Newcastle 0-2 Manchester United - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Post Match Press Conference - Premier League


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  • Ola Stangeland
    Ola Stangeland 14 dager siden +1

    the best manager ever dude!!!!! G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!! We like Norway dude. White vikings man

  • The Magic Channel Norway
    The Magic Channel Norway 16 dager siden


  • Julius Madrow
    Julius Madrow 16 dager siden

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💔🌎💔🌎
    *Basert på kjærlighet alene. Gud sendte sin Sønn Jesus Kristus for å dø i vårt sted. Så på den tredje dagen stod ham fra de døde.*
    *Nå, selv om Jesus Kristus alene. Gud har gitt oss frie gave evig liv. Han vil frelse og helbrede deg, hvis du spør ham.*

  • Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo

    No one is going to mention that he looks exactly like Gollum (Andy Serkis)?

  • Kåre Ingebrigtsen
    Kåre Ingebrigtsen 16 dager siden

    Æ tænke at æ kan ta over jobben som Manchester United træner!!!

  • CroWW
    CroWW 16 dager siden +1

    Ole’s at the wheel they’ll me how good does it feel.
    We’ve got Sanchez Paul pogba and Fred
    Marcus rashford he’s manc born and bred
    The greatest of English football we’ve won it all


  • Carlisle 79
    Carlisle 79 17 dager siden

    I’m a tottenham fan. This is so strange. I have started to watch every man-u games, press conferances and every video i can find on you tube about man-u and Solskjær. So excited. Don’t hope Tottenham lose, don’t hope Solskjær lose. Drawn for Manchester away facing Tottenham i can live with. Fucking love Solskjær.

  • Tiger In the Desert
    Tiger In the Desert 17 dager siden

    Great guy, Ole. Great guy.

  • stu1002
    stu1002 17 dager siden

    When Ole Walked off the pitch from his last game for United I knew...honestly... I KNEW...he would one day manage the club.
    I don't know how long it will last, but my gut instinct tells me it's a good match. There's no reason why OGS can't grow into one of the best managers in the world. He knows the club, he knows football, he's a good people person, and he's genuinely smart intelligent guy.
    The Only thing he lacks is experience managing a big club, but, if a manager was so great, why would they leave a big club?
    Really truely great managers only ever manage one big club.

  • Ilestun
    Ilestun 17 dager siden

    Where are fans which were saying again and again Mourinho in?
    Be it ole or any other offensive manager, we would have seen our results improve drastically. It could have been Sarri, could have been Laurent Blanc, Zidane......
    Mourinho is not able to produce offensive football (doesn't mean he can't produce goals, those are two different things).

  • Pete D
    Pete D 17 dager siden

    I want Ole and team in why bring anyone else don't want the spurs manager he's another boring bloke KEEP OLE

  • shane taylor
    shane taylor 18 dager siden


  • David Hogan
    David Hogan 18 dager siden

    Hope they keep solkjaer as manager

  • David Williams
    David Williams 18 dager siden +1

    He's a termite.Crafty alien faced dwarf-like gnat.

  • dazzle muddy
    dazzle muddy 18 dager siden +1

    good answer. OLE

    2 likes if you think as I

  • LateGreatGatti
    LateGreatGatti 18 dager siden

    Ole!! Ole!! Ole!!

  • Helmand Ahmad-Zi
    Helmand Ahmad-Zi 18 dager siden

    Go on ole ❤

  • godegamlebessy 1
    godegamlebessy 1 18 dager siden

    Is that you Gollum?

  • Alex Angaya
    Alex Angaya 18 dager siden

    Who knows. Maybe we can win the league this season. It would be a surprise. 😊

  • Kkruke Buggins
    Kkruke Buggins 18 dager siden

    "thankyou cheer" frm ole was more cuter than "thankyou next" ariana grande

  • TheMattkeano
    TheMattkeano 18 dager siden

    I'd like to see them give him a real shot as manager. Hope he doesn't turn out to be another giggs or moyes! Chewed up and spat out. Think Man U fans need to face the fact that Ferguson will never be replaced !

  • Hakim TV
    Hakim TV 18 dager siden +1

    Walking away with one of them doughnuts 😂meaning clean sheet
    Donuts are "zero" shaped
    Ole ole ole

  • TheSbcGuy 2019
    TheSbcGuy 2019 18 dager siden

    Looks well for now . 3 shit teams .
    Let's see how they do vs the top half . I still think they need to spend alot . I miss the man United style of attacking. I'm not a fan

  • C J
    C J 18 dager siden

    This guy has made watch football again

  • George Sande Odede
    George Sande Odede 18 dager siden

    This guy looks phoney...I've got a bad feeling... I don't know why?

  • Roger Fernandes
    Roger Fernandes 18 dager siden

    Close your eyes and listen..It's SAF in his Younger Days

  • Fortnite Servers suck
    Fortnite Servers suck 18 dager siden

    Mourinho was never meant for Man Utd Ed Woodward finally got it right with Ole

    MrCHINBAG 18 dager siden

    Pish....they are giving him credit for mourinhos work....pogba is the real reason United were floundering.

  • Majorplayer
    Majorplayer 18 dager siden +1

    As a spurs fan I really hope that Ole is gonna succeed, so United doesn't poach Pochettino :P Also it is pretty much impossible to dislike Ole even if you aren't a united fan

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 19 dager siden

    He's very smart. I just watched John Barnes saying, "He can't tell them just to have fun every week and they'll win." Of course he isn't just saying that! But he isn't going to give up too much at press conferences. He has changed the mood, and that's HUGE. And the team has had good shape and excellent play on the counter -- and their passing game is better (and moving FORWARD more). A few things to work on, but that's okay. I'm also positive he'll improve our attackers too. He may have been a "super sub" but if he'd been at any other club in that era he'd have started every week. His finishing was as calm and deadly and Eric, Ruud, RVP etc. A brilliant striker who never choked.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 19 dager siden

    I love Ole -- one of my favorite all-time MU players and a fantastic guy -- and I think he could develop into a top manager. But I also think we need to see how he handles the rest of the year before being sure he should keep the job. Which isn't to say that he shouldn't get it again in the future after a bit more experience. Whatever the case, I think we've turned the corner and with a couple of good moves in the market, we could challenge for the top prizes. We aren't that far away.

  • Fleek Dasheek
    Fleek Dasheek 19 dager siden

    give this guy a knighthood!

  • British Man
    British Man 19 dager siden

    God sent

  • Joe the man Loves his volcano

    I would like to point out that he has only beaten crap teams and the United performance wasn't spectacular at Newcastle. I just want to say United fans get too ahead of themselves.

  • Makaveli Shakur
    Makaveli Shakur 19 dager siden

    Boyz are flossing like El Chapo son

  • koketso koksee
    koketso koksee 19 dager siden

    Yea Rashford watches a lot of CR7 videos

  • Simon Manley
    Simon Manley 19 dager siden +1

    I like him. Not being a Manchester United fan, I was puzzled by his recruitment, but hearing the why and the how, I sat back and watched........... He has clearly absorbed everything and anything Alex Ferguson said to him, and he has nothing to lose. I saw a video on NO-clip of Solkjaer coaching his players at Molde, and he couldn't be more different than Mourinho, judging from that. The results speak for themselves... Four out of four. Good luck to him, what an opportunity, Alex would be proud I think.

  • allen chijioke
    allen chijioke 19 dager siden

    this ole is a genius sir Alex is back

  • United We stand
    United We stand 19 dager siden

    Oleee ole ole ole oleee

  • Ali Sonboly
    Ali Sonboly 19 dager siden

    Usually i do not like football or soccer etc. But if this assassin could take us back to 1999 then i must kill 10 for my knee.

  • PantherKing
    PantherKing 19 dager siden

    i hope he gets the job and he pushes the team to perform in upcoming big games.

  • sHOTTA
    sHOTTA 19 dager siden


  • Valentino Telentino
    Valentino Telentino 19 dager siden

    I love this homo

  • Emma Hauglie
    Emma Hauglie 19 dager siden

    So proud of Solskjær! He's a great man and gets the best out of Mancheaster United!

  • Jamie
    Jamie 19 dager siden +1

    Man United and Ole's real test could come if they lose a game after such a brilliant run and start for Solskjaer. It's important they remain strong, psychologically, and bounce back immediately. It's only inevitable this fantastic run won't last forever but who knows, they could get up to 4th and leave Chelsea and Arsenal for dust.

  • Genti Musliu
    Genti Musliu 19 dager siden

    Am i the only one who thinks that he looks a lot like Golum ?

  • VEGGIS 123
    VEGGIS 123 19 dager siden

    Proud to be from the same country as Ole, well done🌟

  • Charles Flynn
    Charles Flynn 19 dager siden

    Hope he gets the job. No drama just football smiles.

  • 249er Rebate
    249er Rebate 19 dager siden

    Is this that little fella From the lord of the rings ..He’s not a bad manager

  • Mogen Zo
    Mogen Zo 19 dager siden

    The difference and effect on a team between a positive, motivating and forward thinking manager and miserable bastard is plain to see.

  • Purple Wyrd
    Purple Wyrd 19 dager siden

    "Walking away with one of them doughnuts"

  • bcfc red army
    bcfc red army 19 dager siden

    Ole is your saving grace. He is going to be a Alex Ferguson for you. It's a BIG MUST you make this legend your fulltime boss. He will bring man utd great success from a Bristol city fan. All the best man utd your becoming great again

  • scott lewis
    scott lewis 19 dager siden

    He must get the job ! End of !

  • Ritwik Ghosh
    Ritwik Ghosh 19 dager siden +1

    Great coach great leader calm composed humble coming from a Barcelona fan.. I love united playing attacking usual.

  • DE51B0Y
    DE51B0Y 19 dager siden +1

    Wonder how many points MU would have got for their recent four games if JM was in charge

  • Hen Mate
    Hen Mate 19 dager siden

    Is it me or does he have a Manchester twang on his accent? Sounds funny.

  • Johnny Harris Fast Lane Diaries

    Not one deflection or negative response to any journalists question. No barking back or rants about how many trophies he's won. Instead he refers to accolades as Donuts. That's our Ole there. You are my Solskjaer......

  • MrAndywear
    MrAndywear 19 dager siden

    LOL! He sounds extremely British.

  • Zarus Ruk
    Zarus Ruk 19 dager siden +3

    This guy makes me think like we will outshine PSG

    One Day MILLIONAIRE 19 dager siden +1

    Your a great guy ole I just don’t like united !!

  • sohanur rahaman
    sohanur rahaman 19 dager siden

    This Manchester is the refined version of the previous one. With winning 4 matches at a stretch,they are just approaching to the top....hope this year they win the title and bring back smile to MU spporters

  • Chino Chino
    Chino Chino 19 dager siden

    Guys relax is just Newcastle, wait till a strong team comes along. Winning four games playing against championship like teams is not a real test. #Oleout Mourinho In.

  • Topa Kuivalainen
    Topa Kuivalainen 19 dager siden

    After 4 win games...Jose is thinking, that maybe i should let the boys played some attacking fotball?

  • Mark Duxberry
    Mark Duxberry 19 dager siden

    00:01 - 00:10 they come being gifts ...

  • Mark Duxberry
    Mark Duxberry 19 dager siden

    The way MUFC have been playing the last couple of years every game is tuff no matter were they are in the League 4 wins on the bounce & 14 goals will do for me ...

  • American Soccer Freestyler

    He seems like he’s a polite amazing man😁😀😄😀😎

  • Erry Nazrin
    Erry Nazrin 19 dager siden

    Im an anzhi machkakala fan but i love this guy

  • LM 10
    LM 10 19 dager siden

    Good start for ole he has to take this to the next level .if they can win 2 or 3 games against top 6 we can we can say that the club is in good hands otherwise i can't c him at man u next season

  • khairul Anuar
    khairul Anuar 19 dager siden

    To be honest. I was spoken about OGS should be United manager since LVG took place. Only him know how to play united attacking style. And now i m very happy Like my dream come true

  • Junaid Ahmed
    Junaid Ahmed 19 dager siden

    Man Utd are doing good now since Mourinho got sacked

  • Rylie Leonnard
    Rylie Leonnard 19 dager siden

    "He(rashford) must have been watching Ronaldo train!!! I agree with ole anyone else agree like

  • Agus Saang
    Agus Saang 19 dager siden

    3:37 :''(

  • vinceiswatchingyou
    vinceiswatchingyou 19 dager siden

    He’s got that winning feeling

  • Ernie Flannel
    Ernie Flannel 19 dager siden

    The woman at the start sounds like a primary school teacher. Everybody behave please or you will have to go and sit in the naughty corner. As for Ole, what can I say ? Not seen UTD play like this for years, and thats what the fans want. Keep up the good work everybody loves you !

  • Aamir Qureshi
    Aamir Qureshi 19 dager siden

    I hope he stays at united as long as sir Alex did P.S I am a Liverpool fan but want united to give us competition

  • Jack Theladd
    Jack Theladd 19 dager siden

    His accent is really coming along.

  • Justus Omollo
    Justus Omollo 19 dager siden

    Can't believe Mourinho sat people down to lecture about football heritage. Ole exudes all the positivity Man United deserves

  • Ferhad Bakinec
    Ferhad Bakinec 19 dager siden


  • brrr shhs
    brrr shhs 19 dager siden

    He is so fun to watch

  • romit de
    romit de 19 dager siden

    He loves the club. He fucking loves it. Even if pooch is appointed next year old should be around in some capacity . Man Utd. is in Ole's blood.

  • imran javed
    imran javed 19 dager siden

    To have some1 whos so Positive before and after a game is really important to the rest of the team as it help them build confidence as they now know they have the manager backing n not getting slated by one. ole man management is second to none he knows how to boost the sqaud with his man managements thats what fergie did n thats how he got the best out of his squad n ole is following suit.even if u dont make top 4 i will still b happy as at least now we have the balls to attack finally ggmu 4life

  • Karl Karg
    Karl Karg 19 dager siden +1

    Ole is a very intelligent..highly observational manager😁

  • paulus matusevicus
    paulus matusevicus 19 dager siden

    Ole as permanent mngr!

  • Everton 123
    Everton 123 19 dager siden

    United should keep him you can see on and off the pitch fans and players are happy 😃

  • gaz elliott
    gaz elliott 19 dager siden

    the next manager should be a carboard cut out of Fergie on the touchline

  • gaz elliott
    gaz elliott 19 dager siden +1

    ole out now disgraceful performance lmao

  • jay richardson
    jay richardson 19 dager siden

    Spurs will be interesting

  • aji wibowo
    aji wibowo 19 dager siden

    United please sign marco rose, Ole should be replaced #YNWA

  • 1wannabee1
    1wannabee1 19 dager siden +1

    Down-2-earth. Solid. 'Genuine' bloke and whats more? UNITED through and through. (and THAT is something you either have or you dont) Simple! All the best Ole, no matter what happens? you will ALWAYS have a fond place in United fans hearts. Tc now

  • Prakash Babu
    Prakash Babu 19 dager siden

    Cheers Ole 🍻

  • David Scahill
    David Scahill 19 dager siden +3

    A gentleman, a breath of fresh air and someone with his head screwed on. Just what united need!

  • mc hunter 1st
    mc hunter 1st 19 dager siden

    the man for job snm

  • Steviej148
    Steviej148 19 dager siden


  • TakerKaneanite619
    TakerKaneanite619 19 dager siden +1

    Him and Klopp are the kind of managers that I want to see succeed.

  • FilipSubotic
    FilipSubotic 19 dager siden

    Ole is amazing, positive and down to earth type of guy. it is a joy to watch MUN again after almost six years, although some of the players last night had poor performances (Matic, Herera, Shaw)

  • Juan Carlos Chinchilla
    Juan Carlos Chinchilla 19 dager siden

    It is the year....Manchester champion

  • norman fernandez
    norman fernandez 19 dager siden +3

    A Norwegian with a Manchunian accent and who understands the Clubs philosophy. Sign him on. So positive it’s infectious on the players. Better than the moody Portuguese peacock.

  • Craig
    Craig 19 dager siden

    signed in 1996 for just 1.5 million £'s - 300,000 more than King Eric cost, wow.

  • Siddharth Baroth
    Siddharth Baroth 19 dager siden +1

    Journalist: Do you take personal satisfaction to the effectiveness of your subs?
    OGS: No, its the work of the players, they deserve the credit

  • aza rain
    aza rain 19 dager siden

    this guy really good . he's should turn professional .