Loaded Questions with Margot Robbie


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  • Orquidia Del Rosario
    Orquidia Del Rosario 21 time siden

    *Jada Smith enters the chat*

  • Jasser Alvarez
    Jasser Alvarez 21 time siden

    She answered Will Smith to the question of best co star kiss. She specified she only did 2 movies with Will and those are Suicide Squad and Focus and they kissed in Focus. YOUR WELCOME!!

  • McKenna Payne
    McKenna Payne 22 timer siden

    There is a person out there, specifically the one who writes these questions, who will know the secrets of many celebrities

  • Thom Six
    Thom Six Dag siden

    god damn she is a goddess.

  • Dannytoes GAMING
    Dannytoes GAMING Dag siden +1


  • The Nick
    The Nick Dag siden

    Guy who wrote the questions knows all the secrets😂😂

  • Afnan Studio
    Afnan Studio Dag siden

    Should've ask her to consider porn

  • TheCujo71
    TheCujo71 Dag siden

    Is this just a game so Jimmy can drink??

  • William Pomeroy
    William Pomeroy Dag siden

    A box of nerds...

  • Ka'lika T. Fria'niquia

    there's no way that Michael Jordan story is real. Why would they attempt a cheek kiss? I think it's made up. So I have to conclude that Jimmy Fallon is kind of a piece of shit.

  • dhrj bt
    dhrj bt Dag siden

    5:30 margot robbie ? :)

  • Ms Awesome
    Ms Awesome Dag siden

    I love his reaction at 5:03

  • J B
    J B Dag siden

    *1.2K INCELS*

  • Hannah Ortiz
    Hannah Ortiz Dag siden +1

    I think will and Margot would look soo good together

  • Yat Long Wong
    Yat Long Wong Dag siden

    What's the weirdest place you had sex?
    Jimmy: Howard Stern's house

  • Pynky II
    Pynky II Dag siden


  • Nathan Hurdle
    Nathan Hurdle Dag siden

    she's a dream

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 Dag siden

    too bad it wasnt michael B. jordan

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 Dag siden

    so sequel to focus and suicide squad. got it

  • lynn ly
    lynn ly Dag siden

    I love this game lol

  • Marisa Vaca
    Marisa Vaca Dag siden

    What about will smith

  • Imagine Lee
    Imagine Lee 2 dager siden

    Kids in the Hall!

  • gerlalu 66
    gerlalu 66 2 dager siden

    Jimmy’s really into blondes 👱‍♀️ 👍🏼👍🏼🤣

  • Maryam Rashed
    Maryam Rashed 2 dager siden

    When she said Will Smith the question was just to say Will Smith and not show it to anyone just to hype them up. They did the same thing with Chrissy Teigen, they made her say Jimmy Fallon and she couldn’t say the question either.

  • deepak avilable
    deepak avilable 2 dager siden

    Just play banana eating game or something, it's boring.

  • Ken Ki
    Ken Ki 2 dager siden

    9:02 But they got divorced.

  • Tom B
    Tom B 2 dager siden

    Leonardo DiCaprio was her last answer

  • XAVI B
    XAVI B 2 dager siden


  • Mallury Patrick
    Mallury Patrick 2 dager siden

    Suggestion Tonight Show team: Seems like this is trying to capture the tension awkwardness of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" from James Corden's show where something is too embarrassing for a celeb to reveal. But there's also this Jeopardy vibe with the answers and not questions. I say either flat out copy Corden's format and make it a shot game, "Take the shot if you don't want to answer a question..." or just make it a Jeopardy game where the celeb and Jimmy go back and forth revealing answers to questions and the other must guess the correct question. If they guess the right question the other takes a shot, if they are wrong they take a shot. Fun segment though, especially this one and the MJ story. Hilarious.

    I LOVE LILIA BUCKINGHAM 2 dager siden

    Okay but what if jimmy looks at the questions afterwards and then now knows all the tea

  • Pamela Konjevod
    Pamela Konjevod 2 dager siden

    Kate Hudson story is everything

  • Dee B
    Dee B 2 dager siden +1

    Best Kisser: Will Smith

  • Izzy Trilling
    Izzy Trilling 2 dager siden

    Mary queen of scots

  • NeeroShean Beatz
    NeeroShean Beatz 2 dager siden +1

    Margo & Will def. smashed

  • CRS
    CRS 2 dager siden

    2:11 she got some kawhi looking hands

  • Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish Inquisition 2 dager siden

    Australians, Canadians, Brits stealing American Acting jobs....

  • schem1ng
    schem1ng 2 dager siden

    lol can he stop trying to guess, she doesn't want to say

  • lanalough
    lanalough 2 dager siden

    Me googling: “Jimmy Kimmel Almost Famous”
    Me: “ohhhhh”

  • penguinista
    penguinista 2 dager siden

    She turned the tables on him for sure! Well done.

  • DjhartbeatProd
    DjhartbeatProd 2 dager siden

    Margot 😍

  • Surferles
    Surferles 3 dager siden +1

    I think Margot's Will Smith question was, Who was your best kisser? or similar

  • timutimu
    timutimu 3 dager siden

    Celebrity Crush

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant 3 dager siden

    nicked from Cordon

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 dager siden

    OMG I had a girlfriend tell me she cheated on Valentines Day a few years ago.

  • Melisa Hernandez
    Melisa Hernandez 3 dager siden

    Adios motherfucker is a drink not a shot smh

  • OnlyBlackGirl
    OnlyBlackGirl 3 dager siden

    There are zero stakes in this game. Who doesn’t want to take 3 shots?

  • MCFoultier
    MCFoultier 3 dager siden

    Why was the crowd disappointed when it wasn´t Michael B Jordan? I don´t even know who the fuck Michael B Jordan even is...

  • Avengers Spirit
    Avengers Spirit 3 dager siden

    Fallon just likes drinking now hes finding more ways to drink

  • Lukas Schädeli
    Lukas Schädeli 3 dager siden

    what's the name of the outrosong from 9:21 on? So smooth

  • prem manoharan
    prem manoharan 3 dager siden

    Beautiful Margot..

  • chance m
    chance m 3 dager siden +1

    Yo she boned Will Smith

  • Mitch Hiibel
    Mitch Hiibel 3 dager siden

    She is the hottest thing alive

  • Edward Campos
    Edward Campos 3 dager siden


  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 3 dager siden +1

    everyone so amazed by a woman who's famous because she's born better looking than most people. Is that a f*cking skill? how do i get that and become a loved millionaire like her and many many others

    • Tony Quigley
      Tony Quigley 3 dager siden

      +daybraek yup!!

    • daybraek
      daybraek 3 dager siden +1

      the trick is to be born attractive

  • EJ Johnson
    EJ Johnson 3 dager siden +1

    she so fine bruh lol

  • James Burgess
    James Burgess 4 dager siden +1

    I think Margot's second question is answered in BBC Radio Ones playground insults with her and Will. Like if you know!

    • SigmaMale717
      SigmaMale717 3 dager siden

      James Burgess nah question was best co Star kiss

  • The Brothers Blue
    The Brothers Blue 4 dager siden

    She looks soft.

  • Breatheable
    Breatheable 4 dager siden

    I see the troll. Babe and Jackie played together at the same time.

  • Matthew Heydon
    Matthew Heydon 4 dager siden +1

    I think her question was the same as Jimmy's "who was the worse celebrity kisser" and she said Will.

    • SigmaMale717
      SigmaMale717 3 dager siden +1

      Matthew Heydon no it was her best. Watch the video on my channel. She likes his breath spray

  • Rathish Vishnu Kumaran
    Rathish Vishnu Kumaran 4 dager siden

    She looks a bit like PewDiePie's GF Marzia!!!

  • Guccisosachamberlain
    Guccisosachamberlain 4 dager siden +1

    I swear she’s a goddess🤤😍

  • Valeria Nicole
    Valeria Nicole 4 dager siden +1


  • ItsSkyLOL
    ItsSkyLOL 4 dager siden +39

    my girls is in this show again aahhhh T_T

    • name is Wind
      name is Wind 3 dager siden

      It's how pewdiepie fans see you as

    • name is Wind
      name is Wind 3 dager siden

      Hey.. Aiste.. Queen of 9 year olds

    • GrowingDownUnder
      GrowingDownUnder 4 dager siden

      wait so you're telling me that Margot Robbie and Emma Stone are different people?

  • A.E. Jabbour
    A.E. Jabbour 4 dager siden

    That was hilarious.

  • Hadil Alr
    Hadil Alr 4 dager siden +2

    What a boring game that entertains nobody but jimmy fallon

    • Ed Haste
      Ed Haste 4 dager siden

      nah shadow fuck this dude, it was a funny vid so go shove a stick up your ass hadil

    • shadow ray
      shadow ray 4 dager siden

      Then why did you watch it? Annoying person it was pretty good, sorry not tryna be mean

  • iAMe100XP
    iAMe100XP 4 dager siden +3

    The question for Margot was who do you want to sleep with the most in showbiz & she picked Will Smith

    • iAMe100XP
      iAMe100XP Dag siden

      +serenityq26 because she didn't want to think of him, I've dated women who were different from My ex for a change of pace... But alas it sucks because you really just want your last & I always feel I must admit this...

    • serenityq26
      serenityq26 Dag siden

      yeah thats why she married the total opposite of him.......

    • SigmaMale717
      SigmaMale717 3 dager siden +1

      Radagast she had the same reaction when she read both questions. That’s how you know will Smith was the answer both

    • Radagast
      Radagast 4 dager siden +2

      That's basically question #3

  • Dr.Kutulu
    Dr.Kutulu 4 dager siden +5

    Damn, that dude has mad alcohol problems. Like, you can tell he CANT get it through his head that somebody would not want to do the shot...so sad.

    • A.E. Jabbour
      A.E. Jabbour 4 dager siden

      So does Margot. Then again she's an Aussie, so ... :)

  • Remarkable SeiF
    Remarkable SeiF 4 dager siden +10

    Who tf kisses a dude when they greet?

    • Laisa Prado
      Laisa Prado Dag siden +1

      I have Brazilian friends who do that

    • Real Talk Zone
      Real Talk Zone 2 dager siden +1

      Remarkable SeiF Italians

    • Max
      Max 4 dager siden +4

      north africa, south africa, half of europe, and even some parts of asia, strictly friends and family tho not so much strangers.

    • FleurDeCerisier
      FleurDeCerisier 4 dager siden +2

      Remarkable SeiF french people eg

    • Boomshine
      Boomshine 4 dager siden

      Yeah I was looking for this comment... wtf? I don't know how that didn't get more scrutinized

  • Remarkable SeiF
    Remarkable SeiF 4 dager siden +3

    Jimmy Fallon is arabic, confirmed..

  • aweha
    aweha 4 dager siden

    Ok now bring on Kate Hudson.

  • Sinoy Unnikrishnan
    Sinoy Unnikrishnan 4 dager siden +1

    Lucky studio Cast members!

  • JMBS
    JMBS 4 dager siden +262

    i am hearing the guy who wrote the questions laugh like dr evil in the back...

  • Palms are sweaty Knees weak
    Palms are sweaty Knees weak 4 dager siden +3

    She is so pretty 😍

  • Indie Jack
    Indie Jack 4 dager siden +6

    Margot robbie's second question had something to do with focus

    • SigmaMale717
      SigmaMale717 3 dager siden +1

      Indie Jack she likes will Smith’s breath spray watch the video on my channel

  • MrChrisStingray
    MrChrisStingray 4 dager siden

    Jimmy was drunk

  • Unus Animus
    Unus Animus 4 dager siden

    Stupidest conversation I ever heard. Anyway, what is touched by Jimmy Fallon, turns to shit instantly.

  • HinjuRock
    HinjuRock 4 dager siden +1

    Am I the only one who gets Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel confused? They're both average-looking nondescript white dudes.

  • HinjuRock
    HinjuRock 4 dager siden

    I doubt that's real alcohol.

  • Andre Ac
    Andre Ac 4 dager siden

    Omg jimmy is so white lol he is adorable.

  • DankPlayz
    DankPlayz 4 dager siden +1

    What dude greets another man with a kiss on the cheek... wth?

    • DankPlayz
      DankPlayz 2 dager siden

      +Özgür Özcan dude Jimmy Fallon and Micheal Jordan, arent from the Mediterranean....

    • Özgür Özcan
      Özgür Özcan 2 dager siden

      Almost every one from the Mediterranean region. If you question your masculinity just with a greeting 😘 on the cheek, you should doubt it rightfully though..

  • CPA
    CPA 4 dager siden +4

    They definitely did it margot & will come on man

  • Sefkan911
    Sefkan911 4 dager siden +2

    WTF Margot Robbie WHY YOU FLATTT ???? WHAT HAPPENED ????

  • NFC Pelly
    NFC Pelly 4 dager siden

    she is my wife

  • Nirmal Kirtisinghe
    Nirmal Kirtisinghe 4 dager siden +2

    So long story short, Kate Hudson stole Jimmy Fallon's CDs...

  • Tba Zizou
    Tba Zizou 4 dager siden

    Welppp that kiss story was a little sus......

  • Commenter 24
    Commenter 24 4 dager siden

    She cute but she hella phlatt

  • JeMasLT
    JeMasLT 4 dager siden

    Questions are the same! :) for both of them.

  • MrJwestman
    MrJwestman 4 dager siden

    Jimmy being stupid like a 10 year old on the first answer come on Jimmy she clearly broke up on a date well known to be a day of romantic acts

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace 4 dager siden +1

    was the second question for margot " whos the best onscreen kisser?"

    • SigmaMale717
      SigmaMale717 3 dager siden +1

      Pearlie Grace yes, watch the video on my channel

  • Pablo K
    Pablo K 4 dager siden

    flat as a board

  • Heather Grace
    Heather Grace 4 dager siden

    OMG JIMMY AND KATE EOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT!!!! Best Should have been Comedy Couple!

  • Nguyen Duong
    Nguyen Duong 4 dager siden

    She's so sexy and sophisticated. The kinda woman any man would find interesting to have an in-depth conversation with.

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 67
    HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 4 dager siden +1

    The Almost Famous bit killed me, cuz as soon as he mentioned Kate Hudson I thought of their film together lol.

  • Quack Media
    Quack Media 4 dager siden

    I am totally going to play this with friends. so many shots will be drank.

  • Gold Bug
    Gold Bug 4 dager siden +1

    dry dry beans dry dry beans dry dry all the wayyyy oh what finny is to riyde in a shitting horse open slay hey now be happy hahahahahahaah lel

  • Valeria Talavera
    Valeria Talavera 4 dager siden

    she left Jimmy for CHRIS????

  • Bob Sacamano
    Bob Sacamano 4 dager siden

    me: fallons a fuckin drunk

  • Sasha T
    Sasha T 4 dager siden

    Was it colored water?

  • Angelicsailor
    Angelicsailor 4 dager siden

    Genuinely so sad at the end and very embarrassing it's one of those things yy never want the other person, (in this case Kate) to know, but now I'm very curious her reaction!!!

  • Heineken Please
    Heineken Please 4 dager siden

    i know i would load her fully
    horrible dress tho