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  • Moura
    Moura 3 dager siden

    Why did i enjoy watching this so much?

  • Troll Loool
    Troll Loool 8 dager siden

    What am I doing with my life?

  • Kassi Vee
    Kassi Vee 10 dager siden

    Crossbar challenge 2019?

  • Micky Bradford
    Micky Bradford 22 dager siden

    The one time Vikk wins against Jj in anything

  • TreeWolf
    TreeWolf 23 dager siden

    How did you make this a 12min video

  • Best Vlogers Friends
    Best Vlogers Friends 24 dager siden

    Simon I wearing Lachlan merch

  • The official Tati23
    The official Tati23 27 dager siden +1

    Lmao they runnin out of video ideas ahhahaha

  • Plastic Plays
    Plastic Plays 27 dager siden

    The only challenge that Ethan will win tho

  • Wayrule Commenting
    Wayrule Commenting 28 dager siden


  • Callum
    Callum 29 dager siden

    We’re they drunk during this lol

  • Chloe Fairclough
    Chloe Fairclough Måned siden +1

    Anybody watching this in 2019

  • Ruby Krokowski
    Ruby Krokowski Måned siden

    Is Simon wearing Lachlan's merch?

  • Adrian White
    Adrian White Måned siden

    is that all you could think of buut sorry love yor vids and ethan is fat hahahha

  • Jimmakos 05
    Jimmakos 05 Måned siden


  • Benjamin Lule
    Benjamin Lule Måned siden

    Clearly out of ideas

  • XxLazar WarriorxX
    XxLazar WarriorxX Måned siden

    Wait is Simon wearing lachlan merch

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M Måned siden

    can't believe i'm actually enjoying this😂😂

  • Amy Gibbons
    Amy Gibbons Måned siden

    this was great because the first sidemen vid i ever watched was vik’s escape challenge video...

  • Macey Thomas
    Macey Thomas Måned siden

    Great content sh*t camera

  • ali animations
    ali animations Måned siden

    Simon betrayed the sdmn he didnt wear sdmn merch he wore power by lachlan

  • Rohith Praveen
    Rohith Praveen Måned siden

    Ethan is in much better shape than any of them.
    Like if u agree👍

  • Ruby Sadler
    Ruby Sadler Måned siden

    Yevtushenko am I dying laughing at 7 grown men playing Rock Paper Scissors 😂

  • Toxic
    Toxic Måned siden


  • x Zydio2
    x Zydio2 Måned siden

    kick vik out the sidemen or bully him more. he is a cringe virgin lmao

  • Sonbol Khalil
    Sonbol Khalil Måned siden

    Half the video was ksi and vik drawing

  • Bin Midlaj
    Bin Midlaj Måned siden

    Honestly every 2 that were against each other are all ship names :
    2-team 10 years
    3-(theres only eathan and harry so it counts )

  • ibigurj 123
    ibigurj 123 Måned siden

    Wat wrong wid camera

  • Brownie B
    Brownie B Måned siden

    Simon has Lachlan’s merch

  • Shreea Rupal
    Shreea Rupal Måned siden +1

    Grown ass men flexing on their Rock Paper Scissors skills.....
    FUKIN hilarious 😂

  • Jackie Tawadros
    Jackie Tawadros Måned siden

    I full on suggested that months before they posted it and I watch it now not cause I’m bored but cause I knew I’d enjoy it.

  • RoMe Wolf
    RoMe Wolf Måned siden

    pause at 11:36

  • Afg Matab
    Afg Matab Måned siden

    Why the camera sucks everytime?

  • A Rizky
    A Rizky Måned siden

    when you're all out of ideas for a video

  • J Hob
    J Hob Måned siden

    JJ putting on weight?

  • Rory McColl
    Rory McColl Måned siden

    im watching grown men play rock paper scissors fml

  • Krivith Reddy
    Krivith Reddy Måned siden

    JJ got fat

  • s0larised
    s0larised Måned siden

    this is worse than the wembley cup

  • Hazim 44
    Hazim 44 Måned siden

    Ethan looking like a PE teacher

  • Faris Kanaan
    Faris Kanaan Måned siden

    The camera is so annoying

  • Brydeb Trd
    Brydeb Trd Måned siden

    Ksi boobs coming back?

    ALI_ FURY Måned siden

    11:36 WTF 😂😂😂

  • Gautham Krithiwas
    Gautham Krithiwas Måned siden +1


  • Bitch Ass
    Bitch Ass 2 måneder siden

    Did vik literally do a line before this video

  • iraia george
    iraia george 2 måneder siden

    Who would've known rock paper scissors could be such an intense game. Lol

  • Chris Barnard
    Chris Barnard 2 måneder siden +1

    When the sidemen run out of ideas

  • xTomLox
    xTomLox 2 måneder siden

    Just a little scoreboard for people, (yeah I got a lot of time on my hands).
    Round 1: (Best of 3)
    Behzinga 2 - 0 W2S
    Tobi 2 - 0 Zerkaa
    KSI 2 - 1 Miniminter
    Vikk (FREE PASS)
    Semi-Finals: (Best of 5)
    Tobi 1 - 3 Behzinga
    KSI 2 - 3 Vikk
    Finals: (Best of 7)
    Behzinga 4 - 0 Vikk
    Winner: BEHZINGA

  • itz_ws_ayush
    itz_ws_ayush 2 måneder siden

    11:36 ethan has yellow teeths

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 2 måneder siden

    Shot out to Simon wearing Lachlans merch

  • Harvey Rayner
    Harvey Rayner 2 måneder siden

    Simon repping Lachlans merch

  • Graham Hellmer
    Graham Hellmer 2 måneder siden

    These guys got 1.1 mil views for rock, paper, scissors... they’re doing life right

  • adil khan
    adil khan 2 måneder siden

    Vick is gay

  • Bananabug 4
    Bananabug 4 2 måneder siden

    Rock Paper Scissors intensifies

  • Vihaan Jhaveri
    Vihaan Jhaveri 2 måneder siden

    Is Simon wearing Lachlan’s merch !!!?

  • Mobro 78
    Mobro 78 2 måneder siden

    It takessss so looooong stop talking what the fuck

  • M. deWith
    M. deWith 2 måneder siden

    4:10 is that ET on the right side?

  • SamTheIcon
    SamTheIcon 2 måneder siden

    where did Simon get that hoodie?

  • Charby Boi
    Charby Boi 2 måneder siden

    my life is now completed

  • Charles McCarthy
    Charles McCarthy 2 måneder siden


  • Seb O
    Seb O 2 måneder siden

    Never seen Rock Paper Scissors more intense then vik vs jj

  • Sid T
    Sid T 2 måneder siden

    When the sidemen run out of ideas for a video ^^^^

  • itz Crypt
    itz Crypt 2 måneder siden

    Holy fuck did JJ get fat

  • Ahnaf Farabi
    Ahnaf Farabi 2 måneder siden

    Ksi lost his abs?

  • Gaming Center
    Gaming Center 2 måneder siden


  • Cryokiller -_-
    Cryokiller -_- 2 måneder siden

    Ethan at the end had me dying

  • xawilliams3
    xawilliams3 2 måneder siden

    This was intense asf😂

  • Electricmumu GT
    Electricmumu GT 2 måneder siden

    Omg its so funny when it comes to jj vs vikk

  • Alex Barrett
    Alex Barrett 2 måneder siden +1

    JJ managed not to draw for once

  • No Name
    No Name 2 måneder siden +1

    Ethan’s looking bare Pang!

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes 2 måneder siden

    The LEAST you guys could've done is have everyone dress in cool outfits, followed by equally cool poses.

  • Tahrib Miah
    Tahrib Miah 2 måneder siden

    This video makes us all appreciate Kon

  • Jakestar123
    Jakestar123 2 måneder siden +1


  • amine benouennane
    amine benouennane 2 måneder siden

    Looks like jj's boobs are coming back

  • Harrythedon Hodge
    Harrythedon Hodge 2 måneder siden

    Great vid just a shame your camera is rubbish 🚯💩 at the start

  • lei wa
    lei wa 2 måneder siden

    JJ and Vikk try so hard to get the video over 10mins lmao

  • Šari Bari
    Šari Bari 2 måneder siden

    That fcking camera man...

  • Plewsy
    Plewsy 2 måneder siden

    In the red corner... we have the best batty bomber... Vikkstar!

  • James Beattie
    James Beattie 2 måneder siden

    WTF is it focussing so much

  • Sir_Antex
    Sir_Antex 2 måneder siden

    Turn off auto-focus

  • B Dunphy
    B Dunphy 2 måneder siden


  • Markus Hansson
    Markus Hansson 2 måneder siden

    jj back at it with his tits

  • JdHol67
    JdHol67 2 måneder siden +14

    For the love of god please turn the auto-focus off

  • Oh Shit
    Oh Shit 2 måneder siden


  • Кот Беленький
    Кот Беленький 2 måneder siden

    I wish jj and viks round was the final

  • Liam Hayman
    Liam Hayman 2 måneder siden

    Ksi can only draw lol against vik

  • finley knowles
    finley knowles 2 måneder siden +1

    Contents hit rock bottom

  • Wonel2K
    Wonel2K 2 måneder siden +3

    I have an exam in 4.5 hours and im watching some random British men playing rock paper scissors .....

  • Joe-Lee Lambert
    Joe-Lee Lambert 2 måneder siden

    Big Boy Behz

  • Djllonstevens
    Djllonstevens 2 måneder siden

    The brains v the muscle 😂😂😂😂 KSI v Vik

  • Ace VII
    Ace VII 2 måneder siden


  • Ace VII
    Ace VII 2 måneder siden +46

    JJ and vikk have the same brain😂😂😂

  • Livsvilja von Låg
    Livsvilja von Låg 2 måneder siden

    Why is Ethan fit? This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, eat more donuts!

  • John Quintero
    John Quintero 2 måneder siden

    When u run out of ideas

  • Titan Playz
    Titan Playz 2 måneder siden +7

    Sidemen rocking Lachlan’s merch OwO

  • Sector Tube
    Sector Tube 2 måneder siden +1

    The first round they were in the same teams of the video how well do the sidemen know each other.Does anyone have a little bit of dejavu?

  • Tom Hubers
    Tom Hubers 2 måneder siden

    JJ is Getting fat

  • Legoperson098123 Dude
    Legoperson098123 Dude 2 måneder siden

    Super smash bros music
    Probably a sponsor

  • King Cr7
    King Cr7 2 måneder siden

    Yayy bandana vs banana

  • Dani Plays
    Dani Plays 2 måneder siden

    You guys need a new camera or lens. Jesus this is annoying to watch.

  • sharon odogwu
    sharon odogwu 2 måneder siden

    They had way too much fun with this video 😂😂