H3H3 Breaks Down Leaving Neverland

  • Publisert 10. mars. 2019
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  • Freudian Factor
    Freudian Factor 3 timer siden

    hila's looking fucking fabulous

  • Mya Elbows
    Mya Elbows 3 timer siden

    Michael was a pedo for sure

  • Ham Fingers
    Ham Fingers 3 timer siden +1

    Why does she talk like she has had a lobotomy? Seriously no charisma.

  • Staple_Boi
    Staple_Boi 3 timer siden

    I'm not saying innocent I'm just saying I do not support doing shit like this after a nigga dead like if I said fuck you to someone and no one knew ,and let's say I was hella famous, and then I died I don't think that someone should come out and expose me after I died. But I do support the reason why they have spoken out about him I just feel extremely bad about it and no I'm not a crazy MJ fan yes I like some songs but I wouldn't do shit for him even if he came back to life just to talk to me I do not idolize him, just to stop you before you start.

  • merncat75
    merncat75 4 timer siden

    I was fooled at first but now I see the TRUTH
    I'm very disappointed in all of the people posting editing video clips to make things seem a certain way..
    I could debunk literally every single claim that was made in this video it would take me a while but there is actual proof that what was said in this video is not only an accurate but purposely altered to make it seem like he is guilty..
    😞 stating repeatedly that you were only stating facts in this video is dishonest in itself.

  • Ally Shea
    Ally Shea 4 timer siden

    What happened to believing and supporting all victims!!?? The story changes once it’s personal

  • Ally Shea
    Ally Shea 4 timer siden

    He had a type. No one ever sat back and thought to question because they were star struck! That’s why he got a way with it.... people denied Bill Cosby allegations at first but it happens all the time even with our heroes.

  • noir sept
    noir sept 4 timer siden

    If somebody murdered your child would you accept a settlement for that. Well why in the world would you take money and allow a child predator who has destroyed your child and could potentially kill another child, Why would you let someone like that go on to do it again? This is the Evidence that it was about money!1

  • Alan Hight
    Alan Hight 4 timer siden

    Everything is on gomovies. No need for paid services in this day and age

  • noir sept
    noir sept 5 timer siden


  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 5 timer siden

    Im new here and I don’t know if H3 has any physical things but I noticed his eyebrows doing like a wave like every 3 seconds
    Edit: also I’ve seen that video clip they showed of a guy doing a Micheal Jackson impression

  • brian isbell
    brian isbell 5 timer siden

    whats up with the eyebrow twitching

  • brian isbell
    brian isbell 5 timer siden

    who is this beautiful woman and why is her accent so hot

  • Beau Peep
    Beau Peep 5 timer siden


  • Opal Magic
    Opal Magic 5 timer siden

    There is NO proof or even evidence in leaving neverland that has convinced me of anything. The very graphic nature of their testimonies are compelling but are very void of emotion and dry. There is no other influence from anyone other than the main characters and there is no explanation in terms of Michael's past to describe him or explain his motives, his dysfunction or his broken character. As someone who is well versed in "Documentaries" about crime, abuse, court and other, this cannot be called a Documentary. They did not "document" anything. If they are in fact the victims here, than I am sorely mistaken, however, the hardest thing to prove in court is that something didn't happen, and I still find more compelling evidence against these two individuals than I have ever found against Michael. Yes, he was a strange man. Yes, he made some very irresponsible and disillusioned choices, but I do not believe that they were of this extensive abusive nature. There is more validity in my reasearch that Michael really did have a deep love and connection to children and this scares peoples. I believe he would never harm a child in such a deliberate destructive manner. It is not even in his character analysis. He is not proven by any measure to have sociopathic behaviors, pedophilic tendencies, personal criminal behavior, ect. He on the contrary has shown the opposite. Spending more than 300 000 000 on helping children across the world. Consistently spending personal time with hospitalized, injured and terminal children because of this love he had for them. He created numerous foundations and organizations to help the world a s a whole. He NEVER wasted air time. Speaking out consistently about human issues and environmental issues. Strictly based on Character analysis, I cannot simply believe a story with no evidence or emotion or validation or explanation to change this perspective I have. And I can fairly state that I have been looking. Wade and James have more past demons that actually sully their credibility than I could ever say about Michael. Please...let's talk about this.
    #leavingneverland #michaelisinnocent #michaeldebate #michaeljackson

  • Pulverizqed
    Pulverizqed 5 timer siden

    i hate the thumbnail it scared the crap out of me lmao

  • Ottilia Roos
    Ottilia Roos 5 timer siden

    Still waiting for them facts they keep speaking about.

  • GinaBo Beena
    GinaBo Beena 5 timer siden +1

    You need to show the full clip about the kid wanting to sleep on the FLOOR versus sleeping ON THE BED. Michael clarifies that he SLEPT ON THE FLOOR! Michael said "If you love me you will sleep on the bed" and let Michael sleep on the floor...he didnt ask him to sleep with him in the bed!! They were talking about who would sleep on the floor and who would sleep on the bed. The clip is misleading when you dont show the next part when he said I SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. This is typical FAKE NEWS BULLSHITTT!

  • Little Sailor
    Little Sailor 5 timer siden

    Watch for free, my government paid for it apparantly.

  • Opal Magic
    Opal Magic 6 timer siden

    There would be no point for Michael to groom so many peoples just to periodically molest children in his spare time. That is not typically how child molestation occurs in the mind of the abuser, it also contradicts the idea of "grooming" since grooming may wear off and groomers must continue to have to convince everyone around them that nothing is wrong. Nor did he seem to have that much time to focus on molesting children. Also, Michael had access to so many children, so many abused, disabled and vulnerable children. WHY pick 2 random boys and have their whole families be present during their abuse? It would have been completely unnecessary.

  • Opal Magic
    Opal Magic 6 timer siden

    As a parent, I can guarantee that no amount of money would stop me from pursuing someone who molested my children. I would not stop until that person was in jail, and I would definitely never let them walk to continue to abuse others simply because I got a bunch of money.

  • Audi 666
    Audi 666 6 timer siden

    My feelings was MJ was soooooo over rated I feel thriller was his best shit excluding his Jackson five years his music was a lot better in his early years I don’t understand why and how the public puts anyone on a pedistool like this if your sleeping with children that’s not yours is wrong MJ knew this he played acted stupid that I didn’t have a child hood was his pathetic excuse to do what he did creepo they told him to stop sleeping with these kids he couldn’t because he was addicted to little boys naughty areas he was a pedo

  • Angel Borman
    Angel Borman 6 timer siden

    @735 WRONG AGAIN!!!! WTF DID YOU RESEARCH ANYTHING??? This video clip was edited to make MJ look bad but if you did your research there’s a rebuttal video that shows this in it entirety and it’s CLEAR that MJ was being manipulated & set up!! WOW HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS CHANNEL & Won’t watch the rest of this knowing you don’t know the basic FACTS about all of this!! UNSUBSCRIBED 👎🏻

  • Angel Borman
    Angel Borman 6 timer siden

    @6:45 WRONG!!! Kids begged MJ to stay in his 2 STORY, 3 BATHROOM bedroom because they wanted to stay with MJ!!! MJ would tell them “ask your mom/parents if it’s ok with them” and if the parents allowed them to, MJ would give them the bed & he would sleep on the floor & those are the FACTS that clearly you didn’t bother to research!! 👎🏻

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 7 timer siden

    You are idiots. Do research.

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 7 timer siden

    more info.....no-clip.com/video/zYx0vLfpRYY/video.html

    • Jim Butler
      Jim Butler 7 timer siden

      Instead of swallowing heresy.....
      Here are more FACTS..... no-clip.com/video/zYx0vLfpRYY/video.html

  • Defense First
    Defense First 7 timer siden

    You people condemned and lied on Jesus why would you not Michael Jackson

  • Amir Nazari
    Amir Nazari 7 timer siden

    great job as always Ethan. love you. keep it up.

  • Slimer
    Slimer 7 timer siden

    If Heath Ledger's Joker could sing and dance and was a pedo you'd get Michael Jackson.

  • Awkward Potato
    Awkward Potato 8 timer siden

    "there's 0% chance nothing happened" that's only thinking through our standards. Michael thought different to everyone. he was different. and I believe he was innocent.

  • Ryze & Shyne
    Ryze & Shyne 8 timer siden +1

    A compelling documentary, until you research both idiots and find out how stupid you are for believing them, watch the creator of the doc being drilled by Pearce Morgan and you can tell that he doesn't even believe in the credibility of his own work...

  • Benny Yoresongo
    Benny Yoresongo 9 timer siden


  • Benny Yoresongo
    Benny Yoresongo 9 timer siden


  • Meshari Buhadi
    Meshari Buhadi 9 timer siden

    see now ... what if michael jackson was actually chemically castrated like his doctor claimed ...

  • todo
    todo 9 timer siden

    I mean after getting the 7day free trial on HBO and watching the documentary. And the Oprah stuff all night ,AND then reading up on the other side of the argument that they think the accusers are liars and frauds. I'm still slightly on the fence. But largely on the he did it side because even if. That's still too werid and crazy of behavior. And when I think of the werid shit I did as a kid I can kinda see it .Plus the movie is still just good for abuse and what to look for in grooming. I just noticed his eyebrow ticks on another video yesterday after years of watching Ethan ,jesus.

  • danny boy
    danny boy 9 timer siden

    this disappoints me ethan. youre not paying attention much to the video when you backtrack on what the kid said. the kid actually said jackson begged him to take his bed, not sleep in it with him. you watch the clip again (its kinda hard to hear him) and you will see he is begging me to take the bed and THEN literally right after he says that michael says "i slept on the floor". what jackson is talking about is what happens after the kids allegedly are begging to sleep in the same room as him. not before it. you gotta watch the whole clip ethan and not take out certain portions. it disappoints me, because i like ethan but he aint paying attention to the clip.

    AND I AM IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM STICKING UP FOR JACKSON. the dude's fuckin weird, hanging around kids and almost only kids it seemed like. and also, his neverland ranch wasnt exactly a daycare center where he had kids come to a supervised center to have fun. he was literally setting up private playdates with the kids and him. thats fuckin weird. he also had a trip wire system where bells would ding in his room when someone was coming. thats fuckin weird. the words he used on voicemails and faxes were fuckin weird too. he certainly possesses pedophile like stereotypes that suggest his guilt and i think he very well could be guilty. but i listen and watch the victims in this documentary contradicting themselves by saying hes innocent one year, in court under oath and then coming out and saying what they said was initially a lie. they also say that they became jealous for the kids eventually hanging out with michael jackson, because it seemed as if he was moving on to other kids and not investing much time into hanging out with them and providing them opportunities to succeed. furthermore, they choose such a weird time to come out and change their story, when hes been dead for like 5-7 years and can basically only file a civil suit at best. i think about the parents saying they left their kids to sleepover with this guy, a mere couple of hours after fuckin meeting them. im thinking either "how fucked up are they to do that to their own kid?" or "who the fuck would be that stupid to do that?" you also learn about wade's mom breaking up their family to be around this guy because they think the kid can be a big star someday and meanwhile hes only 10 years old. you hear about other victims' parents begging for money from michael. i also wonder about the staff at neverland not reporting these events occurring and only talking about it at the first trial and after that. you wonder why they didnt talk about it earlier to save these kids and how they should be found culpable if its true and if they are part of a cover up. You wonder if they had ulterior motives to talk about michael jackson. you also hear comments from his family saying hes a pedophile, but then some say hes not. you then hear comments from his former staff that said he was never into little kids whatsoever. You also wonder why macaulay culkin and the brett barnes claimed they were never molested but others were. did he take advantage of certain kids or is this a conspiracy?


    and i think its foolish for anyone to think that this documentary got us any closer to proving michael's guilt OR michael's innocence. it literally didnt say shit for either side. no pieces of evidence were brought forth to prove he was innocent or guilty. literally just testimony from two families. thats it. pretty much no on else was interviewed. and the only people who could speak on the incidents occurring were literally the accusers, because no one else interviewed actually knew what went down. it was very repetitive and you didnt really learn a ton about what he did if you watched it.

    what they should have done was interview EVERYONE if they could. not just one side. and when i say everyone. i dont just mean jackson and his allies vs jackson's accusers and their allies. im talking also the people who worked with him. people who were around him that may have seen something. THEN we couldve gotten more so to the bottom of it. it felt so repetitive too watching as the documentary winded on, especially in part two. it was a lot longer than it needed to be. it revealed graphic details, but it was mostly just that and basically all it did at best to add substance besides that was just going more in depth with the graphic details. documentary shouldve done so much more. i give it a C at best

  • Yuri Nagel
    Yuri Nagel 9 timer siden


  • Velocity
    Velocity 10 timer siden

    I don't even rlly liked Michael jackson's music i was basically a dumb kid who didn't have a pc back then
    Most i saw was him doing a dance move but honestly if he really was a pedophile idc hes already dead so whats the problem

  • ORGPL1
    ORGPL1 10 timer siden

    Dude sounds a bit suspect the way he describes the boys 24:48

  • Maj84
    Maj84 11 timer siden

    The “story” about the penis, is a fact! :)

  • StefaniaPetraru
    StefaniaPetraru 11 timer siden

    I’m so fking shocked to see how many retard dumb people are in the world to keep defending him, not surprised why Trump is president

  • Jamal Youssef
    Jamal Youssef 11 timer siden

    11.07 it's Mr, Martin Bashit who suggested to Michael Jackson to hold their hands in that documentary. This is the link no-clip.com/video/h4uLCv26vx8/video.html
    why people always want to twist the story. Karma in the air.

  • Aurum TheBrave
    Aurum TheBrave 11 timer siden

    This whole video is on point.

  • tania Singh
    tania Singh 12 timer siden +1

    Hahahaha why are you using clips from Martin Bashirs documenty..every one knows Martin Barshir changed the documentary and twisted it and then when Michael Jackson died he admitted that he never saw Michael Jackson molest anybody..

  • Heathen Caerus
    Heathen Caerus 12 timer siden

    Every story has two sides, I would like to see how H3H3 would react to the 'Entering Neverland' or 'The Michael Jackson Rebuttal' - of course, those are not official documentaries, but youtubers do take from real stories and use video footage too.

  • Azn Mike
    Azn Mike 12 timer siden


  • VegasMeat
    VegasMeat 12 timer siden

    I think they should make a Documentary of someone who is a victim of sexual abuse, and their struggles, also during, and after therapy.
    Then also in the same documentary someone who is an offender before and after therapy as well.
    It would give the whole issue of sexual abuse a well rounded understanding from both sides of the coin. Because I don't think the public has a really good understand of the entire issue.

  • evolee82
    evolee82 13 timer siden


  • Super_Saiyan 42
    Super_Saiyan 42 13 timer siden +1

    Dancing eyebrow style , much love ethan !

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez 14 timer siden


  • Mama Miya
    Mama Miya 14 timer siden

    To handle that slaw talk had to make playback speed 1,5

    HOT HAMMER 15 timer siden

    Idk why he’s eyebrows are pissing me off

  • sandra opi
    sandra opi 15 timer siden

    Mate you are a tool not only good looking model children lived at the ranch and not only boys. Nisha kataria a FEMALe child lived at neverland with her mum and Michael on 2003 while he mentored her singing. Look it up.

  • MrCtrigger76
    MrCtrigger76 15 timer siden +1

    Of course people are hating on the documentary. Its a cash grab. Look up the history of wade Robson. People are naive and you are one of them that just hears a story from some one and believes it's facts

  • MrCtrigger76
    MrCtrigger76 15 timer siden

    Lol do your research before you comment on jackson

  • somegirlthatgoesonyoutube
    somegirlthatgoesonyoutube 15 timer siden

    Please, He was an overrated boring pop star

  • polet rojas
    polet rojas 15 timer siden +1

    Ese documental HBO todo tiene libreto, premio Oscar para sus actores👏

  • Awe Events
    Awe Events 15 timer siden

    Thank you for supporting the victims. I don't know what is wrong with the world for supporting Michael.

    • Dirk Van Den Berg
      Dirk Van Den Berg 9 timer siden

      He's been proven innocent and many people are not so naive to believe everything they see on television.

  • Stein Waleniussen
    Stein Waleniussen 15 timer siden

    critics score on rotten tomatoes are stupid 😅 you make so manny redicklues points! Pappa bless ❤

  • obscuria
    obscuria 16 timer siden +1

    i stopped watching ethan after this, sorry, he's so idiotic

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 16 timer siden

    I hear lots of speculation. No facts.
    If you want facts.... no-clip.com/video/MsSLGgyY2YI/video.html

  • Stein Waleniussen
    Stein Waleniussen 16 timer siden

    wasn't michael jackson castrated??

  • Blondesense
    Blondesense 16 timer siden

    The Jay Leno thing comes from the Gavin Arrvizo case. When he was sick with cancer, charities reached out to his favourite comedians incl. Jay Leno & also Michael Jackson (not sure if it was Make A Wish) to see if they would meet him, so at trial the Arrvizos were portrayed as targeting celebrities.

  • Zach Hardy
    Zach Hardy 16 timer siden

    You’ve been touched by.... a smooth criminal

  • henrikhansen
    henrikhansen 16 timer siden +1

    Evidense.... there is no evidense.
    Never heard of H3H3 before - but buying in to Wage Robbery and James Safecrackers painfully transparent lies sure doesn’t make a favorable first impression :-(

  • Chris
    Chris 16 timer siden

    Very good pad cast

  • Alexia Is On Fire
    Alexia Is On Fire 16 timer siden

    Is the girl here like legit retarded or some shit omfg

  • mikej690
    mikej690 17 timer siden

    Y'all do realize that these two have tried to sue Michael Jackson's estate multiple times as they have financial issues?
    Also we the fact that the police for 10 years up till he died didn't find an ounce of evidence of any nisconduct with kids yet two people in a documentary is UNDENIABLE PROOF? Get out of here

  • 04dram04
    04dram04 17 timer siden

    Ethan please watch this documentary that shows the other side of this story no-clip.com/video/llLQEi4NMxI/video.html

  • santiagot 17
    santiagot 17 17 timer siden

    You should really watch this video. Don’t believe everything you see just because it is a “documentary” ( and that shit is not a documentary, it is just a recording of some testimonies and allegations).

    GROMINOL 17 timer siden

    ethan's tics are getting out of control lol

  • dejectionn
    dejectionn 17 timer siden

    Alright I dont want to make a whole essay on how Micheal is Innocent, I'll try to keep this short as possible.
    The two victims if you look at their history they have lied many times even under oath. Jordy the first child to tell authorities that Micheal sexually abused him, later said when he became an adult admitted to everyone that his father was the reason why they went to court, for the money. Graphic content isnt facts, stories arent ALWAYS fact, and that's what the documentary is lacking, facts. The two "victims" used graphic content supplied with barely any facts at all. And I know people will bring up "the child pornography" that was discovered was straight heterosexual porn and there is proof to back that up if you do just a bit of research. This generation of journalism likes to twist a lot of shit up. They dont give us the actual facts because they want the clicks, subscribers, etc. If I am missing anything please tell me with a reply and we'll have a chat.
    One more thing, Micheal Jackson was close to kids because he had his childhood taken from the abuse of from his past.
    He also had a condition that was similar to erectile dysfunction, so he couldn't ejaculate, I've watched the documentary myself and it makes me sad to see all the false information spread. isnt it kind of strange that the two Wade and James got into the documentary when they had financial problems?
    Paris Jackson attempted suicide because of this documentary.
    Macaulay Culkin still denies to this day that Micheal touched him in a inappropriate matter or felt uncomfortable around him. Who you believe the people who repeatedly lied and under oath or Macaulay?
    If I'm missing a lot of main details of the documentary please forgive me because I'm typing this out late at night and I'm a bit tired at the moment.

  • Rmfw Watson
    Rmfw Watson 17 timer siden +1

    He was addicted to boys.

  • Tiffany Jett
    Tiffany Jett 17 timer siden +1

    This video taught me:
    Eyebrow Tourette’s
    Face picking
    Nose picking
    Beard pulling
    Drunken speech
    Spurred speech
    Bad hygiene

    These two are on a shitty drug comedown. What the fuck is this nonsense??? 🤣

  • Eugenie Armstrong
    Eugenie Armstrong 17 timer siden

    You do not show all the chat with this kid from “ living with Michael “ in your video .
    Michael slept on the floor .
    The kid said “ heh man” because Michael let him slept on his bed , there was a kiddy battle game as who will sleep on the bed !
    Watch the all interview with that kid please from the doc. “Living with Michael Jackson” before making any judgement about this video in particular.

  • Theodore Schoneman
    Theodore Schoneman 17 timer siden

    Anyone else not sure what to think about MJ? I’m so conflicted.

  • Bobby Lambe
    Bobby Lambe 18 timer siden

    Watch Matt mambas video he debunks everything u said cause u didn’t do ur research

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 18 timer siden

    He look mental

  • Fuck me Daddy
    Fuck me Daddy 18 timer siden

    MJ was innocent and you are full of shit

  • pourkeeha blakeencha
    pourkeeha blakeencha 18 timer siden +1

    No...1:46 in and the fruit loop in the stocking cap made me turn this bullshit off....dislike!

  • SmashUploads HD
    SmashUploads HD 19 timer siden +1

    Stick to holding opinions that I agree with!

  • Die Ente
    Die Ente 19 timer siden +2

    its upsets me that no one in the comment section has anything really to say about this its just memes

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 19 timer siden

    Complete lies for money. Theres no evidence. And this podcast sounds dead, especially that girl, she sounds fucked up

    • Savage KingX
      Savage KingX 8 timer siden

      Im just saying the truth, it sounds deader than a man drunk on tequila

    • Classical Woman
      Classical Woman 17 timer siden

      First of all she is a woman not a girl and secondly you are very pathetic to call this podcast dead.

  • AWelsh Celt
    AWelsh Celt 19 timer siden

    It's obvious when watching the doco he groomed entire families. So, grooming the whole world isn't a stretch. He had the money and the fame. The descriptions given by the 2 victims are beyond credible.
    I was a victim of abuse. The guy told me the same thing. If I told anyone we would both go to jail. The mistake he made was rubbing my 4 year old d**k so much it made a blister. When it broke I was in alot of pain. I was crying and walking funny. My mom asked me what was wrong. So, I showed her my blister. She asked me how it happened. It took a long time. I finally told her after making her promise 00she wouldn't tell anyone because I didn't want to go to jail. After I told her she hugged me and cried. I was crying, too.
    He was a family friend who worked with my uncle. We had a pool table in our basement. One of those really nice ones with leather pockets. Whole parties were organized around that pool table. My family were all in the building trades. My dad loved that pool table. My mom never said anything to anyone about me. But, at the next gathering my abuser was there. She didn't act any different towards him. He was lining up a shot. As he did it he looked at me, winked and smiled. She must've seen him do it because she calmly went to the cue stick rack, took one down and hit him on the back of the head with the thick end. Swung like she was chopping wood. He tried to stand up and she swung it again hitting him full in the face breaking his nose. He was bleeding like a stuck pig. Again she used the thick end.
    Needless to say everyone froze. I'll never forget what she said like a hiss, "You lousy son-of-a-b***h. You ever come back to this house or within a mile of my son I'll kill you with my bare hands. Now get the hell out of here." He didn't say anything. Just went to the basement door and left. Everyone freaked out afterwards asking her why she did that, was she outta her mind?, etc., etc. Obviously, my dad figured it out almost right away. As did everyone else over a period of time. She kept her promise though I did end up telling my dad. My mom talked my dad out of killing him I found out years later. No one saw or heard from him again. He just disappeared. I'm 67. That happened in 1956. I can still smell that motherf**ker's breath. But, THAT'S the way you deal with pedophiles.

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 19 timer siden

    Its funny how after people can find a documentary with more holes in it than a gun range target truthful

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 19 timer siden +1

    3 of those 5 victims claimed that they lied

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 19 timer siden +2

    Dude looks like he’s tweaking the fuck out, adderall most likely

  • Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA
    Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA 19 timer siden +1

    i dont care what anyone says. that image in the thumnail is nightmare fuel

  • crackrocks75
    crackrocks75 19 timer siden +1

    Jackson didn't abuse any of these children. There's just as much evidence that Michael didn't do what he did opposed that he did. One of the boys even admitted AND HIS VOICE IS ON TAPE that he just wanted to make money, him and his father just wanted money. Michael wouldn't do such a disgusting thing because he isn't a pedophile or an abuser. He innovated and changed the world, yet people always find ways to make up things and excuses just because they are jealous of his success.

  • Quad Racer412
    Quad Racer412 19 timer siden +2

    What’s up with the fucked up faces this dude makes All the people on here seem slow or on a lot of dope

  • Natty & Ella
    Natty & Ella 20 timer siden

    I do agree you do not let your kids sleep with no grown ass man

  • Natty & Ella
    Natty & Ella 20 timer siden +1

    Why his eyebrows keep doin that

    • Rachel Reyngoudt
      Rachel Reyngoudt 17 timer siden +1

      Natty & Ella Ethan has a mild form of Tourette’s. I believe he’s talked about it in an older podcast. Tourette’s can manifest in many ways. For Ethan it’s some facial ticks. Hope that helps!

  • reisemusic
    reisemusic 20 timer siden

    "Beatles squeezed into one person" - *yawn*

  • Suicideteen69 96
    Suicideteen69 96 20 timer siden

    Michaels a freak and the parents who leave their kids alone with him are fucking retarded simple as that.

  • Josie S
    Josie S 20 timer siden

    Lets not forget MJ was abused as a child too. It’s all Joe Jackson’s fault!

  • Jazz King
    Jazz King 20 timer siden

    You can watch it without login with this danish streaming service
    sorry for the timestamp, i didn't feel like removing it.

  • Danielsupergrass
    Danielsupergrass 21 time siden

    Well you left out the part where they both said Michael slept on the floor. What's wrong with you people trying soo freakin hard to find something on him. FBI tried for 10 years and found nothing. Now this stupid Podcast is trying? I spent 8 minutes watching this before realizing you're all so obviously uneducated about all this. It was not an invitation from Michael wanting him to sleep in his bed with him. It was after he wanting to stay in Michaels bedroom (which is 2 storys high btw) that Michael offered him to have the bed while Michael slept on the floor.

    • Danielsupergrass
      Danielsupergrass 20 timer siden

      Oh and one more thing after wanting to listen a bit more to this ignorant person speaking... You would never hold hands with your brother,sister, mom or anyone? See this is alarming in my book. Feel sorry for you dude... Maybe there's something you're scared of? Maybe you're the twisted person here.

  • FrameGamer
    FrameGamer 21 time siden

    Get the "YOWW" out of my room

  • fff Flurb
    fff Flurb 21 time siden

    If you watch this video then you will know why people defend Michael. That family tried to get more celebrities before Michael. Jay Leno wasn't even the only one they tried. Just watch.

  • 8luvgrl
    8luvgrl 21 time siden +4

    i know half the comments are about this shit, but ethan must either be really stressed rn or this topic was stressful for him to talk about. i know he says his tourette’s gets worse with stress. i didn’t really notice it cause i’ve been watching him for a long time, but then i looked at the comments and every other one are about his eyebrows. so ethan, i love you, and i hope you’re doing ok, and well done on this. very well spoken and well researched. keep it up. proud of you.