How A Horrific Murder In Oklahoma Might Turn Half The State Into An Indian Reservation...

  • Publisert 10. jan.. 2019
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Kommentarer • 7 146

  • Clayton Orr
    Clayton Orr Dag siden

    So, in my mind, there are some important nuances here: first, just because the court recognizes that a pending case, on appeal, has the right to a trial in federal court would not necessarily mean that the same would retroactively apply to previous cases. The federal court might distinguish these from those previous cases. Second, it's not clear to me that this would have any force outside of the criminal context (alhtough perhaps I'm wrong about that), considering the ways that federal law deprived the Native American tribes of their authority in civil matters. It would just mean a trial in federal court. Finally, while the murder is horrific, ensuring that future Native Americans have access to full and fair justice is worth the additional process, since this precedent would be applicable beyond the scope of this particular person.

  • Vicious Zero
    Vicious Zero 2 dager siden

    We are a weird species.

  • Josh Sasha
    Josh Sasha 10 dager siden

    White settlers fucked enough native Americans. It's time the U.S. did what's right.

  • Jimmy Hunsucker
    Jimmy Hunsucker 10 dager siden

    When one looks at what Lincoln and the yankee Union Army done to the Indian during their expansion West.. how the Hell can anyone believe they invaded their own people in the South to free the black man. Total BS.

  • Jimmy Hunsucker
    Jimmy Hunsucker 10 dager siden

    Well. I think if we are going to give the blacks special privileges and Civil Rights because they were slaves and are the minority. Are we not hypocrites to not do the same for the Indian and honor the Treaties with them?

  • Anna Namous
    Anna Namous 19 dager siden

    Phil can you imagine....
    surprisingly Oklahoma isn’t even the top state for reservation land. 🧐

  • SugaKookie WithACupOfTae
    SugaKookie WithACupOfTae 19 dager siden

    I'm native American tooo

  • SugaKookie WithACupOfTae
    SugaKookie WithACupOfTae 19 dager siden

    I'm from Oklahoma

  • Michael Madden
    Michael Madden 26 dager siden

    Honor the reservation boundaries. Or rewrite the law to reflect present day reality.

  • Isori
    Isori Måned siden

    While I think it is great there is an argument and legal basis to "protect" or at least argue in favor of the minimal amount of independence and rights for the natives, it kind of sucks it gets brought up only when someone does something crappy over there.

  • fum2121
    fum2121 Måned siden

    I believe recognizing Reservation boundaries and sovereignty is the right decisions of the court. However, they Court should refuse to allow previous convictions to be retried and direct the Federal Courts to retry only this specific case. Also his avoidance of the death penalty should be removed from all possiblity in the Federal Courts

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit Måned siden

    Wait I’m FroM OkLaHoMa

  • Caleb M. F
    Caleb M. F Måned siden

    They should have been given their own state a long time ago. The supreme court seems to forget that they are Americans too and deserve. Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness

  • Duncan Kelly
    Duncan Kelly Måned siden

    They should have been recognized all along.

  • Duncan Kelly
    Duncan Kelly Måned siden

    The ruling should stand and probably would have been the same if it had gone to the court that actually had jurisdiction. He could get off cause they fucked up.

  • John Sunlight
    John Sunlight Måned siden

    The bad karma created by Genocide doesn't go away for a LONG time.

  • TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    A ton of women married and had babies with any white 4th grade a lady told us as about native americans. Well she looked at me and snd I know you are family...and I am. Sbe played the game and gave me name (strawberry princess) but because of who I'm born because of blood shouldnt or cant do something is crazy. I was born in Michigan and I bet a lot there.

  • Carlie D'Alessandro
    Carlie D'Alessandro Måned siden

    As someone from Oklahoma, we are all very excited about this in positive and negative ways. I honestly want the land to be returned to the Muskogee Creek and other tribes to turn a third of Oklahoma over to Natives. Of course I do not want people to lose their homes - one reason I would be against overturning. But I think recognizing native authority is critical. The land still legally belongs to them and I would potentially support a tax like in Nebraska to go to the tribes. But mostly I just want some madness in Oklahoma that all turns out well because I am chaotic good. Thanks for covering it!

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A Måned siden

    Honestly, the world needs to stop caring about feelings.
    Yes I understand they have lived on these lands for long times and by law a long time ago they were given the land, but it is now the 21st century, we aren't tribes hunting animals anymore, we have been and continue to push in the final frontier; space. This and the future of humanity is far more important than some ridiculous and outdated tribal system. I feel the whole tribal culture across the world just needs to die out, why does society have to move at the pace of the slowest members?

    So many arguments in the world of today based upon feelings and not facts.
    Logic over emotion when it comes progression of our species. A great example is the dark age of religion, pushing back all science because it didn't want to believe it wasn't special and loved by some invisible man in the sky. Feelings are bad for humanity.

  • This White Bitch
    This White Bitch Måned siden

    his claims seem like a reach at getting lesser punishment, I don't live in the US but i think that it shouldnt need to be recognized as a reservation for the benifit of a murderer's trial. that's ridiculous.

  • Amber Dent
    Amber Dent Måned siden

    If you actually listen to the entire opening debates that were quoted by DeFranco in this video, and then follow up with the comments made by a former Oklahoma governor, the half a dozen relevant federal laws/bills, and the actual presence of the Five Nations in Oklahoma right now, it's pretty heavily in favor of Murphy. The Solem cases and Parker v. Nebraska are very clear, and when the state has no rebuttal beyond the Five Nations' lack of sovereignty (which isn't true) and conflicting Congressional statues (which can be explained by Speaker Cannon telling Roosevelt to fuck off a cliff his entire term and Congress' deference to tribal legislation, while Roosevelt thought the only good Indian was a dead one), I doubt the Court will rule in favor of Oklahoma. Not that that would likely change the outcome of the case, though my question becomes: if he's tried in federal courts, can the federal government seek the death penalty?

    Also, if the Court rules in favor of Murphy, Congress very well may have to revisit the 2002 HR 2088, a bill that basically lined up all of the civil disputes regarding Five Nations restricted land and hashed out what would happen regarding licences, leases, mortgages, etc. It never made it out of the Senate committee, but it would go a long way in alleviating the burden of figuring out the details again. That said, federal criminal jurisdiction would still be a huge problem that Congress would probably have to rectify by either giving OK official jurisdiction or reinstating enough tribal powers to allow them criminal jurisdiction, considering the feds don't have the resources to shoulder that burden.

  • Eric Williams - Student

    I am a native from michigan and our tribe was split into oklahoma, kansas, wisconson, canada, and some managed to get back to michigan. The United States was only able to be established because of treaties that were signed agreeing where certain tribes lands were and what rights those tribes were allowed. Treaties are seen as the highest law of the country. Yet no treaty has ever been fulfilled by the United States even though the natives have fulfilled their end even while consistently being forced at gun point to sign them. The government has used a lot of tactics like allotment as a method of slowly taking land away from a reservation, often from natives who don't understand the laws (have no access to lawyers, law books, or even transportation). Our tribe has lost huge tracks of land because when our tribal members went off to fight in WWI and WWII the US gov't claimed they didn't pay taxes and seized the lands. This case is a big deal to a lot of natives because it might be the first time where our treaties are actually enforced, to have the supreme court in this country upholding a law saying so would really be a huge step. It should also be noted that these tribes aren't small tiny groups, there are 223,126 people in the Choctaw reservation, 49,000 in the Chicksaw reservation, 189,228 in the Cherokee nation reservation, 60,403 in the Muscogee nation reservation, and 17,000 Seminole on their reservation. So that number of 750,000 people in this area isn't such a huge thing when you also consider 538,757 members of those nations are also living in that area, and who have legal claim to that land. The number of natives also doesn't include the members and descendants of those nations who had to move from their reservation because they had no money to buy property, they weren't able to get an education, or sent to live elsewhere.

  • K T
    K T Måned siden

    First and foremost we should stop using the term native American. The American Indians migrated to North America just like every other ways if any race is going to be considered native it should be the Mayans.
    Secondly the American Indians savagely killed and conquered land from other tribes in the same way settlers conquered land from the American Indians. Settlers simply were better at it as they had better weapons and overwhelming power. (Also remember there was a French Indian war, guess what happens when you lose a war?) =\
    Should american Indian borders still be recognized? No. Assimilate! Period. You can still live your way of life like the Amish, but you are still bound to the same laws of the land as everyone else.

  • Anthony Ward
    Anthony Ward Måned siden

    I’m a fellow Oklahoman and a Native American and truthfully if you have read what the creek nation and every other nation has said about businesses being on native land there really is no change to everyday life, the only thing that would change really is what is being questioned, which is if you’re a Native American on tribal land you should (given the courts decision) be tried by that tribe of whose land said crime was committed on. As for the previous cases that had been tried by the state of Oklahoma previously half if not more than half of those cases are technically closed and could not be reopened due to like mrs. Blatt stated the cases being too stale or expired

  • Luciwho1
    Luciwho1 Måned siden

    That's not the only reservation in the United States...huge impact

    • Luciwho1
      Luciwho1 Måned siden

      P.S. I stand with Standing with Standing Rock Sioux tribe

  • Chris Hanson
    Chris Hanson Måned siden

    August 28 is a day after my bday

  • rainbow panda
    rainbow panda Måned siden

    Yo I live in Tulsa, it sticks ass here

  • James G Lox
    James G Lox Måned siden

    Holy Shit I live in Tulsa

  • Thacylla Silva
    Thacylla Silva Måned siden

    Reservations should be Reservations you cannot reclaim the land as otherwise when it's not to ones liking. Natives were forced into simulation and a non-traditional way of life originally by fear of losing everything and more injustices. The signing of forced treaties as such should be viewed as unlawful as it was a forced upon the people who had their rights stripped away without consent.

  • avery yeah
    avery yeah Måned siden

    HUH? I’m from and still am in Oklahoma. I had never heard of this before. WOW thanks

  • Wayne
    Wayne Måned siden

    As an Oklahoman , and a citizen of the Creek Nation , also having blood within the Choctaw nation , I am still confused , and wondering how the borders will be shaped if the case is won .

  • Sodium FTW
    Sodium FTW Måned siden

    Quick reminder, and it’ll probably get lost, Jackson was a Democrat

  • Opaque Night
    Opaque Night Måned siden

    Look in to the Molly Miller/Colt Haynes case. I’d love if you did a story over that.

    • Opaque Night
      Opaque Night Måned siden

      It’s an Oklahoma case full of coverups and corruption.

  • Iain Evans
    Iain Evans Måned siden

    I can feel this comment section is going to get out of hand...real quick.

  • Brianna McFarland
    Brianna McFarland Måned siden

    Funny how these laws about reservations were made to keep Native Americans out of power, and now that the laws are coming around to put Native Americans IN power they want to ignore the laws... And people say institutional racism is dead.

  • jack brady
    jack brady Måned siden

    I almost got physically sick at 1:03

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage Måned siden

    I guess whitey's gotta eat their cake, now don't it? It was a mess when the law was created, and it's gonna be an ugly mess when they decide to side with this murderer to be tried again, and open this can of worms on all these unsuspecting people who had nothing to do with it.
    I'm glad I don't live in Oklahoma right now.

  • Christopher Bannister
    Christopher Bannister Måned siden

    I feel a bit stupid here, but why wasn't a tribal leader from the reservation brought in to be asked what they would consider doing if something changed. If a change was made could they not say they would up hold all prior convictions but will go though all the details to determine if they fit within the reservations belief. I'm sure they would still punish someone for murder or rape. I just a bit confused why they left out some one who could affect so much.

  • Kaname Fujiwara
    Kaname Fujiwara Måned siden

    The man will still be kill.

  • Al B
    Al B Måned siden

    All this tribes need to build walls..

  • Tyson Miller
    Tyson Miller Måned siden

    What is upsetting (to me at least) is that Murder is MURDER! He was convicted of Murder right? This isn't a court case about Tax Evasion or something that would make tons of sense to fight by saying it was federal reservation land. This man beat the shit out of someone, slashed his throat (killing the man), and it doesn't stop there because he also mutilates his body by cutting off his gentiles. It doesn't sound like a man that made a mistake thinking he was on "Tribal" land. This man didn't really think it was OK to Murder a man because he thought he wasn't on "State" land …
    I just want to say, "WHAT THE FUCK!" You don't get to KILL people just because it is reservation land and not state land. Other people feel this way too right?

  • AndersoN060790
    AndersoN060790 Måned siden

    Very interesting story

  • Ballo
    Ballo Måned siden

    this is weird

  • Berelore
    Berelore Måned siden

    I think adverse possession law should apply, it was understood to not be their land for 100ish years, the current owners and maintainers get it. Let the rapists and murderers rot.

  • p1votalm0ments
    p1votalm0ments Måned siden

    This was pretty interesting! Thanks for the in-depth look!!

  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom Måned siden

    The same maniacs screaming no borders and everyone can live wherevrvr they want etc are also screaming that the tribes own lands etc. Things can get crazy when you have no principles.

  • SunajVon
    SunajVon Måned siden

    This was more educational than an entire semester at public school

  • Evan Shearin
    Evan Shearin Måned siden

    Based just on this video (and I realize that an eleven minute video can't capture the complexities of a case like this) it sounds like the intention of Congress was to eliminate the tribal reservation. Other than that, this seems like some clever attorneys trying to get famous and grab some of those tribal dollars to fight a losing case based on century-old law.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Måned siden

    This really comes down to :Blood lines, Do they matter? But because these criminals can "self identify" its pointless.

  • Son
    Son Måned siden +1

    Very interesting, I used to live in Oklahoma and had no clue that Tulsa was part of a reservation. And the issue is, you can’t just force removal of people, we learned that it didn’t go well with Jackson, as you mentioned, many died. In this case, many people will be forced to sell homes and lose jobs.

    • Brett Means
      Brett Means Måned siden

      Tulsa isn't part of a reservation though. This case is nonsense.

  • Lee Morris
    Lee Morris Måned siden

    So Native Americans come in Black now? First White people claiming to be native because of a few drops of blood, now this guy - who's nose and lips tell me he's probably not got native parents.

  • Nero Viper
    Nero Viper Måned siden

    Lolwut since when do people talk about my state.

  • 1337w0n
    1337w0n Måned siden

    Correct the historical Injustice.

  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns Måned siden

    Just end the reservation bullshit and force them to assimilate already. These people are not native to this land. They are from Eurasia and traveled here by a land bridge. Force them to assimilate and stop pretending that they are some special, magical people. They never owned the land so nothing was stolen.
    End of discussion.

  • Sirama
    Sirama Måned siden

    There is no win win when an injustice has been done because when you try to correct it, you create another injustice. The Natives were stripped and killed by greed and now if we correct it by giving them land we might lead to the land seizure of South Africa around August 2018.

  • joe hathaway
    joe hathaway Måned siden

    Its a bad situation. The murderer bringing this argument is A POS in my opinion. But this is why we shouldn't have stole the land we relocated them to.

  • Joseph Durham
    Joseph Durham Måned siden

    So I guess we back to stealing Indian land smfh

  • To the Bat Mobile
    To the Bat Mobile Måned siden

    How does a discussion even begin on such a such a subject? I bet the U.S. is gonna step in and reclaim the land.

  • Tahoe Jones
    Tahoe Jones Måned siden

    Isn't a "reservation" based on borders?
    Something the Democrats want abolished?
    Historians will have to provide the original
    ownership. Sifting through the native wars
    long before the white man showed up.
    Good luck with that.

  • Jennifer King
    Jennifer King Måned siden

    Thanks for choosing this topic. I'm a Native American and I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma so I'm shocked to see anyone cares!

  • Robert Shields Jr.
    Robert Shields Jr. Måned siden

    Give the land back. The govt has trashed these people for far too long and its time they attained some semblance of peace and justice.

    • Tahoe Jones
      Tahoe Jones Måned siden

      Give it back to whom?
      The tribe it was taken from,
      Or the tribe they took it from?
      Where's your line?

  • k varde
    k varde Måned siden

    Hows about we not let murdering pieces of crap dictate how the rest of the people in this country are governed? Also how many native people feel like reservations are not beneficial to them?

  • DAyangBRICK333
    DAyangBRICK333 Måned siden

    I believe they should recognize it. Just because they made a mess before doesn't mean they should sweep it under the rug instead of dealing with it appropriately as they should have before. Continuing to treat NATIVE AMERICANS inhumanely just because you've gotten away with it in the past is Still inhumane.

  • D Ramus
    D Ramus Måned siden

    With this history it is hard to understand why anyone would be against restricting or limiting immigration.

  • Keefe Stone
    Keefe Stone Måned siden

    I think we need to stop all this "my land, your land" BS and start living as Human Beings from Earth

  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius Måned siden

    Stop stealing people's land and stop breaking treaties and this won't happen... It's not a good excuse to say "it would be an inconvenience"

  • Nicholas Kazantzidis
    Nicholas Kazantzidis Måned siden

    We killed starved forced generations of people and continue to do so.

  • Jenny Agrippa
    Jenny Agrippa 2 måneder siden

    All of the u.s and canada are reserve what is the argument? based on some backwards logic that europeans decided 200 years ago? Hilarious.

  • Jenny Agrippa
    Jenny Agrippa 2 måneder siden

    Interesting how this incident brings up the can of worms which is the history of the united states...the blook spilled here is simply a reflection of the blood spilled by first nations as settlers and the government sought to relocate them. What a blood bath.

  • Nova Lee
    Nova Lee 2 måneder siden

    Personally, as a Native American, I think that since they never legally dissolved the borders of the land legally it is Native land. That much is simple, but the bigger issue here isn't recognizing it legally, the issue is what comes after. They would be forced to retry all of those cases, and it sounds like there's a weak chance of that ending with all of those criminals getting the same sentencing. So it would likely put 100's of those criminals back out into the world to commit crimes again. The taxes I think would be far easier to figure out than they want people to believe.
    It's really dirty of this Lawyer to bring up something like this. Because now the courts are stuck between a rock and a hard place, refresh the borders or recognize what rightfully belongs to the Native Americans, legally already does. The risk of letting almost all of those criminals free is too high. I think that the best option would be for the Tribal courts to just agree with the charges on all those criminals so that it takes that risk off the table. But then it'll slide into taxes and the Federal court will fight to the death not to lose the taxes. I honestly want that land to be recognized, finally, as reservation land, but all the problems it's like to cause are likely what will stop it from happening. I hope the Tribal courts fight just as hard and come to an agreement because this would be a huge win for Native Americans all over.

  • fall of society
    fall of society 2 måneder siden

    Philip Defranco has officially destroyed his credibility. He has revealed himself as a biased corporate leftist hack who should not be trusted. His little smile is clearly a mask to hide his smug lying tendencies.

  • Taylor Meeuse
    Taylor Meeuse 2 måneder siden

    I think the point is not the murder, the murderer or the victim it's that American and Canadians are illegally living on land that government and court recognizes as native land but nobody really knows that or cares ! SHARE INDIGENOUS HISTORIES!

  • maya7169
    maya7169 2 måneder siden

    I'd love for Phil's team interview tribal elders or the local community on what they are looking to achieve here. (In a follow up video) Clearly, the guy is guilty. He admitted it- no way he's getting off scot free under any legal system. My personal belief is that the larger 'releasing criminals' bit is probably overblown too, if we got down into the weeds. Is the bigger goal to have Oklahoma publically acknowledged as Native territory? Sounds like not much changes for non-members. Is this really just a clever way to avoid the death penalty for life in prison instead?

  • EcnalKcin
    EcnalKcin 2 måneder siden

    I can see how this could be a real mess, but I think that if the federal and state governments sit down with the various tribes they can hash out something that works for everyone. At the very least, if the reservation was never legally downsized, the original boundaries still exist.

  • prince howell
    prince howell 2 måneder siden

    Niggas do it, it’s call street law

  • prince howell
    prince howell 2 måneder siden

    Y’all white folk just stole land, y’all should just let the natives check there own people

  • Blane Pillai
    Blane Pillai 2 måneder siden

    When the judge herself says something unfounded with such disregard. Guzi ai.

  • Melanie Drake
    Melanie Drake 2 måneder siden

    What punishment would he get for this horrible murder according to Indian laws? This is quite a scary situation that he would just be let go cause of where he decided to brutally murder this innocent man....

  • Damien Edmiston
    Damien Edmiston 2 måneder siden

    To be honest, this is such a complicated issue. On one hand I agree that the land should be recognized as a reservation. However, the reopening of past criminal cases could pose a big problem, at pointed out, those past the statute of limitations and bringing up trauma to victims. It would be easy to say that "from here on out, trials will be dealt with in tribal courts, but cases that have already reached a verdict are not effected" but I feel like it's not that simple and could in fact open the doors to more problems.

  • Isabel Mitri
    Isabel Mitri 2 måneder siden

    What can I do about this?

  • Brian Watson
    Brian Watson 2 måneder siden

    Look up the IMDB for the movie "Wind River" Then look up Tribal laws as it pertains to each individual tribe.

  • M Barranca
    M Barranca 2 måneder siden

    Your sub from Oklahoma :-/

  • Samantha Swamwich
    Samantha Swamwich 2 måneder siden

    Oh fuck is the audio bad on this wyd bb

  • East Coast Freestyle
    East Coast Freestyle 2 måneder siden

    So the states argument is hey we've been fuckin them this long why stop now

  • Can't B you
    Can't B you 2 måneder siden

    It's great to see you do the real news instead of just another TMZ

  • Two Good
    Two Good 2 måneder siden

    seems like the murder is open and shut. However I do just LOVE the gymnastics that history has gone through. As horrendously awful relocating the Natives was, seeing the just slow dicking they got in the decades to come I'm not sure it was actually a kindness to deed land to their nations. Such paper platitudes, "Hey, were gonna take your shit! But don't worry you get this real neat land over here until we say you don't"

  • The Kilt Guy
    The Kilt Guy 2 måneder siden

    You can claim or identify as an indian but if you don't have a CDIB card you should not be able to claim to be indian to get out of jail or prison. If you live on a reservation most indians have a CDIB card.

  • Eazy
    Eazy 2 måneder siden

    I really, really hate the American government. their selfish, power/money hungry and don't care for anyone even there own people and.. AUSTRALIA #1

  • HarryMonmouth
    HarryMonmouth 2 måneder siden

    A reservation is a pretty big deal. Something like that should not be able to be destroyed by implication. If the government wanted to get rid of them, then they would have to be pretty explicit they wanted to do so. If they did, then there are going to be some pretty hefty ethical arguments to overcome. You can't escape that task, by sneakily, and gradually changing and altering things to the point where you can say, 'Ha, beat you. No more reservation for you. Ha ha.' Additionally, the only people who can stand a chance of ending the reservation, with even so much as a halfway ethically supportable stance, is the native nations themselves.

  • James IDK
    James IDK 2 måneder siden

    My girlfriend lives there
    -stops and thinks-
    Oh. Shit

  • Adam Daly
    Adam Daly 2 måneder siden

    6:34 That's not a fucking human voice

  • WolfDude
    WolfDude 2 måneder siden

    Indian? They're called Aboriginal or First Nations peoples. Indians are people FROM INDIA

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris 2 måneder siden

    NO-clip just now notified me about this video and put it in my subscriptions

  • lendial
    lendial 2 måneder siden

    godamn american history is awful and cruel

  • Apache Sparatan
    Apache Sparatan 2 måneder siden

    Same shit just different day...

  • Nicholas Hogan
    Nicholas Hogan 2 måneder siden

    This is the most interesting court debate I've seen in years. I'd love to see follow up when it's settled.

  • Hitesh Sharma
    Hitesh Sharma 2 måneder siden

    Good Night.

  • francine bacone
    francine bacone 2 måneder siden

    Mi'kmaw here. I thought you did an excellent job of explaining this history. Thank you very much for taking the time to do so!

  • AMY from Oklahoma
    AMY from Oklahoma 2 måneder siden

    I’m a lifetime Oklahoman and have never heard of this...I live in the Oklahoma City metro verses the Tulsa metro but still...

  • Ryan Witschger
    Ryan Witschger 2 måneder siden

    I think the 10 decades of precedent should be a basis for the boundary. If everyone has assumed that the boundary is X for 100 years, then I think the court should stay out of it. It's not a democracy if the opinions of all of the people living there mean absolutely nothing. Obviously borders are not something that is voted upon, but precedents should be able to set outcomes in a democracy.