Biggest Cheater In Boxing Gets Owned By A Legend!!


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  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez 18 timer siden

    Margarito owned cotto all the way on July 26 08 period
    And cotto never hurt margarito

  • faraboveothers
    faraboveothers Dag siden

    I'm 100% Mexican and Margarito brought shame to every Mexican. We respect Cotto because he's humble and a hard worker.

  • fatah Tani
    fatah Tani 3 dager siden

    the lesson from the story never let a defeat break your spirit, you never know what s behind it or why it did happen

  • Lee Hopkins
    Lee Hopkins 4 dager siden

    He hit him around the hit him round the back of the head

  • dimitris aivazis
    dimitris aivazis 4 dager siden

    What did margarito do ?

  • Shadowl00t/Stephen Brown
    Shadowl00t/Stephen Brown 4 dager siden

    My man margarito is hella ugly.

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 4 dager siden


  • rian mc
    rian mc 4 dager siden

    Team cotto no matter what

  • Dr. Racker
    Dr. Racker 4 dager siden

    Miguel Cotto fought some of the best and strongest fighters like Canel,GGG,and Manny Paquiado. I respect him.

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J 4 dager siden +1

    Every punch he threw made a mark. Bruh I want to punch this dude so hard that his brain is going to bleed

  • Jacob Galloway
    Jacob Galloway 4 dager siden

    Margarito is such a fucking cheat.

  • rage king24
    rage king24 4 dager siden

    hi hi hi hi hi hi h hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • SKG Biking
    SKG Biking 4 dager siden

    My cousin is in the MMA pro league, he is John “machine” Gunther.

  • ØrPhÄn MüRpHy
    ØrPhÄn MüRpHy 4 dager siden

    one year ban for this is fucking outrageous.....

  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers 5 dager siden


  • Scotchie Snipes
    Scotchie Snipes 5 dager siden +1

    KSI and LoganPaul was still more interesting ...

    Waiting for the triggered people to roast me😂

  • Jason Damsker
    Jason Damsker 5 dager siden

    Deserved that, he practically broke his career and spirit, so revenge is sweet.

  • JoeB Killa
    JoeB Killa 5 dager siden


  • I’m a Wheelchair
    I’m a Wheelchair 5 dager siden

    4:50 i love you bro *gets punched*

  • Legendary - Fortnite
    Legendary - Fortnite 5 dager siden

    Canelo va ganar porque el es el mejor!

  • Ninja
    Ninja 5 dager siden

    How did he cheat

  • Jay Taborada
    Jay Taborada 5 dager siden

    better fighter than Gayweather,

  • Joe Jr
    Joe Jr 5 dager siden

    How is a cheater like that even allowed to keep fighting? He should be banned for life.

  • kokWizzard
    kokWizzard 5 dager siden

    he deserved that

  • zombie fish
    zombie fish 5 dager siden

    My boxvid just went viral

  • Raffy Domingo
    Raffy Domingo 5 dager siden

    Pacquiao already severely punished Margacheato before Cotto got his revenge on him.

  • shan gamer
    shan gamer 5 dager siden

    Really Cotto is a undefeated?? He difeated by Pacquiao

  • El Perspicaz
    El Perspicaz 5 dager siden

    Margarito was desperate for a fight and eye was not 100 percent. Cotto ran and was holding. He began to hold when Margarito clocked him a couple times. Cotto would have won on points. After fight Cotto’s face looked beat up while Margaritos eye was the only thing swollen.

  • Ryan_ Playz
    Ryan_ Playz 5 dager siden

    I never knew Paul Blart was the referee.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 5 dager siden

    Last 35 seconds of round 9 second fight started to look like the begging of what happend the first fight. Cotto was done and margarito had 3 rounds left thats why margarito was turning up after round 9 he sensed the change of momentum.

  • Jayden Vixamar
    Jayden Vixamar 5 dager siden

    Owch big 0Ofs

    LONEB3AST 5 dager siden


  • Reuben Wastik
    Reuben Wastik 5 dager siden

    Reminds me of Creed 2...

  • Judith Quander
    Judith Quander 5 dager siden


  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 5 dager siden +1

    When you Cheap in boxing, you get your ass beat !!

  • dimitris aivazis
    dimitris aivazis 5 dager siden

    Nobody can reach Tyson's level

  • R Montana
    R Montana 5 dager siden

    The psychology behind this, how you can break a man by making him believe something that it is not true which in turn causes everything else in his life to be negatively affected.

  • Candi Harris
    Candi Harris 5 dager siden

    So FUCKING sad

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan 6 dager siden +1

    How did he cheat?

  • zissu1
    zissu1 6 dager siden

    Cotto took his loss like a champ and only started talking about the wraps to promote their rematch. Margarito was bigger and stronger. It happends to almost all puertoricans they walk into a rought tough mexican fighter and get in trouble. Cottos chin kept him from getting kod but his skin couldnt keep up.

  • Nurradin And Ali The Pros

    So who’s the cheater??

  • Autism Depression and anxiety videos

    This year is gonna be such a good year for boxing I can’t wait to watch all the great fights!

  • Narciso Frias
    Narciso Frias 6 dager siden

    Manny Pacquiao also taught that Margarito a lesson

  • LoveGod
    LoveGod 6 dager siden

    Looks like a movie

  • Louie Ramos
    Louie Ramos 6 dager siden

    That’s good that Margacheater got his ass whipped.

  • Kim Borelly
    Kim Borelly 6 dager siden

    Winners never lose, losers never win l, and cheaters never play

  • Laron Reed
    Laron Reed 6 dager siden


  • Ricardo Castresana
    Ricardo Castresana 6 dager siden

    Que gran boxeador q es cotto , serio y recontra profesional. Un ejemplo a seguir para los jovenes q se vuelcan al boxeo. Y eh notado q fisicamente es siempre mas pequeño q su oponente. ¡¡ grande maestro.!!! Saludos desde ushuaia argentina...

  • Parker Washington
    Parker Washington 6 dager siden

    Marg didn’t deserve mercy. The fight should have kept going.

  • Kirck Go
    Kirck Go 6 dager siden

    Hey guys I have question who's a cheater can you tell me

  • Anthony Capone
    Anthony Capone 6 dager siden


  • AntCoolGuy
    AntCoolGuy 6 dager siden

    The guy that got revenge I hate him now.

    That guys eye was bleeding...

  • AntCoolGuy
    AntCoolGuy 6 dager siden

    I was crying...


  • Lester Jordan
    Lester Jordan 6 dager siden

    I like cotto

    SNIPERxSNIPER 121 6 dager siden

    Why didnt they put in may weather vs pacquio

  • Malachi Penalver
    Malachi Penalver 6 dager siden

    How did he cheated

  • Bøhęmïãñ Rhåpšōdÿ -

    *Now Thats Alot Of Damage*

  • YT5N GT
    YT5N GT 6 dager siden

    Cotto copied pacquiao moves/punches

    ROB LOX 6 dager siden


  • Briar Sheffield
    Briar Sheffield 6 dager siden

    ohhhh dand

  • Zeff
    Zeff 6 dager siden +1


    IM LAZY AND BORD 6 dager siden

    i feel like he had bricks of something in his gloves ._.

  • kingston burke
    kingston burke 6 dager siden

    Every like this gets i add 😞

  • Chaos: International
    Chaos: International 6 dager siden

    r e t a t
    r e t a r d

  • Ronnana 69
    Ronnana 69 6 dager siden

    3 years later 100 more tattoos

  • mike usa
    mike usa 7 dager siden

    I miss Emanuel

  • papa hyrius cafe
    papa hyrius cafe 7 dager siden


    JAKE CULLEN 7 dager siden

    Hey,why the fuck do you people do this shit,you just find random shit in a photo,circle it,and zoom in,TO NOTHING IMPORTANT

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster 7 dager siden

    That's funny.the cheater's face looks like the face of cotto in the first fight. Sweet revenge taste good.

  • Jeff Mills
    Jeff Mills 7 dager siden

    what revenge????
    he did nothing...
    doctor stopped the fight....

  • Swatto04
    Swatto04 7 dager siden

    Why would you take your child to a boxing match if he/she can't watch someone bleed???

  • Eleazar Vega
    Eleazar Vega 7 dager siden

    who's this guy in a suit from he seems familiar

  • Gherkin
    Gherkin 7 dager siden

    Sub to my channel // every like I add a 🍩

  • dare d
    dare d 7 dager siden

    cheating margarito didn't fair too well against pacman...........broken eye socket, permanent vision loss.......he he he

  • I’m a meme a rip
    I’m a meme a rip 7 dager siden

    I never saw my dad

  • Pandasmash
    Pandasmash 7 dager siden

    7:28 why do you show a look alike of canelo Álvarez loosing. If you look at their shorts they will be different

    • Pandasmash
      Pandasmash 7 dager siden

      Btw cotto lost that fight

  • Haoheng zhang
    Haoheng zhang 7 dager siden

    bigger than ali?

  • destroyer da 1st
    destroyer da 1st 7 dager siden

    That loss still counts what

  • Hilarious Clinton
    Hilarious Clinton 7 dager siden +5

    That’s motivational!

  • AarøN GaminG_YT
    AarøN GaminG_YT 7 dager siden

    cheater never wins

  • B - K
    B - K 7 dager siden

    How do you know who cheat here ?

  • Magneticitist
    Magneticitist 7 dager siden

    Don't know why Margarito was even allowed to fight after cheating but this fight was almost worth the lack of principles in boxing in that regard.

  • Chronic Livy
    Chronic Livy 7 dager siden

    You cheat but you still can’t win

  • Bruce Cox
    Bruce Cox 8 dager siden

    Oh my!!!

  • ThisFoo Memes
    ThisFoo Memes 8 dager siden

    Nah Luis Fresto is the biggest cheater.

    CONTAGIOUS MIA 8 dager siden

    I'm sorry I just don't see why people would want to get punched like that

  • Negavio Pinas
    Negavio Pinas 8 dager siden +1


  • MuhsinTheMomin
    MuhsinTheMomin 8 dager siden

    How did the guy cheat specifically?

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes 8 dager siden

    I ducking hate cheaters..

  • Артём Зайцев
    Артём Зайцев 8 dager siden

    Dr. House commenting boxing? Amazing one!

  • Slappy the Dummy
    Slappy the Dummy 8 dager siden +4

    The filipino boxer is there! Hooray for the filipino boxer

    • Marijuana870
      Marijuana870 4 dager siden +1

      Then he should've said pacman dumbasses. The fight is what I'm focusing on.

    • CharlesYTC
      CharlesYTC 4 dager siden

      +Marijuana870 Pacquiao....dumbass lol

    • Nexion
      Nexion 6 dager siden +2

      +Marijuana870 seems like ur the dumbass lmao. Hes talking about Pacquiao.

    • Marijuana870
      Marijuana870 6 dager siden

      Cotto is Puerto Rican dumbass.

  • Asher Lagatic
    Asher Lagatic 8 dager siden

    Respect cotto.

  • Asher Lagatic
    Asher Lagatic 8 dager siden

    Kawawa naman si cotto., gago tlg tong margarito nato ee., yan buti nga sayo binugbog kna ni pacman ginantihan kapa ni cotto...

  • idrees force
    idrees force 8 dager siden

    Wait I don't understand, what did the other guy do to cheat

  • Shen Jing Bing
    Shen Jing Bing 8 dager siden

    Cheating sonofabitch should have been banned from boxing after Cotto got his revenge.

  • Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata 8 dager siden

    Latino are so greasy mf

  • Search Trip Book Trip Fly

    Floyd Vs Padraig Harrington.. Harrington’s allowed to use a 9 iron. Make it happen..

  • Chauncey Wallace
    Chauncey Wallace 8 dager siden

    That cheated put something in his gloves!I ain't stupid!,

  • Fatality •
    Fatality • 8 dager siden

    This reminds me of Creed II

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 8 dager siden

    Niiga is scared to lose 👌👌