Biggest Cheater In Boxing Gets Owned By A Legend!!


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    Editing top notch, great job bro.

    • The Only Midnight Shadow
      The Only Midnight Shadow Dag siden

      +MMA TV PRODUCTIONS Just stick to MMA & UFC. Fuck Boxing. Its *Rigged* just like the NBA & NFL.

    • blake dennison
      blake dennison Dag siden

      Ye was gud man

    • jay nitro
      jay nitro Dag siden

      just as shit as yours

    • Petchih Innocent
      Petchih Innocent 2 dager siden

      MME Productions R

    • jmi0112
      jmi0112 2 dager siden

      Dino any true boxing fan knows that shit. Who’s to say how many times that scumbag did it/cheated? Cotto showed him by dominating Margaritos ass the whole second fight though. Ha, ha.

  • Beverly Dale
    Beverly Dale 22 timer siden

    Miguel cotto is my favorite boxer :2

  • tyler zhang
    tyler zhang 22 timer siden

    Wait who’s the cheater?

  • Thedarkshadow
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  • still Bill
    still Bill 22 timer siden +1

    I'm a cheater to😏

  • HAWfilms
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    This is a movie .

  • M Oz
    M Oz 22 timer siden

    So why isn't the loss removed from his record, when they found out the competitor was cheating in that match?

  • NeoSlayer X
    NeoSlayer X 22 timer siden

    Cott is the cheater in the Thumbnail. Bloody face for the clickbait, but its revealed the person creating the bloody face was the cheater.

  • Nilda Bermudez
    Nilda Bermudez 22 timer siden

    Revenge at its finest. Damn i remember the first fight. I was so upset he was my hero and he went down and got his revenge.

  • Logan Chiocca
    Logan Chiocca 22 timer siden

    the dude looked like ground beef and was denying that he was hurt

  • Jason Koplin
    Jason Koplin 22 timer siden

    ......but your face bruh!

  • Yenba 497
    Yenba 497 22 timer siden

    It just goes to show that cheaters never win and karma will eventually catch up to you. This sucker just decided to do that in boxing.

  • jack mash my face
    jack mash my face 22 timer siden

    Aubry Moorer omg

  • ilichio
    ilichio 23 timer siden

    It's just stupid to say that Margarito cheated. The bandages and the gloves are checked and signed by the referee before any fight :/

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    MAXIMUM EFFORT13 23 timer siden

    Klko)[lollipop jjjlllll

  • Ricky Soto
    Ricky Soto 23 timer siden

    Was the one that cheated the one with the braids

  • kelly white
    kelly white 23 timer siden

    He's not better than mayweathe

  • Boya
    Boya 23 timer siden

    this is actually amazing, good work with editing and the whole story about the boxer Miguel

  • Magma Stardom
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    I don't watch boxing so I don't know why I clicked in it... but I loved it!

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  • AndersUnlimited
    AndersUnlimited 23 timer siden

    Is it true Margarito had his hands wrapped, I mean really sure,about itMargarito was a very tough fighter, never gave up a fight, he screamed no when the ref stopped the fight

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  • Damian Avila
    Damian Avila 23 timer siden

    Wow this is just

    Read more

  • xeno chump
    xeno chump Dag siden

    Cheaters don't win.

  • Freshkid Ty
    Freshkid Ty Dag siden

    I watched that fight

  • AngelPlayz_YT
    AngelPlayz_YT Dag siden

    5:01 - 5:02 he slapped the guys ass 🤣

  • Jose Luis Ruiz
    Jose Luis Ruiz Dag siden

    A legend? Cotto? Pass that shit, yo 😆

  • Sensi0ne
    Sensi0ne Dag siden

    Miguel Cotto is humble in victory and graceful in defeat... love and respect all over this clip

  • Isaura Sanchez
    Isaura Sanchez Dag siden

    Margarito can tame punches

  • Matthew Olague
    Matthew Olague Dag siden +3

    Damn I Rember that fight

  • Jose Cisneros
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  • Prince Yandile Ta'fari

    you deserve a thumbs up and a subscription for editing this video very well, good work and keep it up....

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Dag siden

    Revenge is sweetest kiss of victory 👍🍻 cheers using chem's to win isnt fighting Glad he got the bastard back
    How hard is a boxers punch ? I WAS HIT IN THE DARK BY A 6' - x BOXER 2007 the ashole ran up on me and hit my left side
    it took me nearly 8 years to recover eye reconstruction brain damage 8 yrs wasted no work :( fook
    the guy i heard is known for bashing drunks / people alone for fun HOPE HE GETS HIS 10x worse

  • zOeY
    zOeY Dag siden

    i watched the whole video and don't know anything about boxing so can someone just tell me

  • PR_lito_el_loko856 #freekendo #realg4life

    y toda esa mierda q ustedes hablan de los boriquas?

  • Ziryuri
    Ziryuri Dag siden

    I don’t watch boxing but this popped up in my feed and I’m glad that cheater got what he deserved

  • Ethan Turnbaugh
    Ethan Turnbaugh Dag siden

    Congrats on 110thousand likes

  • everybody vevo
    everybody vevo Dag siden

    It’s like ninja vs a noob u already know what’s going to happen 😂🤕☠️

  • Bryan sakal
    Bryan sakal Dag siden

    PAC versus margarita must be stopped by referee but he didn't

  • Adammartini
    Adammartini Dag siden

    What did he have on his gloves???

  • Dominic Candy
    Dominic Candy Dag siden

    The most satisfying video ever!!!

  • Mon Gon God
    Mon Gon God Dag siden +1

    Pacquiao is the greatest boxer tbh

  • Bl4zC Gaming
    Bl4zC Gaming Dag siden

    so who's the cheater ??

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee Dag siden

    He is so good lol

  • SuperCool Yas
    SuperCool Yas Dag siden

    Lol I’m 12387056 one to view this

    KinG REAPER Dag siden

    Plot twist he hits hard

    Fan of all boxers

  • DriveRi
    DriveRi Dag siden

    Revenge sure is sweet.

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    His swollen eye got swollen

  • Toni Montana
    Toni Montana Dag siden

    It this was cheating why did it count as loss for the one guy? i dont know anything about boxing, but this seems not ok.

  • Xx_yvng_gooch17_xX 247

    They should not have counted that first fight as a lost do to the fact it was rigged

  • Xx_yvng_gooch17_xX 247

    I wonder what he dipped his hand raps in

    Probably vibrainium 😂

  • Xx_yvng_gooch17_xX 247

    5:58 that sound Margarito made had me dead 🤣🤣🤣

    SUM BEAR Dag siden

    So how do they cheat sorry I don't watch boxing

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  • jake berry
    jake berry Dag siden

    I gotta start to watch boxing

  • Vincent Marasigan
    Vincent Marasigan Dag siden

    Pacquiao fans like here!👇👇

  • Gavin Hernandez
    Gavin Hernandez Dag siden

    how do you break an eye?

  • MecH zz
    MecH zz Dag siden

    Fight with a legend wew in your dreams cheater😂😋🤔

  • Olly Bamford
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  • helena arcilla
    helena arcilla Dag siden

    Maybe He Has Small Spikes Around his boxing gloves

  • Gooner-KIRK
    Gooner-KIRK Dag siden

    mexicans love cheating

  • Zoe Wolf
    Zoe Wolf Dag siden

    Cheating in boxing. This guy has no honor or respect for the sport

  • Mark paul Calegan
    Mark paul Calegan Dag siden

    Pesti kayu jablu

  • rik_40
    rik_40 Dag siden

    Glad this wasn’t a click bait :p

  • Serina Cooper
    Serina Cooper Dag siden

    I'm proud to be Puerto Rican fuck Mexicans they cheaters

  • Kawaii Llama
    Kawaii Llama Dag siden

    I don’t watch boxing I just clicked on this video to see the tea sis 🍵 but the edits made me stay

  • Satanic GD
    Satanic GD Dag siden

    Im confused.
    1) how did the guy cheat
    2) what is flex seal
    3) what does it do

  • carlos antonio reynoso lomeli

    De un mexicano; bien corto aquí no queremos trampas viva el deporte y mexico viva puerto rico

  • Nanette Pangilinan
    Nanette Pangilinan Dag siden

    pacuiao is not a cheater

  • Omni Galaxy
    Omni Galaxy Dag siden

    I don't even watch boxing but this was sick

  • Bill Abodi
    Bill Abodi Dag siden

    Congrats on 12+ mil views

  • Cameron
    Cameron Dag siden

    Mma is 100 times better than this shit

  • RoninAli1
    RoninAli1 Dag siden

    That’s EFDUP but I’m glad Cotto got his vindication. I love justice.

  • chris wellman
    chris wellman Dag siden

    @ 5:03 when you done something wrong and your grandma sees it

  • KiroMods
    KiroMods Dag siden

    rip my margarita

  • Mario Vidos
    Mario Vidos Dag siden

    Can somone explane where is cheating i don't understand

  • DarkCoreWolfie
    DarkCoreWolfie Dag siden

    Cheaters never win

  • Krisha May Turin
    Krisha May Turin Dag siden

    Pacquiao vs margarito hahaha u better watch it his face in that fight is damn bad

  • starwin legaste
    starwin legaste Dag siden


  • @pplebite
    @pplebite Dag siden

    No one likes a cheater. No one.

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez Dag siden


  • Dirty Random310
    Dirty Random310 Dag siden

    I've Seen Alot Of Controversies In Sports But This One Is A Phenomenal One

  • John Gaming
    John Gaming Dag siden

    I would die if Cotto hit me

    Like if u agree

  • Ethan Edelmann
    Ethan Edelmann Dag siden

    A great lesson to be had. There's no place for cheaters in the ring. Otherwise, they WILL learn that the hard way.

  • 803brando
    803brando Dag siden

    so who was caught cheating?

  • Daniel 045
    Daniel 045 Dag siden

    Margarito has been a cheater all throughout his career.

  • Mash Graal
    Mash Graal Dag siden

    Manny is not a cheater ok?

  • darius the destroyer of naxus

    Of course cotto will lose to pacquiao HE IS A LEGEND DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE A FILIPINO

  • Slay Burnt Roses
    Slay Burnt Roses Dag siden

    Omg why!?!

  • Black Pill
    Black Pill Dag siden

    so what was it dipped in? some kind of glue?

  • Michael Costa
    Michael Costa Dag siden

    The editing on this was pretty anti-climactic. Would’ve liked to of heard more about how that dude poisoned him with his gloves

  • Jerod D
    Jerod D Dag siden

    Damn this video exploded, put you on the map bro!

  • jayson piad
    jayson piad Dag siden

    Nice video and editing

  • Rolando Rivero
    Rolando Rivero Dag siden

    están buenas esas peleas

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast Dag siden

    Nice editing