Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine


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  • Kiara Sky
    Kiara Sky 20 timer siden

    what a well-spoken and educated doctor! i’m glad i avoided watching the actual jubilee video and stumbled across this reaction instead. his stance on the matter is clear, but he’s able to find vices and virtues in both arguments instead of pointing his finger at the opposing side. i wish more people could be like this. thank you for this! god bless.

  • Owen Yin
    Owen Yin 20 timer siden

    I'd just like to point out to all these dumbass anti vaxxers...Vaccinations depend on one of the mechanisms your body naturally uses to defend yourself. And many of the things these parents are complaining about are correlated, which DOES NOT mean they are necessarily causing each other, or that they are related at all. It's like the video games and violence thing; Do violent video games cause violence, or do violent people just like violent video games? Not enough data or research to really definitively tell, but it looks like the latter.
    That these people cherrypick, what, a hundred cases of CORRELATION-not-CAUSATION to prove they're right out of, what, tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? Low billions, even? Successful and mostly successful cases, and that this ALLOWS some of the deadliest diseases we CAN DEFEND AGAINST and ERADICATE to persist is disgusting to me. And these people claim to be educated. Maybe so. But more medically knowledgeable than the doctor who trained for around a decade to be able to help people and advise them on their health? That's like not trusting engineers to build a building, so you're going to *do it yourself* even though you don't have an *ounce* of engineering experience.

  • Kylie Mcnichols
    Kylie Mcnichols 20 timer siden +1

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    ~ Kylie

  • Calla Grace
    Calla Grace 20 timer siden

    i was honestly just looking at his face the whole time.

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 20 timer siden

    weird leftists wanna use logic for vaccinating children but not killing children aka aboriton

  • TheCodFather
    TheCodFather 20 timer siden +1

    I grew up never getting vaccinated, and have not even had as much as a cold since i was 4. I had my first flu shot last year. The more i learn, the more i am okay with them(im pre-med). I would say i lean more towards vaccines, but i would NEVER support making vaccines mandatory. I totally agree with the compassion part towards Anti-vaxxers. I was a part of that life for almost my entire life, so i understand where they are coming from, even if they are wrong. I am not in favor of forcing anything. Just like people wanting to bad vaping. Yes it can cause problems, but just put the information out there, and educate people. If they ignore it, then that is their right.

  • SquishySquid
    SquishySquid 20 timer siden

    Who also thinks she has a wig on 😂

  • James Roache
    James Roache 20 timer siden

    Sorry for bringing this up, but the vaccine and antivax thing is Very similar to the 1950's and the black/white thing

  • chris berg
    chris berg 20 timer siden

    I don’t see how you can sit across from doctors and argue about what they spent years in school learning

  • VoodooAngels
    VoodooAngels 21 time siden

    The only problem I have with the anti-vaccine movement is that we allow them to mingle with vaccinated people. If we were to have an anti-vax register that they have to sign up for and compel/force them to live in their own neighbourhoods, the problem would solve itself in a generation. It seems wildly unfair that they get to benefit from herd immunity while refusing to contribute to it.

  • Mang0 Məmes
    Mang0 Məmes 21 time siden

    Tonight on CNN news international. 19 children die from measels due to one soccer mom who refused to prevent her child from getting cancer and other deadly diseases. For all of you who are wondering she is a soccer mom and her son who is not dead yet has three sstsnof essential oils per day and takes all natural veagan food in his biodegradable lunch pain to his private school.

  • Kyu Choi
    Kyu Choi 21 time siden

    In the meantime there is measles outbreak in Washington State among un-vaccinated children...

  • Bill Johns
    Bill Johns 21 time siden

    So pharma companies are giving children free vaccines?.......I think he'll find that the government is paying for them, profit is always being made.

  • MY BFF
    MY BFF 21 time siden

    happy youtube?

  • Brove Cheesecake2
    Brove Cheesecake2 21 time siden

    If you are eligible to get a vaccine do so unless told otherwise by professional

  • OhMyAg0ny
    OhMyAg0ny 21 time siden

    Years of scientific advancement to reach a point that: "because it happen TO MY CHILD it shouldn't be given to children. Fuck society and the people who can't get vaccinated". Less than 100 years ago children were dying of conditions that are now prevented/almost eradicated due to vaccination. Parents back then would have given anything to not let their children die. Now, we come to this point. This is absolutely insane. The problem is that pro-vaccine people give and understand their concerns, and multiple studies have been made that prove that vaccines are not as deadly as they think they are. Yet they won't listen to it. It became a: my child my choice situation. So that child that lost all their limbs due to a preventable disease? Was it his choice to live like this?
    This is absolutely crazy...

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 21 time siden

    Funny how those that get vaccinated are always sick with the weakest immune system! If vaccines do their job, why aren’t the elderly allowed to get vaccines? They can die if they get vaccinated and it damages their immune system.. contradicting is it not? Build your immune system naturally.. the pharmaceutical companies are out to make money, not to save you 🤦🏽‍♀️
    Not even doctors know what ingredients are in vaccines, they aren’t taught that shit. So if doctors don’t even know, how the fuck are you suppose to know?
    People want to back this shit up with no knowledge either.
    If you and your kid are vaccinated and you believe in that system, why are you so scared of people/children that aren’t vaccinated?
    It’s the vaccinated people that are getting everyone else sick, not the other way around.
    So over this shit, if someone is anti vax and you’re not, fuck off... it doesn’t affect you because your vaccinated and it “supposedly” works, so shut the fuck up and go on with your day.

    • Bryan Riley
      Bryan Riley 21 time siden

      I can't find any sources about elderly people not receiving vaccines.

      A quick google search netted me this list of vaccination ingredients

      Vaccines are not one hundred percent effective at stopping disease, so staying away from people who are carriers is a good idea, even though the symptoms will be milder. Also, there are people who can't get vaccines because their immune system is too weak, or they are allergic.

      I know of some cases where people transmit disease through vaccines, but they are few and far between.

      Not vaccinating runs the risk of sickening people who are unable to get them. This is not just for me or you, but for all.

      I sincerely hope you have a nice day. Please reply if you have any questions.

  • Lucephos
    Lucephos 21 time siden

    I was really hoping Mike would say something about how "Doctor" Bob Sears is currently being disciplined for his bullshit by the medical board.

  • Bianca Pearson
    Bianca Pearson 22 timer siden

    so well said‼️

  • WhiteKoneko
    WhiteKoneko 22 timer siden +1

    Vaccines actually saved my life when I was very little, just a baby. I ended up catching whooping cough and my parents told me I was extremely sick, crying and coughing. Years later when I was in elementry school in late 90s - early 2000s there was an epidemic that landed many kids in the hospital(myself included). Again I made it through cause my body's immune system had been prepared and my doctor's help got me better.

    So, YES I vaccinate myself keeping up to date with any shot I need. Jump forward to the present and I'm gonna to be a mother hopefully soon. My kid WILL be breast feed, bottle fed, and yes VACCINATED!!

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm 22 timer siden +1

    I think the issue is vaccines work TOO well. They sound way too good to be true, which is why anti-vaxxers get skeptical

  • olivia byrne
    olivia byrne 22 timer siden

    That girl with the bangs makes me want to punch myself in the face

  • Shlok Homs
    Shlok Homs 22 timer siden

    Its so sad to see diseases that were eradicated coming back because of people that do not think of the bigger picture. Lets be honest guys humanity had its peak from 1990-2012 and since its spiralling downwards

  • Yumna Amir
    Yumna Amir 22 timer siden +2

    After the recent measles outbreak... kids that were not vaccinated are going against their parent's views and taking action to be vaccinated

  • JDChurch118
    JDChurch118 22 timer siden

    They really only had 1 pro vaccine on the show, so not really fair ambushing them with 3 undereducated anti-vaccivaccinasupporters.

  • Emily Draper
    Emily Draper 22 timer siden


  • Ashleyapples
    Ashleyapples 22 timer siden

    I think there are some powerful alternative medicine out there that can be powerful to stop some of these deadly diseases. I'm not sure why vaccine should always be the way.

  • Galactic Tuna
    Galactic Tuna 22 timer siden

    I had to do a satirical essay on a problem in modern society for my English 11 class, I did the anti-vaxxers.

  • Cloudy Eight
    Cloudy Eight 22 timer siden

    Great video!

  • Swaggy CheeseDog
    Swaggy CheeseDog 22 timer siden

    I was vaccinated for chicken pox, but I got chicken pox. I don’t believe in vaccines

  • Comrade Vadim
    Comrade Vadim 22 timer siden

    Bro, if your sick, just be healthy. Dont get the big deal here?

  • jm
    jm 22 timer siden

    the issue with anti-vaxxers is that their field of view is so small and they zero in the tiniest error as evidence

  • Isabella Alvarez
    Isabella Alvarez 22 timer siden


  • Anaisa Johnston-LaGrone
    Anaisa Johnston-LaGrone 22 timer siden

    Please react to this video of a man talking about how the sun/tanning beds DON'T CAUSE CANCER. It seriously just makes me cringe.

  • Airoh Walker
    Airoh Walker 22 timer siden

    When I was little I had severe seizures as a reaction to the MMR vaccine and I haven’t been vaccinated since. I am strongly pro-vaccine. I may not be vaccinated, but it is because of that I have relied on herd immunity. It’s children who have had experiences like I did that should be the reason to try getting kids vaccinated not the reason to avoid them.

  • rachelelizabeth05
    rachelelizabeth05 22 timer siden

    What makes me mad is that I have asthma so the flu can be especially deadly. When people dont get vaccinated, im more likely to get the flu. it angers me

  • Erin Winfield
    Erin Winfield 22 timer siden

    He should have just been in the show oh my gooddd

  • Freskida Rrushi
    Freskida Rrushi 23 timer siden

    this doctor is very very handsome.... but ok back to the issue..

  • ABFC Canada
    ABFC Canada 23 timer siden

    I think who they have on the show tells alot. On the anti vax side they have a "doctor" that is no longer allowed to really call himself one and be legit and 2 people with no actual education on the matter just what they have in there lives and what they think is caused by vaccines but prbly in reality isnt then on the other "side" (side in quotes because there rlly is no debate there is being healthy and knowing whats real and idiocy) they have doctors who have years of education and experience in the field and have experienced the real life consequences of anti vaxxers in there proffesion and know whats real.

  • Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy

    my hands hurt because of arthritis, but thanks to polio, I cant feel my hands anymore!

  • trippalita
    trippalita 23 timer siden

    Please review Cells At Work. Its an anime about the human body and I think you'd like it. Also I want to see your reaction and opinions

  • lil brazen
    lil brazen 23 timer siden +1

    Imagine living to the age of 20 while being unvaccinated might as well be god himself

  • luvdisneyworld
    luvdisneyworld 23 timer siden

    Was everyone else turned on when he got fired up at the end talking about how vaccines protect kids? No? Just me? Okay... lmao

  • Pro Vaxer
    Pro Vaxer 23 timer siden

    Your kind . it's very clear that the anti vaxer in the middle is lying. Note how her story changes and how she disrespectfully murmurs and carries on over the other people.

  • Aleah King
    Aleah King 23 timer siden

    So curious what was going though his head every time he almost paused

  • Stranger Than You
    Stranger Than You 23 timer siden

    When I was twelve, I had a reaction to two different vaccines. I had bruise in the areas that had been injected and I remember them hurting pretty badly. We talked to the doctor the next day and she said, "You were probably just moving around too much" or something along those lines. We trusted her, and I tried really hard not to move the next time that I had to get my vaccines. I've never had that reaction after trying to be more still. If my family had become anti-vaxx because of my bruises, then they would have put my life at more risk for me being a gittery kid.

  • Mason Harmatiuk
    Mason Harmatiuk 23 timer siden

    So the moral of the story is, have seizures from a vaccine, or live in an iron lung from polio.

  • Victor Slabb
    Victor Slabb 23 timer siden

    Do a video in regards to routine male infant circumcision.

  • Mr, Shakkerr
    Mr, Shakkerr 23 timer siden

    I'm actually glad that we have these people who are ANTI-VACCINE. Without their opposition - some people would think that a FLU vaccine could prevent the COMMON COLD.

  • Mason Harmatiuk
    Mason Harmatiuk 23 timer siden

    Penn and Teller did a great skit on this topic, if you want to search it up

  • Leopoldo3
    Leopoldo3 23 timer siden

    Anti-vaxers are often the most retarded people in this world they are willing to risk others lives because their kid got a reaction to some vaccine once so emotional and so stupid.

  • savirazaria
    savirazaria 23 timer siden

    ok youtube I'll watch it

  • Nicole Basil
    Nicole Basil 23 timer siden

    You should watch Law and Orders "Granting Immunity" episode. Brings to light what happens when someone does not vaccinate their child and in turn convinces others to do the same.

  • Primrose Jhonson
    Primrose Jhonson 23 timer siden

    this is cringe

  • Internal Clorox
    Internal Clorox 23 timer siden

    More people are going to die from diseases than from failed vaccinations. Please Vaccinate yourself and your loved ones if you can. Vaccines are a privilege. Be grateful that you have the choice to avoid catching harmful diseases.

  • A Guy And His PC
    A Guy And His PC Dag siden +1

    Hundreds of millions of humans dying of disease for hundreds of thousands of years and now people turn away life saving vaccines so they can think they are a freethinker and know something scientists don't. The human ego is strong

  • craig 45
    craig 45 Dag siden +4

    Anti vaxxer logic
    Anti- vaxxer: "We shouldn't feed our kids. When my daughter was little she choked on a piece of bread and because of that I don't want her eating anymore."
    Doctor: "Yes, but eating prevents starving."
    Anti-Vaxxer: "Sure, but its not smart to ingnore all of the risks food has on children."
    Doctor: "Yes, you do have a small risk of choking everytime you eat, but not being anorexic is a bigger reward."
    Anti-Vaxxer: "I don't care, I know my child best, it should be optional whether you feed your kid or not."

  • Alexis Collins
    Alexis Collins Dag siden +1

    My dad has Chron's disease and had a liver transplant because of it so we have to get vaccines to protect him because we can get the flu and he can but it be 10x worse

  • Zod General
    Zod General Dag siden

    Most vaccines contains neurotoxins and other metals that are harmful for the nervous system.

    • Zod General
      Zod General 23 timer siden

      +craig 45 There has to be a way to replace the harmful chemicals in vaccines with something more natural.

    • craig 45
      craig 45 Dag siden +3

      You know what eles is harmful.... Measles

  • Grab Her By The Pussy
    Grab Her By The Pussy Dag siden +2

    What are the odds that you come across the only page of research on the internet saying that vaccines are bad?

  • Nick
    Nick Dag siden

    Reading this comments section made me loose brain cells. Many people lack common sense beyond comprehension.

  • Cassius
    Cassius Dag siden +1

    "They're telling personal stories, they're making it emotional, they're making it reasonable because that's how you resonate with another human being. It's not about pointing at a pie chart." THANK YOU people act like just because emotion can override reason that emotion is somehow unimportant.

  • Rebecca Rush
    Rebecca Rush Dag siden +1

    I really like your opinion on this Dr.!

  • itspeyday
    itspeyday Dag siden

    y’all dumb

  • oskar columb
    oskar columb Dag siden

    9:10 so your saying doctors are actually jedis ...

  • Karen Swindell
    Karen Swindell Dag siden

    What if you’re the one spreading misinformation??

  • Karen Swindell
    Karen Swindell Dag siden

    You keep contradicting yourself

  • Wa Ever
    Wa Ever Dag siden +2

    “Safe-ish” , nothing in our lives is a 100% safe, even OTC medication, yet we still need them, that argument does not stand, driving a car is more risky than taking a vaccine, yet we still drive them.

    • craig 45
      craig 45 23 timer siden +2

      Finally, somone smart.👏🏿

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis Dag siden +2

    If vaccines have bad effects on your kid then just don't vaccinate, but don't tell us to not vaccinate, because the reality is that vaccines have greatly decreased and eliminated some of the worst diseases in the world, and in doing so, increased lifespans and overall quality of life.

  • FTW T
    FTW T Dag siden

    So I have moved from Denmark to Thailand in denmark we get vaccinated for a set of diseases and when I moved to Thailand there was a hole new set of diseases I had to be vaccinated for. Every year I also get one for the flue. I do trust in vaccination I have seen a lot of people now that don't get the proper vaccine when coming here and you know what sometimes the shit will hit you and then you're fucket. I think you are being selfish when you don't get them because as most westerners we do travel a lot and there is a possibility to carry those diseases to places where they don't have the protection against what you could carry with you and this could start something horrible. Accurately the fact is that because of some people get bad reactions is the hole idea that us other people need it. So the fact is the mom is talking against it because her daughter is one of them is not doing her daughter a favor. Thank you Dr. Mike for talking sense. Btw I would love to see you make a video regarding rabies. It's big issue here and most of the information found on the net is outdated. Etc what is the protection you get when you have been vaccinated for it and is there any new science regarding this sickness

  • Karen Swindell
    Karen Swindell Dag siden

    You contradict yourself. First you say if you child has an adverse reaction, then don’t continue to vaccinate. Yet, if a parent puts weight on the risk rather than a benefit, it’s the parents CHOICE!!!

  • FlatMattress
    FlatMattress Dag siden

    my ONLY issue is that what about if people get reactions? I think i had a seizure as an infant for a certain vaccination, but i dont have epilepsy now and i dont remember anything. It wont matter to me what the chances are, if I have a reaction I have a reaction. So, then, what about after that? are there cures for the reactions? i dont want to get HPV, shingles, or polio or anything, and those are worse than a reaction, but arthritis would sort of really suck too. So, then what?

  • Karen Swindell
    Karen Swindell Dag siden

    It’s not my job to protect others from disease.

  • Petra Moore
    Petra Moore Dag siden

    Yeah there are doctors and nurses that are anti-vax. I saw a video of a nurse saying word for word the same script anti-vaxxers say even if they don't have a phd and do their research on biased and poorly informed websites. Made it hard for me to take her seriously since she had nothing new to say since she works in medicine. Then again I generally don't take anti-vaxxers seriously but she's a nurse so, ya know.

  • YogiOabs
    YogiOabs Dag siden

    There’s nothing but parroting here from Dr. Mike. Way to study the clinical course of disease in cases of rare adverse reactions.

  • Charlise Lyons
    Charlise Lyons Dag siden

    How funny, using your own experience isn't a good reason to advocate AGAINST but great to show why TO vaccinate? 🤔

  • Clayton Andrew
    Clayton Andrew Dag siden

    Does anyone want to stroke the furry wall.

  • Kyle Bradley
    Kyle Bradley Dag siden

    Welcome to the new dark ages.

  • Kale Grey
    Kale Grey Dag siden

    Currently waiting for a neuro appointment, symptomatic of MS. What scares me most is getting put on suppressants - and getting some shit like measles from the current outbreak.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Dag siden

    Can we put anti vaxxers in to a big quarantine area away from the rest of civilisation? I feel that may be best for everyone 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Lisa
      Lisa Dag siden

      When I say this, I mean volunteer anti vaxxers. We vaccinate ourselves to defend ourselves and others that cannot be vaccinated due to medical issues (herd immunity).

  • Clayton Fannin
    Clayton Fannin Dag siden

    99 percent like to dislike ratio

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Dag siden

    I love that the scarf lady completely disregarded everything the DoCtOr said

  • Shreya Sachdev
    Shreya Sachdev Dag siden

    If people would listen and evaluate this argument like Mike is doing here, by looking at both sides, not disregarding either opinion, but instead looking for the truth that is in the arguments, we would be at a much better place. And the children who this argument is really about would be so much safer as a result.

  • eML_piratE Miller
    eML_piratE Miller Dag siden

    I have an autoimmune disease.. I did not get it from a vaccine.

  • Paola Chavez
    Paola Chavez Dag siden

    My poor sibling had to get his blood check because some kid in his school was not vaccinated and found tuberculosis in him which resulted the whole school to have a blood check too

  • SmurfFizz
    SmurfFizz Dag siden +1

    Don’t compare anti-vaxxers to flat-earthers. Anti-vaxxers kill people, flat-earthers don’t

  • jshowa o
    jshowa o Dag siden

    Data works incredibly well on me Dr. Mike because I'm a rational human being who even gets regular flu shots.
    All you need to do is tell them that Washington now has a measles outbreak after being virtually eradicated for decades.

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon Dag siden

    Avery year I get the flu vaccine I get the flu that same year but when I don’t get it I don’t get the flu like what lmao

  • Quinn Reverance
    Quinn Reverance Dag siden

    People that don’t vaccinated should be refused service in Public Areas and events. Concerts, Air Travel, maybe parts of hospitals too.

  • MrFreeGman
    MrFreeGman Dag siden +1

    Judging by this comment section it seems as though the pro-science camp is turning into a mindless cult full of zealots who lack the ability to think critically, similar to what has happened to atheist communities. It's kind of ironic. Zealots on either side, it seems to be the default human condition. The only difference is which belief has become more socially acceptable in a given circle. To all of you pro-vaccers who have never so much as glanced at any of the studies you love to cite, science is not something you believe in, and it's certainly not infallible. It's a method, and one that has proven to be highly flawed in the hands of even our brightest minds. The moment you stop scrutinizing science and start putting your faith in the men in white lab coats is the moment you become just as blind, ignorant, and easily manipulated as the ones you're condemning.

  • Ashley Stack
    Ashley Stack Dag siden

    I can't believe Marisa just discredits studies, "1 in a million, two million.." and she says, "no, no.." then the others jump in and all say "yeah, not one in a million" what about if the kids grow up, and then decide that they want to vaccinate their own children and hold resentment to their parents for not getting them vaccinated.

  • Triscuits For Days
    Triscuits For Days Dag siden

    Jubilee is one of my favorite channels and I’m so excited you’re reacting to it

  • Wibble Wobble
    Wibble Wobble Dag siden

    It's a shame we can't just put all anti-vaxers on an island somewhere and let them live their own truths over there. It wouldn't be long before they died of tetanus or something anyway. #lifechoices

  • Megan Lawlor
    Megan Lawlor Dag siden

    I am one of the 3000 who had a seizure after the MMR vaccine and I don’t regret it whatsoever! Would rather have a seizure over measles any day!

  • Bless This Hot Mess

    This doctor's cute.

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Dag siden

    I agree with everything except "I don't think we should be hostile to anti-vaxxers". Quite frankly we are past the point of civility when it comes to this and climate change.

  • Code Name
    Code Name Dag siden

    I wouldn’t let that pediatrician in the same zip code as my kid. I would be interested to see what kind of practice he has. The entire vaccine debate is fueled by people who have no idea regarding the history of disease and the science of vaccine development using emotion and misconception to rope in others. People are so nurtured and spoiled having never seen the devastation of diseases that they have this emotional revolt against reality. Arthritis isn’t caused by vaccination, and it’s not at all surprising that the child of a mother with an inherited autoimmune disease has an autoimmune disease. Duh. Also, the brunette claiming her daughter had a vaccine injury never cited what injury that was, probably because it is something that has been proven beyond a doubt to not be a vaccine injury. She’s looking for something to blame.

  • LSN Alec
    LSN Alec Dag siden +1

    I’m guessing these anti-vaccers don’t wear seatbelts either? A seatbelt could kill a driver in a car accident but we still wear them for protection right?

  • Cloud
    Cloud Dag siden +1

    Of course a doctor should always listen to what their patients are saying, be it possible symptoms or their own investigation. But something to me that just seems to be beyond stupid, is when that doesn't go both ways. A doctor is a doctor for a reason. They finished their degree, have their medical license and know what they're talking about. If I were a doctor, I'd find it extremely disrespectful for a patient to just brush off what I'd be telling them, thinking that because they've spent days or weeks researching it that they have a higher understanding of the topic, thus refusing vaccinations.

  • fultimeKfangurl
    fultimeKfangurl Dag siden

    Still think the polio vaccine was the best invention of the 20th century