Roadman Trick or Treat

  • Publisert 3. nov.. 2018
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  • ofek uziel
    ofek uziel 6 timer siden

    I think KSI will be a feature in Ski Mask The Slump God new album.

  • Estera Sala
    Estera Sala 6 timer siden

    The lady: Come on is
    The guys: :o

  • JRM Gaming
    JRM Gaming 7 timer siden

    Go on I'm a cleb it would be funny like if u agree

  • papa pizza
    papa pizza 7 timer siden +1

    Isnt that the man who made mans not hot? And his brother?

  • Itz Jb44
    Itz Jb44 8 timer siden

    Ksi, I'm about to call out logan, I need you on my side even this might be over nobody can forgive him , I'm going to try and get Mr beast on my side to are you in?

  • League of teemo
    League of teemo 10 timer siden

    i love when all of them say "its allmost out these are the last"

  • League of teemo
    League of teemo 10 timer siden

    Poor old man thught he saw some kids knocking on his door he freze when he saw 3 black guys 5:45 hahahahah fcking weird video

  • basil shibu
    basil shibu 12 timer siden

    that fat guys face is messed up

  • owen davis
    owen davis 14 timer siden

    KSI, I think you should fight Jake Paul.
    I mean don't you feel sorry for your bro since he lost?

  • bluesss 149nsss
    bluesss 149nsss 14 timer siden +1

    JJ logan paul said he will knock you out first round at L.A

  • Barry Hafidz
    Barry Hafidz 14 timer siden +1

    Why you black, are you immigrant?

  • Terence
    Terence 15 timer siden

    Ksi is a bounty

  • DJ Yonder
    DJ Yonder 19 timer siden +1

    Anyone else who thought the middle guy in the thumbnail was sharky?

  • Frankie Satiro
    Frankie Satiro 20 timer siden

    Fight Luis or are you scared

  • Ashish Sharda
    Ashish Sharda 20 timer siden

    I swear chunkz is asnee big shaq bredrin...quite a funny Mali still! 😁

  • Jonny Granted
    Jonny Granted 20 timer siden

    LV actually kills me 😂😂

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T 21 time siden


  • liraj limbu
    liraj limbu 22 timer siden

    Ksi looking like giggs with the cap and hood

  • Ugly Pigeon
    Ugly Pigeon 22 timer siden


  • mricencm
    mricencm Dag siden

    imagine coming home from trick or treating and seeing all these man in the yard with your mum

  • uniquelady1234
    uniquelady1234 Dag siden +1

    This was jokes

  • Sara X
    Sara X Dag siden

    Vote ksi for I’m a celebrity 💀

  • Vitamin O
    Vitamin O Dag siden

    I think she was implying something when she gave you lot oreos.

  • Ramen resangen
    Ramen resangen Dag siden +1

    This was actually funny

  • My names Candice
    My names Candice Dag siden

    On my mummysss life if I saw you man outside my crib omlll I would hide in my cupboard

  • sayin999
    sayin999 Dag siden

    hold on chunkz there's two black boyz and a somalian theres a difference :)

  • X D
    X D Dag siden

    You still working out and doing boxing training?

  • CaZzus
    CaZzus Dag siden

    asznee my man

  • Provenom100
    Provenom100 Dag siden

    Hey guys remember when KSI made good content on a regular basis?

    Me neither...

  • Riaz Ahmed
    Riaz Ahmed Dag siden

    damn these are some quality videos

  • Realpablogomez
    Realpablogomez Dag siden

    Did anyone else see the *sans* in the background at 6:56

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Dag siden

    Bro u and sterling should try and make a new song together

  • Chantelle Odonnell
    Chantelle Odonnell Dag siden

    you suke at everthing

  • hassmann2000
    hassmann2000 Dag siden

    Yeah - i wouldn't either.

  • Skimask
    Skimask Dag siden

    I want KSI to do a boxing video with Tyson Fury so bad..



  • Yinka Olatunji
    Yinka Olatunji Dag siden +1

    Get da sweeties jj

  • Misbah S
    Misbah S Dag siden +1

    This is brilliant Chunkz makes this video hahha

  • Shabana Amin
    Shabana Amin Dag siden

    Well funny

  • anquish master
    anquish master Dag siden

    I have one quaction for u jj did u stuff your pants at the pressconfrence and the wiegh of?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    GG GAMING Dag siden

    2:31 when you wanna stay in your older siblings room

  • Warai Uchiha
    Warai Uchiha Dag siden

    Lol the Americans were so funny

  • Itz_Aliibz
    Itz_Aliibz Dag siden

    I don’t know why but it looks like chunkz made the vid ay love the vids bruv

  • Alan Golden
    Alan Golden Dag siden

    yo mans in uk speak da north american ting

  • Clancy
    Clancy Dag siden +3

    BRO, u f**ked up your latest snapstory... xD

  • Lovre Pulić
    Lovre Pulić Dag siden

    When is a rematch

  • Leon_Zhang
    Leon_Zhang Dag siden +7

    Yooo snapchat?

  • CameraWorksbyAni
    CameraWorksbyAni Dag siden +9

    Who's here after seeing JJ's snapchat story?

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  • Zenal Menhudio
    Zenal Menhudio Dag siden

    Who would eat chips of a stranger canny wired ngl

  • Ewan McBride
    Ewan McBride Dag siden +9

    Any else see ksi’s new Snapchat or what?!?!?

    • The Alpha Master
      The Alpha Master Dag siden

      I didn't know snapchat was uncensored lol

    • Officer K
      Officer K Dag siden +1

      Ewan McBride F

    • Ewan McBride
      Ewan McBride Dag siden

      Officer K well what ever it was, it made me fail no nut November😶

    • Officer K
      Officer K Dag siden

      Ewan McBride yeah idek if he’s fucked up, or what? 😂

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 2 dager siden

    am i the only one who misses the old ksi doing fifa and dumb shit now he sorta a drama queen but this vid was funny

  • YEditz HD
    YEditz HD 2 dager siden

    ksi plz make a vid

  • YEditz HD
    YEditz HD 2 dager siden

    ksi old make a vid

  • June Zapitron
    June Zapitron 2 dager siden

    Hi nonce

  • SmileDog
    SmileDog 2 dager siden

    Hi KSI Cool Video

  • Anthony Xochipiltecatl
    Anthony Xochipiltecatl 2 dager siden

    Eminem is the best rapper, don’t ever say Kendrick Lamar is better than Eminem

  • James Jaylen
    James Jaylen 2 dager siden

    Creepy black guys asking for treats😂

  • Omar gamer
    Omar gamer 2 dager siden


  • sally5390
    sally5390 2 dager siden

    Well damn

  • Kiyar Saleh
    Kiyar Saleh 2 dager siden

    You man need to watch the movie 'Get Out' before you go to that woman's house boyy

  • Mubeen Abdullah
    Mubeen Abdullah 2 dager siden

    Chunkz is funnier than KSI .....

  • Milly Nia
    Milly Nia 2 dager siden +1

    She gave her chips

  • Gaming HD
    Gaming HD 2 dager siden

    Chunkz is fuunnyy as hell

  • sS3dona
    sS3dona 2 dager siden

    JJ hasn’t done a vid in weeek

  • Adyan Zahid
    Adyan Zahid 2 dager siden +1

    This vid got 2mil views in 3 weeks

  • Paulorc YT
    Paulorc YT 2 dager siden

    6:58 The Video Photo

  • BruhYouBogus
    BruhYouBogus 2 dager siden

    So youre not boxing anymore whats the deal

  • iBody ChicksDaily
    iBody ChicksDaily 2 dager siden

    When are you going to do another Q&A?

  • VacTon
    VacTon 2 dager siden

    Ksi please checkout the BotBoxer

  • abraham niang
    abraham niang 2 dager siden

    Wow is ksi making palatable content again?

  • Antonio studio’s
    Antonio studio’s 3 dager siden +1

    Yes bro I was a road man for Halloween

  • Sweet
    Sweet 3 dager siden +3

    Looool Get darkest man and yung filly in

  • logan mcgann
    logan mcgann 3 dager siden

    logan is better

  • Fionaa Mariee
    Fionaa Mariee 3 dager siden

    Even suprises ppl opend their doors 😂 imagine peeping out your window to see couple scary lookin roadmen at yur door askin for sweets 🤣

  • the fan
    the fan 3 dager siden

    Meanwhile in America
    Black guys : trick or treat
    Old Couple : Yes wait a momemt
    Moments later
    *Trigger Pulled*
    Old couple : and don't come back

  • Matty Jacks
    Matty Jacks 3 dager siden

    why are they all american LOL

  • Brenden Charbonneau
    Brenden Charbonneau 3 dager siden

    Sorry u gonna hit him tho

  • Brenden Charbonneau
    Brenden Charbonneau 3 dager siden

    Hey dude have fun watching logan holding ur belt in 2019

  • SubscribeToPewDiePie
    SubscribeToPewDiePie 3 dager siden


  • FridgePlayerYT
    FridgePlayerYT 3 dager siden

    This has to be the greatest video I have ever seen.

    MONELOL GT 3 dager siden

    Im confused are the people here racist or age-ist?

  • amir Mahmood
    amir Mahmood 3 dager siden

    Did you know that.......

    *Read more*

  • Saaid Abukar
    Saaid Abukar 3 dager siden

    Man almost go pulled in Get out

  • Help Me
    Help Me 3 dager siden

    im africa

  • King Jr
    King Jr 3 dager siden

    If I trick you I get a like

    Read More

  • Hunter Katie
    Hunter Katie 3 dager siden +3

    This is a petition for ski to do a fifa 2019 pack opening

    Like to achieve this goal

  • Super J
    Super J 3 dager siden

    F**k you b**h

  • Wil
    Wil 3 dager siden

    That was all fun and games until that one dude stuck his foot on the door. Can't try to expose stereotypes while doing things that make people think Black people are violent. Was hoping someone would knock his ass out or shoot him in the face. That stupid stunt made me so mad if I swear that guy is a dumb ignorant piece of shit that makes black people look bad. KSI needs to stop hanging out with such a bum. They could have got shot or arrested

  • iTziTrix benny
    iTziTrix benny 4 dager siden

    i like you ksi funny

  • Ous Sgna
    Ous Sgna 4 dager siden +1

    The Faces they made when she said come in 😂😂😂5:30

  • Ous Sgna
    Ous Sgna 4 dager siden +1

    Take care Babes

  • Ous Sgna
    Ous Sgna 4 dager siden +1

    If you don’t give me the Sweets I Knock out your Teeth😂 0:29

  • JO JO JO JO Jo
    JO JO JO JO Jo 4 dager siden

    I think Ksi lives in London I think

  • scary Mary mark
    scary Mary mark 4 dager siden


  • scansitary
    scansitary 4 dager siden

    Y u coming fast

  • Zombykiller 4444
    Zombykiller 4444 4 dager siden

    do more collabs with chunks

  • balling is life
    balling is life 4 dager siden

    Y'all Boys is such goofys 😂😂😂 I'm dieing

  • Louis Mannn
    Louis Mannn 4 dager siden

    Chunkz n LV too funny man😂😂

  • M&ETV
    M&ETV 4 dager siden +2

    6:56 is that deji