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  • Ace senseii
    Ace senseii 4 timer siden +1

    JJ and vikk have the same brain😂😂😂

  • Livsvilja von Låg
    Livsvilja von Låg 6 timer siden

    Why is Ethan fit? This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, eat more donuts!

  • John Quintero
    John Quintero 6 timer siden

    When u run out of ideas

  • Titan Playz
    Titan Playz 8 timer siden

    Sidemen rocking Lachlan’s merch OwO

  • Sector Tube
    Sector Tube 9 timer siden

    The first round they were in the same teams of the video how well do the sidemen know each other.Does anyone have a little bit of dejavu?

  • Tom Hubers
    Tom Hubers 11 timer siden

    JJ is Getting fat

  • Legoperson098123 Dude
    Legoperson098123 Dude 12 timer siden

    Super smash bros music
    Probably a sponsor

  • King Cr7
    King Cr7 13 timer siden

    Yayy bandana vs banana

  • Dani Plays
    Dani Plays 13 timer siden

    You guys need a new camera or lens. Jesus this is annoying to watch.

  • sharon odogwu
    sharon odogwu 22 timer siden

    They had way too much fun with this video 😂😂

  • Elliott Katanchik
    Elliott Katanchik 22 timer siden

    What is that camera trying to focus tho? Also why are they using stuff from SSBU?

  • VenomBlast500
    VenomBlast500 Dag siden

    Simon rocking that PowerByLachlan hoodie

  • OG Gamers
    OG Gamers Dag siden

    God the focus is so fuckin annoying

  • Nightcore Halcyon
    Nightcore Halcyon Dag siden

    When you got no more ideas for a vid.............smfh

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Dag siden +1

    so if anyone wants any footage of them wanking this is the video to go to ...
    mad hand movements in this video

  • Roshan Naidu
    Roshan Naidu Dag siden

    Pause at 11.36

  • PurandhaR PuRi
    PurandhaR PuRi Dag siden

    So much drama for rock paper scissors 😂

  • Christian Adusei
    Christian Adusei 2 dager siden

    More Sidemen

    It’s the Sidemen, but worse

  • clawn6ify
    clawn6ify 2 dager siden


  • Don'taskme
    Don'taskme 2 dager siden


  • XxBEASTZxX 0
    XxBEASTZxX 0 2 dager siden

    you know the world has turned to shit when you seen grown ass men able to make 12 minute video of roc paper scissors

  • Ed Kinge
    Ed Kinge 2 dager siden +1

    It sounds more fun behind the camera

  • Connor Dotson
    Connor Dotson 2 dager siden

    worst video ever.

  • BlAzEdPlays Games
    BlAzEdPlays Games 2 dager siden

    That focus thing is so annoyinghhgggg

  • Twitch: IsaacTW2003
    Twitch: IsaacTW2003 2 dager siden

    How tf do they make Rock Paper Scissors entertaining

  • JelloMelllo Mooku
    JelloMelllo Mooku 2 dager siden

    Simon wearing Lachlan’s merch

  • Mega AnimationBros
    Mega AnimationBros 2 dager siden

    they actually made this into a 12 min vid lol

  • Vibhor
    Vibhor 2 dager siden +1

    I want to know the brand of the camera so I will never buy it

  • Tyger Harrison
    Tyger Harrison 2 dager siden

    When you get pizza for dinner 8:37

  • Nathan Bianchini
    Nathan Bianchini 3 dager siden

    Tf wrong with the camera

  • Aidan Mayfield
    Aidan Mayfield 3 dager siden

    Make a paper rock scissors championship belt.

  • lordlinkthegreat
    lordlinkthegreat 3 dager siden

    Sly ass JJ pulled a paper after a rock.

  • NiKoLa
    NiKoLa 3 dager siden

    Unfair for Vikk

  • ABDY
    ABDY 3 dager siden

    Tobi fell of that chair so smoothly 😂

  • metalnitro99
    metalnitro99 3 dager siden

    It happened, the sidemen have officially ran out of ideas.

  • Koddly
    Koddly 3 dager siden

    And New....

    COC&CR GAMING 3 dager siden


  • CocoCrazyFangirl17
    CocoCrazyFangirl17 3 dager siden

    7:21 JJ.exe has stopped working

  • Lol Lel
    Lol Lel 3 dager siden

    Wait! Wat about JJ and Bezhinga?

  • TylerTheHater
    TylerTheHater 3 dager siden +1

    you're running out of ideas....

  • Redness77
    Redness77 3 dager siden

    Camera high key pissed me off lmao

  • HektiKMonkeY
    HektiKMonkeY 3 dager siden

    You guys should make an actual belt for the Undisputed Rock Paper Scissors Champion and then make him defend it in the future #content

  • James Mountford
    James Mountford 3 dager siden

    Could you not have just left the main camera out and used footage from the other cameras? The refocussing is reaaaaally annoying :(

  • blackdragonwtf
    blackdragonwtf 4 dager siden

    Seriously What is with that crappy camera, even the vs graphics look unfocused

  • Compilation
    Compilation 4 dager siden

    This is what happens when you do NO-clip and run out of ideas

  • Massimo Naccarato
    Massimo Naccarato 4 dager siden

    Anyone else a little bit triggered that the camera couldn’t stay focused 😂

  • Aliyah Alexander
    Aliyah Alexander 4 dager siden

    Jj get with the fitness trend

  • Aliyah Alexander
    Aliyah Alexander 4 dager siden

    JJ is now the fattest

  • Muaaz15
    Muaaz15 4 dager siden +2

    Ethan more fit than jj hahah

  • Ellie Ford
    Ellie Ford 4 dager siden

    am i the only one playing along with them?

  • Jumbo Truster
    Jumbo Truster 4 dager siden +2

    How did make this entertaining?

  • Sondre Breyholtz
    Sondre Breyholtz 4 dager siden

    bezinga is there just to laugh of his own joke

  • Nick van B
    Nick van B 4 dager siden

    So we all gonna ignore the fact the focus is shat

  • CazIsShort
    CazIsShort 4 dager siden

    10:30 someone got lazy with the eye effects

  • Orion Steketee
    Orion Steketee 4 dager siden

    At 11:36 Ethans face is hillarious

  • Andi /-\
    Andi /-\ 4 dager siden

    Arm wrestling contest?

  • Loliana Lovelace
    Loliana Lovelace 4 dager siden

    The constant blur and the camera trying to focus in.

  • A plus Games
    A plus Games 4 dager siden

    Vik used Indian black magic

  • T B
    T B 4 dager siden

    The fatty reminds me alot of Tyson Fury, the only difference is that he didn't get robbed and actually won lmao

  • Nelson Medrano
    Nelson Medrano 4 dager siden

    I hate fucking Ethan that fool is so fucking annoying

  • Jasper Nnachi
    Jasper Nnachi 4 dager siden

    im a massive fan of jj but has he just grown tits again

  • Oscailly
    Oscailly 4 dager siden +1


  • Mahamood Yusuf
    Mahamood Yusuf 4 dager siden

    Fix your fucking camera

  • Pranav2424
    Pranav2424 4 dager siden

    Whats up with the focus

  • DSH
    DSH 4 dager siden

    Is Simon wearing Lachlan merch

  • Jameson 1349
    Jameson 1349 4 dager siden

    When you run out of video ideas so you just film a Rock Paper Scissors tournament

  • Amelia Brereton
    Amelia Brereton 4 dager siden

    Youre welcome❤️

  • sierra wolves
    sierra wolves 4 dager siden

    Bruh i got a headache watchin this shit

  • Nathan Stewart
    Nathan Stewart 4 dager siden

    What is the outro song 11:38

  • luca tammaro
    luca tammaro 4 dager siden

    Where art thou ideas

  • Jalal Shadmen
    Jalal Shadmen 5 dager siden

    Vick only beat jj twice

  • YeezyBoy 17
    YeezyBoy 17 5 dager siden

    I can’t tell if JJ stopped working out and has tits again or if he has worked out extra hard and got big pecks

  • CM M
    CM M 5 dager siden

    Ksi vs Vik 6:36 lmao

  • Alexander Lundvall
    Alexander Lundvall 5 dager siden

    wtf is this camera lag

  • Jorge Corral
    Jorge Corral 5 dager siden

    I"m not mad that this is where I am in my life. Solid.

  • lil luca aka troço
    lil luca aka troço 5 dager siden +1

    My boy KSI playing dat syncopated rock scizzor paper

  • ghost cuber 2020
    ghost cuber 2020 5 dager siden

    The fucking camera

  • Prince zu
    Prince zu 5 dager siden

    JJ’s tits has reappeared💀

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie 5 dager siden

    The camera is just preventing me from watching this

  • Rabia Begum
    Rabia Begum 5 dager siden

    Simon wearing Power by Lachlan

  • Lili Bianc
    Lili Bianc 5 dager siden

    ethan is so gassed lol

  • Feral JC
    Feral JC 5 dager siden


  • MIkkel Setov
    MIkkel Setov 5 dager siden

    is it just me or are JJ getting fat again?

  • CMitchell
    CMitchell 5 dager siden

    I hate Ethan look how he tries to act cool after winning Rock Paper Scissors smh

  • Alfie M
    Alfie M 5 dager siden

    What the fuck is this camera

    MARKIXX 5 dager siden

    sry i cant enjoy the vid if the focus is changing

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 5 dager siden

    Is miniminter wearing power by Lachlan

  • Not okay
    Not okay 5 dager siden

    What does Simon say in the intro? *"the winner will get.. dick (?)"*

  • Daleh 93
    Daleh 93 5 dager siden

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • B-Man 14
    B-Man 14 5 dager siden

    10:34 Ethan looks like Santa lmao

  • Diego Savage
    Diego Savage 5 dager siden +1

    Make a petition for #StopVikkAbuse

  • Kunal Mehta
    Kunal Mehta 5 dager siden

    Can't wait for sidemen ludo
    Or sidemen snakes and ladders

  • oarmo
    oarmo 5 dager siden +1

    How I’m wasting my time watching Grown men playing Rock Paper Scissors

    ABRAHAM MATAR 5 dager siden

    Y is Simon wearing lachlan merch

  • Rp Mishra
    Rp Mishra 5 dager siden

    JJ v vikk was rigged

  • Tia Moulton
    Tia Moulton 5 dager siden

    They have turned a old playground game to some fucking tense competition