Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ

  • Publisert 30. okt.. 2018
  • As part of our 30th-anniversary dissection of masculinity, Helen Lewis interrogated controversial Canadian academic and bestselling author Jordan Peterson about the patriarchy, #MeToo, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascist ideologies, his all-beef diet and much more...
    photographer: Nigel Parry
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    Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work"
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  • Michael Froelich
    Michael Froelich 22 timer siden

    Under Mao women were prevented from wearing makeup and an entire generation didn't know what it was. But when Mao was gone and cosmetics were again available they couldn't buy or wear enough of them.

  • J P
    J P 22 timer siden

    Like some of the points Mr. Peterson makes.
    Unfortunately Mr. Peterson's position ist compromised since he is on a purely meat baced diet, justifiable because of his and his dauters peculiar health issues.
    Due to this fact his moral compass is wired to convince himself that climate change is not real and does not adress the sustainability issues of consuming animal products to solve the possibility of future over population. Sad because he is quite a smart man.

  • Anton Romanov
    Anton Romanov 22 timer siden

    Total rekt

  • epavarma
    epavarma 22 timer siden

    1:08:34 "I'm not hearing what you think. I'm hearing how you're able to represent the ideology you were taught. And it's not that interesting because I don't know anything about you. I could replace you with someone else who thinks the same way. And that means, you are not here. It's not pleasant." That sumps up much nicely much of the public discourse these days. This "interview" should be shown to all journalism students as an example of how NOT to conduct an interview.

  • Hmac Production
    Hmac Production 22 timer siden

    This women is not prepared and extremely uneducated, Peterson exposes how naïve she really is.

  • Jaki Delfin?
    Jaki Delfin? 22 timer siden

    Lobsters are pretty cool i guess

  • Nathan Maxx
    Nathan Maxx 22 timer siden

    I found them both to have struck a good balance between agreement, opposition and entertaining discourse. Great job for both parties!

  • Michael Froelich
    Michael Froelich 22 timer siden

    What Dr.Peterson doesn't understand is that in India or China or Egypt that a man doesn't have to be competent in order to boss around a woman. He only has to be a man. Go to those places and see for yourself.

  • Michael Froelich
    Michael Froelich 22 timer siden

    Most American women are attracted to incompetent mates. They feel uncomfortable and anxious around competent men because they are unaccustomed to them. They prefers losers like their fathers and uncles because that's what they're familiar with.

  • Charlie Milroy
    Charlie Milroy 22 timer siden

    Obama is white as well as being black. It's crazy that he's only every referred to as black. It's actually incredibly racist to carry forward that one drop of black blood concept.

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones 22 timer siden

    Get over yourself, Peter-nuts. No one needs to "Take you out!" LOL!!!

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 22 timer siden

    The journalist isn't incompetent... her ideology is incompetent.

  • Lord Pax
    Lord Pax 22 timer siden +1

    She is mentally deficient.

    BSEC THC CREW 22 timer siden

    Who watched the whole thing.

  • Randy Jones
    Randy Jones 22 timer siden

    jordan "cuck" peterson

  • objectivity gate
    objectivity gate 22 timer siden

    I thought Peterson was pretty combative in this one. He straw manned her quite a bit. Yes indeed.
    He made a lot of cheeky remarks about women and until the mid point ended he kept making shitty remarks and blatantly told her he was strawmanning her. But I think he may haveDone it in the way that guys do to get closer to each other they get into a fight and then they can talk more genuinely... that was a mental scrap. maybe. The tone got a lot better after that.
    Still, a great interview. I enjoyed the real ness of this one.

  • Amy Weaver
    Amy Weaver 22 timer siden

    He completely dominates her from the aspect of competence!!

  • Olive LG
    Olive LG 22 timer siden

    This lady is weak. lol

  • Michael Froelich
    Michael Froelich 22 timer siden

    My German grandparents and great grandparents and great, great grandparents in America didn't even want to speak English and preferred to only speak German because they knew as Germans they were better than other Americans. We identify as German and we know we are better than the rest and that's that.

  • Rick O'Brien
    Rick O'Brien 22 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson does videos for the fraud fake university Prager U...This guy is a walking joke.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 22 timer siden

    access to the child is only for the father. the mother always gets curiosity .No homework done by this lady

  • Adriano Valadão
    Adriano Valadão 22 timer siden

    Well, seems like men will need to take back the advantage of this patriarchal tyranny because apparently women, as the direct beneficiary of it, are doing way better than they were in 1919, less than 100 years ago, almost yesterday. But still, there is no woman capable of having a logical argument against Peterson's dialethic.

  • SatanicCommunist
    SatanicCommunist 22 timer siden


  • Bryan Kale
    Bryan Kale 22 timer siden

    It always blows my mind that these people think they're smart enough to back intellectuals like Peterson, D'Souza, or Shapiro into a corner. They make a living toying with talking heads.

  • Jared Cronin
    Jared Cronin 22 timer siden

    It was difficult to watch at times, but in the end I thought it to be a pleasant interview. Even if her naive ideologies came out as blasé and uninspired I.e Peterson saying she wasn’t there, I thought it was quite entertaining.

  • Olive LG
    Olive LG 23 timer siden

    Seriously I can't stand feminists. This lady is so weak.....

  • Lynda Beverley
    Lynda Beverley 23 timer siden

    There you go .....bloody feminist 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • L V
    L V 23 timer siden

    She's a great interviewer - very smart, knows the background on her views. He is so utterly angry and hostile at talking with a smart woman who disagrees with him - it's hilarious to hear his remarks, I wish she was more nasty with him like he is, but she's classy, so she does not.

  • Lynda Beverley
    Lynda Beverley 23 timer siden

    Wow how bloody rude is she?

  • Jay B
    Jay B 23 timer siden

    so this isn't the full interview..I wonder why the uncut version wasn't uploaded.

  • Krotehsad
    Krotehsad 23 timer siden

    It is so much fun to see this lady swallow most things she says. What a rubbish interviewer. Seriously? Jordan Peterson shows up for an interview and this is what you can offer? Pffft. *laughs in competence*

  • Charlie Milroy
    Charlie Milroy 23 timer siden

    How does giving women the right to end lives help them take their rightful place as full humans?

  • James Hootman
    James Hootman 23 timer siden

    Yet I feel both are perceptive and intelligent individuals ...and as a man and woman revealed alot by both ov them being there ...

  • B T
    B T 23 timer siden

    It's easy to preach about heirachy. Heaven forbid one should actually ask you to give up your place in it.

  • James Hootman
    James Hootman 23 timer siden

    He causes me to think ov thee reincarnation ov Aldous Huxley crossed with Mark Twain in alot ov ways ~

  • Russell Littler
    Russell Littler 23 timer siden

    Just another dumb, entitled, left-wing feminist, who is pointless to the future of society.

  • Pepsi Me
    Pepsi Me 23 timer siden

    so, standing up for your moral principles means thriving on anger? omg, what kind of twisted logic is that???

  • Fernandez T
    Fernandez T 23 timer siden

    You cant beat logic and common sense.... Why are feminist so butthurt and see only the negative and bad about our society??

  • James Zimmerman
    James Zimmerman 23 timer siden

    feel sorry for her (must be) sissy husband

  • The Resuscitationist
    The Resuscitationist 23 timer siden

    Did she think she wasn't going to get dominated as badly as the last super-liberal "journalist" who tried this nonsense? Welp... wrong again dunce.

  • Theodoros Kefalopoulos
    Theodoros Kefalopoulos 23 timer siden

    OMFG Jordan has an opinion on atmospheric physics and mining science as well as geology and renewable energy!!!! Dude, you already have valid opinions on so many subject but physics and engineering is not your field...

  • ZombieCorp.
    ZombieCorp. 23 timer siden

    I have notice that at the start of most of these "interviews" they start by poisoning the well, trying to make a false connect to an negative extremist view of point or group. "How much responsibility do you feel you have particularly to the alt-right." This is just a pathetic attempt to demonize the person and their ideas before you have a chance to decide for yourself if you agree or not with their ideas. (( lobster man bad, trust us. ))

  • Pepsi Me
    Pepsi Me 23 timer siden

    she's married, eh? i strongly suspect her family is under a matriarchal tyranny but of course she doesn't see it

  • Helge Smutt
    Helge Smutt 23 timer siden

    Bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla... FFS, listen when you have an expert in the studio. Don't try to educate him. Feminists are dangerous people, very dangerous. They don't listen to facts at all. Everyone who question their doctrine is an enemy.

  • Rynne Rawrsome
    Rynne Rawrsome 23 timer siden

    Lol she came for the lobsters and Jordan Peterson read her to filth HONEYYYY💁💁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • hej
    hej 23 timer siden

    It's terrible hard to watch an interview when two people see eachother as enemies and constantly have tense tones to eachother when they speak. Fine if you don't agree, but don't make it like your'e about to punch a face in.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 23 timer siden

    Before Jordan Peterson , this channel was rubbish .......... every other video could not surpass 30k views........

  • McIntoEnglish
    McIntoEnglish 23 timer siden

    I don't like the way this is edited. The editing only shows his face, or the side angle. You never see her face full on. I question how much our perception is influenced by the fact you actually never see her full face. When you can't see someone fully, it is harder to relate to him/her.

  • Esme Plants
    Esme Plants 23 timer siden

    I swear Oxford teaches specifically against the type of assumptions, generalisations and steadfast aim her arguments are full of...

  • Loki Loki
    Loki Loki 23 timer siden

    He is the man.
    Conducts himself flawlessly.
    We need him running things.

  • argusfest
    argusfest 23 timer siden

    The merits of the arguments aside, the audio on this is video terrible. She sounds good but his sound is awful.

  • Mark J. Kim
    Mark J. Kim 23 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson - A philosopher successful in his career as a respected professor and happily married man living a happy life with his loving wife and children.
    Interviewing Feminist - Miserably lonely thinking its a sacrifice of being a feminist and always looking for a scapegoat to blame for her life.

  • Suki Cheema
    Suki Cheema 23 timer siden

    Poor quality interviewing techniques..... maybe I should cancel my GQ subscription!

  • Hiro
    Hiro 23 timer siden

    Nice audio might wanna give the fella a mic next time

  • Bulian Badam
    Bulian Badam 23 timer siden

    This is crazy. Check it out. It's a biological structure. Women rely on men to have kids. Men rely on women to make babies. 2020

    • Bulian Badam
      Bulian Badam 23 timer siden

      And then there's the loco people who want to rule the world and own the world for themselves.

  • R1b
    R1b 23 timer siden +2

    she was much better than the last few opposition interviewers, but she still was very condescending and hypocritical in everything she said.

  • Hugh Oxford
    Hugh Oxford 23 timer siden

    We need to crowdfund a holiday for JBP

  • Pravin Periasamy
    Pravin Periasamy 23 timer siden +1

    Dear British GQ,
    Please get someone as intelligent as the person you plan on interviewing. This was live humiliation broadcasted, blatantly showing that racism is rejuvenated through marxists who feed off the euphoria of hating on opposing genders.

  • objectivity gate
    objectivity gate 23 timer siden

    "Read More."

  • Michał Orłowski
    Michał Orłowski 23 timer siden

    Why has he self tan effect applied to his face?

  • ryan glasmann
    ryan glasmann 23 timer siden

    17.00 - 18.30 wow....

  • Nerd Potato
    Nerd Potato 23 timer siden

    Tagged with MeToo......

  • Joe Duarte
    Joe Duarte Dag siden

    I can't watch to completion the interviewer is giving me cancer

  • Hugh Oxford
    Hugh Oxford Dag siden

    A great deal of population control fanaticism is selfishness masquerading as concern. People who can't be bothered to have kids, and who want to live like children themselves forever. And yet still, somehow, expect someone to be around to look after them when they are old and sick.

  • LaserFlexr
    LaserFlexr Dag siden

    "women are a majority in 2/3 college courses in the US" I recall a statistic coming out of the USSR in somewhere around the mid to late 80's regarding the demographics of engineering graduates having heavily skewed female. That was a result not of demonstrated better engineering aptitude but rather as result of willingness to conform to the rules. Women simply got better grades on average. The leadership saw this as an opportunity to effectively double the number of engineers, which perhaps they did achieve, but what they apparently did not anticipate was that the practical and effective skills of those degreed engineers dropping. They put all their attention to turning out more female engineers, and in the process changed the way that engineering was taught, alienating many male students in the process. Ask the former leadership of the USSR how that turned out.
    Pointing that out is by no means an attack on women, nor a detraction from their value and beneficial and necessary contributions to a healthy society in the future, nor should it be taken to mean that no woman is capable of being a successful engineer. My intention is to reiterate that there really is a difference between women and men, and we should venture to make the best use of all the natural talents we posses.
    Simple truth; If based solely on natural talents the ratio of engineers will be vastly male as will frame carpenters and concrete finishers, they are typically better suited for those jobs.
    BTW I have a distant cousin, female, who is a concrete finisher and by all accounts good at it. I only saw her one time and it was while she was at work and her performance was indistinguishable from the males on the crew. The crew was employed by my Father's cousin and the female finisher was his granddaughter. I worked for him for a brief period as a teenager and let me tell you that is as hard a physical job as there is.

  • Ri
    Ri Dag siden

    why didn't they mic him properly. his voice is echoey and tinny compared to hers.

  • Mark Shaw
    Mark Shaw Dag siden

    I thought she did a very good job, she understood Peterson and she put him to task while being polite and good humored. I'm a big fan of JP and I've seen him interviewed by all sorts and as someone with opposing views she gave him all the space he needed to make his case. Good for her.

  • Brendan Butler
    Brendan Butler Dag siden

    That journalist is the reason that liberals get a bad rap.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Dag siden

    She Cancelled her Book....for sure....... with some tears but ......she did the right thing!

  • Saul Murillo
    Saul Murillo Dag siden

    If I ever interviewed Jordan Peterson I’d ask: “Gun to your head: who would you rather have sex with, your mom or your dad?”

  • Beauty & The Kapre
    Beauty & The Kapre Dag siden

    I'm not even sorry. Disliked this video because the journalist should only be do his or her job which is reporting on the story. Gq magazine is a journalist publication is it not? If I wanted to hear someone's opinion or how they don't agree I'd tune into a late night talk show. Which this isn't. Decide what you want to be and portray it appropriately

  • Julio Bravo
    Julio Bravo Dag siden

    The journalist is the most anti-scientists or not seriously, that one can find. You can reduce her approach like this: she said: Well, I think that the ”thing” (whatever you are talking with her at the particular moment) is in this way, bcoz I can imagine that so that is proof enough to demonstrate that this is totally true and I’ve right.

  • Uncle Albert
    Uncle Albert Dag siden

    He’s one angry dude!

  • Slinging Lead
    Slinging Lead Dag siden

    Oh look, another abortion enthusiast. Killing babies is the holy sacrament of the left.

    • Hugh Oxford
      Hugh Oxford Dag siden

      They have always used violence to promote their ends. The ends justifies the means.

  • RoadWarrior2006
    RoadWarrior2006 Dag siden

    This two dimensional Marxist university feminist is way out of her league.

  • RoadWarrior2006
    RoadWarrior2006 Dag siden

    Is her Microphone far louder because 'oppression'?

  • Josh Lambert
    Josh Lambert Dag siden

    Waiting for the interview where JBP asks for where they get their information from every time they make a grandiose claim about "people I know". HAHAHA

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker Dag siden +2

    This woman is dreadful. How did Peterson tolerate her?

  • Jason Morand
    Jason Morand Dag siden

    Wow. She is so out of her league. I'm not even sure if she realizes it...

  • Jan-Martin Ulvåg
    Jan-Martin Ulvåg Dag siden

    She did a good job. I dont think she is aggressive. She is ok. You people bashing her have issues. Shame on you.

  • boogie man
    boogie man Dag siden

    good interviewer

  • random-orange
    random-orange Dag siden

    "Western society is the least tyrannical society" - the Iraqis butchered by the millions would like to disagree. The Syrians pawns offered at the alter of Russia-West animosity would like to disagree if they are still breathing. Underline: I am not saying that India/China would be better or better now. I am just saying there is no basis for saying Least tyrannical society. It just feels that way because of the insulation provided by dogma.

    • GiFRAnable
      GiFRAnable Dag siden

      You're talking about country affairs, not society.
      Least tyrannical means that you still will find tyrannic elements. Taxes is one such thing.
      On the other hand no one will "disappear" when society finds it annoying or something in that line.

  • Minga Linga
    Minga Linga Dag siden

    Helen Lewis...lab rats are the reason why you weight loss pills probably work and why you've been able to keep your greys under control and all of a sudden you have an issue with lobsters! Someone please slap her.

  • Peter h
    Peter h Dag siden

    1:02:50 This should be read out loud in divorce courts before hearings even begin to destroy the myth that men don't care about their kids and they are better in the sole custody of the mother. There are PARENTS; both male and female and they love their kids equally. Why do most women initiate divorce in a failed marriage? ..because they know the legal outcome will heavily favour them! Not because men are bad to be married to and are incompetent to look after their own children! The insinuation that the virtue of motherhood is a catch-all is frankly insulting.

  • random-orange
    random-orange Dag siden

    He says that competence is the only thing that brings about dominance. This is not true. Trump is president because of father's wealth. (Underline: I didn't say anything else about Trump, just that he is president because of his father's wealth) That is the part that Dr.Peterson is not acknowledging. He has a very high verbal IQ and consequently charisma. But is unconsciously biased towards systems that promote privilege-dominance while saying he is only for competence-dominance. Everybody is for competence-dominance, it is privilege-dominance that everyone (librards) are worried about. He can't be made to see his bias because of the insulation provided by his charisma (his people) and his verbal IQ.

  • leigh perks
    leigh perks Dag siden

    @16;00 her argument/view breaks down...wooops shes a clown, cant watch anymore. is a joke

  • ob mi
    ob mi Dag siden

    I like his lectures but when he goes on screen interrupts too often and loses a bit of inspiring character

  • Jagvillboienhatt
    Jagvillboienhatt Dag siden

    I actually quite enjoyed the interview, the only part where she completely lost me was at the end when they were disussing Count Dancula. It was quite obvious that she was struggling trying to explain why his joke was not a joke, as if she knew she couldn't make a rational argument.

  • Rodrigo Rocha
    Rodrigo Rocha Dag siden +1

    Sad thing her mother didn't was in favor of abortion like she is.

  • Przemysław Kalita
    Przemysław Kalita Dag siden

    Why His audio is worse than Hers? Thats disrespectful :/

  • D3sToD3s
    D3sToD3s Dag siden +1

    "Why do women change their names on marriage traditionaly? To symbolize the transfer of their ownership from one family to another family"
    You and Me have a very different interpretation of the word "Belonging" when it comes to family.

  • Aurora Avery
    Aurora Avery Dag siden

    54:30 "one womans enough trouble" lol

  • Delana Sloan
    Delana Sloan Dag siden

    Global warming? Grand solar minimum. Cycle meets maunder minimum gonna get cold.

  • Anette Klang
    Anette Klang Dag siden

    Just love to listen to Peterson and see this crazy feminist that think that she have more right to express what she thinks than Peterson and she don not need to have any facts to proof it and just can put the science in the garbage bin and not listen. Political idealist have destroyed the world more than once. Why does she not learn herself from the history! It does not matter if these tyrants and destryoer are men or woman. They are oppressive people!

  • Jack Heaton
    Jack Heaton Dag siden +1

    the first ten minutes Jordan is spot on! but jesus, can she give him a break? how he finds a legit response for all this bs is incredible, very well read bloke to say the least

  • Jack Jonson
    Jack Jonson Dag siden

    200 books in 2 years period daaaamm!!!

  • Jan-Martin Ulvåg
    Jan-Martin Ulvåg Dag siden


  • RoadWarrior2006
    RoadWarrior2006 Dag siden +1

    "you have been researching longer than my lifetime? Too bad, it doesn't fit my leftist narrative".

  • Marcus Elgart
    Marcus Elgart Dag siden

    *Baseline* another one bites the dust