Teachers Reveal The Craziest Rumors About Their Students That Were Actually True

  • Publisert 13. mars. 2019
  • Teachers of Reddit, what's the craziest rumor you've heard about a student that turned out to be true? - r/AskReddit
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  • Bathoric95
    Bathoric95 13 minutter siden

    In 4th grade there was a girl who started wearing sweaters and coats in class
    Even during the hottest months. Other kids started a rumor she was pregnant and hiding it. Of course no one believed it to be true we were 9yrso.
    But, yeah. Turns our she was pregnant with her 14yro boyfriends baby. By the time they found out she was in the third trimester. She gave birth and never came back to school.
    Also in hs there was a rumor of a girl who fucked her dog. Apparently a dare. Everyone started using "I double dog dare you" around this girl.
    Turns out - yeah, she did in fact fuck her family dog at her own party and someone snapchatted it.

  • MrWafu
    MrWafu 48 minutter siden

    Oh wow, I never expected to have a link to any of these stories, but I was an English teacher in the area near where that gang murder happened. I was terrified any of my kids were involved (we had a couple of trouble makers) but thankfully not.

  • XHOC
    XHOC 54 minutter siden

    Teachers of reddit
    Not a teacher but.....

  • Ashley Black
    Ashley Black Time siden

    Holy shit- the story at 7:50.... I haven’t cleaned my room for months and my mom threatens to send me to Georgia to live with my dad.... coincidence? I think not. The FBI is spying on me.

  • NinjaBoss
    NinjaBoss 2 timer siden +1

    this ain't it chef

  • Shadow Nightmare
    Shadow Nightmare 2 timer siden

    That last one was scary, and I am now scared to look behind me...;-;

  • Clobz
    Clobz 3 timer siden

    That last one is some sketchy shit. If it wasn’t reported or anything, nobody saw it, and that cop said “you’re not supposed to be here”, then that means they maybe weren’t supposed to be doing what they were doing. What if they were responsible for the blood?

  • WGW
    WGW 3 timer siden

    That last one:

    People on their period much???

  • I'm a rich toaster
    I'm a rich toaster 3 timer siden

    Not a teacher, one guy in my class once called his mother motherfucker, in the nexts day he didn't come to class, one other guy aked for him why he stopped coming.
    His mother have expelled him from her house and now he is living with his dad

  • Dr_Fortnut
    Dr_Fortnut 3 timer siden

    I’m not a teacher but there was this kid who breast fed until 3rd grade that I know

  • c h
    c h 3 timer siden

    I hEaRd A rUmOr

  • Daily Reddit Videos
    Daily Reddit Videos 4 timer siden

    I love those videos

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 4 timer siden

    Moved to Sweden. Yep makes sense.

  • Fellow Jack Nation
    Fellow Jack Nation 4 timer siden +2

    “One of our teachers was blackmailed/threatened by a student into eggs.” “Not good grades, just eggs.”
    😂 lol wtf?

  • Elizabeth Gielen
    Elizabeth Gielen 4 timer siden

    How is nobody talking about that last one

  • Destiny Reynoso
    Destiny Reynoso 5 timer siden

    Knowing that my teacher uses reddit, any of these could be about my school

  • Random Human
    Random Human 5 timer siden

    So you know a gang of second graders killed another child in the area. *Sips tea*
    *Not too extreme*

  • bffman200
    bffman200 5 timer siden +2

    I have a story, so I’m in high school I’m in my C++ class and the teacher is a really cool dude, he was telling stories of things that he saw in the school, then he said that he can’t say what actually happened but he’ll give us a hint it involved one freshman girl and a lot of boys from the football team.
    Too say the least we all put two and two together and thought he was joking.
    He was not joking :|
    And if you couldn’t tell what he was saying let’s just say it was a BANG.

  • Layla N. Coouls
    Layla N. Coouls 5 timer siden

    _I heard a rumour_

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 5 timer siden

    Jerks off to math homework

  • _________ _________
    _________ _________ 6 timer siden +1

    That last one scares me

  • blablablabla
    blablablabla 6 timer siden

    last one was some Men in Black type of shit...they just forgot to erase ur memory

  • Mehdi Naqvi
    Mehdi Naqvi 6 timer siden

    4:09 U WHAT

  • Gandalf The White
    Gandalf The White 6 timer siden

    I'm not a teacher and this one isn't that crazy but this kid in my class murdered 99% of the population.

  • TheOriginal Unaleska
    TheOriginal Unaleska 7 timer siden

    Wtf is wrong with the teacher at around 6:00? How is murdering someone not too extreme or crazy?
    I hope it was sarcasm.

  • The Media
    The Media 7 timer siden

    I want to know if the baby the 12 year old had was okay. Going on roller coasters can not be good for a baby. Neither is no prenatal care. My grandma got pregnant at 17 and didn't tell anyone so she never had any sort of prenatal care and that almost killed my mom because she went into labor when she was 6 months pregnant and didn't know what to do.

  • BullyHunter_666
    BullyHunter_666 7 timer siden +3

    There was a really nasty kid in my school and there was a rumor that he would jack-off in class, I never believed it because it was crazy, but one day in algebra I noticed him doing something, you know what I mean.I told my friends and if the teacher ever called on him, everyone would laugh, soon my friends told our principle and he got suspended for 4 days, really disgusting.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 7 timer siden

    One time in either my sophomore or junior year of highschool, there was a rumor of a school shooting that was going to happen. The kid in question was definitely odd, and kinda sent off a school shooter vibe, so it was believable. Rumor was he had posted on his Facebook a kill list and everything. Naturally everyone was trying to sign out of school the next day, I mean there was a line all around campus for the attendance office. Turns out, some very mean girls had hacked into his Facebook and posted that stuff about him. It caused him to drop out of school, and I felt really bad for believing it was real

  • GoldenGirl223 :D
    GoldenGirl223 :D 7 timer siden

    Wasn't in my school but our "rival school" Because we are close to that school we basically know everything going on there. So basically a boy and girl had sex on the stairs (we have open corridors so you can basically see evrything if you just walk past the stairs) while school was going on and people could have walked there anytime. We heard that nobody walks on those stairs anymore (It is a forbidden zone at the moment)

  • Da Gurl
    Da Gurl 7 timer siden

    When i was in the 5th grade about 6 kids around the age of 10 or 11 they were all friends
    One day they said to one of my friends "Hey you wanna join our gang its called blood gang" He Said No but then they said"Tell anyone about this and your dead dont want to be nailed to the wall now do ya?" He was terrified.
    I dont know what happened but i havent seen him in a couple of years.. One of my friends said he was missing I didnt believe them until i saw his parents and asked them about him.They said they havent seen him for a while. I still dont know what happened to this day.

  • cafeteria cat
    cafeteria cat 8 timer siden

    last one: did she just walk right into a parallel universe

  • tjcervi
    tjcervi 8 timer siden

    If your story is true, it’s most likely someone was paid off not to report it. If someone was REALLY beaten that brutally to where their blood lines the walls in a school, TV and News stations would eat that up and report on it and drag it out for weeks (as sadly true as that is).
    So, another sad truth to face, if that is the case, that someone covered up something brutal for their own gain, which also unfortunately happens often in society.
    Hell, on a lesser, but relevant scale, my High School refuses to let police in at risk of ruining its reputation, although it’s basically a fuckin trap because most of it goes ignored because of how protective of they are of their Rep to keep people moving into the district.

  • Crusty /r/edits
    Crusty /r/edits 8 timer siden

    "Not a teacher but......"

  • Ronald Schulz
    Ronald Schulz 8 timer siden

    "But man it was super effeded up" LOVE how it said that 😅

  • obiwancc
    obiwancc 9 timer siden

    I have a question. If murdering a kid isn't extreme to that teacher, what is extreme to the teacher?

  • Cupcakeit
    Cupcakeit 9 timer siden +3

    I heard a rumor... I feel like I’m the only one thinking of Umbrella Academy

  • Finch Ganz
    Finch Ganz 10 timer siden

    umbrella academy, anyone? "I heard a rumor"

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 10 timer siden

    it kinda bothers me that most of the teachers are like “i didn’t believe it so i didnt make any sort of reports. i believed it when so and so got caught”

  • themasterofdisastr
    themasterofdisastr 10 timer siden

    3:10 Reminds me of something... Oh wait our Sports teacher got to jail because of that. But he's over 60.

  • whatnoww2
    whatnoww2 10 timer siden

    On the last one, the reason nothing was in the papers or on the news was because it was a suicide. They are not supposd to give news of suicides because that can give a rise to the number of suicides that occure, since it can encourage people planning suicide to actually do it.

  • Kawaii Doggo
    Kawaii Doggo 11 timer siden

    "*I heard a rumour*"

  • theifofmemes
    theifofmemes 11 timer siden

    my pe teacher used to work at a diff school and this one kid played russian roulette and died. he figures this it next morning as one of the students told him

  • a very cute cacti
    a very cute cacti 11 timer siden

    Teachers: we don’t gossip about our students
    Reddit: *HOLD MY BEER*

    • Maia Acosta
      Maia Acosta 3 timer siden

      a very cute cacti oh, they totally do. I’m still close with my high school teachers and I ask them for all the drama and the real dirt on students and other teachers.

  • Ricky Lamarine
    Ricky Lamarine 11 timer siden

    I’m not a teacher. But I heard a rumor from my older brother about the high school I went to the summer before my freshman year that an English teacher was afraid of the colour purple. My now sister in law said that when she was in that teachers class, someone sprayed purple silly string all over her classroom. She had all her classes downstairs in the outdoor dining area for a couple of days which partly confirmed her fear, along with the comments saying “id rather be on the bottom floor where I know I won’t even have to look at that.” When I went there, I didn’t have her but I had a teacher who was wearing a purple dress one day and she walked in, looked at my teacher and rushed out. Later that day, I asked if she ever came back and she said that the teacher had been avoiding her all day since that interaction. There was talk that it was a sorority thing, others said it was related to a “Carrie” type incident with purple paint. Idk but it was psycho

  • Kishan B
    Kishan B 11 timer siden +1

    The voice is just sooo irritating ffs 🙄🙄🙄

  • eyeamhay
    eyeamhay 11 timer siden

    I was in Columbine when it got shot up

  • bepisbenis
    bepisbenis 11 timer siden +2

    “That one of the students had information that could lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. I didn’t believe him, until he decided to be transgender to protect his identity. I thought it was strange, but then his entire family disappeared with only minimal ‘evidence’ that they are still alive surfacing weeks after the fact.”

  • Eliot Rao
    Eliot Rao 11 timer siden

    I got a teacher advert before this

  • Logical Elk
    Logical Elk 12 timer siden

    i dont think people understood the question

  • Why.Cuk
    Why.Cuk 12 timer siden

    8:13 i was about to say, if this guys name "BigDaddyIce12" was a teacher, i would've dropped school

  • JayBigDadyCy
    JayBigDadyCy 12 timer siden

    The year after I graduated high school I found out my 12th grade (female) English teacher was fired for having a sexual relationship with a student. She wasn't very attractive, but she was young, maybe mid 20s. Not sure if they continued to date, but it was kind of fucked up.

  • Alex Siskind
    Alex Siskind 12 timer siden

    I’m at the airport and everyone is staring at me because I was giggling with my earphones in and staring at a window

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 12 timer siden +1

    “Not a big deal but 2 of my students murdered another kid”
    Wtf even in America we would be shocked.
    7:04 sociopaths are actually very likable and charming, that kid described is definitely not a sociopath.

  • Lt. Voss
    Lt. Voss 13 timer siden

    I don't know, but that culinary teacher making out with and marrying the biology teacher made me effing mad. Like, I'm so glad the husband, who just recently fathered children who I'm sure he loved and was ecstatic for, got so royally effed in the a because his wife decided the grass was greener on the other side. Like, that's not a happy story. Screw her happiness. If it's a western nation the husband is still paying for his kids he likely barely gets to see.

  • Ante Budimir
    Ante Budimir 14 timer siden

    Wow i think that last one was a dream lol

  • MyPussyBleeding
    MyPussyBleeding 14 timer siden

    I wonder if rumors spread about me I'm in 8th grade and haven't been to school in about 4 months they'll probably make a rumor if I ever decide to go back

  • Kiréalta
    Kiréalta 17 timer siden

    1.25 speed guys.

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 17 timer siden

    Not my teacher, but my friends teacher. Apparently after class instead of going to wherever there supposed to go a group of kids and their teacher just go and talk about anime and there favorite shows and stuff. The teacher will walk up to them in class and ask if they’ve watched the new episode of whatever. Some of these shows have “interesting” scenes that I’m now sure if they talk about, but it would be weird af if they did

  • Kosmo Nautical
    Kosmo Nautical 17 timer siden +1

    Nah 8:00 can miss me with that twilight zone shit. Fuuuuck that. I ain't gonna die trying get some permission papers..... Spooooook-E

  • CarterPlays Official
    CarterPlays Official 17 timer siden

    There's this one kid in my class who is older but somehow much less intelligent than the whole class. (I think they might have like brain issues idk) They always make up injuries or a general "i'm tired" and this one teacher, Mr. Shenck (I don't know how to spell his name. One time my sister accidentaly called him Mr. Shrek during class) lets her go to the back of the room (its a big room k?) and lay on a couch. This has happened about 16 times and nobody except me has suspected a thing.

  • Jess Ess
    Jess Ess 17 timer siden

    “Continued to not die” 😐

  • AquaWatermelons
    AquaWatermelons 18 timer siden

    I really want to know what all the blood and police tap was all about.

  • Jacob Collins
    Jacob Collins 18 timer siden

    I heard a rumor...

  • Ballz2U
    Ballz2U 19 timer siden

    Nice I can uninstall Reddit.

  • Travis Burt
    Travis Burt 19 timer siden

    This music is driving me nuts lol. Usually i never notice back ground music, but holy sheet.. .

  • Kubena
    Kubena 19 timer siden

    10:23 nah, just nah.
    Baseball practice?
    And then saying that what the cops did sounded more rude in Swedish?
    Baseball doesn't exist in Sweden lmao, probably around 3 actual baseball teams here

  • Kubena
    Kubena 19 timer siden

    1:28 ey i have really small chance of knowing who they are lmao

  • Hogo
    Hogo 20 timer siden

    Why is no one talking about the 12 year old girl that was pregnant lmao

  • modern day cain
    modern day cain 20 timer siden

    Umbrella Academy

  • Sexy Pug
    Sexy Pug 21 time siden

    I was freaking out at 7:22 I thought a teacher posted a story bout me but I got relief when they mentioned Georgia since I'm from Australia

  • ShiftingxHavoc
    ShiftingxHavoc 21 time siden

    All of these are, not a teacher *but*

  • Logan with lightsabers
    Logan with lightsabers 21 time siden

    That second one sounds like a dateline episode

  • Ash Harris
    Ash Harris 21 time siden

    Whos the 12 years old baby daddy tho

  • euphoriix
    euphoriix 21 time siden

    1.5x speed

  • Everon Heath-Van Cleave
    Everon Heath-Van Cleave 21 time siden

    For the last one just ask for a police report

  • Scott
    Scott 21 time siden

    These videos are the lowest effort

  • Javsco
    Javsco 22 timer siden

    That last one ended so abruptly. God damn.

  • IonKatt
    IonKatt 22 timer siden

    2:48 good students probably run away because of their parents pushing them too hard. Which of course leads to running away

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 22 timer siden +5

    Speed dating a concrete bridge at 160km/hr sounds like a euphemism for dying in a car crash

  • Murphey Holloran
    Murphey Holloran 23 timer siden


  • Nonya Biddnuss
    Nonya Biddnuss 23 timer siden +1

    That's just the plot of Litchi Hikari Club lmao

  • Stale Cat
    Stale Cat 23 timer siden

    10:31 that's some real Sally Face shit going on there

  • I rate videos for fun
    I rate videos for fun 23 timer siden

    6:48 this kids goal in life is to blow up then act like theybdont know nobody angangang

  • zakary hiler
    zakary hiler 23 timer siden

    I almost feel bad for the demon spawn kid. It said he was less annoying with male teachers and him being sent to his father’s house makes me think his father beats his ass. Even if you had your ass beat it probably doesn’t justify his behavior.

  • StYxXx
    StYxXx Dag siden

    The censorship ("sex") is so ridiculous. Especially for someone from a country where this is really uncommon and not necessary. It's like someone would censor the word "apple".

  • Whiffle Whaffle
    Whiffle Whaffle Dag siden

    In my highschool, there was a rumor where the culinary teacher and a security guard were banging eachother but we weren't sure if it was true until we found out that yes they did and she had her nudes leaked by a student getting her school computer.

  • F18 Dangler
    F18 Dangler Dag siden

    I think Trans meant Transferring

  • This statement is false Nothing is true

    I heard about my algebra teacher sleeping with a student I was the last one to hear of this apparently it was common knowledge and no one told me I always thought it was weird how many times she said she loved all of us or that she wasn’t working the next year
    *edit* same thing happened with my science teacher she even had a kid after the student graduated don’t know much about her now

  • evan lohbrunner
    evan lohbrunner Dag siden

    7:24 shit , I live in Georgia

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof Dag siden

    I feel really bad for the 12 year old who had a child

  • Dominic Jeffrey
    Dominic Jeffrey Dag siden

    My friends said I was dating an 8 year old, not true though

  • Spinofire 21
    Spinofire 21 Dag siden

    This is random but When I was in 7th grade sub fell .I and other kids ran out the class without perm so I went and got a person That I know that works in the office she was in the hall she had my friend in a headlock so when I told her the sub fell he let go and runs into a science class and jumps over a table about to punch someone and I was done with that day and sat backdown and rested

  • Gaming with Tyler
    Gaming with Tyler Dag siden

    Ubrella academy

  • Dani Edwards
    Dani Edwards Dag siden

    thought 6:43 was a kid in my second grade but it wasn’t because that kid used to be normal until about halfway through the year where there was “something going on in his family” he turned absolutely crazy and would scream and get very violent. He had to spend his entire day with the counselor and his moods would completely change all of a sudden for no reason. He eventually switched schools.


    This kid in my science class kept on saying " I live next to a murder" and the thing is he did. His sister got killed by the guy. I knew it was true since we lived across the street from him. We have both moved and the guy is in prison. No one believed him. I felt so bad for him.

  • Crown of Roses
    Crown of Roses Dag siden

    I went to a Christian high school in Alabama. Freshman year, there was a girl in one of my classes, who was from a well-known Christian family, that got pregnant by a guy two grades above her. Rumor has it that the school kicked her out for getting pregnant ('cuz evidence of pre-martial sex isn't good for the school's image), but let her baby daddy stay. Sophomore year, there was a senior girl that ran away from home. It was rumored that she ran off with her 20 something year old boyfriend. Junior year, at my prom, the seniors all showed up very drunk (which I know is probably usual at normal schools, but that caused a huge scandal at our school). However, it was rumored that the kids' parents paid off the cops at the event and the school board to avoid possible arrests/expulsion. (Side note: the following year, they announced that we will be searched for alcohol at the door and also made a seriously screwed up rule that our dates had to be approved if they came from a different school.) Senior year, my younger brother's Bible teacher (of all things) got fired because he supposedly used to go to a strip club in his younger years and was possibly in a cult. Also, one of my classmates had been engaged twice (and was only 17) and dating a 14-15 year old.

  • simply.-. Megan
    simply.-. Megan Dag siden

    Okay so my school life is pretty drama filled and I heard from someone that this girl I'm being nice to because I don't want her to create more drama said I'm faking being bi sexual because my sister is and my mother is. So my plan is in the morning I confront her at school and tell her to stfu because I'm not faking it and that my mother is straight and she needs to back tf up. I'll update what happend after school.😌

  • EJWorkshop
    EJWorkshop Dag siden

    Age Ed 16, 19

  • Skippy the Magnificent

    There was a female teacher in my high school who was kind of hot in a MILFy kind of way, I had her for summer school one time. There were rumors that she was sleeping with some of the boys, but I never found out if it was true. Anyway, a few years after I graduated, she was killed by her husband in a murder-suicide.

  • kaleb fishing
    kaleb fishing Dag siden

    Anyone know anything ab the last one?