Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ

  • Publisert 30. okt.. 2018
  • As part of our 30th-anniversary dissection of masculinity, Helen Lewis interrogated controversial Canadian academic and bestselling author Jordan Peterson about the patriarchy, #MeToo, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascist ideologies, his all-beef diet and much more...
    photographer: Nigel Parry
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    Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work"
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  • Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    jp's body language said "lol let me put my water down"

  • Plentiful Harvest
    Plentiful Harvest 49 minutter siden

    I'm not knocking all of his arguments because I agree with a lot of what Jordan Petterson has to say. However, the past was a tyrannical male dominated society from a woman's perspective. Women did not have political power over their own lives. I saw a birth certificate of a friend's great grandmother and it clearly stated she was the 'chattel' of her husband, like a cow. Her husband murdered his daughters and no one said a thing because they were all his chattel. There weren't many laws applied to protect women. A man could choose to be kind or cruel to a woman. She might get beaten with a stick as thick as a man's thumb, the rule of thumb, (once it was determined the stick shouldn't be any bigger) or a man might decide to be kind to her and treat her well but it was all his choice, not hers. Women were essentially slaves of men for centuries completely at the mercy of the whims of men and their decisions whether they would treat them kindly or not. Why is Jordan Petterson denying this? Or his argument that this tyrannical patriarchy had to be a good thing; otherwise, the interviewer couldn't be grateful for what she has now. Natives were wiped off the land so that we can have what we have today so I guess,according to his argument, we have to believe it was a good thing.. I don't think Native Americans would say it was a good thing. He argues that we can't be grateful for what we have now if how we got here was tainted in some way. Maybe not Jordan Petterson's best arguments...

  • Alex C
    Alex C Time siden

    Immediately annoyed that they couldn't get a better mic for Peterson

  • DeadNinjutsu
    DeadNinjutsu Time siden

    Sweet JP, you are so wonderfully calm and rational in the face of opposing views. It is a skill I admire, one I attempt to emulate but cannot match.

  • snotface
    snotface 2 timer siden

    She has such a superficial shallow view of him, he doesn’t deserve this

  • Martin Cline
    Martin Cline 2 timer siden

    Woman only focus on 80-1000 years in the past to make their boo boo oppressed me argument. Never is there an discussion about now.

  • Hamza Hamras
    Hamza Hamras 2 timer siden

    17:00 Just shot herself in the foot right there, feminists alway lose it in a long discussion, there get exhausted of repeating the word patriarchy.

  • Heins Haaine
    Heins Haaine 3 timer siden

    She did not had one Argument where she could discuss with him.

  • namet drehi
    namet drehi 3 timer siden

    I hope that she realized she was getting owned all the time by Dr Jordan , IF SHE DIDNT hope she reads this comment an try to do something about it, There is something announcing its self as of need of repair ,.

  • Pho8os
    Pho8os 5 timer siden

    Helen Lewis, I think you need to go back and rewatch this interview slowly, digest and ponder all the fact Jordan Peterson has put forward. If you continue writing your book with the information you used in the interview, it will be a work of fiction. I just googled the top 1000 richest people in the world and they own 90% of all the wealth. The other 10% is shared between the 7.6 Billion of us. So to try an build a case for a "Patriarchal society" you would need to discount the top 1000 because they are not representative of our society and severely skew the result because they account for 0.00001% of the population. Your case has been completely blown away and that is precisely what Dr Jordan Peterson said. I found that out in five seconds of research. The other points you mention Dr Jordan Peterson destroyed one by one. It was embarrassing to watch how poorly you had done your research he even had correct you on your history, using the historical terms out of time from when they were first used. To cap it off, your behaviour was very aggressive. You came into the interview determined to push your ideological propaganda. If you were open for discussion, this interview would have been so much better.

  • MJ2
    MJ2 6 timer siden

    Can please, any journalist woman or man do this interview again without feeling such a strong emotion of the answers he or she gets from this inspiring man Jordan. So that we get an even better interview:)!

  • Ankur Dutta
    Ankur Dutta 6 timer siden

    Not kidding, that "Read more" sounded like my dad saying "go and STUDY!"

  • brokkoli bueb
    brokkoli bueb 7 timer siden +1

    At least bring next time someone who's on Petersons level smh

  • craykorie9
    craykorie9 11 timer siden

    "contentious interviews with jourlanists" lol. Like this lady who is like a coiled cobra waiting to strike............ at a mongoose

  • craykorie9
    craykorie9 11 timer siden

    logic and critical thinking vs contradiction emotion and envy. Guess which is more appealing to those who can think for themselves.

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 12 timer siden

    Jordan: *makes a good point*
    Her: let’s talk about something else

  • nick almazan
    nick almazan 12 timer siden

    He made her sound like a 13 year old.

  • Locky
    Locky 12 timer siden

    Ben Shapiro is like an end game boss, no one wants to have a debate with him because chances are you are going to lose. Then you have the Halo Legendary ending which is against Jordan Peterson

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 12 timer siden

    16:34-18:20 he dismantled her so well 😢

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 12 timer siden

    She needs chemo ☹️☹️

  • James Ingram
    James Ingram 15 timer siden

    I love how he refuses to move on in the conversation until he has explained and defended his position to the full.

  • Na Cl
    Na Cl 17 timer siden

    he is too smart for her.

  • asdf
    asdf 17 timer siden

    An adult talking to a child

  • Victoria Flynn
    Victoria Flynn 20 timer siden

    Dr Peterson is eloquent and thought provoking and so logical and measured I don’t understand how ANYONE can disagree with what he says!!

  • Robert Marwick
    Robert Marwick 22 timer siden

    Why does his audio sound like trash in comparison to the interviewer? Quite annoying

  • Steven
    Steven 23 timer siden

    Her definition of the alt right, is wat it was the first two weeks of its existence, then it got claimed by far right nutbags

  • Denise G- Hill
    Denise G- Hill 23 timer siden

    She is very arrogant oh and she wouldn't give up any of her privileges. It's the old saying do as I say but don't do as I do a Champagne Socialist.

  • Richard Frederick
    Richard Frederick Dag siden

    This woman is absolutely batty.

  • X_Risus
    X_Risus Dag siden

    "Pepe died 3 years ago." FeelsBadMan

  • pete cruickshank
    pete cruickshank Dag siden

    Jordan is incredible. This interviewer is so far gone. Her future will do nothing but damage society. What a waste for she is obviously very intelligent.

  • Andrew Spadzinski
    Andrew Spadzinski Dag siden

    16:35 triggered!!!

  • Patrick Antes
    Patrick Antes Dag siden +1

    The only way to have equality is to have 50-50 in a gender structure as a cultural preference in the society.
    I think, this idea absurd and a dangerous consequences of ideology.

  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh Dag siden

    It's like watching a teacher correct his kindergarten student who doesn't know the meaning of the big words.

  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh Dag siden

    17:00 - watch the destruction taking place

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares Dag siden

    ....And i never heard her voice again.

  • Samuel Andrews
    Samuel Andrews Dag siden

    Hats off to the interviewer. I think she did good even though I dis agree with her.

  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh Dag siden

    When sound engineer was hired because of the equity movement . :)

  • pneumatic56
    pneumatic56 Dag siden +3

    At 55:18 his microphone finally starts working clearer

  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh Dag siden +2

    When you see the first 15 seconds and the Marvelesque music you know it's going to be good. Fast forward to 1:08:00 if you wanna hear the best roasts of all time.

  • Ono Licious
    Ono Licious Dag siden

    Hmmm...why the edit away from the question about "why women wear make up?" How 'bout next time, include the whole unedited discussion.

  • Samuel Andrews
    Samuel Andrews Dag siden

    Yeah, he's right. History is depicted that way. As a history of oppressor vs oppressed. Men oppress women, chiefs oppressed villages. That really is how ancient history is told nowadays. This perspective doesn't tell the full story.

  • shininglamb
    shininglamb Dag siden

    "The freedom of women is to do abortions at will, which is at risk in USA, due to "conservative supreme court judges". She says...And you wonder why western civilization is going downhill.

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Dag siden

    "What were really talking about are some post modern professors and some students with blue hair, and some funny ideas about gender" Wow. Imagine it was j. Petersen who said that and the backlash it would have created..........

  • GannVan
    GannVan Dag siden

    The subpar intellectual destroyer...

    You go after Jordan, you get wrecked

  • Leopold Den polder
    Leopold Den polder Dag siden

    Sometimes he remindes me of Micheal off the office

  • lewis clout
    lewis clout Dag siden

    I feel bad for her husband.

  • Howard Leung
    Howard Leung Dag siden

    49:15 If there is at least one thing you learnt from this guy

  • Denis Falqueto
    Denis Falqueto Dag siden

    Hey, this show is completely unfair to a man. The woman has a better microphone than the man. He's basically being recorded by her mic. Let's raise against interviewer matriarchy!

  • Gungan
    Gungan Dag siden +1

    In a world gone completely crazy, his logical, articulated words are like chicken soup for the soul.

  • avanish bakshi
    avanish bakshi Dag siden +2

    Out of all the people she was probably the most competent interviewers JP has had, especially with respect to composure and articulation. So, kudos to her. I came out of this interview with immense respect for both sides regardless of their views.
    THIS is good content.

  • John Stockton
    John Stockton Dag siden

    She's the best I've seen go up against him yet. She was calm and confident and well read. JP looked on edge and adversarial. I came to this video when JP himself was talking about it and he admitted he was more nervous than usual because she had been aggressive and frosty before the interview. He said he got the impression she hated him and everything he stood for before even listening to what he had to say, and it put him off his stride. You could definitely feel it, he still won, just not by a clean knock out on this occasion. Props to her she was a worthy opponent and I think they agreed on probably more than she might be willing to admit. And this is exactly the kind of conversation we should be seeing on the TV between two perspectives not the usual BS we see on these so called intellectual talk shows.

    • kungfujones1
      kungfujones1 Dag siden +1

      We must have been watching two completely different interviews. JP systematically destroyed her, from beginning to end. It was obvious from the start that she was arguing in bad faith. From the beginning she knew he was her intellectual better. It only got worse for her.

  • Aristarchus French
    Aristarchus French Dag siden

    Once the Cheka is unleashed, she will survive for the first 10,000 arrests, after that she will take a bullet or off to the coldest gulag, if she only knew, she would best read Solzhenitsyn soon!

  • Aristarchus French
    Aristarchus French Dag siden

    Dangerous women/man?

  • Aristarchus French
    Aristarchus French Dag siden

    Seeking the "gotcha" ....the demise of any cordial conversation,...good Job,...Helen,...hope you're happy.

  • Wolny Obywatel
    Wolny Obywatel Dag siden

    I always admire his composure when his trying to explain different things to people with an IQ not even close to that of Forrest Gump; he makes it so clear and explains it like he was talking to a child and yet they still don't get it!

  • Vicky Ann
    Vicky Ann Dag siden

    Her questions are designed to "gotcha" him and exploit it and the class and tact he maintains is admirable. Even her smug face and body language, makes me wonder if she is walking away thinking she won. He on the other hand didn't see the contest.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Dag siden

    54:38 Savage! Lol

  • Vicky Ann
    Vicky Ann Dag siden

    Requiring people to break down their own ideas and ideologies with empirical evidence and the ability to have civil discourse is what is missing these days. Jordan has taught me a lot. Thank you sir.

  • Sunset Sea
    Sunset Sea 2 dager siden +1

    6:41 , 1:05:15 , 1:08:07 [Bookmarks; ignore]

  • martin saunters
    martin saunters 2 dager siden

    She's just unbelievably ill prepared for this discussion

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide 2 dager siden +2

    This is just a session of mentally ill patient & psychologist.

  • isaac lopes
    isaac lopes 2 dager siden

    My Like is for Jordan.

  • Entoy The Dragon
    Entoy The Dragon 2 dager siden

    I lost faith in Jordan Peterson when he said he's ignorant about islam, so he can't criticize it. I don't think it's that hard to know what's going on in islam today. He's just too scared to be labelled as Islamophobic.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 2 dager siden

    17:40 Hes got her on the ropes with that one
    I bet she still thinks about that line

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A 2 dager siden

    Just bought his book

  • Mango Tango
    Mango Tango 2 dager siden

    He destroys all this modern goddess worship non-sense.....Love how he brilliantly dismantles every foolish ill-conceived concept that she vomits......Hahaha.....

  • Scott
    Scott 2 dager siden

    That chick is good...very slippery. She’s really good at being obtuse and slipping to reductionism to avoid a losing position.

    • Scott
      Scott 2 dager siden

      She can’t think outside of ideology. His view baffles her because it’s not a cliched ideology

  • Xavier Vera
    Xavier Vera 2 dager siden

    Dr Peterson changed my life for the better.

  • Nancy M
    Nancy M 2 dager siden

    Insufferable interviewer... get me out of here...

  • John Patmos
    John Patmos 2 dager siden

    Why does a site that brands itself "the premier channel for men’s style, lifestyle and entertainment" have #metoo at its title? Not too agenda driven, is it?

  • John Patmos
    John Patmos 2 dager siden

    By 48 minutes I am tired that he doesn't allow for an greater exchange of ideas. I realize he is the one being interviewed, but it clearly is formatted for thoughtful exchange. At 1hr6mins, for example, Jordan himself characterizes the format as a discussion.
    Like she says at 1hr5: "I don't think you're obeying the rule that says maybe treat people as if they have something worth hearing." It is true that he rarely lets her develop a thought that he might be able to respond to.

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato 2 dager siden

    If she is honest she has learn a use and things from him.

  • John Patmos
    John Patmos 2 dager siden

    She shouldn't have brought up the lobsters.

  • John Patmos
    John Patmos 2 dager siden

    She begins to fall apart at 17 minutes and the tyrannical position.

  • Michelangelo Marenco
    Michelangelo Marenco 2 dager siden

    Liking for mr. Peterson and not for the childish feminist average reporter from GQ

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross 2 dager siden

    I didn't enjoy Helen Lewis's style in this interview, at all, but I'm fascinated by how poorly Peterson handled himself for the first 20 minutes. Once you hit the Twitter aspect, they begin to have an interesting interview.

  • Farzad Abbaspour
    Farzad Abbaspour 2 dager siden +1

    She provided no final answer to any of his arguments, finishing instead with “ok, let’s move on to...”

  • Em
    Em 2 dager siden

    The camera and audio people are really incompetent or just sneaky.

  • Steven G.
    Steven G. 3 dager siden

    5:05 - 5:41 AMEN. What the garbage news media wants to keep you from being aware of.

  • Zoltán Turai
    Zoltán Turai 3 dager siden +9

    This lady is incredibly out of dr. Jordan Peterson's league.

  • Shiobhan De Shields
    Shiobhan De Shields 3 dager siden

    Oh my gosh, what is he supposed to do, when he is being misrepresented all the time?

  • Vann Apragal
    Vann Apragal 3 dager siden

    GQ should be ashamed to have this person as one of their employees. Speaking full sentences in English with an accent doesn’t qualify them.

  • rick
    rick 3 dager siden

    The interviewer is better than Cathy Strawman so I think that is a slight win.

  • E. Male
    E. Male 3 dager siden +11

    She doesn't listen, she doesn't think. She is biased.

  • Theo Dore
    Theo Dore 3 dager siden

    This idiot thought she had him with the lobsters. Then he just put her in the corner like a child with a dunce cap.

  • James Tire
    James Tire 3 dager siden

    absolute legend

  • Theo Dore
    Theo Dore 3 dager siden +5

    This is hilarious. This is him giving her a free therapy session it's hilarious. He truly is trying to get her to see her flawed thinking

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 3 dager siden +7

    If you noticed he was quite irritated and short with her. This was cos before they started she was aggressive towards him and saying "we're going to war"

  • Theo Dore
    Theo Dore 3 dager siden +6

    "Read more." My god the most savage two word retort ever uttered.

  • Geo Dam
    Geo Dam 3 dager siden

    F@C&ing smug, self serving, neo-fascist, feminist.

  • Sean Im
    Sean Im 3 dager siden +7

    What did Jordan say to the Journallist

    Read more

  • Mike Childers
    Mike Childers 3 dager siden

    Is it just me or is this woman arguing with irrational or emotional tactics instead of factual and causational?
    ”lobsters urinate out of their mouths”

    How does that have relevance to serotonin level effects?

    • Mothy One
      Mothy One 2 dager siden

      And Journalists talk out their....

  • Ale IR
    Ale IR 3 dager siden

    Feminazis are controversials, not JP. He is very racional.

  • ck011188
    ck011188 3 dager siden

    Shout out to when she called poor people neanderthals

  • killian hamill
    killian hamill 3 dager siden

    “I don’t have the reference to hand” aha yes, go on Peterson

  • Reinier van zwieten
    Reinier van zwieten 3 dager siden

    Look at the description: 'interrogated' seems like a fitting description of this "interview"

  • Stephen Dias
    Stephen Dias 3 dager siden

    Very small percent of people own property, women don't want responsibility and financial maintenance. They want something to morally support.

  • Robert Danilo Tecson
    Robert Danilo Tecson 3 dager siden +3

    Why do you always send underqualified "journalists" to challange the Lobster king?
    Instead, get somebody intelligent to exchange ideas with him.

  • skull sniper
    skull sniper 3 dager siden

    wonder if she learned anything

  • Maxwell Jann
    Maxwell Jann 3 dager siden +2

    JP is like a Spartan in this interview.