Teens React To Subscribe To PewDiePie (MrBeast)

  • Publisert 6. nov.. 2018
  • PewDiePie vs T-Series saga reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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    Teens react to PewDiePie vs T-Series saga. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content featured:
    I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This
    Thaks Google
    Mr Beast's impact
    Doing my part in germany 🇩🇪, hope you do yours
    Bought a small ad space in my local newspaper and published this. I
    did my part Pewds :)
    MrBeast for man of the year
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    Teens featured:
    Alicia, age 19
    Jeremiah, age 17
    Marlhy, age 16
    Mikaela, age 19
    Rae, age 18
    Reina, age 19
    Troy, age 18
    Tyler, age 14
    Ulises, age 17
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    Teens React #222 - Teens React To Subscribe To PewDiePie (MrBeast)
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    • Abhirup Saha
      Abhirup Saha 7 timer siden +1

      +Malikai The Hokage yesssssssssssssssss

    • Alondra D.L.R
      Alondra D.L.R Dag siden

      Please do "Teens React to PewDiePie Reacts to Teens React to Subscribe to PewDiePie"

  • Pyraxstar
    Pyraxstar 2 minutter siden


  • kiLLeR boY
    kiLLeR boY 40 minutter siden +2

    T-series win💪 India vs whole world

    • Siri Playz
      Siri Playz 6 minutter siden


  • BryannaMarie
    BryannaMarie Time siden

    rae is speaking straight facts

  • Loot
    Loot 2 timer siden +7

    Who would win?
    A Huge Indian company that has over 20000 employees

    A Swedish kid

    • Suraj Bhan
      Suraj Bhan 2 timer siden

      In time the destiny arrives you worm.

    • iSolo
      iSolo 2 timer siden

      Loot A Swedish kid

  • B_ Babie132
    B_ Babie132 4 timer siden +8

    Bich lasagna

  • Piyush Nayak
    Piyush Nayak 5 timer siden +6

    Guess if t series starts promoting themselves in every bollywood movie and on every tv channel

    • ridhwan
      ridhwan Time siden

      +Gilgamesh Kun hahhaha right comment at right place

    • Gilgamesh Kun
      Gilgamesh Kun 3 timer siden +1

      You india, you lose

    • Piyush Nayak
      Piyush Nayak 3 timer siden

      +Ash Blaxe they don't beg to subscribe to our youtube or a white Swedish guy will win

    • Ash Blaxe
      Ash Blaxe 3 timer siden +1

      They already do..
      At the beginning of every Bollywood they are music partners

  • Dealwithourname
    Dealwithourname 5 timer siden +1

    Who watched this from mr beast

  • aasha Ccfcjjnv
    aasha Ccfcjjnv 6 timer siden +7

    B I T C H L A S A G N A

  • Miquil Kossom
    Miquil Kossom 6 timer siden +15

    Pewdiepie IS youtube, period. Pewds will shine eternally

  • Raven Jhay
    Raven Jhay 7 timer siden +12

    Company vs. "NO-clipr"

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K 9 timer siden +4

    I never knew there was a contest... and I am not subscribed to either.

  • Erzal Syahreza
    Erzal Syahreza 9 timer siden +3

    K/DA - POP/STARS react please

  • nitin chauhan
    nitin chauhan 10 timer siden +23

    guys ..go subscribe pewdiepie..because he is crying ..he is doing everything he can to be on top...help this kid

    • Suraj Bhan
      Suraj Bhan 2 timer siden

      Poopdipie is about to get stomp by thanos series. The inevitable is coming.

    • Thot Patrol
      Thot Patrol 3 timer siden +7

      nitin chauhan Ever heard of a joke? I guess Indians can‘t get jokes.

    • nitin chauhan
      nitin chauhan 5 timer siden +1

      +Standard 43 since he got into this competition, he start abusing indian, and T-series. He also made some video on us how indians are weird and some kind of making fun. let me tell you that what he is making fun we indian are not proud of that and we also used to make meme on that.

    • Standard 43
      Standard 43 5 timer siden

      he didnt tho did he?

  • bobby's smile
    bobby's smile 10 timer siden +1

    Not that fast ferguso! Pewds won!

  • Meomix Mimix
    Meomix Mimix 11 timer siden +14

    If Corporate Industries gain more subscribers then i will never bother to open this site on my browser again, i didn't come to the internet to be bothered by cable tv's archaic structure.

  • Warren Dicey
    Warren Dicey 12 timer siden +12

    SUB TO Pewds or you are not cool

    • Warren Dicey
      Warren Dicey 52 minutter siden +1

      You look like a worm

    • Suraj Bhan
      Suraj Bhan 2 timer siden +1

      You are a worm. You can't change the inevitable. So brace yourself for poopdipie is going to loose this. In time destiny arrives for everyone.

  • CarlGaming
    CarlGaming 12 timer siden +2


  • MrUnlimax
    MrUnlimax 13 timer siden +4

    Rich people do *anything* to keep themselves "entertained" by an influence , me on the other hand .. i stopped supporting him since 2013

  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma 13 timer siden +19

    Subscribe T-SERIES

  • Surabhi
    Surabhi 13 timer siden +1

    Please react to Stray Kids!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Soham Rane
    Soham Rane 14 timer siden +2

    Make teens react to t series

  • Akash Izumi
    Akash Izumi 14 timer siden +13

    Still t series will won

  • St Sports News
    St Sports News 15 timer siden

    Hi pro

  • You're absolutely right
    You're absolutely right 15 timer siden +11

    I guess I will subscribe now

    To T-series

    • Hybrid
      Hybrid 6 timer siden +2

      You're absolutely wrong

  • Manash Gohain
    Manash Gohain 15 timer siden +4

    P..pie is a vary good play,
    Hold world.....good
    Cause t- series grown up
    subscribes. Well done .

  • Shikhar Verma
    Shikhar Verma 15 timer siden +8

    Whatsa up with the subscriber count ??. T series is already the most viewed channel on youtube history .. so yeah.. they already have won !!

    • Meomix Mimix
      Meomix Mimix 11 timer siden +4

      +Vijayendra Chavan It shows that the platform is slowly being taken away from the creators and the people, once it reaches that state i will not bother to open this site anymore as by then it will be a corporate slug fest.

    • Vijayendra Chavan
      Vijayendra Chavan 12 timer siden +3

      +Look At Me, I'm the Captain Now T series is a music label. It is NOT a music production company. Individual artists make songs for Indian movie producers (the music industry in India is largely dependent on the film industry) and T series acquires publishing rights to this music and puts it on its channel. I'm sure that if any large american label aggregated subscribers across all its artists, it would easily pass Pewdiepie too. Therefore technically, T series is NOT a content creator. They aren't even running the same race. It is like apples and oranges. Pewdiepie will remain the largest NO-clip content creator if not the largest channel.

    • Look At Me, I'm the Captain Now
      Look At Me, I'm the Captain Now 14 timer siden +3

      Maybe because their a company with thousands of employees cranking out 6-8 videos every day Meanwhile Pewdiepie post a video everyday mostly by himself and has built up his channel by himself.

    • Kellie Cronje
      Kellie Cronje 15 timer siden +8

      Shikhar Verma you probably a t series fan🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  • aditya gantawar
    aditya gantawar 16 timer siden +12

    Ain't fbe a company or corporation or whatever? LMAO

  • Stratilex
    Stratilex 17 timer siden +1

    Eyy MrBeast is thriving

  • DiamondYT
    DiamondYT 17 timer siden +9

    My dude has 70M now lolololololololol

  • Giana Jimenez
    Giana Jimenez 17 timer siden +6

    He hit 70,000,000

  • Biscuit of Doom
    Biscuit of Doom 17 timer siden +10

    Now we need teens react to pewdipie reacting to Teens React To Subscribe To PewDiePie

    • WildKitty Slime
      WildKitty Slime 17 timer siden

      like azzy reacting to azzy reatting to azzy

  • Mad3Machiin3
    Mad3Machiin3 18 timer siden +11

    I bet you that MrBeast will be the MVP in NO-clip Rewind 2018

  • nathallie.
    nathallie. 19 timer siden +1

    teens react to galantis!

  • Тимур Бастер
    Тимур Бастер 21 time siden +6

    0:18 TFUE

  • Filthy AnimalXD
    Filthy AnimalXD 22 timer siden +18

    T-SERIES uses subbots

  • Jamie Henderson
    Jamie Henderson 23 timer siden +4

    Do teens react to tgf bro

    ANDROID GAMER 23 timer siden +15

    1. Its content is almost all people look for... Music Videos
    2. The MAIN REASON is becouse of RELIANCE JIO in India... This network took over India within a year giving 3000% more data and free calls for same rate...
    People who were not able to afford internet access now have internet...

      ANDROID GAMER 14 timer siden

      +Otaku AG its a natural growth...
      Do some research before saying anyting...
      Its already proven...

    • Otaku AG
      Otaku AG 15 timer siden +1

      Reason 3 : Subbots

      ANDROID GAMER 17 timer siden +1

      +*The totally Awesome Unicorn* some youtubers have already proved that its a natural growth

  • Arindam Roy
    Arindam Roy Dag siden +9

    Subscribe to t series

  • jsjjd jjje
    jsjjd jjje Dag siden +5

    0:45 look like sssniperwolf

  • DaveNoNek
    DaveNoNek Dag siden +2

    Bet ill go subscribe right know

  • Ravi Ramani
    Ravi Ramani Dag siden +8

    Indian artist get job from tsereis via NO-clip channel. This given them life because pirancy was killing them because nobody was purchasing their content but T-Series and NO-clip help them. Before giving Opinions you should always judge both side.

  • Walid DZ
    Walid DZ Dag siden +2

    Welcome to earth teen's OMEGALUL

  • leon prsa123
    leon prsa123 Dag siden +4


  • Sheikh Saharier
    Sheikh Saharier Dag siden +3

    Make a teens react to sidemen reacting teens reacting to sidemen

  • yogendra sharma
    yogendra sharma Dag siden +4

    White चूतियों बताओ ,
    Q: Do you know who is the CEO of Google, Microsoft, Adobe, PepsiCo, MasterCard ??????

  • Edo Fazrianto
    Edo Fazrianto Dag siden

    no-clip.com/channel/UCpxLFcPtoQzFBr7Icscv6qQ help subscribe please

  • Nishat Shahriyar
    Nishat Shahriyar Dag siden +4

    Generations react to YES THEORY!

  • keswick boi
    keswick boi Dag siden +5

    He's still winning

  • Creeper Nova
    Creeper Nova Dag siden +10

    Isn’t FBE a company

    • Ash Blaxe
      Ash Blaxe 3 timer siden

      A NO-clip channel only

  • Gun Smoke
    Gun Smoke Dag siden +1

    Teens react to C-Dot416?

  • OathkeeperIII
    OathkeeperIII Dag siden +1

    College kids react to Run The Jewels!

  • mario castellanos
    mario castellanos Dag siden +5

    Just subscribe🙄

  • Doge Wow
    Doge Wow Dag siden +8

    World war 4 confirmed

  • NathanBoBathan
    NathanBoBathan Dag siden +1

    College kids react to the fitness gram pacer test

  • Eric Ramsay
    Eric Ramsay Dag siden

    I just subscribed. Guess it works.

  • Tee Wolf
    Tee Wolf Dag siden +6

    Subscribe to pewds

  • Rachel Han
    Rachel Han Dag siden +13

    And imagine what would happen if China gets access to NO-clip....

    • Mr jeff
      Mr jeff 7 timer siden

      I would personally fly there and do advertisements to subscribe PewDiePie

  • Inaya Kaleem
    Inaya Kaleem Dag siden +5

    Pewdipe is 70 m 11/11/18

    • Inaya Kaleem
      Inaya Kaleem 8 timer siden

      Lee Jeremy I’m not a clown you are cause if you go to pewdipie he is 70m who’s the clown now?

      GOOD FELLA Dag siden +1

      Lee Jeremy no look

    • Lee Jeremy
      Lee Jeremy Dag siden

      we're still 69m you clown.

  • trendy bitches
    trendy bitches Dag siden +5

    More like flop-series

  • BL 69
    BL 69 Dag siden +5

    Well...#TGAYZ :)

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN Dag siden +5


    • wadu hek
      wadu hek Dag siden +1

      ShAdOwMaN totally off-topic

    • BlueTaiga X17
      BlueTaiga X17 Dag siden +1

      Their power is to fix computers....

  • Suzette Amalos
    Suzette Amalos Dag siden

    teens react to kda

  • Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar
    Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar Dag siden +14

    And T-Series is barely doing anything to be on top....
    they have more important thing to do.

    • Camel TowTrucker
      Camel TowTrucker 11 timer siden +1

      +Prodip Kumar Saha atleast I have a toilet

    • Prodip Kumar Saha
      Prodip Kumar Saha 11 timer siden

      +Camel TowTrucker telling mean things to others will not change the truth.

    • Camel TowTrucker
      Camel TowTrucker 18 timer siden +1

      +Prodip Kumar Saha go back to shitting in the streets Punjabi boy

    • Prodip Kumar Saha
      Prodip Kumar Saha Dag siden

      U got it right it hardly matters whose on the top. Pewdipie should make more videos than just being jealous of others success.

    • Sean Scott
      Sean Scott Dag siden

      because they’re a multi-billion dollar company. That’s kinda the point though. Isn’t really NO-clip if it’s so non personal that Essentially vevo but Bollywood major corporation is the most popular channel on the site.

  • AsgarDaBoss
    AsgarDaBoss Dag siden +6

    Pewdiepie number 1

  • magendra balamala
    magendra balamala Dag siden

    Guyssss please help to get 500 subscribers

    • Remorse
      Remorse Dag siden +2

      magendra balamala no

  • Jackie Lee Benge
    Jackie Lee Benge Dag siden

    Why r u all do this to me

  • Charcha Ghar
    Charcha Ghar Dag siden +7

    5:45 Hindi Papers (🇮🇳)

    SAROJ KUMAR Dag siden +13

    Very few people in India is aware about this subs war. If T series starts to advertise like them it won't even take one day for becoming no.1 channel on NO-clip. So just chill today or tomorrow T series will be number 1.

    • Prodip Kumar Saha
      Prodip Kumar Saha Dag siden

      +Hey There well it's a shame that american can't be no. 1 on their so called american website.

    • Roshan Singh
      Roshan Singh Dag siden

      +Hey There how about the fact that an Indian is the CEO of the parent company of your so called "American company".

    • Clear Sky
      Clear Sky Dag siden

      +SamuraiAnik ok so you are telling me PewDiePie is all by himself and doesn't own a company right? Check again.

    • CyborgM
      CyborgM Dag siden +2

      ok indian guy

    PHONE POWER Dag siden +8

    Bc. Mc. Thumari. Maa kii
    Bharat mata ki jay
    Agle kuch mahine mai. T series is a number 1 channel in a youtube

    • Mr jeff
      Mr jeff 7 timer siden

      +Hey There dream on

      PHONE POWER Dag siden +2

      +Hey There hogi q nee bhii
      Sbb jgha aage rhna chaiye
      Jhaa desh ki smaan ki batt ho wah prr hmm apna ser bhle kaat le per desh ka
      Ser kvi nhi jhukne denge

    • Hey There
      Hey There Dag siden

      Bas yahi ukhad pate ho tum indian. Salle American website mai no.1 banne par khushi ho rahi hai inhe 😂😂

  • anna s.
    anna s. Dag siden +12

    9 year olds UNITE

  • DeHydra
    DeHydra Dag siden +5


    • abod am
      abod am Dag siden

      DeHydra no 1 plays league

  • Epicel Zey
    Epicel Zey Dag siden +18

    Pewds already 70m

  • Ehtisham
    Ehtisham Dag siden +36

    Tseries is a actually a dozen different channels crammed into one. They are a corporation with scores of employees. Pewds is a single man with 2 editors. This is what youtube is now. Companies are taking over everywhere

  • Dab For Life
    Dab For Life Dag siden +2

    4:02 but your have already been banned on Fortnite your tfue

  • Dame Tu Despacito 2
    Dame Tu Despacito 2 Dag siden +8

    Can Teens react to pewdiepie react to them?

  • Alipt Shrivastava
    Alipt Shrivastava Dag siden +9

    Indian NO-cliprs take 1 month to create only 1 video that's why the most subscribed indian NO-clip channel has only 10 million subscribers. And there is another fact that not all Indians speak hindi . There are more than 20 official languages. So English speaking population is way too larger than hindi speaking population

    • Clear Sky
      Clear Sky Dag siden

      +Ehtisham do the maths yourself . It's not that difficult. I did it and it's true

    • Alipt Shrivastava
      Alipt Shrivastava Dag siden

      +Ehtisham its a fact , you can easily observe this by looking at dates of their videos , I m talking about most subscribed channels not all

    • Ehtisham
      Ehtisham Dag siden +5

      Indian youtubers take 1 month to make 1 video? Is this an average or fact? Who calculated it?

  • Ryan Fittante
    Ryan Fittante Dag siden +5

    Pewds has like 550k more than t

  • Mr. Thanos the predators hunter

    Pewpiedie vs t series mean ww3 is fighting on utube by keyboard warriors..

  • Eyecatcherエイかカシァ

    Back from 4 years and now I'm back at NO-clip right now,and here I am...the WAR in the internet is started......BTW 9 years RULESS!!!!

  • SKdaGamer
    SKdaGamer Dag siden +42

    I love how in the description FBE put subscription links to PewDiePie and MrBeast but not T-Series. FBE is doing their part!

  • Andy Piedra
    Andy Piedra Dag siden +8


  • J Hurtz
    J Hurtz Dag siden +1

    Teens react to voiceoverpete

  • ゲーマーコード17

    lol pewdiepie reach 70 million already llolololololololol

  • The 5 Eyes Official
    The 5 Eyes Official Dag siden +10


    • Allannah Caratzas
      Allannah Caratzas 10 timer siden

      I got my dad to subscribe to Pewds just by telling him about the battle between a Pewds and T-series 😂

  • Khalil Howard
    Khalil Howard Dag siden +2

    Anyone else think pink shirt dude looks like tfue

  • DearAbbyVlogs
    DearAbbyVlogs Dag siden +4

    I subscribed to PewDiPie

  • Emma Parker
    Emma Parker Dag siden +6

    Pewds has 70 million now 😃

  • Destiny Smith
    Destiny Smith Dag siden +3

    Teens react to chase Atlantic

  • Michael Dong
    Michael Dong Dag siden

    can yall do a pt.2 for j cole but with more classics like no role modelz and love yourz

  • Raimi Karim
    Raimi Karim Dag siden +2


  • Mimi Unicorngamer
    Mimi Unicorngamer Dag siden +11

    Welp pewdiepie has 69 million now.. Now 70!

    L3GENDARY 3DITS Dag siden +16

    he already hit 70M and it aint even December yet as they estimated Lol

    • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles
      RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles Dag siden

      damn it i messed up! :) yeah 20-30k a day! :)

    • Daze
      Daze Dag siden

      +RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles Not 2-3 it was 20-30K subs a day.

    • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles
      RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles Dag siden +2

      That was before Mr. Beast got him 100k subs per day! Pewds used to average 2 to 3k subs a day !

  • surprised pika
    surprised pika Dag siden +5


  • Alondra D.L.R
    Alondra D.L.R Dag siden +3

    have teens react to PewDiePie's reaction to this video

  • gutss 666
    gutss 666 Dag siden

    Ninguém inveja o ruim ninguém odeia o fraco

  • Un!tÿ Stüff
    Un!tÿ Stüff Dag siden +7


  • Goitizer
    Goitizer Dag siden +7

    PewDiPie also reacted to this Reaction

  • Sabalghoo
    Sabalghoo Dag siden +6

    There are Wayy too many Indians!

      ADIL ANSARI Dag siden

      But still Way too many melanin deficient english speaker

    • Top picks
      Top picks Dag siden

      Sabalghoo there are way too many English speakers