Joe Rogan Experience #1208 - Jordan Peterson


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  • Julian Vargas
    Julian Vargas 13 minutter siden

    1:52:00 this Jordan, what you’re talking about here is what you’re doing but with millions of us thank you 🙏

  • Matthew Keehan
    Matthew Keehan 16 minutter siden

    Who the fuck is this guy and why are we supposed to give a shit? He is everywhere, being shoved in people's faces regurgitating the same thing over and over again. He had one LSD experience and is now convinced God spoke to him and is on a mission amassing blind devoted apostles...wait, hasn't this happened before

  • Joshua Robert
    Joshua Robert 27 minutter siden

    Jordan Peterson is Jeremy Irons doing a Kermit the Frog Impression

  • Nicholas Berardo
    Nicholas Berardo Time siden

    And let me add, it's always possible for a person who is trying to enforce some particular world view with statistics to deny that that is what they're doing. They can just say, I'm just presenting these findings, it's science. Hmm. Maybe.

  • Nicholas Berardo
    Nicholas Berardo 2 timer siden

    Trying to express what I find unsettling. I think it is listening to someone who sees the world statistically. Because, I'm an induvudual. You're an individual. So listening to statistics about people, it's like listening to someone tell you who you are, with some numbers which give some convincing authority. But there's always the real and true possibility that, as an individual, that some statistic is not true for you. Like some guy trying to pigeon hole people with some very good pigeon hole device. You can't just dismiss carefully conducted science, right? But, social science ain't physics. So, what's the point? Okay, these statistics provide a general picture if humans on Earth, how women tend to be, how men tend to be. Great. Now I know. What else does that have to do with me, or you? There's something off-putting, and also unclear, about putting people into statistical groups and then...making decisions about people based on that. Because there is always the possibility that you are dead wrong about someone. Also, he's taking a snapshot in time. People change. People are changing, and that, I'd say, in response to this internet.

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards 2 timer siden

    Values are trickling back into the world. These two people will create more people like them and slowly but surely the world will come back to realism. Thank god for people who aren't afraid to upset the status quo.

  • Ice cream Noel
    Ice cream Noel 2 timer siden

    That’s funny this podcast reminds me of the time Joe Rogan said this...

  • Tony D'Andrea
    Tony D'Andrea 2 timer siden

    Rogan and Peterson spend their time whining about a handful of rather fictional "radical postmodernists", it really gets tiresome and ludicrous after a while...

    • fuck the alt right
      fuck the alt right 2 timer siden

      pm of canda : we must have 50% men and 50% women in every area
      pm of the uk : you can change your gender without being intersex or with dysphoria
      pm of iceland : every company that pays women will be punished

  • michael hendricks
    michael hendricks 2 timer siden

    Peterson is looking like The Most Interesting Man in the World more and more. Stay inquisitive, my friends...

  • Mario's Corner
    Mario's Corner 2 timer siden

    Funny how suddenly women flood comments section here "im real woman and follow JP bla bla..." as someone should even care.

  • reality dreams
    reality dreams 3 timer siden


  • Dave Bond
    Dave Bond 4 timer siden

    1:53:40 The thing is, we are evolved for reciprocity, we’re not evolved for power. This is what is so deeply wrong with the postmodernists and the Marxists is that, power is not the best strategy to attain success, it’s simply not it doesn’t even work for chimpanzees. The brute chimps that rule purely as a consequence of force - as soon as they weaken, two subordinated that are reciprocally engaged that have a friendship, tear them into pieces. So I don’t care how strong you are three guys that are like two-thirds your strength are gonna take you out. So you’re much better situated in society and in your life if you’re in an interactive network of reciprocally beneficial relationships.
    1:54:39 There’s the killer combination, hyper competence and the capacity for genuine reciprocity, that makes you unstoppable.

  • Dave Bond
    Dave Bond 4 timer siden

    1:44:50 You very rarely find people who have no skill in competition at all and who have never engaged in it and have shied away from it their whole life, that support it (competition) and believe that it’s an important part of our culture. People want to believe and support things that reinforce their idea of how they’re living their life correctly. And if they shy away from competition, if it makes them nervous, if it doesn’t feel right to them, if it makes them uncomfortable, they want to feel like there’s some better way. And this is one of the things that leads young sensitive, kind, compassionate people towards socialism. And this concept of capitalism and any form of competition at all ultimately is going to lead to a few people hogging up all the wealth and dominating all the people. 1:45:38
    No matter what system you setup - that’s the outcome. (See Pareto distribution power-law probability distribution or the 80-20 rule. Empirical observation has found the 80-20 distribution to fit a wide range of cases, including natural phenomena and human activities.) In every society that we know of whether it’s capitalist or socialist or communist, a small portion of the people have a disproportionate amount of the resources. 1:46:00 If you are really concerned about the dispossessed and the poor you wouldn’t put hierarchical dispossession at the feet of capitalism, because it’s a way worse problem than that. The Marxists types think, if we didn’t have capitalism then there wouldn’t be hierarchies and there wouldn’t be dispossession, that’s complete rubbish. The problem of hierarchy and the problem of dispossession is way deeper that the “problem” of capitalism. The problem is unequal distribution of resources is as old as recorded history, certainly predating modern capitalism.

  • Jared H
    Jared H 4 timer siden

    Jordan "bloody" Peterson

  • Jeremy Kahn
    Jeremy Kahn 4 timer siden

    I think Dr. Peterson dismisses too quickly that a merit-hierarchy can easily transform into a political-tyranny, . A manager might eagerly take on a new mentee, but the MeToo movement exposed the lie that was bubbling behind that facade for many managers. I was very fortunate when a top executive at one of my prior employers took me under his wing, but it was only after a year of preferential treatment that I realized there were no women in similar positions or being invited into the same conferences and meetings as me. I don't think that came from a malicious misogyny, but Peterson's default assumption that a given hierarchy is meritorious is the perpetual defense of the status quo. Despite protest, it's clear that we're not in a situation where everyone enjoys equal opportunity.

  • Corovus
    Corovus 4 timer siden

    Joe kinda reminds me at One Punch Man...

  • Studio Peanutbutter
    Studio Peanutbutter 5 timer siden

    Can't wait for the next Joe Rogan Jordan Peterson podcast

  • Robbie Gannon
    Robbie Gannon 5 timer siden

    Jordan’s NO-clip stuff enriched my life big time - went back making music - I’m now aiming to grow my original music channel and am recording and performing under the name Sneaking Death.

  • Eric Bankhead
    Eric Bankhead 5 timer siden

    Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

  • Péter Egomi
    Péter Egomi 6 timer siden

    Somebody explain what exactly is this midle name meme with JR😂

  • Популярно в България

    socialism and capitalism are the two different sides of the same coin which is used to buy our souls!

  • Megan Bopp
    Megan Bopp 7 timer siden

    It upsets me that people refuse to listen to him based on ill-informed, half-baked opinions when in reality he is just insightful and logical. 21:57 is a brilliant example of this. If more people had the mindset where they actually *listened*, with no ulterior motive or agenda, we'd live in a much better society.

  • Aiming_For_Gaming
    Aiming_For_Gaming 8 timer siden

    is it me, or has no one protested Peterson in a while?
    and is it due to the fact that they gave up on him, or the fact that most his tour was outside the US and Canada??
    i just think its interesting, and im glad if its true.

  • murtadha96
    murtadha96 8 timer siden


  • stevecass
    stevecass 9 timer siden

    The only way I would approve of a neutral transfer is if Dr. Peterson voluntarily allowed his intelligence to transfer to other humans.

  • Wandering Man
    Wandering Man 9 timer siden +1

    3.6 k angry feminist journalists disliked this..... glad all women aren't feminazis... ugh I'd die

  • ZMDarkie
    ZMDarkie 9 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson wearing different colored clothes in the thumbnail vs the video?

  • adventureforme
    adventureforme 9 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson is a mentally ill man. If you are following him you should see a therapist because you were likely emotionally abandoned as a child and find Jordan attractive to your unconscious needs, -- especially if you find yourself identifying with him or finding him a "cool" guy you want to be like.

  • Jon Pynes
    Jon Pynes 10 timer siden

    Or bring on Thomas Sowell :)

  • Jon Pynes
    Jon Pynes 11 timer siden


  • blksrsil
    blksrsil 11 timer siden +1

    Joe and Jordan, the absolute worst combination to "just have a quick look" before bed... 3hrs later

  • Ano Nym
    Ano Nym 11 timer siden

    I also looked into the "criticisms" of Peterson and found them rather not helpful. It also struck me often that, besides a condemning tone of speaking, various presumptions were made, one of them being: "You are a fanboy, stop being a fanboy."
    For me, Rudolf Steiner is much more inspiring and a "beacon", but Peterson is a very important individual who clearly has done a significant amount of work on himself to control his language, behaviour and emotions, and he takes people and phenomena seriously. As mundane as it might sound to some: This is very rare! We live in the age of the Consciousness Soul, as Steiner calls it, and the reappearance of Christ (not "Jesus") in the Ethereal, and people have to learn to become masters of themselves. Individual spiritual activity through the act of Thinking is primary. I think Peterson is one of those rare persons who is preparing the soil for humans to find themselves as powerful spiritual beings.

  • KtotheP
    KtotheP 12 timer siden

    Joe "i really like that" rogan 😂

  • hbilha
    hbilha 13 timer siden

    Even if gender equality was achievable (which is not), no one wants it.
    Women dont like effeminate men, and men dont like emasculated women.

  • reyramos1977
    reyramos1977 13 timer siden

    I cant believe people are trying to be assholes on this comments! This is one of the only ways to communicate because no one have the balls to discuss!!!!!

  • Halfarsed Productions
    Halfarsed Productions 15 timer siden

    I don't know about animus bout shit-scared?..her mind was probly goin a mile a minute thinking - "cathy newman got spit smarter than her..but I still don't have a fucking hope.."
    common fear response - lash out in anger.

  • Matthew Bloom
    Matthew Bloom 17 timer siden

    I think I got high just listening to this Podcast and I don't even have any chronic... Good to see a good Torontonian professor being able to positively influence the world... Tdot represent!

  • BlunterBeatle
    BlunterBeatle 17 timer siden

    Joe rogan is a cuck on certain issues

  • Karel DeZwart
    Karel DeZwart 17 timer siden

    Because of J. Peterson, I am now embarking on a journey of exposing Satan, and his work. How we as a civilization can build an immune systems to his doctrines of deception, but as an applied scientist.

  • Karel DeZwart
    Karel DeZwart 17 timer siden

    Albert Einstein. "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

    SENCE 19 timer siden

    Jordan looks a lot better then he did man he used to be very pale and discolored and crazy looking but I guess that meat diet is doing him justice

  • Paco Nan
    Paco Nan 19 timer siden

    So, Joe... We still need a Jordan Peterson meets Maynard James Keenan program. You know.

  • amazon woman
    amazon woman 19 timer siden

    Women could learn something from listening to him as well. I know I have. Thank you.

  • amazon woman
    amazon woman 19 timer siden

    I have a 26 year old son that got me watching Jordan Peterson. In a space in time where men are vilified, I am so grateful he has this man as a role model.

  • Jered Marshall
    Jered Marshall 20 timer siden

    Probably the best I've heard from either Joe or Jordan. Possibly the best on NO-clip. Excellent show, boys!

  • Capt C U Next Tuesday
    Capt C U Next Tuesday 21 time siden

    I love joe and Jordan immensely but I’d also love to watch them be dealt shitty cards and make 30k a year in the states and work their asses off physically to a 60+ hr a week job and see how they feel about the system. It’s all perspective, some things are fucked about the system. If either of these guys came from rock bottom families and were actually poor they’d have a deeper understanding of what people actually care about. Not using references from a 80k a year journalist. How about using a mother who got ruined financially by her alcoholic drug addicted husband and took care of five kids by herself after a divorce. That’s what I grew up in and my mom is a bad ass and raised great people but struggled for 20+ years making way more than 30k a year.

  • Mark Caseon
    Mark Caseon 21 time siden

  • Landix
    Landix 21 time siden

    Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan both tell us that it's okay to be a man in the 21st century. It's a breath of fresh air in a toxic society.

  • Josh Kruschke
    Josh Kruschke 23 timer siden

    In the talk about hierarchy cam to a mind blown moment. For intersectionality and the new Marxists hate of hierarchy is not interiectionism and the ordering of victim status at it’s core a hierarchy.

  • Craig M
    Craig M 23 timer siden

    The "conservative" Tony Robbbins lol. I don't dislike him but re wording and re packaging things that him and Brian Tracy have already said 100x

  • 123Iamawesome321
    123Iamawesome321 23 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson needs to brush up on his genetics for the SRY gene in how someone with an XX chromosome is a male between the legs.

  • Nate 27
    Nate 27 23 timer siden

    What a brilliantly intelligent man. Jordan Petersons ok too

  • Avner S
    Avner S 23 timer siden


  • Asa Southgate
    Asa Southgate Dag siden

    At 2:17:48, the loss of the sense of self is what Mr Peterson is describing. Flow state to sports psychologists, no-self to Buddhists, true self to Hindus. It can be cultivated as a trait rather than a state through the practice of meditation. Its the platform for real mindfulness, because things can only be seen clearly when the sense of self is out of the way. Joe misses this somewhat in his reply when he counters with a description of awareness of who you are and what you are doing, which is basically the opposite of what Mr Peterson describes.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison Dag siden +1

    That was perhaps the best podcast dialogue I have ever listened to in my entire life.
    The amount of topics discussed and ideas exchanged is astonishing.
    Joe Rogan responds very intelligently to some of Jordans' highly complex but very realistic/truthful theories. Reading '12 Rules For Life' at the moment and enjoying every single page of it.
    Thank you Joe and Jordan for this podcast discussion - much needed in this world.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison Dag siden +1

    Jordan "Mhmmm" Peterson.

  • PapsSpines the Midori Horse

    Rogan with some deep analysis of the comments section

  • kolgrim13
    kolgrim13 Dag siden

    realy those 5 adverts its price for 1 mln vievs

  • Joshua Bennette
    Joshua Bennette Dag siden

    Joe you should have Matt Dillahunty on sometime. I highly recommend you watch his debate versus Jordan Peterson he demolishes him.

    • Joshua Bennette
      Joshua Bennette Dag siden

      Also your video of Jordan Peterson talking about climate change that you recommend be taught in schools is bullshit. Everyone knows we need a green new deal to actually confront climate change. It's not about carbon taxing it's about saving our planet. Sorry if that triggers some cuckservatives who don't believe science is real.

  • Magdalena Krych
    Magdalena Krych Dag siden

    Thanks for the interview. As I was listening I thought that it would be an interesting continuation of the conversation about patriarchy and egalitarianism with Terry Real - family and couples therapist. Who knows maybe one day he could take the guest's chair.

  • Back2Wudang
    Back2Wudang Dag siden

    Joe watch this

    • kikspyks
      kikspyks Dag siden

      It would be fascinating to follow a debate between Gabor and Jordan. But bringing up children to be individualists without regard to society is a dangerous idea.

  • Mark Caseon
    Mark Caseon Dag siden

    Jordan peterson has lot of hidden resentment against radical left, that's why he heavily emphasizes conservative values.

  • Prunk Doo
    Prunk Doo Dag siden

    C'mon Jordan let Joe speak every now and then you keep cutting him off xD

  • Tobias Hansen
    Tobias Hansen Dag siden

    i´m from scandinavia "Denmark". and i just want to trow in here that Denmark is the country that has some of the highest anxiety and depression, maybe because of our culture and taboo, that we don´t often see our family, we move out early into apartments in different cities where we don´t know anyone, it´s very common in Denmark for young adults to only have 1 or 2 friends. It´s also from my personal experiance that boys has just begun to live like it´s okay to be a virgin now, and that not that many women and men are dating anymore, we often find our spouse at work, because we work together. but it´s not like anyone do it the old fashion way of trying to pick up women, that´s also taboo in Denmark. my experiance living in Denmark is that it is a country with a lot of opportunities especially with high paying work. fx i make 16.000 kr for a job that requires no education that´s 2.400 euro a month. but in overall Denmark is Cold even during most of the summer, people don´t go out, and if they do, they get wasted. and people don´t talk in the streets and young people aren´t dating, it´s the most boring lifeless country in the world

  • Vincent Colletti
    Vincent Colletti Dag siden

    One of the best episodes i have watched!!

  • Sandie Mann
    Sandie Mann Dag siden

    I’ve listened to JP several times and find him to be a charlatan. DO run the world!

    • kikspyks
      kikspyks Dag siden

      Peterson explains the reasons why men are "running the world" as you say. One is hardly a charlatan for bringing sociological facts to light. Think about it.

  • Dan Elmore
    Dan Elmore Dag siden

    Crap...was it "brave new world" in which it was considered illegal to refuse any sexual advances? I had been citing "1984". Perhaps I got the books confused - it has been decades. Or perhaps it was in both. Anyone read them recently?

  • Tony Arechiga
    Tony Arechiga Dag siden

    If Joe is Oprah for Bros. I guess Jordan is his Dr. Phil.

  • benlg
    benlg Dag siden

    2:14:46 - Awesome conversation on the meaning of life

  • Johnny Skinflute
    Johnny Skinflute Dag siden

    Is he the guy from Django Unchained?

  • Iliya Yaroshevskiy
    Iliya Yaroshevskiy Dag siden

    1:12:00 I have an idea, how about when transgender athletes compete in sports they sign a statement stating that they admit they have an unfair advantage, and if they win, they share their prize with the next non-transgender competitor, like let's say they both get gold or are tied for 1st place. And if there are more than one transgender competitors, they effectively have their own ranking next to biologically cisgender competitors. So for a 5k let's say, there will be two winners, both sharing 1st place, two winners sharing 2nd place, etc. as far down as how many trans ppl there are. I feel like in this situation where there is a clear documented advantage, it's okay to be separate but equal to please people's competitive drive
    But in situations where there isn't a clear advantage, like chess, as Joe pointed out, or I should say in the vast majority of pairups, acknowledging that men's performance at chess could be predicted to have a flatter distribution than for women, then it's perfectly fine to have men dominate the high scores. There are games where women dominate the high scores. That's fine. You have to acknowledge the women's high scores too though. And in men's, vice versa. I don't see why people are making such a big fuss about this.
    You can even apply this to other situations in sports like performance enhancing drugs. Have people sign a waiver stating that they have an unfair advantage, and do that if they get caught. Don't just go punishing people and creating bad vibes when it's not objectively a negative thing and dishonesty is artificially encouraged. If athletes want to use performance enhancing drugs, okay, that's literally fine, as long as they are consenting adults being monitored by a medical doctor and don't claim to not be. And have them compete separately but equally. And dismantle all the ADAs, they are a waste of resources

  • James Whitlock
    James Whitlock Dag siden

    Anyone else notice that all the JRE podcasts with Jordan Peterson have the most views? Even over a double featured celeb comedians?

  • ImmanisGaming
    ImmanisGaming Dag siden

    Football* Not Soccer. Cheers

  • Jack Wong
    Jack Wong Dag siden

    Joe rogans ability to carry out conversation at this depth with not just jbp but other experts from diff fields is underrated,at least in the comment section

  • Jack Wong
    Jack Wong Dag siden

    Peter jordanson and roe jogan anyone

  • Michael Griehm
    Michael Griehm Dag siden

    When I used to be asked who my hero was, I had a hard time answering, I don’t anymore, I can confidently answer ‘Jordan Peterson!’

  • sean delaney
    sean delaney Dag siden

    Bring back 'Freak Bitches'.

  • sean delaney
    sean delaney Dag siden

    Thank you, Jordan.

  • NorCal Rio
    NorCal Rio Dag siden

    It’s such a gift to my soul to be able to experience these. I’m profoundly grateful.

  • Prunk Doo
    Prunk Doo Dag siden

    Holy shit JP's just looking better every interview. Kudos to his health!

  • Dane’gerous
    Dane’gerous Dag siden

    I hate Twitter so much, that I have never used it!

  • Dean Soleimani
    Dean Soleimani Dag siden

    I am making dramatic changes into not only my life but other peoples lives because I have listened to such men as Joe and Jordan. As a human, I owe this to my community and to the other dimensions of the world most people don't see. I know I am one of many chosen ones and I will make what's the best of what I let the world suck out of me.

  • Jahan Saber
    Jahan Saber Dag siden

    "I'm asking men to be more honest, in their speech and thinking, be more responsible for their family and their community and to grow up and shoulder their burden and to live a responsible and meaningful life" (not perfectly quoted) ... but jeez, people have accused men (often correctly) of cat calling, raping, misogyny, corruption, crime, the list goes on ... and now we have one man who shows men a more "meaningful, honest and responsible" path and he gets hate for it? It's like some people don't want the world to be a better place ..

  • kevin fenley
    kevin fenley Dag siden

    Jordan petersons voice always makes me want to clear my throat

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump8 Dag siden

    1:56:40 thank you, I’m 23 and own a very nice used car which I was able to pay off and buy a very nice house in my opinion for what I need 1200 square or so and all of this is because of my papa. He was very successful as a beer distributor in Chicago but guess what happened to where i got this money? He died. I would so much rather him be alive still and be able to guide and be proud of my achievements then have any of his money. It sure is nice to have a jump start in life but he is my grandfather and I miss him and his stories even if quite a few are repeated

  • Das Raven
    Das Raven Dag siden

    Another Joe Rogan “Oprah” comment? Nah, not me man.

  • mark s
    mark s Dag siden

    Askren vs khabib

  • simplelaughterworks

    What is it about men always taking Rogan’s opinions as gospel? By contrast it is such Beta shit to do. He’s not really a reliable source by any means, entertaining, but like he’s your daddy and your his bitch

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump8 Dag siden +1

    I’d like to see Jordan Peterson debate with Stephen crowder, he’d kill him

  • Warren Harris
    Warren Harris Dag siden

    Does anyone know if there are any video lectures by JP on "clinical meaning to life"?

  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris Dag siden

    Osiris and Seth sound like Thor and Loki

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker Dag siden

    Jordan. Working-class Americans ALSO dislike the intellectual "elite" because leftist university types are smarmy assholes.

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker Dag siden

    I like the idea that a life with suffering without meaning leads to resentment, which makes it all worse.

  • Riven326
    Riven326 Dag siden

    Well... I just had my JP moment. I play the hell out of farming simulator. I probably do desire more responsibility on a subconscious level. 🤔

  • Mo Par
    Mo Par Dag siden

    Just an observation thru my many years of work experience in corporate America.
    It seems that the majority of women in leadership roles are very difficult to deal with, where as men in the same positions seem to be a little more composed and laid back.
    Can anyone relate?

  • Justanotherstylee
    Justanotherstylee Dag siden

    In the early episode, they talk about why Jordan Peterson attracts a dominantly male crowd.. it’s because he’s the intellectual moral dad we all wanted and didn’t get it. Women don’t listen to Jordan Peterson because most women these days either publicly or secretly identify as feminist and Jordan, rightly, is famous for destroying feminism. The first video I saw of Jordan was of him vs. a British feminist. I think that subliminally... women are turned off by Jordan shutting down feminism because they assume he’s egotistical. They don’t want to admit that feminism is .. at its core.. wrong. It is just a rebuttal to the past generations of societal structures. Same thing with many African Americans right now. They have achieved genuine social equality and it’s not enough. But with women.. They both want more.. financial equality. I agree, they should’ve never gotten paid worse to begin with. I’d happily take a decrease in pay for a woman’s equality. But.. In today’s day and age - They get paid the same if not better not.. in most cases... better. So why are feminists left bitter? I felt this way for years.. but especially now.. there’s no reason to be “feminist” besides ignorance in 2018.

    • Justanotherstylee
      Justanotherstylee Dag siden

      Please understand that I get it’s not all women. There are plenty of intellectual level headed ladies out there. I’m just saying it’s why he doesn’t have as many female supporters.

  • Screw Tape
    Screw Tape Dag siden

    JoRo n JoPe

  • thesix107
    thesix107 Dag siden

    Women need to Simply learn to stop whining. Life in society has its ways of balancing things out. Men and women will NEVER be equal. It is like the yin and yang Circle, it is not split directly down the middle there's a little bit more here and the little bit more elsewhere. But in the end it balances out. Men may have advantages in the career and financial space, but women have way more advantages in their relationship home life. Especially considering that governments tend to protect and favor women. It balances out.

  • Al G
    Al G 2 dager siden

    Following an incorrect pattern vs following a succesful one is probably my toughest battle. Incorrect being that I've settled for what I have without doing what needs to get done even tho what needs to get done is subjective to me and outside of me. That's my toughest battle.

  • L Prey
    L Prey 2 dager siden

    Please add captions for your deaf subscribers