Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ

  • Publisert 30. okt.. 2018
  • As part of our 30th-anniversary dissection of masculinity, Helen Lewis interrogated controversial Canadian academic and bestselling author Jordan Peterson about the patriarchy, #MeToo, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascist ideologies, his all-beef diet and much more...
    photographer: Nigel Parry
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    Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work"
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Kommentarer • 65 875

  • PulseTriangle
    PulseTriangle 9 minutter siden

    This interview was fantastic. Prime example of people disagreeing but remaining respectful

  • Miriam
    Miriam 13 minutter siden

    can somebody tell me what the word at 58:31 means? I've never heard it before I think

  • Annalee H
    Annalee H 32 minutter siden

    I'm 12 minutes in and this woman has just made herself out to be a complete and utter fool, by implying that justice Kavanaugh represents a threat to abortion rights (in the form of roe v wade) she demonstrates either a complete illiteracy of his record and past (in which he has on several occasions said he will vote to uphold roe v) or demonstrated that she is dishonest in that she may know his history on roe v but decides to lie about him and imply that he would vote against it.
    Which is it? Is she uneducated about American politicians but willing to cast dire implications without educating herself, or is she a dishonest liar who fully knows the positions of the justice and is simply deliberately misrepresenting reality?

  • Bajingo
    Bajingo 36 minutter siden

    Wow, shes way out of her league here. I actually feel a bit sorry for her..

  • GFrank
    GFrank 57 minutter siden

    My favorite moment is at 1:12:30 - where Lewis reacts to Peterson's absolute rebuttal as though she had been physically punched in the gut. Hilarious.

  • That Guy, B-rad!
    That Guy, B-rad! Time siden

    I don't agree with her premise, but it was a good discussion. It's rare that the person interviewing him doesn't get angry, is honest, and is able to keep up with him with the literature he cites.

  • Steve
    Steve Time siden

    Happy to say he never got my $1:30

  • Steve
    Steve Time siden

    Fortunately I got his book as a freebie.

  • Raj Shekhar
    Raj Shekhar 2 timer siden

    Absolutely pathetic show of 'journqlism' from GQ. Just goes on to show that it's a sensationalist media house that's trying to ride on the back of Dr.Peterson's following without realising one bit what made him so popular. If only the interviewer wasn't biased against him this interview could have been much more informative for the public at large (like many other interviews Dr.Peterson has given).
    Moreover a discussion shud never be framed as a "versus" battle, which is what u did within the first 3 seconds. No one knows everything and when we listen to others we get an opportunity to know more and to correct ourselves . This video just reminds me of the Kathy Newman interview.
    Pathetic work GQ. Here, I commented and u also got a view on NO-clip... I guess that's y u posted this video isn't it.
    Kudos to Dr.Peterson for being eloquent, articulate and courteous as always. I've seen his clarity of thought improve over time, since I started watching his online lectures. Salute sir.

  • j4b
    j4b 2 timer siden +1

    Peterson is BRILLIANT. 🙌🏼 What a guy!!

  • Skarpharald Mankell
    Skarpharald Mankell 3 timer siden

    When they got to the women and makeup part I envisoned the sound of a massive whipcrack. SCHWAAAAPISHHH!


    1:33:32 😂😁😉

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 5 timer siden +1

    Why is order masculine? Just observe women and men. Compare the two in what they are achieving. It’s self-explanatory. Women talk about everything. Men do everything.

  • Tighty Whitey
    Tighty Whitey 6 timer siden

    Remember when all women were going to be thrown in prison if Kavanaugh got confirmed? And wasn't abortion supposed to be made illegal? Hmm... correct me if i'm wrong but nothing has changed since he was confirmed. Did the left have an extreme overreaction?

  • Jord kapp
    Jord kapp 6 timer siden

    The imaginal lasers I saw coming from Jordan Petersons eyes would put a Starwars rave to shame.

  • Dan G
    Dan G 6 timer siden +1

    I get sick of hearing lefties talk about the "alt-right" then turn around and defend Louis Farrakhan and hold him up as a hero and role model for blacks. Al Sharpton is as racist as they come and has his own TV show on MSNBC to spout his racist left-wing views. Richard Spencer or anyone else on the "alt-right" do NOT have TV shows on FoxNews.

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 7 timer siden

    Privileged people like this feminist end up looking the gift horse in the mouth. I'd like to know if she' would have been so bold if she was brought up in the Russian Gulag.

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 7 timer siden +1

    This feminist said everything I needed to hear: that she's a progressive socialist Democrat who believes in the redistribution of wealth. A very wicked, female.

    • TheChadWork2001
      TheChadWork2001 7 timer siden +1

      I'm tired of hearing this feminist talk. Who employs this evil feminist? Who is she?

  • Jerry Hatcher
    Jerry Hatcher 8 timer siden +1

    17:16 "how can it be good if it's the consequence of a tyrannical patriarchy" good evidence of political doublespeak evidence of an orwellian future more people should be aware of

  • SyvSekstini
    SyvSekstini 8 timer siden

    47:40 She brought up PZ Meyers as a scientific authority. Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha bwa-Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha .

  • Lazy LAG
    Lazy LAG 10 timer siden +1

    that chair at 17:45 start to get lot of heat lol, poor pseudo-intellectual girl not used to have some one to question her preconsepeted ideas.

  • GFrank
    GFrank 10 timer siden

    This woman is maybe the best I have seen taking a shot at Peterson - bright, articulate, has her 'facts' as she see them in order - and she gets utterly dismantled. I mean thoroughly and in totality. Peterson is one tough customer and we in Western Civilization (if we survive) owe the man an undying debt of gratitude. As I see it he is a monumentally heroic figure in these times for throwing himself in front of the neo-marxist steamroller. You Canadians should be very, very proud of your man Peterson.

  • Ruben Pereira
    Ruben Pereira 13 timer siden +1

    Its nice to see so many women saying positive things about him in the comments

  • Hello Thailand
    Hello Thailand 15 timer siden +1

    What did Jordan Peterson say to GQ journalist?

    Read more

  • LittleLordFancyLad
    LittleLordFancyLad 16 timer siden +1

    If she'd had a pillar and a pyre, Cardinal Helen Ximenes de Lewis would have burned Professor Peterson as a witch right then and there.

  • Nick Gonzalez
    Nick Gonzalez 17 timer siden

    52:47 "

  • Jim Notter
    Jim Notter 17 timer siden

    People struggle and resist with such voracity against truth. And that’s just wasteful.

  • Digong DU30
    Digong DU30 17 timer siden

    Jordan Peterson: "Read more."
    Such an alpha male.
    I approved this message from the President of the Philippines.

  • Organic Home Grow
    Organic Home Grow 18 timer siden

    52:45 "nah"

  • a45williams
    a45williams 18 timer siden

    Great interview. I don't agree with her "feminist" view, but she doesn't talk over him, and she a very good listener. It will take a lot for her to fully agree with him, maybe because it could interfere with her book project. As I observed the host, she's very smart, but she's too smart to a point she doesn't use some common sense, with her ideology point a view. Jorden spew facts at her for over an hour, she will still disagree, amazing! He had to explain what 'identity politics' is, she look puzzled. I think this interview messed her whole book project, she'll have start all over again. Lol!

  • Michael Digregorio
    Michael Digregorio 19 timer siden

    It's hard to believe anyone could consider this women intelligent. She can even follow the conversation.

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B. 20 timer siden

    M U L T I P L E O R G A S M S

  • Robert Ryon
    Robert Ryon 21 time siden

    He literally breaks down every argument, and she doesn't even acknowledge it. Her approach and complete lack of responsibility in the matter clearly illustrates the dangers of the ideology she follows.

  • Joe Troiani
    Joe Troiani 22 timer siden

    Peterson is freaking brilliant.

  • Tom Coil
    Tom Coil Dag siden

    I wouldn't want to be her husband....

  • Craig Scott
    Craig Scott Dag siden

    read a dictionary! Patriarch is one leader! the ancient variant of Matriarchy is a true democracy when People debate issues and not emotional reactions. matriarchy and patriarchy are relevant in a field. If You are the most proficient at something You are a leader and therefore a Patriarch. I define Females as understanding what, were, and why. Males know how and when. it is a synergy of social need. academia and authority are the same thing! they are both derived from a military construct. the reason for rouge Elephants in most instances is the dominant Male is poached. opening up space for an immature Male Bull who has not mastered their strengths and cause horrific and fatal injuries to Female Elephants. whales are evolutionary cousins of Elephants. english rose, make up is a symbol of stature/status. in the past, the poor couldn't afford makeup. when playing games with My Children I never let them win. if they win it is by their own merit or My error. when they start winning I sometimes cheat. name changes once again due to status. He defended the realm, She placed Her ring upon His finger and they became one Husband/WIfe. that is the Wife of Chief, King, Warrior, Builder,

  • alexis jonathan mendoza larios

    Have seen so many journalist looking to manipulate and misinterpret his answers.

  • Philip Jamieson
    Philip Jamieson Dag siden +2

    This woman is actually asking very thoughtful and interesting questions, and maintains a calm demeanor throughout. Why do fans of Peterson always moan and groan whenever he gets hardball questions? Surprisingly thin skinned.

  • Raedwald Eriksson
    Raedwald Eriksson Dag siden

    "If people are moored shallowly then storms wreck them, and storms come along". That is brilliant.

  • Diane Milligan
    Diane Milligan Dag siden

    Whose podcasts does he mention in the beginning? I think he is brilliant!

  • MrPheeww
    MrPheeww Dag siden

    Don't Play fast and loose

  • MrPheeww
    MrPheeww Dag siden

    She doesn't answer a single question he puts forward. She simply uses an adjective to applaud a question which I am sure is not rehtorical and drives the talk in a direction which is not very different from what she started.

  • maxi silver
    maxi silver Dag siden

    I love the fact that Peterson just calmly explains his position even though Lewis keeps pushing and provoking. You can just tell by the looks of their faces, that she’s triggered by simple facts. She knows that she just can’t hold up with him and that bothers her.

  • Learysinsight Wakefield

    Currently married?? Does her husband watch these interviews?

  • Learysinsight Wakefield

    I’ll never buy GQ again. She just destroyed what I thought might have been a great interview for a “MEN’s” magazine. GQ should get rid of the feminist type like this example.

  • Sean McNeely
    Sean McNeely Dag siden

    Anyone else notice how Dr. Peterson's mic level is WAY lower than the interviewer's?

  • RDrake
    RDrake Dag siden

    Sorry but if you won't even concede that women are naturally in competition with one another without throwing your hands up and saying that you don't feel qualified to comment then you're not aiming to have an open and honest debate.
    You're aiming to win, that's it.

  • Tammy Campbell
    Tammy Campbell Dag siden

    Her entire interview was simply an attempt to show him up. She fancy herself more intelligent that JP for some reason.

  • Vital Liy
    Vital Liy Dag siden

    ah these days. Any ape is writing ideology books

  • Kel Solaar
    Kel Solaar Dag siden

    Well done Peterson. He managed to get some important points out despite the idiotic interviewer.

  • Ripley Archer
    Ripley Archer Dag siden

    I want to be like him. I think he is awesome.

  • jedslather
    jedslather Dag siden

    Great guy, what is happening is some men had enough, the question now is more likely can we talk our way back or is it going to be metal against metal. I know what solution I lean to, the former not the latter because that would be like living in an Islamic culture.

  • Andrej Stojsin
    Andrej Stojsin Dag siden

    Make this man immortal and declare him God-Emperor of Mankind.

  • Scott Scott
    Scott Scott Dag siden

    Jordan gives this fool the greatest intellectual smackdown I have ever seen... Required viewing in all high schools and colleges!

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B. Dag siden

    she was saying its absurd to equate humans to lobsters but all life is derived originally from a single celled organism. humans are the consequence of millions of years of evolution and i believe that all life through out time has been driven by the same cosmic powers to evolve and thrive by all means in whatever environment. people want to separate themselves from animals but fail to realize WE ARE ANIMALS

  • David Pereira
    David Pereira Dag siden

    Now this is just a “Lobstervation”, but did she just say she appreciates a tyrannical patriarchy? LOL wow...

  • Martin Palmer
    Martin Palmer Dag siden

    It's not often that someone's replies are so well thought out, thorough and entirely on-point, that it makes you smile. JP is one of those people. I dont agree with him on everything he's saying, but its always perfectly laid out.

  • J J Hernandez
    J J Hernandez Dag siden

    He almost made her blush when he said he agreed with her 100%

  • M. Fahri
    M. Fahri Dag siden

    God, the NERVE of that woman. Oh sorry, I don't know what she relates to. I mean Them. I meant, just the woman. Oh dear it's such a CRAZY world.

  • Stijn De Coorde
    Stijn De Coorde Dag siden

    16:09 he makes *such* a valid point here. I was glad she picked out the _ungrateful_ bit.

  • Fuzzy Green
    Fuzzy Green Dag siden

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time you hear "So, you think ... "

  • Saad Mahboob
    Saad Mahboob Dag siden +1

    This prof. deserves a Nobel Prize......# Jordon Paterson #MeToo

  • Angels2apples
    Angels2apples Dag siden

    20:57 his smirk here kills me.

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson Dag siden

    "What big question don't you know the answer to?" They wouldn't be big questions if the answers were obvious.

  • Machine Mythos
    Machine Mythos Dag siden

    Wow....... that was brutal.

  • Frank W
    Frank W Dag siden

    Flawless Victory!!

  • face swap
    face swap Dag siden

    Jordan Peterson is the man.

  • Iankov Pedraza
    Iankov Pedraza Dag siden

    Timestamps of topics?

  • LifeIsRocky
    LifeIsRocky Dag siden

    Watching him own her that flawlessly without effort was better than Sex. Regardless of the topic.

  • Roger Goode
    Roger Goode Dag siden

    So, as far as she is concerned, and this is for all the women watching or listening to this, as of today, you are not fully functioning humans in society. Really? Is this woman for real? That should be an insult to all you women.

  • Delicate Beats
    Delicate Beats 2 dager siden

    “Cathy Newman intellectually DESTROYED by Jordan Peterson”.
    Helen Lewis: “Hold my drink”.

  • Delicate Beats
    Delicate Beats 2 dager siden

    “Cathy Newman intellectually DESTROYED by Jordan Peterson”.
    Helen Lewis: “Hold my drink”.

  • Weknowwho UR
    Weknowwho UR 2 dager siden +2

    She demonstrates the WORST of all human perception and cognition: Arrogant Ignorance!! Those two traits in the “useful idiot” category is what enabled the evil destruction of hundreds of Millions of Jews, Russians, Chinese and others in the last century! She has no clue how bad she has been intellectually eviscerated, but still believes her thinking is correct!

  • Bill Tetley
    Bill Tetley 2 dager siden

    This C-note has that annoying cotton mouth thing going on. I want to bite her lower jaw off just to shut her up.

  • thejerseyshaun
    thejerseyshaun 2 dager siden

    god the interviewer is so full of self righteousness. If she took her head out her arse and listened to this speaker she might learn something.. !

  • maui swift
    maui swift 2 dager siden +3

    In my opinion feminism has become about extreme ideologies that have existed in the past and not necessarily affecting today's western world. If you want to push feminism take to to countries where children are forced to marry old men.

  • Jaques Francais
    Jaques Francais 2 dager siden

    Her look at 1:31:14

  • Nugget McGraw
    Nugget McGraw 2 dager siden

    JP is in a league of his own in this interview. Like watching a slow lumbering truck trying to catch a sports car.

  • JayDeLart
    JayDeLart 2 dager siden

    I personally found the interview civil enough to find some semi-productive ideas. So far, among my list of top 10 JBP interviews.

  • Pablo C
    Pablo C 2 dager siden

    I really love this guy, and I pretty much agree with most of what he says. But, He does make a mistake when he talks about hierarchies. Hierarchies are fundamentally human, and I´d say, risen by the western culture. Animals have specialization. Yes, the big lobster mates and the small does not, but that doesn´t make the big lobster a “winner”. To win is a thing we invented. What exists in nature is diversity, no one is better than the other. Things “fit” with each other, and sometimes, the fittest remains. This is like thinking that one of the puzzle pieces is a looser because it didn´t fit in the place of the puzzle that you happen to be looking. And by the way, natural selection is a weak force compared to genetic drift, so even that selective explanation doesn´t apply most of the time. Most of the time it´s just drift. So, yeah, there will always be bosses and employees, bosses know and do their part and so do employees, both are specialized gears, none is more important or better than the other.

  • Aziz Bhimani
    Aziz Bhimani 2 dager siden

    I love this man!

    ALEX OSEI BONSU 2 dager siden

    One word. BRILLIANT

  • Kim Wise
    Kim Wise 2 dager siden

    I agree with some of his views. I'm in construction and I do have to say men's wives do not want their men working with woman. I am told it is sink or swim in the trade. Which means I'm on my own and can not call my peers for help or advice. Many men do not teach me the trade as I see them help each other. I usually see the men's surprise when I can move and carry as much as them. I appreciate the men and the wives that are nice and treat me as a co-worker. I have worked in the office and have found woman just as mean as men. I prefer to work in the field. It is a lot better for woman yet it is still very hard. Companies usually keep me once they realize I'm a hard worker. I have only lost my job twice for not sleeping with the boss and did not sue anyone as I was afraid to not be hired by any other companies if I did.

  • Michael Dobbins
    Michael Dobbins 2 dager siden

    Lol did you read her article on this interview? She actually thinks she stumped him a couple times. What a dolt.

  • Antoine O Fionnagain
    Antoine O Fionnagain 2 dager siden

    If it's the case that the universities have been dominated by leftists and cultural Marxists, and that their analysis has a corrosive effect on democracy and social harm, how can he then equate that with the right wing ideologues who have presided over western political and economic institutions in that very same time?

  • DaffyDuck
    DaffyDuck 2 dager siden

    At 17 minutes in Lewis is done for.

  • DaffyDuck
    DaffyDuck 2 dager siden

    At 17 minutes in Thomas is done for.

  • David Verney
    David Verney 2 dager siden

    Wonder why you cut it after 50mins?, gotcha.

  • Roy Poole
    Roy Poole 2 dager siden

    Men have taken a submissive role since the age of " innocence ended".

  • Ubong Inyang
    Ubong Inyang 2 dager siden

    interesting point raised by Dr Peterson regarding the male pursuit for competence and achievement, could this be the reason why STEM fields are dominated by men?

  • ツ
     2 dager siden

    26:24 she thought this was an argument😂😂it’s him putting her in her place

  • Vobaoge Queenston
    Vobaoge Queenston 2 dager siden

    This is like a SJW stealing the mic and asking a super long question but it’s funded by GQ and called an ‘interview’

  • Wei S
    Wei S 2 dager siden

    Ignorance is bliss. That’s what’s wrong with everything in our society.

  • TheTritoneTerror
    TheTritoneTerror 2 dager siden +5

    17:33 did she just admit that she didn't earn her job?

  • Esteban
    Esteban 2 dager siden

    The problem people have with Dr. Peterson is that he revels truths about them that they don’t want to hear. They are offended for “offended’s” sake. The truth hurts, but this is the only way we grow. This used to be our parents job, but we have deauthorized and devalued our ancestors. We are raising children “of the world” and not children of value. This will be our downfall if we don’t change our ways.

  • Ginjou Army
    Ginjou Army 2 dager siden

    Also "One woman is enough trouble" this man savage! She just didn't want to even attempt to fight him on that.

  • Chris Christian
    Chris Christian 2 dager siden

    Most men would rather figure out how to fix your car than to try to teach your entitled brats.

  • deerjerkydave
    deerjerkydave 2 dager siden

    Since the inception of western society men have been working to better the lives of women. Radical feminists not only fail to see this but hate men, families, and pregnancy in the process.

  • Graham Schmidt
    Graham Schmidt 2 dager siden

    I have never seen someone look worse in an interview than Peterson does here... did they wake him up at 2 am for this?

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson 2 dager siden +8

    I can’t believe I just watched 1:42:13 of a slaughter house.