Roadman Trick or Treat

  • Publisert 3. nov.. 2018
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Kommentarer • 7 462

  • Finn Phillips
    Finn Phillips Dag siden

    Best video ever

  • James Hackney
    James Hackney 3 dager siden

    Where filly man

  • Zaf Z
    Zaf Z 4 dager siden

    Ah it’s a ksi video, I thought it was a chunkz video lol he made this his own hahahaha

  • Nevin Hattle
    Nevin Hattle 4 dager siden

    Literally the best KSI video I have ever watched and I've watched them all I love chunkz and and the other guy is jokes

  • Lael Malouange Yetna
    Lael Malouange Yetna 4 dager siden

    this is funny

  • Jay Nulty
    Jay Nulty 4 dager siden

    Trick or treat smell my feet

  • Iss
    Iss 4 dager siden

    I can see the shoe through the window chunks is too funny😂

  • Uknoeda Drill
    Uknoeda Drill 5 dager siden

    Is it only me when am with the mandem and there is a bowl and I take all the sweets and leave an empty pot lol

    SDT NGUYENDebt 5 dager siden

    I Been to trick or treat. 1:21

  • Nept
    Nept 6 dager siden

    6:51 did anyone notice the kid looking like sans in the back 😂

  • Whyalways Lewis
    Whyalways Lewis 6 dager siden +1

    Chunks owning the channel 😂😂

  • SomeStrangeBoi
    SomeStrangeBoi 8 dager siden

    They all big men until the pants start walking

  • Young Mirror
    Young Mirror 9 dager siden

    SOOOO FUNNY! still watching in 2019

  • Amina Deyoul
    Amina Deyoul 9 dager siden

    Idky but i thout ksi was big shaq isk why omg

  • dan.
    dan. 9 dager siden

    She wanted to become an oreo in real life 🥴

    • dan.
      dan. 6 dager siden

      Carlo Allen haha! 😛

    • Carlo Allen
      Carlo Allen 6 dager siden +1

      you funny asf bruh on god 😂😂

  • ツFrazzle
    ツFrazzle 9 dager siden

    ksi ain't no roadmab LMAO

  • Ibrahim Mohammed
    Ibrahim Mohammed 11 dager siden


  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor 12 dager siden

    why does jj have ductape on his roadman puffer jacket

  • lt beats 2306
    lt beats 2306 13 dager siden +1

    His is content

  • ExplodingMonkey0
    ExplodingMonkey0 13 dager siden

    They shoulda brought some white kids to get sweets to see if they’re just being racist

    • Axha ‘
      Axha ‘ 12 dager siden

      Gaming Guy lol there’s no point it’s self explanatory

  • Cxnxry
    Cxnxry 13 dager siden

    This videos a banger, why’s there only 2m views

  • Darren Bailey
    Darren Bailey 13 dager siden

    Jj you should collab with Johnny carey

  • Dom Woodhead
    Dom Woodhead 13 dager siden

    you three should do more videos together

  • zainab nabi
    zainab nabi 14 dager siden


  • Bleep Bop
    Bleep Bop 16 dager siden

    -it hasn’t been 10 minutes yet so-

  • yash budwal
    yash budwal 16 dager siden

    Why are there so many Americans answering these doors fam 😂

  • Lone
    Lone 16 dager siden

    Ksi went to private school come on

  • Arab Priest
    Arab Priest 17 dager siden +1

    "I am a married women".... She wanted all that BBC LMAO

  • Keyaan Christian
    Keyaan Christian 18 dager siden

    Your so funny

  • Realm
    Realm 18 dager siden

    why was she american in England just Abit weird lol must be US like there were so many american people on the street sof london OK BuDDY

  • All Games
    All Games 18 dager siden

    Check out Zvonimir Barisic’s youtube CHANAL. Video he was killed in his OWN VIDEO CHECK LAST VIDEO🙏🏻😱😨😰😥😥😓

  • Mystic Smith
    Mystic Smith 18 dager siden

    Lowe it KSI should never be in these kinds of videos, and when he said "we're in some posh ends" I lost loool, don't ever forget where u came from, you're basically white, stop acting.

    • Axha ‘
      Axha ‘ 12 dager siden

      Mystic Smith basically white???? He’s not unseasoned leave him alone

  • kane thompson
    kane thompson 18 dager siden

    You aint road

  • Joshua Izedonmwen
    Joshua Izedonmwen 18 dager siden

    Ksi should make more videos with chunkz

  • Leoard Seferi
    Leoard Seferi 19 dager siden

    You went to a private school don’t act like a roadman

  • Hassan mahmood
    Hassan mahmood 19 dager siden


  • Hassan mahmood
    Hassan mahmood 19 dager siden


  • Hassan mahmood
    Hassan mahmood 19 dager siden

    His name is chunkz from darkest man you dummy

  • Hassan mahmood
    Hassan mahmood 19 dager siden

    You Ksi you knocked the duck out of jake Paul on Boxing Day you. Got a present for him and that was a bloody nose that present was

  • Shapla Chowdhury
    Shapla Chowdhury 21 dag siden +1

    They shudda had ballys and went all hooded up with fake blades

  • SukYaMudda
    SukYaMudda 22 dager siden

    Roadman trick or treat part 2 where you offer the man some crack in a harrbio wrapper

  • Muaaz Miah
    Muaaz Miah 22 dager siden +1

    -Yung Filly should have replaced LV General-

  • Will Partridge
    Will Partridge 24 dager siden

    LV has the most convincing costume

  • xansolas 461
    xansolas 461 25 dager siden

    the only reason this vid was entertaining is bc of chunkz and the other one ksi dont do thay you aint road my guy

    • xansolas 461
      xansolas 461 12 dager siden

      +Axha ‘ didnt say chunkz and lv were road i said that they made the vid entertaining its just pisses me that his trying to be someone he isnt and you can notice it lately in his vids.

    • Axha ‘
      Axha ‘ 12 dager siden

      xansolas 461 neither are chunks and LV it’s just a bit of banter you can tell you’re moist by your comment

  • Rónán Gallagher
    Rónán Gallagher 25 dager siden

    Damn chunks looks like he lost weight

  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 26 dager siden

    Thank you for shoppin' at JD.

  • Seth Benefer
    Seth Benefer 27 dager siden

    Great vid👍😁

  • Almighty Brain
    Almighty Brain 28 dager siden

    no one can do shit to ksi IN UK cus he the biggest in the uk right now he's the most popular boii

  • Just Random
    Just Random 28 dager siden

    but the white woman with the oreo cute

  • Just Random
    Just Random 28 dager siden

    they just wont give you treat because your black XD

  • Mase Ali
    Mase Ali Måned siden

    Filly and shaq should of been in this

  • En Cor
    En Cor Måned siden

    Yo whats your # was outside your house 10 mins ago

  • Edin Salihovic
    Edin Salihovic Måned siden

    LVs laugh is everything

  • Junayd Khan
    Junayd Khan Måned siden

    7:10 😂😂

  • J Fletcher
    J Fletcher Måned siden

    Entertainments gone down

  • IceMan India
    IceMan India Måned siden

    No Filly?

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali Måned siden

    This boys is a savage

  • Ghulam Rehman
    Ghulam Rehman Måned siden

    Why u coming fast

  • DT
    DT Måned siden

    3:55 thats rude

  • Richard Petit
    Richard Petit Måned siden

    This persons are in my school!!!!!!!!

  • grace deko
    grace deko Måned siden


  • XxSamiulProXx Roblox-Pro Nation

    I'm watching in 2018

  • Kxng_jzy
    Kxng_jzy Måned siden

    JJ doesn’t even look like a road man

  • Craisy PvP
    Craisy PvP Måned siden


    GLITCHED_ MoBsTeR Måned siden

    Does jj actually count as a roadman

  • David
    David Måned siden

    Oh I Love to see this woman Mrs Gwynn {the Blue wig} she is so funny and generous please do something crazy with her.

  • doctorofsnakes gaming
    doctorofsnakes gaming Måned siden

    December anyone?

  • FlowerMajesticGamer
    FlowerMajesticGamer Måned siden

    You never do nothing with your brother,iv'e realised that

  • v for vendetta
    v for vendetta Måned siden

    don hate subscryai danno chees

  • Tobex City
    Tobex City Måned siden +7

    This would've been more epic if Big Shaq was here innit

  • Kaiyto
    Kaiyto Måned siden +4

    Actually a funny video really enjoyed it keep it up! No hate but It might be because I've grown up but I find it hard to watch Sidemen videos in general now I find the jokes and reactions over exaggerated and cringe def need to do more of this stuff, this was class.

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel Måned siden


  • AJ Freeney
    AJ Freeney Måned siden

    I love how they massively overreact to every minor joke and laugh so hard when it's not even that funny.

    • Axha ‘
      Axha ‘ 12 dager siden

      AJ Freeney well that’s how people act when they’re with their friends but you wouldn’t know would you

  • YOUR tingfrombarking
    YOUR tingfrombarking Måned siden

    lol funny vid. gimme me some sweeties plz i can see some in that shoe

  • sum gai gaukil
    sum gai gaukil Måned siden

    10:01 ad rev

  • LazyGamerAlex
    LazyGamerAlex Måned siden


  • Duggudagga Jhonso
    Duggudagga Jhonso Måned siden

    😂😂😂 wouldve made her into an oreo

  • JurgiosGames
    JurgiosGames Måned siden

    7:08 im sans

  • Epic Master
    Epic Master Måned siden

    2:15 got me so bad. Looks like she has no soul. She is dead inside lol

  • Dream A Little
    Dream A Little Måned siden

    This was Chunks’ video

  • AniRants
    AniRants Måned siden

    Asznee i mean

  • AniRants
    AniRants Måned siden

    Why does astnee loon like a chipmunk

  • Franklin
    Franklin Måned siden


  • septacemic
    septacemic Måned siden

    loool 5:30 she was defo looking to get dicked down😂😂👀

  • DJD Ziga
    DJD Ziga Måned siden +1

    Amazing video want to see more with chunks

  • Ludwig Hansen
    Ludwig Hansen Måned siden +1

    Background music?? at 1:00

  • Mr. Unlicensed
    Mr. Unlicensed Måned siden

    4:10 is basically just pure harassment.

  • JK
    JK Måned siden

    5:43 I thought they were knocking on downing street

  • Mvllen
    Mvllen Måned siden

    5:04 the best lady ever lol 😂

  • Sonny Wild
    Sonny Wild Måned siden

    There not giving u sweets because ur 3 fully grown adults who aren’t even wearing masks not cus ur black

  • Jacob Coleman
    Jacob Coleman Måned siden

    Please do Knock and don’t run. It would be so funny

  • Abdullah Khalid
    Abdullah Khalid Måned siden

    Best collaboration with chunkzy my guy

  • 7srebels
    7srebels Måned siden


  • Acesiz Official
    Acesiz Official Måned siden


  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones Måned siden

    That was actually jokes make more like these

  • ItsGrizzly
    ItsGrizzly Måned siden

    Literally me and my friends bruh

  • Feroz malik
    Feroz malik Måned siden

    Your jasta a warmart ksi

  • Feroz malik
    Feroz malik Måned siden

    I got no wins i got no nrins

  • Rakif Ahmed
    Rakif Ahmed Måned siden

    Lol did those 2 just leave at the end?

  • KingCarrr
    KingCarrr Måned siden

    Bro where tf is Niko