crazy candle-loving person I have to say: I'M soooo jealous 😍

  • Ellie
    Ellie 2 dager siden

    Did anyone else know that Bath and Body Works sold lipgloss???

  • Ashley DONG
    Ashley DONG 2 dager siden


  • chanbasha shaik
    chanbasha shaik 2 dager siden

    You talk soo much just shut up .I am unsubscribeing

    • Wildwood stables
      Wildwood stables Dag siden

      What you jealous she can post videos and has a ton of subs unlike you with a let's see 1 sub who is probs your mother and she should see what happens online

    • Wildwood stables
      Wildwood stables Dag siden

      Shut up you little bitch don't like her fuck off we don't like you here

  • Kae Max
    Kae Max 2 dager siden +2

    What did she do with the candles afterwards

  • Tiffany Devitt
    Tiffany Devitt 2 dager siden +1

    You should mix every lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow, nail polish from Hot Topic!!!

  • mel unnie
    mel unnie 2 dager siden +1

    Soap can be too

  • Olliepop N
    Olliepop N 2 dager siden +1

    can i have the candle lids?????????????????????????????????????

  • VanillaSkeleton
    VanillaSkeleton 2 dager siden

    Who else really wanted to buy the Mint Chocolate candle after this video and try it??

  • KatieCam Hadley
    KatieCam Hadley 2 dager siden

    Can you sell these off in bundles?

  • Armani the Mermaid
    Armani the Mermaid 2 dager siden

    Is she poking the giant toothpick thing through the scooper?

  • smol lil couch potato
    smol lil couch potato 2 dager siden

    What did you do with the extra candles?

  • Eden Greenwood
    Eden Greenwood 2 dager siden

    Bad cosmetic science

  • EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange

    “Don’t don’t don’t eat it! I promised my mom!” “ tastes pretty good” “WHeeze”

  • Eva Berry
    Eva Berry 2 dager siden

    Blue chestnut

  • nightmare_147
    nightmare_147 2 dager siden

    the blueberry smell will haunt her the rest of her life

  • Aine Heavey
    Aine Heavey 2 dager siden

    7:02 looks like a smiley face lol

  • Dead Inside Kid
    Dead Inside Kid 3 dager siden +3

    French Baguette?
    Did you mean: *LAFAYETTE*

  • Charlie Gittins
    Charlie Gittins 3 dager siden +4

    I'm impressed you managed to make a video based off smell on NO-clip, tribute to how entertaining you are

  • LpsLollipop
    LpsLollipop 3 dager siden

    Love go w she mentioned the office! Favorite show by far

  • tsukuwa
    tsukuwa 3 dager siden +11

    You’re the person all of our math books warned us about

  • GachaFayth
    GachaFayth 3 dager siden +1

    I would call it *ORANGE VANILLA COKE!!!*
    btw me and my friends say this over and over again when we are at school because it just *ORANGE VANILLA COKE!!!*

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones 3 dager siden

    ‘Candles that stick their face in you’ 😂

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 3 dager siden +2

    She should do this with perfume!

  • Kooshee owo
    Kooshee owo 3 dager siden

    You should name name the candle Frankenberry frosting or something

  • EmTheMem e
    EmTheMem e 3 dager siden +1

    welp saf is NEVER, and i mean NEVER, gonna run out of candles

  • Cosette Shuman
    Cosette Shuman 3 dager siden +2

    why have i watched this vid like six times

  • strawberrygameboy
    strawberrygameboy 3 dager siden

    the franken candle could be called blueberry baked goodness (or blueberry baked goods?) haha love your videos! i hope there's more stuff you can franken in the future!

  • UNI Dreams
    UNI Dreams 3 dager siden


  • sandramorrison99
    sandramorrison99 3 dager siden +1

    The Ghost of Bluberries Past

  • tonyflamingo
    tonyflamingo 3 dager siden

    saf i have the exact same hair dryer lo just sayin

  • kat souza
    kat souza 3 dager siden

    *Safiya's most expensive video*

  • Bangtan My Chim Chim
    Bangtan My Chim Chim 3 dager siden

    What about melting every ice cream from your local store together? 😅😂

  • Rosie Gibbs
    Rosie Gibbs 3 dager siden

    Safiya: There pretty hit or miss
    Me: i bet they miss huh u gotta boyfriend i bet he never kiss ya mwah

  • Akrylowaa
    Akrylowaa 3 dager siden

    you could warm up spoon because it would be easier to scrab wax

  • Meir Shoenig
    Meir Shoenig 3 dager siden

    How much did all this cost?

  • Hey It's Kitty
    Hey It's Kitty 4 dager siden +1

    You should call it
    ‘Guess who’s back... *BLUEBERRY* ’
    ‘I’m looking at you *DEMON BLUEBERRY* ‘
    Omg what am I doing...

  • Kitty Arts
    Kitty Arts 4 dager siden

    Sweet berry bakery

  • Kitty Arts
    Kitty Arts 4 dager siden

    My mom and i just go to bath and body works to smell candles

  • Elle Sevinne
    Elle Sevinne 4 dager siden

    How do you pay for this?

  • l e g i t
    l e g i t 4 dager siden

    my friend eats candles every time she's at anyone's birthday party
    she's fine

  • WOW That'smyname
    WOW That'smyname 4 dager siden +19

    "DON'T DON'T
    Is my favorite thing said in this video

  • Mariam Arjoun
    Mariam Arjoun 4 dager siden +2

    I came from the make up organization video. AND THESE CANDLES ARE NOT LAMINATED!

  • Tori Correll
    Tori Correll 4 dager siden

    The fact that Tyler had to yell, “Don’t! I promised my mom!” Just goes to show how many things Saf puts in her mouth to try to eat that isn’t acceptable. So much so, it seems, that Tyler’s mom must have come to him with concern and begged him to not let Saf eat any of the candles for this video... because she knows who she is. 😂

  • Tori Correll
    Tori Correll 4 dager siden

    God love her... she dropped a couple grands on this video. For the sake of entertainment (which I greatly enjoy).

  • Natalie xoxo
    Natalie xoxo 4 dager siden

    Blueberry chestnut

  • I hate Everyone
    I hate Everyone 4 dager siden

    Ok I’ll eat candles at school and in my park

  • La RaPi
    La RaPi 4 dager siden

    Holy sheit

  • Dominic Hernandez
    Dominic Hernandez 4 dager siden

    Name the candle " The Ghost of Blueberries Past"!

  • Kit kats We show mostly cats

    She started Hit or Miss before it was a thing XD

  • horror movies rock
    horror movies rock 4 dager siden

    A name berry married 😂

  • Misĸ.
    Misĸ. 4 dager siden +2

    You should’ve smell coffee when you lost it believe me it works use it in perfume shopping or anything else includ smelling 🤭.

  • Lindsay Camp
    Lindsay Camp 4 dager siden

    Yankee candle should sponsor her

  • Lindsay Camp
    Lindsay Camp 4 dager siden

    Next she should mixed lotion or something like that

  • Zinat Ludin
    Zinat Ludin 4 dager siden

    You should mix all your perfume

  • AllannaXD
    AllannaXD 4 dager siden

    As someone who works in a candle shop, I called this at the begining.
    Those food scents will getcha!

  • marcelle beall
    marcelle beall 4 dager siden

    Impressive commitment

  • Sienna F
    Sienna F 4 dager siden +3

    Don’t eat it!

  • Olivia Shawgo
    Olivia Shawgo 4 dager siden


  • grumpy waffle
    grumpy waffle 4 dager siden

    You should do purfumes xx

  • downy scientist
    downy scientist 4 dager siden

    i skipped five seconds every word you said and it made this sentance- Imagine rootbeer blueberry soap

  • sleepykitty1985
    sleepykitty1985 4 dager siden

    Totally shouldve heated up your spoon to scoop lol 20/20 hindsight ;)

  • Panda_ Land24
    Panda_ Land24 4 dager siden

    This is published on my 10th Birthday

  • Faye Brignull
    Faye Brignull 4 dager siden


  • Cнʀisтiαησ
    Cнʀisтiαησ 4 dager siden +4

    So amazing the level of data collection effort and time that went into this was amazing. totally love this! & damn those blueberries😂

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram 4 dager siden

    Dear family,
    Stop asking me what I want for my birthday. Just get be some candles. Preferably French Baguette and one of the peppermint scents.

  • Itsann Avocado
    Itsann Avocado 4 dager siden

    2000 dollars worth of candles

  • Sydney Treagus
    Sydney Treagus 4 dager siden

    “My Merkin!
    It’s FlOwN”

  • Anindita Anjani
    Anindita Anjani 4 dager siden

    yeah it;s lit

  • minith mey
    minith mey 4 dager siden

    When I visited Australia and I saw bath and body work, I'm so excited when I saw these candle and I had watched saf video. I bought 2 candles for 120$, my mom is about to threw her flip flop at me that I bought these candle🤣

  • Alongcamesocks
    Alongcamesocks 4 dager siden

    Oooh how about melting all the chocolate bars together ?

  • Yhh Ashleigh
    Yhh Ashleigh 5 dager siden +3

    Holy shit she spent $2,866.50 on candles for this video 😱

    • Ana Mederos
      Ana Mederos 2 dager siden

      Thank you for doing the math I was wondering how much she spent

  • Bluebell Star
    Bluebell Star 5 dager siden

    Me: Did. She just say hit or miss
    Brain: don't. Say it.
    Me:hit or miss I guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend I be he doesn't. Kiss yah!!😪😂😂
    Brain: I am quit