Joe Rogan Experience #1208 - Jordan Peterson


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  • sebaguilar
    sebaguilar Time siden

    i wonder what Jordan Peterson thinks about Effective Altruism

  • No Comment
    No Comment 2 timer siden

    Jordan is such a refreshing person in this chaotic society we currently live it. Thank you Joe and thank you Jordan.

  • Franklin Okonkwo
    Franklin Okonkwo 2 timer siden

    you need to interview a soccer player

  • Andrea Scacchi
    Andrea Scacchi 5 timer siden

    Beside i'm trying to follow jordan peterson's advices but up to now i only managed to integrate the word "proclivity" into my daily jargon..

  • Seth
    Seth 5 timer siden

    love you guys

  • Nname Withheld
    Nname Withheld 7 timer siden I thought Jordan was a clinical schizophrenic

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus Kilgore 11 timer siden

    Both full of shit.

  • ze
    ze 11 timer siden

    It would be extremely difficult to pair up a more idiotic duo than Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson...

  • Spherevil
    Spherevil 14 timer siden

    very insightful collaboration from both ..

  • Jorge Joji Mukhopadhyay
    Jorge Joji Mukhopadhyay 16 timer siden

    Dr. Peterson is really awesome. Everything he says are words of wisdom.

  • Mike216ist
    Mike216ist 17 timer siden

    I love this talk!

    CARBONELLA CARBONELLA 17 timer siden

    Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson. My mentors of life. Enjoying this to the fullest. Thank you for your existence. I'm a learning being taking notes.

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 17 timer siden

    Alot of guys out their grew up with no fathers in the home. Jordan tells people especially men how to live better n make a better society. People are looking for guidance, and rules to live by, cause people arent as religious or virtuous much anymore.

  • Mikey 305
    Mikey 305 19 timer siden

    I just listen and take notes mentally and literally. The ones i write down on the corners of my paper I end up finding a few days later & it helps remind myself. I've come a long way but still not where I want to be. Taking it step by step looking at only the step in front of me not the bigger picture. One day I will be on top. Thank you Dr. Peterson

  • Matthew Ryan Thomas
    Matthew Ryan Thomas 20 timer siden

    This is the good side of the internet

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John Dag siden

    Preposterous was used like 35 times in the podcast

  • Nadeem Sharaz
    Nadeem Sharaz Dag siden

    Jordan sounds like Rick

  • Holden Hayes
    Holden Hayes Dag siden I ask anyone who thinks Jordan Peterson stands for the people and is smart to watch this video

  • Kevin Kinney
    Kevin Kinney Dag siden +1

    Spirit recalls Spirit, it's all supposed too flow, If we would give credence to guidance... It's wisdom we'd know.

  • Kevin Kinney
    Kevin Kinney Dag siden +1

    The joy of a Human, Being Truthful. Kind intelligence, bears the responsibility of goodness, good fortune, wellness and willingness to be more of its very nature as a benefit to all. Jordan Peterson is a honorable man, worthy of veneration in His words and actions and our planet is a better world, thanks to His Being in It. Peace.

  • jean-bruno strati
    jean-bruno strati Dag siden

    Some wise man told me yesterday that, the reason the far left is so against Jordan is : he tells people to take personal responsibility for your actions and your life and that will impact your life and the life of the people you interact with. the left wants to desociate away from responsibility for the wellbeing of society and make the gvmt take care of everything so they dont have to step up themselfs...staying in there little comforts zones .i found that intresting ..sorry for my poor english i went to a french school in quebec.i also think that this idea could be put in better words...

  • Kaze LAB Games
    Kaze LAB Games Dag siden

    i think he is a good man.

  • lss dlrss
    lss dlrss Dag siden

    Sometimes it's like hearing Kermit interviewing Kermit.

  • Nolan Olson
    Nolan Olson Dag siden +1

    1:09:30 damnit this was gold.

  • Nolan Olson
    Nolan Olson Dag siden +1

    I may be wrong, but this is objectively a fucking good podcast.

  • Tom Hewitt
    Tom Hewitt Dag siden

    I have never seen Joe this quiet for this long.

  • cmon wow
    cmon wow Dag siden

    2 dude suckie suckie together to make money from normal human

  • inyourfacedunk
    inyourfacedunk 2 dager siden +1

    Damn, Joe! That's a close shave.

  • Sir Nigel Gaunt
    Sir Nigel Gaunt 2 dager siden

    Rogan needs to get Michael Savage on his show. Savage drops bombs, especially on progressives.

  • Kalykus
    Kalykus 2 dager siden

    Joe knew better than to challenge JP like he does other guests

  • Elias Anatolios
    Elias Anatolios 2 dager siden

    if you like peterson i dare/implore you to read this:

  • Derick Px
    Derick Px 2 dager siden

    He's like listening to "Man's Search for Meaning".

  • Zedvood
    Zedvood 3 dager siden +1 "Jordan Peterson is wrong"

  • Rhett Copland
    Rhett Copland 3 dager siden

    it's a shame J.P is now known to be the sort of leader of the creepy, up all night on youtube, conspiracy theory BS crowd. I imagine the guy is kind of horrified about the 4chan sort of people co-opting and misunderstanding his views.

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans
      BlackSh1rtandJeans 2 dager siden

      I don't think anyone is actually "co-opting" his views. The only ones misunderstanding him are the far lefty types who desperately need him to be a monster. Peterson represents the biggest threat to the established narrative of intersectional social justice. Any misunderstanding of him at this point is deliberate.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 3 dager siden

    Give Joe IQ test stoned and then do another one unstoned.

  • Jarrid McBride
    Jarrid McBride 3 dager siden

    Joe Rogan touchin on things Alan Watts had made clear. Could hierarchy be replaced by game/competition? Natures Game. Jordan Peterson is an enlightener as well. 🤙

  • Warvvolf
    Warvvolf 3 dager siden


  • Random Funz
    Random Funz 3 dager siden

    Uneducated,senseless people will oppose this man.

  • sonicadv27
    sonicadv27 3 dager siden

    I'd like to have his reference for that "32.000$ to be a 1%er worldwide" claim. Because my Google search says otherwise. It sits at around 480.000$. Still lower than i thought but not as ridiculously low as he stated.

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans
      BlackSh1rtandJeans 2 dager siden

      +Fullyverified Exactly. The top 1% of the world only earns round 30k.

    • Fullyverified
      Fullyverified 3 dager siden

      i just googled that and got the same number as you. He is talking about in the entire world, the number is only for America.

  • Katerina Fondi
    Katerina Fondi 3 dager siden

    Much love to you Jordan, and i agree with others who have commented lucky to get all this for free ❤

  • Jbeckvideo
    Jbeckvideo 3 dager siden

    Where would we all be, without Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talking on Joe's podcast over the last 3 years?

  • timothy ford
    timothy ford 4 dager siden

    So sick of pseudoscience charlatans with their one shoe fits all BS. He's picking your pocket with a worn out message that all you need to do is be positive, work hard, take on more responsibility and the mystery of the world is solved., you'll be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. It is isn't even original Dale Carnegie. How about some empirical data and science-based research to back up your BS.. What...crickets. Go preach your simple little message to the 20-year-old black kid in Detroit who grew up in the hood going to subpar schools, and in neighborhoods where selling drugs makes a lot more money than the job at Micky D's. Oh but the professor of piffle got a book to sell.....I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale as well.

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans
      BlackSh1rtandJeans 2 dager siden

      Well he's a clinical psychologist. The science and the data backs up what he says. If it didn't, he'd loose his license.

      The topics he's pointing are matters of observation. The pareto distribution, for example, is an observation, not a law like gravity or species diversification. And the results are largely objective. Objectively speaking, you get healthier by working out. So hard work pays out there.

      Wealth is accumulated by those who work harder than others. And health and wealth are big factors in happiness. So... yeah. I don't how much more empirical you can get. Putting your life in order has positive benefits.

      "Go preach your simple little message to the 20-year-old black kid in Detroit who grew up in the hood going to subpar schools, and in neighborhoods where selling drugs makes a lot more money than the job at Micky D's"

      Asshole, who do you think IS LISTENING TO HIM? Guys in situations just like that. Men who have had shitty fucking lives (yours truly included). He's "preaching" to those people. And they love him for it.

  • David Dugan
    David Dugan 4 dager siden

    Is it just me or Jordan Peterson sounds like Rick from Rick & Morty?

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 4 dager siden

    Its cause humans are stupid. We think that we can make bad things that didnt and never will work better. Socialism n facism end up killing millions of people and than giant world wars commence n kill millions more than we all settle down until we go back to it.

  • Aeolwn
    Aeolwn 4 dager siden +1


  • Aeolwn
    Aeolwn 4 dager siden +1


  • Phyllis Martin
    Phyllis Martin 5 dager siden

    Damn! Three hours of Jordan B. Peterson!

  • gadsen kresczwyk
    gadsen kresczwyk 5 dager siden

    every time he said hierarchy my pants got tighter

  • Seth W Wallace, PhD
    Seth W Wallace, PhD 5 dager siden

    Re: culturally oriented discussion about salient and current gender roles, Im reminded of a 2008 op-ed article I wrote entitled 'The Masculinity Crisis in the 21st Century' within which I delineated (and predicted) the current dilemma many men have been confronted with subsequent to the 'Cultural Revolution' of the 60s. I suspect the origin of the extraordinary burst of gender based 'labeling' we're now seeing - and the confusion many men are now experiencing, are, in large measure, actually attributable to male sensitivity and respect for the Woman's Movement. Unfortunately, familial, professional and social variables were neglected as female social advocates denigrated patriarchy and encouraged 'male guilt.' This is not an attempt to blame or condemn females for advocating for social egalitarianism. However, a society cannot be altered or skewed one way without effecting it as a whole. One factor Im particularly sensitive to is something you addressed today. Over the years, as feminists fought 'male oppression' it would have been wise for those same women to concurrently encourage and respect male investment in traditionally feminine professions. But this was not/ has not been done. In my experience, many of the same women who've desired professional and social egalitarianism have concurrently hidden their physical/sexual attraction and preference for traditional 'alpha males' -those innately wired with more 'archaic' aggressive and protective tendencies. This female driven binary 'disparate desire' paradigm has infused a justifiable sense of 'male role' confusion and fear. This has become manifest in scenarios where men are choosing not to 'protect' women in situations in which they would have done so prior.
    I perceive this as sad.
    I suspect a productive solution will necessitate the recognition and acceptance of many of the tennants of evolutionary biology. Men and women (and those in-between) are all endowed with innate and socially beneficial 'ways of being.' If we become comfortable discussing our primal natures, then we can resolve much of our current social anger, angst, dissaray and confusion. SW

  • Joshua Brigoli
    Joshua Brigoli 5 dager siden

    Jordon "mhm" Peterson

  • Broccoli Rob
    Broccoli Rob 5 dager siden

    Jordan Peterson is so great
    & Joe too
    * sigh * : )

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young 5 dager siden

    This is extremely valuable information to have. Watch it over and over until you understand it if there are parts that don't sink in!

  • Shaun Handy
    Shaun Handy 5 dager siden

    Jordan “Mhm” Peterson

  • Abdul Alhazred
    Abdul Alhazred 6 dager siden

    I'm new to JP and I got a bible add for this video. Does that mean that JP is a christian or something? I don't have anything against christians, but I don't feel like spending the next three hours listening to a sermon.

  • Morgan Reese
    Morgan Reese 6 dager siden +1

    Regarding the "Patriarchy", here's what's happening;
    Just as the left had to shift form calling themselves communists to socialists to progressives in order to make their argument while hiding the true agenda, they are now using "Patriarchy" where they would prefer to say "white, western, educated, capitalist men...and the women who love these men."
    The proof of this is that they shout for "equality" while promoting women of color over all others BUT: they would never consider a "black, third-world, uneducated, socialist or pagan man...or the families attached thereto" to be part of the Patriarchy. It's a simple case of bait and switch, which is part of their overall strategy to own the language by re-writing the dictionary. They cannot be linguistically honest AND argue their case because they would lose on the merits in a landslide. We argue this distraction while Rome burns.
    They author and play-write David Mamet (former socialist) wrote a wonderful book titled "The Secret Knowledge." In it he states that the fall of the Soviet Union was the best thing to ever happen for the American Left, because it relieved them of the burden to defend to indefensible; that the utopian collective is just AND that it's possible.
    Now, with that argument out of the way, they can attack the dictionary and transform us not at the point of a gun, but at the point of a pen...just as the jihadists of Islam will transform Europe not at the point of a gun, but at the point of the pen(is).

  • Realistic Optimist
    Realistic Optimist 6 dager siden

    Jordan Peterson please never get into politics. Keep learning and spreading your knowledge.

  • mg82
    mg82 6 dager siden

    Joe, Jordan Peterson and Noam Chomsky on your podcast. Do it, please while Noam is still with us.

  • Hasibullah Sediqi
    Hasibullah Sediqi 6 dager siden

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  • Susan Boyle
    Susan Boyle 6 dager siden

    Joe liked sucking Jock Dorsey's Twitter dick but actually asked tough questions for Jordan Peterson. He should do more interviews like this.

  • MyCatFooed
    MyCatFooed 6 dager siden

    Not even 3 months old and views are almost 4.3 million -- That speaks an awful lot to Joe and Dr. Peterson's popularity...
    Well done!!

  • some guy
    some guy 6 dager siden +2

    2:28:41 jordan goes absolutely crazy. The sheer panic in his voice

  • Khan Cool Cat
    Khan Cool Cat 6 dager siden +1

    Jordan MmmHmmph Peterson

  • ModernRider
    ModernRider 7 dager siden

    Yeah guys good for not reading the god damn comments but what the fuck do you do when you’re in the service industry? America is so fucked up right now. Me me me

  • ModernRider
    ModernRider 7 dager siden +1

    Joe is a spartan warrior and Jordan is a Greek philosopher haha.

  • Lookin so Fresh
    Lookin so Fresh 7 dager siden

    Actually two supreme beings on this podcast

  • LaserSharkSushi
    LaserSharkSushi 7 dager siden

    Jordan, you're great. I wish I could hear your accent this well usually. Also, no homo. But nice beard, reminds me of Socrates.

  • Jaik Berg
    Jaik Berg 7 dager siden +1

    here from the cook islands. jordan peterson is my own personal jesus. lovvvvvved his save your father theory break down. im amidst it now

  • Abraham Walker
    Abraham Walker 7 dager siden

    Under what circumstances are prejudices justifiable?
    Great question.

  • Abraham Walker
    Abraham Walker 7 dager siden

    Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
    Preference is a greater liking for one alternative over another or others.

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez 7 dager siden

    With all due respect..Mr.peterson is coming off a bit of a grandiose type of acknowledgement of his influence on society. Love his work by the way. One must not just listen to what is told but question as well.

  • Carmen UVA
    Carmen UVA 7 dager siden

    Also so proud of Fairview Alberta for nurturing JP and his wife, obviously raised with a lot of sense... KUDOS!!!

  • Yan MacChorpse
    Yan MacChorpse 7 dager siden

    Honestly, I want to see the day where we're going to teach Jordan Peterson's vision of the world in school. I really look forward to that.

  • Alon F
    Alon F 7 dager siden +1

    Brilliant stuff, I really like that Jordan bases his positions on data and research.

  • Andrew Riggs
    Andrew Riggs 8 dager siden

    2:28:42 when you're about to nut and the video starts buffering

  • Joao Prudente
    Joao Prudente 8 dager siden

    Trying to Understand the Internet- Volume 158

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 8 dager siden

    That zombie robot thing scares the shit out of me. Seriously.

  • Derek Weinert TV
    Derek Weinert TV 8 dager siden

    If i saw jp coming at me in a hallway id shit my cackis.

  • TheNihes
    TheNihes 8 dager siden

    he is pulling the stats out of his ass

  • Steen
    Steen 8 dager siden

    The bigger his beard gets, the wiser he is.

  • Guy Tamam
    Guy Tamam 9 dager siden

    I know this voice, Its Morty!!!

  • Dennis213100
    Dennis213100 9 dager siden +2

    Apart from me knowing this all already it's an incredibly great interview.

  • Dennis213100
    Dennis213100 9 dager siden

    Magnus Carlsen greatest chess player of all time is all (100%) about the manner of playing chess because this is the way to win every game and any game.

  • Dennis213100
    Dennis213100 9 dager siden

    I'm from Netherlands. I'mma fucking genius so I can confirm Jordan Peterson that this country has put effort to enable me to manifest my potential. xD

  • April Showers
    April Showers 9 dager siden

    36:08 the truth about the GQ interview comes out.

  • 6Just Learn
    6Just Learn 9 dager siden

    I'm watching Joe Rogan Experience #1208 - Jordan Peterson on Rave at:

  • Dr. Spectre
    Dr. Spectre 9 dager siden +5

    When JP started talking about plumbers....OMG I started cracking up!

  • Carmen UVA
    Carmen UVA 9 dager siden +1

    I am so grateful there are men like these two, who promote responsibility, honesty and integrity. My son's deserve good role models and they are intelligent enough to understand this honesty.

  • Lynn M
    Lynn M 10 dager siden +2

    Saw Jordan speak in Perth last night. Such an excellent speaker. Very inspiring.

  • Jack Knife
    Jack Knife 10 dager siden +1

    Fans of Jordan Peterson should listen to Alan Watts. Far superior. Better story teller and less ego.

  • brent holladay
    brent holladay 10 dager siden

    I can’t believe Jordan Peterson would appear on a cowardly show like rogan.
    What spineless sissy joe is.

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green 10 dager siden +9

    Jordan Peterson: The hero we don't deserve but the one we need.

  • Alright alright
    Alright alright 10 dager siden

    Any time you hear someone call JBP alt-right, they literally have no clue what they're talking about. The alt-right at it's core ties white racial identity to the success of western civilization, and promote racial homogeneity in the west and an isolationist immigration policy. I can't recall a single time where JPB echoes that sentiment. Not to mention, the latest conspiracy is that Jordan is a Jewish/Soros plant to trick white men into falling for "individualism" which will weaken their ethnic grasp over western civilization; hence, they are usually the people calling him a snake oil salesman.
    But to me, if you're simultaneously called an "SJW Soros plant" and an "Alt-Right Nazi sympathizer", you're probably bringing up the right talking points that people need to hear.

    • BaeWatson
      BaeWatson 10 dager siden

      My alt-right friend likes to call him "Common Sense Merchant" and "The Great Gatekeeper" lol

  • Alan Jo
    Alan Jo 10 dager siden

    Both of them are so mature and understanding its inspiring

  • seth Rongngi
    seth Rongngi 10 dager siden

    I am from India

  • Moose1188
    Moose1188 11 dager siden

    Joe is a great interviewer.

  • Andrew Skretvedt
    Andrew Skretvedt 11 dager siden

    I struggled a little through the first hour, but somewhere about the hour mark, this started to find a groove and really go. You can't dismiss JP, because you can't speak with such a fluid flow on such a technical field w/o being first well-read in it. So while you can still accuse him of being a crackpot in some respects, he's far from ignorant! This fact especially means that objections need to come from places of argument, not base/surface level disgust. Perhaps those Swedes were just too lazy to grapple with him. I've watched a few YT'ers who are willing to get dirty and argue reasoned challenges to JP's ideas. So far they seem to center around JP's unique stripe of religiosity. But to argue a line of reason /is the thing./

  • wibooCSS
    wibooCSS 11 dager siden

    Jordan "yeap" Peterson