Biggest Cheater In Boxing Gets Owned By A Legend!!

  • Publisert 26. okt.. 2018
  • Antonio Margarito beat Miguel Cotto on July 28, 2008. It was later found that Antonio cheated against Miguel. Miguel Cotto scheduled a second fight with Antonio Margarito. Let's watch as Miguel Cotto breaks Margarito's eye and get's revenge on this cheater.
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  • The machine
    The machine Dag siden +2

    Who is here because of Joe Rogan?

  • elchamber
    elchamber 2 dager siden

    Margarito isn’t a fighter. He should have never been in the professional boxing. All his wins are fake as shit like his boxing.

  • SpyderRios
    SpyderRios 5 dager siden

    All Margarito wins should be revoke

  • SpyderRios
    SpyderRios 5 dager siden

    A disgrace to boxing and as a Mexican I say fuck Margarito.

  • Cannabis Country
    Cannabis Country 6 dager siden

    Ruling the loss a no contest is the only way the commission could ever make it up to him.

  • The Mouse
    The Mouse 6 dager siden +1

    Margarito wack , but at the end of the Marquez kicked the fuck outta Manny

  • Jose Munoz
    Jose Munoz 6 dager siden

    Cotto is a sorry fighter.. Margarito beat him fair.. I did not see anything in the gloves.

    • LOG_ IC
      LOG_ IC 6 dager siden +1


  • Miguel Camargo
    Miguel Camargo 7 dager siden +6

    Joe Rogan made me come to this video!!!

  • The Batman
    The Batman 9 dager siden

    When Pacquiao and Mosley and Cotto beat the living shit out of this asshole, that was truly satisfying to watch!!👏👏

  • BACA
    BACA 9 dager siden +1

    Margarita is a cheating little bitch. He got what he deserved. Actually he got off easy, he should have ended in jail

  • El guapo del feugo
    El guapo del feugo 11 dager siden

    Why isn't there a movie about this

  • Jonny MF Mack
    Jonny MF Mack 11 dager siden

    Biggest cheater in boxing title definitely goes to luis resto, luis resto not only wore plater on his wraps but removed the padding in his gloves ending the career and life of billy collins jr. ..

  • Megatron G1
    Megatron G1 12 dager siden

    As a Mexican. I approved this beating.

  • Niels Vermeulen
    Niels Vermeulen 12 dager siden +1

    Fuck that fucking cheater!!!

  • Neftali Malave
    Neftali Malave 12 dager siden


  • Alternative Redneck
    Alternative Redneck 14 dager siden

    Cotto was so much faster than margarito

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 14 dager siden

    Cheating in this method should be akin to attempted murder. That would be fair.
    I personally would like to see the cheaters get a hammer to the forehead.

  • cliff4ever
    cliff4ever 14 dager siden

    The corner of Max Kellerman's mouth gives me nightmares and makes babies cry.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 15 dager siden

    Warms my heart cotto got the chance to beat the piss out of that cheat

  • Justin Candler
    Justin Candler 15 dager siden

    I hope Margarito dies Gaddafi style. What a piece of shit. And what fucking moron puts little cupid wings on their back...

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose 15 dager siden +9

    Cotto wouldve still been undefeated to this day

    • Kervin Padilla
      Kervin Padilla 3 dager siden

      For reals after he lost to margacheatow he wasn't never the same boxer,that lost fucked him up mentality.

  • Pammy Badger
    Pammy Badger 15 dager siden

    Cotto in his prime prime was the only one I thought even had an outside chance of beating Mayweather. Margarito should have been banned for life when he was caught cheating like that, it’s so much worse than doping,

  • Aiden N
    Aiden N 16 dager siden +1

    Could someone tell me what he did to cheat? I’m still not sure I know he dipped his wraps in something but in what and what does it do

    • Aiden N
      Aiden N 15 dager siden

      +Big Ol Ravioli aw cheers mate

    • Big Ol Ravioli
      Big Ol Ravioli 15 dager siden +1

      He probably dipped his wraps in something to make the harder. That means his punches would land harder and do more damage to Cotto.

  • Jesse Mykkänen
    Jesse Mykkänen 21 dag siden

    You should never trust a guy named after a fucking type of pizza.

  • John McGuinness
    John McGuinness 21 dag siden

    If Arum allowed Margarito to cheat, I'm not surprised if he allowed Pacquiao to cheat as well.

  • Lyrical Lean
    Lyrical Lean 27 dager siden

    Manny beat both of they asses

  • blue diamond
    blue diamond 27 dager siden

    we hate fu3#@$ng margajoto,he is not only a shame to the sport but to his country,next i wannasee margarito as a star in bestgore

  • Kenshin Batosay
    Kenshin Batosay 29 dager siden

    Margarito taste his own medicine but in honest way by paquiao

  • Nicholas Panagiotou
    Nicholas Panagiotou Måned siden

    I wad tryna think of something funny to say in the comments. But there's nothing funny to say about this video.

  • bakd ee
    bakd ee Måned siden

    How does he cheat

  • Seabear
    Seabear Måned siden

    cotton is the good one right?

  • TheOneAndOnly ACK
    TheOneAndOnly ACK Måned siden


  • rey man
    rey man Måned siden

    Cheatersss .... like his fellows

  • Wouldn’t You Like to Know

    I was there in NY for that rematch LIVE!!!! Best fight ever 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos Måned siden

    Is no one going to mention Margaritos hair in the second fight?

  • UNiCoRn PeGaSuS
    UNiCoRn PeGaSuS Måned siden

    He is such humble guy

  • SAVAGE G!!
    SAVAGE G!! Måned siden +1

    I'm Mexican but I don't think he cheated look at his face

  • jack asnon
    jack asnon Måned siden

    Owned? No.

  • Mario C
    Mario C Måned siden +1

    Watching this was really cool... I mean, the story of it! At first Cotto definitely looked like the better boxer, but Margarito with his gloves, taking him out and killing his pride. THEN, they meet 3 years later and you can tell, Margarito has been reading the rewards of that win and he goes in with flags and the corn rows and looks like the hot shit in the ring now. Cotto just standing there so calm, with that goal in mind, just like in the movies man... Chills when he won the man got rolled all 9 rounds.

  • Smack 2
    Smack 2 Måned siden


  • Lil Ceel
    Lil Ceel Måned siden

    They should really remove 1 loss from Cotto

  • Mr. Hasbr
    Mr. Hasbr Måned siden

    1:25 tho lol

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez 2 måneder siden

    Margarito owned cotto all the way on July 26 08 period
    And cotto never hurt margarito

  • faraboveothers
    faraboveothers 2 måneder siden

    I'm 100% Mexican and Margarito brought shame to every Mexican. We respect Cotto because he's humble and a hard worker.

  • fatah Tani
    fatah Tani 2 måneder siden

    the lesson from the story never let a defeat break your spirit, you never know what s behind it or why it did happen

  • Lee Hopkins
    Lee Hopkins 2 måneder siden

    He hit him around the hit him round the back of the head

  • dimitris aivazis
    dimitris aivazis 2 måneder siden

    What did margarito do ?

  • Shadowl00t/Stephen Brown
    Shadowl00t/Stephen Brown 2 måneder siden

    My man margarito is hella ugly.

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 2 måneder siden


  • rian mc
    rian mc 2 måneder siden

    Team cotto no matter what

  • Dr. Racker
    Dr. Racker 2 måneder siden

    Miguel Cotto fought some of the best and strongest fighters like Canel,GGG,and Manny Paquiado. I respect him.

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J 2 måneder siden +1

    Every punch he threw made a mark. Bruh I want to punch this dude so hard that his brain is going to bleed

  • Jacob Galloway
    Jacob Galloway 2 måneder siden

    Margarito is such a fucking cheat.

  • rage king24
    rage king24 2 måneder siden

    hi hi hi hi hi hi h hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • SKG Parkour and more
    SKG Parkour and more 2 måneder siden

    My cousin is in the MMA pro league, he is John “machine” Gunther.

  • ØrPhÄn MüRpHy
    ØrPhÄn MüRpHy 2 måneder siden

    one year ban for this is fucking outrageous.....

  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers 2 måneder siden


  • Scotchie Snipes
    Scotchie Snipes 2 måneder siden +1

    KSI and LoganPaul was still more interesting ...

    Waiting for the triggered people to roast me😂

  • Jason Damsker
    Jason Damsker 2 måneder siden

    Deserved that, he practically broke his career and spirit, so revenge is sweet.

  • JoeB Killa
    JoeB Killa 2 måneder siden


  • I’m a Wheelchair
    I’m a Wheelchair 2 måneder siden

    4:50 i love you bro *gets punched*

  • Legendary - Fortnite
    Legendary - Fortnite 2 måneder siden

    Canelo va ganar porque el es el mejor!

  • No name
    No name 2 måneder siden

    How did he cheat

  • Jay Taborada
    Jay Taborada 2 måneder siden

    better fighter than Gayweather,

  • Joe Jr
    Joe Jr 2 måneder siden

    How is a cheater like that even allowed to keep fighting? He should be banned for life.

  • kokWizzard
    kokWizzard 2 måneder siden

    he deserved that

  • zombie fish
    zombie fish 2 måneder siden

    My boxvid just went viral

  • RADO
    RADO 2 måneder siden

    Pacquiao already severely punished Margacheato before Cotto got his revenge on him.

  • Shan M
    Shan M 2 måneder siden

    Really Cotto is a undefeated?? He difeated by Pacquiao

  • El Perspicaz
    El Perspicaz 2 måneder siden

    Margarito was desperate for a fight and eye was not 100 percent. Cotto ran and was holding. He began to hold when Margarito clocked him a couple times. Cotto would have won on points. After fight Cotto’s face looked beat up while Margaritos eye was the only thing swollen.

  • Ryan_ Playz
    Ryan_ Playz 2 måneder siden

    I never knew Paul Blart was the referee.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 2 måneder siden

    Last 35 seconds of round 9 second fight started to look like the begging of what happend the first fight. Cotto was done and margarito had 3 rounds left thats why margarito was turning up after round 9 he sensed the change of momentum.

  • Jayden Vixamar
    Jayden Vixamar 2 måneder siden

    Owch big 0Ofs

  • Jamari Carrecter
    Jamari Carrecter 2 måneder siden


  • Reuben Wastik
    Reuben Wastik 2 måneder siden

    Reminds me of Creed 2...

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 2 måneder siden +1

    When you Cheap in boxing, you get your ass beat !!

  • dimitris aivazis
    dimitris aivazis 2 måneder siden

    Nobody can reach Tyson's level

  • R Montana
    R Montana 2 måneder siden +1

    The psychology behind this, how you can break a man by making him believe something that it is not true which in turn causes everything else in his life to be negatively affected.

  • Candi Harris
    Candi Harris 2 måneder siden

    So FUCKING sad

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan 2 måneder siden +1

    How did he cheat?

  • zissu1
    zissu1 2 måneder siden

    Cotto took his loss like a champ and only started talking about the wraps to promote their rematch. Margarito was bigger and stronger. It happends to almost all puertoricans they walk into a rought tough mexican fighter and get in trouble. Cottos chin kept him from getting kod but his skin couldnt keep up.

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    Subscribe To T-Series 2 måneder siden

    So who’s the cheater??

  • Autism Depression and anxiety videos

    This year is gonna be such a good year for boxing I can’t wait to watch all the great fights!

  • NarSenpai :3
    NarSenpai :3 2 måneder siden

    Manny Pacquiao also taught that Margarito a lesson

  • LoveGod
    LoveGod 2 måneder siden

    Looks like a movie

  • Louie Ramos
    Louie Ramos 2 måneder siden

    That’s good that Margacheater got his ass whipped.

  • Kim Borelly
    Kim Borelly 2 måneder siden

    Winners never lose, losers never win l, and cheaters never play

  • Ricardo Castresana
    Ricardo Castresana 2 måneder siden

    Que gran boxeador q es cotto , serio y recontra profesional. Un ejemplo a seguir para los jovenes q se vuelcan al boxeo. Y eh notado q fisicamente es siempre mas pequeño q su oponente. ¡¡ grande maestro.!!! Saludos desde ushuaia argentina...

  • Parker Washington
    Parker Washington 2 måneder siden

    Marg didn’t deserve mercy. The fight should have kept going.

  • Kirck Go
    Kirck Go 2 måneder siden

    Hey guys I have question who's a cheater can you tell me

  • Anthony Capone
    Anthony Capone 2 måneder siden


  • AntCoolGuy
    AntCoolGuy 2 måneder siden

    The guy that got revenge I hate him now.

    That guys eye was bleeding...

  • AntCoolGuy
    AntCoolGuy 2 måneder siden

    I was crying...


  • Lester Jordan
    Lester Jordan 2 måneder siden

    I like cotto

    SNIPERxSNIPER 121 2 måneder siden

    Why didnt they put in may weather vs pacquio

  • Malachi Penalver
    Malachi Penalver 2 måneder siden

    How did he cheated

  • Bøhęmïãñ Rhåpšōdÿ -
    Bøhęmïãñ Rhåpšōdÿ - 2 måneder siden

    *Now Thats Alot Of Damage*

    MOBILE LEGENDS GAMEPLAY TV 2 måneder siden

    Cotto copied pacquiao moves/punches

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  • Briar Sheffield
    Briar Sheffield 2 måneder siden

    ohhhh dand